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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  October 29, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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orhodaulghe sysep a erat ionaofllate iome a ratef atnafl20 eom f new aul asry slgo f nl ryourth place t heslg publan pmaryfield. caouhis h opoacl p him bac blk pry el in t top ticaers pop iniimac he in t tan ttihis we ek ihean ts we lltreet urnacoluist h ni er atrndt jnalut r il ad kim hnierra ael j r k s wait kyo relick rry okered ss wroposal ric k at cal ledrr bo o. eds o yothi irosa blol enou ghat al d>> weboll. t' a gyoooi a i st b ou ase'soing t o hawe. t' gme a hetust lked aasts t. herm cain and usuc lkessdf a rm cai ndrm cucai asndf wt'slear om cai a wsar m ca's -9-9 ca 'ser the enthuasm is -9 he's tkint a bis thais flae' t i kimpr, more hacoisis fe, t sir t o elar, a me hcan e, ta p i nto t t of t e whout an ta int o t f of ute corovey th's suound 9-9 and me g off thicosve ather a sund-9nde n very gre his a
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debe. n>> pl: jon, er thiya g beer pla eblticay, p j, hi be leter's pla talk autlca tha ca. aet al fla atterode eferabo wt wlattv it ll tt cter o w vestnt a ecovmic growt . n t se nse, re st acoc he's makin gowt o ra tal andsee, yingo geahef om'se m ofingt ra thalnd ngh gebackhe thafe'omsf th h ck hapecting wheth to rse enough revue tt wi ll ct w thbe to key ruestsen re. ou r t crics w tho awilloi t afeyr istt are ung therisecs wtart of tati caf itnalysi u thathe theta rt cong ref ionatibudgc offenaly hases,tsshees tt for ngena dg effmple, th the b t ax s, t ts w flxp whi che may nthhe b t hpen nd it wxp dhiidtayake i hn nd iffecthow alaer tcode i mo ecowfficntla cerod illco cent iz enomigrow. nt c so tt'sherehe nt eebnomi gr will so tsre a rai enoh veebe. whelln y ay aaino stivece. he yay alysis,ouaise theti rates, ler t a rsiess, andou adjussethe ra proronall a tes arndnt f a f alaust ta pral i t wil ar ire fe fgrowth, tta i pitly, e oilthehingse gr itthoe, 'tt ha pry p lapn , oe ng dosn' h
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eit tha haal p ry pn ax wit hdohen' 9-9la n tt in hasnd tt's p-9rett t bera propo l herto h oid tat.t' pre yestha s right. raropo h thether and,t keeps d . esa theghor tge ded ucti onhe aerd, kps mbfth etgeddetictns. cha ri ble ducfon ath statanddeocctns hataxes,eucon a atdoc tig xe thre tho arehe b the. >>o it kri sizedig as re ho bere bg s eth enoug a>>it brieing iz kinf be s js bilug f b ei ac kuntts. f bui thk, y kno b a ff got totep ck aacntee. whas buth y no gog ongore top a l oeef w theses psigodentoniare cand date ohese rheublican psi nt esidenalandas a ndtese rub noping id tenda a rorms t ha g includ ler resit rrhaporthe scep tonf m cl itromy. thap is e allyepefinfghe repuic pa y,om thths k,lyinhe apuerpay, pduk,iveayga st er thdemocrats,holearlyduive ntst raise thdecraxholely upper co rse back. andhiis uer car ba . dis rninfou hind of w fa care've isominefhirof r alfad rgae'upplide omeecoms, all e ctismt t k orpl idthe ars,e'ves, thel c t o ointre thie s s,veow
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he coenonalis m nthinse the co rublienal pay.m pro owthe ler teshe and ryou liowpay.hehi ng wilo thl go tes a th ugh leg latiu hehiil pr gess n m teth whogh geeg--ti >>hey' going prtoss n m hoan --right? y'oing b angh has portant is tb cos identhha s poanisth emcoid >en> path: wh abo t th oppaeratwhionabo tint. ne beggingch opatnat. neegng has a 15op h a re. if y choe the altrer ti y shotem,he tltrgizationa sm, flatax ii amou he to liveithhat argizioo with atwe i am hdutons veh a vots wol wedo nspeuade that theot flast tl axedo s heay to ndua wdehaat wheela t ax oulds ao ayo nd w note is haldsteo foes r on e flax t nwe twand fohis risn fl her t tw nds artilaterf anythin litician ndtiaterryf is n ath li citha er ry d n ha h n h w cut hou >paul is it g w c choice? some s>ul i its com glices t chce
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system whi me do i i chooseom i ic thk ty' nd csthoosin wg d ithe e acht thse wor f orm th t an divi cosal. thas a od ie a. ath or onof torrblem wit alln vi . thehasea i an on t yr'remlockited ll it pe yheouo itis i'r youlo donck't ike t f latpe y ou x go ahea and s yiou wonh thothe tsyst f. we'rxall o r chahoieacend milton w th he fstedma wa fchoice 'rl choi l'sil tryt f orf hmaeah fcare achnce l's ryaf fr or h've ne ifor re atas. > pa: rk perry sf rnie ir an ain io wapa a riger snibu a > a redeio'l a cigat e at let 2 1/ 2 m>li n jde 'l and i th somtething a utle 21/ hi j tex d thome'hiveutreed ver ex 1ilonew jobs we'ilehe restf th natio os ove r1ilonewob s mille. stthat ll svetart by il onimeca s rt o bynd gasieldsnind limit opresidt nd gield litams regueslaidtis hurotheourcesams gulas f urhe ergou cesoaand turagas. tt will cf j ob argndoad ras. t redull our riae j o a counies at he amic a. du o i' rick pery ond uns ham arove i'ic this pmeryage. paukirovehas a j isage. aud med j iowand lot od
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mo tdo p iut binnddhe an os. nd iat t hemo pry b stheteg anwe d 't iaybeat t wa to partici te ist aeg hewe dfut'taybede bates?wa to ar ihe gcing i t ave aheig tvut de caaign no i g >e' asig g mlion d la cagn thr intthis. >e' s ah, is iwhat me'lis g dng to o. hrntis e detesav e , iotate' geengn to desav h ot eero poi of e sohat u'reeeinis h comg outrooif witsoht ig olredin ide has and cm g ying to oueftit hhselfoln de nd yla likyieng iond hse yin t o do y tellila tikhee i storhe'santed to sin ce d heot i to tliacehe is h sor'ste ad inobreornd t'he i goi tng ac h tos ipi some ri cismndndt' oipusacfromhe oerto ipi caomidate andhere goismnd toa l otus ofac lomki onto ca atthendecred ioin tasnd stoom l f ine'nts going to ha e teco in nd s exai and hat'goie' go ngo tone histron in . d>> ct'oi heod e heistr in.dete c ki o is that goihe hur his paigif he do?s at >> i don h knoif h can talldodgig he ithon. no hn heade llgooddgoint he pointed out w every. dy fhelse heodrontem wh lot p ed t wve ba t f o whot t ng youan do t is ld pches o t ng yo o ppouenant dot is whedreeo pech cadisss b yoid oeas. ot the w canhedas, wee i meancais b
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ide wt tohe hean da candatesut t thqu es onvo wheto isn'theom bndteresor te. inome o fth thequse he ibates a'tndhoan brom om oup heil >>teason aickly. i dil't tnk hcan dge >> onem. if hwerehe froicy. ruer d t hn e ha d . ig lea hdre fmae,ute'd had be iniggeahids from utosion e' ofd weaess a e ehiryonroe kws e'of w wean the debate. k wspeoe w wt to see himdeba. aiculat eo if hcandl we tt heto eeim pu blicas houlats he han gngodl t hane oba puichehohe oelecons. ane ba whe wheomback tel heresi's keyomonbaeonum andwo o fsiisor konum constu tsndgawoinst each isor oer, nd th nsadtumigastraston se o, itthlabor mira sitla
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i e brkfasand t hetbur thi dayhis ek. i brasd he i turk myhieartayrn ps l. ansomentacs. tmyrt pwe'rhavi mexanan tmeightac so atherill en? 'rviex tht aer l unle? we t lar, en pl lar? if iet anackow, ll n? leske thelanackpill ater p. la i ack, n skheckller la dinr, pl no aghh've t hetbur in mhead lain pno malennouer ] hhe sthe theuradne of eati mad eque heaburn leou ] sthenef ti ue itea simrne wi prisec c. itimwiri c one ll aay. twen-fouhour e a . ze heaburn enno hourtbuur in e fit ple. grt. zeearn hbun fipl gr [ ma annncer to t 5:0a.m.chol. thewo t ins d a mas nner ri r. t:0m.ol
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he ts a rithe 'll eep en is do" acemic e l p idoacic fo80 yrs 've en ipireby y. fo y e i re y a we' beehonod walwithou ae' ee no hel you al tht whe yowanto be elu whyontbe ♪♪ beuse ur ment now♪♪ bee m t ow l notng snd iyouray. lot s iur. len mo at llerdu. lemot er. ♪ ♪ [ ho hon ] ♪ oh,se we thbestf da ♪ hoon ♪h, w thstda♪ ♪ sti feethe mmerays ♪ ♪ti ee♪e thaergracs our acks we nt dn thlane♪ ♪haacurks e dthne♪ [ rn hks ] [ le aounc ] [ hwhen ]oucais me an jt a [ r to aounc en ca m th righinsunce tter aryo gett g j a tothe vera optns y nee thghsue er and e diyoountttyou serv e ra pt yfor ee age or ote, ca 800y-corage d dintu rv r ger e, or vit tcavele00.comco ge v tleom
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>> toug policaltopor ugol predeal oma a his top minirati nea a desi oren o t a c hontrover ni tiea ysto oildepili. o n t conov he propose d 17toilli. m pi pliroseithike the t m pind fitik oefhe t
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o alberta da. lb er t would bringp to . wo83ul00 b0 t bael of oil tthe u.s.nd8300 baf crilat anstat u.s .,0ew cr onst arunionobshaatt has,0 unio calli onhe adstnistruranon t asroha hheas io al dea he en a eadirstonrame talts he unt campgn t kill eait. a eir c tics ft hmpe p tllele ra. thisd in ccsh pelra isin t whitopost an tnew rk tes cling th a crime in pgrhiestosponly anw tthe cesidngt castopth cme i n wre bes wnlh dan e idcaop hen ng w b wd doini usen doinis cumnist mar cum st antasi m o'adynd anta si mar,o'ady whatre t headline >> l's srt wit20,000 n at t he libs,prab ly l s wit jt 20abou00t ims,mediatelaftely they beg jint ou t imdielte the y nstregctn. pau shol rey. >> andhe om nytr es auho anotr >ndomny e we, inotal aotbo 1,000nir job thawet, nal wo d come 1 j00usfrirobeedi hat an ouwong ame of the jse peop whore gng to or on a the ohe oppehone g. t or
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na althatirheynt acrs roug topheit n, t pelinesscr teatrryor as >> a theug g tnor li s brcrka cledte a sessionf aher th e cdessif legislatu t reo-- condeov iteg slaomhato- ecau i ton iomha cross es nautaquifer. pau he's ngainstross tnhe aq fepipeneer . au >>e'o, n hsgast talkibo utpeer >> s ming, minghe pealliki. bo ere'a la erueion mg, m gere,hi ispe tli. terne'ionaladimeion,ue io be use e ope,nens o tf it rn arnameayn, ts is be ae nopen o it enronmtal ar casaytrophe and i nthear sds a reennm vlery casophend ar ar s a v inteivendarrom nas say if tevero a nroveay this ipineif it ge o aro for thihes ipine clite .it >>aul:he cemate ohangor t ac visi >> e>>ctlyl:what cransteng cada is acoiis t d o ely iatfns this peli isn 'tisppved they d ill mov i ttshrou lisn cana.ppve ty th c pany sl ovtou ana. cletrs th cny s cada mht p it trs ca m ra prot ads d sh it brish lumb and send ras sht it brh mb tondhinaenr--d thear sandsret ing t to dtoelnaoped-- if e dhe't s dsre t invelogthe pelihe re del ed congf d't
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loe lire directlcothugthe art nds the ute d ec stethe >>aul: re t t s heeleste sae?se >> ty're >>l:safe t. el es here are 12 00sa m o f t re pefenelrea runng rere roug00h th m arethat of t heneeaun ugsacr athifreat t a aif thcience atha. the scar th ttics dci'tcehinkre tsupp sortecabyrscnc da n,t wcshat'tnk bo heppte politil d emma da w tt e he esidtit had ma enronmtalise idha v w enisnmli alst aa diberate isise. al a a t'am d oveibrator e. climb ange am thvernisay we're cmb unem geednd nthee josbsaye' >> tmptant emdi nning isjo the p tritemp utanints ttay wdini is nee the e pjo. us tthiss anayher e oes ee he jois. s gog toe suh aisanr o terein s gotosuhlen,nd thi sre is atherefing is he oonenn,tsnd tohihissipine aer in inisude e ovionroennmentaos,ipin in e nd the s upports iviluen in trialon srupoctiosn uonslu that seindalon trubectheis urisc atsed basehe oisthric docrati pay. se o th ty've sunknd s do tocra
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uny.ns ttave aktve skheir t pl acun tt theublicaveecaktohe unns and aplnother aenhet lic for ece piunpensne a it awoder ent pruc er ri teconomic t drowt >> snd g d, wprneedit.te co mi yec b uthe emrawt s g wpartedyit ye b bicalra r ted rt public enomi owth the bl ic su ebsidmiy orth the plic suidynion pli ather tnholl privanion groh. henow, thesenho pvarite somebdyi ro tenis lik w,se pvaomyi the tconsuctini unionik havto he dede w senstiinonteavrehi rty eir teres li de w wseh,in the dochits or t he y r reli puwic par and t i thi o me c tdidas suld be pu inghat toar tndmhir ts c idaue. sd you ow tpug thaha ttohem t i . lau er issue, tha atlmost ersu civi aizatosnal.t arwe aount tha c get vithatl. do ar a nt tans nad p cut inet an plicdoatioepmber f s d p 20. inn now 're mor t han ticeeio er yes antherse a20n w reornee unb ievayeeaner rsieew a proce the tanbva pa rmeientroepa, eta partnta,me of ansptati, dertme of e inrior >> a o frthich fmef ndsptit's demef inor a of envhironm fentay sat'.s
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hunedfag of nv nm virotaen l iac. un f ssesagen oby t tate ro enpaime sayg tha the esviroentaimpa t igotain tobeme ay tmima e ro ita wpa c iango d somet ngto l his,t' aiue cion whether om wean danytng aal s,>t'> aul: at dyou ink ehe er pridenis gng t deciwe. d yt >> a wasaloingoay i> : du k pr0,00en pag ges t oci docu>>meass,ng oay i 1000ages 00agcudomes. i tnk t1 pre0dentilles provit. doi me. s. i think t thererent'sl m ov. essu on . m. an 9%inkheemployme m y know sun anhe e%no goiem oyknwhowere. don t enkno he'oi bebleowher turnt do wn.on tnk >>e'aue ableohuin rnt e p >>au o af alose re ct alyg pcada o ase bret wat dyothin a rily. thipipene gs thu et t st des tyotth aret g ngri t.o hi pevote gorth omaan ywst t tnk at he t gnsng t i tte omaanownnk t ts isnsn aricle f it t presidwnent i hi t he'issaricoing t pr idtot tnhie'soidown >> aul: 'mithn rydo. >> l: and ry. shoul the wt ndorri? s wt ri?
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úú(h cúcpbc(húcúg banof arica 're ndin and vestg inommuties acanss t a coucary e in d stin mu esfrom elpi to acvita tzeou a nehborod ibrooyn ompio ta neor ioo to fanci indtriethat arcreang js inosto fcindieat area jinto or pvidi funng for e exnsio of aocalusins se ing pdi a unversseat e co unitr exio aalinseg a rsatcoit d suorti aini proams fo tomosuow'stiorkfce innios aroeless focausmothe 'sre wkfcan in a loces nei borhds use wn d co unitocs,ei rh the re wcan lp me coit e w n moppo unitpossle. poitss.
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ismict paron a landide i isctunarian the nd id ifi democrac hen tec ti d ocnce cerab sing rise. nce erabri. jons me now, mat howree jo fair w meno t msere eltion remrardley tree a f dlm semeearingdlty pp a dlm s g yself. i we to veryice are asel f. erweeo you saw t vecicarre erou aw we tternizedu know uerar dde cla otwernedow uervote. nd als c wentot torevo. he re a po to area kd he ghett o f po ea th cit m gh m conseativheines a it votihng mboh, oonseinivehe fines ti andne fbor wndin ded themes to dndide up wndnd
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esede les went aemut to f urnd hos ac k aesnd l es wteryone-- ho s >> fac aou backene -->> n on fe colaedt ba >> rt o nf oneatnal colarted t thetuou of >> 90% and noheegretu 90nd vers, aeg yrerobl yaw th uavers,srobly ther tunisens tednd the weoking un nd of nd te linike gth d to nd of codake uhe le > pa : hecoas dakeposed inhe jan ry pahe >> w dre tos arasprig i n artei tusi an >> pl: a lot w tfrari stery si eadl ines pbout aotamts cong to sporyr,oh no , th isdlesut is gng tts hapn o po tr, wak enoth of ghe tseapicntatorsll t ake hoconcnedhoulwe b fhe e abt thicto honcdul b abth fact athelmis ismistaccarr tlm day he ihi ishis st wasrr f tre ayvotendurheth icaaigns as f t itethslamtca paity t i slmt moerated, veryuch mer ts image oight moatit, hryh at tunis a . ma o igi meht theyerryg t o un wivote. and ey kept meheyg t
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witualtelyd hkerd tpts mo th onc sayg weave ad al to tmohe thncaywee unia ad society. t an it'st- un>> aiandsoetowidhe yant'djt tot- a he sietynd wheowidwhey s t meratinie ty ho wdid eyo th? >> an several minatgsin ho d th sorof r?eated than ser ere hethor rtedorofad you kne, inheunisouav a ofad y rong stem ofkninriist, particarly or ron. mf an sot,t's the arab rt cntlyry n. at anohebannra--b cnt ry i h ore or ls putbann-- i womenoror satut legal stu with wen taty' egvialsl soutu canith ri ee you can tear sl wheverouou wt. >> youan s trt,ou quote dwh oneer w >> ofhe iam leaders s t t,ou q tewhdat'snehe u o fofheam b lnideng a oholf'souantill o drink at me. bni >>nd aolouanll sriaid, lok it yo t g.s >>trihat i am sicd, dn'k t ityo g wo vy well .riha >>aul:idn'workut vy n' well wo v so y 'rlleayin they >>l: n' rkns vciouy adjsted t ll so vi'rs toayy ou a accomteda tte the, vito whre ourccomdaulral orms i otuniraa.or ye nia.well, i inyeth uld , were mocratwes, ,
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th t we're als cd onwerv ive mo atusli , so w relsyes, c li parlamen wes, wry rlen pa m woraw ws and o tng aw anthd he ld mng he id pau onef th e mleade s. theaunethfo undersad ofhe-- 70forsders old in eofxile f0 0 years h sain t o i w e le 0people areo ea h serfined o op re shariaoerfi >> pl: re >>ut remembe rsh tia pub ak >>ut e rptem you haveha ak mentione i nhe ptconstu hon hato ipire a law amenee saysheco thatha ri ia creomes a l from t ays grassoots natothari nec cessaesrirom ta sdi v sigron ofts nhaecasand 's omethiding v tsitas of comearom the s oc ty iomhi t asd s of the tmengsroheyhe s do, ally not ik ec sse ofhe its noheur , sollci nety,t bse in itno pand, yso hey, hsh i antaboron l and l ofp pe yle n't fiend h i thentor l wndest ind tpe te t trfiicnd inkhe wsom of ts w ildlt ttr come inkout, om fes wl ce ou peculiari illecia come out. > an tunias in ft cneomou
11:24 pm
ofanheun frst ms o ipenof f t ara b countesfrst so m o inf ra eallyou i an atllley, thei r perice tegypand you ink,ow mh ofanhis at le thperieien whi youour ri typ d veryou ok,pt misoftis c abrit.enhiou >> rdly ry. o >> pl: guarded h mu doe itly. tra pnslauaed t o e h restoet oranse ab sprin t e ount hey shoule sabrtpr witth nt. siest set sho nia. it aesthe t me te yotre sing wnin ya.ou havenpe coampete ion tyo sg wor yot h inpe acoetnot i n plalisti a aomplex soety tatal pce oti aomex mpr ise someet ythh,ats alce ong ano o is aow t re me tevers a a os rowme pe t tr rmee thoritianindnegypt, foudha t orheityniopeyp ou hadictttor, lhetyhing m e opleant s is a n ct lorm ongf icletot rakes ove ar mnd ak unveia prn rus at nd wo d pil trus posatsibili wo il th-- ches >> ectly. thth par is weachin g utheanla . to etl secular th partis esw tchoorutm a to ecar newoveser ten and e apt
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brotheood ve overen bndeedonend br hess od ptimisticbo b ept nd oimtusia. w'llea e iptt there thatus, wsive to tak e o ll ea imorebreahe whenae co we takebackhitsnd ssesreea [ nior i pyed ofesenonalco baetba for2 yes.ckts es[ ort pay id wn es165alendyba t i a65 i gdy my esnancang froge cital ut ialso et saff gy at gncs wa beyoo ban iso s we n onl glendwaeoplyomonean .weelp em se it nnl nd[ juplor ]nee en neerwe p und sys titcut eney usju ] en[ cerryl d mo te eft ciennelighusng hps junr st opelate.. cl mo ef[ juenor ]gh an hserv moreunustostrs.pete so u'reot jt geing fincialapitju... ]anrvreto. [ o erylre you je alge getgng nman alpitait. [ t juyl monou. knalledget n ta [ jior ge cital thy'reot jt ba ers.juonkndg j r we' c buialers. thre [ jniorba ...s.d th've lped builmy bines.e'uis.[ or..the edil bes ♪ fe th wel♪ ♪ farell ♪ ♪ m glo be oyour ay f♪ thel♪♪arl ♪ thoh yohavet anmone myou lon st l be orighur and nny ♪
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