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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  October 29, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm EDT

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ondeveh ape ul>>d weekendha dou anks aor wchinde keee ind right h ks win herkene rht busesslo ntins wh erusslo ins w chel casehe aas cain in. ngemoats a lea ca then. pn putots threa thelln. at lst lalf thehr monil tll co frof taxheon hkes d seone roreax sd bes sneorri. .el ge sheighee tax andri ner se we thege spendihe caxs.nd nearesehey rheght? cheely rt? >> aasohe.l lcomoo chin n> we om hav cn eyne gersnd joav lay feld d tra e rsournsnd jayinin fd us ra rnso jinrie cistis dors. an rs.o allief cti lllcto acthanthplanay.e hal in xal hik apeninguttis. youik aayg pmise esuill be her p reve >> and h speinguts, youleer
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vell ner snd the wegs,ou dt ith n sheedice. we th wou cut doct payhnt icand ver d i udgd ar iut dctay dense d gs t bger b t dsedg aecon we gan'tr s bm toon reign i we ondi smenton'telie the ewillnot bth di 't jolihn,hell b e'so, aboheey ss sndinh cutsbo 10 o20 years dowhe sine.inut o thespenng o yrsow xe. hes alle aheen o getng ihe h tax akills. radhr,hretgh i theax e hehalfre taxhis a ent t per atlfwhat ylfaxhire a t seeg amptiha wel gee lgow st r owastior oureebt g. l ste rurt ptty dthstic asmpti and t assmptn yatou d wicl asavetind s tverasst wndrebillnein m sicrae cuts. rell t sings r mher.ic ts areot yre ags r hr.dl cuhats sver inhe hlan. a cu astsmptir ofin fute singsn. and lowe astifnrest rutte sgsnd all thessts ck a
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an d rthedown the oad andheaise taxi hewn axiut istian,se wealke hrre tithe, ideeke o aaing i t h re withede wear enomy o i the t theahay to my i ihe de t ono whoo? y rse em o ies nearlho yhe r docrtic o i rl all aboooki d acrcla who i ble tolboetkihe a ahoeeki to e ra e ttoes trehend s ams tkio me t t snse.tair s a t we'lret i tit ae s n'l b iun t andit fure ngrereing se no n bou t bunndu llowhathis corengreg noou or t owtsore o priousongrses whe it axs to ndprusgrs sndinhe cutt deci ons coe mtoehats sinut wil cis mutur leglatutil and ctose fute legurislaegturetuilnd crte teir ownut pat aeglareot crfoll t nec osariwnathat a aboy .llecrit tnay spe kay spdinge an wpe kpng iax spngikes an w thaall i wees hale are ending up with
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>>re thinknng chrptian mak a ointod odnt ocrhrans aking t o the futse, g get scings fro he is aut fute plet and t st'sgs ro goopoin iut thipl youndave to t's hooein som itax hikes ou geteheo congres tm etx s wit cewillavoneso to bal go tngsit meho yoll salgest tou tak a hone pernt x hik sst aoss heakodnder ikthatllow aso tongrsma t goat bacowk s, t dgrmaet t taxgoac s, kes,ut d wotax theavint as, wloy. in b wne.he >> and y b wav. to o>>tt i iorroosindet y sothindone eepr trt'shate so hinarneg. we h tes tot heomprise pd har i prrstao chel. h 50erce taxike atahe en50ce endie cut whmust t are b a diut 5 berwhentst t 5romi at all havimeert you co amitllompromi wi fy deou aav aoisopmi wipois f winndax a hsoes a i ie capndg a dcnd a m sacapfici i uortuatel
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oudctaxsnd a oacci libtynd utuel frxsdom a capacit oib tree wealfr andm m aeapit forward t alnd m lestenoorrd hat way jus saiden idt makaygecisns jus vos. th's wt we aoing.akis we a vo a econoca makgng smart desion nutakigurgut srt h tono deon g rlectedur h perc ttoaxcro t brd g rct ng g onrcro to b do. is but g oneelies ty co. t iropey ineies t c me wast monpe y ieno tax cut a ste tay. thoaxillut a be pusgod dtonhe ro t. a we' thl have notngus d ro a bute' gheravot tax. >>ut chrtianhat abo ax le thahrantbo we hadsoin crediplte ls talkhag at it wemaybe tt is theayad to cdite a yb tisookhe aotaxo.airn bei i ok. wh ae doouxaveelernei w didth wh dowelln sietyee vsuseople wid sll aretrug sing?ty v es i aisereugensg?e t taxe oeopl iakhons t aretrugse lixerpl dog wll. topnereug
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lierce atrudolin wll yptce would aakeuoin sse toaiseaxesnheld .e eac s of the to mseteres i, the havefhe de qui mer wel i ahe the mivele cls de hui strgled ael a it imil not htred aake it sse ioaiseot taxo thee. s xo yh tnk?o whatboutaytneerce y ide tk? at tutalk autcede re. >> iatoiuggted tat ak a kw ogd s ahing u whet tr joatholike itsr no sngetjohokets no johnohnaon yikeeopl dehnna y andepl be ndmiuiumb thth thasmare thaemb rht. ar whane wne way r.. let m winisne >> whissay c ou o m wheis >> shaveot t cry t oet me.he ve t t hav to e. get etrengs doi t t oyayavooet s is sas give t the o a t he. giis the ge lttlehene and t h hmeing go egihe wi. meg wayo, h you n't. letirs m a finish,ayetou me t. fetish, plse. mi i aebouto fh, c
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uide a ut d qution and crobls > isquonoecidndhabl wi aiis fr? w in f faio o i i vunteer. d ai von. i .t joathoin you are dying jna. joho wa ioc ire dnowng tt in of tin redtribion ristn ooc srt guyedibn st on wa ingtwh dece wh e is t s faiuy fre wagtecwhscono peoe daiide isr anairre a tadin inoeo de a lunt ty mainer. i wayn whe do we fd nt tma. cut cutynheowehe f t sndin at anut aut flowi the cons stutiin. angoith theon aition fdwihe ngns thti i anothnhe n ytss oth i the li. tht, ohe lit me p triionn sings mee. >> prin g sgs th >> w ghhat spson a wbowl. wl thaou sonre rit a on nyi jo,ha wtbout the iue o theax jo, hik wuthe axe accide.ikse ounee e andcdealf illi. >> rekind w arelfalki
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a >>rgumt he. wre esinrevee a aumis t he on s inve a reblics paited themlve in sbo crner he. lookre aicpa admve fai aaxinerhe. ll and nai yoax city ps 50 llndo perct ta cy p0 rcta ste,aul bu anessays the s,l highes e ta oratbu isss thehe wldies tamostat ihe tecolog bi wgst ltinionacompies yecogbi 16-1 p innamps -1 pnturseandhiss fact maussed ct thereeimes tageknhat gee besiness b hgeet bausehey op harestack bseypo h lp leage a.r.ck2,0 maal rht n.0 ifou wane fir,r. ma r lo nwertn if thntir fb,e anorhat illthirbantl ise venu daise tax on mber. faise nuhat isseax thst chrisan you wanheaist wordhrisanouan eoplrdn tax o w d l>>sindaxon'tutpl tha d
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ba w in the'tcony makha god baonomn senhe. >>onak no, omen >> it.o, esn' >> wlthy wt.reffecd n' by hier why waxes are notec gngy t hi retrch fm theseconrey.ot g tr fthon t ecoomic fure ilf tad f cplee tcoic nonee fu i gl yah.a cleonse pang6-18 perntah t ndpa t bines-1s payg 5er0. >> i age. ga b testays 50.0iion. i tax i you t wt to,n. b t sml busouesse w ao, cryin bthe tax bsmden. ehem bec bsen.x cin >> theyn'akesax mney.m atseyroesy.nd not who wroe ar abo.ot thaho wou racearbo congha up, erybo.ce waar coakinp, shoers ebo affe wa fe c't reseinhos forhe a hoday. t i c aeor warning the i eralecony? us.ainhe alon . taxs enough take ghrsitsn cry. y.iape,axrs fee fo
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mplipents who you gue lis i thhotaxper .uue i thxp . toe mo viroentay awe,
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we e noprinng on e ba sid of ed per baandide swf ched po fe x we e noprinng cau a l of eir ckaggr ntai d reswclededaterfels. aill t m wher fe.x do. elec ic t tckswhre w usg mor ls aill t m whfedoe.x do. s. pla pe. ow nomi cant wat llast p nt on e bak sis ousedape pe. t's e exbautivsi l o coedpenseion whs exiv consn .. maleannncer sustinab soltion. solions hatleatten. er maleannncer stabolonb soltion. exhost coul switoling ns geit te re ly se yo15% mor re syo% or cance stulitg ei ce hostdo pple e smtphos do mb tngs? man sen tha n enha t en app apgi yeadawg p n 2:gilloweae towgrack.the buly! n 1:on'tind i dzy. 2:owtockhebu! 1: ma't3: id a ge dlema.with brtachinvid ov to is rty? 1: omay if ie's geady ma.with !brchviovo d ov to is ty?ro ma ♪s sfxy guit androrump jam♪ : o.mis d 15 mon ra
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tltle emionahere aren youetti a litt indtria tl e emay, naere'reenou ene y aren youetti a ght enre iouamertia. t nd ia ah, er 1 ars rth. , e'oune t ier , ay, yous ean h.u ju norehe eir. 1 actuly, it cleer. , oun ju re eon . an it tuprov, es ji. anit hpsant ouecony. ov j ay, m lienin an hnnou er] ou onat coco illi , liwe'rinhelpg por eric s ec omy ou ] with cleano afflidae natul ga.. s 'rlp omy ou po moreicobs,ecess yissis, thanffe tuga po moreicobs,ecess yissis, res, s a gosi ansr foeverne. so, red ing e s a impago of and otecng o , ednd ag wat s ...paf uc.. d ec o and aat i .ght t a b oncee gruate i t a cegrte i t a malannocer ntmery cegrte had tre thaborthe ost raraland nogicar fruint re twhicprovared d car tuiir r rythuaer rl blind.] er c shinhu] an th, inne b ndi ciinof anhin bili ye thr tr hadents lt. thtittrtheiadraymend ja ls fian advor, thr tr hadents lt. fiey h predvred, r ev thenthiable hred evhehile ♪ an thedanc.
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visan canheo foncyou. waartullg oll of t stopand dpwaurintll of tusters thi holiy son. lin prisintoshiave tli s .wes iveic youryoheye t wl es giftar for whe geiouffernce. er is aorre oer bu aat i geats sign forhere o econbuy, w? f ww g wte snor are seng a retaers ll oree ahetopsnd l tas ake odvange andpsake ese pestrkefannd oers d espitthe e s rly i t mart. it o iss not pe r i tar itivit loserot term ecomicndic porivo waar tillm me heec chricsticsor wa seas easr wil m whahrsts an azinasas dwilha inteoutn t gt in d card thou tetimnd tran g plaar ou omfromanla whington waar is doi wt the wreengon et d wa rethe it isoi whee 50 ma d hetifts rd. is 5oneyin
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etetam tns o ri fe prs. st fprs gne o the tns ths r otedhe show forig fox o the wkend r oxor ishehe wnd gni of .alma th putt gutnifhere wit ama th fft areepin areonsitf a puicit its i mket gius.e ioing mt gts. elier for heeng nove eer 1er andorheyreayi ve 1 w'lndivey yyi brnok lar. w'l tha yai ngbrtlaard sehaion grd stions tereing. if sen y sonakehat treg. cd y y miet kptpe ging. c y >> se, me s backett tohe sre.ou it hettolids,ek l s. i chriidmas august the day i ris a gus out a shepay r a lonin time gut a chri sian ht.aonme werigreen o som rhi.. et was gngo aree oom sim it asholiy seon. gngo evernesimoncerned alise. ty e feering theame w thern a did las tt feghee whe coumerdentiasnt iea notette
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d coer walrtti m ihtotenef fmte thatn th endal m atthgain end tceour >> kids e watinin cetrev kind.s atn hdour hrosalt.. laaker sayg its t ayer taxpers ty t paytor xps ers ay akin akin my mdiey ds more re i conlidang masse. hidd feeon daor mhigsecomm iotinddee igmmon i'makinthe st omy mey. andevenollatrad a justhe art. withacottusde.e i'withcottde. i'withcottde. .evry mute it.t [ scorade ] we ge yo coissi-freetfs ror e [ rot.codecorade ] sio-fereiras co e. e sang.. me sfe whyas sai.. wit .dt buthey so gbeyo ban wenstaed ae flt ng suttem.y trweks etary v aiclefl in eir toeet. s v ilecuts uel e. ch: it hanc cusmer rvic amazig ts l en p ple o lo you oney: it hanc cusmer rvic h: t ncusr ic amazig ts l en p
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so s ow ytt howazo sa it. notust ney, knoedge atio vann thoentige fle s ucfoio goodeay oanrallth ti yele, i' yeme oi'in. odt's w, ts isantaic. o. s me oi'in. odt's ge cital theye nojustanke. were b clderal ey no thst helked bu we ber >>ominup. lat ababy b ut.>>in. ca d aby b.hyawmersant tm t y for diersmst tying t do wloris c ogyo th wl i cyo th i
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t nanntate i mndlhing pax o t s donnteherainng smps the y h frt en fot and dpers on t ss he fr rsbacknd.nd d ck. everything.or u a mhtay as worl payvethg. fwe the ms w aytire filandet r fhef pare re fild a r he t sta te re oever aodyt is h tta t n tolly out o ofer cytrol goo ns toyut oor col i goo oo i f procrnd gmle. ioo oce ge. giv diars >> toh dsyspayivoria tdul diars a llulia a repsentive ants epnte tso legazewa pping. ga pngakinghat th is wt hapensngt ths w hnshen policianook aay h am in lianok an hm offe. in thwidgindffiv ay thgiree diers. the aree erhe prramsre adrt giapemshey can
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ananhospals d gnate dpers pe>> anassps anodyead dte drshe gislion? youeay snuldyd bause its auy w sld bakese i nute and said ae tt ahe wedere mone neha gsid t t the steer ild gare t serces,he if she f atntyan incudrs,hey can i diaps as parf thehild apaserviars. eyheeeldt top cahe viates at'shatao of y tk est. th 'stotaewonef y t ndt.ivin nes tou. its aowinin t frou. ittate ea dcretontte are devlopnt blk axpanhing o tt. ne isevp iduasan o t ind kings the cices n t is tndua stes mheing ces t ihoic.s t is st mad,g t cicryl. e whe sd, tng cl. i wh sa t swading ds i ielre frosa eadg i outf the rowomb ihembs uhe ceut dgustghe and gornme as t dstarenndet u and
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reonsie goorme tsing tareennd o resi edgatio heah caend dperfo g edakiioseaca tt. is er rpons gilitkis t nsfishe r itpare. czy. y tan cteangee c a. rn y ge-15 timesew psumi on 5 hoesmuch ty eat. hatinaveone ndch t tre e oneet shod tre ssidi m ne aper ihouethethan me. s md if the er iueheane.tateas ifhextrash on hd.te pers h tharosh to t sothedot and faro drsha awe' the oblendent f ifarheyan't it a okato le havt fy't stledids. ha a hrtav peo se.d >>s. taly hrthoul't he aeo lkutlk hbout a respoibleal pents oppedespo tle p govtsrnme tak ldref c pp re the s ciledldeboutak > in waowshin atonuthe s thaed nare reilling thnapit budinha e wllth ndituniape. >> cthistianh w y can nave tpe
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last c ae t we wou e m aaren beiebleouik to en pride eierytng fehe kido ny c't. e dyt't f wano sid id's c. dufyeran e sse stesave'sighyeo derafund f dpersghfhey n't, t rand f d worst. >>y tiant, ty dsey,hank youo d>> joing y,>> cinp.nkou dan't becing afrd to becse ock theecg i't tesidt's althare ecw? ohe ids the or cates anher ptopag anr oropiresnoth empyee, or es's nthustmp e, go forusins. n's gtd gofor ore eninre cmuni . r at benk of cmerini, wenow ness bofriwew ha on mmunies. lo buat'ssshy wexteed $7.8illi han uns. li tomallusinses acss t coury ins so ar t s yeac. t ou beuse e mo we lp tm, ye th ity essibbe.e port moe t threheak rty ib
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ed a whoorde hothedeummy tereaer ed ahodeoorde hemyeaeummy tereaer ] manwe ] yolmy.o an y got.thatrongdidnt i? [ale nounr ] nt gat tate a who g oat [ e thauncan ] lp loer ctalest aol?ho h nut heerhas. he didonou eutr erfini sad, n oh bui dihepickidp ur dni cleasingnt dn hadoh youbushoedishinck. gwel i me yo a servion at ae suadi plaou arooed thincorn e, lwel m in yoat c get k tosuhese eln c h ll drighafte mang yr fvori pankes. te you maow w yt? an s.m gog toidy ur se ofhe oice u w s iofan't oear ceu ecau i'mlso makg yoa smthie nceri mar'tottr hote & rortsaunows'mt'so makg yoa smthie akyosmie nceri mar'tottr matternnor ereroxarto ttome te t rir gtsbal wsvoicsprocs ox mso t y ca focictheioccustl with cu sfor ngal binesei erox you' t reaca thoxu'ea r bes
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>> presidebama healt car re.>> maiedmaoupl wealt gar es da eschaxpl w greds bausehey' chrr rrd bsey' yo thi divce rates are hh wah o.hiiv >> resremafi wa o >>tfi homized rdwand slng f h $ed wa lesshanha s tlyre f makg $
11:59 am
fss.n sa t sg iak ingnly f t sa se . i ctent mgyo t sle th aan awheon wl ta ait. cnt a buitn he wta a dib b.auseongerm bu tratb bsegm a bllia hisou wotek aa biaat d you bet d os go wek magem t det ladia is ao cpany mem lwn iafor s a congny te awn great nagent a gdg and tad a gat theyge ao gdnd wll. meey jnathon >> ilati w i. her and llth vern intti i ierervendions owinup rn iert i rveten and in gher inrest iateserthis r ptetnd we er inokinsatess p dlt. we in isl iny hee funsndny ris un . nxt show trop t >>id y n buyho theop rlly thi >>week al iuywn r theyhitock abouheren thshowhe andck weloure absthuteow. >> ynd ahe a bllh. el lbskeehat >> y a that b ill. or the l


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