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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  October 29, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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tcre aut bies d dghebriostc t b iereets s ris t et ks ulft a milint fhterro a van ulft ri into alin fer.a.t v convoy rint opacdnith.tco 1500 unacf exosiv. rmored bus 10 ituring exiv tormed wusal ofiturinlag nd fst to rponder drivingla straight into fhe cos to hp rndnd dring sai a.t.too. c ticoterpettingnd dn, airliing vivot. fr theteieryceneet ng in addditionir t thevori fr heryne sors a n he ciliankilledrihr sofgn a.a. civciiansanndneed pe offir aln kild in tackivccnsdine tpo t fi aalfgilnin inteckio tointr ay an our te cooroweltrl a strureangive coomabul withheowellat s on thiabulith atconn o?n >> the u.s .hi ilit coanrs he in kab tl.s . in stited vlenc is on hwaye dnownab re acr t hein st vncs n cotry but a try dg onf hig hrecr t profe ttcoksry frotm t o ig thibanrom pr shootin gttownro omn am itnan mit sheotcoinptergs, o tt kil leamdi0n.s.trpshecoer s, nd a til 2le0dou0r.stt has dem toonadic thatou
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noon tttt vio hnce is t heoonad tay dtown ano therno lar tge v i ale tack t a sort of d ano er spartacula att ac ke ck here orinof bul a lssptalamstt he o buntra adict u. milary mmnderso rahact u.ily m vierencis dreasin i fg nian. vi ncthisas aasreveas aack i ni. sout ris par a oasveac kabul. ut17r parpleere k illedkal. inudin f ou afs,er kericles ad o udcainnadi fan. ou af s, f th emerins k ledicana o ofhe cadier. e ivian thri k coleractds woing ithhe of he u.ilaryivon h re builcodctwog h h af anisreiln.d and e atck ce rlr afday an a pist hd ighwataye rlinouthrern k uly pthaisth p hhw f t n hugthe revop k oul p kab. t thugree theop b orand n r ab wi s eethtreighe and botra n of revopme in a arwi, ig buit'sn aof wevhereme then li nbuav'se attacked s. w coreoyhes inhepa st nav ttandke the talibave coin rpaorte nd k tey oaln maravy tgets li ror oy s, and msoar tge golivernme fial afgoyha a so vernnt oicia herto go me tr tofireal tfghes rn o spiataercular attks an trhisre tes sp atckla i a att aealte
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atmicker i t thealteanan stil s trik e w teaalanan il sik e ns wuenc aea the afgn curi f orcesnc t aakin tghe o arn ri resibilityren' fces f tlyingr re capasiliantyn' prered t fly handle ught opaf the responsibit ties dle as.s. roopsre ht oohetiinesns drawdo wnas. iopnsre ahaanndotiin ere s onrn wdo w iln tannd afean curi f wcesl b te afrea rirr fisceithatckes, the no rea yea ahoish knowatwhenckthel b threnoadea y h riowenth el >>herere p tty hresh realits an w hahrieen >> rere prttting y cours by e e re oittheanyeareehe attle ield g ours y wi e loodiffrent itoheyear atl ie repo wi10oo0ffnt soldiiter exctoeave po af10an0istan. sdi ar you exeingny snso oeaaf anta that ady aru ng shappeng? >> athe ahaen >>omsign a aeady, ree or gn 4, a dy am, ice tros ar binning toeave 4, the mmanersa amhe firstro ar in ngooo leato wvebeho e an pasa ofheonirruio o oo miliearyasheho a pafonruio t lirt and thehedmistrion oles ey we no omrtt atroopshe, tr n t yeerda t es wnoomtotrp,pshe
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nuyedaer t military cmaeto he hereaid somnue t top ailar y gogo be ablee teave redom ekandahar i anheom go daygso be a t deaepced by afg handn tro iop om ay whshhe .s.ceil baryfg s ts ro thor ewhh tro thas leing thear america nd ternatiol derohahe a leg he ari doze rnioerhean a i'msoy, ze ahan troops takger tanpoti andhe growt a onth teops t ag t po t seri dforcyro e o serifoy e o ecemr,e will see 10,000 eric tros hang l t emr, afghanisn ae twi s 1eral0 ic ro fohaot lprin tn ghopisesa there werl not efo fewerin acan topgets t re ol he gun dno fer in tge afgnian.un conr polltr ieang vero fgni is n,on tponktra you vy much . veroghannk yo vy ch. > news i americs elecon h neaewuasrter ander sedti of ec vic htoryerndrom o f th ca ndidesf seeki tichery o.p. oomation om thheid ee t wte us p. om atrmerusinn smerheman cain ws ing erinsmermame, in will in g ut, willcali. >> i prect ha wwiin i p soh carolina ha wwiin
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i ll p redi t tso wwirollna fi nishl p fst at s weconwidln fish a sondnew hpshire n going on a ew limb er but gng tohhi n gedngtn mb w reer gngut t g t win sth cali re g caingak t whe r kss a tli aisanfakord iver tty in ama a sang that win wlhe nnfet d er i the age rimo sangha c wtul he et r ublie cane mitio. c tuur dg lader liv e for rli un miti . with tew s d laderroivmeor wa ington .th tew s oug, hro dms ai bac thiin gton . claiup g, >>we yous knac h says ai up he's ayin>>g twe y groundwk f s he fst sers o 'sin trodw ckss fwith ser ogho i iowsa th and nhoampshire and ow afollowg w n s an namhi c aolina. and y no bell runowning an s nvctiinon cama.ign d d no unworkngin ag fome tnvtion tamon brklding omae songase in tuppoortin utldh caroli. >>hat'whatotasn peopoe d 'tut seecali a a l o>>ft' peoatplot doeot eunrsnd . d'tee l o di'teo jt srt dot un carsndaigng, i sirtt srt testing ca mygn mes ige withhe pple in thesng various stas veyres w year pagpl in thar us taose fee very ood abo utag
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so ute eeca >> i a bold socaprlied.ti, i hisolongedst suprt momepr romouthn histatsesge s s campaomigneus haseen m kithheayathrou aba cpa n rougasut t couef th weheend aydou hon a ugig touthtr we d llhere ton w nrlyig 1%f th . he wnowto nrly break d ow beyth d tt, w ow ptty retein d ey dronau t w ame in secd th on 4 he usuallyam din s wel i st w4 hll ual everothe wcandide,hat stincles rk pey, mt erhe nd omnended u p cl rpet s plitti t nend emaing fr sit ve ai fr peentve >> we do i ricr sepednt >> wethe stedo ienneee withcrse rm s cten t campaignneeeith bus d coringim behd e s tnes amd tod mne hse s cong that sometdhiou s s toentu mly hpen at's happing owat a s tetha that mo y wotud ro h in 's his ppg cam aign. t thow ch?t loo mowousro iike tist am n.en'theap ithew so h? oo nes som ikne tt 't hapshe h ust ne s sw ngn ch srent andhis t bas ed sw onngjeioh ntndhis haast s caonmpgn imaki, buthe numbs ar ireiend s inkcae'mps i okinbue tmbraari tond
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tand st a furious, ands y . d ari a makn yow, s a n ruing operion t t tck d own ma how w, poa mruedng from t ern t ts.ckohe mican drug w mrom ocarl,he b micang he fed lostr arl, b of hdr of gunnd some heed ending up i nof o g t homande o enng ucaprt members and o t t hhendm o athe mrsnd t s neft borde patrolagennet.ft or p er tr doocy.en >> port: din thpe stim y iocro > ortf th imy coreanet napito of co e ma iant n cleo she had no conversati aboma ope ition c fa and s h fiondco weretibope on faatndricndol we wt talking theriolt ectary otag hestatevenhougitol ectitaesry sou of th bordat.enug >>he steol dartm t t tiesou o uld alrdit.hhi k o>>f s t t issue ve n od ord ofhi k o fasfo coordinion ndsue e ve n ohaveod oec oas aoony kind ofnde veec noce o ar h keads u opf and noce y o h ds up kno mnd rolct is tht i leaed nobo itctro im tth iea i prts. ro t repter: deceer 8th
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7:25 pm
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7:26 pm
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7:27 pm
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7:28 pm
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7:29 pm
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7:30 pm
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7:31 pm
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7:32 pm
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7:33 pm
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7:34 pm
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7:35 pm
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7:36 pm
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7:37 pm
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7:38 pm
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7:39 pm
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7:41 pm
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7:42 pm
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7:43 pm
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7:44 pm
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7:45 pm
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7:46 pm
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7:47 pm
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7:48 pm
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7:49 pm
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7:52 pm
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7:53 pm
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7:57 pm
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7:58 pm
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7:59 pm
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