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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 28, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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chstia sym lsm. , rovedthtoe ch iaivat catymlic unirsit l redot ccomdate usliatat cni itstud ts. at i ttoryomherete li "the fude". i t stas he f ♪ta r. ♪ ♪ ♪ >>imbey: firpdat relad to sol>>drabe sto.irat la o >>♪olyna ♪ ol a kimrly:tohere.ou g thwhit hou i ording >>♪yn a♪ im y:re ginde ndenrevith in iteou i rd gnditn ofthereder a lo deenvin g rant itoferer los. gnt th is inhe wkfaileths hanilli w dlarleoan. thha isn an invtigaon ili d r sondraitse bn.o th snn turenvnerggay i loa cingpsorase b asell. danre i trgnk tsoa pro cs g pat t whi hsesasl. watc ng " ean t t fe."ro tbecahie h fm the btcinni " f "one t thi s ica f sughested wa the bnihoul get sebod ye t hi ito d auged ndepdentwahe revw.ulet sod doe d't h aeo bepnt ev prosutorl. itould e soeebod h fro b otheagen thats osor itdepeldent. s odis iro me sious han the heenat want or ough pet. e wo is w ml susnhe com ntr gh bk
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wo wl to om hat b theohahe th sd athinfter lynd is efirs th lns s ain it'ers a the nds rs os l aer. t' a he solyra hixndepdent o a. vestatio gng. incl ing thely h fep.i.nt stio g . it wonclg bhe ove f. uil iton bve t u b.i. >>reg: can tait uil yea now he>>g: yanrunt u in you wom aheea nam ow ar syndr y n >>ana:heostinouom aam pularar sdr na . >> >>a:reg:otne wilnow par y. na wherdid ha>>g:omeilw fro >> ric:he g serd wil be firoer. >> reg:>>c: ama b fisl. i >>g:reat nmae. for a iat n ory. eri nowhey'ow -- th comttee s riow ting y' ster - the comttees trygthomee get- ts tg s imptant erheomeery oba's etlack trry,es wtsmpnt altheobessassncky,here w shinback romheal whie sa hous buthis isre a hug inckm hi hugessue us weute gosg tos f adut meug geue f m >>reg:ou mt be excitd. hot.ill you leep t>>ightg:? m be >> kberl sethi ci aboho lou e riewfep theht nerg krl shi depamentoansbo
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thats rw intesti andrg gnif ant. pa yontns at dide.nttind herb a isonift. yo who de.vers tar rb a on wille the indiduahoinrsar char ofhe llheversht.ndua rembetarp beiarfhe nancl dasters. rberp teit inc dte t s. dan actlly i wan -- ct bobygivear a bre. it iid w wk.- obve wtre it w to cgrat ate w dao foher cate csistt,ersient d ca forfor a cstnvesgati insi t tohe caor loa. a alsestihen rson ty on'tto oa do sol dra ls r it'n tlrea't begdo invtigad.ol a tual at'ea procutobealnvga alroto fashn. sh is goo ia. hel bk for a lg te. s ioo i cfessow hat el i book orlike at's l torth ileoi h ce ss an itestition k i'm ad kes ty'llothte a h iti onpefuy geit d em s tll ticklas t ayan so fuge it' d not rt of thekl t camoign at' fa as 012.t ohe ic wl kamp in a gng ofas 2. 2020 w dan k one iinaloint gn at poi20 201 anne ale whnte hse nds aoi01 fl
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wh h ck. pref nablyot o a runng f f esid t. . unfounat y, sefeonelyn th oun f lls id o foat sneth s d.e.hink o iope e taet d i.nke n on y ta bac i >>ric: nob rped nhe sk o sten cac. he's>>hec: rned tt shod b ote c. ll g. 's t ho b >> kberl goo g mas >> ec: s reta krloof as ergy e s kimtarly:o th mea we c me on. erybgyy is bimaviny:wellthea c mnighn. lovit. ybis ta abo b monin all gh l byisov. and taherebo aon aiffence re he i layinis oka i won d re ke mfeey fem t iinka lbyison t m f bdler t hav eve gre leris cessdire a besseroav theve itere hse. avess sree asxamp of thet. e h .whats oure tak smp f t >>ric: micel ats kemrer i ak clrly >> lobc:ist.ic heidn'em i aly forcly ob he n' stat a bor heobt empys at be bbyimps. yi y pdle iluen --ob or d a, y clafy pehis. i enif- youeddl i luen for a d lae, i'thats. obbyout? dl i eno ioro s you iave totignby
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to i be a souobbyetond bn cogn ed a oe abyobbyts? b yoare doi hegn a se tng. >>ana:by lot?f ppleyoneoi c. t st w tk. n >>a:ot the p- tey wi ove tompl w and regterhe t as wiveplndobbyts bauseheeg r cons uenc andashe nishnt f viobyting bse tt law nsncotnd bng sh f regioterengas t bbyi .w if bou dony stfeg hayre you' atyi dinr aif youo say sf ay sothinto saker oehnu'tin a whoumigh hapayn t be in s ert th ihn whghap d tehe thhat. d yocoul be of colian. it wkednt. cef youle ostic co anrobes sete wdonfiatio c for eupre cou hic had be se beenegisred fiiohe r re ou h loyistady a l fir en isd tho i alosta b lad irnse. soth peoe i o arcomy. b en pe.side obasoirst eo sa he woun't wt ooom he p deba bbyists wking fsae himou it w h thght u mit no ant t yi wng f im sathati becse tre are stht mino t t ma expiencpeop insa t re who snto wkor tmaxpncop n admi dstraon tt ma o decid woto. t >>miob: rast l tma fir cin wa ingt who ire>>: lormeir mberf cgres who areotwagthoeme al w er ceshore tobby theal llea tes, mberre by heinflncedy it. it's
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deaficu, ero n ind fledit mebo in ashi'ston o i dcu one ny o adthers nnec dbo tnhi then i e onflu aceer ec the lu sine. ne obam didt kp00 of wt he sde w ldam becseid k hf w codn't but s is ls wec riant hn co't lo yistt s ls >> ec: i 2 r8,nte sai i willlostot u e i 2ai i lobistsi ll uwon'useobbyts for mobts mpai forn' me whiousebyor m pele pbabldidote ai foror mhi sehim pe or >>ana:iste t t s.m >> knberlt. i'l get gre>>sa:te t t retion do any e r kemberlpres'lentet obrea sang ts authereon dony r bees tbbyis? thob is sa07. t a ke aiste >> i m iyi ths . ts ate i i rac tac toel corrateobbyts thtor da ofettior thete agen iby wasngtoarever. thda f thti hav notheunde my en as catoaigner. th wil not wthkavot inde myyhite ca gnuse. >>thimbeily: wott ab wt thn? the ary steongirec lear e. >> beword w ab greth i w otalthar sg ec confared bwhate rd s wal nf b at bbyi isn aad shing exprsion f yisn ourightng to
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pr onpetifon gernmt forurht o ievaessi jusmade ti gnm thaor vasi usde up >> b: thha wasreat gre tha you up 's not bthasatobbyg. re itha aboou ying. ot it nny,henby you see aitbong it potici y,nouee ahat poci comt o abt ga rigs b he' g. omthat o oma. ab ga sayig h b hate' g atobbyt b o. ay hat i inoveby bith obbyg. i>> tturene methor?h >> gg: nby 's i the clo t tithre lng.etr? bob gther nis n i he prloidentalh candate lhat. beca predent hat ouober n coul't g somprodyenn tantet care ntmpait tra andut it p ul on gheom airy a tay h d n't ai marand ht saie ouldon dir a h d tante i t nka h oaimald d erspe th. shodn't avete sai twhat he o sa. sp inthhe coue o ho the'teampaain,ate pele s thasa. everinpresent oues. o he paery esidt cod be opepe sha to ts. eres t . thi rank h y id hascobeonepe ss o t ithan oers ve.hink h givas he cret f t t. ot n o kims rly:.ou bughtp iv h methreg f t imy: bhtomen a thathwas impoant. you lkbouten the pre adentha s d th c paig pot. u utromiherent th cigsmi heairecely abo wt h hadone and t he percentagofbo w th he cpaigromi s hha hnend t er
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fuagille th c ig takemi h h lk at i aerfule th. ke >> l kp at i a ccklith i. m draw>> ofy c kpaig a cliromi i m awf cig omis.mi is. on a wee i tak i out makeittl che. on ee wee goak iutbout 60% de ketlhe owegout0% d fa inhree yea fa ineeea ieed atherive toet t otr 4 don id a>> gerg: heis no tha t far ot 4on of he nly g p hmise ntwoha hopend cofnge. he weyot p tse chaoe. ts. so pe ce. tt's we tha so 5. ts thother 1e d 5uit th hesmokg 1 dt >> b: you on't ok knoe it s king byo >>reg:rue.'tno od pnt. s >>ngimbey: a you >> g:e. ying- p. bob i>>be sai aouric h ong ofis obiai shac h o ofs.ha --ards >>ric:ot a cck. got- a cck.ds >> c: >> areg:hat cs a. gre t a c . persatio >> g: kimt rly:aon'treuit ur dajob.
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rs eriio tooan heck imy:'tt . obdaa.b. iall t srioock oba's fuz math ob the ime mlh t hesed wheeba uz id i youthiv u e medhe $ iou u 50 blionin $ smulu emplmenton'to up bgueson wha slu we dpln'tntave'tup js or esreatha th obs. dte j orryro se andat cree th s. bs. orzzy th. s u hand can putre yr finr on i . y . bo om lhae --anut y in >> imbey: wonhave i cha bo l --hereays >>be wctuaveyha res thiuayhi is ganitionhat eps tck ofhis. prsises ept,niont 151s t ofs. coromi, 46 pres omist,51roke 5comi 46 we a reak is prose her kether 5 stled? a ak wh doero htall mea er bobstrepud?icanwhoe stoed ll eam. kim rly:oboehnpu andan coany. to 68. inhe imy:hnnd worcoy. 68 in 1. noyetor red, o. 1 >>ob:'ll tlnoout wt r , is rht. >> i:l t w abo --otet r . comp ted the pro iss o beg dboe.- st o hose mp wild he gro obe d don ostald are rseublinsil g stopng tm.on >>alric:ar rli op t aost? >>c: at?
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>>ob: % ofhe pmise wereot kt. by>>he: timoft's ove pse is re k 60%byim s t bave r somodyhos is e priden0%of the nited ba omatesy s gre sucsses ame promen he notekeepg prises . es e be tng e hreuc donese re bnokeep proprsesesik be t hon tmo. bros >>ric: rig. o. gre tax. >> k berl we ve a>> quoc:ig fromill aily reromax pol kicalrle auo om arlclely onmolal cirmvenng ngrear.e n sai y can g itoneiren caus therere n ai yoopeantes gt eso t demrats nd heushe n repuicanmadetpes dficu t emr thts pside to be anyt ng lpueande a d chicu exthutiv p de othiseed t a yt l fstraon. hifigu out wha exiv e is t a can fora. gu ut hathoucongss >> b: thmoreou doant, th betr of oue'llnge. bth noreing ll go tough ngreth.etofll repuicanwillnog gtall tgh anyt scw th .puanll ll >> da: m beyt.he wte scth hoe d shodn't m sd up w leslatn evho theenat ho de'tcratcan' ssuppt.p >>ob: at alehot!atevheat >> kberlde thaatn'pp >>: at! zin krlhain >>ob: ere iew erifin tow >>: e i >>imbey: a rig. congp, gd ecoifmic newow >>be yea aig co fi glly. co ct doew it mn we'
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ea reay pu ing t ofihey. dot rec msion e' ors thiea o newpug o nmal?econ or whhi oew nl? kws? whdon'forg t k? e-ml u n'rg t ♪♪-m u ♪ ivxnco ♪ ♪
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[ ma annncer at tnsera, arehe torromake. manner ter re t're rokingkeomor ws li clowork e ngor lilork ♪ foall e dierenthin r cuomerpland fo fol dienin cueranfo li a clegeducaon. li c ge ca, th.perft weing. th♪rf ♪we g. ♪ iove , torrow♪ ♪♪ ie toow♪ [ le aounc ] wre ming em aettefinaial ture [ anc w mg atena l reat c we ke wh yo trsameca. tr sfor ctomoe ow. w yo trme. trormo.
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >>ric:elco bacto "t fiv" lon lt, he cono>> gc:wcoac "t ativ 2%ver th l ton lhree no g mont. i'llatake i 2rut ethn lhe ee whit h sent's nlle i eough u wait t tal hkboutdmhis?s n it's goo ews. gh wa tal uts? 5% gwthor he'soos. qrter tterhan pect ut n gh wher qer w ern shoctde. n chera gws at who 10-%. ch we'ltaket. g t bob fir0- goo'lke obir newooew e ca sesre way ca s up.ay anksobama tp. bui am ican kso t kimrly:uihen ll ty ampay anck the loa c
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>> ob: ey wiml wy:k on t it. y itakesheoa.5% >>: wrowt w o to .et ites e potff% owto umploent. 's a ngpoay toet ohe ulot. unploy nt fures own. a o eri kimrly >>imbey: tunk aboyt th fesn. eupean arke ri imy eri no. >>be tabth eu haanke rio.erce groh oheha ck ofonsurce srondin o goinup. you o baktownsu tohere sin e spinding.ame f m, ou b inease speningo onre althre. sp nge in fease speiningsenpegn ilit s spindingsepegn itancr spng golin gin t goonews >> kberl no, ty ar't. if y ookoo atwshe i act krlo, t lon ar. item you wtk tot b pitiv it andptimontic but n em o wrlyo b piv denthimiastcut ng oboutyt. in erms ofthst reaion, the ut euroan mket wen dow in ms f's a featn, thahe t eur ro mten ow clin aga st t dol r. a f ha t yohave tureet in mind inga tol bancinout eyove equ iionin baint qun >>ob: rst,y the y, >>: t,he th th treury nes the intest y n >> ehec: y knowho is teying r it?en.
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the st izar thi i e y thenoos wongd. t? wa strt e arhiccup irhe wo pitawasm atr all tha you ouldeup rllyad at ta a llobambecahae th oned u ldhe rscouy wdow.t re i hatamcath od ty did ou w w.givetheank the bili i tot t to tid feralover ent. vee krrowheoney atlio ero,o f te a falert. ow eyt rn aundnd bo, fe t aasur you' p ntin ad out b en w t tur taxye p u' peminut 3% i eres w t so wreax p hanng ver 3 ines w litelly hunedsan ofr 3 bilons teof -yun s f danil esn -20. lauanter ] e >>nric:ll rht. da., wh is yaurr tak ] on >>c: r t. dawhs yakn towth th dan we ed t gw at o me to atch uane o t g tere wernd do t f moch sevel yes. theuro an se uatier iso f ill veye thro stis u nown l thwhit hou d i uwn rit policall th it's nou g dd eugh. that isrit bet rli tlln wha the n g eh. did atrly s ear o inet t tha he minirati thehad good y ar o ek inn the t sto nitihed arkeoo vi pre identidenheaidereto ishekebama recviery.renten d ie sai y an'tis jge tmat. ecy. >>ob: actli aithe ysthing t'tyave g jng t
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fo them>>: olittlally is e ng t lowe g exfoctatemns. it lyit'so bshe ltow thi theyeedexoat. 's d bos p lphi expe atioey up.d you r dne are pxcit aut peio thp.. aru 't yr?re >> gitg: i a gw th.5 wlear y li enin gto t is. g >>imbey: i w canliin t >>be i telan >>ana:eigh o weit? el >> gg: bh way th>> wasa: jusgh m on,ei g b danay thasus ma.ana. a si of e timhat we ha to be exced versif im 2.5te hao be mov fmxcr lata t.5 ovthua fa. iind morehangat in t m ua idor ngn chge. >> b: yod bealle m if you t uch . gre i d b.yobe lef >>ric:ana senu u o ear re dis mor>>ngc:aieceen o fmarhe "wl st et joual,"he or opd.ce ffanttic. e"wstou,"alke aboop ntc. hings hat,ke bo w th thgs tt us tot,ees th cry togeer sngrtinto tn outth tuso sttingo ge sin d tideutstngs. de dan peg noon is a
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grt peon t rd eve an notired in wasgrngtope d.c t r ve shdoes le pek inew tednork.asto.c sheassh fores m lynears shk.writ in a way ehat sors m leme loors acrs merishitndn ay plaitwhat ss oingle ooo cr ofn iri ideifyith ai o i kwot ofidey evehbodyoes. h someing tere king outvedys. that wha d idesmes.g reg t thi in a wayhe whi atha d es housthin the re ting ohin a ayll pple gethhi. he us pinnthes t tgt whihey pe arth doi thaheyhe hav t p t hi yinde on d ty donaroiha y avreal tehey' csing de n t furtr dionsion whet r orot ialsy' c ng tentnal uld debed. rt dion bu etor t i ocomehahe ntl d eb. bu is t ome yings ngette forepubcans thatresint oma ctinuteor to- ub bobnspeggis a gre atsi o cwritnu but wha stoails to obgg a re cogne he isitutha semogphic ls of to coury ahang g gnhes ogic dr atic ly. tou a numb ofnghite peoe a dr icfall.g dra ticay an mbfte eo arou a theorld wreo ll longra thecaanuper wer.ou he ldlot w o maj nghe couries- err. >> ric:t you oikeaj too tsoues and hrowhe >>c: noubersut.e o at do y t mea t nber fdow n rsite .oplenhe cntry d y ea t arfall ng?r >> b : per ntage ofle cry elec rate arll
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>>ric: b iseragf ecte raigforw d th>> thec:hite i pulaon h bee igrwthheterett-- la h >>reg:eteeway fmhe tt ce tng f aecon >>g: it noty abo f rac it t f aon abo itotboac it la when w grong u t ri wer admed a you en w ronted uo t brierdmich. a ou w w ed he bh. a pic re r wh oplewe u sethi h. 'sic r lassle u shi. wfare ther ass inealit b wre er is anot atne ticit b u c --tati i yot can movromic b tom c- ti rcenle a up.yonov m nowe tel bhemou c't and en ap. it cates el >>ric:ot tt th can'tnd bu tell peo ce oesis man >>c: tth 't velsccup walbutreellt oeo oan obamevertimee h ls upal cameee oilli aireand amer me hbillnair andorpoteet me nerslired a ad.llirndpo >>reg:ou c't ave poors apeop wit.ut ric >>g: ceopleoo op it >> kberl theointichat pl ameran filiefeelike th 're kozenrln plhee. ntt a t o erncer fintyieele theyon'teelthe en optplisti a aboutheutur o inerty t msey'tl o pt tithe onom thatoueeur cn get ou t o of e omat cet ouhis.fs.
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he iryin tethe unemoyme numr t 9 i in whh is arobl f em obameum t 9 r thwhlectisn bausee're abl f no perbaivedoave t ee th ct b qusetersfre per ivedrowtnoerede t >>quob: rseureaered numwtrs laest crea i>>n: ea minitieum inthis cntryookla pt ceean i e la tin yeaie. inis cryk p >> b: la tea >> gg: tt i notha b ey'rtalkg aut. gthey te ta iingotbout ineq'rlitylknd a. css. ey ta g eri the havutalwa beeneqivistyns c. re, c ss riheav wa whatt an this t tensedis r kee us c toghe atanrehi td thin ng a cra ing.eesog >> b: y'r hping in arag. lot. b y hng [ lghte ]t. lte ] >>ric:epare chuh a cathic uvers y is >> hu a th ursist. ♪♪
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♪♪ w' cenryli... a nekindf brdbancompy we'commented li pro.ding host, rson serce nendbranmp mmd rongom rhol pe, le..on er 5-ar pce-lk guante... constent fasspee... rpe.. 5- p-lgute. nsntd moas wayeeto c.tomi yo tecolog moay cmi yoec og ♪ ♪
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the do wakup t ear! u kn whaelse ear? thdoak tar mecare knen ehaollmset. ar w me reroug deer 7 e.lm ca i sck wh ld m icarplan ug 7 care! s w or f md a arw plan wit beer cerag lescost e! fa plit be cages st orboth micarplangiveou ree ncercreengs orth mard weannessveisit e er aee 50%sff on and-me pscriion wessit awhen0%ou'r in n d-e d pghnuriholen it'sart enthe 'ralthnre l . dnu le soit'sime loo comre.. 'st e th l so'se oo mand ..oosehe rht pn r yo lrn me at-800 edicd e se r or pmedi re.g .yo l mat00ic ordi.g myame'jeff m a d, cch.. ani qu smong w h chmytix.e'ff a c ..kning at iouldmoke duri theirstaneekqumo wchx. kng ildkerihest kwa reay imrtanto m malannocer alo witsuppt, waea im ancha mtix s pren t hel peoale quno smor ng. loitpp antiharedux d myprrge t elto s ke - oqumo. and rsonly tt's what knetii nedued.mye s - d [ maon ann tncers sompeopat ne hanechan.s inehavr, th kingmar monn erom hoopilit agihationaninav de essemoodthnd sngcidamo thouhots oitactigison dese whode ta sng da or fteroutopp og chtitix. wh ta yonotior anyerf thppe,chx. st takg chtix d ca yo docr rit aw. yotinyth st teakl yoch docx r ca outyony
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hoctoryrif deawessi te yo orocther menutl h hlth ryobledesi whh cod gewors whiltaki nh h len'take antiif y've whd a coriougeallersic ilkiha. 'te ti or kin actiy to e .a oule ifouelophese stopakin chanorx n ti ano see ur dtor ightway ifopse opinan ane d r as htme y n blifehreaning if u ha a htoryf het or lood esse pro ems bfeea ng tellour ctorf yo have haw or horsrysymheoms orodseroms llr oryo ve get dicaorhelprsightmways ifou he sytoms a hrt aack. t ca uslpcauthtn why dring opetingifachi hry.syms h ak. us ut whmmonriide fect pe inngude hiusea. oub sleing d usualdrea .one ct ine ea ese e thubreasles gquit moki u.alea e thmaleasnnou er ] it kik yo docr ifhant is rht f you leou ] yoocifnt r fou
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5:28 pm
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5:29 pm
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5:30 pm
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5:31 pm
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5:37 pm
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5:38 pm
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5:39 pm
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5:40 pm
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5:41 pm
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5:42 pm
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5:46 pm
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5:47 pm
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5:48 pm
e s t g antesobamcaater .ntam dan a sn o theot ving umpe stican a o s is ohe signf n asting monpe.ic o greis youe rit. gn n >> b: itison.ossie ty re didn reaouze triy'd hav b ithissi t su essdnea tdav is ere ght chasus bin the ene. e t thepoke penha qte was od. b yeahlook we'le take.t, ekeen q aske se t .et ahok'lak som s test.omt. >>ric:ou tsh rk pey fo singe mhtot >> c: tmake rll pefo sg debes. m >> k berlke bob let me say sothinebabou.this thiss idic kous.rl ob etey aeaysoin noupickisg he an is ic s.cainecau he a hasheir atteion nd thck frohe inaueas ir runn. tebodyn xpecthhimroo boing this tronnn stil movidy forecrdm a btng ishison ilvior po at. ey davow thestatent. bu h ofpo anomous ourc dowhe om tte "ne. yk tim" ibuofnousrc e tne yim irtic .
5:49 pm
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5:50 pm
es itis ynusv. iset oostay he,ou i don ay h ve.on v >> b: go ahe. >>ana:illa clion i s bgohe leadg i is>> na:lali i "ti" ad mazine ioll. n jinez ntertingti" bausema nel. hiary rsusittjiz rneerngf bsehiy us tthe - r hl -- f kimrly:his e inrest -g. h -- hill yersu mit imy:s rneinst llsuit. r and hmm dan a l ofd demrats mmw th wilay toou an oh, lf em tswellyou kno i thasillwayo foh,hilly clton. ll >>ureg:hy anoe dayng fothisllow?cln. she >> notg:unni a. dwho is?s b inde otnihis? o >> da: s has bee bd insus?ted om tkingbout d sas thee domtic olic i uessu id tng ut the sthreeears thomcic is i >>imbey: e ee hrs vora lity>>atinbeishigh than hbama ratyingh an. >> ec: wmald oma swih t hiary th e ben? w o >> bwi: he cldut e hiy bn't ? tha i d 't bnowhe w c thed d is. t ha 's pt fing dw wheeadl des. she . p fgis notgoin todl.un. e mae sh wil runotinon 26.
5:51 pm
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5:52 pm
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5:53 pm
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5:54 pm
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5:55 pm
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5:56 pm
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5:57 pm
>>: n' at inubli f schlecau t ussh cken caolic wids ho d itinlichau t onrida ca>> kicberls now houlame dton da caolics krlowme.caic aven you nea dth expeence- . >>ob: at'shy enouea d pe dce't >>: 's d eat rimpnymo. >>imbey: bter u d t nyonmp watmoame s f >>be br uthe rld ries aming me. on ate of te s bes eve tw timee itd es lkedamikeg t.y of t es weve outf i tw met th cam dow l todehe tecon werikeut i theyattl bactham ow oi monn, who veke misd eyhistlac me las nig m? ho >> gg: iisseisit.s >> b: we ave asig prof sion g bas iallselaye. bherewee >> imbey: ofonaslyeoll bol re bobboll bol>> be laes a gtlemlereol it obis -llericol b ling la aladi and gementlen, eist is -.ic bng ady. dind les gotl, s kimrly:atte r up y. >> ob: .le go t of herimy:teup th's i>>: ofer dth. i kimrly:id n hit t ba d a e lik imy:ou'r nit goi t breba aik my'roi re nosy gre i w wchinos t re wor sers, proct re w w innway treorinalerrohere vtor ay lostndalnyore w vndr it'
5:58 pm
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5:59 pm
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