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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 29, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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r arprodetivy het ltrier us. >> t odiv pr hidentast trns. arond t eonomowprver ena trn th sanrod d la eer hom is stillr lkingbout than a dla stilu ssll gut m. beeootid at the fst . smulus, eeood diatd he w ork?slu >di no! wk? >>o c ax> and spendio! la nc>>o theedaxal budgendt anenddi grow ou rla enomedal bge an a grou job j >>ur biggest domescbl >> ishe bge econohic iomn cfebl isuport. >> wcoveeaed me ifeta lesonst. hi ws ecoeaedmy h spunta outf colerol.ns hi we e hcoav h h s dunisions t m e.ouf co l.we' n we hg to b ableoisns ring o e'peopletoogh ae io ng o meriopa unl weheh cono >> arica sho uld ribe a puncewehe no wher no aca mhod r ahe yceou come fromnoatter w ter yno lk heke yououomean me iomt ifatr yw ttryk e hisan mco iytorks yes twh i w ks sororveesbwhy nust w r tset theb vy nus op r tsehe i op oprtuny ests for a
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aricans op all oun us es doro awelns folk a in ohe usidend fks el t toplkn a fol a fks top t a flotm. gre:welce t a lm. fox ewsrepciallc tfo ecom n 2spal are secdiour mnessa l d a nd clearre oucono m i theost cri ticall a ar sueo v i t hi no coury. t os atesrit fcaoxl new s peol v i tou. g es fox n ew srima p ver sho g a whopi ma aerm say she enomy i t ahe w most or tant a isasyeh d enoidin ighe eir teo ros t rorepntuic ding priden al r o n tinee. r pren lmosten tinese. the aun osn t enateheecyismportant. a and at ie tenmpta. d wild i ridet t wkild b wallid setreet tnd wwh less bal olim sm.eetnd w es csume oimm.ending thatsp but nfen icme way dn.dingha t whse dps b ieaves? en i d whd venis?r corspde y a rer c opmiic s goo a placeo sta wh yo op
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sll m w gre ala weo a whe re ta w aryo we ing be m in sreaehe nthsare g s >>here we a rht no hse' > re st a rhte'in st a real fear. a feafwo b rl ogamafwo the .s. resonogma and europehe ollapses . sndheurope bogey m laes h s been ohe fo a bey w er we a eixon w. ains gog o depweenn eaouplone i thgs.s go e biesthiep how wouee fe .th. bist efowa wi fe spent ay ai gpeathe ngay g this da. isuyshowing tha. w wreshong on ph to bkrupy. e aits w thene tnhi pgh up a tithahe tg hastolpsed yet t is srit asolpset fahrind confidee. wre c faingndon w i nfwati. cg w ii. tn tald touy tha rds a doze n strcn t y a tr loouyng t at allhe datoze s
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rc u amissg too pngnt. atisshe aatboeeli. ass ttheea p. thiis t he wissts a ver om ali badecessi onheshi t becau o pr re asient badouressis ec o pol piciaturre d emonoliziag ll strt. the donre tr bashing b he bines tere b ingshi movie t nth i dalslahi 40. mie ickole n iths aal sta . k olate i dsavis a i ss arack a hugeeiis i i linacem. a e getsn figh tge witheionin. omp in to tetsuartnback fgh hitho ys d 't pinrtck bother ys you't a goin to rbonerisou condence in rnis cnnce nic nolt aemat and vernntoor bigic guyol.t em sat spi ari s ee n hrnurt.ooig g the g s arepi eaee ht. a aithore vestai oanks get ctized for veaistsing ks etfeeshatitzeheyorado rseaing becase w hiesngtohaheyose psed ca whito rule ppinothefees theyre sposeto dthat.ule haveinhees ey sse pre dsidentat.rici zing ave
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em f it.rede we he to spring ft.ricing htopcingob crti. we wt to ensurobqual cr tipportity. w to donns wanto cck dn qu the ory.nequal onanut cmen he soeoe workneal hardermehave so moreeo owoorni bec hausedefr wha v th did tmsel ves.reni bse f riha now th widr temsels. plizing that ri aowd wve lt trh pziha amteran wve l th srit. am>> gerta:an g: it' oy. tou t' feelgy a l's fee good aboeel t e lno's eeitnds gboat. me o t us a liteore prstica g. why i n e os aeore wor dprca w w d iohie une wloente stk a two 1%. nelot wvest g aott meyoc i 1%. erseas. w geyoc t's ss. ho she h kumyahnd ty aretr sna kound wtld be outre oyotr in to dona ertaou things. w beut yo know y t doan s el l ytaouhis. use ight n .yow y >>t's a sroelem y le yo said.
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e ht >>s em w lve se nai di everything asw stredy and as a cisi erying iastredy a aink iti >> gre i: yove g job. cll ifou d on't havreeyo j g job worie aboifound't woieabou j oulosgt orbo, it'swoieab otosguo's hallen.ot youalkeabouuohousg. ousi llen. p ce oukeouusav.eot al si oce tiratal btom becaual of gover nm gettg inhe aly. b yomtalecd abo ut job gerttin yoal oebons j rson,ovnmt i sring d lights ons o rfn, ibig thew sawng d th lht wst o pa new esg haw thtew paes obamace ob >> gacreeta but the is a lot jobs>> l gt.buth i l otf bshe job lost f ompanieshe jound l opaesouby limina ong aot peopl the ca do jt mi as aeo ch tork ca do w slr nbersf peopl >>nd wse people ns f nrs oteor jobs >> let seemeobe tn otjompment t be t
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ted witmp teer w with clege dree nlyith 4%f u n'tc hgeave d ae olgeegre you% uare in teepveolrogeege. y > rewh inanee aord to g oro o f > en you can m aeeort yto rt yay cmentee y nt >well hey younow at y >el argoing ho lleoundakatt yhapn. argog toepnd cursi.t apn. les pic o ur selvtoes up.ur. lt' sic d ourlvp. somethinguy s.l we he a psint sllinetngus. it'seally b yo h nee ingovent to 'sal coroyoctou. ov toeltwithoernmt. co ct ouote yrsel to buitnm yocan ersel do this. bu eyon the dohi mosami g country wi the m tos mi c aouziryng work fwicehe m in t wor. im ted azi allork the tor dner i all tll h telsness. dne the is h ople he. t th is chal hleele,sn eshe n ths al tis mpossible. we he some ohe os mblost we he me amang m
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os tbas buit'soingo ange the rld. ane w babu's ongro ge e d. ath. >> gta: and let'sth. spose i tta igongnd to ppen et'sot goi sngpo ito hpein the ing next0o en day otoi w hhepehe xt sayomeone mortga w due seo i rtue aee iee let m tl you etliouldayou if i wereou at weiavoueld i i wreou wav 9 emoynt rat. it the 9 9.1 em u ratployment tha tithe has everybodycar.1edo uoyntea haveboared.ea >. 5% es are up toate a pin5% moresagesren t a w kee fge ttping treores t 1 w k lli peo fplge wttkingng we d h 1av lieocoanngs d hove.s theresoreeoplov ie.n l to bu er aesphoron theeore in was t eoephheas protesti onall see >> i think ouldotti onl b > g trocenkrylyld
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unir tt aot o peopleho g cevely beenea teunn t dowan byothele eenea teecomy howavbysort ohef g up nd t are not c edco. havrt ion g u t thirenk coteread pieoonpl to ut ahi d aerll thiea peo you io d't a think a t suld set u hi ade ppl who a r sluldet sufeng an aea ply trhong aa lotsfl t bei ngsu donfee an gaintrhe am. ts >>now ieit'son heard. inhe >>f yunoiv it', sitrd is yourwn y fult., it inevegivouup.r wn everive ft. u veiv. er on'tot. >>'t gta: ioour use und wat in m.uke>> g: ndr e nd at in yean takehe job in minneis .kehe is >allri dha nou t> tl econoc crisisn eco cnempymen csis peop nob s mpen op heobneloent rat st ne lo penside bus r 3% at despi claims pdeus emplo 3ye% arees not aihing elo as enough.ot
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noug ouise w is u the woting u t st enoug's ain little bit of e surprise ao g pitosive bit onom new rprise we saw itheosiv t omew qua rwe ihe 's muchetter thanhe first h mf h theeaoretr anhe fir g. hf heor he jless cla.s have gone dn. jss hat ss gngaveon dn.n iure and t gcange of theatily tn ock rkee a tofhatheilte' g ngk e gont tecesatsion thnewss gng oy. itntorese pitive hathnewss oe it expecorteebut p's nivere. eit's xpotecte t enghreri. t 's cony bac toa retly goo p ce. n bac trely g he reaching o and thhere o rchir a f.nd for stanthre oir f. r anepmber eloyersir 72,00eoe.epmb e jurs to kee 7 up wth the growju k in oopio i un w a tmericaow u' got tinoiropio ari 1,0 u'very g t o nth. so tssnnoug triry
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ouh.r ecom y t bsnno our ec omat the byre lkingt is meat o a r ecovaterhebuyt n lng irecoryik we h ad i on t a rov n arly 1 ec0sikhe h i t ly g 1 sprg ck g sg 7%. n 2, what it neawh i we cld be tee years o w we cthe bav t a yrsave not w wh donhe't hav a javobe.ot fivewhoron hix j senea may beveor ver get s job 's a sayus veet suaonob g ata:ou s tus g backuaon in : s t t 1980sac wha t98 was dferent w th, is tr anythg wes can dfent tharn isackn the any 1geha ct mig f n knhe usowha >> the b anigks fer uasot >>he betanter spe you eot n seeg aotette o s ndin fru theanks seeg a the anks shee in ifr'theks dand e ksfor heiroahe but criticsay r elirfanks t ctiel an kheyre o hh ahe
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bankin syste ay how iret ohhe chand ankndin back teheow i '80it an awas heak lthier able to lend80 tssm halleauslthiesse abl tend art-psha tt ellod a lse o af p ple. t-ps ha>> greta:a l o i like to lk on pe. g theetike lk on brit sidhe inpa ri sempymts i 2n1% so mpyms 2 9.1 lks g you lk 9 asonl g j yk, one tason iound j st b w, chne does l of sechona ds hin st y oeafr hired sena 9,00 peop. y irat i gat. th 00 yropppntly they a i scin bk t thrpply 1he5,00y0 andcha btt is oe 1000nd seon eye ors. thats bndat. se ye ths. at b isat sothg srng pe plthe o dot ha i jobss and so thosegrfpe usdoha thobsish tnd had tse jobs.f s > sthakg tois t tad j rdjustment our e nomy . sto t oplere npe rnddjg ltmet th use to send. emy le npendl athricasen c ssud.r spein iup a ttle it a icas csunoinpe i c paa le to00 topa t
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th00 s wre not goi ck the. wethe inew e d w w'rereot ing th wepeindes dre hey a regoi tbrow sspe and comespanies are oi y ww ndomni werermploes heanks are se ofhe mpan thampare lolang o the st s of he've an ghaane ofla o a rie p lopaying e anf oof0,ri000eo lpling all eban areay g oof 0,00 eooplel l whe is ingann theary aayre sging okay w elel hav ewhves ongehey sg do ok w eonlil bankiav andeveon ct daco p ple.likind wa mg t ant economyac tt pese. n val t a pcoeomye di vther sving o pereopl adi mu. 's ming erutomationg.erpl u can smu t hi m ig sut gatoo.rou ccan sa s mbe t is g yur n w mtbemo ha theobs. hat itsmo publicolhaheueion now.t ub wh do u wolant peleueoiion w. do y ouwho want pent peoe pgramm your couter pegrmm rrpele scondutnger inhe bh an hpg yrle s gureut t in ben fpangal re t ecions.e >>rean:al peoe snd and we is.
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wa to ke pe snd upnd re wa to hi. u i ner qui gethis.hi. we getriczed n quiets. n e gcd ving. n it seems like a cic ng. wht do su wams us lo a sndic se? h >>to iswa aso big conflt. e?w w >>etis a b con orleverag edhe were orrowi orlerm tirhouseso pendon. ro wi buthero tblemir whusheso nderi ecomy is bue wroeem l wie o nri e co co iumes speing. w l r t ecocoeompecog. baco e conmecors b hacave topendo sweave a on cmersh-22 havndeoe e can't ors cpen22 a ise n' prably orsn good fs tm to not t borw prt h d oood ecomym o no t me ack? or yt h heo o s e fivoen e k? ars roy now hndoifre fntoen ersnomy.own doe'tre relnt oenmy csume oegoondel ries csue on ooth sorts o nof spending instd ofheorld f sin spenstngof wheusedoee enng wedo >>omere sayin th w>>onom'tre ay et b to thon5. unem
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ploy me b t o ra until about unemoy 27. ra u that isigboht. 27. that iispeop ofor for sixr sen yrs. t i pe ophat dohefyorive o xse y hses a dtowo inheivealue t a d i nthetock maet ials down it'sheav he ack m iwnav 's aot >> greta:ot gta: 2sot 2sl ckle sotaigh a j re iolen sai oritic proreems.ion presdent oma ss w can't it icwaitroors.congres esnt s w c ar'teis iatrtnges mes hping o are hurngob gtroh? hng y'l hr f murng f gorer advor nex y checour wrat time sdv nex rning out f t cher w coatittee.s can e remngrs o fdg aer cote n trillion dlagap and iot il tonn wt?ga a iot 999rlat tatx wt?r somhi 9 totary dfere?taxr er oms arhiesotraayor dfere ansrs arndor ensac go cdite says ty ve e a ensrs. go cdi
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ysar ty their be a aing ? he r ag > we' goi to be presend >e'oi o ith? p en pit one new ca rewds cd giv you 50 h?rcen anal bus. itneewcaew csoou en 50ercev oumo0 casen an b. ifsoyou' e not50atisceed w h 50mo asre ch, sd itack!ifu'otis w50 c sitk! i' be ght re waitg foit. i'e t o wodn'titant fore c.h? wo'tt c [ incts irpi ] i'ltaket. ll mine its ain pi in re.lke [ ale nounr ] e ne m itcapin l onn cash.ewar car [ e un] thnecard or p plepi onwho shnt 5ar morarcash thrd pe o 5orsh wht's youwall? sory il cln th up.whs oull oulso't h ie macl it thin.p. ul hmat .ú(húcqhqh
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>>for e la threeea we >>r la woreedeato stabizethe economy ord ande me spgres th e enono nd geowing me utpgr th to sloy.ingut we' d toloy. ted e' orob gro but it' bn oed s orob ro by bt' pnic and fefhtnd b ypublic p s ar. nd e till got bl a lg way llotg tay g >>re: welcome bkoive g fo >re n wscopeak viveres are fo makit the ad ter a 2kitle it srts e and ds 2ithob and e snortsnd esentbama s h deoberatnd for job re atioesntmaow tsrying tdeer fide obio ep ngre.ow ting th w he re. invthoked execu wti ows to g pple bacnvto workxecu is aro va l rtoati t png aeact be inrk ati t a beecint polutprident oba 'stpprol p a 4utpr tidt ist
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t g d.baro t tt it's co gmid.c aval atinisset'ts's oycomi aval inty 35% 3 dg jnsus. its dpete d jit.on tste anditon it shou h aow do we getobs i ou net hhele yweoure netot gois to get -e ctn ietfle theob youre n g maet eeto g goingdow n-ectdo ioufhe gree ?matee oi absowutel dothisous thwholsto of t ee? ectio nbsel no j sistholof reeleion eion j s piod. r >>retaand u lot pd. hi ory>>tad lot predentaer had hiy rentaer h terible ecom suaon. hea tdib term. esi sntua. b he tm. i i b ran intheame thg and i hen't g r inhe re-e lectth.ndet g but ine rectays though itook bu ike tnhe pesintsn't runningaysho iagastoo his o wn tntsn'tun rngd gast h wchwnd denize wch coresseingn degjni?ze co re hessng isn rni agait t co resse asinst a tght
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epubns hecos rssnings ast t uboutde herngs nti-ll streeut hes dng everying ean t o i-ee hes d ngbeveg an t an utdr >> ioness tugh part of thd pbl? > arey t sugndininar theof wayf thbl impl artingrogr ss tintn wheld crtebs im i lngkgr b tkto crhetul b l hrjk go that and heidn'ttul bge ahhorjle g lhautan id t.idn't peopere aho gun shy aanutot i one. optheereoue go g she ne hego demrac dd-fnbillthatemc ces reg-fatio all rlica sayat thats theeoble m.gio > he r mesca tayhe aument ate t wantsole do he m tnt tengs nt tdinall dyo ve bn paedithdi birtllany bpaith moritiebirtan le infstructe mie paoll t cs d he e hnfest srue pasleings bck by h s rublica n coness. she dsnal bk ackut by tng rli calikonegs.ulat io dnhi autuat ar justikseg sulioatroblems. heua runng gaarststsiothros. rep licahens rnst cgress epca nremnt oharrrugrn em orrthn
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oy lem dmorat ntrothe nate epubocans dm 't ntro tat roolee te tng ub ns gt retaro in t eynic s gre runn tng on inasuctu aynics ayi p aynnll taxn tat itus at hgot f ebiary taxf is 2 009. ht f fou b 2oo9.veim i f booerime succes iul.f i uerand 's a su diffieslt. prlem. ut hes rd lly a sorofunifng prm. he s gai rnslltorngim lf ains heter cim up somethi ng te riffent c tha hal a sti umulusomhi w? fe nt t>> taltetilus itaze the ec tomy th ttefirtimus ta he rzeubhelicansave ecck my e tr ftim dmung wt i r ea y r ubntcse ckto me f ddng. wi rynt nd f.d h iunning ainst ban.dksunng ns t epubca bnan corrantes at ifrusatin tubhcantes i usmeriincas people'sere riet bcks wk. p >>plut heresing t bo wk. >> h stalisin t on econout growth itas no
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eut g keh it e. is kay i sbili d t i b it's y stls veryd slutggbt's is l verapypealluing to many amic ansis whe eapnealloymen ttany amicshe re ien frunearloyentf 2009t's gre up in fruar uneyloymt. 2 it nott'sonvincin grg uent inne ym to litotot america?onnc > prentgs s iztoy lh me ri pot.? it s pot cvincin sizwhhy ih wpo h i s itingot cviin toh i w demonize th t puans dhoonizeth uimelthey enups nowitt rhoomney.imelth en th nampa rn newil beeg ambecaae thbes ce stabize be t ecomy, littl ecacothmisce s gabwtizin te third q rtt bco, it miedti gwt t ihin une bmploymen at i why we'tire gng to i snelo t gh ihynee'tire t ads. >>gra: n ter eected mi acles.ut othe redent gr beuseheer eeced mi eesco omye rent be weashe wha et whe he w took or b w he hook b ow the trend. ifhe iicats, h oownswt angets cthdi tt fondr. it. the p blifem is tathe h insndat eants cors diefor et.xten he it'sem theo
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s eugxtsh. i ouonaveo muchimeour n . his ro donaveuch to oown a s gd trend be teenowndn nov aber? i tnkd his t a dvsors heeewndovr? n t going h town thend estindicio noroi to t t tabizatnic aha w you' goi to e apa bit a w wh u'runoio as apa ouid hn runng a aougainst rubca a ll s treun anyb ay hiin owubnca recorhi h sre re ly ybhi can'towec defd. re ly>> gta: ci'thi heefd. suld g: iopehi h fo aopnent tt isotd op epresse offer fo aopnent tis insri ress o theers. i >> s fart l like h i heer s. gng t sart getikemedy likge tth. g et rne hhe problemsdy wikh. clong biness and crting proms w joblo bess nd i c thinkng he hasot ob an ihi opponen h he canotaneat.ppon cecra mapt. pses r c llenges.ra aptherare lotsf rore c enmos.crat o oere tforor >>rata: o m get a surprise. he m>ayr m g a f sinprde. himse
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mlfin f herm cai he i hse onin rmaioll .he lo o people areetng meoll inorest. o ple a do tetnge you .inst comg pdo t 2lat t y. com 15% fla tx t 9nd 1he a 9he 5pot an. epublins ay they can 5opot bett er. thapres ent wh tt isheehin c tse numbers. tt er w tlanyest fa.hem ork?whisin t w nllbeake. a clo serwooy next.hek? also we t ahein cerout.ntdow sois o tn.outd cret sup cmi o leaking e pl. et smi can l dengmocrats ep plcans rike dean andecrs oepr isca t keea divin ois t vi@?ññ heyeverne'satintaco
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osideill'offi.eyer'sinco o de[ l'huckfis ] u thnk thais me iormaion [ i wckld h] e lithd to haow?s iman iwike hacoli o ? i eyouconvit eri thout er ga yououhe citeps.ri ouer gaou cs. [ pne bzes p bs . [ uckes ] yeahhey. [ ma ann[ ncerck ] don'ahbe ly.t bend. t itastewithg. manner n' lbe. itteth &t. ♪ ♪ . ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ wheyourhainf suly ♪ ♪oes herto sngha th '♪s lohesticur ♪in su
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♪s er sha t'loic♪ ♪ cps fm he ardsrom ere ♪ ♪ tra it l thugh ce ai f heth 's lodssticm ♪e ♪rat thh ai t'loic♪ ♪learg cuoms ke tt ♪ ♪ hry uno t♪e flar cuths ' ts lo♪stic ♪ h u tfl t'loic♪ ♪ll n tecolog upbrin to , ♪ ♪ necog upino ♪ ♪ tt's lostic ♪ 'loic♪ eness rimpis o mospopur protio redobst. tre'so ma cho es.en s thempuestlove ot.ospuprio ed st [ale nounr ] t's e'slessma ho .hrimtodhe at sted lvebst. [e un] ess amuch s yoimliked t
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1:30 am
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1:31 am
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1:32 am
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1:34 am
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1:35 am
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1:38 am
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1:39 am
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1:40 am
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1:42 am
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1:43 am
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1:44 am
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1:45 am
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1:46 am
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1:50 am
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1:51 am
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1:52 am
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1:53 am
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1:54 am
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1:56 am
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1:57 am
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1:58 am
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1:59 am
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