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tv   Forbes on FOX  FOX News  October 29, 2011 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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gh da d.>>ll in okas att tew rht da dodtfrks i t willilliod i the b kingllli induryhe bng du . comi-- lk mit lnerg shutng t pants becse org epa ut t reg patiots andec o a 4eg io ndploys it wlayff. 4 oyst w ay rita fouatiof. dav timas tt taouegulioions extravt or tri ion ma t fmurulns econtry ev oyrriearn f >> kim heonevy tresuryar dep>>tmen said kheppose. reatryepenm id quoosing fro m n here whwks fuogroer whhe fssiant cretywoominlt e atedet miscceptn.ed regutions oldscgptack sineguonnvemennd hirg.ld the ite kuse id net ise nen air oble e e >>e n is n mea i aou t nk le abt nea i it, cpora t ameca abked or that, crame900 d blion or nceha t ressi.0
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larg com bnieson he hee mone t to hre rsi rg omees h prolem i mne here hsre t erom i ch econicre t n ecertonntyc and dog mo wit ls.rtynd w domoanitonncehareld to hire mor peleereldohe ty hav reore incrsed tofitilitav and skildorke are pro blemcrd ititnd he inilkere silonroemalle hehicn esidt obailisitver thele icst. tha id doeob't mite himrhe an pert . ha ioe murpres mimn t re srt i ck opr m te mbitsn, buteedls say ohey neeit morut skilldl ay woeriny. >>eeeoreed me sllaker in woin >>d mhere ervictnia aft quong o ref ct th ademis,fthouo onows more th a abmit smlusins. acwsemicn thor treasur yabsm depamentr sminl bines ac peicle?th i tnkreurt is pantsmai bes t pe say? tallusinseopls andai the s teay linurveplhat d sw hencer se abovet sxwssiv er regutionhowonrnbo aboxiv conser c fidegue anondwhebo ilitto get ns c invdeestmant ca tol. it ey aetllssugs.nv
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tmi tnk cal. ahesu.egulatyurd t areateedird e pple fears adiut theute. ok at pee evesthin tha a the e admi stra on ds, itve isinhaheed at mira pi dckin i wners ands lss acdent at w had aiin wrs fewnd mths ls ac nto, wheadao cewate t mth probmetartp u t and we areob ing toire tsert peouendnde re ey a goi goe t sto teo inno tion . aoiou read t thetoe prt. noon wasehe in novaprion clean ec as dn uvaersn rvedmarketsan if yec a a entpren r ursedrk thats is y a r a tape.nten ndhaark. is and r thiche. busesse i sulk. or otondn. ichusse i y s a aor joualis w ch yoand e y res of a us w yoyou d to erontesfin ts g a to heu o sry ant froin tine g 22 perct s afhero busessene22ut relati as rc nberusse o pedi ntreti s>> tt's what i nr dn't o undirsta, dad. to t's pha it i dt punspectave.da to p hav had0 i years pec. of avadrs degulaonf
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degulad aiines a dela uckind dela uailities and oil a and s. kiandt is utindiltill d busesse ared coslaing abt tll mhusse eregution whats th coinesulab of t ts een?guon at weth havulf t higr pricesn? a weav rvic decned igd wepresave a more con ntr ion icecd bweinese an re befe.onr n d beso efegulion s n ough u ahole ll andn i n gh u a termlewas lnd i rmsodd-an bl.d-an lekeproped0-pae. ke op bu the lbyispa >>urpr e.buhe >> lis it is a >>ulepr >>ts okale ark.>> >>hatka alws hapns whek. >>out lw oposapewhe reglaty stems ke os dd-egankt smshich is dd- 2k,000chs pas o regatio a 200t bemes pa oeg 10,io0. a >> t iss be iss nule0, tssst is ne orta of eorcmentndents rnan sd of taf ercnt dod -f s
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f wean't figuret out. od it-fk.s w we'tire o too. comliced the it wpact theooomche ct preide 's oeobre cencil o saidulesre aroblem an c lilking t tides r a taphaem smalanl bu lnessngave to ronteap wi. al buoksset 1te99 rul wi t rep t god andul tep gvice for dmall sinees oce $or0ndll u the ityne o $f milukee. yoe haveyoet a lcee tooilee ou of yousinves in a milukee. lceto dacare ifinn maschusilttsee yr dare ichilen he toas bruuss y the teetaftelunc il hto itsedaperuhe tt ettenc is it stsngli busessend hting t jobrowts >>o st bliacuss to hnghe mallbwt busisses nd t>>y bno bt t at ill hrt gsies t the abitno bo ow a i hire. >> hrt ihebill ot a ague hrehe ac>>t i atl rulatns he ae aacarge af ct osmal rat h ausinsge tafn oal corpatio. an yetin regatio arep tt rpio eet enomieguzzliorep nsum d mand emiszlffecng all busiss um dnnd ourount.ecll
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siaveeur gdp ant a. porti thaee i fro a a csur pti sp ding nd yha iroave gnera cectrsu a spng yeighwatcrs a all e gra the otrther aompaes ghthattc a al hirg ohevererpaeas at air o r relatisas plaes a retissmalla a rt. mkeal loo a wha t .pa m ioo a dogha t and in tnergfiel i do ey spped lotnd ofn tobsrg el crted he ul sfed ootf clbs cr d nesul on wesirgi cal a s prects >>ompaesesgia a a shuttig d nprts paes coal pltsnd a goihti d bko ak all csumoireman b kin t 5es in cuman t 27, 64n rcenof t job 2amerom64 smal busiensses t.ob d thelastm yea hasalsies see z othst t gaiea ias sll busesseee zo beuse gaihey i a svreguted. us se k bee taldy agud. to ma ny k smaal nks tha say theoama shaayhe dd-frks bi for dfr biinanalnstiortions isrentinghem fmanakition
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loano s llin binesm if f theykion't g an s loa bes t y dot hi mhee't pple. g >>owoa mh t dohi ms t pe. fed al>> oh bank getngoans tored o fro the nk deraetoverenns ose t zerrohe and the are raeren rnin aroue and tchrginer >>nd thosehere are e b inou hldhe on, e i b he bs. o efendn,he km. s lli h baings. yound are talng a sut t bags big u nksre leal a tig sorgans lnly.e t thsmal ban arens kill? thal an i d't kwre as mhet abo llthe sll a i d d kns margbo e s i d on. e lgenerg nee sonict re llatis. oleen a sct reti sond. theoin i a thathe sll sd. e bains dot ha all iha of s tse bbyibadoha fllie at i oarkas t talk gyi f aboie a ik c awa thalkg bobig ankso. c wa>> that'ight da vid.g s th's w the thtad. presint own thb whe cnci sd emptheresint mwnl cci bank sbutd th eptrobl m wh gernmt nk t le u he w gnmo
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maveg. hurrctse over eing tt grope arc fin somedy tve e orce nghem. t gpe a >> vicin g me t ahe. ecem. >> hold vic ovii, ghe >>olvi go aad. theanks tyeedo tope a a. e toofks t modyope hirgawye a to bbyio mmoe snse ofirye ts a yi stuf m s e fstbod e t en t ne yo uf timeis boe e tneo call g ime it i a new eaall it i a thaw srive ouha a a drivetiv >> o a a ae. a done riiv ti. >> o a mike e gi >> ckegres wries g t gislion cdesri nothe loyist t sln ot and lost ty bring (tal ng ad at ce.) tbrg big al at .) busesse can pass aong ge cos but theussean gsa aedg ong os smauthe g busess. >> g gumaeave runuss. of ime abut a mineeungo. o ane su rabaommintee docrao. are okinan toaveu ume toh dera e in triloon bckse wit u taxoikes
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d speding c bsit isaxke htorypen c. provingighe is taxis arall u a hry goirong tohe xiarl u t. a cainoion is o ca is an tax o baksor grn i an mpans maxing com b bas.r cayou say an mg solomdra.a cau eayaxyeoetol ra.ped of ain? rd of n? theye be comtted toutti clints rst.eybeomedtoti lihels ng gt.eratns hrou tou tim.el gat go timou.ouim verakina baout goim thre wn yoneedhem. erin bahelutng mlionof arica or wyoedm.l mon aca othnts. thstreth o a obalinanal lder. thre o a ale heant of l r.a onto-o relionsp. heofon-oelns totheror yr fure.toer yfu .♪ ♪ [ind wlin] [d in techcian areou by? nagent jt se ove th e netechchcal annualre b ge jseve thnechl al ty ne youo trslat thm
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in porguestneoutrat thinores tomrow omow [ ma annncer duci kns it betr foxero manner uc tknmana the it etglofol puroicatns. th canocusn buding t naamazhebike opuat. ith rox, ou'rthreadan usbu fong reabusi ss.azke h x,'rad fo easi. [ ma annncer to t 5:0a.m.chol. thewo t ins d a mas nner ri r. t:0m.ol he ts a rithe 'll eep en is do" acemic e l p idoacic fo80 yrs 've en ipireby y. fo y e i re y a we' beehonod walwithou ae' ee
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no hel you al tht whe yowanto be elu whyontbe ♪♪ beuse ur ment now♪♪ bee m t ow l notng snd iyouray. lot s iur. len mo at llerdu. lemot er. t ua, we lievhon is t elusie tohe mita . u e evn s nd cmitmnt i not mitee si to t monea mil ary th. ctm it te teily . he se s of lueshat ive ur nion'miliary ssf esat e n n're tli oneywe ed touilusaaank. tne e fr freto cheiling aa k.
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toredicar to ans, ur c mitfrnt tree helitg y, etetonsdid thrr fo ilies, cit te it eth fie iwitht eql. ♪ ♪ iisitthus oeqine . len wh mak ourank dieren ♪♪ it oe ewh akurk dien saa. wenowhat mea toerve a. wewt eaove >>oodorningverne. >> da f nwsnglerr. fo n s f n nws conirmi aer homifode b nbern nonmifghastan kill at mi l beastr3n amecan this sllide aromst kmebulnher ps isu.s.fficdelsmay a k vl percked s.ic lswithxpsiveammednto v ped a na th metheo talan i a na cimin c y.respsibity. it ieal t i cin spbi dea.lies i t singl grou atackea oes feign forces 1 sgl yea ouf ackar on fgnors afanisn. baea atf ho aigea afis bat old o austic a big i fun ale auic b six da i fflr vshinin aix da famy ken virinia a
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heamas ound iiriak. f etalhe siti. nd ie lile b doe fal not stiak lit hi faer b sdoe hot sak wa nderhida s theoods haerd 6,00 volhetedss and rese 00crewol fnd obt.nd were gesd ew f hed we aho.e aho >> ty'r bac tax bks f t'r greac comnies x b f caforn justre reiomtaties the tercareernntthemheneitihe sondra ust. re but r femeralovnnmen i sorat. ntinng t h dt ut fal ten i brks a in tenni hd you t s br all ani greetax enegyoureak s suld llbe cor goo eex ne>> io.ak s d its clavooo ohe ionth 30 it yea avo o wth 30ubsizeea hano w . toy,t isi 30zer no biion nto0 subsies d eianoyn iwo d ha bss peen eoy ha ofheasolee suly. th prolemfolith
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olsu. and with.rom the eate testh isolndihe prot e temoti t andtshe pvatero tind terpseill see pteeal rpl ee kno a g idhotel. raed $0 millna in prite mey to work $ ll iri meypo f wk a lectc c f ctbattcy flingtati. ver nd c the gernent. ttfng ti mrk ennir hesayin grnt. we mrk dot neniubli meyin te prive sectorill ddoneli mt. t >>ivseor thal d dens ha hisory aenot ofisheyreest invati. theyfappedtithoverent moy in lvedinn ttim a eypeheh erivatt sec rmo wasined t a n wling at takecas t n wng rk. aktheyre n wilng toake the riskey nilecaeofhee commpthe they idn'sk pa a man onomthe on oeyn' i pnteet. the hannoeaso o i te it. washe g hernmt investmtso at stated atas g andnmtnvtm eve tacalcd ator itnd w govnmenve lcort invementnd treeeds wov toene
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coopatio withvent tds bthartio and ion' a e th opio theth bvernthnttihoul 't bd invven' a wothdhe he. rn ul so b sanv tt ywode.o bok tsa t y 1969 for b t 69or man on the mootoann eoo . oldn, gg. ther are d oer pces g like er chinre theare doi it ps lik eape in he>>eoihiastot of over enpe subsies hid i hrhat youfer e bsayins i hennt ou hav t p,ein n itave mey oav t t tps ite m wit t t prpsisiondit wrants. i doprt knio i taxyeant wnt a wa antydo inkn synda it iaxret moy that watyn sds aed i at mohaers agil frl aompaest th arener t brk. ilr a pa we wt th tret? t ? anrd what is e h wpping t an vhauyss h pp ngow it. theyre voings ubsit.tart eypsng at te advtagesif ert tdvge e vernnt sidieto le rn sie
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theipocks an ldeoing itn calirnia. ei ck>>an mgan,heng ftt is, r htli ia no here i mn,hake fp gngs, r on i nohe sorer ireaakn the g uned stes. lot i cpaniso areaoingnhe downun s s. lynd , t lot cfnireeleng cou wn se th ndotan wringen solyndroua se lo bfo tri psideoldr ofred slo bfo tr o hlp pde i ofd rnal o hlp of tax iayer mey. >> al letfax ler m s.yndra d a notet so sny l dea s.dr d an inotalifnia so s t bakea at eal annifa04 m tilli b.ak at e is04lieanuompad t t deraand x evpa tor t radiraonald oilre a na ralevas cpanidi taltilit a chge w hnal psint oma' c ni tw leslatn. we ch wh areeei psi oa'ax reak leat evywhe .we ureei wan tak go aeverhe. tax eakis. goan t gfteroogl andax ki 2 percentgl ndtax bak. >>aybe we 2 shod pont inx b. ft >>be taeand forhotboutnll he f ta b aks.tador >> iougreel >>nd ta bs. i nonofitee ent ties>>re goodnonit ienngntes odhgs a i
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en cos to innvati you aave co t relyo on tnntiou pvatee t ly sntor. t sor ptect pte pects tt sr. getso pct taxper m pey. ts ey a not t ietenti anying. xp it m. isoing aot ouof the itinyg. its wiowng becaeuheechnog ishanng i so ca aney a runng he soossnd a th hav g atenun mon hss let thce iav g npeopon tha woret a the i mpans anrun ophaor them hee -- anann >> the is a lothe ofm -- polical >>hes a inuencinotf theol loals a m, dpite allinnc of t ftsheo a the is dte 17llf trand f n sits th isthat are7nnouednd nin at thuday re sou steshat t gornme wilhuy g sad f slst t spd on >> i gome iila grede fl spon i i yo cren'de if o ki throse a spyo bal c yf okianhseunis a t spal en yre css a kphemis f tm encess c a we nd tom be fore ss n t dirimitingn th mone thae th invt in dimi tngeths oon tha butheompaes t o t eechhatgi a t
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paying to me the wrkt a ng enronmot hethieand mhe w mor ennmheied envinmenlly iend inor ace the empyee its grt tovieny ndn ofe r themmpetax gr cditsto t hef ts th-- n cts n hth fish your p nin nuick kim. f h>> bicalou theneed to pinck me m. bal hesureedheyore l mkingt cos vingin therey next fiv lng yea. >>heos pro em ng iheeivoverenea as>> noncenrove ier to noen b eicie with taxper b mon ve thpron deptmen of ergy guante areubbe stampsepen eat.y a be>>taominsgp . exbl folngs. oninphing mosols. gopan dateon and perngos cmiteemb hav inoptecomm .d r theyre a c mitssingmbavhe p vate x tomm. ey me a minure w rti pat w hto re m mey. e th w s ruttin aftr the bak w m. th sutftt b ery me aocalusins ops itdoor
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y aalin opitor or cates anher ptopag ces anr oropires noth empyee, or es's nthustmp e, go forusins. n's gtd gofor ore eninre c muni. g r at benk of cmerini, we now e imct tt lol buness bofriwew ha on mmunies. im t lo buat'ssshy w exteed $7.8illi han uns. 's wte .8 li tomallusinses acss t coury toll ins so ar ts yeac. tou beuse e mo we lp tm, so t ye thmoree he mak port ity ssibbe. e moe t threheak rty ib weet i tnk y neea lite exa fir inour
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et. arol fier metes m tsad. yee texfiinr . ol fi m md. ohommo. andow cn yotalto e out iber ohmo whil you nde ea cng yoa caaly bao t er younjoy u i aea caba [ le aounc ] fiour beoynd rt.ognion. a [ afibencone. fibe rni. we a bui ing websbee oselv. [ won anunci ] ther s an aasieuiway.g bs olv crea ur o smawo-busaness cite.. eraniey. wi int t weeaites omauss .. chse atylecustize, puish d gefoun.. wintwees ch aleste,puh geun fr jus$7.9a moh. gea 30ay fe trl... frus.9mo ge30 ftr.. ntco
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>>wo n pla to >> nla ror socioecity. r natoma ciaccuy. sai to wancuai cut st b witin pay t in bease andick pryinay sd ve arica ainsendkhoice p s mo n arivacateic retir pent acco tsmo nva foetet refirormitng i a co privize l o fo .ef mi>> i i a iv saye orivaze ll o i i u dayva che o a iwede u d i ath ade grea scs. pu i itourwn eaccou s i.tead pu ir avinwnouongss iad gettithei mittin yr sialecuryg toti spenei o tt watevr t yy slur want.
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oey put it enn o g wernmevt totean t. nds. ut yot are mor gnmte e ciens. tan heyore s.oroverent e iestien t yo mey. er t ma iti p vatiyoatio m. yr rst naghare >> i p dtin'io y likr t nghre i i dn' did weik tn i over to ihe p dople we o ive t wa strt p thaleallod my 4 watr to gohalomy dn 4 or 4 peent anotheo cae dn 4rf the feancit meltanown.e a so amhe fuppocid ltn. toso tustmall reetithpo ts? i n't inko is ttll eth to ii det k i ll. >> vtoria i whade do y thi.? vriharusto y wasngn. anhihis stas ans iobl itesng th w p i it ubl i notew. th pt u decratoverr jeyo bowns deat er sujeesti s bilan for sta suti sla or peion fds. ging ytang pple a pehnceo f. gi opt y p te prite socl serity but t wt t mak bri cosoc setyavin t wak bot pvatiostionutin incrsing t ret premetion a.
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at'shate cr nngd t tetme dbate. in 'ste n t d teshinon. i morn,erma caient in. furtr. poortomaait cle. rt o ey pvati 30 c. yrs a a th hav pti30 h y an a annlize a th retu oineaverce and hhat a isnnzenclu ngtunecendnflaont islu justnts. get one orla two ercest.s. yetner n t pritizehehe ing.ce . nrize a he tantg.o o tt. st l akingthento t 401in l andng a'save01oneinownnd tlli dollss . e lote ofn tli ll ame.ica ot d't kfnow atteaomea aum d kw isk n e maet.eao a >> an't weskn alo ed ma. tede >> atelo forursees wt to doith ouroney >>rse n wtoo ah rey t tan tio>> ove n wre a okinat a taniove wiveriion ost in to dth. th is e heckfn at lot to dth. >> ths pritee vsus a govnmenot ma sai >>eri ratr vrustsoven the ma gornmeai. tarpallat strt pstd bache at a gome gornme. rp lverntrnt i pdact a 120
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illgonme on rn i fay an freie.20ll n prate n srter thafaanre. gornme. pr e d s pervateha swihed er t gome pte 4wid t kensio pls. 4i rt m cak.eiol r ma >> and mae lea it to you >> ndheira aneat rorts ao outou t tir an esidt cl rton tsnts aut to ivatide.cln s but the at theonica lenicsky. >> im on to ien ay. hesan i becae sne o theo is s ihat as ca s are nehes st abt e sial curi versbhe pen ssil s iri rsax tx. werenncomsi iax ppl areess radvaagedy t somtemshat p are res pla vaed there smst at t e nd theayla tyillre t ne mor h cou youelld he us t>> llrnig fm t neor net hououl flic ngsus lnigrice f h tik nigmareet d icslashgce hikigre pris t ra custers ishrivas.ri teir tcksrerabouto getsts i ava ost caus of r. tsutet
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>> cutti pces t c atiract pstomss. ose tehe comnies tha act om wi m ee mon fomesha invesrs. wi m >>on fividd socks greatnves.ver id sks gat se andolid cas flo. r >>ou likt. sendidas >>lo he>> areiktrugingith hh >> >> yugg likh doar h genal? mmy. i yik d losconoen? mea or doll dtore lpennong. ea>> you le the ll dolrerng. tor.ou l >> ijuhe hitol a52 werigh. i ju sayit wai onha52e o.h. ayai nand the o..s.etaile. mydiches tget.. ile lmyeic tget for tt. tigh l en tt walorrthopr t and ih like en al waart bpter. stnd o the sidinesik unt watt br. st he ge chideapees u nt


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