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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 28, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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4:39 am
re herenhep,heountss 2%. r doub wha it wre. but illot whent i 2 nds ubto bha w acrdin to tt l he i ad nnisttion and e e nomi bs. ing acin t adst ouron d e panmi. g an wliam cumniithuran th wamill. cnih eaboun -l. eainun -a eton. sta wh you o the eur en. ta zo wou oheur dea zo tal toea gerilli abo al othishowirmer itlibo iswm i i thearket ieact welut yo hav t ask heth thiheke ct elisn'pushg p blems dyon av te le.skthhi it n'sh pem d l cs the deb paynt o it grce. the c dthefebay oreec gr. s dtf ec ill 1% of gdp l is sll 1% hh.f gree hast tadpn tard s s decions n hdso tak eeasta t likedutti gov nmenciwages n likeak l erinketiovengenvesent ke l -in lowinghe bareserst to foign iestmt iowgarsohefon itm i
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untr brgingn t tr shoeepe tbrng ttaxper stem. itasn' tak o thehopeard t xpcisi ss.m. itithen'hasak i oly.hed you illave pblem hangsig hes i o. u le pem nghere ore iteact wel becset's lminction theel scrblinec s atad inn hecrin them ervo.he the isolitvoal learshi com tetheandthis tak ait good spseahi sig om tbut heeredsak me od soig com t e s m >> bt: siteels le the tpomeal ts ou b sls let eer tl t t hp. the is ttuff there. doou h agr? th is >>ff th >> pspec ve llop is th merom pec amecan d policals me m rspeive men olal. this peesn i tra on oisf how ructal iue aect irahe oow onom ct i's 5 at o themerin bk omsetsouldav been 5 opacthef youri bad a deflt tsld er teere ctou iefurop
4:41 am
th t wou hav hadrateng i efct oop a fgilethou ecoavmicad te cove in ef o tnite fletatecoc lo ing vewn tnine, ttetehinklog te, th t mketnk rpond wel th hat t tre mt wasvideef rndel po ticalt t ldersp. as ha thede pblemo kpt poca om seadi her to lrs hahe pem k the sdier o unit stas. th meaheapit loed u itta inhenite sthtes,eaor tito u bi c poraon ninte may h ses, t reas toaybi you c knorawhat nay hit we't getorse we haseo rean touavenoat wet se op mism hea te.opsm thiss ctica gng to is lida cca goeaso fo thdanvesr claso fo bks andorpotiongoodesewsorla amera. b bre the istill dpoon ods toh ausrity meaerres aad re he sforllhe uroptonustyea csntri a. some f trm aretillop cemb pil thi c deari o eme t prerepicellf not mb ailhiea o grea--receespiot a ts dl ean thpi p tcipi not d a gre th onom we pn't piow i theotank re eure wl get heom d ault e t i he notik to ct as urhe wet
4:42 am
inranc bec dse ilt iolve tio s manyankakin as illinnc oec i0 ce isve o the ollany orkinhesl oro i you wilce o e other tnglaor not iouils w ot t haveeenver tast cpleot ofears w thattock mket ven r twillavet c geat d. of rs greha weeck mt a lle g d gre reee onthreth weet aood gdp nweber. ad downicndpnempymenif yowillut n wr. hen'teen a wnmp en fu-thrted yo rllover wonth h'tn er mth hou ngfu hrd cotruc roner serces,th m mafacterriou. i hinkcouc wters, weaveeen ma tocty isri vyood newnk w paeicully ie youn ato is v sobodydhateworks in paul iwashgtonou mayb athe eric peoe cso dyt ok aks tns and go esh hone ybe ic eohad c ood day aut w tnd d'to h knowhat d day thi w d meaecau owt aseave sn, whahi tisfs teaau iestoclas as e ov s the pashaouple o sf y trs i toas asuanut t.ovheas pl otly s y asn esn'alwa mak y s enepreurs d biness n'oundwaheak coury fl l eenre s ti to b staes invting ash.nd ou f >> b lt: he ishat e tiiteota houaidnv abongh.t b hday is thet ouse spe er wetou d boin ohe y hese ppeitic w o pic >>.5% owthay b bter
4:43 am
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4:44 am
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4:45 am
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4:46 am
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4:50 am
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4:51 am
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4:52 am
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4:53 am
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4:54 am
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4:55 am
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4:56 am
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4:57 am
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4:58 am
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