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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 28, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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nunniuln fth plac it ges y an inia f owacra g yn i amatallyhingcan angew in t mnths howill tatlyng fn ldge t l mokhs com holl t f jaary. l ar womt th seordvir ojay. wgeor w.h bue say vi 's a wlnow or f.xu ay ntritor, est aown r h w whitow bod, te f one and rir,t nlyn rl hove. ito t si howrenendou? ly e.abuus. how esiow yoean ? >> y bu wan. tow ad yi unrsta youavean ao a m persctivgointubacko un 200taoue a that prey i tere iv inat hcke yo go 00 >>irstf atre i allre lg.t's us hyoone >>stf seof nllmber ls whsh is theeeal clr po ticsverase of n allerhishe el rcent clpocsollraf llyou' rig. hean cn ha r comntrom llnowhe to ead nu' thig he cyhaomom 5. wh tomittdomneh at 2. ri per. a ttne 1 a ad nt 2 gingch arier. a 1 no a the neal ng cle a polics no heeragis a golleayolso g rt o ag aheo g outer olie by avering centutollsut it' ae baggg erg ntndilstor. t' rman ain rt oa pegged t di wer.s ag ann at oe t 2 a 3we theagat
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ghesnumbs he 2it an 3 a he uplef pos,rift aesmbhenit, with y uleobuthisft is a pttyt, th yts asisng pyas aonisng mo. he's wre t coest aisas ur y rsmo he wo tot y ooda fr thoson had 1da mccn adfrhon ad 1 a mit romy a 1cc wenow th aitom ay j 1uary tird,wewh e io jry cucus td, mkeucka eio me o ofowhe and cecaus m alka cntesnt, d of rhedynd adca fr wergone b t timf ces, r e aowa frerne b timauces. we hewabout8 dauc.nti huthe iowada ctilk cs waauc c c vo onhehird ofuc januy. yotakeut tonrdfolids, ere' 45 dnus dyoringke whi t the ndidides c e' d dampnggnhi he wee gng tsee lotid c ofp andown beten nmpw and tween. g te thot's t nfure of anwnet n prarynd tntes. >>th t nef w hadermary ca o es he progm laadighmaa he madommtsbout y a
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ogla gh heoesn li he thad whmme bodut y of a you. hesn >>iehhikesbo t s one ou heike>> thesne. t ine dn' heke tinkh tere' .anytng n to dike all tght.k the he'een yt nobleke t l t.usta u hen knowhe'sone thrgh ae d tbateta dendinhi ow'sehr-9- dte pan nddein stl reinedn9-op. p it smshat thestreedn oerp. stomerhe surg andell o ooreer ickl rgwhy nd youlhink oe's ene ale toustnis urgekl and y ounks a tost n intestiny, mt roey jstgend hos inherenh m te 20sin mro j the hotireinreime m >>eah0s wellfirsof a e re'mmeo >>ah certn llrs ahate'smecesrily rt begs thiove inesly esnce i ai . late epteegerhien aer tse te te dister a tou prfornce the dier flora debe byouick pe pyore he an oreb b thelori srawke poln vond ved p. eri sw hitadolo dis hghoin itt 29 i a naonaloll 3 i hnotinr9 i poll it'snaal llmila 3 patrn y i sot for dnald ll 's tmp laat m ychel s rbach dnn, ldck pryimseho t md baelcall a
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ch, se pn-we swise whe heas tballarear the to ewe ofwihe whheack. 'll re hhe esblisod oftk. l h sstainis it i. don'wantoiminh h portt it sint is. n' nt's aoittin t hn sk ned.rt it my j iot be. a att tkd. j ch irleangt e acheeeadefor ery ndide beuse ey he ancheaehin thrameseeder y id ge aidbe bye han f nwsin t thalles ball ane y what f sid abo nim w thatl hadll ats. at sbo omport wityat ad a her a ort neyed toer eploi a the portity e shong uinohe e oihe eay stes. rty ho u stea he' doi tngsike he nea a skanss.onit. eae'oi t ssaide wich ealhe got ans hisni goa th loid whalverbodyotetsisoa thlligs. o heets reerdy mligats tha hersecau he' sig hes paiona. mga heha a bsineman. rs au'se' n a s potici .pa na can she ion't b kneow, n.t you n aoci ta an s't k, ou the ladry li fta probms. 're ingoheay neitiatith ob. e g terrist,he sfeath rrt, snflted und artio i dot kn wha t rit ofld rern is.d a>> iiosked h mdo aboknhahat la ti o ni t.res. ied h lookbo ti'ma ani rester cservive okn mw yo wheou ca risteeer
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c arve cnsertive yo hei'llell u wha i rookteg for thi mns a cythier tove llyou l causwh i'm ilsook r hi udecid, m ahi o d i ustu us'm notsoher uci beuse don' ineedo bst thote, a ter ocesehavie bee t rougn'ed bhis ha nuer o aimes t essviee t fugsts fasnunati o es toe beuse ere' aot o f ups d doasstind hangtog obee e' t ositis. i nt t sees ohese gs whng o th're der ireti i t e i'se gooki fhecae i tthnke rre nsertiverincleskiork f fca i the touny, t mst ervencsk f ensertiveunandi ttehat mlso cawinnd erve thadiat mns bto obamcainn a deteha a bt h m b the amente eltion a do y b h s tat caheidatnt yt? lve yon got n to yhe s po ttaat y ywheryou h yve?ot to eo. ofirsof a, i y mye eru h on?tep bend rs y a.i m i' deced i noingn top be ma up y m nd unti'ec iet no ngo thtexa prar ma bep use'm mntt cuse thxarnelpgeemeran cros oadsseaiseoatlp velierod o mon osdsseotefe li pr oidenon oba. it'sette t sfey prenba oax'ste t s fosed thax. i s taing treerourod ople odaynth d ffert pai sta g t ofehe cuntr trlkin abor polilecs aay croroad derpa aof ctr t tin bo esidtial
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li aroadace. a t evy onof t mid saialheamee. thg, i ev nont t yetai seted. wantme to m eth c irtaiwhoer n et ge the nminionet.s ntapeo m vel catinaipresoeentr gehe nnnbampe e loer t yl cinest lk a amthembett off th lo fe. t c isnyby ln a you md emut,tt ff hre exple. s rickyberryasust coou m outt, th h cklanrysndto hisut engy h pla f heurg vanyd qisickl he en gonelaownn lgeheartrg vy tnk qcausklofeis de tenen lrt tperfmanc. caushe bnce ck, r exple,e in yriew rf>>nc ureca be , xe, yew re lo. memb, wead hncca lo mb we here d he w aca 14 >>reood w pint. heump ahd of4 hese>>d guy p t.allythe cenducmp hoah the f condset thselv inuy the lye n ctuc o he nd daythlvn ihe maers a nreat al. can tayy ce ias bckat . an t ablute c wch b them clely. af rabte w evy dheately. ewtf girichainsvnotr pnt dre twwt thfox ne ollgichns thot peek h hiattw thxe 12%l is ahvera thek hoes bck hi mo2%h. af r ev ay deratehhe goes b up. do y thi hmo codafeveoe pssibp. y hierges a ho chleng? p >>ib n.
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>> gea wh? hng >> n >>h ablute. he'shis. st fdayightbte heret aeds. me a fy simhtarueson. he wheet adulon t tag a im di anes. e elle w debeul t ag peormae. i he a los eikeleebhe mtpenfomamed he o perske abo allf tsee isues m tich fo id and he' ot arsboll tportity. i es next h iueson.nd ye'ah. i'mot ryirt toy. c exo shest bu. ' y try.g t ge'm t yieryboy c sh ibu ryvern te yb roey sms tbe i -- rn ere ems o s teuesonsn- th e s onsvatiess ras whthher not gvern fro anstiibel a whater ot gikernroassausetbe ie e eonsvatie tha hesaet snds i likenhe nstihaampgnerai a s s inhe keebat o sempheai auy in atuppoed roatey oareendy angesome potionspo ioe dssacsett >> i hinkgemeoon heerfmeery welln th actt deb es iutnk therfs y what hea fromllth l oebh ateaom l o coervave fends >> hs go a lngcova w fyds y hgo a re lsuri peoe wi wis debaerfmanc, bu youreri pueowi youringeon it ba he'sotrfnc thebuou iss ou wha h urge t diwith 's mssacsetthealhe caresso o aswerha h
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thintestin thintodith me m isactt al he sre ataber in hethtein polin ade s behi thehe snes re a morab n pele a saygol a he m scond hihe soices aor pew, w atherayr nohe's aele to s nd carrit aoss the ceini wineerno's a to agaidepe s up rr ashenihe next8 da andaipe houp h concts msel n>> lt qu tiondand ock hons saorum i'm urpreled. l i tnkue'son iven a nusaerum o m pr. rely t's goo deenteuerfmanc re mielleachmn. i s suooriseeherfnc milehm i su dseppeds mu as she de s qickl canheyome ded mushe d bk? s ere qeskl nony pmel sandn a bhis? e >>n p sd a r s? aul crdas b rn sicay taing lr hielf. b ey hcaetaotg toeac oitsidf. thei h comrtone ofoalkgac to oid her ei feomoweflkoiberrianand r givee brder meage. i'notertnereandan d o verr thaee. i't rt paicully oforen d affrs. he h suchah a di erenpa oulnion oren atff. an t h vuct a mjori oien oon reblics, tt's ing be t v hard mri ba mannndreicant tums g ree gng hav to drdendpo a bannighnt st ges gme w ch iavo d brdking rouginh io. st g w ir ng ere'theal sawughatouo. gt thretick s oue'ofelaw io.t theuop tee win grs in
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irewackou t tooveo hee nt toundin theye gonto b iin th topve e nree ornd m ybeeygo f burepenhng wuncd u er it is m weth s f ma canendateto g aicknc u outfs w s maanowte on gheck n t radeandhey' got tryn ane bre n thughn w yde thadty'ot t eith t yanreh dohn mh beer t wanha somedy w ith t exctedo do m beeer t tn th are rme w tey i tual winx ted d const. be>> a tthreigh ka t ro goal toinee t youon. lov a thegh w teka bord.oo for ourists i'gointo bovhe wyou iad. b .>>ook ar sti'in b tt. u ve g an i. ipak a m. t at d you gink?n lik thpa ohat mov m arou . du >>k?e cod us aikhitt o mort ov gh tch aouthou >>coustt ior'ser t aou ss iert h, i yo wll. >> nt tim seat i i'l uoe my w. n ip and simecia proam weaere 'l ui caturny itnto aiphitnd siaro we ca bornd. t >>ou mohts we uit t whe brd tboen. >> m what thee u t dfere e? wh bl rht. t . rl ove, atheoodoee dreou. lcom rto t. sow.e,odo byheay, tu.e yea om is t s. 20. dot bebyoy, t crieacals o0 the ruedoberil ohee consvatis bld anthe stedtrie and
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anunce] ju lik you,nusinhis prwior an ce st ke yju.iku,in pr go tion. goike o. t y on goe o. ♪♪ [ ma annunce] h cod alumious rote in llyfh,♪♪ mannce hco amis ten yf pactife pectcy inhe u., cte ct in u realstatin hg ko al anat th hoptkos iust in rman an hat ttrowe iricest anwe uerstd thconntion of aompl, glal enomy twece ustthnn on 's j t on areaspl gl eovermy5% oour tualunds jon as beat heirer0-ye o r lialer adsrage ro pri . atnvesirwithyeonfi age requrot a riospe us es orthummafi proe.ectu th iestmt in rmat n, qu a sks,peees d exnsesormarotu re i andtmonsiinr caatfull s,befs e inexstines rendsicall efinin
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i'm home anrecely, flood.
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ve day e sit'sth wonrfule slow.ry it'ay grt. 'she cones oulhis pogra on s. moay. t' r this he o cour o shois an pran curs onmohis. shiow.he o ur csedhotn up o ur yous shon is >> i s ha. o cdup oouhoive >>a- g him to e beha. >>reou g kiingimim unor t ha >> tae? >>obkig yn can t s ta hat. >> >> fst oll y'm glaan she stocmark bout.ed b k to fy. o yep >>laut ihink a lotocrk oou b itoas ep do th w t hapnednnk a euotpe wch i oon'thinkst s ing laso very wapdong i doeut th wk th ie co'ttrienk are ing cong nueasryo bl ngout gredoe,th ithlycoie is e g on nexeopai b d tre isexortulai are n far bend. ture 5% bre nar is ae. big reaor eece 5>> 5res a cen onigheea dlar. ce i d 't kw whet's gngen n do.r. d kwh ies g man kierlyshe bra as. r ashat ndfi it milyoesra bus i doast set--t seot ofesu domentse towdsood new s in ftheextear. i th kntowodew 201n et isr.oin to bth loof01upefici gods nins. b e lo heaine oiniopeci g ming, n u'llee a eadneeat'se o io gointo lk mg,ood ll a woads th 'sin goo l bod youon' wo re th
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thoo aticl b if y rea toun' arcle,oue th and ocl i 's n yea wha ttre, iteemsu b. o i n sea thehaedia ntsotms hel b ge obam eahe eiaecte s theyere eel bgges ca aigngeam ntri etor te eye 208. btheyesl beagnigg one ri thir time 2 .>> wt ar they eybeoinoggnehio, me shif wthearey numrs?in ttomine u'veot ife 2%um? gr e veay. fi. 2overl yore lkingt grlati.ty i . the fi eryo lng mket. ti i it uhe isown. mt. we'ritenco uagedhen it i goesp an. bi ter'r ofcotedneingt looe lastg an havi anai imct er yofhavet sengto hip stanwayvitn e hmgh yo uvemploseent. carvple i rit.ay whenou hombe ulot. oba's bad rv i i. nu ers, heenmb dipprolbatisad etc.younuooks, ati uromploent ti nuers,hat'gointo b c. vuykt diffult ulot nus,vert' b if v he fft numrs chge iimeer . r hi releconumhenh i i thime he got hi chce but recn otrwishi he' heotulnhable onut all otis sie's. lnlen >> lan: oki heolla fas > : tolygaitelahea lyenai 2%gait th% swiai fanc. thwi
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dr. om prected t las fc. cess n. . he sayg a0%reed t chaeas o anher cessssn nheayhea us. ha anthe an uk.r ss >> tere' aenew rk t ues" poan aboe h tek. te' aw nem toyme" po --boboutow h t toseho a emplemmentmetillave --ut 5 tfe a plnt ll vetimi. amican 5 ae opmisteop. at'smine o oaman geat ae p ststreths. op .at w theppea 's o o o rald gt re an. re s. alws whe cealed t oest r ids. re>> y.'re lw d cocrad t >>st i a a ye rean dra d mocr. >> >>ell,ll a ae rit. d cr did ouote>> fl, oama? >>i ide f oa? >>o. >>ean:hy a you lauing? gi him the trh >>n: a serou. au >>g? i votimheronsvatiernd >> decrathavet puotup consvati cannsdatetiord deatvepu yes. >> snsn: wti areanou steing you' aye s wre sg u'emoct? >>n t a airalk authisoc >> t all irekime a this ralit is l at teartyme s beth tak ov ritys tty kdf be persak, thvindyf k pople t atrs th fordxame, gng bckn p le hi tory, r g b wldn' he reco ized ihi.y, . inis w in'augu hl seech coeed s iid
12:19 am
prind ofur igunci stche s >> sn: o oth thi. >>hat s the rpublan ptyri . th i g w u s othhi >>t he rbl p th wi g. u >>sk nothat youano fori >>u buwhatouottanouo foouror untrbu at >> wteve >> wh's f meur ad wt aut tr wtheve h 9 mr a the w a 1% g ving ee. thi abo 9 it.he ye% gng as amican thishisbo at. grt prd, a cuntrye pud.s wemanan beis a rstor tgrpr a ctr p gr.tnes we e 'r rptiorsticut t wre nody'sool.gres ifhes ntibersic d't w imp veno'sl. doe't d erveoif stes in n rs th d job >>mp wel oe dvetn thob elemozati mght wmork?ti >> i tnk mhet ma iff. a lo o w? pe le ere i foed tan i . 20. thlonumb os areeo cnginacro the20 b rd.thmb ar opleelt theove cin inro e b.008 le t quheevenquo. n now ey'r felin the08 quuo w 'r finhenge >> hriedo b ohege >> h uden. ed wh kinof tick- b-treing o tat? en vewhin 4 tk-reg buc t? peaps n 4 arage maybup t $uc a a ge it a yb tota $ mhah. ithare. ta
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we'vgotarril on d llar'vt outandg intudtil d laran oubt.nd nudt ireasgly ocupy lall reet aross the . ias cyntry o lpyokl etat h apeness inhe oland it' cry l mingo hnen syoliz the ondt'ask isngyiz he f. >>ou fhtk is coat zo >> ev fy da wi iecke o>> gd tooee you evdai gs. comi upke gtoou needia mh i g mi pck. fit, musm steentsia cplai m i that atho.c syfiolsus arndtts cai atho ivateys causrf cthol univsityonflt ithata eir re cgionolso iit iv fityt foflh e fit r andme re ronhts irifo fi a me ivols chges rsheeft 'll t to thand mu ol mochs cong u strghtft ah d.l tohauo wht's cooing un hetre? they,hatsp guh? thiis n ho witss ptectn wos! whs ng hewhe we sy, youtsp guwitthatittlhardire s nre hoit pctwo we dn't tend foeyour sace ou be erywitre.attlrd s but dex dficet ndmakefoit sureasye e yw. noonly do ty sht stux ceke ssy ey pnt fers, brhure-- no lyery ting shneedtu to t mye t the. p fs,brre ryg edat'o the myoblee th no we ed tgiveou thi ideity. t'e le noe tve yo re pl mahiesondey. d y're nna n youbusiss io thgrou.yo pma onerk guafso youlde evera o t t!usi ithou thereris ngu soer gusldfsoner
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yoknowhat se isarly esgse ooly medi re yoopow enrt lmen isly no di th ugh mbop 7thnren can sti wit o med are noan? thh mbth sune!ti it o fineda nee plan?ith bett covage,ess st su inneanh ttove,s or th. medare ans ve y fe caer seenis . edane wells ss v yits fca sandni0% o n brd-na preriptns anll vs nden y o're n brthna dourenut ptles 's pt of ye heethca law thout so 's te toook, mpa... pof hecaaw ttok, pad t rig pla foyou. lea morat 1 00-m icarch t igor ladica .govfou. eaor 1-mar caov [ fale nounr ] r fquenhearurn ffers, t's branneway. fe un] fen arn aeray wn wean e wha wes tanew. a wwe e a dri whawe wt, d slp sodly rougthe ght. ri ha p wvaci®4hr even thecid tha caussl fresoent yartbn uge t. pci®r enhed ausret tb a da al nigt. takehe pvaci ®hr ada challengig an see y 9 ket of p0 uscis ® satheyche sangsfie ane 9 ofus saeysaie try
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12:25 am
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12:26 am
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12:27 am
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12:28 am
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12:29 am
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12:30 am
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12:31 am
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12:32 am
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12:33 am
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12:36 am
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12:37 am
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12:38 am
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12:39 am
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12:40 am
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12:41 am
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12:42 am
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12:43 am
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12:44 am
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12:46 am
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12:47 am
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12:48 am
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12:49 am
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12:50 am
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12:51 am
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12:52 am
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12:58 am
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