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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 28, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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wantoinithenou, od te , nt soethi strink mite ovh touhe la wee and thats an shi ownov, laeend h a t fntan una ,t ofheseolls i fnt ofgetnghese rndly mocd. get to d rinndish him. lt yiino din th om. marnaze. this thsahi toha m ishhihatsara thap wdk t we rasaaly tasng pted ben theth wke tasngounepd benheith ubio.oune th things initommo t iom epreent tea tyiberalism. re ouoteeaot a bibckal mm., cseckrvat mive men a onseatveatin ifate nf a teeere tseotin gain if actn wiere t docraain rty, hectecrwiic pty uldra beve y, so t thee lt ic p ttyhe n nwidde be er a tow t nioidets madey aow in'stsurer h doou thie 'ssurandl o dliteinghin th croirs s the left? >eiingth tnkro yos u rlly niled? ou ion lk iat theyo rllyle i2008 et ctsults, back obaotut08 e
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the s p nte sofhe wbahite o or se did i pne ofoshe wte ef trtor agast ienge w.osush in efrt a w use tngin that reay 2 dve amamadsyde wasblo nds8% odef wheofran-amerin vo e wbl oef t winhe0%fran-a ofn thevo hndis wpacbl ve.ewi ahe hce. i a cain-ruo tts ofd cn-o its getting rilf,w b iut gti an o aic-ame nmyf, a lato b aain aic-amena a lubo ynypearedentia yypit isrent itho quitesti a is dg aim athe rthofqu theti a elegctor a st tegyaf thedemoeaatrthe iggele pstgyemthmoat is evespect. rmanig cainems t esct. pansonifi ccati on ts america tn drea is ia ma eawhofitiw i tnmeca he ima ityw o iatnnta the sdow of a yegion. oat heheas tofiremr h se o.famy em t to college. coamyo trohtsel amere.a businesin an te roel
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coore world t greeruses suess. he asco lived wrlre t ari as lreed tri dbarerguet's ba americarg nsnd srt c airigs tte nd t focrtus oni tte n,oc conmb evythi that c aera stads hahi tfor. t h wts s whast perl.ak he sd hhe would repe to chepaignowd wa lildle bi antheyo d hslgnoow senli a bi meageyan ahndain too g srow mor ag aispled a isallso gowin mdhe las s in t itlsohe mov lie inf eov cdidae ithoba redford and fohks r etndheooto strategist a sa nowha s dato ist do do awr loohangt t nuberstate byte. roms l tiet w th nenuy.rstey. tt t romy mayomnee sgly thea rom m romey he ag de ina ld. m h invi tre.dend i wdering i inreain
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mpai wde is i pli t bk a litt bito tr ttito t mea hat cn ise focedth thmn gfe i f nsimfethator seshat aonration ndide, if ie stsonralaonng id isafe,e doe it s hlang hi efelookoe, ihetman h cain,i h my ,ok thmaenl c bnut his, tayheeig tthnl sseofis t tain campaign. pug him ai is gng toaica me sen. has home acis tre. g t as tase theo erso thahaeralph t was so t justal alki youikherm cain.ust ther frurmoo gtiwa erit. you hav gti thwawhot. esens aut a hsav th censimlf as consrvate yo wt t makut nsatyo contse trv mivake suha audnc onre hseri from anainnd doot vncew him as on hri tron vreen hlionhe teorary enternave tmitt rne tenow,ar t bw,een o,emtas mbley. he dsn'tav the mon bey o,
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d't rtonainlwealked abt t pol dinlereeal ndumbe arsb lte i ik e ponedi hepshi nbe ithes n heompaikrie omy's nmoney to ca'spaonomy' ne to ca serwer wnomyt weeso m h in going teble os bombd and mb mandnde h cais ima ifhais n outan selfaindsma esen ntiutimlf as t hiffelfntin oentiimlf aonrvive th mitfe rinney.d ionrvouiv add i y haveouanet en sying,ha y mic ha, ha stng, stkes me t mic repubcanha abli shstntkee has beeoiep t ehelish pblemha w bith hermoi hecais payinbl the w99h prmlas aiai taxines. he99s p n s hiho raiht thrs. hoposiio on abtirre hgaid tosi foreign poly.abtir esn' eetom toeimattol ermae h c com besack t nd say bsem gomainoeaomrn differayt th testfgo ese ys. mericadinertheopleestf e eheri republineopl
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ai snce,fillhe r aubn conrvive ariiee sse, we like im civnd a we ss w ikust tru.nd the i he tutnt conseative ond iat ithe messa.utnt fess>>iondna n pli aan wch iroigss ngth .p wh you wook ihe fldigdo st thyouee anywh reaoulk oheppun fld foro ueee to nyemeagelshe boonseate a ternave ts rne or cainf ese are ana t merai misngif ingse aut geai whn tho ,lot,ohe bloistng b aut g ngch,acann , anody ee havanahot? veravya fidt?.y ce>>hi a hhlyeryidolil youyo at somefolilhe polng. ngoun tho polt ysofid t the on sthwol,f y you di ad t liophew,fee ype li upe to hf he vors s the h taveno'ul devophe minhe, 8 hheen' in omepfhe mhein, polls sayhe t i uld c ee chafindshe
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olwe h sa an tvent satur yulig chaha esoi hs a,now,veit shur tig ha a,ith treom c faithio and hadllheandates there. c a i hhoht richkan pdarys dide.ery i poodht jobick athgh gerinyich odoboo joithgh peyh, k a a eye onim.oo jo ay oeepn eningrich pnd e antorun a micinleichacann. ifoutoookt michis eleoracan, ifouookt os e tt, know hman are nott rprid. his ktora hmaarnot ri gsthra publca pmaing electore i blca 6 ectonseervativs vangelicf-identifd a s halfidtif the or tea p eartl .be aal at ihesern ostea d poity he be i.s ierns d oerpe heormi amo i consvatis, nstief-enmitimoed evgelals. at i60% fentied vote in owa. ev aout v ie% n uthe rowana aandt th aeng tea par memberwherhe lds a rney b ayngea bout me 3er2-er.ds r
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yhe d futroey i.hen d iselegin ww beg iinshe to ter iond hpshire,w teio onayng e witn mepdy and on he s t donng w erme.nd >>sery t flu suati. we lk aut >>hey f pls b suati n ae aineeplicanasoed epe gcaatn toeeoou guys. tha you. g ha y oeupuy t debat cinupeb c olectearininrivilege cctearinrile prileges is ging inridaess ng i thdaern wed notocc obbyfrom l ontsthern wedot but stu linbynewts evidenche has tuoken hisleto t awrica has itbras aen h tosed by wca pp.h " a b tes."os ymak sureou te in thuesd "w akure te sea tn'sds nitorable eluveean's f weor eve secrery ndolza riceor s ol r thl sheillalkb
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sher s ew booand ch me. bt bood m ♪ [ r. lg ] needo ge t rests fm thm.r. r. seif t blo woris rdy. [ r. lg ] needo ge t rests fm thm.r. ew mse coo tr's lostoror orbef nd ireant m seeooaties
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[ le anouner ] th iegrad hethca soluons om dl, heca ev d ry p ientluiles ds nowhe c spe mortime d ry p ientluiles th tien c pe orand mess t e on aperh rkn d t♪ on ll. e per tdo me. t♪ on l. p t m lui d'tradon lk. i tre onundantal lu andoysi'infoadatio l trondaal i anade isradefochitiot. visui izede ed eaingsnalys. edam rtiuo prabily anysis thate'gswhatlyppor nity prabily anysis looklike prilanis at 'it'ats orl vityal. initiv lablfree' . wherer t webs. inthisivs ho st tegid ar'uiltav tect isly fhom tdadmeri welce toette e lcr 60toayste wh youe pen is acc fnt. 60s e lcr 60toayste wh♪ ou n ♪cc . ♪ wn yo cha of pply ♪ goefr he tohangi, at''s wgistyos. ha♪f ly♪ ♪oe htonghe tohangi, at''s 's st yos. ha♪f ♪hipsrom re, boar frother♪ ♪ tck iall roug♪the psr, m ,at' 's argistros. er♪♪
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t il uge 's st ♪ cleing stomlikehat ♪urry p nog meomat'k's t gists. ♪ ♪rynoe 's st ♪ allew thnoly s brgs tme, ♪ ♪ll tol br t, ♪hat's gists. ♪ ♪t's st u kn whaelse ear? mecare knen ehaollmset. u kn whaelse arar? w rerougde er 7 e. me icar plan ld m w ug 7ugde er 7 e. me care! s or f md a arw plan wit w care! s beer cerag lescost e! st orboth e!
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micarplangiveou ree ncercreengs orboth orth m ard weannessveisit aee 50%sff on and-me pscriion er wessit awhen0%ou'r in n d-e d pghnuriholen art .enthe 'ralthnre l le 'st le e th l mand ..oose he rht pn 'st r yo le e th l edicd e -800 .r or pmedi re.g l mat00ic ordi.g > is i often aide eed to ma t wfthite haisedehed t le ma's hse a we t n w h t pe clos he t doors n for lobbyists andclet them u dsers t firime la arote temheir uown tayntoes o frote lee awnmecan pe heihentsheve ftleaves o tod av a wen are tpeakleg w ahe bu modor wre tg st mor tardulfillg thist tmpaarn domisfig
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lobhiistssect obtsisicte limsn uer s aicnye oer sdnisaon i htoryim the wilbe a uer eil aann ban o lobbyistsn a bnythinrvin .n t admistrion,s we loyis ac tkdmtr on,mawe spe in>>tot reporte on he ry firstmada opeicine telaimn ing at his dm fisirati uld ke isimerg nc he obin td haou aghny oher in ryin. bloupresent aer h edthoest that hledgbut cega romiouingbl thios cpan llatdgt t gi taccet dpaonatn ionsll fm lobi. l e "n datnsg eorkimesis resihoder,ndoro e rkaveseecveedsi waillif fro $5155ecve peoelioc ftd wh lob teoe fmst inasgt. behite lse cim hefsenasgt yse c pimple areot oicll ts pase obis th pledicll inctut t "ne tyorkimesle"d is n buyg it, ninortt tnerkes" egisre idt r neprt the isred nheuners
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ere iistinguishablun.ers redeeyiniscarney was askedo iatsko are pssriin i de thiredeasineen asostraeend pnt itermhef pd dcl iosurm anfost ethicaln icey hen wil sosearch. e then ino hehusneocomarre far. c >> he with rhueaction e the fa fo her mpaitnh rnageeatoio thordea rdoseah and reblichtregisndnd fme ,orge w.ictris bush fme adrat t grgw. b joat l me srt wit y. jo ri,it her is. hypoc pridentypochat, hisaid no prent w shahape or no forre sobbyists oior fav an rnfluce. w,ob wtse l romhene yorlu. hes" smany wf thee b moneyom t s tnyoth b onbbyis. teor he is t lbygg sin
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he gng and h sin s i whg he astr hght ih fe. > first o all ttrt ainistrion hasonth m fost o hua distr then h m olving d sr. on't think hav doneol engh b the doon'tor te elsene bheav door thny h. e 't d don'tcpt ath from. cny athegis fteedmobt whh i hnicc y teghaisiwhi a doecic ayee t s ridicu dusoo y these 15 reridinoo wld tn'eaveone it wlde e glisin bil olla gl youineaeed la lion rai yd teahese ppl wi it tm moniskeor taihe mpan too i i wt a m. the ato i ink n iot j.sthis cpa t not a t psresidential siais sd put a tan on p takingoney fca sut a lbyts o. ne ongey f theeplicans havts one noha ilins tnk t d presi sul i ve ge th t erail evre tughul the areo th tagistilered no keevn theug ne t giedno htaockesy t b ecau
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has m emaced o bccy ll as street emed but o h sure le sreuthe hure money f mlionaisndon blionres mdoeon'taie? >>hat ightre oed of a >>t aigful d byhe pside. o wh he really dtryg toell by meria ca pwhple e, h rllyry t ladmira tiil bebo ari h h hfbeboeproac ty w't be nvd wrepac whh ty'tnydy behat iolvedy linre herere rere kws h pass lislati, if you gngws bld ansed aouseas llati if you chitt y and eeer. n th hminchistritatnndr. lks ainfinly ttry dnon't kw how tos ass irf t a dnda.'t k teo made s aa. m pmi i atrge wayleoe w saying, i heg yiv uep oe t whe p sroinseg, dn he rai hat uilp li t f pro the an opled t he isilli f t demizing. le>> tere h a questnorou. emiz.
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ehen e aue 200n8oreou builthe n barand o008hopeenduiange, ng tasoi h trahe o wopndge ash inheon wks.asoi t ch wyet h he hsin t win.g a lo o bigeton h iggeing cozyira yeople thad anira closeoz loyi eoe hehas poding csehe rich ccyi po ngwa strthe, hich is tingccory ney trom wall htree tha aor y her wleeanda t in da. hryan isn ttamagg .shhe oma tnbrand? >>e haraig sedore oma nnond?ha >> aiybod in hisry. onost ofnis. tst i mli of of litri itionof ls th a hdred dlars o 25nt,on lth $ hed drs somehing15 pioneed t $ meingngo p p igea cpa hgoon. de the oba cpa. in o bidentheas dot teprrt tasn anod in hete idt fnfi alo i ofis.he prie onfibyis, o hid tt do prhe resolviby disr.,id
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ome pt pldoe t a r crioltilr.f t beca puseple tril t cae ink e should t be moreobb ts ik n ge ovounment. he do d tt.tbb it. tsnhe iss like e dsonancike ff a gngfted mncliaires and these pplefte asso mliedaiw hes ppl loyi firssoedaisinghillions lo f aingilollirsns rs it's bad oics a it's uldnad'tave ne i oics dn thie i fnk , wh theay fnk wh he shemeourt ruled on ci s urted r theedrere o lotn sier w uayedohe move tt onot seromethi witutomott it onei to s hihe ibeiut tnspare i abotut at n. at i isei somet thinsngareost be ndidesre iomgt dohein id>>attreot can he g away widoin hc >i t gnkwaity oes hurt hi i
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oe beei h it ave ni t azed thatave nsernapprova aatzegsd at ha nernapprooodatgs wle ha jobd wle prbatinav tanked in the t i0s. rehere isha sryikeha hadoesr presents oma aike suorts. o mak the aesmetic o people say su wit ainut akhe a kwe pplsay c't aun tin eco,myery wellw bute is he stshooticotrghtit wheleut i deee anooghithe outsi th ae wo an oo osi thingsdiffent. ife les those vhiots tffent. cae l tbohout vetngs corruption ca ou ofetngov cnmrueniot ni tnk is i ofmovnmen ts m ierd foeeercti. >> gat to see you.o cin u ahoowow.over t ercollective targainingrivileges rilltiith unioarni twges ste awmakershi fmith theio twucye stetate l maoinrs mt.he
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ye ste in ot. pfe claims mli oman rts is cim bseing vla vc rholi ic siverty b ing yawashinon. shin. haveer school iar be oss in soolar ttoav claess ossin t he tola ela thaet posion. hto thaosn. [ aounc ] t col aie ca ovehelmg. [ ough snis iall when[ ou'r asicknc esp wi[ negh ler nackapng,ll s it implno ritusn® ma ne ,toget ime rir t rekaef fo yousympms. s it implno ritusn® ma ne rus®aitplime rir t rekaef tow sit ler rickagreg, safo effoutivempelie. ritusn®. tow sit ler rickagreg, srief de sple.mpelie. 's te.
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praxa n cae se axsome pmes estal,leedg. ous, l,edn't tames praxa iyou ha abnmal eedi, 'tara iuhabnl di d se immiate medil ca founexcted signof bedin semmte dica fo liex unuedal bisingn b in adaxmay crea yo bleing sk 'ifre 7axor oy er,ea haveyoidneleprobg ms linu bin ' 7 o, ve a bneedinobcondion, liketoma ulcs. or bf yointakend n,aspin prkeuctsmalc oryoke nsaipi, orprloodtshinns. tellour ctorbout l meaicineoryou odke,nn lly plr ned ordicaut ormeentaneprocu ures, d akinpradpla d youroroctota appocval,es d'opinad ouurtoppl, stoing y inease yourtrokrisk inotser si effurts iokludesk indistiostomh pa, otsiff idediioompa set,r buing. youave ib n caud a hrt vve p blemt, bug. asyouroctoif pdaxaan duceour sk oa stke. asurto pxa cer ost. bug. asyr mo infmati oran duche payg foprada, monftirheayfoad sit adaxcom. t axm.
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rliethiseek snas er cieisumbukshenas v s win he cobuhes polls voverbe w idrepel t dlide whetherobe leheiserlatioor clective rpel leisti argaingfo cr leative eloes. i w gainfoasd by eloes. hei wasd hio gop lawmhes. wms. ohihi s gpe with rne hibope wit ts t iue is so rnportt to the bke s iteue i. o desrtigtoned t ovve lsocal g nmen>> ths te oolesed o on tgiheir l cosalt.ovenh t wt aw is t tiros ctosts tw locev iel are coots high oc makevel iret h an a m de iatakl forobs. a wan ourde gerenrkererl rto ps. 10% fan o granteed p 15% 1 for hlth gcarareee.d hasits rea5%nablorbutnhh diti to at, hatsf reaocblalutn o ver,en keepaising taxfes,oc wt i de mrak itpeaingax cult w i t create makobte tha ai issuelt is now cateobei
9:26 pm
deted inue tno nationalei naed sta tge gal hopefuls sre geiinghon.pelsre joingei hinegeplica hjoin setor kepinliaco ndsetaor satorric cne reesor toeeri you. le mo begee wityou,ou are aou. r lno ikleo megitu, arether norsovnol acroso m thecountry is y ng aovrs tin oseck t inarun part bec rtec dan me by he us over theeande msha bt unsusin ule.s er t yoeareha ans. yore goverr a totly in seorheovr t private xpovernmentse 10re emplyeestribing 1 t0o rre nples heaibltgto the ae pen, p 1rfor tncoe tas payea t m at ameriasca waychg us tonnkight sintghat is arig lyt russonaone.ight t, rerdum e he a ror coming m nwe
9:27 pm
whe doe rorom sintad?we heeou s ha theou reform are rsoble a what sathavrefore ger aent entit tr r hdy t burst. geren wes ar hrave school bststri.cts t we he ho yri zerosor al c ty%.fro f colbus p he enomy is c b i pnhi enomysanno exphiec tm t sulde he ube hm t great p sc edemp tloyees b t weave u hth tools, gat ee empyeol to ewee ooo,ri ne tmeoe cos ctrs adori tme contai anmen becse can't go tos ttoad o coaienecanoncas do, td o t hav to la f oncas freghte a foliceffaverla a teaer a afimte wen w aece ne them. aeaer ou chief w ane uem. cy managers heanve t be ableyaners be t lalovernment so wananagreng stovsnm unde c wonol.anr so ut unubde w c a. ghtig hardonhiut e htiave h andn $8.5 hve bil alion bget 8.atus5uo is n in t bon c bge
9:28 pm
us it. is isn i tru tha c yound t. fellow emsnoctsru tpposyond tseel rorwms y donant to pset the gtra train of yonheant veethe c grupttraiofhe and ve r cationshi d thovnm aen sector unatns.ns n rethas bovnnmooenng oec wr une. tpa ngny s whasan tr ryin tto dpa y w twhp t up.ovr i tin d y why? >> tp.evenin y? o p>>oint his s autolctll rgng tningut tre nhiolngct abo bin ning hiin the ll the itaso iro bduced ining hee rocee was rhehrghit i naor wfgh 20 hrs heang.mme 0 eang.oppitioto thel wa bip san t butppit theio tl bonentof t ilwaip wertin outyhe arroty.nt t oner oy n rubcan cleues d in he ohio natehecal tehel hds iin i tailyouoseypeds ppotinn. rilespeuctoseyp teot tn. s per poi aut t tinnnor t
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ole things autlfg t ie thi barg aininutforlf e pelen rginr inpeinnati whi in naent uld he said tohein wcitcouncil, we liket tdt haito ,ar ao inonikehe cit cbur sis a he mayorhe c mor columsasaid sueol two wsou beaiarmful to the citwo wbe tfut tocoecti barininhas vedheity t aroximatitearins d $140 a mrolima >o senato,f aeeo naf y th you stas yire ouit how thou ygre totas fix . st x tes?u forgrto rsi ar yor >>o im n r raising tax. he is e kem poir.aing ix waxou. y ihets ke tnoi. >ess w i b yesixs c iastenor i as you hor a supplieyouad a ou a spl 8-ye aelionsp wi, ho td ou dl with yye elntnswio hochange rd atio dnshiith yu tal it theo annd t r eniote iitnheene
9:30 pm
discussion i >>ut h blis of dius ll-- >> yououlds o notiatigit h em a comp houldotag ah om so t,ason titthas faavorabl fa fvorae fo the eloye what happens ha hnssn noteye wst is haening n hwer is we t th hpoina i wa youo repond to h tt. iourendo cmercainir mab w comtteehair erabeomeer cme doors wneelloupeurn. irs m h ait onie that wnteto meetonhe pro apoonsal.hat cnyetialog prol. or ouany aerti ideasnyiaog heyer wtihoedestregy waso tr we ilthewaso bil kl rares what llook lik it dn't tterhateid. dt ikort none tomemu.ty wling ork astho us t theorcrt a in o wng s wo tk tis wt h to its gd op i f htoy. prosa ts i f the peoe ithstatof o uhedersndi, thatr amplou t' ursnd, overnr ntplmpooyees
9:31 pm
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n't t in 90 p. easrn, fr ,ecr9ary stap. conasleez ri will ber sn'scry taonez riilueor a or to about r brd-ne book ♪ ne ♪ malennouer ]ow cld swtchgss iargeina leou ] c swhg igena chan engeeri in bai, alunum oducon soh afca, so anaf the,erosce iustr in e u.? u. n u twece n om it jump on greal on ovr 75of r mual nds n onea be t th r 1f lip mr avl age.s inve witbeconfthence10 t. ree est e.prosctusve it nf sumcery p wnforvtionre t rosks, uses a exp sesum to ritd anveconsnter corefulon rbefo, inv atingxp ranns cul fonvng kid dad? who hon...wner? no ia. l me e th. i wag r lautoe at 'sis onall!ag lo toh. yeahfounthat at yd sa. i thahght unckleat ould ylikesat.
9:33 pm
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9:34 pm
the her ficeevic? th don gete. e theyr e alcelikeic"heybrot onthdoetn't bot r yo kethateyo onotnotis yo "do t anoti'm yoke, "dsn'tt boer y atyou'on nottieliayoe?" anm , "d t up 'tand bom li y, "y shu up."u' d s in"susinups, itd alllibout"yeliahulity." ause in heseiauytyst htingprin" se ths 're 'tttin"dre ." h ngin sohat'what do. th e prinindreare, ba. t'] th e g drms.reare, ba. ineaba spg] dr. knohow tigen oupursstris. salmno flaw s!ig suga oursri sobudd galmla ev witbathissu thatso whydd buy w chmin sic. 's vaty rehyonabuy pri etitane br hd.p co ne tcharean bac brs a rafl texre.. th's st andurae. nearba
9:35 pm
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9:36 pm
e otr go new? i he on fee. ur c otgoew wow. hen ce. ♪ natnwidis oyouride w. ♪atid oure laugng ) it actlly pret goo dawhen conder. th's gat. ug ) itcty etoo g. > wcomeack hannity wile there utrage bantywi er in wutas bto d, ey i a wto nvesting, ey on whetheorot a mes sngtudes rhtn setrebeing bes ade cratlicre univsity vtet a ivtyrofessor who i not o ffild witrohss c whoot uveity b vil it wel wl,h cho tu choc.y bv he tesel iss,s wroes ro is atlitlicndimengung i rms nd n spaceengun f n sce mlito w witoutlihristiymbols. d aitthrstatenthatymls. he i parted. a t facnt thato musdslim pstentard.
9:37 pm
athotli fnirsyasousm ptehoiasr istered cpplai witthe versy -- r red caiite rs-- >odayrn fro other le>ay trnha f he has rtotr reived t hom nai from reed muslim stunts. tslhe stus.f is ni mes man tig tng up tonov mery ohhonovy bzh cizh he to or>ec i yur ntroduion, it h cha trgoeshe c cen o lic roniveduitn,yt wisdiscimiti cat thec ve wimi basis hefelign f rusasi fon f cognizeuso m mgnrgeizion. mh heead trgoizio t almgahtis and ieeaduo t aon t leti sge ainndghat hlied a ostitsreasoand whahau hed haabdthso sndyom from awainonead ost" articyomrom nes toainhow that he ott"rt thes.o gd hae yha be ught iotup, w tac id fth
9:38 pm
wron ony b whth i askin w toha set ai e wskto tinet a lit m so the tndind oruslim lstudenoom andor pimceud to ha s pce to >>ete aoubout that. >> cho ali univeity hasboutha 12 usl ctulintnisve regyisteasredn 1cams. amw my otuntoseg hteavd comaine o homany s htuntdo y reserrtlne rep ?ho thrr rseoce y youuc no but, ceifouou a a slm sde aut, catholic a er , s ynt think y wolidc woany for loooo cplain?y et's b fl cpin r 's r >> ofessorheusli esunts at he bn inrvied inhehe "usshinon st"sndtus hlsewhereheyay in tiny "in a p"erfectly hpyls ahetay photliyc uversy. lye unersi has n infring ho tcheir rrshts unsi wasorship n iri what hteronei r at yerou --p t m >> wt a mut d wyo at is rll b itit sils is pri bvani
9:39 pm
ty clanit erwhev ttisan. pri nithesi st cen wh panerfetl heppy.sten ot a one he r pisred colainy. o re y risred lh ykining a fma lega complai.rak leomaii all fmalbo i >> lllboe t aboutou it. fir of all th t cboplutaint hous tdoithhe nttir af th t cpl rhwashgton pt" epttedh,t ttunt n "eshauon i askedepd, rituedt tormesk a iam ti and,ri the sool said wonss't ltietndou do it. t s sd he arelyontou d issociatnsha pmissedoctarehaathicreonesnd ty haeathesewh one.nd th tha i againstheewah w. th igaa r our it'ur disimatio i heisio l i've eeronht ort ft fheorhe 2 yea l. i been 've doundrs ohem. thashat i do. do at th iemnha io. >> ansorrsk m question.
9:40 pm
>> who>>s being drig m cippstn. st iere.. ti havho an bin d arpp associa stga oup thavn camarpu. aocia p tre areamla i.ams where hey cn laortsh a. nodyams wrestop .tym c fromor g th .nody rtwh iophem a fggriroevm th re? >> whhe muimhe stude as whritrit to fm a oc iatihemu ade wwhie anied aoctit. a yo shod noedrand msi re nyo the s hend tried t fm ems n t ass.iati. ws gup?sri t f t w ishero mus wtudes, sohattedro tus tmhdesoroted et g giortis strroght. usims areotgh b.s e > w it muslimstudenra ssoc wtion i t mhemud nsa tha wa oc rying t fm n t onwaampus? in > yit fas. o>>o youamerstd th y musmas. aosoouatnsstth limociad wim the m stt otheooin the utediawi heates mm heoo you henderstandd tt? at > i yav e nerand tt? ea tt is
9:41 pm
true. n ieayoutan to tk l te. wl iu be hpy too law. l h wlt to intrupt y o willw. nev earn w t anyoing i y a llyou lteearn w'tny fg ot wat oute oo ng in bri ar oy her ecau yourell or b thela y harisauouhyree hall o nt>>reshyha y w >>oln. coctio yn on coioslic relions? elns? irrelevan .ha hat a leg issue iel the.nsr iso. t egue r is toe'tifakfereenc any > so iifparert the muslim erth od>, you w sn'tnswerrt t tha mquliestim? >> ghafftiw reatdwer any >> yr set b rt won't a wyalg out ty st issonue'ts. t t sst.hrti to denyhemhe ight. >>heytrehr ntioeny diehe eey >>y not y eend. e mulimtunts theare nod. died.
9:42 pm
>>imhey dn'ttuay tst. t will sno tuned in>>ey 't t quo yo i he a tote edomhe uo cet, ud ha e heniversity. heas quoted c ahossangni,rsy. he tashe qted mmunity , an the t atho comunnityy san rpeful othe elihoons.omtys f er frel o oepeis. pctic i f f i pcte ne one i name ne o >> theyfrdam to form t osciatdn. t th is e iss. isat droppin t ueth.s e i e i ai dsinorng i asciion. is >>nswemy qstn. weerry t ans raslln.our twest qstionsllourheer galr ise.q ey aer lgaallr iel aant. >> you lal hennswered aelant. s >> qution.ennsred a all s qu rtiht. g w irois wronght w g tm >>inou hge bee tkg in irclnd gt>>nk hou fee yourk ime, .clnd ern't gouorny thee greatir can pan'l isext. gohere an pais
9:43 pm
t. orreat othelapt bag he pt hirag ano er eloye orreat othelapt bag irit'snootus eye od f busess. 'sit'susood fo fthe ustires.ommu ty. irit'snootus eye od f busess. fo ate ank re amemuca, . kno ty. irit'snootus eye od f busess. es the pacthat cal sine l thatne whye ex il sma busesse rosshe cntry ses far his causthe re whelphem, s . unit poss moe m poitss. aaaaaaaaaaaa to pair moe m poitss. aaaaaa lee s o ir gay... he ng u ? ga..y u he ng u fi..t ist honeo ook. ay e the s ves fi k. vean ee. you ow fheex w?e, cll, dex ips to p ets from ao thd clewo em a cll, dex ips to p ets throh cuoms, from ao ea. t' elyou now ou g cfa a .righfutue aaauaaaaw aaaa ga... malannocer sply ain lutis. thamatt . alnor malannocer sy n tiin lutis. d siohatt
9:44 pm
9:45 pm
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9:46 pm
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9:47 pm
>>ndtonht on reat g >> eran ponelhtn oxegal n gewats p, oxegal per thpson p thon nd aciend a did ody joinsd u greato s you uns et'seatart s wouh t las stoy wh lll'syrt c wzy. pet seret swhtarted w wit rhllouy ed t leget asp. sta thaout sing stn m aysp. nshe sinhat relrant bgally leg pnt oeg view.el beg oe hn't h vadw.nytunt t e h hiln'ed h a cplnt. heepresent ts nody. h pweedre talkingbout riheaterentno. ?ha c wve iwtevengbo iutt pte w monic i'milng t admit'm to tar. sre a iits ndto as you poiedut.
9:48 pm
re deoiho ain deifomplhnt,llav te haho is a a lye rmpl w t haiseeye toee rn catholic unirs int chocrs i pina. tined'm sick a a ofic christn ititind peciallyri cstholincnstitution cial cli becingnstitiictimizedycg onseic sicuitize lde th. ythol unirsit iknow a seic onuiof t lth most ol uit i incowluave onuniv tersitiostnd wco i tieivtior musmndtunts the go mnm yoututube.s lhektlp. >> aolnely.oube. alia ip. a hey. al i they havee 122 stun hasaval o rec 1d aturn fine re. owe ve n r beewith the a e iintution. we nan bth torship tiheonay ipweanor the aayveslamic th a cenrsslic w chini mes of he uivsity. wtheyn havieot m pf blems. yey cavinfr? p t tnk
9:49 pm
w i ihitus on iysinfr be tnk vtumi id.s if anyesayingny sttenon,t dsn if te haveerinitgo i en, trveangeer titer ie a nannyy idesnts stayndingtrge hindt. a aegnybasides tseretasing nhingnd he. >> sd, w d ysiaks e ct t nng would h >> a dwe,r w sti ton hecttherr noouhe yontincononhetherno onng withonnc ce t w chouncil c o tn cnc ari latis,e'oiri t fun wteve youoio? >> ce isoc. f c ioc. its clear many of the s it nd reas car a lany tra tck recd re. wh is teresting t l mrack r . t whs erti bull mng factor. llngbvacusr.try he ting tblustr andy tblnd intimateou hiihe tactnt,ou a liberal environmtse tact.t, th aqueson ior lra erva covavangelsicsthes ior ar fe tor up fohe task tovaels
9:50 pm
u t fht tsk t fhis. >hiuilyther anuily alliance etwn e aiaefetndhe cwmi adicefsnd musli oanheizmiionschat e her ic use itedndtate m tm t sain eer innst m eesaing t tse knds of tplng i b w.ere >> i ak o disurb tgng, y loo t>> i yupy llrb sgeet., ou atook at upy th st. a ab spring a th y see sofh ain't aspng semi mi ss arab aot ey togetr.ra i asisotuing. y nee toog g keep a yeins tuit.g. >> nd cecareeepannpp n occupppallratree ore he eeanel cinccupl stight he be ak. pel sthter b. i ard ey fnd engy he. 's gd. i d f en h we nd thjobs g n[custhmes weeed proct thenvinmen g n[custhmes [wker: ro thvien us cour: do thenvinmen [wr: ou o . thapossle?
9:51 pm
[aounc:] conophiips, amica'econyre halpinsspowe? [a nc wi afhirdabs, natal g. e inwe ama' on s emwisionle,afabat g re js. l goodnswe jfor leryoem.on wellif i s eaneodand wefordr le.yo as lg ase keephese afe.ll i eaneodned rd.ordr le.yo keephese afe.ll i eru than... [aounc:] conophilps. an. than... [anc noil. ]todla i opr si65 w ju dy'sskestallants 1 o and w get'sy fitancints so g stund et thfiyondm ankiap.
9:52 pm
tu notthnly oend py ple ndney,ki y pjunie ] gy,engi ers h fothd waav to .t mynerguse. ggi chesl ]fo wamoro effimyent rgghtie. hel uniostaypen ter. rfijunit ] tiand elrve re ciotomeay. o yore nal citalni. nan rfijunit ] d e cmerve re ciotomeay. [ chyoyl ] nou'rusalsottetti huann ca nochjust ]oney'rknowsodge.ti bank un ] e'reapuild.s. n[ juusor ] heed ild busess urelde'reapuild.s. ju ]aneyhe ] heed d ussbusess
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9:54 pm
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9:55 pm
seing memosknd forth. se fuestions w diemd hknd thkno. i mnores ans lot odifdom ehinthe tnvesregati a? >> donthit's tha gine of aesti >>ont dl.hi >>haha tarrs i pamhat s ed>> tr amt aintratio oaitasrrrove io be sceh aintr beofasroo be ways heyin d havebe aofroem wrewa they ateyn.d he o wre rue oan hat is a o pblem, they r ueshldn be fused o tht . f aedndthheyt shasldt tke ftioast erall, ion thinkheres a sryer .ra insd monhire >> a mcia r,h orys ab uavh a yabt. gun u walkingca crossunnntalernkiatnal bd os withn ontrnt fnaera adgent kildy o of the weans ant kd heo oheeans 2,0 weans to mic,0 drug w cartensls.o ug t i . tss not a s
9:56 pm
ntorys. fhiss a storyce sry. thaiislu atory agic propofionsailu ane i t pgram teg itichro nswhi is d iiferenthan pheamush hiproam. tho told aasuthe when tru kneabou it t aha ouheut i tt?ne w aha enore testtony t ahiut it? ap enoren esnett t n itweo w forn ne teeto wnvtigateord t ottngitt regartonvtitedthe itonneio rnsetwe fasnd ris,he death of ntneionsweasnd aid don'tthgnt know. >>d't any kw.omnitis. >no, aot tre was n.tis. >> s w,ad had a tre w. cleion s h o cleion ncomtenco malfean and owre gng out wastal aind mr.oldedtellg thtrut d he tt w confused? m e confuon.sethutot h i h otes t a c tns iency issu su at e oma ainisatio tns lo oooraisio you go
9:57 pm
so noou heoalth careo no hearis heth o ieas it ghe pointhat t ism atitnai thewere ing t do whe hedmy amai ihere g 2008. w, d w wregettin a cleion 08viden. tt wch cleio r canvien cdidas can clearly e. ig>> wubare can to e c meda o c cly w opee n t c eli fme t ces nregnion cfri t holder. herer a hrgnepnlins butfri the sems reomrodyepli mnsenut se fo holding h men accouab ho in>> yg. meersrom t rubcccan yrt eu mad rt biggestr tubn yad gentot ries thae talk ab b her b kis onon mesha sry tal addo ack eant t sory g b ddo cveion elierfboan tok how c nhey e erre bullyboingeoplen t sueowf musli bs.y igen thi nvslis. i ting to llyhi e arican gernmt o tin g t ca n-stynm o cingramahe nthte iys noyoumaheon thi the dea ithf araa. brr ageyontus n thi begeaf rorya >>bsolsely.
9:58 pm
at ia sty. thrys isty. why t th hsdf thyhe as hadbeefn fired. t as .aee f tere s be dtone ebe >er doe dsn't it sm at >e attoegeneerl inhi dt rem at is ehe latiarrne hine c sros inco lmpett.rr h n eierehe america n pele souldet ne ei arrtihemeca sy? s >> nes, d boeh of te a ises to ?esu o , bo o of t i comspetence andoehe i ossuef ofomte tranndsparcy.he i gethf, whe a w g is carnt.ry when thwha make w de ne cnt the ite use akse did e e oe erid insigionshey re gng tixo on ne eir ownvestiga inig pe ndr fwnvtihagave nr reasn. stillon't now t fha avewerers astitnd'turwio t, don' atwe notas wor betweenurio, d' tse tenesor en i wld shat you l en t p t peotrettetreet y l ie eoo, ion't tnk you'r gog toetineut oon y t're go tthat kw eutvethinaboufast
9:59 pm
andur tus. en o grsgs k e tveoin sevouenst. nin t oevf ,tn, e its mor o istrinacon forbamatn a mndor heth or t trac hder worma a thr ftde wve > th veainseam med th won't cerainseam tse s mtoes.on cse s >> biggeroliticl eson w is bge irolic politis n lear wneisr the ictlol cmei osr n tt arts u trble. ct'sme olwayr etovont -up.s f sere ayth aovp. onw iver-f upe er b r-up,erhat havee lened? ego wd,hatavee .led? >>two wor,heygo. believoheiror he prebeli cps. >> mphink isre anx >> . tn tnk thatx > we cove o. tsome te >e eereti tso ndso bj cee fothe ppl haettio bave tillce foe anhad mayllal and th aroutay there.


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