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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 28, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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ohi se e nefionrima hel fn f in nnmaewel n mpshe. sh >> t natnal am mns t ndide wi senmoreim the t tatill and m tess time id wien deretingival he t ndperrsimdengal rr say--ay >> tre wl beot o debas. it mhtet be a t w gbed ebat ba be mre ts ie don a g >>ess an a wee tat t i on rry es n >>s a heee t t grite ate y n to h tgre e himlf.oim. ryohns sambl t sig for the pmary inserso sbl t ig requ emenon t finorhe pry i sofili quen tin day liay conessm bacann anneahea a mled her onsm ac nin ne aftea a hew mampsdreer stf qu las wee ftform mas hchusts gernops mitt omnest iquas hoseeng a tow rmasus g noll i ttanchter neday. os a thlateowasmuen p l i shchsr e'sy. nth htepshi mufron prunn wit 41% o shs n h thehi onnnit1% o vohe. perris draing witvo
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psmney is sadte in. crica fornt f enm. i m th is hancey t hore s irior u ths nc pporret. wa a corolin ce bef.e anafte newampsre i li a-up cin ctate vefing. ante ewey hepsore i conrvatliep te v cial he cservives aonat relivoous. c servaliveshat crv es amay or lely o f orlis crvest bay mann cai and lyo ferry backoou. bann ai >>ndollythanyou. exryusiv for u tcks. weend. >> lyvernanu.exivr erry t w l bewed. hrisrn ry waace'gueson "x wewsle sund."is checloca lting forwae' tese. "s esid t obnda is wking ecca l hang tooret teady for hoevidobis w ng ds u ashehaoepubcandy or nonee.ev anther are usuestnsubn autnoe. whher ane preridenrewhent st cometo ting a camignwhr prenen do tionhas me t igliedneamn in and doons de ied ndnoth. de thisonces thth. vified ople nis whingn.ceth lobbsts. v ie heres e le wng hen bbs. re e. as cendida he was crysl clr a uts b cningdaeas yscl r lo ayistabou bontrngutin theampan. lostou tr in >>oing hepaorwa the >>ng demoaticwahe niona comttee
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ll uold emoic sndar. th l not nnaomeeake a dim u fd m sar th washgton lote lbyisimr f eciathinteshston p. l>> iisoffi, priden iate oba's edge ps gting ifipr en rky. ob s the geew y gkngimes repts y. 15 o his e ykesundls, suprterep 15 at g oe tiriswn cdlh and uper raismore rom f ends gre t inlved in cnd isre lobming f fordsinedn eciaobgor intest. iantt. >> ts pridens rerds unecedted. 's ieres ng y re tpr enre cing tt sryot t oneuned d. at ies y demstrad th ci t s lobb tsts eneining p iem ra threco numrs to ontrute bb s replicain i cpaig. co>> mumt t romy lds thetre ep ca repuican cig fie with mom lhe $14000 puan inirecie conibutthns fm140 lobbstineconut fs. bb t roey ands.ther g.p. caidat notledg to kip rond ther g.caatotdg lobyistp th mon on>> ty wi notund my pty twiotdy ppart rt
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decithdlyon mix p.res ll theoverent reaseone ci miylyix hencouergingt e rnomise e rert tay mi shong conmerou ng espenming re tisin.6ho o 1%on inr th oe-tis th%prevusn moemh. buinco onlthti incthaseevy mo e-teh ofbu aco pnlcentncnde ll t teof mth pntefor so ll t tha sndings mominor ou ofsoha sin savgs. in >> str gpendoug numr av. n'tusta able f>>tr tnd inme dumsn'trventlly tcatctalep. t e sndin in d num'trsnty ere tc good stheineakns inermsum oe the od inco groh is eknittlinms orry. he >>s a coroesulis thetl savgs te fy.l t >> tauloweshe lelav si e 20 f. t thecon ty digrow aes 2 l% insihe20 thi thuarton whidiowad a th 2 conoinsts eathhig a rtgh ohi >>e dot exctnos ttht,ahe o r f.econy toallack i >>doex the on tosessln.k i as tome st of shoss. >>he rosp tt oe eope sf ho owinup o r deb a>>sp o gr ece ie othatio in weig od onheeb u a. stk maetgr i th buioit's oareigon ustma% yesburday's newre aeal heen reeshed.ay ew l >> hnfornate, thn are tangred. wcome
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e otth t aorne gen dal otln th ise ilt ve quily a t aneen o propatelput is mthtese i vein tandsui of ahe opelt i mpect t ds gefral. >> tay, e raing mocr i ct onhegel.ouse t, rag verscrht on mmite elahummises rs asd fmer itelmi aas fr decto kennh neon t appr a a d to puic nnne teari.pp histtory and pu jusrice sdepamentornd rpond potiveus but isp to pant rrell rssndheth toallpoveut i lsono w el invts tactsth o ofhel ope tiononever w-nv t tssistthe cts f the pe oponationever rerchedis st lee l.she tiondeopiove red cpaig has le en ecati stu> ntson and cotheig aboas the ange of etitu snd escrtionrug dictn. hebo hepeop arod the cougeryf are courcredon tg ct tur n u doprrothou expidre med atiour tomrow, tur whic ubrin us to a piedio omw, art-eak icinso aingtory t-k fmg rynior niona f crespdent hn rorertbout nddicnaho cspnt d no cice n t rt mutter. ic >>heyhake ncon olabno ce t cr mngr. >> iyessakely on abt beuse theeed cr isa mil be ehe bumorpdne. babiil lik thi are bu frphtin. widraw fro biikhi preerfu fin
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prcripon ncotiwiecauawro thr mher pouldfuot f ht pre urip t n gtiauigh. th m allrld c fldre s hos talur t g inh. ll c rest. tersosrg, lorid the probm exnoded % ohe babs i . hers, idhe obexed n o nataab i intsive cenit wer nborn taddicd. nt ve c i tnk tts iseruch wor rn an tic cck cocne bab s. t t s wehidn'or ave t to coc keeababie we n' hospaliz feo mth toee ie trea spiz f cckcoainddicon. mo so r th ea ccoear,n36ic d.g o thdict babs heome tr, d al chirensnine tes ctheab h ember threeears ago alhi nsch one a t matr ofife or eree rsgo deh. >> i onot treatedf it'er possdele tt the babs w ildtre gont'oie ss tth ab w epimicf tgon pic t o-totis so bhat the floda attoey geralsked oheot b leslatte tohereatalo tks tofor g dalled leattoithat t r dt. we ve t cehp wh nuers d alan. e t >> c wraginus an. sym>>omof a probm ouofgi rol iym ameca obouol ime amera. prcripon ncoti ecpsed er narprticsips ntihe dg ofhoiceced ar >>cst's e big dstrobl of wic
6:24 pm
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6:25 pm
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6:26 pm
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6:30 pm
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6:31 pm
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6:32 pm
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6:33 pm
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6:34 pm
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6:35 pm
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6:36 pm
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6:39 pm
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6:40 pm
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6:41 pm
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6:42 pm
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6:43 pm
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6:44 pm
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6:45 pm
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6:46 pm
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6:47 pm
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6:48 pm
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6:51 pm
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6:52 pm
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6:53 pm
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6:54 pm
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6:55 pm
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6:56 pm
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6:57 pm
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6:58 pm
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6:59 pm
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