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tv   Bulls and Bears  FOX News  October 29, 2011 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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ll diorgphar sdvteveor to rp. di elco sve wi t sexe. tiveorde rs coevyb th white hou i s wwippinxeti t. de whip t hijoou win max hi twe wve had sxce oba's hece sce eident, 2 ba ans psedeim at getnge id t,onom aiv mov inserim n r couetntng a o omr aiv ovthoseot haen . n ou so do not tnk hrin five ose haen soo n nk hre tins ivewe andtartgo bsite for businesse s tswend rt so me thin hit meor hin bg pineoplsess andsonydyinlse o thee h in h ping,pl l ofnknowns ondnydy ls oere ght hew. we d 't khwg,hi p onrnk s initti is e ing t o c e d k wnexthind h it's gnoir t it ti heuss g o c teha leaves xt h t' co ganois at c ld he pontiay teing hir lingveso cosit an thes han andai poforiang tirg t he unkannondn t o go raway. t t thnksa tim tas ago . nsu the u nkno wnthsreim a ke insu m frohem u nospdis. we adkein mrom spdi w. hirlpool wed lay wofrlf ol000 oplend wn is unknowns l leopl we a isotbuyingun pplnse arlaidff at's not oopld aot yir thecon wel arstide, a yout'sot l
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thethseon el y oers? >>eah, d't l seehe anythg wrg wi theorders? >>h, d s whsoevny. d sendlythers a aywrs wiheer uncetain. whev sehilyly, erthe ari t stos ce indoi a den t obhi o, fhe ctat sgs bs igoi obw. andlmosigt tohe t e o 10000 moh. ndos to it t bei o off by the 00 lamoffsh.nheubli iteiffseor t ich e ctlylahatfs mntheub pele oin panor t h ely t se. t d i peink oying p off teacrs i se a d i bk ngff ac ide d eelp cate te w rc of t or a that'el c at eactl w going o mo ow. of oripool a tt' tl yeah,ng e lo r miileollass can't y buh,yanythingy. theloy'mire laan bu unytderngr, uerhe mory'age re rougno-flt othei own uner u tilyorece se o fug w-fl oeiwn stet'sirsponsibili. ly ec areseou s oe thf the prive st'sir sspecsir auall re sthhe iv eringnougecr auapeople? ng tonoinou'rpee ale sllusess to oer. ou ar'rthe aebteses and the seo. are exece orrseb cteonsncg he yoto he mo pop? ec >> worl,'m c ngot oi yo hmo pop? w'm micnitp nick,ut imoing sayis t ic tpk,m ngmicma nagent
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g,ayhe t thg tt eticmame. ge mehoi ge thehe feeng tthtget me hein tr iohogend tir f ole sine strtegy,f we puled uinptr lioers and t d om e e ne tr y,ol wthin thatll fpu ad l er adn,omody' g oing t in wa t utpndf c ahange o om y'titu gnghen i wa uactnd t chenge tituering dhe i ct mic troenagent a thedea tierg ic roge a he aat you cld a ceate y c susinableconoc ate viroent. you ow ihasn word fo us lethrenoeyears, it' s g rot. u isnorfo outre of year gour y, wll djustutine d i r w dst hiringin peple now a ind no onth hing n a b o wee on builng ausins anill t ouofywa owee >> il ainanl ounas. wa i don thi tha>they nt t govnmenout natheiway, t hey' dre gonoinghi thaey th tov genert ento eitey, tm ty' g fngmorn comthtirseren stoote t m th's askfing theorovnnm cen to h sp yo i n'tth thi's ofskn theinovstnm-- h thayos geing t ofhe i thi f y, hnpingthinst-- >> n hageg tofyld t hng go rn nme to py t tfs fogorernignme tpele p fs g o fon pele o wm er,umpi washg mainesere d m
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ytagasr,umi shmaese en efit ted agomhe vernntenitd s urplus rn whenou get cdi for spluyg wrgheyn fftnt. howoes orwork?g rg>> i tong ru.- ow s >> angetrk l?id f, i tongjo nas. >> sayin g>>anhaett mdta gf, would jovenaum.ped these p>>ayplingwo mta ou ar umdheplwoag e y b rong fm futur e yngm fure proerity. sur becse y're eing slowwn imayt sa ro andy. b uyinurgec c ydite ng ndow iytsa lo wingdm to buying hest and t s ff i n ilonguy a lik a s in lshwaer.a >> wt's e pot. >>hey' smohed t th busi cl w s takporo fu>>turey'mo prod sperthity si cylimi theeth sakrofureroerf miheceion.eth tt's mianement.f >>nd dyiceiohat mta g ts doann't emnt t.. >> >> ty what t >>nddo t well ar.y y w ll o>>f thesell executive orde rs o tse here e bcueeven mtgede refreanciheretg'se hg veferans,cihe hg the'she tunt van los t trehihe newtunt ebsi. lo l of hith n du thk it
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he ing si. hurofting heu thit echeomyg ? breda turnkng is ec huying t he erecomy a t hnk i is wh hui'lliniveou t e exampl h tob y saiwh t hey dn' wanllte toam nitpk an obyai did dn' cane tck w tp th ban pturend d w tcko w thitpi bir psttuf ndl, w t two pixecutiveirstorrsne was for t a weit you kn cuve we're-ne- w f a weit thoue ourykn i bwee-ng- for th oueaderyrsp,he knd o bf or adersh tha we d uer ders p, roldeadnf evennd er bihae ll ulinter, an ron eyet,n we're bi ll ntinanto cree a weitt,e.e' sve sd he d n' minintod. c a re ithe wepritle.m,he s s he go drnmen' tak m ovethe ings well i thee y aeadym, ve gome aakvee ebsite hagstll thehe ayeaerdye usin a ebnsteco wch tno hoto do tussstuf to conage w thch tok hoor d osjouf to the ov ergeentthecided t tohey k couldo i tt i t'he ertided caled, usula i tt i jo . he t ngca id,sustrah,. has tngt is bennlinand pass wds vet beasupted, it's benin dbeenass comple beisteuprte likt's usenl, t gomovernmet ograis, thteotheone l ke sethi out ofl, tea ginnm rathhee setutfeain
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youde sein then eonio and ou we'rsee toingheon e sed fiod 'rthe lngab to markplace, are u maing t l. markpl e, wh at k o p grmags tat itoundl. e a blb oardwh f kor othis . at so t proem sndende blbrde' f hi okgor tro snd leade rshi p d gor mpans anindidualout ther l adehitoby p oianntedan dialt.t >th wtheby govrnmt to l p ed a clr nd>atio a get out g nmf thtway t lnd clr iteio aetheuty're thy micmagi therem a dng stup stuf. >>ell,ste, this isic aoolhe a d othe upsidetu and he >>l, use,g tits 's ootdendaye it' sushe oy wayay het's wandy congres e wd tpa on thes jobbillnd didn't.thob ll>>na w businessediar'te. > naetti help om the binse st th ltiehep hecromanagement. how bout w e simply gethe rcr oanfem e ryw se c spopltey tet o bfak, ther t o peraetie c pote t ex nses b, er t orandak g aritab leexes contrutio and hf tax ak g ode,arabhe corpoteax odtre iond f istn attpt
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o e,tiorla od one kd onr a anotho oftila eceonomicbe ohavi. no d gerid o ecf oml ic that. vi and w gedabt- l >> tokayha ok oldd on. i w to stiay tohed . exut e or wders t ocae, ti herealy,hat as been taie orrs hing cin gal ohautaseen oaifhe ng pre ode'sffe la. butrehas'sff soret -- > becse he c ant pasor lislaon.-- , buthat >ec anass egisllalaon. bu wiatt republ.lica he . >>asrs isdemocrat he nawite ep cathat beehethe. pr>>ledecr >> yeah ana t idea ateee sten a he tstryiea t st adennisttions trng, u kn i ahe verstr dfilt te adst on trand, i'l ckner iin aerivefiltehem d 'l points forin ativ, t a the bier inorctature,, i a theca bi passaw thrctoue,gh ca reblics th ifpaoue ing was youhrtime p re ic alth offeour tim ig ntasoouti something s oal frouin te int nonmeingequeial trump ifrt up like y 'roneue jl tmp ear. ik e bren y: g'ro ea jos. >whenear. you're enal gkio aut jo s. cappg stent lnen test y're ki i' aut telling i sppstootdn te stlo-terplan. brei'a: wre gelng tget s
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oo todhat >> sloe oerfan. t hese trehi ws g h te mator iatacts if y sou o'r totse ts paeying bk maiuctsh ifte yst ormentas pa-yeangr-old test ou' gngnt i eauy or e juu'nk gng whirool oducand uld in e shortuyor rju smute t heirl ucd ld cono n srt. >>rend wai we ll gmuette t that in j ust minote >>sond holaide ur gebat e o hant olurat oth. but, ere theortge refcingmatt?th t , e wehetgyeah eveefrythinnggmaer?e s weyevethshort-te . e problemorte is they're pbl sho-termstul. i'm t goinghere thooer h ohe m short- grmngimus we heed alanhe tet he t- ecomy usvingo heor hedla log-term. >> a somney ng heteim a lote. aometim razor. >>rend thas goto b the st wd antobyyou rayset >> nditha. go b e a w anribyt.u anditow iis a t. ndow nd th? provng wl et ovcapitalis ar pre-rket hpiocritsli ar il'sangells you how at e boom ohts 'san t elho y. h t bo o fst ol. ge
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fuions ing tceheolacgef g ce heflaon don'tla t choo , ba'tla thetude lo baiut? oo, lahede loai? orreat othelapt bag orat he pt hirag anoer eloye irit'snootus eye od f busess. 'sit'susood fo fthe ustires.ommuty. 'sd fo ate ank re amemuca, . kno the pacthat cal sine es atk me, no ve ocommitie e ctt l thatne why e exnded $7 bilon ommie athyexed $7il sma busesse rosshe cntry maus se farhis cry causthe re whelphem, ars . e mo we lp me oppounitposs e wlpm, moe m poitss. hornonks he it'sand -- froaccontin. rnks hepet'r.nd- oi cacoseein thatou'rbusy. pe t yca weregonnhelpats 'rsyruncthe mber for coun y errennivablp tod .nce er r un reabod mean kno th thi is portt. wellbothre iorta. ant's no cle .thhis rt thy ar but llis th is imtartan too.s le thart imano. man theeceibles [ le aounc ] mielinnowst's tteranheei
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es foreroxo he mane thir f[ ance arocencing. miin wss soertheyan fus orkeepoxg thheworlanmovi .th fceceg. wi h xex, yso're eyady f r rol buepnessthrlvi wixe ye y rbuss
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o,vieomo mthusr ra >> ood rnin a fox ns lert > d in a iv fro foxs me cart news ro eadq nrtewers. i'jami coy. repdqtrt ts.hat b omi'ermi hcoy. il led ptleas 1t ameri bnr troo andhis new video d omaskabu al. n woore onds ialsew siday vbu cked w hwxp olosis rlsme sd inn.a v.t.o . ed whnvoy. si r nd t inaln is.a nv. spon bili andhe aack t ie cim deadlie st inonlind ahrkee se ra incidents todeaie in hr afghan se iidtsnsgents and ck a gh home th caldar iaynsges od ne a me ingth talda sky i neay o 25illi people a g u ter aky oratch his 25olliidaye uer weend. or massche wis er srmay ee. t he ss wi sstoastnd cld bng u aoot o tf ststow c b u it's areoo o ocbert's nor'ernd 10 ocr stes n'ernd aarng o
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fstes potelutages and a if y arng o f e winte ry ppoicres ilnutures a y w teare p sen t imuro you re en r y anbackoul a brs anck here onul brs re >>olle tui onspin ove alo thi>>sleui year ve th's aorlo thahi tswihe rayeof th's or tinat tn. he and w,ra fd.'s tryinatgn. toun nd the rescu'seit thing ather e udent loan esbaou a gath b. en t yoa s ay thaou sct w hyga llegcost are y shasutct o wfhy egst conol? a >> ectly utnda. of e've s eeonn? this ely sa.cenari ve his reacollege s edunation sts thhousg. achy didol hgedung son s upusg. becse was d basic sup bsidecizts low aste and demand id excdetd lsupply . nd dwe'an sdeeing tamdeehisungly th college e' singtuitamn.hing w i it c gng tuup? becwause i iitsubngsize by the ec segovnment.ubsize b thygovehementhinktha college ucatn is g reovt.
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id and orth vementnk ihais a ll e eaat isidea. idnd t, at'sheisean t i t idgoeea 's tp. i w oep. profe sswr aeo budhe grand facilities p fe caueo ty ha mor e mondhera thci thetican end ecau au th tkidsy ome ha w mh m thhen dllau of th dshis e eap wney. at'shy ty're gngllf kes gp oiy. us lo a's w tre g ng come up w h iot ro ggramois ke t a o w psint co uwh justotnnoceroams bre a: w tl, sve, p silongnterm ouou c an'tstno real poi tre whe s, ngm ou cover'tnmt? >>alo, woil,henoott al l. er f ur>> w. no toaveaundeffe. ur scntismethod to ee cae haautoccef before sc thise thefodct ca ha anit'seencc goi o bor noweor th efct ecadnd iant'sasn goi oowen g is ad ptially i rigasndou en haveo d gide wthert's pti lygood rhingr aad thiou for ha d emorend wermosre a odigngahi pereenndge ofmo amecan ig igscho graateso go to peolleenge. fme i won dn'tess th t ho raes go syst at al le . 's o newo 'tars t o tf t arin sy alecon y th a ouay ofrks,n r conleth and uveityy syem irkthenvfhe r clend wor kee sy ite gfngxaly orliket ee.t >> b grendng xaly kematt states b windha moreauma they stes
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wi an. me thers mo ty supy . t there ermo dend s baycally. i an the tre mde dbaancad th t re ian supy. >>xact. d thlastyearan th p tce isup >> ct the ub thc ustyeniveitie wentp 3% pndces t he prite uveie univsi ontnl wen3%tpnd t p becae lik ouiv sisa oid tenhetp blic unirsitis gting be awe witik iout a al keepn icni it gminng the r eaawn titt t ihe aal kpesnre gng up b ecauinseea t the hey'-- >> ty're glso ueak. bause >>xact, th stes av ey' tt threselovesea >> ict tthubav en di th tel mh if i have luy annow ey a he ' geing t bac mby chf gihang luu knan, w asic aalhe' you a i geg ac inch togi lle. kn anicbackaln ou i 19 goo o uc anck beley d19 cts gouc $700nd be 's y ow 7001,000. and iginecosts, $7100ac tndn inendow sts,15 ac t nhey'ndoi w too hh y'd it' tooe-- >>ou gr i jonas, it's a e- vti of g>>overnmt jos, i acuk ?vti g >> i dnm't kow t gornme-- i n't yk >> d kat t you goormeof i t atou halfightnd st not
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lfight gh t.ha ht s tot a n le tht ghint.k? to>ahechoolink? price s reoi uchooecause the govnm pcet iss sh nkiund tecteau a t g idel gornme, amnt shki theye goghe schls de gois imesamoi ng wn eygo owonchr te isheha wn gone u p tecau likre the he ha usg th g,ne the ure ipsooauik emuchheoneyvaille t evybodgto gto athg,he i ksind fcheyil t schl of anyevodua gty and i k wi sayhe bfger pbl emchs ofny no ttyhend i wiay br puaty schsls thno t stes r. ua itty befchore of. th st r. ngoitrnefnt sools inanofd. almo excsive byhe studgot lo proam a s lsand that thecand her moxcvey ud alondro a ate yoheget nde woerhles age an cing out with--yot woes >> ut theaganov cnmintgut ppwi--ng tha stu nt ln t ogm nd heppnheyha ftu ltn emndzihenheyt e scheme. youave thaveour scfactmes ou steight nuer o theyduehaver ct sgher pcentag ostf phtple nu oand hemberywo one a uniter er pce pe si sd bouter o75es as sniot're fl of water. siut hower,he s biggest'ress fofte we he, ihethat b tgehe governnts sooave
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h icomethhe patat tandec rnesropertyav esave me p ce ec do ande broecrtsey t houseavs ve c ce almow dondnd tryingse tses pl t c whme, whennd tingoue pl abwh t wouck mey o of thee ab deragovement m itey not stran o thmae >> ravento 'vitottr a shr inmaki gornment makinghe hr ttis, gornnt m tuitisrehe n up t causmor and moruie stusdent n ans ar - us>> ioreelndikehetu tde vernsment werear- gr win il e >>heeah, i t >>t'sotin causend ffec>>th, i th wt y're ying. >> syeseecit's t' ws ye 0% corredo the's 0% coro t ft at th canharg morecse it's a variaethosantrg su. m ng asetheyive a l itn aar i'egoiosng pa aeye l > whny wouldn't rivai' schoil tuionumpn wh wld tn'heva echxact tu namountit thalonc, t tt' e nothe ou nt. halo heyouldt chge8% mo-- t irry,. aittlmo yldch you mo-- know, hipy, t atlo f u eitr kw,versipy ofo f nnlviahan devie itrrs of niversit nvie 's mosy n ht s ool,veit onli type of ste and the ats unoser n sesl, li
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yptr oit siotel aol tlegehave caunivees a ieend thehaiolol ge tve fed gov nmen to pca e foitend t it ated greovat oenppor ptuty tofoit raiit. >> mt g o or i he tag a the ai ggesthing we' mt miing, h t a ttoohe theovernm en ieshie' mi in pptingtude ala ooproghm at ovthnmsa te we nt tppcomtioungdendla forgive og at th studente loanwe it' s tkeom a f povei scme. tunt an youon'tave t'o pay it back po andhe. ernmt ispeing ou mo mo'ty.e pa i youon'tacavke t p aydnmispeg moo cou a'tfterav 2 ar p l rit. th ks, yser thekeep billi ri ths,me ys >> b henda:ep oupyilall stet me bprosta:ers, oy endorstse aloba ro s, ron eodor taxloor a ro n ax glal gomeor. oh,re the glal eading you. g toh, t gba deaisngteou retopo, yodeci g. d epoyoci
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fr jus$7.9a moh. gea 30ay fe trl... frus.9mo ge30 ftr.. ntco adtwe g fincing fr ge pita buthey so gbeyo ban .dt ginngfre ta wenstaed ae flt nito ng suttem.y gyoan. trweks etary v aiclefl in eir toeet. sm. tr e v ilecutsuel e.r t. ch: it hanc cusmer rvic t's rettamazig tsl en pple o lo you oneyh:t ncusr ic so s ow ytt howazo sa it. pe loouey notust ney, o yowsat. knoedge t's mucinfoatiott y,'s ke i rig the in eve vann thoentige fle. s ucfoio s iighen goodeay oanrallth tiyele, i'good od oll yeme oi'in. odt's . w, ts isantaic. o. s ge cital theye nojustanke. tista. were b clderal ey nothst helked bud oubusiss. we ber th elbuousi. omg upw. nti- ll tr t promesteg
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e p us i-or gprlobatel ro bin p hdorax gba aro wintenroming hd a wteomin
10:22 am
>> cupy wl re otestsoing glal. n py teami u p w a estsnggl. roup n t w ma ag aoboo gbaal x onvto eced a lobal vernme. tcey,d you say ts baecl veme for rty, y s gbal ltto?ec >> s, r r w grebaloio dltoto i? >> oth. w re mberneo doea o ha t ger nmen ts lerike grce t t ar gng to be ha g aber noweno l t o agr tar g g tlobalot abndow teon teyoro gmba lthat. t e ev wsero theatactual-- ev f w theseyiv the reahe worlifoualut he hey t r trsaionax rlouutn he h en tr midnndax small siz people aen hey' ldess somlltitive s pple y' and som tio dohey to inhe b a doysy and ty creat l jobhe d it t yshtndhe tse g cysatere oad t
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ti iakg awa fromht he eeig gsuyre at indoreak am g rit? is ihowupde jri d n th eir iw gic i >> sve? hey, d ithnkr gl i s? not ay, obnk aot oeob ax, t reoe deloped untries, a really deled uniemall t axal oinancial llinvement t that goes iinntcio either vement tmioescomi into excthusmecoloaco omir into xcus correct acoa ochoont o hire co tethe inheoo ohi hworl te nyea he johnaul wo ii is ea hnl right theii i hs pher r nhtdshe t-- go eas ker y--ou're o ea k aiti y--'re >>nd pre gy. >he who leti--hing >> plos gy. to i ot iche tohoomnt ohinnd l y to iotwill. o omby tes- onnd ypeple,hill oupyal ts- stre seeto tnk tt inveors e, walstre are oy al ke t re guyee t tn ve ms onalolrey brerd t ha liv iuyn the nnpo m ma biordn iv ithndalk aroun th ma ney,ou kw,and inves
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10:29 am
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