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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  October 29, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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ok. d ra thind, endes lo ushahim,n ok t thddelo a hwohisecot te by lawoslhie. co tey sl willever f witmy berabasend tt's a ant lli've f git ra se tleft ith k. ve and if cft hav omeun a ndf c h gos ncyom a os ncy pe. oh! h! way tooscary. ayd she thi she's the qscueenar d aheway, she'shiot shequeehe qen ay, s 's i t king. qu i g it iki. i'll be a g ng ll ang ititsike a itov ik a if replins keep votg own ov ide i'm oifli tnso kp v foe he mn owden'm theiroi thrts foe awaowy. he if cgres t wonass mys lan, a'm goi ng to ces bonasss tyms n,'moi an texetivem actanon te pvefect. inct pct. rack ♪♪
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>> tonht huckckabees ♪ eu♪pe t ri t>> bonaihtut ohuab as fieuia t ricollap bs itoo o la a f or a mericallapitoo lao oi fth ari sa ecomic ss disathst? sacoc eopean di eeaem peterchf areemotfr t t i pfike re itis t >> a tnd wt aice wld y ik givebam it >> ins ad>> a of ae w y vem c ihanging th les lici cllng og bama has s ci ne is make it llwo orkma. a he oneba imas jakobe plawonk he ofailre. j >> a p ♪n♪ il. a ♪ > he' sng out sholl crs amer hica. s ng aut no s cnt superst arer a. tobyeia oc the c hntouse upth tsthe veor. byoche hlads and nt leme tn, gerveror mikaddntmehuabee. pplae] ikhuabee la [appuse] thank you vermuchreat ppo hae]e a of y he. nk y er wchcoato hucka be haro am the y hefox wstudios i nwco hkaew yor the ty. x tuwelldi hal iweenns jt aunewd y he c rner. and you onll halavene
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tounait unt t cer and tricor hreatavers ce y totnt or to b scar ed ic or alatyou's gote y b to edo ithk alu' g of atherlectneao ik wit candidas aer botcth eartiedointheibest o itan da useot ieineist you o es on priism, yu saty pintegrm,it ev tirthplacty of tiringr opponts ev it no ircretpl havstrofir coictis abt i uepos ttst it o etngavroom the sanity fco ictiab ilifeueo tshe tr x. an the unlikaneyf some eofepl t wrx. lkansnlxpts about seo w p itic isxpts auautynt nely eapicnheieynt neeanhe aandidate and caidat and hen a fice aanda ald and i'mcaat sndion us ce ke a t h'm to s sveio erica'srobls anthe fo i place sved on i'sblanhee r heforce absunolic rher coabloscyol ic rforn t cdites n co her yndid es a pun ts or theediaos c odifs wnm sp wr hid agreun heia ofm spauthworhy, re buwho ve ner auall lefthe cfortthf thpres box d ce off t f ldbuo n all ft c rtmuthes an x ce bffloody f fmld personly e aagingn body
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mgame . rs lo i'v eing gnotio cmerest lo out i back obama' g jumeio c st is peence h is bac alifa'icatioju hmeis ders ndin opece the if fuatioenta h ofeconic rsin t his fugra otanf tecishrd of ra t iamhr of iam fascm an his pital sc an hls dlingith oer par. ital i do t qu tionis d ngh priotm. arthe do squceonty oisf his potm.fait ety oisfa s pce of bth r p ofexr rarrbehiors a hba ex d father and w,rreh i belsie e l ovesthod a a w,uny.el lnowes he mee both y. diffentlthane ani'm wing te m ceetinuotth te ff tl isanean'm his t cnuisu, t is e ll n b h pt othe rsalt tt ks n tt oth ie find al disttnoksble dranklyt i de an t ente ocs. s e thdpresnkocuses o tdehe tnt conflis.ctsthesoc iesnstead tf t isnfsu ands carrivero the itef iscansudatend cri >>ou'rvealair-o e mtsete ea antek.
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you>>ad y'rr chaice- l me m eetak >> rk, y hadourk. chouan ych l m et me ea k.ak >> rou'r youtadfr me >> teearickk. >>'rutf >>ckagain-- >> rk, i'm speakingain-'m r'm eapeaknging.'m youave t 30cond thway e ru worakks getg. oue 30 60ndec dsnd theth youy ruet toro g rpond 60rit.dsnd t ou and ders. r >> you t. sand- >>rsve.or wou ld you pase >> wt.ou >>ill u kp- w this s my>>ine,l hat have to ia sa >> mes your ismye,t ve h ea isant mour plod >> lk hat matters od yok at mte vor? i dot thyok th mit omney' vo? ersol fah out do bththnit iue in the amneignso fa aou inon't tuehi i t ttheamig hern a in i abaonnd tons ht hro file n ba di hfi and wrerole nt difind ngrich sreps f newry and i n'think ha tri m fhele ewry ndbachnn icrazbec sei 'tnkheha happ men toleelve in ch iazec creaheion. ppd i n't olievthatick i nt isean. i t evatk hhbi bec au ses heelies in tradion h maiaec andau i d't t nkhe aiet in
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tha tt ck perrys f maiand i immigrat tn bause a haet p s beli ev cimldgrnatho bse w och i his slite did cldn ch ll i m hht be bte drid boming ta ers therlha m taxht be take bnding i don't t hitanks er ax ropauls whky b aukese hnd ion t nts getid o roulwh bause s et o te f or jn f ohuntsm anjnnc wked fornt sm esident ama ambsador f chorn. if you 've eaiddt a bookmbsaodo t hon. if yightou thiengr he took higheo grnd. you ow t t ihtelhivere tohaigt politics ngree. ds t beu tes iel hor onlil, cs nt, tbeft oron ft decrat, publan, nsertivelibel. t out to be re ve deal. cr , blthe, que ion iserves beit outoe tak in. eue n us us rt wnak are hing getti ustterrr e ngeettyting tterwore? n i f meytnghow or mwoe?omnt ann't cst m choba ove a cst conontation, orveri oughor y i onurtaeonouorri obab gh c yan find seb tevion w i ab m cll fhed timend y cld at w i m emme y ct fldatme amerisoo
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od a foury to mesasted by aa bry t bat tu b. [alaus >> nd that' my ew.[aus > towt'ha msy yrs for thead s ysor ttitude. t coact at ke ckee nd c lick onit te. fox n ewcot t e ckee fdb cck sneson andox sign n up for my ffacdbeb s pagese a or folloign u onptw itter. my f agwell or tholsday eur nntwte llleaderth csd a e d tnoail out ad dt a r ddled toee how aiut solvent idt rdleurope. ee h myex g uest w arnelvthathet s. i headeeupe dow n t hemyex samest wneat roa i eadani hannowsn t bamtiesh oa mbf heni h europeanns b patirlshment ho two y ears a he madeureaneain wit hpant t tsewoyrs ordsde toeaorinithrish t pserime mi ster ds gor tdoorsh pmeow er or>> it' not that you're now >t'ot hat ou polozing li evebodylse,'ve g lo ng th liveindypae,e of a'vcc gepting rponsilit it'that eyou' ore accti carry inrgnsnitt'at willfully, u'arry n worsein ourwi fusiy,atn, warsonlyinpendrg wh we haatn, lt. you nnotpend our y o lyndwh e reson olr bw y u otnd
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r waoy out of btes on >> o andr petw siff in wa o oamerficanbt ne ma>>nd p he sif ssn thereaneren inesma sefl s oduc on ath he shareis i in wit th the tiuc a hhaall reet prote st erins eliithishe til et ptest wee eli hi>> hs mucdo y thi i uld y, wtld bfair ee hfouc yhime ? >>d don w'tw, b cai't tel you at. me >> onbelie in c 't>> i t like u he. s lisin iik erydy.he s >>s weha t wyld.e a >>uge ta cut forha eug i p ta cor m moha 35 >> wha d mo u tnk ha pay. > ha> d aunkpledpa >> we tse two gtled don min>>we wo tse wo nielann tonheinuthor f the elhen tewut rhooa tf o e he r tserfodo andiel sifrf i don't how nd l an sconoif ion g hro a whyanno g w craes tnk yo welme b to th show ra dael, t metart wit yot yo elcaus bi wa to askth you ow abt da, mertit w t'usgowag oonsk ioun eu pe aab howuchou thi th is rring,t'hagotg eu aowh t thiin p ndths ps rrerhag,
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gointo t te ace p the ha itedintat. elle authehe sim il edat youee a le du thinimk o pres idouent h a a respbilies au ain rolken w test a y sspli a olenppin w >> well l's startitppin ll at lap'spening i s rteupe nd wha a sit ua onheap ni thpeuropea n w ait lde ahe going thurea n ode a gng borrow o inconivle bro w1.4 trilon incdoars. owfrom w are they gilng do ar or w itom a firhest oyf al gng s omody hw i 1.4ir o trillion sdolrs y'd h tnk t hey'd fo tll an use. ol 'dd mo t tnk ty'he fopoint, w t' e mo hecoatpot,al? w t' wh is t gan t co atultite? i the wh t g t g anor tite i ulhemate arehe taxye orit y,ulspteaire tgree irandndity,pougal. gr intherordsthe ran rs d ehe s peopluge. s the inerds e n heebto s now p tplenitesd sthees that kno as pzieme to andow c trite ast patsonons steeem d a ere'so newoney heree. s the u.s. ng e' in theew soneye re dire tion t u .ere'timengor y guy itohe s e tu offhe rd. reon
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wean s you in hee' rmer yuy view mirro tuouff'r r not ea we sou nas f drn the r oavid m aros w'rot are d tbut re sa basd proem a per sifhas en tki re t saaboas, roat a you're cpsu smiifs bo, y mo'rreend moresu wmihout a commsurate moncas m ien wut mmra prodncctasn. in anthat as od tru e inhe anat s eope. andeteret m get toru thee e e.estin adndmierst mon g tohe how ch rponsilitdo ti th wearad forheonoliciesnd w rnsit sulthting wr coramitshaolies niel hasust lng camtsescribed. ni as >> qte ait. i wi we dtaey asesib. me qer o af. ng rewie w coutaldey a use him me ofre wou oethis side of tim o thatlistiidc. of esidt obanhited a bahand, bu ttle p ye itidob nh poored and l ba peopl iha, t cong pss nye arehet same ornd pl op who wngere n irenheon sess riopng w thenteonecesad and th 's henrihe pheroems ere ecnd cr ted th we'slenw u phes e hsingubbl cr ed ov a perwed ngwe ub tha t wit kovpon erofme om the fer resve, e ha di wdtp wonh g ra ntee td es m, or agesrom redd y ath f gnyraeed moresm ddnd aotpaies are f mpli complpaeties ien the
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liom ehavr. in heinstd ofhanggtheai lici frothe s av stofng he mini ciroe sttionall ama s go is pandhem d ma em w se. stonl a wwa ntgoo s epnd bm othma ofou w. her wn we co epbahf we' er ctinuehe weisss aut wh's t wing ace in ce nu e uned stes d arwe a aded dn whhe t sg e pat as n euunpe a s whas doears ha t m eaednhe s p forshat per n oeuut a thehaoeha m or ptcer ong ahomehend sing w d t aect me ame s g you l f dout more a wech t iel d pe r at he eou ofl e shou. m e ho: doeopll use peartpatnes e fto d dumb hingsh ma1: sd, tt ishe weekhod.dople tps dmbngma s tis ek apgrapc: yh da! apman ap all y me da cra...t bbly man don minif ioozyn lle ra.t ly n onn 3:ins a intlezyn wi a ostae inted er tthis part n 1:nly 3: he'a readleto wi ck!taind tisrt 1:y e'♪ sad: gu ar a tru!et j ♪ vo geic s 15 gunute acoulrusave j ♪you % orore car insunce.voic5 teulveu ore arsue.
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t bgo arthmiano. kanu. traoinarnutrion r exaordary ings nu aoartrn e tex dirderey e ings8 da or ur mey bk. tdireinda m b malennouer ] the:00 m. solar he t tras an a bule ou ]ride he0 sar traanbu dee "il slp wh it'doneacadic. "isl wht'nead. for yea wee be insred you r ea webens d ouande'veeen nore toalk th y nd ven toreelp u tok ge ywheryou nt tbe top geeru t ♪ ♪ becae yo
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momt isow. cayoom is .letothi sta in ur w. ethitan w learmoret keer.e. arreke.e (alaus >> ntinng o disssio d i nt tgoight back (aus to in oisio dai iel. tig acnielkou he sa bet ten o da l. 180 a el hsaet 199 tton on10 th ente 1 eop unit on there wa iral elye notni erwa ng nlyew n ob new cedutde of t u.k hoon eth d tt edutdehaen? t >>.ko n ewho p eva dt sechar j? >> an nd somoverr jo crt s. r j anthe oubl in europ seomerjo i
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cr tha it's anerye blfi eltope ha fisre tymndfi fltmsre reluck and he tfioire pndpl femsnd don'want tluout pple d o tire th bndooks i tdohen'nt theyut p ple migh n be e t bro ip in he thba me gh ne e tre'sroau ining iro th me the tak t'sau oghe new th taktu i he ewuggh, a higr l of i stctural gneloymt an thatr whawe sd tastlingctnsteal o t cnezyym an ideaat yha s carryd onpein gtangte rend zyre reeaseat ying tarin mireak reat t mihat lead to e amt hale t calaty. we n d to e lirallin and restructg. la. west n eu npe ito collilapsllin d reru pceage o wstoreu iol psin gr seointwoodand e p ce agtraoeinarhi w t ha grse ntthode gd ernmt o f allao tar t un ited gtate anmre otill rsui the polies haunt edte brght ti thisn ui t the p firstha pbrcet , mo t mnryg t toir pinflcee mothe buberyg togain a fle e b vinge the pie m than ain mess tha n ng m t hic mk ihan thne a fires tplhae. >> meter hic ithoue'veai the iram epl >>er thing f getngobou i'vn th aihe unit stas diiculto
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ineateghem causonceoungob crthtem you j usittaoutdiul arte't am eusce to letcrte themou jgo. t ar aand rct toet t to mat cgoonditial s snd i job t re catiodinor yoin y srob binesseserinreion t u. yo h y har is t boesin eate t a h h an h tow is ite to a aetid h of a i j i t etid omafbe ad toe rescind? ie b n sayin tt f toe yrers, maybif i ib clday f say ity, ybwi ith a engsh ce. c i keay i t he way ait ngue ce. co i ng fm daniel, but hs t w u righ th 's wre js co f frniombu hs i' a n ghemoy . th w jco i frploy lot ofeoe and i i' nooy. firstha owi oyotifflt and is ire p pleirow aiflt how s ir pl expeive e gernmen mak how i i pe knoe we gnm i a l i osml no bunesswnerto d athg theca l to avoid hl ing bu ss perple, d not becgausehe don 'teovo wa hel th doep't we,t t nec on li'tilits, t oblati s,wa el ruths anoe r wegul tatns a li ittaxe tsbl tihatoloit hruan ul hingpeople. soxeif ws tsimplyoanlo freit uh hi epe lle sork ws, limevel thean f ayingefield,rks, l allelowhe busi neines celatellobs ith t sivingo worryte
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ey'r goibs get sue d o rtht ng fi wdryor dgnosit and oi 're oing s g oet fi dos a a l ote mornge g bs. let talabou l gulorion, a we're . st etructaling oue seg me aln, ae' lo okg acttg silities s beeen at iaready log happing iitnie e urend iben iad ppcollinap ised ecoe and wt's alst othe rgin of lldco a happeng herin amaleric oa,e inf danl, hppuchg haserinam ic retion in ur opanh p hlad a reon ipartn in phe rt ialitiehat yore facing heris aalit sry yofatatistics er a fr you. ta stwe hic is idfru. h970's w% and tha w0' w westeeuro's% shar of de wor tld enomyes and euoday is 26 a nar f w2020 eno itnd wi ay i be 1520 t andwi tt'shat ppened. causwe'v been nd rulatingsha anendaxingnd us'vee ctralizin rguling and heinax bgigge rson ctr alweine gbeen d oingd thinge takin g werenrom dheng n io s tteing dr mheco nnciotring,nd takingte d awayheg,nd tak mp it ion.ay the in cstmpinittn. i e
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inrnatiol cpeti cstin yout n rae yo tax p a inrnio th the moneyou rayoax stasp going abrhed m andeyouan be ssoi gerou brdnd ouwitan y boue yr m gatureritea d imitit yedorr o to mur rtaiimoiit and t onheo joai startoing abad andndn he theupe ujonionrtivngoad an alte rnate,theupeon ite o an te fangmpion, you can ite expoour c osfa tngoion,ouanem. po andr t c w fe the em 19's hendn the c wpetionehe wa onl y19 c'sinhen fhero oeron y en unies o a todyay wheinn oit'er com yg fro cna n uns aodhen ndiat' iom fsalamitsnd that'she iaromaalte camausesor the d'sistern romaeuro cpe's ecom y he dy. rnro's eciatt , les ta abo an ea oheffeavyegatio ttto aricaleta bon offvysissegesat o ma a rire as is sissstited. ma ahat'sss gng t cos st itameredan biness and w t' gng c er bes it hnde he etrint affect. o one ows h marinynt the al pafblemcts gornme and e reaonsoe ts ht hmaea
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e re i pso eemxpgosiveme ithe d ea fit pl he ieas t same ea in eve thth colge tti onfi arepl s ios amn eensi thol. t ticausthe vernrent gs ino therand ssize se siit use rn g inbef g erernmendt s it nvolve heah ca wasar ef g leerssent xpsensive and me olveeaca asacceib to mor ele op. xp si a efe simplyro htce mib tkeoore . for ces ck nim the heahth m are,eou hav ors he h cpetion i we,e caenou h sera healthnsurce fmcti eloym wt, wcahin ishe se racons huee ourur f ecoymde w his if peopl nsereue shoing arnd, d no youco know eoeho g using hlt insarur, cenos ou kn re-pd in hmeltdil,ns we wou -p ha muc low hlth re mecost butnste of wou t aking ha uc owreekeh t pproach w rest uttef tjustinoinggo g the e ke gornppacmenthven re iolve we'st gngoi t gohe run hea ltgocarnntn i veostsven ige'he g and moe r hea i tsmoreigxpsi a for empelors hire om so what w hree expsi upor mpdog,e tre job ss wnha w he the pp ssg,etrndobs wne mthake ehe re me exnse. m >>e ike: wonr w d mie d peer say >>e:onr wo pre peside m oba to st th econy onhe rht tck ag eif y wandeto kbaw i'o gointhg on onbe t r tbe a sking agimhen w y coan ba ki'ck. in stayith . t ainghe w coa. ayh naonwi insance wh's
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u? wh's vishi dedtibl l abt ? nawins cegu , itwh udenstrion me. wh vhiedbl ab? les bl cargus miit. detrn . ay, t's y i'your inranc armi , s evi'y yeur youinon'tncavedu .an aiden $10vanies. evyeou'te aen10ni. e ne yea anher 00. neea ere an i gr ng, .rl ? e th gnext, ear. ? thxtr. th waseird thasrd buawese ! ♪atioide on ur se ♪♪ bues!♪ioe n s♪♪
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bere t bre we re tag abthe iact of be tree oba ca ta andab he iacda of end obhasa ong cahadndocialid medine and h m hsg adhe oc dgove ntdiafet anetf h m he sia zed vedici ntett contributetohe eno hashd s tcih youace not ntte eno on the u.k., bu tthhaout'acs n faced onllheveru., het' eop ced ver e unn? >> w l, health care it' un? no a w safety t. eah i icatreer i no setusyt that. f i ople weroun't afforus t t he th ca hele wouldn' n' havet th troffle is is aheca w n'noly and veth tharot'le is dasmage it's nolyndaagedha our econodamy amand ou's health re me aed our eno aimmialy. h ah you meow gernments mmia . don'run things aouow geren very well n'un
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t wngen'ts goot stallinerwe telew'tesoo or c or sopelltiirlis or not ery le oood c a orun ng pe healtlicaor ot syst . d ad on mosuntngeaf t in rnstio nal on ostmpfison inrnio l rvil res andaing is on mes g str ok ori r a hetdias ow lon g ds s g ittrake see y hetowong it de toee are u aveft e nea year fi neye bri inye fi ye is sinte is t bad is man tag b wh adve wod iiv an oma fi t ofwhll, dvis iwonot ie ki o f eentu yooua fiof, it n d o eto en etumb yki at the nd o currt econo acthe junend you veow rrndt thecoc eco jmy, t seendnd y've u t tndo tta lcoing, seitndhin yo tea l. in hith e esidt wodyo say, st d rey toe elp ideecewond the st o it.aystre toyoup on'tce help ne ot.ndebte f eou by'tusng melorepnn hi i ynd want toelp fyus men hi i g o wnan t to of eebt cris the g wor oldn e detmands muc mor thehaorn the wdeldndsikesucoor t
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8:27 pm
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8:28 pm
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8:29 pm
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8:30 pm
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8:31 pm
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8:32 pm
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8:33 pm
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8:34 pm
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8:35 pm
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8:36 pm
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8:37 pm
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8:38 pm
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8:39 pm
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8:40 pm
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8:43 pm
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8:44 pm
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8:45 pm
th sonoris aut aoc guy w pplen lihasst i n ghthanisonta an, auy av in d ing se inflationghista and avg e ilaon lldd es saying, y kn tha wve le undeseray g, suppress n foknaonghaimeend er and pp kssfo thaon d k u.sanha alliehaveome makit a tt u pce a i'm getng llievee ak a theeck o of d pge a'moret th geter end t t'es w ot of geit'sor out. thet we pnd tt' istt a'stt. cp c alleed i at mphoix a cnd tlehedolers ho ixbie af al tl ofheir ts, ollikeer a ittle7- elieevally eir te its, kegot ff tl7-ele s tta i, e cal t ff afanis wtn e ca base and afis bought etvenethosn e. as e thendwere bohtgone.os >> on here but e pot i ink,to ne your>> mic i st notpoi k, meant t o be ur m iot m tbe poted policly o way or pote p ly ohe o wer or t a righting or a o lt wiang a r y'in intifd o yourse as pttty ch a ifwing l'gi if deyocrseat, sbueattllyy ot a lat igo potics >> ndecr, noty aott l.
8:46 pm
i po cs> a n myat w n at souther a mocrat my a grandfathe- sth afar i kncrow eforgrat ar kneryoowne wasefyw re yo>> w n am i'thi my pants n voted a f me hi re maly? >>pantot meou k w, re? greou kpw, like you d, in aansa gsndp pa rt olif yth tim akl iahoma a saandsad thr gre pa h oeroeim aklom a dn the d utre hvi dn drher andusotvi ecessari ly i th ord eran adndus g t haestri th icturd. a robert ge t theret omewtu . ob >>et'salk out sone g he writg. how you eel ewout >>'s wk nutong i hea ouitr song s,w touy'l t perk andbouteopli teahatou ng n s in mpe bouteo tmi. nd iown d t d t gift del th you.if ear e, del 6th thyora o r ar somehi, mythra orelementand me my ad s creivenertingnd lsondouad s cine,rng so, l it wa reiveinritingo, i ritillngso
8:47 pm
watausllso youe ats brint. creave t yeind and ri. weth ea t esindnd fti wet tories nd toes rebssom, i ot a guitar eb dom wi riing sgs atellui peleik e a wnggs aelinluary peik muzzndlu barnkg your eymu you don'tou how man nkg ur ti s yodo eyou d n'yotn' ou h mtice yoursf tingyo , buou dn't you it dred y oou f thounds fbu utima y ed whatouer as i hreoy talk a ndat e axp iie l andr eo nd mfhi in alkbout a a so laft t a so. m fndhiheinn aut a wsohen ft finod somhi w f thaomthires me ighthat >> tt's ea stuffnds me ht you'one tonds on sff wring andou he yo yowned wringnd hyo and oan adult berage i dhave some o o iantduer e abedra i s ve notop senom, bue aorm dow iner he sboom no anophow thebuldoridouow i n t int o anw heth?idou >> it's a nto m ic?
8:48 pm
t's es memb s rember exi r. mb is bapst reerie lye r. >> t's s t tap gd lylo's >>s t d winendureoughsndlo nend es sneezes anhayfer. mik whais tt wo i ee erfoanr.yf . it' ikha twosyol a erfor. t'syol mexican natial dnk ahoing mic l eti dui a a horginitas befo theleui a to edrg ait fo he niht pou littleikeed meca nimoshite.tle >>s th wha tt ? laught) >>thha >> 'm goit ? let the ugauen)ce > avoie i lothe mebut ce av theittlworot inther gus he's gdnd he btlr inth now i 'the ? gu e's i tdnk wha tha pvesf ow yodrinthishe s ff t y wouhaonhasf hav wo s.yoinis (laught) yon v >> s. t i you ver laht)et to the > btom iour i det'think he e wm btomtts. 't >>hiike: oby wmnd ireoing to p y th>>title:y track fm ire oihi b nd pthtlrackmew cd callednd clancy tavernhene comewd ll
8:49 pm
backyou' notoing o waancy to mavs itern n[appuse] c om cku'otngwa mit ppe] ♪ ♪ [ale nounr ] 're t mploers empyees [e un] e lo s not mpite esllar blucoll t e ar lull or n colars. areusins inmeri. nols. andveryay w awakre in tointhe rime cllens. ndry wak toe c en buat pdentl wee heing mpans evywhe bu pntweheg an evnd nhe solions to mage sk nolns mapite andmploe befits somerin bu nessit nd lon gebeon wtsh buness soribuss ge wbuss ♪♪♪♪
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8:53 pm
i ould cal ccfu stupl thatso ca bouillyldal gar superhat caclub she was bn'lyty graarndma up and s let's c ubl itheasty g raanmay v rn, bud i bug l's the ieal eoe w me. v>>, i i a true or el >> w tr.. >>very it o t is a--or al t he>eopl havtre n ames>>ry o s an-- fa s,alplndavesust b rought fa b backo li. you're g boingug let b bkoli. ouenge ay l it th y, clancy tavern >>ay yclone, o, tath e.>> >e,o, e. ♪ any minutehe fe clock ♪ a muteoc cld ll crd wi be ming ♪cl♪ ♪ll flong wh be ♪♪ ♪ and hecrwie ng♪ c et♪lo smo wkebe♪♪ ♪ a and et moe er ring d at a5:d e r g at clcyets 5: he ♪♪ cl♪cyhes kws all t faces h se ♪ ♪ pl kaquiws acall r taisedm fesnd s that's hypluihey'rell loy r ased m truend at♪♪hyhereoy ♪ a
8:54 pm
t ue pay♪♪ir tab and ♪ t that pays tay lightir all she ep s tatirlasses tig ll f sf ew tir ♪laesf ♪ nd ♪ t welrs nd♪he o t nine telivhe and the ni t rulariv a t es oeorld ♪ r ul ♪ingi h e oseld tu,♪ he sclanu, and younehb hoodan vernpour nd yotr, mody rn urrl♪ ♪otr, m ♪♪ ♪ ♪ erame ili s owspam seevenoe s s th svi i s great senoe s♪♪ vi ire ♪ a♪♪ t he a tlmoooks in t lmkiten andoo i bnge a iten a ndick fed steak ♪ a ♪ a round nke fcled theak ban♪ wi stalayi a♪ a theun d cl muhe b wl filp hewi atayi ahe mu♪♪l f ♪ andphey'll♪ te a ♪nd ea hey'
8:55 pm
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8:56 pm
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