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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 29, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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sestin o uth.ts thehe isnt pcu soy eal chgen h. th typhe ofs eviroentolereh i ghantan ter ofthyphef erot e balefid. itans shn tingerofhese rge ba fi specculaitshngttac. se is etack ises eclahe reaac issuas t whetckr orot the es afan surity foreas ave su tetoromehe faenou af sitoree a whe er o notfa ou th'll abl trovi ahe o otcuri oncthe thitedl stas blbegi its trawvi wn ithe nexrince edta gitsaw ifeweex mths. >>rthe conr poll, ank u ve mucfor at r ortw ms. >>heonpo, k ve ucfromr kab r.t >> rk: fm afanisn to syrinowherehe omathab.oll is r fafisisinto riw three ha b n anhherl btal in rod of thha banroverent-d ras. bl acrdinto roof acvist toy's erdeatt- comrajust acin dfteracst tos dons we illatomst in sim dar er ack dodos. wll n imfrid's rds w e caked ang thedodeadest i ontid r and wca a humathrigh grpsad art ilrea nt estindtinghe nu er omaghrarea tingu o faliti, 3,0 an coting reenninafahas tire3,romancong ennas m jesale >>i. gufirend jele sweing ids >> presentgure sad'ecury we g forcs lef hreeest reeeop ded'uroday thiss com
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asd's ec forems snrt t aacki evthemtrom e s es. as s'sor snliky th ierna aonalki commemity m ll cate a s n. ly zoik. th i thnamoveal wo dmmy ce ang n zo in.thve woitd mhtng ralia agast no i ples a t cod m ao ssib r foria thega n syrplns ato co la ach iborhe aacksyr i la nohernraq agnst s. tops a sksatiod th ie unl thend oernqear agt t s u. s sayioat thunthd lea 3,0eoplar haveeen lled inceu.ay tea,0 plupri ngs gan ven ed syrcein t marc but ama nglyris hen yr potes rs rc co inueto pu thema plyessu on pes sad.couepuhe p surick n ric ree nin in d. ck je sale iceehankinn >>rthe we ay i theiddl ea jele were ere nk n >>he vioe nce i hedl ea ga. wraele aire stke nioe kilng giv paelstinrn mittantfromheil radipal grinpmintom jihnclung a di gr commder. othsihnjurlu. a the aack t geti mmr. th trasingur . mp i e s atherk tti ga.rag rael ays ie ser mitan re g re onsiele fos rece roct man tackon s ther ireaelsifondceoc re h ck s aerthey we il h prering a eyothe bragee tharmy jad vowitreng wil he b gereta ate rtthmy jttacow ric didilou hr abt the
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gutathate shoat e amecanac icid habth guat hobass men in ssnsaravo. havvideofhis guy i acon. ra was.irinand en havde toosk uy so i fir h self ac .take asind hoo soir h llfk ke l th was ju yterdth. as aujuorits cain thi a rrort atck a youan s y rd the gaumanitherecaresshi in a or at a blouk s r ning ack ed fo gh nre ne tssnmbas shoingbl o rngk fo ne t thgun and tnas abhot ag oalf thnan thourr soabinto ahef snd-o whh al urso iludeto h hing s -o enad onwhal ide him hpoli s hperg tookim dn ithadn shotohe img. li s thre he oks. d h an ohoiceruardg t thhe embsy s alan oer hu. rd thsusp tt is belved b mb fr a alosnihu vilge athspisel d b meer of fr anniil a me o uraconervave ucova musl sec artl: wa. a x ne weaerlert slec ow. rt w earltasta neea o wrtter as aare. rlst nor'sterumps wnchers o aeavye t sn on my par ofr'erpshe the o vyeast c n
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ind. u'resyia talng outeavybe wete d. resnowgust wnds,t almes t vyong eet cast, youe gng t owbest wookis, at w ds gug s cpt, toou g t kit wo 60uilesser houo at'sery danrous i60estselou and so iwanto 's teryan lusk i at seofheseel d int temratus. te th're veri int lthe w sse 30s. emwhattuhat eanthise tritnte hew sn at's s. at comtgan t dnsns of the 'savy t ty. oma l ohe davesaveof nothe y ty l fa oen o of e eseotrees bause it's nlyfa of all. u'lleetti heaes w s bwse on t'syl. llhoseeavtiea w s t hatseav cumute o tes. ee lbs wl beat ming dow mu o me tre have ben t. r orte l wbe ng readdownow crosre theav b ent rete ad wnrthet analonoswithowehent tagebecae se o thheeanon thwer wenes e ao comg ge ca sdown o thagairave r ves d ageroom wn to ght, specaillyvese we d hrod in the nhttiours w nttot, ecy ge daroute the h. inhe no n as tir ashers t win on t gear sttm stem,hehis nos isas 90 p. tn ttoni t. st it s stim, goi to iss sning 9 p. ound p lade hia,niew y kittioi o city un thrnghg nd porons pdea, y o sout rn n engtynd. u w yo cithrors by:00 m. o uttoni nt. ng. weo yoithink th torst ofy i 0 wille ou of nihe werea.nkh t u'lltartsto df t ings
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rincelg now p becdesea o b wned trs el onow t rac andec d't o foedet, 's gng ttretn ver tacnd ddangousn thefo, groad tariaer ng s ntiod, ahes tadempeture iagin dronto t ioight ame tpe re hour n be croefulf yoreutto ere tht drivg. ur >> a chel:ulndeeyo it'sothi to eay wit if ouivapp t hav a grel:ee athe'sr phitureo orit veoifo pp sharwith ts, y canavre-ma he p re em to vst tar athdres yanma on t ur seen. t aes on urept at ep atso o n repter owinthe nditns osideisxnco fro o n orepr iineout it ode cenalro penn lvan wit iuten a vnny nanceit wh a v n whataint fg. heid tator me. ankou vynt mu. f be g a rl fhem ne trlea. e. look t thk vnow themu gro d.bea fne eacomptely over gokthw hero s e mplyer s pio furnure. loo lik qui a fnche fe p rn ooisikhotoui a i fromhe fealdwl, n t. to im dw je ney, owin ju how bad t vibili can b yo seejehe, inu chuh inowhead t stanvi? lian yo bkindf ca t seyoeet. at'shu exintly an t yondca poset. i nt t tnk 'sx evyybodor the tpo i t tvodhoto
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e wayse sehen takg tseto ys snak t picte s. ct >> rk: l's tk pitic onhe caaignrail i's r l t n p ic unusl tooneeca repgnlicail presenti i nopefs usto falepng ica and t of esti vor. ef t ateastneal co iende is d of pring at he' omeatstode prg e' sttinge pow. hean cn suing t st pgls ow d shing he c ssung o t p l ingshg s stea conncinmany of his valst's a lg fce t e eaoninnyfis lss a f tckonith. ug hore. rmanain ons n shybouth. h e. mang somanin ptty ld n hyedicutons authis rmae,som py he no,ice'ss no a he'ssn rlaba tod a he s he as d ab t o,so his'shancba inod t ae earl as cabtest he iisncn t rl c whasthe hesaid >> precthat ha wil w id sout >>rearola. i t llilredi w ut tt weol ili nish fir odiecon in twe iow sh irrs oonr secdn inewow hashir not ecing go tnhe lb i w ere,ut m oing tohair redit g o at w lre gng to
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e, ngo winouthdi w calina go a wn sohinth ca cnaolinwoul be h e. w so it theirs ctest cninheul so hh an if eitntshelars out csthe waso theanf c en enssionandut ye that a wahebig if, cen honlld have a atrealhot hegf, h minaon.av a >>ick: t th samealime,t oughtherhas na.een >> talk:thmefe, gh eryings to pr baomen al h campgn ng aoeara pesba rit?e h yea mp he ss he ay, ira hisri wor ea di s bheck h sch ule i somishat, yinge was or di b h stcheomt, i ngiswa a me. 's n atartilarl i periced cdida a. n despe so strgtirl date rid cda perfmanc a thahaveeall sp so trnerad de rfnchave lltf ra atttion he'slso ad tton 's seros of mitatents. is ia gelinbusierssof and mi tein ss.s he g ng t i b gorein si lecte nondabousome f s he g th te be ctnooume th aearaes. >> rk: i sundsik t ca campgn n a hurrang f. mon r i sds ght? tca mp n ur>> n f onthatus t? alo nthat n c if y belve wtis camloign nat stafis c. s ying the yreel wamn af spredngtinghehat caiwillaul
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ed ngin $tmilln juailll isont that $ allrojejuion. but 's or a mlionolla ant watk. je itn.ould tri et ois monla fdrai wng pait thrldgh trise le smer mont andhat mo a fai pahr t l sr lontndt ma y. ca doenot ve a o paicully lge cam igncaoet a pa ul operion. l >>ick:oug ve f us am then tion cap ol ern. >> thk:ks sg fs he on ap much >>hankth s >> ahel:he rht t smo chdicamariana arki>> ank a l: rated t legmo bat e.caria ki now t edegdvocy oupnat w toc p calirnias sug thobam admistraon, aimi the feral vern nt iliiasuthnjusamy mira, mihe crking dowfe ol rn i lel pusy cr ngdispserrows. o cay stall le li pn lo sprr ca stgelel i cay, fst ololl te u whatre le thgrou s fca f ote u at ththou f lawst? >> tth medal mijua advotes at w talk tows and e one thated mua filevos wlkond hisne trticar lsuitay fquitle sfrany, t fedal gov nmenic l it fittickg i nos whe ant ted oven don' als all ies tosathe t do dertme of bsticg.simp lsll t es not t hehe demef icmp otesou hes t ally eorcehis crkdow ou re t tt we ly eceisrow tol
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tyou wbout a coupol wuksut a up ag the wsuifileby wheg e uilearge medil majuanadvocy gup inhe cntry an aorneforhatge gup tls dima meanhilevoot g in cry s anertlleg a g t me thele feralevel stas sllegave hethe rhtfelelta to sstabsh teir own eblic rheal ls,owhicabh is t wnwhat ic ciforansal l didicacksn 19at byotin cors toidk 19yin legizetoot r mecinase. eg enow e argentseing mad me na thatt ishee. w aties whrgot wil ng adsliphrou the atisrack herie h >> tils is oing o beipouhe emenckus pblemecau theer tisngbe tien en w p nemd maaujuanheto alviattheisuffing e engointo he a w m nhmaan alatoreeiffg ffic t tiin hbtai mng tha edici. th mayicave ti turto t aiackhaarke i dot kn whe thecire g ng th aye ur t get kke doknhehe gthei medine >> t suigoesn to sayeiede d i'quot fg he isue the eds tuies to ayare i'ot usihe coe iiveehes taeicssioeeotas commdeerhe l king nctis ofhe stend at's hy mmer l ng tiof s tis lsuit 's s led. >>rthe oka t lit
6:17 pm
hodoeshe d.epament o>>he ka juste reond t s?ho es >> cledhepant o stred .s. torn t genel er >> holr's cd oic. rn ne eryestday.ol s is med th o lsuit i ao spo st ty. varus s ediad th l it re esen ativeat sme opo tar tia s. attney'reenveffic o s h ore t intty' iclifoia o h ao es coinenti on tfos lawit a sayi thaitis coti ongngn tsaw yi howe r, tliti d.g. intas th thi we t d. ta rackwn ith hi nessar argng is too sy for opleock i nearbuserg the i stem,oo r le mangt mesehe sm, aout alin ma m rsus at in us hling hng. >>ham ctorrecoendaons >> m rorcohedas prpos ofecre pionaos fmariana e. at'sot wt thalifnia retersna ria 's wthifa iende rs or ahorid. >> iwas ide rlie o ts moh wh ari i thesfedsave cal orniie tmo wh dispheseryds 45 eys tal cnise thei drs,
6:18 pm
spry5 te inomplnce c th feral ei law d, an als w in plshoue poi o fhat alskedaw e w ouoi o atornt 's offes hed manyf u.thes disnser aesrnff h h in nyfes facis herdedhe warngs h a in theyouldt gi us t numbacs in h tdmsars a f hoeyw mldygis have t mbin tctuay shho m ve dn. >>rthe verinteuastinto h sehow is pys t. cay ste dll, ank >>heertein se youw er p ca mu. te , >> rkk: shapptoeporthis xt sry. ou issimu austic roy s frpporis s vi.iniaas bn siuic fndfrlive vi iaand bell. sixays fter v fishive durg dl. xs eramilhike vhiurightear-d rort w d, jior,oundilkeyhtr- ro w jr,nd a volueersho wer cyinghe luwoodrs he'sern gohape che'sngeenaken to aocal od 'shospgoal. waspepott lyi 'snen ino a areek ald al sp. asttyin aek al hself robe wd, jior seen fod aneunid h wilf ob w jr n isfoan mily ni dhe wi undn ly w d aroxi tely 2: p.mon t axily 2: t marottarart
6:19 pm
qury. e sech i ov. qu. se i vthe vestatiocontues d the ara lo of pple e ostionts thar lo fank. >>ick:oberwentissi pe ost sday ileikin k. wit>>k:er nt sis famy. s asy eeinaid, asitutis and ham as d, does ot sakishichnd sea hh crewsayade it es vyiffilt fo s thetoch fiea hi ew ybuteit vhankfilly th fohe di. at ltle bhi tnksyh d. le b oka s >> ahel:eryood. ere e ne wkaning abo a l:ericyd. e neinnotion wngbo yeahwhy heic u.isksnoon osi ahy iteconic ee a u wto w ks to opsi it ion e a w ric plu maj o wo id caier ound undricslu aj fligs. fi outwohat d tocar tndsdr ig precentefiutt oove. ts >>rthe a pgnan ecte re.urnto inanapis a er a>>he pan h rrifin inap a a h fistag coapse ag oght sess p ns.. t tir skes en'tlway ma for eoplt with piabe..s. t ss 'tay maorplthbe th's w the's n glernaungesmarshak. th whe n theglhavenaarb geeadyar akwi car thadige sloyeveb dy wiarhagelo
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capil ons ne sh rardsard giv youa 50annl bous! pionne rdsd syou rn 5iv moroucash50nnbo! aordi to ssearu 5eveorbodyshikesore sh.adio ar edyese . well alst erybo... ll al ebo. ♪♪
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6:24 pm
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6:25 pm
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6:26 pm
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6:27 pm
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6:28 pm
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6:29 pm
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6:30 pm
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6:31 pm
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6:32 pm
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6:33 pm
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6:35 pm
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6:36 pm
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6:37 pm
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6:38 pm
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6:39 pm
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6:40 pm
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6:41 pm
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6:42 pm
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6:43 pm
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6:44 pm
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6:45 pm
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6:46 pm
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6:47 pm
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