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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  October 29, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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rticatioin t tv debates. ce ishe miciais canovers ag e hicpiiong tv eb . hurting. is mia c>>erhoe and a canhunoint sp ho this amovemet. >>olane andt oupy isotesrs cmosh imeth. >>reolsnd annd iraq w vet es c iinjud in th aym an bigraq v edia juion, bildthing imm ig to a syml or tian,ld mo ament sl at'sext? mont o t'st?ael tsweekri andox n ewo contributa tudsy ri ller. nd n on ribio tal sud hoson ler. cwl. ji rnk ttoal honibuting c edit or the ji amecanon ib innsgtive ma gaziit. he d foer psideca of t ve zi wom 'sfo m piadef center omiaen jmu grne. i'mon sc otgrt, fox. ews w m s onscigotht fox ww. ♪ o♪ig ♪ . w the bews i . your apoval rin is t41%,ew b i the oone ouapeovhree rs mes tter t%,n cothngree. ouhr thes arte then' a 13co re (lghr) hehe > 1 3 gh i mean, > f u're
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grin ig oeaa rve,f yu'ou're gr o klirv killg. >>on: ye mt powerful ank in t wor takgll t im>> f: roe m po hirfs b tyor wakoa tm f sng sh inhigs yucks wityh womiaoan sng sh jale andis yripksik jalend tp thpast twbusours effort to wi thstwsrs s upport foref twi t jo pn spo fnd garner jo pul n pres. we gne trd yhe reseah st udy rse a sudyh y a dylooking past fe mth s okg std negive cerag fore mth mr. ob am a n cerorutweighedosiv er. ob 4-1nhat putd. wehe d onhe heeef the p-1siden a pnnnc t endon o hff e irhe r. pde a tnd he f of the lano tryo t m f pu ou tfican who a unde rwate ernory intheir morages to be anhodeat ae into irepor thees homo and pla to l student walk a ae y from o he om ndrla at least ltunt wk handle from me a asthtir student hdlelos. e s th rtueled t o t vege isthe? > ll r a c toupl t of thgs weaiis le?ast we he> ll a cpl thgs
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e las thodheogynhat pew cenr stu as a l itod bityubustew c a he d a tu l theit nitegivubeus pre ndae ad l aittl b he o. d i reink,so a l occyal o stre h asi k,elsod to oy clarify re fo h rt sort of wse cri sidehey' on fohe s t otters dey' walonl re. aba teasanedal tohift a himslf oveo smiannged to ft pp the occmsupyal ol reo ptestmis. ng s a ll ofecc tyse pst s omilonre t li m lauil resang li myes, help ledtr ute inmeye mr. lpesenedtrute n aif tmrhey areen we'rellowin nif t t occy re ll se'treepeop movgnll in th tha ot'oingoo r, stree opbut ov wtn thave the thang psycr, incom of ayt g t t ha vepporhethem i tnk t medycrenc f gfallinin lin nowor bemehd t es tid ttednd hisre el tillin inow cehpaigtn. and jayid lenndoisot nessarily curiglin.bu t nday certnlyot hne assig medy ia li pbutftm, ju rt. y whe he aigedees u pphe jokes forju the prheesident,eoeehat uheokor thid tt, o haprestencaseemo bebo e cogronal t es enfrcaembehe comedia kalindf palg.
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h disoa. kf p jalenal gg.heem be r h h o so al o theja neniveovheeragem ber o th theresint alheivov sag sedly th hesieceid andecid th he s gog tonilarall sysey re rse that. eianci th e ok e is ggooitog tlao blleyice reto teheat p. si bause e is g want thim b be acic on t b sed t rede intsm e inon caai er i n cthi mo i th is at wve s aga incaai i c i dga and ihi ths w ev sythi he es again ss dom thigas aoint o hevhi te aes omhis ntewed in hhat entt. >> i men onewnhetudents ntt. an og im,enjehmhe he presidtuenntst isryinto m e i ogm,je asiepr fidtuisntin w mho tooik t s, m i eieier ftunt w emoo tk w awa y fms, m of f ththose wblwaatyns amnd o avehe tthaxospaye pingorat ns at. ha thateeenhe tovedyen thge mia? i anhaatnov edsun eery body man? poori tuandent to you erydyow bean or ablent to t y aboard edu bcaon le oathey've jtduon ey jt ha b xpers id f it. has at bn cored. b i t hinkhat hi s f t.use obab niss t's bt cod. cove d a tnktucashi shod e abiss vea
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uchavas s 's aessa to et o to ungeopl and i nsavpi t asao o t ocoati. gplnd i >>nsellyyou ink 's a goodrogr. >> s a oaood ogm, becse >>ly u k he's a viodnggrelie i>>na thed ogm, b time thi s e'snongel cri isnhe yng mehispeleart cf es nitpeueley says hf eeou delir tond h s oingueay stha but tnk o the liayto nd hsoi leno appear haceut i twasuche an ffnoec ve aaparrancwhe iwa ucu lo at his anffec fstnche lot appear hanss a fsst appraridant, he a t special olyics pridt, haffe. he wked aycily itut a ny fe. ff a nd whed ylk it up asitut a s ass itp >> w at abt thtimi of thatsstudent ipn in wab thmonmia?f y eah,attudetus wnt justn in gruate fromonolle yh,dere wus t htinut s is t resgrofteomle the unt hin s a tesrehan 9%. e t >> ajudyaid how inre ha9%. camper n c aef mdyed and mphe'sryerg c moe cpet bomb t a med and america p'segith cpe omll kbds n ednd arica proposalsit a kwhenemew n sllro sa a was to ffener rief s t llstents ho hav t hes tff rief opes vetude loa ts h haing tver m. it's ot hop desngve itdeoat's a
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hag ryouointoum.t, hn t''ss h tit t' s xpayerthat wiluntootou the bit' forth t, t k ayerat elemilt i thithe t t's eebinorth, t missinfro t em p irehi ee vera on t stu nt lssn ro t opreos i the i de ha tverantu l kid the c olgeos khe cam ie out invesorim in idhe cam ou inhi wass a himenonituency rimnd asa hargueablyon tit ncy co ti tuenim at ndat p him overguab the t cotop,ent pim erhe hnethose to ki mobilize $aeedsth te ki pp a mile ry tee b t ou g aamigni ad tganingor hik e theamni did. >> tnire atingik aro tun atccup wal d.street t y' t a notiout ere rorkinform. at up al wait etw, not e inrhopefu wa >> oupy ll sw,eet howopeinfhim. oy s>> tt e,ig on >> hi let's se te.ig > and stu dentetithe s > ndlo s sntnd for time wki onitis sca mp. s fe o tere th onsaid wdca co re ohe fthirst bnch id the dvernnt aor ng t he thest.s. cstition nd i e rn thin ait'sorairng t s e.s t chasttitn we pre siinde's busr to lnch si t difre ulara lwe pre exusutivoord lnc pro ams si d ucolainratol julie exiv erddwardsro as
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einatonaul urnal, e tdwds imdi e e wounaldayurl, t kg b h, cimzae us aouow me aays sn'tb chaza usni a. >> j: ri t,mea bayausse't t j :predent'sampan t bmeau t rst timree aund's wpaas yemes, w c and nrs seeimseo d w ye w d't need a cngndre s. >>iste wre noi to d nd wa . ng re 're >>teheotaioiting fo or wa e conesotais. ti f can waifor cgress do ionjo b. anaior w csaigrd wes can't wt i f jo ngress t w haip w c'tmat usin seng t wepan'tait r in we in'teat nglyysnctional coresso dojob, b utinly ysncon remeer wha icoss sao we canjo b ju wa meerorha sacong wress. an ecau se wju caan for ngng tosselp au w cor ur il s op anour onom wean'tait r tt,'m ilnos t goi to waiantr fom th .we'tt t>>asi'm ccked t on gesoi tait was pret imp.rtan pt c ckouredystem oes government s etmpan is t med no ticiurng? o vellme thi nk t aual ted phranoiscing we c wait. ll hi hat'ua going to be w rat we'isre cwa. go t o t'ngbee' hr the whithoe go t haopromed tt th're ing rolout ese hr e pces ohaomxe ttithe ci siong s,olt ence a
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ek uil t o ecindon othe nca ear. u as e so impor nt f t r. as somp t dia shoth disncti ho he' ct lldiy a singndis ti the sting onho t h a siinligs and thi s th pys sng in si exlitlwhandhiheks oth i caaigna. >>ime r a exbreak,ha heksfiot, yocacagnn vis >>ure oxa neaew tc web teor oryoeca onn vhe urox n top ia tcsto wriesor othenhe we. totoes theia bashs wellnd. h he topicsashn ond watch lis tocsn w ch se ln. nex he'gonebut ot forg otte b y texe'ne t media. rg>te by i tnkmea. t normal-- iandollong hdeath, the tnoal nd bioglo hpherfde sh,ve jheobset ged at ntogion. erf sve jbs givi detai ls fisat vi det bfsnd his li l diike the pess. andfs ndriisght? di i'me othe inheps.1% ndrit? 'mhe, 1% -- >>, .2%? -- > no >> nd mha mre sides%? > nowith occhayi m s esproteste rsbut th is h otoo ch tbe supporottingte toven ho t ppngoven
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wo it'sven gger an ihoug. wo weome 's pron essier. iug doou gs inre awestree s? rosi do g in ap. re erytng fm trel tiler to ma mor hos. an whenytour f is trvere ter so iyour ho anperfent. r s re iur. whwant a piure th f? rf do! do! whntpi e f you ind? go to me su! this!s --h. oud?go msu is...-- ay. . eryb y sa"awk.rd." otecng yr faly f .yb sa nowk tha."s prresse. ec yfa f callnor clhak topry. ss
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he was ery p l en hwaryand-- pet len pt l a wth iwas t waiesan oro a tuyent t th iwa sstedp ll aiesr auyigh h e cld ll stea jusghto cld them and y,ea j youo're doihem thi aan wngou d>>oi tt'horrible aou'd ayw whdid u do that? t' hohy wle'tou'd whd ni dcer?o th? d s i rea wllyout tbe nir? wi p w ho sem ideayt tbe wi perfti wnd this isd w arfnd t>> bs apr o aleouer a bste jorbs walte isaaonern te joal 60 m ut discribinn t foer c 60 a m rutl h dancr in bein and a cpeecont,l ti ed sve inbsnd a the bk wht, hit ti the s seshisbs tek tk mo thak 4 wh inteitrvienhe ts me tdia,mo jobhas 4 told teisieaaonn wld lova,eob tso ld elplityjona wlismld. ov e to can' de en opn btyggsjona sm for o nn'ews,ee oeeds r o ns,eeed
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porting d edoria overght re than ev art g ed iad lo to nd er at ay t ton hel lo o pele cre aay digital pcts to wher htheyctuay c m epe c mo dy. ig al sy ereyua scmuch mediae ies i mo. is biraphy,mo? smu m>>iallesor biray, tbvus? reas tt sorveobs w abvus retrue tecthn sogveicisionary an ced smany ro ctue tec thatost usis uiosery o an serynyy liros from heatt s uphon oe t yliro ipad. hephone ev tiozed the way ied. e see animation in mioiezes heay eroug pir and ttha te niti extent meie as a tugransfoirm aiffha gure the y'rete fciteasd tby nsth. thinrefromhe pheitreal ang th mos. lt w inom p itjourallis als had an ngost w ideologica ur als h aniny wi idloca stevjobswasta pp y sowirt o f a selfev-abswestdpp hippy so o anislfolicseans left ip ev thoh heha ri tiancaiceans eft hing s toevhoheboriti bac oba a toarac obam ng to facen aoupl of the ob a o meingsachat amaacs repoces. a pl o i tthnk tere's n megst cs eopogi cal co tecti t wit's eve bs awells a scinionhat h eruly l co ticoit tra ns forme t ahnlla of inn theedia anraetns enrmoughf th judd.
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he >>iatseeetenounot. ev y tdim ur>>tee ony t. ev ttati a you knny pe li ng hti aok wouhi is onderful. pe tooli hm a i deul. imooon smuster auor a he'gointoonar sus th othau p aeople'einhooillot arnow thd ith pgrplt.e ot i ink e peonaltoryn ow ad on toit what mica i k pealryai ad onaboo h ma trendou techlogil a commerc iao reou chgi a cmerc aomplhmtsthe persol sty is so aplhmtseeraminl ando d bystis pisen s ao a isr whamin turnsut o doby a pen a is whur liteutry geniuson aa simpson an eteryt toni reconcion waith s hipss mother, t notiss tec ci faher. i thk th is hie stf ohther n boyisan jus s tfaher.vie. thths st>>ohhere'snoth quo ioyn j thusbook sbo tisvie.nteres n>'sth uo h ipinghe n th yorok tibo her nwris,ne ofhngy p nsonaorl ti h projtshis yearrine o ifsona ojdecitsedhi, s tarry toel ip ethetheyant o noci, e times. el thi it' she ieyort ntor tno tis. unt hi fort'shem forigur te i o. t i fuesse' a priva ure tiz, ji he on dat ihe wssts t aori do, buiztjihee es d need w t h , butlpes
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>> probedably h (ughterlp >> > iobly ou compare (ht t new i yk tim sto andoupplepa ock,ew y wlday soy. imto ndi lean look one k, thiay tsobe. ary of iokn a one biograpyike ts, he yhe o afut irnfhe b gr okyik tse nheot a jtobr buthe whe t's cing omse aew n j sngheatoxew s ihes c tinhe booomkew and cs't he, tew i think toook d c t melf. tnko geehe d iscson o em wk, oh heeeredent discsnne how boutw thaoht and ident a 0 pa bo okowutot thafnderesng i a 0uff, ut b i'm urpausbook f erouest ngome the s el f,on b 'mur chces t mad a s t oe t s what's new t mrthy. as jonworha pnting out hmewu bor rt w. get to u,on or p ntjog utad a pre tt go b et trelaonsh witu,rupe ad a pmurdch, the la mshediait pe covege t herdir, t mia conv ercosatis inlved t ahe lot ab fox conews.ti in>>edbut, tnker le i w ox itws boils nt,nkere wto w olitks bn ha beetoingegol ha been the bookge f theas ek ecause js wth supbopod t fhe e tav o f th eau jw mediupa, t th
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s io tr theav j ornthisemme and en the thhe came ois h d taened t h muche wt toy he theam ne ykim a taed huc w todeure thehe cheonversatknim a sn'ted b bgg er deur and t cve time and ew week ut'tng b him b gg this ondnhe covr t meamndeekutng hwee which i s th o c y tam kn eehi le i for redent obama, t kn lesorupposedo ntheam t sa viorsupsed and hheeprlyis ry is saor gog t hand t ho tlha pr ly sty in mucre y gha t kn t dipstloinmaucc yy,ut th's hy fknks can't getip encgh of y,.ut >> on: nd f die c't g enf ou . : dtime f anoer bak if you s. sometngou t nk sws fno b evidce o m iediafou bisasom et t s id e oai mia bi e s@newstch@xnewcom. is tre aediagendwhen itom neowsh@ewm. r t aianden itperry? >> ck rry'somments on thepe by?irer ssue > ands him iy'omnt shot ter. did thee mia ue tdsimde t r. d nd meloo toins t moooins pernters,im hs o em. ers, hn't a b t o film maker . worh t b milons?il mama annncer it'time m er makour oor or looketteand el silter.s?
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ma nnhow erout t' stame akr r th t guaoknteetelow d ice s r.on t cart... w t ta tuaee w ehe p , an tinstarlati... les gepeacof md r a pfetian.stti lege ac it mll a s up o bea er ctipet a bter ice it aupbe ct br e ana grt-loing om trsford. angrlog tror re sing.ore ing. thas thpowe of e ho dep . sg.e g. get 0% o f hath orwe8 mo hs s cialf inanhongep t o ormo o scaralt puanhas of450 mor y useoourr puhomesepot rediofca0 or yser meotdi [ deis ] allste wts eryon to b precteon t roa etheyou' anllste cudeomer ]r nols w eon b prte toa heu' anstl ycu haverto dnois cl. fema y annavncer d c callllste no nd y'll t a ee letim membmashipnner llst no goohand road de a yistal e. a limmb ipdenn ] sp le. t mo. oond ad ata mae oncall ton altate gentnn sle momaonlltoaltent
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>>i d't tnk evebo's rua peectam a>>ndd t acallbo the's debes rupe at a set u p f oracll nhehing dorehan a to t r dsen uphe c fditeshingor eand 's p tt hd t tbe d ableoit a ld poutt your d t be eaand c leptosit a l wourh ane d inuteptresponse. >>hat'rick pry t asne eek,utelling bon >> o'rt'eicklly ts hi opi on bok,li paicipatg in'rebatei withy hi pime oth the otherpaicatin at itpublican cand at . thhe odier jud blavecandeiatze. n thdi j tha the possibilie t he eie n wotarcipa inll ohaf t os bi debat h nd they' rewo tpa pollng oimfn it . d is at nd tpry'at po>> wellimy n eou nds in gimat ll proptelye odebates, bouutnd i thk wh we' now sopeely o ideste b thwhe' n s he kd ofl frtal saonick perrynd i koffrl po toolkng pryndon iatt po tongonat
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taib'srticlehichs ve longo ib's ie leonchly rveead ng exrptsbut lls rry it'e seon a r funer irtor ex tsth at s ngyerhoas t'se frontunirto a rueraiho and aasldro of tire drueraindld oundeear de re dhe thedolf hitler oun r de shlow a le et'she self h ler es hs a hum l's p ceta th's ju to sta rt f. s ump ths ju t s think perry is r llhiy pryomin i und sinyn a lllotfom pele d 't lnde sha tinhen lf peay. d l >>ha wou tldn' cal that . sutin >>oun'al i twou s lt sin ngashed ery iepuboulican in t heirhe gh ets.ryepub ca n it's loinirbut-- acghk.p t it rt' but- ackp r argument? >>hat uld harto bk . gu nt ok olli>> stot d iars b ver klito v woeknn lefting blicion d puitt. heyoe'tle hft ag ny preicten nspue of oka ifyf or strai hgh are jo rnalism, b it' b ng o ntifesti o shaait the pile on joal on r bt'k per c tiesti thaheile le a nd ra rnklyk p by stiomese t le aoth whera hlyis reay b s
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slped theolls 's d nth to authe h10 rea sld hels 12 d h t aut ha beerontunnerta12 wi boutee %rontndunneou would ta ink at heut bac% off aou wld k move tsehe gun b o tre atsver t mit ov tomsene gyndern tsinve geing t bmiyhi omne y thi it's iern tiin o geg b theirer hit'serti commen tsth te any onservate ruing r en priden aneednyto bawarof thfact tt he lseat winrugg prened bar methcta wl ttehe l chain g atsoer tstra yound meor wof tav the c lefhat wing so t ra oudi a he ammunitofnav tgohe ef w afte h on the di bermmssn tgo d st ppedte all o over t h onssic pn a a fla t st ed a veproprosal tt pa a fam out a theopalou a he bither iue was theeaine athe tbier i proue gasro twth eapoinlicye. >>heon:ndro g hern cainpocy >> :camignas also h target of nativ pamiecen iasls no yo t timge, itthat jus t ativ becacee asis pol nl numbers oyoimiat up he gets mcaorase p nbe moia tent hn ore a git mjob. >>lear not hit job,ntor ait whetb. it's ern >>arinotit et t's 9-ern pla for if i perry'
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9- por i 0-0-20lanndpe bh them veeen tt ke0-d20nndrom oth tst the t media,utro mot co tertives at bus me mea ani throk th t he co ermesse thve the aerry campai anteme tanth getth tt w sscomthethey knryked dow b taihete et bines ws media om tknhidow tek b es mar aedhislat tla tn andek ahosw ju tland ju it was aeli-utd messast al and notust i- folksd n t ss a nus olroksgresnve de, t cong aer h and in bause the prons jus n't ke a , nsco. a hnd >> on: bt'ssehe loo at usis t th aco t.sday night in>> : s l a oland cthifnicoa t whenayign ocond protests cifshniheitn licnd pnro iraqarssh vete was h it aicndraq sioly rt b yteasomki h o afioly proj bectiy whi practiced h ois sll. oj his time ihisco pct edso acco sing. to t ass ias ico so presheasec ecog tossia symbol es thee tanti-walst setbo l he ovemt. it'sotti eetel y car t ugh,em m,nd 'sha ciumst cces ar wasit or t whh,thrnd thaoc or cists as o wh rwhev.
11:54 pm
it' n or . c leart' a is vestatedbut thinit's fe tsay at t carmedi wh everstediat in t'she y ty t mht di ve de ologicerlyia ty alsoht bias tdearog moment. lstos is momen t ts elas ttinmohurtntike is. becseis he' msent air wel inrt e . ece's ve wan. >>t's telisn and it leedvs,e i les. >>s el thiss a, aou kndnot oen tieds treles he' is a, k ra oomen nessn tse ingss tre whether it a c etng om ss trt a protests gwhtiheitet hu rt mes augroete diffesrenc ti ich y thstor hu a ug i th k th hash eenth or trical a bstor th tafher. thcupyth walasnreet vent . tr al >> bhatboutorhat t mont? pyal et it ing vent.urvi ve>> ttut mont wter? is tt re ag tragyurmovi? t we' have t wer? t aa?ee. e' av we gordhiseekheee le gt cookoongee for them eccoau t professiol f mele are ceming innd t p fe ssck a tirl of ckind le a i nd yo're airort fofeeing hnduman na yorere kickt ineein h whyan naocli coulin't hyli ulwrk. ecau humanate ishatw. auit um. is i ink 's gng t perhat out .
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11:56 pm
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