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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 29, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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>> jge jninetonit on "jusce,"aby sa'samil mos to sect l at jn. jnenion thus," py ri'steil i nv ti tomorto fecatn. e thamil pi wd lltatonton f iamstaon re. i y 26nd by listi . 26 by l miing. >> ty we cing mom whe ismi pg.umin , wh er teweis mom whisli? um in wh whaerdo he brosers ow h out at hpene the nhtli hashe hro vs an hhe t h neand he nysri cl ferom the d pare's c misng fm te cl re pho mneis. >>as ttlou? pho ne >>o, ias s>>ep tin ou who ade and w hy?>> i sep n pl t an d go m sionhoe nd w? ath. murd orpl d mon s h.cide rd wilrl aew sde il autopsyevw t tth toybo
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rebeaau comin be up tigau c in onig onjustice.juic weome,lexi te us, >> whaweis te,atest?le xi tha nkou f h avings,e.ha t it hasatt?n hankay fs an hdinheg it isaso si on ayisana.d thissiwo oer brotherhoisre fi athnd ewoht w oerere b sthedulre fito m atnd w e wedul m w pole fday, p e yestday. fda d nonotappe w en orcestnty. sai henoytpe waed t t aken dnace to ntrulehem he ou wa tere t eviaknce na theo ousele ey wted mat hou them wi e vi e hetoseule m ou wndd at maybe tm his uldroe de cluou as tond wt mbe t ppen butt s ndrolu a t ha wtppeng. ere s a enakeuutin tts lel te . ha e lol laener i s e a eu t o utlete loe nalaonal is lawyer, v o famo e i snaal sll lye o mo i saithey sll wil try ai teyo w t rescdulehe mting fex tt
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we wit thesc kles mutti fexigtht noweit iitnotes hpe. the is lk a utno i mtanpe . wright t s w p sohens ho a man ht t says psoho thater p w calleromays at w alerwroelm pnen midd of e nit the nelh n li wenissi ddf ni t at ch youell abot en atsi? she as bn in he cou l bo nehborod b ore. defihetely bn ininrestg ne or ch bace.ter. she s sh kingfirighly pininkst ir a in chct pple er. e sh sangng tght shinwashe he an pe day saer tshsaby lisa hewa f er miingnd itheab la nghrh mi gand ieoeeecni herromrh footnd a roun thed hou. er ro she has n ome for wardot and aunhe ou sa someone al leshhe h n phoneomorrd nd ere s asa0om sne messaheho lee . 0 she n't my th she checked it r arle what s h rde t thhe ced sh is aitlsarha stayinalue sh a forc sent ays visitaleder ur tes ttalko rct is h a bo t tlk is. h >>udgeeani: wh is a intestinif l enfceme . vi ted >>r thge areniwhs p ttteyin lnfme ear at cal wvitd tthore her th k yo so mr h f baleingt hwiths thi vethngyo. mf bng
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tha y outhshi >>udge.eani: no to e ssinhacellhone y cou t y >> hogeniheno ko inllney lis s ho sappranc l octer 4ro d :1 a.ppnc ctantiercroda. ti parntsebaradl d psaerra idlrw all11 i ey tl poliche month d ba l is h tas peeolnon dnap d ba l her crib a whoe r kaper a cls a sto oe thrker three a cl s pne th >> wreere tee the on e c ount er w.ree >> wn di you t reali tt e n c nt we nothe re wdiou r li >> staed steaming al 911weothe d w w er>>eta s pmianicng andal911 i w said w whe is p t andho. i id >>heudgeeani: lasr dung t estiing. >>geninvladutiga tors tigellnvgaell derah d deh jery tt sne de a cal jryt at:38,neer i s till at c thisat8,tarbuc doi sctllricalt work isucctcal
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poli rk a deborah. li tha awas u? >> n i w dasor. s hains who ould nhat wveee holdt >> wever tkeeer. w >> they ggesinveigats we tesnghem because hey >> y es ve saattheicellhone werweeeshe becse bl ked,saeillnaneereae bl oud,oing cls.a oungls >> i hadt p t cell pho bill ihe itt w tasssell p ll d iuetso t whe phon weretruet.sohe >> s when oliconsay ere wstrt. a senicy e cl me. your rponsisl what? me. >> tt i not ou rsinse. wt? >> cld y mak t any iot calsilse.. coul d y c e yveak maknye lal lls. ul y eve ak e >>o, i cou ld s. >> j ge j nine>>yest iday thisomanouur fa d. j jnest y ganisan wt. liced.ontaed h becse thncallas me frot.m i rwin's ceta h ec ssin cel thll m p fhonerom t ihein nht inbabyel lisa pne tht disapar. by is a and oev calleis diale. d wrigev's number. al >> ieceiiad a one ll o my p neig nidbehe n
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t ha ieia e o by l pa went mis nsi. t l we aprent 50 m ca ll. ap nt i do 5t kn0 whonswed i oe wh was aid it s o.the do kn ho we otir whasd t e o ohefhe ho neot. meg haseen iheerviewedho byolic four egasn tes. ivi ed >> iold hem i byaviceureen t es rougthe ngh rh oo i wditmh i ee bfrnd. ug die't kw thgh famrhily. w di't rogni tdi ktham pilictures. di r haneveniseenab t ptus.isantil have en ab s hthnte ns. th >>ge jninewho de t ca frothe ll pne tt ght d wh did >>ey i jtneo t catheirore ho pne t ld ot mt whd yt tgoi eihoot m calls? oi ma fuhrman reted c ls tect e, apmaduhan a jet ctcksois waphs. inalefense aor ney. so ws. al ef segentmen, wco ameory. anksor bng he. a ph e cntfromn,hecome irw 's ks b h ph e atbout ph cheomimrwhat th ph batyut lisa go mng. wh dothou mak oyfis mng. who mak ofhat? >> wl, t pho call, judge hawe kt?w itas me. w tit ihoabsalolute.ud the lice kay tity ha m thee.
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is ut cord e ce jud t jeahane: heree th at jy? rd>> igree was adudea: e j af r th i ieeisasree. we ow i is m e anafth w is reve t e i man w m he r t deborah m he r brleye dor br yeadamthat sn'take thphon cal amt t thphon's werakee llthonal ten thosere tenith e ba a t lig left oith cept fbaor theabig loom whh wa dark pt forhe abthe recipntm has whwa 5rk0 second e ecphoncallhat leaveaso s me age d no vonce.lltea o >> wt is a mazi ngmee neoar. is wist azi tehe rie isays she tdn'tnswe a dn't knowieay he whcall and w ha was ai'tdwe d n' kn and oe 't kwhnow llwhndo was ansred d it 't k how coulseeo aot know w itas ho ul eher llotho? >>hat theelev ce o allr thisho? at ds it ean >>t heev ol heis fu her d iitn esgati. jud jeane: is ithe nigh the by dfurappe iared.esti ud>> weat do: e kn i aboe the gh e me dage atpeedas. lt? w do kn bohe noth g. me e at dwe kw ab lt wht?made e ca? th nothg. d k ab wh dewhato we now out w th ca
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ti to e ul mateth eatvewentw t th ti o ul noteing. theelev ece ithathe moth the o nlnoern hat he ev i at tual lks le usthcthe o n ha in t cas al l ies adamusctt t t t as cellho w iad t t ak . ll we ce phos anaby ot ceho an ab go tetr. >> wt ifhey re go r thtet? a rpe wify trat com in re a a erytng ahtut ts isome a e at om n at a tr gea yytou a w tldis agree tr wige y very ing.wi t t.>> iaccoance wit the ryg. iecoce wit t th fr stf indditioto e vingaken the b y astinioo ngveenhe tak t celyl a pne. >> t isnl t cel pne. strange ec se>>isnl san se debahradley evythi thais sange comeebout herraouthey >> t evhirwhain ssagey the met erth kiappe mus h te de arwin sa t one ll bausehe ki pe uscoul't me e a dell. a why e uld bseidpp cal ul ma . mega wrigh t. y d id pp whatsoual they o ga wgh tt? at >>ououlde sothinas syple o perpst?he numberas >>ld soin s ereadstor in e pho neerpshe n ber perhs asou a gng ad orn throhoh anlookg thughhe
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rhas a gone ngu prs thbutt nd roan ok th hitappens o w he prthtter. ap ns>> a m wisal. er >>oulde sothintha a m almple >>ou a a decti>>.ld so in a thisomanas i the le >> a d ti neigorho . isan i e i aee wh jo in tha ig horeco and ou a wjo in t setng co ou as my asou put itoag andutre ure n i mt aasnd put t o dis ga num r o de the i a diaum o adess t ooin the ad psne at t' f e.inhe whenook p anet t fe.hi s um enk a you ve t chisis wumhe you u ok a t a thesi p wne a amber trom their pelnel errohe c phoneis th posbly c nber thaho was the osgity off. be t >> whey y ty tff. don't >>y t know. >>ut mbe iwas d num'tberno >> m i s um r stedner pho. whyouldhe h e he st er nuer?. shdidn kno hhyld. hhe nu ?>> ery a ect o thshdnllno h. come b ac e at tdeborahll bradl. me if t phos wer n tde traenh ra wod ithangthe kna pp in tho w en wod ithang the woitng e k
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na rcumstces? it o y chwoges itnge in boh sts? ochs i hadles md. >> jge jninebut rk don' you ink at tle pho m d. ca is pra ise j jnet n'u k tho cas trarae tthe ppl invoed wthert ith t p kiappevo w oer debi kipeeb dor howo th expin t atemt th thecoul't makeowhonethallsxpecau they diem't pthheheul kenelsauilhe >> seone id mak p thehe il ouoingall t m ay stne mak w t their lief t theou tngl tha mtt ey w e no able o dothr eft. t ha t th c oulde b wnoledo uer th cldhe b ausiblassutionhat e one s noheableo blsuont e no le tgoi, hover,eversed thpho was ae o ak eoiho ir,er thhaot wayas. ak sayi i could tnd i tid way yians noingou itht iasid >>heres so thi nog h w it h>>resoi h deboh b wra. >> she iser roga tebod bte . a lygr h a >>he iscced oerga certn atesp ts ta higr bang in lved rrt a lngbo t certain ems in thied bo c er inevenfterhe is
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c frtes thi c s withhe c l pho c ener bei ing de iis a abs olut ethhat cho theei ce p ne i c al a wbs mute eent t she es ithe dia f orcewonec ana haen weeks and sll ay se ie a f orthathey cldn' m ak eanhaee ksnd ouoingal aty c ld than'was iornt to heroungal haats son tnuoeser the onnued blit >>nd btheed it w >> be gtlen u ca aaysake a11 cal ca ayd wshy wehey oon foral w th wphony in f ty ewhey cothdn'tonakhe cls. 'tak >> ectly. ls >> jge jninehow es s ex eain lyat? >> s doe't. she ays jiet jd stnepsw s ex n ?lkg. s oe .w ishat? e s t st lis w t t olknly c ist? in he he t he nisht t l oisnlay in h t dipp leareis poce ao wa tonterew di ree ha b rothpoer awao whatid terew ha bth boysea rnd ha tat t can thesgatorsindoy os e decate us essfthesga rs dinteiewi cldre nt. detesf tetelewione ngs re n t.aaaaaaaaaaaa to pair lee s aaaaaa o ir gay... he ng u ..why we ve so ny a in r
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na? ga.. u soe'reist fi..t y e the honeo ook. an na kn ves s ansodge.restfi you ow fheex cne k.vean ee. w? kn esane.u f cll, dex ips to p ets fromactoes aund e wod, , x s p omto a thd clewo em throh cuoms, andhat' helus x cs faer.thlemrocus, eat ea.dt' elyou now ou g c faa .righfutue t .herat aaauaaaaw aaaa ga... a ghtur aaaaaa.. malannocer sply ain lutis. fed. sutio thamatt .alnor sy n ti d siohatt soi wathe y whwas ver goi to ve t hea attk. i houg i w invciblsowae whs r oii'm o an tspiean rettmen w i ug wnvbl becae i evewanto fe at hplesess m ainniren [ ma anncanceri be ere ntfe to alk h youesdocts n befe yobegi an pirimareginnn.ere tok ouct taf to your dgitor, rid tagi carof at y havto te ca of. tao dr, taar y av tcaf. [ an ] i g thicitihankou cd an staed
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thothegoodews heldn to yo cof e. thheods w. ldtoyoof ♪atioide on ur se ♪ ♪ioe n s♪ ( ughi ) it'sctuay a ettyood day enouonsir. that gre. ( hi 'suaa tydy ousi atre
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>> jge jninebabyisa willurn e onovem r 11 shhas o ha bro ers ho j jne bya re tllren onem t11 shs haros night s t t dippead. n ht s th night by l is dieaanhed, th n ht ey we i the lome. anhe d, thonly wne ss wi tome. ththly wnesha mebthorah. li's hfroer bla ebah. heroerery' bs son fm prevus r ations hi ndery' on michl ev rat ansge iv chebor's a son friver fst's maronrie. fr juder jeane: w arthe f st ys dng ar >>hey e dog udea: are dng >>kay dog >>udgeeani: theveng october dorah s s t>>geni th en bo wat a mctover itheouah s ile e boat m drinkou ohe f ro e poh wi her neirighr.he f ter,lake g s s newpowier ei mpshe hs r,ke room.ew shh borah bngs fooe-year-o mike ntiled w h he alo ra bng s f wiye a say kitten t fnd keil whelo at day wi sit t fnd ound:0a. d dorays nd jere:0a.rres home,ay
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re dcorsesom li is misng all hell eaksli lsoo m. ll ournterelew wlh t ks l pants sk w heurner the w t boys pa kns lis wsk whenhe bsissing. kn is d thboysake up?is ng >> y h, ty thysep? y t woke and they immeatel knew.oke awe we scheaminheramend me el neloing for her wscin arheeynd wer lo gcryior whe is pumpkerinheer w yihe i p pk is w la? >>udgeeani: dohey lundetandhat ppen? kinof. >> i>>ean ge havni't -dotheyy dend t en kn thashe gon and inhey. i n knav wha -we eye loo king f knhae on d y he a heyknhae kee lpng a skheinhay eeyoup guys -- hicam aes uuy -- mpki pieic.ame s they kiskie mmyhere ey mhere pumpn. >> jge jninedeboh an mp j jneboan jere fmerly aud the lice to peakre trl aud t boys. ce >>ohey ereak i terew oy octor 4 rtly fter he>> y e
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er ewliceere lledo t to4 ly er sc e. judce jeae ne: ed thetast few eks ey ruse addiudonaleaeq: stsherotm w s r investatorto qstiothe dial s ro boys in st or de qrah iode jeremyay heysir de h ki h jem litye to oer oirer anki h heariitomee oer o "icng ea om nois." haseen balae inerms of uiser s ndinthe n dsasn lain er thchilen a the est u sterein of eese ildr and the thed fil law ahet re ef nfe cedrntnd t e ve f aawsuch information anfce nt th c anuc p iosorbltiy get th c >> jge jninepoli p wer gr gted new tervw th wascheled takplac j jne li er ye erda but gr wasd w rvth wa abrheuptld yakac ye dat as ncel. uld brmethtlg thy bs s o el ard at n ht hd thp stholves t s o d n h sol ster of baby la's er f a di la'ppeance? >> ware inedy jo pict a di feaorene?si we edjoic a scial who fencialho inteiewsldre foraw tewsreor aw forcent rougan advacy rc t ugcent. >> jge jninecoulacthe boysnow thin t wont j jhelpneolveule mystew ?in wo >>t isossie butt i
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lpve diffult kno?wherthey >> weis thesiight bhis utcide i ff t ocnoereyrred itwes poheibleht s de su, its oc psiede. it po le >> j ge j ninesuthe itther s saysheyai they ar j j ne e iseserut i on'tnow iysai ty wa or a eres i the'twenw io war sleeer he en do thasuggt toou tt ybe e bo hea set ngee? doha gg to s t oundlike hey re ae boea ngleastherand,f co se ndkey a aserd,co we don'knowhat ty heard w or whn' theowwittetanyaha tuedy bhe o whhettetyaed witness. >> jge jninedo y fin th kidare wne cdie j j ne ytnesins? thid e >> eeciay ki arod th es 9 10-arld i y eiakiro th rely w t to now w ld i llincrac o who st y re wtow w yo ask he couinerac o w t insuencyhe yokou sucykid downthekidohe coerth wil be cothile aure. ing. >> h do u asss ithey ure. are telling the t th ag.nd i f ho as i ey they re doing s e thrligh theheth a i prm of fr, ey dng htea,hrowgho pr of yo cr,a,owo
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yo c thoughha it tghifcu ha fars yowant t to the il d fearyoomntrtable t tru he u antrus the oce afendomrt ab le enge tm an b ble anus te o meak a enem f tlan cfoabnougho t m ta to y . f ab>> wt isnontertinghjohn ta thaothe ren. sdhey w iser ng hnreadallod th chiren hae en d yagesive d eight tbe adlothhi inteieweby pice nd he yese eht we onl y intewent pvie edhey for -- on forwe0nl mesndntvi ted f - ot ronor for0 5nd minut. t th is st e no hot toor in tabl.h a ths eno to bl a rport >> a wheyou d th inrvie theetecvesre t in he o am.heu th in ie heec is ou. in o youan oavouon.e p nouan n throomo thdeteivesavone pn ar ethom uthsutelyes wchrom ar anherre roomchoro ymoureot anr re yingooophemohemou t sot some ing ngat ihe'them te s orhytehem tal k meg i atlle. or te m >> jalgek jeane: at iill ll ct ds thpasse ofour jweekhaveea: the iirl m or y? dthssofr an iekncvediblnotheo mti m or the fluee isro m n i nc bl tpareos and the wle p
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roce sse ueism ving rehe air wheholele lives pce ng heir wterrleted. iv everhingoingn. >> jud jnine mark can e rr d. rent i fluerng tng hi re ud ne rk n duri a piod tim whe ntlu t theyre nhire aowed t rial pkd time ey n aowedal instigors? >> t fir thi thecan in ig s? is w tchir mhiommyhenn tv ahe is w chim mantimy whashen wtshem ahe imtihae m remember a i m tha is ve e y o remitrhout m t direly confrting heve kido it ho the her ing thewo re c fr ng he tis th k the boys were e r g he tawoed t thawas tithheoy we ta thashe prelinarinvetigaon berehe t he elarvega ot hebe tad ot inisteies d ls she ad wasonon intes l s sn onan s chand th teline.n en ty taed tthem an th in tialel te.seu stio are tta tem wo hlesinal r tht nuowio. a >> j ge j nine and thewoes r ht n vestatio cti es t j j ned he estis beme d fent stio cti t depeing whafac we tibe dfe nt eake pe g ha is actereing eat t pants soluly d not ntke th r ki to lk t os lawreg t pas lu dt thki o t awenfoemen
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>>hey n't. >> jge jninewe'lsee w itfoen g>>oes.y t. j j inneny'le e it etes n gews. ain m wthat b ny,w w h sueillce tend a ll tnd mper fe cle tohe time e by armp fclto events me t he byig e nt sat lisa t isispeared, ne jrsispeed jr
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>>new velmentin t ba lis caserom tsidthe >>homew ouldlointntolicin a t whol new ba dirisectiseonm .ide meldntic a th e wiolessewhavenoirwtiome foard say he ig thiswiasevee d appe ed tfoyd awayanigis walk g ne tdpe i trwinawomean rryi a lkneab e sig htingsyiaby. w betweigin
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125 an uld is bab y 12anisa d by irwin?isa alsoin svela videorw om that ig ht aso veoone figu can see awalkg ouof a woonedfirea n eelkeaourb ay. wo red anher ysterious tst. ea rb is iervi two weeanksr teous iviwoeego. derah id pice asked her out me bne d deh pe aed hloing. t >> ding iergaon the lo in g.ide bur dneg gaon t cloethes. e >>hy? ur b. hr and aloalf' >> j?em y h a win aald 1 he f irne 1 departnt rpond to fire in a fir dumps r n trthe rnd io inre a um me.r t thats thsameime e me call f ro. irwin's m isatngthmee me ll p hone . ll f >> w ilocained m t p dneumstor e wca ere e fi was rord on t dmor octo r 4 in he e ly me ningfiasd o hour thtowalk4 rom ine ir en moung to his ur thlkm dirumterook m e tos ap doximely ve moout and drivg it ook ou twoapim y m ut anunds. e wos wh e th plaivitk wo repe edlywoearcwhd ath raht pelyrc a
9:25 pm
behie. jud jeane: ll 3 cls he sol thehiyste of baudea: 3 lis a' clheolhete o baisispeance? . ril cht ins an cew a mar fuh rm> ndl t oes a m ckn areuhll wh s. aumte ire. cknre w ll pne calls paeoe walkg arnd wh bie p cls whates thconnectn. lk ar w whato yoguy think ? atthonct >> lis n, i tathiyo iuyf you h tnk? pe le w>> twois i thi ifou h separate pe wwo sighngsou h sar ghsouo hive eedee. out :00, coue whiso rrd an tdehei indat n t 0,ou wh so pern whis walki ng rr an t ei iounda macarning a so bery.wh wki the by i not nde cmatharg rit, ahe n in e it dd cion t ori ahen thouro honor you he othethsighng b aron ou divial oe heotghorcy bcle wh vi o gis e iicatn tt heotcy e s sehe sam gihis allatt h thin the sesehe gameoapcal in he sar. g u man incaude ere an ar abdu ion ndma tinhee mote he ar was edduiblen and as t restot thi w
9:26 pm
gis cro bo rati toleha at ss es t s be say g, d't l kgis cro tio s polic oobekay d okutside >> j pge jninethatomeooo k did eak o andsioo m b aby. j j ne >>ateo agreeit h d k hndf o b w >> jogr ss. h woun'oubthe jo mried co leuspn'iallbty. the m medorcl h co aspiari e ern doclh of oortuty ari doof otuier nd opportuty. thspan of te isndou oror hrs th an een e two iouhi n rath owo the herhing ihis you can say th thes aan e arng is bouaby anse the a o dfere by times w itnouferre hour dsn't me itim wnnou ur abdu dion.'t i >> b a by inust du b bmarkint thats v ccernin dpe >> b we rkn't khanow.ts c ce wt ishe snifica e b e et d kumpsw.ter re a the f ac wis s ca thathe p ic e dps a t f hod at pe debordeb winreborah bdl burne n ebahothi? urat dyou ke othisne? >> i ouldik e to now whethhier d u otheis? c lothin
9:27 pm
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9:28 pm
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9:29 pm
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9:30 pm
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9:31 pm
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9:32 pm
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9:33 pm
>> jge jnineifou he formion ea bab l cal l j jne h the ansa city prmn eab cal a e saty p 81474-ps. billtant is prive inveigatger81 h4-e. by llnts iv anymou veatreneefyactoro l k anoueneftor o into theaby saask he j ns utoheroy kaasas ity. jns asweome ll, w ay. y >>'m dng wl. we e , a liattl uet y b'm >> d doi ng litl b 'mll. >> jge jninerailoiad . j j nealilready yoreadpsyet yower ups l t yops w k. yo r u >> wneedto gethe oper factout were k.nd i'm hang wedge e er myead a tctt e 'mha sngome myea a thing s >> jge jninelet set the ne he.hi no ne kws wt haened j j ne t et re.e h this s a no k w mhateed. no ne h bee.n rg edisa m tethe .liceave t inicat no hee e parenedare spe or e cee in at evenerso o fnt es t. pen e pe u ha a hrh enso pfit.le hatorn h j rnakapho is
9:34 pm
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9:35 pm
n ere d yotakehem ndhy di se did lu taat the m? e yo ke m >>hyhat s toelan t od heta t ca rig now>>.t el an t yooare lkinabouphon ca igcallbeinmadend iowav someyo quee instioou.on how youllnowindehe iseavls me ue io read w ou w sees abodyls kw? a dyhas fw?omeutnd me a stsemen forend me cp mast aen stement at cal were a the ad that s s stshe t as cer te 50ec d e washe ld that or d 50hedal lo on erwae neha shotw at d to a ournis lonne ho i'not hri tnsrs t o arn that i' t>> y aren instigor ons rs t o thgrou. thaatis ectly rig. yreinig o th ou at is actlhar ely rht. . >> he yospok to h ers tl >> n. i av henyo'tokopoken to h h t nut i'm davelenehepon h qu stio. ut i dfeelairlcertn i ow e quio aelwerl.rti wha is t ansr? >> tt la a ewenfor.cement hn't ha t ns co outnd s d t tla eorme couts cls we me. jud jeane: ey a pling clo to e we ves t, udea : aey w pln'g t sloo that. es >>hat rig and aw n' s enhaemencanlay i t >> bt otignd wa ys a yen kenw tnty i b as wl,
9:36 pm
wa a kt t ur on. a wsamel,hing with he l on. mengit h tect ct te. >> dorahaid he te dahdhe failet. fai >> m fuhan kps sing is d eb ah ut nlect msuh t ko s sg ho he idis iebahut n ct s twe hoe thtalkut t ho id wiesseand totly disc hnts the wlkitness t. i'm ot mwitakese ld asottee scs w it ss saiit w is man 'm mke l caying sll ai ws nan. cang e wiesseare y. yoanhaveomeo doo ay, wiorssee a yoveeoooy, a12 0 ense a waingit a cldhe wasbangand feit to the pntldhe wherthe husbaand s s tnt erstured th heuss s urthe cls h fe tare culska h me tt lang . t e ka th you ave e t:00 a.m. ng sigh ng oa an wthhou:0 am. abghy oanw h
9:37 pm
in d aiaper. ambng v w, you ainre pe wring a mb m vorw,clou a ybod that ideswrg otcle or cl knyour ana i outodatndes cl yoare tchi kn everyur l aiteut ing caus you d 'tyo we nthio ery e off t b ike.g usu d't for at m on he b affund t b 4: a.m to see m wr it m ahe b aun dild theoint here e 4: .m ee fe m, yo wknow wha atsrong d heth tnts pirectu y kno feyoowha wro t pied ttube y k paying aenon t t p thin becgsethe ed oonf the da the i s a cthhiecld whothe could ohe ve wel eda aheve a a c wle who it cld is fine tveoelooek atve a wle dor iah it f e is fe to aook j dy,orh it fin to lk at fhat, let'soo y, not foet tre is hiin lutatt,et therand er wer witssfo tre s at sut a mith aerd childeritss s mit at ahi :30, at :30 an a t0,:0 that tt mis chill a0 e at :0 ould ll be h e aatll t clle hds ld be h a de aiin l eorme to nd tdes ouiin l >> wt ishe fily ingo t find b aby tou wis fy lga? nd >>ell,yo whoi wel l youa?now, w w s >>l,wh oi ese igh p rofi elou cw,es bil wl,
9:38 pm
u kn y eh s pfi the ces il luntr enrs l ik kn y t ntenrs l i casey thonandou see aas dinad ef rt bthe ir ond ee een na ef b e m t seein g haen av etee b ee n nsav cyore re bnsyor wks. re at aouks a dng. >> w i ce inndk t d ngpeopway. w c thine we t peopleangi oopwa do wan ng athess we theeo an gi fami. do peanle as he cmiilns a w le pe ey arecie the opourin ag w of le anatteion . a thcie arthpeo oepo tinougghou l an te nthathinkhey d it thar eo e al tit iouis aou ltlereak. at nk y itthes peo e h e bal i u andertlreak. tr endoeseopreur b er is lpinme wh oo ktrdo reathi s ineoo agai i d't wk fo them. i n ns we ai d wfohem.hem. i i findns cpein evidencehem. at goeins td thepein e guiltnc, soee it abs guteloe t i ne gltsone the absel phonewith t t onth t c a ieed
9:39 pm
happed ttver iee ster y. pe t one veouldell how onehe er her r bo e ldl ow o this. rbohi up unt newobodhas en le tsay . for uw yocan keewods tr onger ty arment or thr yon etrger ntorthth, is ma wkithow, nishe str matowhetrt 12:3a.m. wit bab in :3m. bityab i inn a y dier. >> jge jninewe tked abt thfacthat p ntdiin.g j to jometneng tdapning outsi de abthct t p nt thhous yotohaveeteen isanaps nity osi for ur eethus now .yoven an s tyyou ve donyo r ow. u on yovestatio wh havyou gureout stio h erwhavu re t >> il coinueo wh i'm h er ying. i i wico do ueat iwheel 'm neceary keeeyes n t s. wio i l se. i wice noty o theebestesf myns abity . wiotthstmy int abfeyith kcpdnt o the fbi. the arecphids iave that e i wi not t heres iboavha wiot mera bo i willotntfe w
9:40 pm
ra ihem.ill >> jud jeane: d i espe that bilm. andhe to a >>ud ea: i pe. t meatsk yilnd thes, t do ebah me y oreryahw his gany wrht t pernhoways she s ga receed wr terhoayshe a p ho c l omce thei al om ei ph on pele ithe ighbhoodave seener. by t wayon b spe iase inhbkode, u c an mis thay hasin k it t me d gl e, canis a h c ro t me d gl jud jeane: a straerry >>he m n otudnoeaw: t hem, rary may >> m n sh knonow someo t em,e m shnoeo this cturhis >> jge jnine spea bil ur fish t thoht. comen. >> gi j us j fi t ho . c't me it. gis c ar >> jgeeani : co on, c i bi. i j t wa to jen ueyesgenicon, an yearsbi jwao ou ures on or you yno th? on or u doout see n thathe al th was dedo b sy nhae s seo
9:41 pm
>> i d't h heo the c w i made h i hn't ehe t. de >> j i t ud jeane: rst all anone t.n ca judea: t ll 9 ane ca y wehey loongor t 9 phon if ty ouweldn'heooall onf y ou1? al l >>kay. let'indue th, ok beuse do. i go>>y. ove et'ryduthgloke bee . scgoario o glscariowhertheyriedo do it.scio scscioarioerwhereyit wed is do ere was scioer deb worsah whe re t je was the eras. eb or les go with et sna sth. legoh hanat dera d it or both ofhemha d it de d whwoult theyake e ohe pne it wherwoul they ake ewhuley e phon to pne aeruleye w? onat doi her, a w? cri et dhe jud jeane: re ithe prlem,ill. e pr lemudsea: hat itheye prm, pr m abt lueyly ctainhatt wre not ssib to ak ablu cintal t ib tho debe saysrial a theb s coul't -thatonrn m whising ulcome -acatk on m te you wha t, bil isg hgme eacn tote iout.ha b yowilltagyn wh
9:42 pm
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9:43 pm
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9:44 pm
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9:45 pm
eso- thbeca e heinthy gilesrore biolt heahy gs. cahey es b ea gfe o ns uwhenou d o uen d jud jeane: l rit. i'm ck wh my uestill ud eastan: n whrijoinus fm kans c y. m w my stl rilt, bl, w are inganwhin f sta fro snsarone ga . ri b w e >>gou a goi to ve a taro s r eart tack your on >> aoio ye ow t t.ckou on jud jeane: u stl
9:46 pm
ven' told e w yt. udiskeeathem: waystnd why ou n'ld did it? keem y inghy tonswe i des i or no. if ng, wweill ven. or o. >> jge j nine you ne n, wl answerg i j j ne whu not n? y ar't yer ansring wh iott?? ar yns ng wt do it pta te it? se? it d wsn'tdoealltpertn t t th c e, does? d'tllrt t it? th c >>e,oes jge jninewhy e th t? he htin>> j >> jhey nee noy hidthing. jud jeane: ll, heeyin are >>t aty tnoidg. grand pa res.udea : , at a the doine to fatd t t gndpa ba aheinby f t bi, shldn'be ty bet the ad o a olte tbyea bishn' tbe ar 6,00 pe eo oe w are greolte t oplen ka as it yar00eo who aoure o a leeakaity ho ou wh a t y aidg?ea >> t peo e arwhkansas city ty arfantidsticg? i ve gten thin g b teoaran s ty su ort rom tarhem.ntic i gd yon knowin b what, w resuotm tm. you yoowha o cushe y colle? it a s polho oonleen j tust for e sa of ingut p enthat js nhat tthis i r saf g aut. at n ha twe whitsooc accurate wtooccc inlligce. tily flow roug let' get theinottoigof.
9:47 pm
thti. fw ug mars pot let's l oo k at'tt heto th e f thy but y ou arpo l's aot t o th kp f ut y oneye themndot tnep e o n one t evermhinglse. ne notave e on erngls ote mpicie to dcounthe witnessie is dinsaun he thfacthereas a male wne is a t sa thctre aal 120 in0-deee wther walkg wi a cld whout anyt ng oin12ainde wer lkwi dia cper. wut yt oiar. >> jge jninebilli'm gointo doou o bte r. j j nell me fa t t in d t bteur e shorts fat thheur sayrts ss put th t s p baby bedorborateabsy tthe cledhes re ten off theorbo te s tby.he ck t your cls car tro o aheig .i turarskig if debornderemy ieberem know dbi writh yosaid say now ow dbiri someone yo id aythatnohey o >> iaid e maomand neat is
9:48 pm
ere e miatakey aad id mad i liten losee mike. llowy wos. jliudgeneani: i' se fo owinow wo ani qu ed y genii' foxainctly . anqu y >>he m kwxaly. somnelse that m is knnthhis scope at s les puth thi wcoay lepu jud jeane: meonin t e nehbor wod, yll. younow at, u h e budean: on doneg a orntas, c jo.. ou w i , ow y h pe b your old doa asjo pr ecuti 's y jacket. y r ld i ow tse antenna a prut u jp.ket. i t nt na help me,elp u erye an tt lp ise,hatappe eningry yt is jotnalis a cpemongnat arjoeli ain cmotonhe wh rth arithin ttoor wies tt ar compelling.h h withhe mantrtll hds o n c pein deck ds oth the maw h ds o n enemen inveigat n an i ck ink o is helpinawand were en movien in veatan p os itk es inde direc tion .vin le ps gebackeo megan dndecheon le ge ckged oneall. m it d, iheon'teeow it d ne hapl.n. i t st d i't s't howeeow i it c ap happ . i d s h jud jeane: cre ithe thin bil let a pp tha ud ea did: appe ie in il seeet tha athe liceha rrob ated iidpe sheehas hame oe andceaid t
9:49 pm
oband ede poce he spen t sh s her our tndes.t byd pohe hspnd t ofhis w l r t. if he c l w as mbyade. nd o f hijustan t aoune or if c w me. ques onst b tl,ne es w t ildr by i ntdrviyedy t vestator iy t stor instor thais aoe t inor ha api t esonpi. isn theact at t cal wyer aid es is t od f the ids snhet t t and l er d s e w ts id fshes talnd sai he wsoingid t schule some ing xt waik.oi thagointo happeuln? me g >> wou sk.dha y ou hainon horpe i >> sdidnd.ha y th is t meon i sayin dn i th s me jud jeane: ayl rit. bill alys g d to ee ou udea: ri . mayb we'l see llu n al gto nsasity isee yb'le >> 0-4. as y u'reuyin dinr. jud>> d no our repaneinreacin, ner.. udea: nour neacne
9:50 pm
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9:53 pm
>> jge jninedr. ril wech marfuhr n anjoey jackn arbackith . j j nel ri. t, gls, i w t charhraney ckarckh ri g i yout reacou to bill staon coent. ac thin tthe o st sllnicant s ink cot. ine ai sasnteg wrigh t k e gi whoeceid theaseg wght gihoeihe cl y knw soone at t wins knowho u er t knsoe t scop nsnoo er whatoes at mn, mk? >> wou sayopt ha to o wiats the m m issa l >>ouayhao or wi he dippeance of ba la. or whenou l k athis ou avdieeae f to lee tt thre ry en lat ts o to tthre to dianceebor bey from eryt ng b evediryceimor sey f opher mth s d s yt b evey de er hope fr s herse. de h fer.
9:54 pm
whaabou jeremy? >> hdoest sm to t haou jstroem sid h es hesmo seems t rooid heeehatever doro ha vewantr jud jeane: prodes the cuse nt he so wn't udea: ros e se a ilab le ae t wt the me t babyas aab at akthene . t y >> jge jninedo wreal kn whethe akby wen ten . j j ne y wal knavhee oe w psonenha ems chae th lastim o ey sha theaby, n w hav s hath as a iman ofour h . shey, n w the st te the b y a oou. w sn e tth b sn 55, 50 by jamie. >>he pblem iby jie tha--y >> pem remy. theolichavehaeeny my heicven accutory a m nan t t o cury be forth comg. m n an behtior u on havone bersonhat fes tor vic cm yo wanto el inat thaehpersr ononave an theont p tolygicrayo is t ntelat ars quicst w eanlihemb n pioygl t cl est ople o th eic w vti e l
9:55 pm
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9:56 pm
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9:57 pm
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9:58 pm
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9:59 pm
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