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tv   America Live  FOX News  October 28, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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eaort ame a t. p ta a stenv >> i'm t a nosupped to ta ru ing.en m no>>t'muppod to winoppto and m nru supg.sed no topo toin stanng uhere wi d his nup d haon tot i'm doin anit urewiis ha 'min. men:r. cn'semar.ks me comes c wesarearn intesti new detmelsboue h rn caaignanagnttiorchie ofwet stafou h hinames camarkgnlockag heieasof ma afamo thismerk wckek in hethismaviralmo t istern a w thatinhowsisimra iokinrn a a re's cli we eed inou a toet re volv bec se t ethe'sli we en dod thiso wean t ke lv ecis theecouny ck.dois ♪ we t♪ un . ♪.♪ ♪ meraneoice uned ♪ staner♪ce un ♪ ianm a♪rica ♪m aca oope to heal oureo la al ♪. gyn:mr. in isamili in♪he a n: . mrblocs paisli in ampai rkomin uder ire.mrocpa sociaied pss ele ingin ure. rerts ggesng he hasci p leen agusedofoter res es ppreasion,anne a fedmer
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nnin wisnsin preiticn,ne campgns r th feear andinis facin pic frecl uremp os thhisar me. dac soave lot of fclmeriens. os . so e tx waant fri ir. d lauitornpa b l wa t asell.r and latdmi hepa b asasl. ard stedwicefori dnkineg an dring . blark waedon "ceericar dlivein th anri wk d fend gblwa "ic e veh uncventna wk a dnd ot to mtion hisncnt sking bit. i'm smo meronndis alot sngof t. 'm peop andtaffaidmo jut t blk be bloop.ndffd at'shattu was ll bl out. beto tllo pele tt th e 'scainttas ssagis t. ronat g tecro tthin amica. ag i'nothe rat onne thro okesn am icaama. fori't d'n is a es camiceathat haveor made andsat ws at ce tat endav of t ad. dend buthe al wtmesse tatnd we e tr tng td.get buhroue s thss ca trawetr tt isou tharas on a ro. men: oaoll i is.on ro mr. ock idme o le is. ca caaign aked. ik $ mlion at i orecagnedhan i ca $ mon inisedobor. he ire enrean thd quter. a 're king y ured-mai on iten do ythqueelr.ike te ng chi y oftaff iain ubjeit y prselke t tackhis and
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inofstigffions i intoheirje hi ory wenpr ty ck putndheminlvesig onns todiriyas w t mr. ock tdem oesns tt unfa? . k tt ke yfa@xnewcom. neideorom t ke mpai tr@l.ewm. tes gonernoriceom t pry ai tr ofcial filg h teo orpapeork is aft pnoonor of aleil h uominnew peampsk refton pridenal pmary u inday w theas dayps to do it. pren pry mr. rry cingy aheuphiayodo ba le a. t ment . iny ng a hie ba ea ay t c muciatn btlegund ate. ea lo at e cianew asmuen b egpolld e.howi lot itt mneyasw mu the cle llrontnnerin nwi hashirwitht ey 41 ele nt ertereing nere. nhairth hunman h1 s 7 reg e. he to unne h 7 onhis t nheo lo o hi tirens n camign mes wn newlo hamhire hi re wantodo weam.n s ew i inamrehe ncessily anpectto w.we wan to i o wll. naccossing y the ctolls w he eds anooo w .tterhan cothatg he lsu canhe s s ckoerry ern al at gnifcaantlbehi wit s ju 4%ryin talattate iftlhi it prary ce ju4% t roey ateerry hav be pry ficely attaroing a ory av anher thee caaign ail. fi ly aretag ohey anr he eaki ronadgn l. re an'sre thy ki coonandmt?
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re's th shaotcoritdmiz otheepuican thha it miael reans herhepuoan coent tha c ingmilpre lesserhan mitesway. cot ha cng ne i ormassonn onis efy.rts the whi hou >to jnep-st itmahe ecoonmy. efs he hi prouidenobam iss ng j streco. licy cange pren thamoss not cyreque any cgecti bythhe housortheotsena quantiy usena
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at tim wnheye dealg wi ch bger at isimes wmucheyigg alwi fedal br isgulaon lkechgg ed plemtati of la dodfran l finaial form emtif esidt's odalthanare form nanitil ivrm eteter ja arnids inthe h brmefin ati few mentetergo jarnushe binck h onll t w nt thpresentshe b ceainl on t legay entled to th doeststhiscenl gaenedtodo take lisisn. als csisttly roug ut hkeis priden ls edis cstyxecu ve aughori h wherrenapprriat to aancecu ari hi ageera ofpr helatnghe ace amican p oplehi age tfeyel mana and stamggleanhrou p le is di ticul enomy henas condinui to stleou tt. iul estepmyng u thhecouio ef rt t ep u becahe of thef insucti ca ofstruionihathe w're seng instiongrs fro runi reblicats. w e seepor ir: jaygr croney al id wre haic n hed theor ayst othis cyl ere wllae norehehe in iati osis of resie ntiae me randins antithe lif ing oundsiia ngre in the
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mend andayseheadi wh is dri ngg nd al this rein ihe verylear ysad whs ri whe hoe feals thhi if th i cngre i ryarot gogo whho fe thvef foard thhe cre go esidt's js bll he fod ll tehesetherteps id s to jry a b lp t econ tyseerps lastight to actuly t t wason sen wes ago stastht nht thtupresent das the joi se we seion, ago secht no thes t congss, thehe naoion sen,a sunvehing obs ll. ng, hesincthenhe hna bell veg sarou the. cotry ncen stuing h rbetbuttil hasouhe tcoy mahe stue.g t meiln. as men: h ry, ankou. ma s>> rorte tha you. me gyn: oxme n hws, ku.ler n rtehaou shoong pree n: n fnter of n the s. oombayee ff i e ba sajev i deribeasterrist atcksav by debe bosa'srrt present. atgunmby osring's mlita esweapt. nm war a ngong mta apcoat and w ving aarkgearat firndg the ngtreek inringarwo lice fice irfore he he ee s st dn angrest. ce it sce otree cle ifhe s anmansturvidor at theits exacle mfivewas anvi he ac m ve >>read f ssmesnow wh the hec >>ad ft s iow whllowhen. ecey wl phrimas i deco tionowup ouesd. w i plreyominri dows in co
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onpart o ofsdorth st. re istin heaowngourin wa rtf a lethepor. ne .istearwa plus lor berder paol ant us re bind b berrs rigowpa for a shan ing b ad bigmexin rug uggl. an ghe h a be isxiated fr s faly glre. heisedr fae. raisinthe at othe mpain ai isine o e aihapbdiittomne relses his x returns. ise treominneg r predent s rur isreag's 1h cmareinnt o pfent potics to otag c 1ticihzent a of llowpotiepotlin? c ti ciael me ban a lin? ith m ban strong thoutsnd song outs tndex >> i thinkniswn words he saysex lten, i n ee d t io tay nateveriswnee wd to h seay f ys l whevn, nff te'may r ngev fo t s whffe fo[ f ale nounr ] yothinyourids e gtingnougvegebles
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fe un] yo in urah,s aybe ot.gng ugge v8esv-fuon jce ges tm a ull rvinof vetabs h,be. v8fu j g t a l in vab us aull rvinof fit. bu it ast tl tes inke f fit.. but t s . w ft's .ur nber? ws nr? malannocer th is ach rker. ose n-st day star witbackain. alnor ths h er e stay arand itchoick.n. takadvino d mae upo fo in day. d oi kvi ch se amave aup twofoillsn y.for day ee opain ch a awols r y oin wa to , coh. ♪ ♪ wao co
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gyn: new sns ofwi discon ten: new of tt clddion spellig ttroue f preside oba c. ld atupeing nber o arins aroue n f h ppyitdeba t he daectitu in of tr ari country . ar ewe askpyeditareou d stiis fied w tith w thougsry a. isk i theou sis ed wcouny. thgs a i 76he%ay n the y reuny. n at's 76%re from 6hoel tha'st wa bk in fpril.ho 24ha% stay t he y a bk crely happy il wi. tay thing are24 g sng t.he y th nbe crrelyappyow n omwi tayngre th aprilompr ll, mh forond rgan , h 11t c fomornd ofd rgan 1 c polics o thou is ha t rlihtcsot krtao anotherho rhtot publkrant. ao avernth ric pry of tas ratc tiblng u h is aacrnic o pn formeras tc mtisangusts h ger ono mfot ermneyalli him a fat t argin himerno mooeyli rimea ase f hist aetrgns. h her is tooex g rerea hisingtetoms. ers her hi t fromtrion onthersss earlrhiskith ofrtriownoner s
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bi orleiy.r his >> yk cit't b oe for banniwnng gs anbidll ofeiy. y bor a bniudn syou're fanord of the 2ndudn ameu'reme. youan't beor t th i 2uend of me abti. aund'te tnou iue prablitife. a >> y thi hn a wseou th k heprli. h no yhi h pips. ou ithhi h his o hor ndso saipys ls.isn i ee t say iswhat o ior needoay or l nwhatevee oe i sun ning ateedoay fo at w to i you cunhange at t af 5fo to y or c60e tositions onfe, 5 por tions onuoss,io on pitns poon trsitnalu mars,rie? mean, pit thonsseren't inortritnaar issues mn, bhol, so toro su bha to tse at t age o50r ha60 tel yge alyou50eed tonow ar bout y alu d at. no a mutyn so, iover . ermyn or thf the s candidatesor at matterer or bak ronal tdheandaor agan 1at1th cakomma rndalntd? ael an 11tean i cs cirmanntf eea group andn i cir pnolic pndit. ank eau f bei gngup bndk th p you b vepit k fei whayo bve yhey a? >> aacki w tss i onehe ?
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in a attacacki eh osser is o soth compl elyifferent th's ohaert i ronal r sonthas taomlking autifonfentpe. i ha on anoer repub catain a y on eak ill y a attoac r cracter y thos hi ngs come iack y hnttt you c ictn gene ra loslehiios me i w w hatntin gilyol ineio 'rlliy's show tilth night a y st replaye'rdlly' owth iig ht rold rga nst r wasla proxnd antitarox i rga hisas px 50s.nd na aneatagax wis pedhoice0s . en p ceed lifeean wedhoe 5. p rocelded reagaeigd no fa.tiv orceronddea tas agains itn h isfativce0s. paseo eaivolvet a hndis ty elv alleohe telv and pitics.ylv ev yblodnoews aut mitt itic ro.ey mitt mneys nevybew t autitt ro eyca aim t eyevernody ows o he t is. at ric p ry ndsaio d iers y tes uhes i whos. he i r megyn: wds d shouldn't te u rhok he perry men: ke shots s aul't romnylok terhe same linha wereho going to rmn y hear if t om l wds ure g t bng th reparli iominee. 'sasdsally whate w bng thep saingomee. on asallyha'rteiey t he' sa nga fp- onper an dsn'tavy t h re. thi i not particuper aewns avthoswho e oong f.or w ayhi ptir
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to c ti oso r ney,ng f w that' bn t the clostream r. ney, wh shodn thet' guy whons tryihe teatlostam omwhyho dnaisehahetuyhos yi now? >> erybo whos goyg to se hate i the pma es w? k ws ebo whoho goto tt om inehe is. at wmaes hasn'gowstho erom5%ne. ey w an to h kwhot rick p 5% se w an r tko perwho haspe p souch me k attacki mt asroey tt s heuc hhas'te n abl aacro t dinhee toe i he aseing defined by d theine o iba s instheeas ofeieing dinefed ed bbyy hhese actll y wbahos hsteeaf d. in he nee ds hse t sctpendll m whoe t hime in ct ngheeehat. dot snd attac tmiim iom y. sttha dot a bacstk otbamand atckg a iuesac and obaelal u s at w you should iheue nd present of w y the shonid tates ofhe aesriencat of thou hhe doned the stee of th to ari m fhethrou h tonsee he deete sfth yeaoll look at . u t wseould deavef yea a .ad rick wldanrumav atckgy fadheicr onk theatg y ofamil f iheueonhe am michle bueannttki on eroor i uech. l oanfhem attacki ongn myat r eon i theue. t o ihessue.ttki u catuldr cal ln everyonhe o tf tse iue .
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peop ou tldt sallge ery o oay tse ornoth er aop flitfl sper o beuseayt s e porntth the have lianfldpe trir min nbe usssuees ot e pe dant t yo h look a the panple t m are n goueg up on he da p olls tooyhere e attack bei ng tgoup ihessues n p elshy othe we're ttaal bng about he ianuesaialhking he wre a tutew bo gi richhe t aairealingki t a ut ewscale w legich t ag t mit s tays al wle s and rker g mown. gy sn:ys wtut nt. hedas hkader g a ongysistenttesgeut n the bheegning ad he iotlyonsient fr t begng i ltheot tly cricehe oer rubcans th on t stage whim he makehehe oer r pntns t c toutary hllim b ette r mith a ohe pnt theeoe c tag e t i btter a o with bara ck othma as t i its aays eeping w hh era a s idemt.ratic i aays opippenas oppose tis sopemraticpponts. o h mucdo y thi thaoptses heinprelppimonts inhheuc yhihat polls? hehe i onelim tpwhe rise. >> i wllls?el youf t pplpwe r ed i the wel replicafn partplyctll he bieve rd rtcthall nt g bicieh cveldd winhe ge ral elntiont he wld cosldtin lily wr cgeel eleronye clold to linngr teer pmaes and wi ing tg nination of tmaessnd
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rty. wi his bgeroblem i s nliinio n e t republican tyy. t fhiac btge roemould i wi a gepenlial enctty t fainst batrack ldwi o aba. egynct how muc amnse ba yck thk pry i os d oingyn h m i e pa yicar t okry isomney? d ng roey h ak spahotsar tt perry o, butom iy?s b n,ouro kakw, sts pry lot ut isomn, towouardne kw, i lo rtul from iryomow ldy. w mu d ageul i from doing?y. and muin a way i dsag dng h?e d a doi wng mitt mn a favorbecau h imioi m mn a favec au ro bomes the nominee barabamaill hav a touro b omtime fheinngometng t noin teehrow ra at hma tlavt t h asn'met alretdy t been tow at h tthrown. he' hgoinn'to rtind evlrybdyy eeunnow, what ro r. e' peiny rasin s ai aevboittnow, w mney. r in peyas s a h eseyy,.it t ro mnin hasn't en h atll b rices py,eritryro mn yoasueee' s hying attha rt 25% p tyoeee'olha25% the o one bng dagol by ettks factht o ricne drragy, n boty mt rnettks at's wactt r rck per y nds trro n i at g otutok p spe nak and tpe de to lot of o repubocan spe g aup republican omen he otoer dot o ep e ft o t reblatanen o iers dthey are verfyps atheatac i
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s ineyg o e ther wanyt toeehe itet bacac inwherge ey re lthinang byt the i 11th commaacndnt. ere partys linby tivg thom the 11th ptys commameg nd r rrynd titt r omne th aom know. mendn: r ndit rneno me wn:henevenewt gingric ke tsoint at t webne yo gugr hr towdysnt a t paueb yorow a pau plause in for ofotakin au iattanck atther cdiottes eak sge. ta go t seeers goou t. egynhearts o lisoua yn caheel pns faror ttshe ple i terview t irwoca ss pndns n fow t on o frv tieirw aoryswo snd n ons o f offial ooryshe cas rs fiegan cas wgh n. ushe wasegacki c wthghesut not ushe w speed. cth nees detailsbo no tom s bued for dnenketls drunk n om mti oplessbuedor dnknd i dn ank ti opss stng. plus anotoes iay a ng snow or mousving the eas esas a i a could d umowp angnywher te e om usng t io oour n d inches a snynoer oenar usng tfoew nengl d. ches loing f to a wfteew gld. lo fhalleen? to
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au maget it. jani deanext. lleen? mat i ♪ anni iteaex doe s signs ♪ i of d s s nsoppi a'verought me me fopng ♪ro ht m♪ e me fopng ♪ ♪♪ [ sp! sp! ap!lap!lap!♪ ♪ [ le
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aounc ] y sr s faritep!oodsp!ightp!g yo [ anc y fatedshtyo fit ba faswithums. lciurichums goeso wo in condfibaasths. iuchs es nowoing n rks ndster ♪tum m tutum ums♪ nog s er ♪m tum s♪
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gyn: an oo teach fnd guil of avin sexn: wh h ooea stuentsnd. ail javex senhncg 33-year-o ld u tsstac schulalero f yearsen ing3- ye -opris. ac precut sorul sr f the y frsorr gh is. pr uthol gym teaerhe f iitive h genagymerso home, let themiv drk ags ao hmoom maretijuanandhe m th hdrk sexith a mua ndschu ll bthle hwisexs befitore fice cuffe her ndhuis bookeer out thece court crofe. e judge did n buyook houhe c rt ef jud i dnhich suy cl h theeens too dvinta her i. hi that c imclhe oeeutra tgihe araten cts wimho me ora truhe emot na statemts aarten thi we t arinot na at>> temhese avets hhi changed h in tse heatly, c notng onlyn h
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relationsh s wtlity, gotls o butn h re itinsh w it dilsonowardsociety as whol di ontow bdsro ooceaie asto hr h sa haolt he b loseataior in h sa tth hitefigus and ltai how n hypocritic al the yreit. figu he losndtfaith h pocric t he iostai god a felt pelere el. me god tnk autt, san f el peo say o eh, the a wet, teeneoe b sshey oro tbablye jo yeeneavsgheelioro with is wan. jowhat bchofwaoaneliooegsit h th e wenan tke d at achutfoa hoegs the tke the bs c y ima githe vin ys c cld f yst suamal expeen ce bneing yithom ldteache w rly sinua them pe enth blcngoh andruom sac rtlyatou don'tave ny lc ohidea a aut. s any entatou lonk't thies won ea a face.d ay desehin bars.k t shs onln g ou rce years. eseeh can b ask a nl jge toea fer e an fromsk a prin i jnge as fiter as ix om pn a months afox swsixxtre weaer n if y le he orntea you x mistreant toea dig n o ut yheour snorowea ou ovels. mitan it t notig a el itot bvenotorm headir.or hea
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areahis weeke. no loto amteahehe rad eahiee. rectlo a t sehevel ihesfad heavy w owre ct here itsel com ieshe.sf h vy posslyning t re and powreert nes omand c ausissngly tvenil telndayow f m lis s odf csiolks. aladelme oaythe irf snow o of t sean fksli in talhe oreeir no wthes ptureof are sromn f mliy i t v nes pomreetrenro of m albany, vew n yo. mete oorfogt jace d an ian the . foxxtme wteeathja d ihe foxtme w cthte janice i tked to m momast nit a s ni i sd iske tm etty i.asai dnit mom is ndo i is octo betyr,nd. she saiutom it' n so tor,ndhe s i prett >> rorter:ou toplre the rorr:oulhe timi. ised to go as aho mi. o nid g allown, a becaut o own, bitectver thostume ion he ave posropeturin oncoat forey 2-year-d. what a pper bad m om iator am.y 2ifeae' gngwh to he b oct mob aow w might as to weelct b s wig reco as gg wt rerds orhi sdelphi er icohes bac n 79.res hi delp
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no en an i in neheyo ac cin for9. 1925. inonkn are i ctalyn ng or sur5. ss hait. nk look asome fheng snow totals, ur againt.he c ouokldom bheenow nser tvaalveep en ai o where c ou erack bhe srm ervaen o g wre bost cercktalyne s inesor yst er 1 to 3 in neinw yk. 1 phil t3new 3-5. il alntn,-1 -5. t' take loo a the rar anal ontn, fur-1e radar ase w leoo ghe furt out inurim rar we g oes off theutst innd dwsim cold a fro gs cad tahendst y dws we'l l soleed s ani fca acandmulations eeciay o n the'l s inteor scaectis fachelaons ianor oheas he so he tesor.c s.tis right o rheas so cu ass w.ceead fth rhtut in me phihelp a gcuet ang isn wnea d e snow heautdi ig i s prt gh a gndet o irnnightn t resnea i is a n yor okrnithty, pretsf ls norittsf l losl pts of b ostonlo towa pts sunda oy.f b tohon col d wahe air getil slda ol heepe onhatir the gnoilwl totalpes halookheike. no as heanto tals onokday,e. llowasee w hl we s anto wonhiy, ow hallee wn, s yes a inany w ces
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there lleen,es iny ces aan er therehe i there is aan thhe y iouhe is mo y men:an youl appreciate amelway tal aboouurl ppci ilren. i sd aayalbour n. id yes honey goin to swhis weeke yes bgey it e flainke t sre gwoi come ee t of tky down to t itla ound g. d home said, toft tllky v dyn to nd. hai vy scy. >>epr: sute. ki lov hissc s>tuff. s we're lucutky i t'ski l hpeng on eee sndff . m yn:'r i'muc i eit hpe ng o n> eereponder: actl m :megy i l'me it driveit sely.po: tl d., thangyk l yit l ady.iv >>eporr: y sel b. men: t occ, y waan strk l y. ot t,>> y by bhe ayme w tlcc twahetr stayor he w?t, we'll fheayl t ayut.he eyw? re'l g fetng rhe ugl in . ples .re ghe ot toplakes.way i ndff snd ewhreatsak of wsuiwatsy i t p olic llnd fewor thehrts o attfory enuial y er p holr to resn ov er t f t gunttniy oraentional k noer asolto r sstov anni o fraioonus k doubled ovnigh th shockin new num fr oiofus d lablwmers sa ngt'ovs t for th hi s tckoewum o la gmo.s d t dorors hi d gra
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1:32 pm
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1:34 pm
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1:35 pm
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1:36 pm
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1:37 pm
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1:38 pm
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1:39 pm
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1:40 pm
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1:41 pm
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1:42 pm
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1:43 pm
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1:45 pm
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1:46 pm
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1:47 pm
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1:48 pm
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1:49 pm
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1:50 pm
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1:51 pm
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1:55 pm
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1:56 pm
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1:57 pm
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1:58 pm
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1:59 pm
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2:00 pm
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2:01 pm
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2:02 pm
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2:03 pm
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2:04 pm
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2:05 pm
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2:06 pm
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2:07 pm
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2:08 pm
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2:09 pm
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2:10 pm
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2:12 pm
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2:13 pm
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2:14 pm
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2:15 pm
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2:16 pm
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2:17 pm
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2:18 pm
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2:19 pm
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2:20 pm
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2:23 pm
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2:24 pm
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2:25 pm
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2:26 pm
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2:27 pm
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2:28 pm
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2:29 pm
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2:30 pm
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2:32 pm
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2:33 pm
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2:34 pm
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2:35 pm
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2:36 pm
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2:37 pm
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2:38 pm
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2:39 pm
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2:40 pm
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2:41 pm
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2:42 pm
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2:45 pm
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2:46 pm
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2:47 pm
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2:48 pm
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2:49 pm
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2:51 pm
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2:55 pm
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2:56 pm
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