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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 29, 2011 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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ave y f hwe trk-orreatndg ov the weend,veryedy. fank uor bng ith utrorat ovhe nighwed,ry. k ♪♪ bh u gh ♪ ♪♪ ♪ > i' tv dy lev filling in freg i' gv fedy l fli rns se thgsre agre s gfe rr ic. salsothor t ase ofou list.eng tohe s w soor o li rienouto x sm rwio l's ou xm the ced for our p's game repo. th i gue c a led o poreo oeream ouof t n orreompohing. i uepaul lwhats cineog upre on ou t or toniomhisng show? ulat c in>> tupnks, ay. ni contrersy sw?oran ts, y.oreg. onechooerboarsyvote toan lo weg anti-war pte ers toooarte seup alo ngside lo m aiti-yrteer t reuite i nubsec hilosi schos.y weil d ateretehe isshi ho wendile he icidehat tilary ss thnd havdone andea botin coradoilanar tyos in t gthavne scout s.anbo corado a transge ndre g or hcoas soone b tge readireng andoy h le 'siarye wn bas 10 rdi
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ye as o anle finrylyrencash 1 micurye soon ouldean ain n nrennc this mas arm y.onlde a coulnhihes rmaingrm ulucbe sk b nt? an?ucbe >> t nksnd wel bcomeort? arg anur tselme st. >> tha. i a her w attneynd tha. form ahonst wt o a "the pren ce." rmon st o herooktheom out on enfrid.". her imekomutn wnsin . id. he h a mead uptht tin cordg tois h a m bs tucker t carl rdto b tker -- rl cls. an bill sul - i t-hinke is. esseas b lyanoeilrm sngul tnk i om grese bday. rmng ansititng nexo ireay antitng no nstantin mares. tain ar sairas i oubsh sits and goe rasnto talubesh be usts his n s sd taoe. o hipinc. >> oday iusnisomendsta. hinc lsu >>ay in th discu the bes way to chldthofcuheneesay home. nt t k tw oho t p neome. t kw ho pele?
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puthings on shees. pee tole lackof ny upupehins shees tokfny u pedens-ppdages cnot wa ns l orppumge t whatre y dwang l o rn yobrin slash car m atth y? y dng yone yoinsh c y ne >> a - - yo aure the dbe pawkin paper he >>o ba your. wkin per. >> >>ba dbe per on >>. were sutering t phoer jie. should we h we serg e. s theuld d they votnanihemously d lo s mell yeyeaovnius fr to set p si sllyov fro et repuitesi i sch ir a balance p plrete i fa aalce a bthe andea is tplve sdent fa a cein ogon a more bal e d aew s ofhat s migdent meano o n en mliste. b exofainst he bigrd'siceaeno airm , qntesthere is thinexin tns bs r'solicution rmthatqays erehess a in t con rnatiut oiof mility ats seeice. theris aire oonur partit o m it for r st dentssee. b ecomere ae more oducad iarnt tho es r stnt th theom reca in minesg. thhe an adds aer piecehe a slita iot necsaly ie bathin but somet eshe
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ta i ot wa nit iuseds b hingbainut set wa iedhi but ths are outge t th th a o o ver cli it an insult a aing wha are c atheynayin sgeing aut su lt a al ao ughare w h ey sinve aut al you knowve whoemns u blnowsfulho uware of thins deba? skebblrdin dogul inre p ois t. ba skinogn >>asa, what ou o this >>as a, hashldortlande g ivis i to theldse rorecanitderes?iv >> ion'think o.tohe rec it my fatr-aw i 8 y iea'tnk ol b he was my mit i y recrter d heouldolo t b h as the mgh sitoolsnd gto t fa s ancrtry r gethe kld t t e sign g t don tfankany hatet t kheyre gn usg anie on or trickery.t ty re i don'think iussg necessa.r tcky. d't >> b i facectsn't.he
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scol boa ug>>gestin her f act th't theility rec ruerscs boaug st inght er bei les th thehaitn echone to he studes? t ei l it not teayug st edneo tuthatheilarrecrui tet rsot ye lyugg, bst theedy a n at ilarart ereugui tteseoo ly bhe n eug too ofoue en y ma cisi likthisou wei of ouall thee ros yds, and siikis wei an l y wehes s, snddonhose we wh chooshodonho do ctecse th uerandhat ey are ing to.tec se whatre th uerdt a t g imp.icaon s atre th? t yo wmpillavcae a truther c eth? to xplayo thelav a ctheridee xp 9/1laheeride i d'thinso. /1 d'ino. >> if k wts to jn t mitary>>he couerfruer wts t o willnot stop h o r miry h cru >>efin el yll nottop kidsake thewn ecio>>nsefinely dsakheecio theris lite crunchy th is granitola erhe.ruhy i am n tot ly ana he.ured am n buit i t n triy neti.ed they an mebu t iheir owny cisis anneas lg ashey ar notey fig ming e out tn tir o
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cafesirianor l sasetyhing ikeart ig g thatutit i tgood bil as ferieqntiangle at ioduh il as mafeqawntitel you e nuh elib f faworite milouitary ice en w h d'telib aon'tilar tell and w thi d thaishafu al.'t >>aiting f all qst ion. ndhihahafu aing qstn. >>yueion basically nonef th matrsoou >> doest?n asal nethato ou >> and he eess it wit a don' it. and e thsat c ioulde citsirea estido. t. >>bsoluty. th c>> wldl, c is ti >>ol tuthe milary w by defi ition t m isheot a wle i offion bigense isot a w we d'tavfe tobiorry aseoutoi o and w d't or ut fighoi ong?nd theyre aeeinwithhese grps gh ? i a ey mai antaiinnth tse thi gr grp at cla s to bie aiai annti tarill t n b notgrngla to t rpectl to our tanrotil will nnep ynd say i rctto ur d tad i the m itllar nnd s i tha st dad and d ad i tar n was a thst ad ndetnam vet. as an was treat ernarimblet wh h got b ack.anasre er ri don a ofhawh h ha en t m hy dip t ks hy d reect rro
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>> iill o up ys. ireast nhe military. il >> i k yw th.isas omihe il >>arut the >> k ptht i n t >> thuterhee ai-war. p t mosteopl ne in the mil itarthy a ari- ar.ntwa st>> he>> iilis tt - arwa r. he a e i t - seing themsvesps unr ecseiter thes. mss th aresot sing t's war ec ey aer telng p pe, ythre sg s shld t joar t ility. ael pit i ytwo ffert tng ld it jond i it iy.s nn iing.o er t m s i t nd wd b tnng. wot oo sk at i m id mig w bt punch t he inotoo te fae. iigtch t fa it i just informaon. ey a of onering in irmatn.t ima. as l ong a af i o sngtays in inat a cil laceg a, iihiysnk i a ie, hi escialhere. >> iill ll y where ty esneedalt, lel for i l ythe wyerheays ed tge lelor the sho ul e ers haounter pern tli tho th don go nto law bauseount p n none llies i thono oaw b au>> youhoul dnoave lt i w you arehoing ou yrouho majd ient wou coll ho gdon'be aiboual a ms major i >> i wll go n'urth a than aaj at i ve tm atigh ochoolsth whait th colge rruer warning t at h you ooout se r wacts abo nthl
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otheiseru serup wposeng ol geu t rac a wep tn e me onhe.e supse th iol ngeot cle. epon th i e oyhingado w ase o yhi matahiad oncido in w ddma eternhi s odines. in ere i rn rht sdi oes. weree urnt fighting a buncof ws. o we nthink fht is a 3. nc ws. nd p eopleo kee joinkng is th military. n d p doeoou tnk keeoing mit ty.hi cnt do t recruiti stu cou be trml to ontatna cr uisecuriti?tuou e >> don thi so. to eigst pnabl i my high ri scol h carr d>>onhindo. popleblouldome dy cghlege sc hard ndcruite. yo hadlelde v cocatleionalecit anmaybteyou nted oeyod an vat na leltrian pluer o anybu ed whateer iis. a thespeop erveotrn plupo o. at i. can th gooopeereo wch s. what an dnsides oef bng t s ha tlita are. th d arensot seswing bidngs t an taaltere.ative cartheerre p ihink itsilly a nd iteiv c wondrf th wil ta ai i ilbig aght i the cetia . nd th>>ilta a iave g t he cetiao say i mav recruer s comet selyont. r he ge mere ery c nce tomet y ck o. are gou s merus ttnc t weren th ilar y? o yesre sr
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rethy? i did esnow solerwh was inhoaid t direcrunoiters swh w were -- don' wantho saiayd irecru ering sd le tha c etre- n'nt s fohcom ing about g wletha et litary svice mig ht efoaiomg aut liry sce mai >>he h to be people le th givg min>>heformion. h t>> a b a pefecteo l eemp y thiv g mntedino fit irmnn.he ul f a pct wa rht? y anedtheyfihowe i youhe tultld wa hthaen. ere d yoanend ey? we y >>heyidttsslde m . e yod >>y loveltyss k morea thas whe theulf w l ely wa kigea ha wh t>> iisot the f wstulf wa igwar. >>hat whe sad da imis tas ff hi dir. rig ht>>t he ad >> a youhinkasgaddafi. hi >>igaits next doo r. aounk >> nda y a. t nkg>> nddafextoo n y a>>eillrn about t >> tre i o epse.rn a ut theyt cr t t ihe o couny the will ba lo tt oyfcr tploynt unthrowiecll b anda lo of mae th wil get-oy thatecnd auay a oodmath ilt po-int. hawithtnemploymt as higyh asoo it s, collepoget.os aff th mpym ase scals riditul cle ffjoing the ilit aryals id tual a g at ffgingheoritarys lot ks. al gatffinor t k s.ese pteermighbe huing e v ppl the yes arertryi to ghlp.
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>> ihuhinkg idsvhat panto be ithe arlityiy,o he. know i nks fromn eayan ageto. i i e don't thi ithes somnoethiw yo passomyeagehe. cafeti ern' ahitom hi that a pttyo gressatdehe cet le me g to --et at p mrebe in th e alerme go i firedha mbeut oven myth awheaties fidve ea does knoxalyha sorof infor tionohey e kha givi oorf >>o,orony tvihi >> t i-- want to ow wt ty a sayg. i-- is st ior ttion wt a s >>'m sor .s ion animyou me a decion i >> s fe wheer i is t go toimu e w sc dol oec gio io mch l he or ioin t the t mity, t resc o go chways dowide t iort.nhe it i tup treyou take ha ysowid t i on youelf nd f y i t toou rehaarcht. youf f rech >>eingonerican idol" do>>n' mngea--n y ceromice ido in t six and sn'tdo mean'n m c yoomcan ee caie u nd twoix. a >> wsnt?'tean yon caie. w >> now iomet forgot. n at wasoi sayet a w fitgoh yoasong a shese pasoipleay are t lyg an i the sg ahe pe y e amlyopanef thehe silar
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recrters re n lyi andop ef t th areivin actual rearl crrs in nfoyind rmatn. thre i inn't ve actuge l oblel the holedeina the kidats i t aine tole the mitary rehe nleot he k rearchg th. is helly. threer ne ha beeever rech warths s siy. 9thhaee ertheyerstd ifhear gsoo e milityheres a real ey stif pohessibily th will ngag mit re in aomba rl it ispootib lilikth wlag illyinbail ly i desion and thelienly thile cruir an d'tde doonnd t enrearchmsel sndth itsuian olieucr. ch el >> tre is ashance i igeu. be i ct, and>> tnre tsheree i ig anoth t ng iot,ct auallyn tre e the esul ats oftngoanctll y ha tn c bault. of t thioining t milhaitary n a gat tngt.nd mos hi peopng sho tdilar dyep t gil tnd m op ho buas l dg ashis s jil informion ing venut bu i' lokayasiths s j and in arerm gn oingg tnut e there i' beayuse hgethe lastor d re > frngilitar t rreecit sbee tast geer dis frs.ilit r will h tagend oerut d asirs.l scou i sp k ofll htaev o-yutsr-olird corado oy. ou e the an oth kinspof ev -y isol joini tcolldoal. th an thgrinp aernial ly bngoi ll alject. a e snialbe whe ject hean e tobe w his sister inhelan to outs aisomisterheidtl m
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sie e ouse h dressed and thav m lik a irsie es ha drealed t opd lavde lr sai no wa b now the group l cdeim ss n o theyav the fwailowyad i t gup c im sd adng i ath staavme f quotad if i cld ident ieads i ta a gl a t c hiotld'sf ifamide prents r asir l, g a e gi chi s'suts o fmires asirl, olgiadout welcom o herfs a girlcout. ol anadboys ling ik lc boyer wil al g utnot dm aan giryslik wscou u s tt hedmairl tran ende youtouwille s tcept to cas by ce an ut llo ca fget ur ptwn bo ilasl by e schu breing s. barrier ca ft bil hure bri ian watchhat ery d >>hyod. i an ichon'ttik ee t dhi show. >> hy >> codonanne what you i't t hi sino is k app>>ar centl iansnet ou idenfieds a rl. kpp sharldtl he be allowed t oenoineda . e gi cos?shld e >> b bthe wayll wheedn in a k gi t by heay bherownn kes a f kst t h brwnev-yr-stds and tt
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was hent nto gl-y sr-utsndt and s cub sntsor gl soyuts. d bs >> sur w not? >> butur wnou sta t br n th line i suthe casouta t byase l e scarhe. c yowillit a jud a seveye-oldf h iscs garly yoll aud ve enouye old h whate iver toge in thgirl s ut ou o w thte'seitoi th i'mrlssintheyre not th-- i weild asseheyre 'm ss intey t xp iti wng ass 5y00,000 of t se xpti 5,0 o f ses. t cseldetut of coro ti dot kn. >> donet thiut so. o f d iay l t idcoro dokn ki>>on hio. ifha t's at hi w lts gis playkiootb lomifetimess hts d ght? ere gie so giray thahavetb om imtrieto bon t higscho t?footll t m.e soir have >> ion't hinkiet is begal tigho fogirlto p laot t ftb >> i 't thenk is isal kfoickerlr wh po w heghs ch gl k kkekewho ch >> wcolemnke tat. >> l 's n>>alcoem a it.t. >>'s n al gir in t girsco t roop? t ut whatfthh gyir are t nirotco t op ?coor ble th tat boy beihngy a the wiot them? es iorte t n bei mte th wieshet matte i >> my heatbrks f
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hi ms mtty beaoybr o boy tt boy - o oriroyl trpein t b's bod-- ir whater. trpe t >> yr hrts bod baking. wh atwe c. heait. >> y hs bakg. ceat. >> no, but tnk he to n esti tnk it.he wldave b a cas b ti caseasist. and wreo ye a c dr theine? secan isis l atlboyontoo y th lady rdrestrheooe?wi t n lhery gntls? thdy r trn tstleoy joi nr tls gi's snoccersea ae w jha inf t is tronr andgiur's scer theeam. w if feel bad bs utonts kin ad o t hestrae fothe thereladit kin gis the gir corafoeae it>> iant o tgios jaime tir ea m.jae uha a iact ro t asai jaeacro bijennet tauyt. -- bietauenict.y thin--it iar that tre en ice t.ys whode if y ains g ilsar t t dice-ve rsae or bholodegiifcay g reons ve ais kor blogi seven isre olds hanor.h to me ha kt ev de rminion?is ld my int actlh t m i eink istoo you ng. de whinis hn?e hoy ost intlthat ei k s nts ou go.nt the lwh hhoos at scou? how s ch dos hentnow toutl e gi scos? sc w is d sisher waw s tt gi co >>she
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iswa t pen j -- sisheillnly confuseisen en -tyorey is pltinl him cfu their l senutey p obtiouy itims priva heirl orgazati andhe gl obitri outsan he polgaicy,tind g l t i n't ink is ood ts h fohim theong oluny,. i t >> dk o s ud tnk its psifom heg th kid likes t diro sff tnk ts use w to bethikide les t s s off sis ter? e o>> i btes v v s sisr?osbl it s the ain v i is e tha ps en whsa youareotou old sier. y notrwh thesa boucores?ot o >>ilsi.ou nolahey wcos? barbie andoulaou l iefootndball aryou inspiratio k wherotyou lln sor far hu instra k al i a aernu iorpiti tfo ht ki .al a looat y, iti tno ki h.en't we seen ts oo y, epod on hen ssoenee t twof "e bradepyodso tf bunche"? as w allad kynowet is warpe b ch toei t wl k sfleret gir ilpe cause arci to ieis tryin t do sfler irl thsames thranrs ousrar tateviner t t boyeron s.thmethn od in the e petev t bons. quits. i t he e end uetposing ige qantsd. nd os
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oninenoge wre wentnd maonia'sosnoe iseatere by aent fondball. maat's'shat ll hispen eatey is k and i i ve s. 'st hn k a >> i y jusvet sed notng t theon rsio>> y ust th wasmazi. not t you sdthaeot andsporskeioor thas zihi.le yo >> tdse we alot w ads.poor yocan oo t u and f tor wal wds. >> a yett me nd s fse. at'she beneautncy. aeyet wmre asua s.entenc a 's but a pag and i meae aua tenoing. a and i nog. masais possiblhat t boy'sarts sareosbl t or bos dulggim? r >>hat s duk melg was when watwo imars dhe m s>> smeas he he jt ledwa go irs tdhis a ey led h resst like laed gir rlnd a actike g irl. lreike a e gil. d't knowuch bout the trsgenr c muni . d't k io.h ut t >> iave defertren cni. bill, o. t ii doe t knef. >>t twyearold bil t dohowkn d a kid>> ktwwartld t he nt a drewss aidwt t h >> it alnt there ful two' >>t al t you he f tulerrible o'wo d t heyo foues two'ser.ble >> wt ife t htt w aou 's
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.monster? wife hahtul wd ae aso. ns r? >> y chink f lohaofuld .thin, buthe rentare y c hisupped t gui himof don'inknowbuf the is ntle his cppisio t ui h>> wn pele a twoears n' owold thu cas be ay os striogh t w pe a whawover rsit i d ca i veeenay it s iyif a har ybe is rui forn t itif a tranende commu ty.ybs ru >>orou m telle rht. an de2*om mmuay w.l b tt his>>id m rht. * m w kn b ear onthiidhat was b kn locaaryndentifieha at s a wirl ea olocandhat'de hisntieif eahais >> let t i h kid be he gi sut l h id cou b airl j n thegioy scouorhe soue rea asoirn arej t a ss e ?ouhe s e>> ss ?>>idn't y h r iynk speement idtr hinkee wnte he sn his. hi evy fe w yeearse tren as. caseehi s.evfe yea a se thehi kants i played th dol ls tnd tts we pyedelte dthei hds t wel ei h >> y milatedol. mat. the are sll interview you n t o answe r the ares farlls intvi
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ahories a onuceed. t awer a>> wfaer solves tt c ris.ari a ce edat i tecast wvetovris. of a tim> ist it iur face. yo are aatiming "d e iye"ur fe. yo e atfncinog sck adround. e" c sck ad.
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aireonch, prcess diaes >onc the pr ss eia moves t we wil l n m discus aheescast of w aeill me scus is mostallocaenst t of chrimas the alloen ho dayss ostlo shot te ri ws helo lliveho mysinut bhoyte scusngilms tt caiv m thoop out of s.usil tit w a slocaw ns d ooout ask forisof t t op wlow s0 dca mov ie so etsk gorof t t to i ca yourop 1ovcaet m gie and to i we have 10 sec ondsur j miend odfa her." 1ec ds >>.ait son fa." t >> that s sry. >> iwas scar movie. >> >>tt ssenryunely o f
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iys ar m ietop. 1 >>sen flyite movfie of al l p 1 time. itsitov oall ame. it hrfying ballerina aes oeas dhe witesrin b learrie killing oer people. os heit kng o peoe. >>o u wat a l sry moes >> o >> w i dry mo west f ilchl. d fil wh ichhinkl.s memptant th whayou whnks guyent t nkth ihau wi telyou at y kw g at totnkhedme- wi el i au m y gngw to ep goi otee- a yongu tono nd me. >> oneinaloi t hey dyou n m neal moi y knig slaom e ovieig being mber 2omeie >> sig" the b iow 9comid ahing on his w chhe we i did no basaenghi osnegnthi wchen. d i remembe bsis" begeing orly rev sis" i bngdn'thinkeopllike ly . >>evwe ei s'tnkplkeorble. >> ei getsp a wkutor hblise movie. get a ontimeis mkie w g hd. but very vi other m ie.onme m w t ry oerie "brkble"as gre
3:22 am
at. i thoht "lady inheke"as reat wa.ter" wnd er i t rhted. "dy they utwa himr"he w ofnded he imla oki. i aee. she dn' inla the mov. a. in itse dn' t m wh shefnd i snca was t se. st melwhhe gbson w sasca m wteasring unr hi breath.stel it wso wgly. mteri it as mhion bstatus. it wad nogluns. itas m us >>hat it no wasus. sry. >> ht made germans woo bad. ade gma b consttine wtovie ar ou? c on tne "tov cemeter y"ar andou? rememberhe "n ce o emer scar a theellut of m e.meer n >>epe. >>hat ars inheenseelf >>t in seldand whatashe kid's me? athe k's ? ga. thatas iane. but ere aor curre ntga. mo e th iats ie. t e or c freak scary moth ca ied "the frthind" fak s ca "e a in it ias onhis r sto the iasli o anuctionto thatere ppeng he i aucti aska. ate en aot ask auc tionsa up tre its co bause they sit auc on sthe reenith rre foogeitco se heany
3:23 am
te enh r f e-acent. allye- >> jly youat a ton ofre ca ary movs. >> j>> t onlreaoun tat t wch e moye i mif y he a ot tnla datend y wano g mo i yclos.eot pa tere yly ianaven hadoany g tho bec se foshis st ire i henad seeyn he t hoec f igns." hee i h to oose sca vican ig c."ount hman ho se ca ca's atitn cmercial? cntn i ca t srtt cmeiaatory, y. it s brtin a es whator . "thexe it cyst. a"es >> itoes. hexe it is oneys thing to w ithteoe exer it onehi cysngt"and wnothere erhiysnd growgnoerp rsed catholicnd ow gp wahingt. ve y theovie rnese the cho mo frigh ninghingswanng yhe fiie andne tn yheave ommorighng ng youno t and sfi mnd t y e cod thom ever aua y uo tppenndo me? d shcolookth yve srtraigh i enthe me an she sai esshok y str n, i'mfr d e anhe caildes i h a nig'mightntdil cwa 2 h a nhtntil wa here ishe thing. i n't ow ifouememr, erbut isgotth tng exer i t iem cem on t tth xe blray because im a cand o
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ke t blwhent canecse the mml aand t en fcaromnhel amon iaid am now betti fng at m ig ev h iaved a n bfrieti again. m the ievs h neo way i eli amiein. tching his i mysel nf.ay itias t abe with som odhiys mel th wilbe tre t whoit t nit. wit >> havomseenth shithniil" t tho mni elwhic>> is av tenhere. s t "dot think iill eelrics t se dothi i er "orsest i i by mylf.or st "th by r "mylf. thand "ng 2"." ". "nightman e see the igma ornigal one. >> wit sh eenyheepp? or o ne>> yes >>itepp? y "entoriz. "e. oltergst,"" seand t city a 2rg,"sed anth firhreeears ty thoba adminisatio ireers theoba i as uinio for rie i uor >> doou tusike hoor mie >> moroe thau wikom >> thonk ty a m tieryingore tom >>
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>>o ou have cme onhe show? >> o e-ilouav ues a redyeon a stw?ox wse- .com. a lea a vceil coxal co ea vceil 212-2-50. ill com thealfim repo 21 from50 pl l omhef mccio po roonmht p hall te rt m is snsor byot e retructures bui sorutot hous. an contain gtr itumss muiad from an cplastati bottles ims m ro mthanksbott hses. asti bes kstt hse s.
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3:31 am
sendractook. hedo y thi t ynd heheacoo mblancto wgh s yetnghi h as hhevy -- >>ostnc w s/1etng heynder -and >>the join e ilarery tdhey aosblhe oin ing go nto they #*eubl c't ig gio - i canon'tic. # agineuanyby m ces' i an >> i y lk heinybm navhay seal>> y areikk e ohe n euroan al yre oho fro being a man ofysryhof and bngspnaange ther eishat ltleit ond sp napushg th envope. er s kno at lylen't oave tha shth nv e.probm he n heno w aectitavedeha becae h is notob a bghthehe ec itguy. t th e is ometcang t hbe i ot bsaidor y. this fuletl t id disclos ull don'you ree? fin d cl wou be tertig to ee n' u e whthey wl in cose as oue heer tee whhe w an-wetests. he a t of tseuys areot an gi-w cdstle i nformatia onof. tseuy sre a l giv gid iorti. a givheonnse propagan. >>air ough onns th do ve t pickpr tan rit.>>r gh itho tgreeic wkh o t ng.ri igrh was a lawr d thought
3:32 am
itas going to easoney adhohtnd itas g ngo ateonerey it tned t toe 23 hndrs a daof my soulateroc d i n td boxto 2 h rs withy s ddarivef soy ulgr i oxwithou on thatht.y s d ve>> tbe fr, tt'grecause yothwere oha cra pp t f t lyer.ecse yoreherereeoplho bomera od lawye and the arepl suomsfulnd happy. l>> iyemnd acthe aally suul h. goggling i a thct.llogth >>hy d't youtay eated th ere bi>> mhyan d'tou te e bi m >> gue wre i am thou onhis you ay g wre a ai-m r ons ouay prests d't offer ks anytng. igree ith u tprtts t dhi't oer n't care path yt. an ieeh t t anti ar at reist.atn t an is a f soone thi aut wl, i a wh is ei fowide t so e hirsuiut wl, set ng lwhs thiowid evenhoug hey mui poor l anhid thr o y tien iugs to m oo mar som mey a earan ath y tilivi i whis getnghott. maom m aar >> don't hinkvihi tet t. reuite forhe most par >> d 'tnk i ink ere sha peoreteor meverstarhere r th mostarti dk e 't s p eo
3:33 am
thk threcit er areeryingre th orstritckin deoeo jni ththec ere or ri>> iinm nosayi theare jni lyinor tck gm peoy.ple,ut i do ihino tyitheehere i in t eo e,otr si of tdot tt hekidsrehoulhear 't y agr ?sif >> do a tgr ds iul aarlso ygr thk the is nother>> soe of i a olaw s this the isnothth sid ofe o geing to tw agey. thisthid of geg ty. any big choicou mthere is aood ide i aannd b tighere c mis athe s t o a it.d and tre a tt. th are a mliiffent wondful ingsth a r soeolie fent ndl gs i a gsodeoe route. idon'have pro aem gnggd in a telli aboute.t. n've ro g li lot f p aeoeelere, wbo are ese ople at w l beli ot fgoin pin?ere, w e e le wbe in ? conanne y are gh schl s dentnd c mebo tolyou, yey, rethis is ch sntndhe boptolion,u, geyoi, iisnto tis miry, doptn, y g t ihinto t you uldavedo t y teman of y matuulrityd makhatecio o whf youere higscho? tuty mu we plang withio dls wh oud ble ing ighemho u we solatngithls bloundg sm u like -- sot >> tt w nd d i ill .ike th bes t i wh a
3:34 am
i l mniing thes gls anthe s ght.glan e youre aerctuy too into s t mghitar toun. a uy t o io kno w. to mit thar defitel w ttn. me in ther i w a frlthyefma gelne hi sch l. er i th wk i uld ve furedy ma g itut fn mel hich like s d, th ii td hi federin lyit f in pce l ekeor sd,d, i t erin evlyybodis ptty in pceord, cll evod py ere,haot. the iso ha in e,ot this ohaernin infoatioand stav nvertion oanerust encofourioingd cavonrs at n eron abt thwholusthint costurhinkg tngs trshrough aat ab th olsee inth es. nk tngtou whe thind of peo.ere whdfeo tuly rruit toe reuitersnhe fir pce? itee rit loikebe ot re irsnir ? ow iis youeerra likther ootr i -- ow i yrath or >>ou h e to b a damn oo>>ou h e ldie ato b a rruer d ghoo >> i that r ig?ie b >> yes . gh u iat? >> i buy t yt,ut i is a u nv isati b. t is t,formution iey a is ofring >> w t weavetiea s irmfn a ofwe er iade tnghe al y wofwee the lls if eiad tonantiofne is the e s fit onin a las o out.onanti ithe fion
3:35 am
aas o >> thi i also propotes >> hi mh ihat ahe peoplinhe ro liry we d ed mhoha ihen ppl he the and heliy hadoethedo opons. th a ndhe youre gngoth the oth op s.extre wi it. i thouk g tha o unfoo trwi t. igree hathtot erydy infsoo beingup i butee ahaimestrydy i beguputnees tofutyurns int 14 tours f dyto andfut peoe arns isc 1tchi4 the hea. ur s dmoviy on, are ynd alleo warro andsconhianhene iea rig. vin, yll w d moanvi ing oto.ur nt tic mo o ichs boy scos.t h boy sco jae, fy point of vw ja fyoi vw obviouslyav a iue wi thi u arnobvly iue wialhing aut a ar y oan to sel cookies aut a and byhe w an t thios s isooiski tuanbyote. hi jussan i tso giset closeo e.e ces .us t glo what o yo nk?es. i think amer y watel intyoonk e kid. t u y iaveer wl intueo wit k th.. is privu te i oerganizatio iue w theyan c oseth whathey s iv o
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3:37 am
d i d y at t e ofihi hee da oheay - i d aat s tli eppfy spe. da this i -sliery s pe. sliy spe is is s pe>> ma'soint abohe w draw t lin ma' isctoillnt ahe vali o aw t lin tms octll li w re t o t wsere - a transgder ild ke ts t se nts goext, girl sanutsgsr d t s o ex g el f saiuty hmls, but wher doe it e s i f youy hml s, utnto ben hewherke root with yhe gls? nt hobewod yo hkean reha i th g? yowere ahoyoeha riyoncipreal of a hool >> im stk onouriipeing s risethat mad aol val iston poeit sall. seatadal l. >> youho let bl w them >> e is y ghong ll t wo borrow t em r t>>orroisnig's halngwe t bo rty. t troig h y. you mtied it wodney da ouerfid mtiieed caltdlane dag."fiie cal " >>e s dressp a gl >>e
3:38 am
andre thenphe was j anheas n. >> y gethe lt wd on this i d 't kn.w if yet l hadon a is da d khtif, i n't ow if woulbe cfortadleith a bobeidahti t i ul crtleh an hebo sameie restrm th h. thn is ird.heam e >> rairnougm h movith os nd. to ry>>rug movie vi ocotaoine uryaidov "t me terycoyoutaike as o o " te sca rest meryou o "theourtin a gr scast "t bcausrt ninothingsexrgr t seeing mil eabyusca nred.hiexr t ets o f oein. m yu arrigca.d. >>hat' orret ls of ill oegal. ar>> wgha i ro>> wt'hour lllal. whaiou >> youneedoee women who look scare yeedoee wenho ok s >>reha why i le snuf>> fhahy ste judnge jnn ufanng st jd amng litetle p jple. it the s loois am wifeite givese.he n ht ehe l cesomis omfe wiv ery nig hht ces e >>ig ual people from washingt get dre ss>>ik uealeo e atrom ingtet d
3:39 am
the ercist" bheill, youre ong. erc itt"as sry sce btl,am yere t, but t here g. h it bee sn so ma bart tre o h teeoovie i ma n'tarat i wh strait ov ice. heris w t yot neatd i t str aiknowthatan hap pen ou. . er wyoet owat h n have. youisne to one thing said haoune tne t it d n'idtatr wha y beevedn. itt at thdehal getnto oube braedin d yoknowhat etsdeut oetntou rayour mth? yoowt etas s ooup. ur >> you hh?avehe l t w sd.ou>>ou h yre done?t wd. i adone re de? ane >> nely d >> tnk y. omin>>up d t y h lt> hin nis coping touin houltr lunch and ur lif co fai anduioual lanchd debe d l xt. aindalan de .
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3:42 am
arehanges looming f > ar ldharsesloomg? lmi acrdg tohe tes the rs ome coiderg a n on ac ferdle stodi ts whering fconcerha o fecureas wl ass wrings fnc
3:43 am
anhd pyt ws and tatt anytls are taboo. d tt ateastne is their are ha ts.oo explataist the i arm q tteir ha i plai beheevrme can bter vi beize at i meaens tbean an aricasoldr. vi the e in be tonee through aperscaalld foothn s btaardson tou an -- rs gomintandds an aar stdasf ppraannce. gomin nd a t's aws tstsdafpprae. s s let discshisn -- l wa. di siottepped on by -ra-ic.a. spea kingf nte cl. braic. jime, iit ooleaoung cf die cl. foyourount b y ayj i lnot ou a cbleie hav efournt bayat t a av >>e d't s wouan athave tat o youran a>> dbe i sn trman veatou r aot o f th ie ysre toughrm guysnd setim the hae o taoo othemysre t gh i tnk w eys simhe he shotaul oem nth tnk we prthem s n belittle n tthm r hang at o.prm neltlem hao. terans h tm. >>ut tys ra h tm. - b the>>y ty had th bik facen b hd.hey ad islws ike expsosed.s ou wtxped.oler
3:44 am
havingou w tcial tatoloos?er it s toeep opl heingik al tmikattyss? o. t top pl >> jus ikhrowys them t. midd of bya aeon e jus owwitht.m he will fddf ya his way oon. th>>t. one t hihell f a h wem. soldier says o she thinksemol yshehis tng i shld nave itte tse two rds. i e hish n thie steik tese o s. frch man urere bad ts fik how her sfreranseee herre aads eahodew er doer sheaveee aer p aois tre? >> thiea shede mbeas dohe e a ppot. re i ver all yhoht>>bhiuthe . po i r ll ibnkou may be wt to be taken viyerouuslyay and mtobe b ter s ndkegn te gyinerly a yourself fnch man icrur s itg t g kes ke 4mines urlf f nc>> man0ines top s 4n in t >> oe you gett de. >> yett you heoet up early. y h >>ou hoeeto u gp t e clyto.n bas ct>>ouheeamoe gizto bas heyou amhavee theizldecord on. u ve heen y areealltougecornd opleoneallrespt y. yrellug lellsp y .that ihard toet you ngern thmechism
3:45 am
iaroet y erthchsm >>heilitary i aob l ywre eile anartheyy h ae ob drs coes. youave toyw hav ee aanithe oyf a dr co .dres code. oue o ait o a es i od n gngo tilary ankeep gngoar thi anep tair. aer you we inhe liry y can g t aer y mee tattoo g tlot peoe m have attoo.taoo . my om ht aseo ae sep h >> thawoulbeato. my hasep hakauly. facendandss banne llhaska a n bancene idsts an isust fe. ha butheyre tnkinang o is hats. >>o onwant toee buey t in so or geo a pla ahand >>on nt ohaveeeim he le agela tyn on fveace. hee >>o, that sty onry.e. >> tre i a do,iffehancet stweehavi a fial tatoo td iomhing d on yrfeerm eevi fia lat re. d youomarmngn fine.rm >> il aresom.ody whooum f shows up t is pceil of a esloomodyhoho ar g tli pp-flceop oai regurly,ou he to e
3:46 am
aglinst fly reoplatins atsoguer, y,ght? h to >> fst of agt re allti none so, kt?ws f of io ttll necses as kws they re ciceed tt i am a intes rn. as i wa boweyng dcengedho a a wh te. wa cowtaine'mom a cplho ys a andh h after cotae'm c aadmindng h les ht a aewer liev the mi hes aew battlesp, ev t btl goi ck ks are impressiobloi d i f y k a getneou k iidress atan ak ie faifrenc i gne ou th karmy theption ofan ifttinncrid is t atthmyheptionfnd inybd eigng at t satomeoi.nd yo a los seeva.ille guy rig th e. yo >>ere os my le gi dot unigrsndhy theth >>stane rds y reg.fere ordounrs men t an as ndreom men they a aettingidf ir ey ing le toetng wfonytls. ys an'tg ave to >> a lysad'teee i be ly, dy a for y ou a t loot kno e ly, th mak me s ic f y >>henou jotoi knheth aakye y ar enot>> an lad jhe yoy a yre a solardi.t l ll i you re an a offic s.. >> onst iantiuneom h o a. bu c>> bonstttiom h d a'tean bu
3:47 am
ev cy lady ht l like't at.ea evy dy >>ppen ltl l a d oubl.e an rd. >>entl id dbl onee story in t.t ghtn g r> ne sorto. tn>> t rim.e t t eor a bak b t stim there e a sti hav 1 minutes l bt ofir te. sthe we wl fig tie oavowines o llof t . w f o ow .
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>cddsnche a new ppy ml m that de>cdulhe ew to heahi y ptlns. m t t de thmeal ilu fewer ritoea d a ck ofns alelice s andthallu f ert fr choa co olaf or 1li mceilk.nd frho o 1frt k.ffered as ternativopti athe t ff edain the pt ser yrneaivrsti he o y 11% n tt oerin yer wer o yma1%n thetcin w im i youer a kmahe puin t his healy stf inouer a ppy al i t equiv al tin s of calelstliinng a y i ealivweent a celli ng christs in tameear.alween a ristin am ea i bicly being the eqvale f being bic jewlyis t >> go eq aleby's forei myew plnd m>>ono alds for a mley's f mench pl fesnd. mon ds >>orha my enes ha >> d ihe f bs. d f >>pps ans. bs.>>an bs. areou going to t uit i a go thi? arou oi y t u surit i
3:52 am
go>>hiou don't ur have > do.'t >> tnk t ht monalds is a tr>>t. u go andou mavoneds ishe tr s go nd ies thatavreiny. s bui gus ks s at arerein obese ghtowbu wi egu h k to forcere thbe onhe soe itowe h the tno worhy te thnhesoe mcdonaldif t yhe an w obese t >> i think it i illymcld t a tt'beshe oer hi >> tnkt ilhislysore tsike -- thehiact thatis oys1%or of diner wikee t taki attagef thi s,at o o dere most f lki l aikege monhids is dng thio ist f tes likheeon ds buen o ff t he d t ptso of thavies toohe it. o t iotal plytsgrfee. vi tho hav mt.e s m an al llio of drs o s elthav me s m his iofrs orapp fooforea. i kno inora fea. can s k that?no >> y canay it, but n ot -ha- yan >> d i't rutlly t thre. ion't rlly e at the>>re dy thre itsionth a s rll t eo theo tomet ngitsealt in e a s t ods' al. o ifhe yes nd itnginltn ob' .sly ey aif not sesitnd tt in notorki. ty nk aayot it is just a ot kice str e fnkhem t io jt jueik e, weretreryg he t be ealhy and wike c we aut
3:53 am
you.g >> wbehyal gond we to acdonalds tn? u. w g >>oecse i t iscdustal for res. >>m a ecoung fat ir nsowt andtor is e y treo bng k s a ngat n to at e mctnabs. t for frys ormc snackft scool. r kidryss0 mthcksft and not scl. eati ng m onidaldss.0 m th in othendot mth. ti monds. n he andt isyor parents atry msake iar littstle althie y cdonds init mey neigiehborod h turd in a on cln. ig or hall urcein fnire thecl now, a theav e ikl e - fnihe w, >> t caiik - >> for tli windo f tli win ere is the iurture e therhere >>il er y eat aappy meal ever d ay bil ysuatally outfappyea l a pserr. d aryou suncerlyd thut bf do g th thereoupsr. b ar feu rerth fry bsor y nodothhe b y wfel eitryr wsay the fr never tas yte lehe eit w t frs nevas mcdonds.e they hen n thefrracd for aile. ey theyre me li trera odfos. a il i a a l erey mrianli a an
3:54 am
a mi amal lerovernmenant. i uld a okawith lawan at smislcdonalerdsen cnl yi d kath giaw mere f ryscdaldsnl gire mcdonaldrys tave juee n mdoadld t arehe bavest juee m ing --hey e cck. ahe -- y hcckyouad popeysur ies h tuhougadh?op s>> ty arrea goo the are s the. tug >> tre a a l t oaraood goo frysut theree he b t t ash ld donas ys b trys. >> is it na me o a we trng ts court me o we tr a tersersou? i le ti and you knower wse?rs? ltind >>reh yno w? friesith >>h ale ri alepeak o rili sklings ak couldt bklomnhi -- cou coul b weet cool,hi -re stund no ct te? we et>> iike c tl,o iestu ind gd. no te? ie ti myd.ri td mehene stdardn ourart m strd o tht's all i g otgo >>e a are i goiot d out of is. >> w ae woi clo d tuthifng ou . th aost me ra wp w ulop. t ou
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d toeeli af rt ecenra u ow go to r to foewocom/deye fom/ye
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>>'t fget to watch us sard a 2 f a.mge. teaoernat u me. d a w "rdd eye.metns o . a mond u enfyeortutelyith et nsgreg guts next w k indlu a unntulyh coul r aneg r elevegun ntk ilu ann ul-an rlen -ventha aain mcinss. haa smie tmc tim.e to go back to paul ie mimur to g borack theos ul ga wpp. i aays ornted theo dohis. ga feelpewsy atalks g abedt a tdore ce, elsy wh n oielk?ab a reu arhostng ae, sho shwh res iarstreakyho friy, bshroes. >> d't sayrey froare you b >> 't wh site. you roe rarnieou for ever ody.whe. mau , r a youoior morr niger?y. i wmal ben twter veouoi twting herr uigfc fight . wbetwr ng eet u f mht. masah l.t >>hat youeaen you
3:59 am
aseet fc fht s?>>t ou >> i aenm yt gog to ansr t that fht s? >> com on. i >> om y ygoouto cnsan t ha at >>sexuom o.n. o y lktou t. xu ou whaare yryg do, sce he oh y hha ye pryblg yreo, sche yhbly >> y really should wea a ti yeayuldea >> breakinew bak ho doene flo you o itr? >> hat' a fhota dic flo ou eson. tho ht oit m>>elf.t' fta you re b llntikees. ho th o mf.. its ju my oume jaimellntike unrscoth wnsin it>> wju wity the u jnderaico? coat ansaiinn. w ite uer sebodelse? too k aiaimen. inst seiodwitseut t t dersre. me oka con stanstti iit h t rs .en y on danci kaonan with micy mose. yn an at igoi owth you?it if uic wmoch. children' ioi w te yvisi, i ? helng f launch tch c fishiherer-ice tesi i el cagn f runk tis sr mickey ca mous f you kw,kne s ckeymiseeygreat toy usou k interaiveoyneorid ey seea pi tt ur christm . tera


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