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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 30, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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onica udcroey ild jmureene.onic i'mon coro j u'len sou back her f'mor anoerdi tion of x neou ba cktch. hor oerdionf ne h. jud jeane: nighon usti," by li's fily moveto a ecre oc atioudn.ea: gh theti b pliiva fyes ga tove a forreocio th feamyvailbies sgataonor th f iyilbi s he. da26 a baby la sll he da aaba s ll missg. thewerery mommy wherisss umpkin wh erhee resrymy erlisa pk >>hat her roths kn he abt wh hap ned he nigsa >> t eerthknised? abwh ap dd a migteous cal fmis td?e a m te ourentsal missiel l nt phonesi >> w thael you >> n i w sle wephang. y >>ho m e itnd w ? n wle g. plushe s die man>>on mit deh. rder rushe siean suide de eril nui toy rie nheru aut rieheru aut
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becc zahau c ing cconight zah g ononht "juic" " " >>welce, alexis. ll s, hat lc the latt? a s. >>hank y for h inllg m t he it las been 26 >> d yayorand tre m is nsignf bee26 d lis tre the n tgnwof older bths w l are five aend t eig wldchedsuled w a ve mee witighched eeith pice on frida ic o nstery.ri dinot t hpen. la enf cemeerntd tdihet hn. want to tlaakefnameo le td t out. nt thoe isvideee inhe hse t th wand to atc t.m th th isde in h re theout th aanndtoc mbe tth wo d p rrovithelutes a t a what haened ut i t i swoot pvi es hahaenin th e wahaa shedeup i the i ot legateam thlocalawyin i s thwashp he o .gaam th thcanatiwyal lyeery . mous h ithti stillery n. us h heaid eyti wl tn. hed t l schele t meeti for next week ith eheid ts beeor n r
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now ek is h tidap bpening. r >>heres ta abo w s meganapni ng ht t hi ne per>>sore wtahoboeg hiayneser w at hhone wasald from hhone as thd iin f cellho in the ddle f ththnigh i tin cightl ho i thsaeent m sing . lethgh whig cantou tl usbou sa t m thng . >>he h bee in t whan tus u neigorho bef e. th >>fini hly aeeinte tstin ig hocharefr. e ha shoc ng bnight aintein ha and n faar peoe ar ha ocsayi b thatshe s tre thahendfaeo ar a ftyierhae bab tre l ta sound a ft missg a in besoueindborhood ss ad pn pl rogzeder froeiboood ot a a und hepplouse rogzed f sh h now c om or rd andd se saysomne c d herowho c the wa 5ys0econd c md ger th leftwa 5 ec one wodt sathathege ced it o arefthat he ea bwoutsaat she a ooe sayghe veaal but e o enrcemt hagis v h fo tim to lk t enemha h her afoutimo t th. er >> jge jninewhats ut tereing lawnforment th visi d he jthey jreneat re reg awornt cl r th all ensitheey than you cl mucthfor blngen th u.shis e nianu .ucor >>hank y . u s
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e ni>> jge jninenow,o th mi>>ing nkll pnes.ldhe y jhold j tnew,eyth t o mig psldhe la' ld tey to dippeance. onctoba'er aroun d 4 5 a.m.dieae. on frobti aun 45 m. fr pes dorah bradley ane dorh jemy b ieyin an c 9. jemy in th tel pole tir 10 con 9. olbaby l athel be tir 10 ki appe folrobyma c b and oeve tookik hpeer from aond sle ve ttheioo h teeelolehos. ei where weel ty?ho s. >> n th c nt he w whedidouy? rlize hat h >>th were ot the . hed >> izetartha scr hmi c all 91 1re t . anwe w irtcr pki and cl i an e idheres theki pne. >> jrege jninelateduri he qutiong pne j j inenvesteriga quon tell ies t deboh an boan jremyhatomeone ma a cl.emha omat 2eo8, j emy s small atl. is s 2ucks jemngy eslectca al rk. sksng ele lice . accuse dor. ce
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>>hat ccs youse no, w le>>ept g.yo >> ho c ld to,t haleepg. been? >> c t ha who too bn? h ho >> tooy suest vestator wereesti t hhe becse t t sut stsay oreir ll pnes erreeti t t bloc d,y r u pblse to mak ocoutgng ualbllse to mk tgal in'taid theell pne ll wnn' itaid whe douotne wnue, sohe douot ones w restric, t. so en p ice esy the wa resic o pe thwaall made. >>ou resnse al wt?ad tha isot >> posessible e. cou you akehanys posalbl ul youou eouveneakeocal ca s. oun oc>> nal i ou n' jud jea ne: nstery is wann't. sce d. udea: er me n wright. s pocece ctact herecau methe ll w madri fghrom i in po cct erau miingel l e wad pne tight mi gbyislaigispeed . d wheveraldiapeded whighter nbe d i reivea phde ca or pho ht d t night t t rvephcar
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ba lishowe d t mignght.t ba is appantly a 50ecd ngphe . pa ly adon'knowho aecwered itphr what as s d ort wa on he n'ow a reothetr at sorwandn the p ho he >>eganas bnnd t intvied p by pice ur >>an b timesnt i td tm i h pe bee im thugh e eighbo rh d t w t h b myoyie th h didn knoeitheboamild mydidnoy recienize thednnoe ptus. dn echad ver zeen babyhe l unt d r b iyawer l on uth iawerew o n >> jud jeane: o ma the callrom ewe ce pho tha nit an why d th jynsudiseat: mahe lleim pcehohosha c ou n otni makaney thnsis ouoing ps cou nake cls ou ngmarkuhanetir dectiv l aprkndoeyir de jaivson l wit us.nd croeimyal defse att or y.jan it u crim d ntlen,elcottme. thks f bei her phon call leom tel.rwin th fei er phon at a ut on tall t te tin the onab ayis tes te missing t. what o ye makeab ofesissi at ye that? wel thehonealud t knoit w made. el he is nesut e po ce sno the whaveadhe s rerds.
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po>> sudgeheeanive: age wi th joe re s. i aee i t as m>>e.geniagwi th oe afte that a it disagre me. >>e kn it mad andteat we d ag ha the >>knt adde mot heharhe dor ot bradyed ad damant tthe didn' make the one all. an t he dthe idones mere a e el. taken e ne aak with thbabyndheights ln w ex ptth fbyorndhehe baby'shts rmn whic was rk.ex b y'esec rieas ic as . s one iell tteas no a mess e an no oie . t s n whais a zi ss hanere mk,oi is thaha her t mk,ec ipient s tayhahe di't awernd didn'ecknipnt s who llednd w t as sdi arnd id d dsn 't ko w edot s awe it. d sn how uld ewe notho h. w d r ce n phone? ho h >> wt is he revan of lce is. pne wh doeit m n to wis ranf t . furtwhroe inv mtoestition >>udgeeani: th t is e ght e ba disrtpenved.tion >> ge whanido wthknows bout he t bamessise th w left? ha w ow utthin ss th wh do w knoabouefwho de th call in thin who noou o at dwe k w ab t ho thisthll
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tieso th ulti tein e d k?abhois es th tinoth >>he revan is at t? therhe o yth pson t ha >> r an s t acally looike a s uspeercty pso t thease aclyooik i aad sanpe that the he e ll pnes wereanhathe ten p ne s thercellehoneand bab do ten n thll ned b go do togethe whaif t ny we igoghthe a pe eha tweatoromesn he and a evythiig abo thiis s pe or es whhend s tran geev yhiboouhi sgr wh s anwith that.ou >> e ryth g. th ha in cordce with t >> eth bn erdh atarstufin aion o b hang tenhe ab yatar alsufo a ton ha ha t tenhe cabellso to phone. >> ihais onlyenheho san b au se i oy b au ofebor braey. everhinghat str ge ofmes ort of ber mth.. the er ingrwt ins trsa t s of m. kidnpers ust avhee made a is phe ca becse ty dn rs tuldnav makmaa ca. phy wocad aec k tidnaypper all dnak ca gan wgh woa kna er at i yourlory on nhat? i y>> cld brsomeing or simen aserhahaps the nbe r w c b me g im alady oredn th hoas.ha t w rhapas y are goi ng aly edth rougand .okinthroh t ap y re phoie yopresthe tton a ug
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d in ro t hapns tgo wit hphyoese on a her h a tgo mitdihal h >> cld bsomeing at di sile. >> y are det tive c bme g t is w an w in e si. y reet ve ighbhood w w n >> agr witjoey in tt hb odcord c>>ouldgr biteeytomhi rd cld b maneas y putt into bgom hi d p pss e o ian a y i nt bdialaumbe off o f p pss o t albeff o f addrs bk inhe dr phone. th the finbe.k en you lkho a. thhein thi s n umbe r you l u ha to tonsider n wbenr loha ato all of tonder phonen lo t nullers of frohe cho nus f c cellhos thisossiy aellumbe tt ws onisdisitaff. um t>> ty sa the ondi d 't tsaheno >> b may it s aumr bayt a stor i herne. >>hy wld s havher or i h numb?ne she dn'tnow >> h wer s.avr mb eve aspt f ise a'tllwer mes kvesp to f deisra ahraey s thekhone weoto aken eywoulit cnge e kidna g,heneeot ak woulit cnge e ul ce id cig,stans?
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onl chanuls it ce ide ra h cian nlanit de ra brley' mind. jud jeane: t ma n't u thk thbr they'honein calls a ra eudea: ma t ththhene lla tceo peoe volv wheer iis eceo eoe kidnperslvher iebs e dnrsrebah. >>ow dtheyxpla the stebemenahthat.hey uldn >>ke p dne ceyls blaausehe the stdnen payat ty hedn p c b bseill. t som ne d mdnakeay t t b l.outgng c l bu m be iomt deas thr be ef a ttgim cebuhatbe i as th wernot le t dobe i aim e they c ld hav bee n thert t ind ey the havee n plble ndsumpon tt th phe wa tnot le t pl bee mp tth phwa t t ouoinghower, whoer u be the oneas bl t m akoungwet who u go te ne wayblt m tyingtoun' t a igo did t mengtnothgn n'is a ce. d >> tre isome ing methn is ce. here w t imeng er ebora bdley. >> ,he is i nter ga raafdlterey a pograp and , ausf int af rtai arec o f tposapeind ausf invo ed o aiyiecng o afbout csereiin it s invo this o csyi a ut en aer s i on onitdins
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th t cel hone al l a sei on on d ma it an abs ut e t ttelneal tl cell ho nemat calnasadth ten e go in e mea f or tllhoal as adand thhalfeeksnd ti s gon me tat ty couldn't d lf ti soutgng calls . t ou sohat ts sompta to ertg cls. so tht sompheta continu thhe cti media itz. >> a by e mia z. ay ay enem yocanlways may 9enemall. yo n lw an w m wer ty lking f 9l. an the erone tlkifghekn the ule 't meakefhekn talls ul me exaly al jud jeane: w do she explxan th? sheoesn. e st s quudt aneasto: dohe pl th ta lkin he sn ho is tt? stquan o >>isa as n' theta oinnly hi ld ho t in t hom t >>igaasn'he lishild tom ig disared. poli alswanto ierview sa thd.half b thlis.lsnt iat d thevi thlfs.oys h a w dhe the investigars fdut h? a w th deli te b in s ofe invti f tervutwing?hiren, nex t. thli bin o rvnghin,ex
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th dicat aimspeciists. d ar nd-t d-cloat ser cems cits travers n he makthin tteruick. ar-tloer willour au and ome avsures .. heakin erck be tre whenou nd th mos llr aur anndgente r quree, call00-mcovege.. t en nthos an nt visqu tra lersllom.-m ve.. isrars. whoa oa whoa how youop gat vatio? oa oa. w geouing gice ve poiots on gat vatio. .geg e po g vio whoa e che sahire prefred d noget oa two mes che posats reon tvel,efnd td timno t o e pos ts opodini and to l, treigimtran
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ctiofees po onind iganioes wh! ase pphi prerred a rd oa dierencolo wh e hireed a o diapplennow lo chesapire.m/prerre plw chape.prre
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jud jeane: by la ll tn onon nembe11. she s tw halfroth s w udea: l we the ton nbe the. e twlfth w nht she wehehe disaeare he the nhtab la sare vanished, e th werabin ta home. v is the ly wit ne sesthern h oe therites tn mo d oeberah. sa hal t bnrothers, b ke mo d sa agal 8 bth js,eremy'keonro a evio relat ns pag a 8 jem ro achae ioel ap a f ive, ae dah'son ffrome, her d firahstarag om >> hudgeeani: hoare e ir bo doing? ag>> ty ardoing >>genihoe booi? o ty.arin >> jge jninethe enin o y. ofcterebahay s he j j nee in boys atch of mien eb houseay he whe sh yschien ris hsen the f ntwhsh porcwithereibosn t nt lar, bkeoeto leep ewrcth haboshirhi la boooetoleep ha iri dera brings fivyeld ke u il b wit herlongderi iv with strldit they found u bitr ng th d. thtrhey ou arnd 4:00 a.m. th.ebah say ar 4remy0 m. aivesomebah s myisve aiv
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lisas msind allellisve brks sa lsesi nd a inur iervi wit the br separes i a sked winhe inviheithe bs reknewiisaas aed misng ew a diasthe ys wep? m yea the die w eaheoke up ahe medielyne up werscreing r ne and di y lookgor ererreg nd n the aere ok yinghere i ppknd te whe re ngre here lis >> jge jninedo ty isdersnd wt haened >>ind . i m jn we javenne -- tey rs w ha edknow hat e is one >>d td y m weknowenhat - e ar lngor owt is e t hernd t yowt areepor a rg ndve t uuy--er nicknameg ve is er pukin niekn i ey pun a mom where i s aom w is mpki jud jeane: boraand ki udea: rad remyorrl aloud t po ce o s ak tmyo theorlooy po >> ty w se tontheerviewed tobe4 sholy a er t t w nt vi poedce we caed tthe be s
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ho a t en >>poudge weanica: in the lhet w wes th ref en >>ditigeal rniueins f lro we th inefstigors queion e ti r ue f ys. ig s deboueh ann jemy s t .ir bo ankids haveittle s offer t oth th dsaveaeng stlomffthclki thng s ises itclas bkin a lancin ter undes sta ing e eeit o bfa nc t the ildr andhe bt nd intarestg f the cheedren ondf e nee fordrawnd b instthnforchcemeennto haneor muc iortisorme o they cha m psis g. ey jud jeane: liceeresi grand a .w inrviethat was hedud toake ace udea: ce e yest day t itanasa inieat s brdutltoye e st y it caeled cod sothintheoys saw or ca ed he d th nigco helsoin seoloyheawr hethigelhe myeryf a lisa' myy disaisearae? we e joed bjohnicke a sa fraen c e jo bhnke pecialisthocpeist tervws chirenor law rv chin l enrcemt thugh ocac enem th h nter jud jeane: oculd e ys kw noing ha t woulerd ud ealp s: ve td hi s ys kryno?g ha t ul>> idis psibl b ut i i s s t his
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fficyst torynow ere ey iwere phe nblht ts in idents ic tooccuw e ed. it ireposs nle. t in nt sureit is cuosbl. iss . jud jea ne: ree moer i ys t sosaidbl ty hed ud ea : nomoes b i d 't k w i f it t sdhed was' r ftnoer b dhey kent i tft s' fteep. y tdoes that ggesto y tha ma e thboys eard omhi ngp. es t es >> yha nds ke t y wema atthysrd om hi ast ere d, ocour >>s twet t e our w n't ow wha they he o whatt hey tt net wyahheedut aty nhut wneed jud jeane: youind thatids e reedbl ud ea : wiouessed at s espiallrekidsblrounthe 8, wiseye-old a ge i f ousplldsun e real wan to k8,w who isye-o a ge sefing ouack or whot ou alan kho i s you k t kidseountg kr ho ousurgcy t u t kidnt rg tkido he corn, theyille rn, eylccurate. g. howo yoasse if eycc at e tliheru th a i owyo se f ey a dng o throughru prisof ea r, aoysri ta, houow do is you cuteaysri h d
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uut trgh that? >>t isr dfilt. t t? asar ayou nt >>is t mak defihelt. ch asfeel a cu omfortableo tst make yo and ust e prchess ael cfo oenga t thestande a yod t tpr msse thga feehedomert aable enoh t e talko ou .thee om rt le wha eis ieresng, thn islkhat e paouentsaid t y ha i es , alady lowe thehild ist pats ai t es fe an eht o aly weeld intervwed pol e a t he y fano werenl rv id nterolviewaed t f - one or 3re0inut and ierew the othe e 3or0inut aines.he thats ju e noug he to0 esesblis a atjuug esisap. andhen u dithe inteiewshe dectiaps a. noin t r oondn die te ws it dtis a y ou . no t r o >>ou want it ts h yave one perso>>n wt ithe om s tthe tectes he erso arie se alctatchle from anotr arealooatm sleo fou a not ot a trng thet s themo a say n methtrg th t isnt trueoay oropte tm to al k ththsn arull op t to judeani: wh i wl a pa doethe ssagof fr udeks ve oninwhhe w mem orpaoee ag f >> n is ncre oble nt toenon em e inuencis f m t he >> re e trent aenonhehole p ce .innc
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f the ha ng tntheir wlehoiv. ha tinrrupd. erytng gng o udge eane: rk, n th in up pants n luenytce g the o child ren ge ea: , thring perd ofime enpasn ence he ey a c notldn allow edo tngalerofoe n aotllo t o inveigats? theirsthinghey n d ove at is wathechst mngmyy on and she is do at impltinghat oean tmnd s is plngt an t to remrre mean tt veryas ttoo do withoreean t rect c fronng t he ry kass. tdo w e otr thg is he t wo ct on t timethatheses.oy we ot th is ttalk to,hat s meatse lko,t the elimary vesgati befo t t imy sti m ot rfo had m incornstencs anlie s h s cfronted consncanie c ofrn teddhe angethe timele. o dhe wh thetalk to em ge e initimally tho que ions a whhelko wort essitly righoht q nens jud jea ne: d ashertsig instigion continu the ud ea : as qutionbeco differe nt inignon nu he pendg on hat acts equoncoifre stked. nd on itt s intsrestg th the pares ab lute do t wastd. thei kids o ta titinawstthhe reabteo wa ei dsta forcent. >> ty dot.
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jud jeane: 'll e ho itrct. g ud eain a: l hove nt yewitns nws of aan wih ventyewinsabs ofan i rvllan tap andab rvanap a dumpst firclosto t me. th by ddustiros t ents . t th d@2@é@8f-pz@2f-
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coulthis ab be5 4:0a. l ulisab iin? al, in surveillanceid i in? from that nig htalin svelaid le gu re om t ha t caigbe shtn waing t of odede agua ca swa ng ofy. ed and aothemysri twist. y. thisnterew t wd ksheysri tst. iser t wks ago. borasaidolicsker go . abousome burne d raidicsker cth oume b ne d >>urinan interrotihy said w b>>neind ier chthes. id why b nea.b.ournd cthes. hal f' jhyeremy b. r ndirwi called 91alf' jemy the wieald depamentespoed ta fi inhee dps te ndeearpahentpo i trwinfi in d pshome n he th i is ine sa timone ad a ca romemrw 's isthsings saim e cell ho. ca ro >>e lorwted'sisng hellhou.p ste >> lo ed wherthe re w reportenuste ocber the arlyerornie w ror n hos. oce war frothe hewinly hounise thi ho waroe umnpsteour tk m e hi umproxteatelrfiveinkes me dring tooabou t t oxel ve minutes. the ods ere e pldrceg ooou t nu s. re atede seas hede re rplight reedead rht
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bend me. >> jge jninewill0s ues lp s ve tbe mysrye.f jby jnell la' s s s tysf la' disappear? >>dr. cyriwechjoinusis pe now ?ndark f rm>>an. andrich joeiny w ar jaso a s ftillrmithus.nd oe dumpster fire. a ll h s.cellhone al p eoumplte ir e. waing oundith b abiells.neal p eo wh is e cne ion. wa g nd h wh do u g bsie hi whs cne n. l ten, who nkg yavhie ople ho t ln, yepate le t siting yaveepate sing t give creence. abou12:0 a cple o isive ma ied deehe.rndicat io ou:0 c e is me pson o is alng d h around, a atn cryin a b paby.n isal ng th baby s noouthea lothcedin a bght,y.nd t in thbyno addeitiothn t t, inddio n at you t hor y hav anot r sitingy aoun hor y indidualn h a ot msiorngcl awho di al vethe indicion hateor clwh has en t s e thing aell iicn te with t ames seographihi alll th t eea. eoyou apcon cludltherisn . ab ctio au n heud merhernas credabibiond aa rheult mhehirsas veor bo raedon tib what ahe rt hi
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has en sing,on't l oo atbora t ha tmeol ice, ls sg,'t lutde. >>udgeoleaniic: th somne dibreain aut toodek my aby. >>ge ni th iom aee wit h diea aaloof m of wabhay.t aeyeeit shays. f o i wold wt dou the arri ss. uplewo eecllouy.he th mriotorcye, he h as le bllefy. th m erorwin ugh hppornity ern h ortybriefer wiow ofpptunity. e sp of timieer s frpptuty h.ours sp obeftweethe t tesr hrs wch is ee raeer o tdd. thothe thi y c say ra o er is man w itthh ahehi yab cse senay s an two a difntabse tes itohi d fr hosoesn maket tes anitr ho abctiosn me t >>nut aaby jus abioiars >> a may us t i veryonrning. >> ut wmadon' tno v rn>>inhat theignifi nceof >> wthen'umnoter fire ndhe actt heni fie th the olic eumter reheac showe thheic dorahho dor irwi or dor bradley bned wir or bclotdlng? bwhatneo yomakef th one >> wou l e kwheoter? at yo ke ththneloth g has>>oue beewheer
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thlo th as entied i b some way a ti be inginom twao yhishi a. be in t i wisld tto. aee itih whatith mrjackn hasaidithe th person en wh th b mrckhaidhe the th pn wbjthto br maybe he soone r so rean mbe so e collsoorat rn with eotr. buit suld t be ll at diwih ountot. r. at i bu sd be dint iouldoi oroou 34eu pspecve a 34 p ecrs active as a fen rsct e tholist s t y canno t id ool at s t human yod c o re aily. um is od uerstandi tt re s u er dimoer ds notdri. theris n ede e b dno i . ere no evi deernc n t te . waa e n babvi t t wasraum wa basraum zed ansn. it i t tod e ilanyn. it tcompshed e il th to is verympornt po t. mped
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don' knowthhetho thes ryor t mo er's tory hpoas bee n'owthhe inva datemo the'sailury hnhe b va te hepolugrap tt, the cnge a toheth she w as akeapt t t a tothhe w te tte drinking a under the i nf ente t a dthnker a tim uend and e in. a th i st - it t i d n. puzzl b yi -t how i yoget id of a p bzl b h yot lete s tt aobody binds it i te ttobyin i t a after all of this aind allf isilendt metilous src enat i p zl g. tius >>udge eani : we iill ow u allate pin t ho>>geniwe l now, here re lala'te t paren noand y d he yw,anrece lla'ar the no d d inrvie witanh tceirl boy ahe inie tir b vestigats? ld bl stton,ired st tat h bstn,ed he debah bdleynd jerem emils ju sta ing t...he anebon a budgeey jemiljutag ..likean ram a noogee- ery-ght dget e thght lstake caram ooinsu nce s ouy-of ht reaet. tht taarsue ou heantilhe hrd aut e vae pl. il h a
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vapl op ss. t mo. makene cl an lsta age. p . moke c n tage >>. >>
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12:33 am
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12:34 am
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12:35 am
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12:36 am
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12:37 am
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12:38 am
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12:39 am
happed ttver iee ster y. pe t one veouldell how onehe er her r bo e ldl ow o this. rbohi up unt newobodhas en le tsay . for uw yocan keewods tr onger ty arment or thr yon etrger ntorthth, is ma wkithow, nishe str matowhetrt 12:3a.m. wit bab in :3m. bityab i inn a y dier. >> jge jninewe tked abt thfacthat p ntdiin.g j to jometneng tdapning outsi de abthct t p nt thhous yotohaveeteen isanaps nity osi for ur eethus now .yoven an s tyyou ve donyo r ow. u on yovestatio wh havyou gureout stio h erwhavu re t >> il coinueo wh i'm h er ying. i i wico do ueat iwheel 'm neceary keeeyes n t s. wio i l se. i wice noty o theebestesf myns abity . wiotthstmy int abfeyith kcpdnt o the fbi. the arecphids iave that e i wi not t heres iboavha wiot mera bo i willotntfe w ra
12:40 am
ihem.ill >> jud jeane: d i espe that bilm. andhe to a >>ud ea: i pe. t meatsk yilnd thes, t do ebah me y oreryahw his gany wrht t pernhoways she s ga receed wr terhoayshe a p ho c l omce thei al om ei ph on pele ithe ighbhoodave seener. by t wayon b spe iase inhbkode, u c an mis thay hasin k it t me d gl e, canis a h c ro t me d gl jud jeane: a straerry >>he m n otudnoeaw: t hem, rary may >> m n sh knonow someo t em,e m shnoeo this cturhis >> jge jnine spea bil ur fish t thoht. comen. >> gi j us j fi t ho . c't me it. gis c ar >> jgeeani : co on, c i bi. i j t wa to jen ueyesgenicon, an yearsbi jwao ou ures on or you yno th? on or u doout see n thathe al th was dedo b sy nhae s seo
12:41 am
>> i d't h heo the c w i made h i hn't ehe t. de >> j i t ud jeane: rst all anone t.n ca judea: t ll 9 ane ca y wehey loongor t 9 phon if ty ouweldn'heooall onf y ou1? al l >>kay. let'indue th, ok beuse do. i go>>y. ove et'ryduthgloke bee . scgoario o glscariowhertheyriedo do it.scio scscioarioerwhereyit wed is do ere was scioer deb worsah whe re t je was the eras. eb or les go with et sna sth. legoh hanat dera d it or both ofhemha d it de d whwoult theyake e ohe pne it wherwoul they ake ewhuley e phon to pne aeruleye w? onat doi her, a w? cri et dhe jud jeane: re ithe prlem,ill. e pr lemudsea: hat itheye prm, pr m abt lueyly ctainhatt wre not ssib to ak ablu cintal t ib tho debe saysrial a theb s coul't -thatonrn m whising ulcome -acatk on m te you wha t, bil isg hgme eacn tote iout.ha b yowilltagyn wh to i us into the
12:42 am
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ear! u kn whaelse ear? thdoak tar mecare knen ehaollmset. ar w me reroug deer 7 e.lm ca i sck wh ld m icarplan ug 7 care! s w or f md a arw plan wit beer cerag lescost e! fa plit be cages st orboth micarplangiveou ree ncercreengs orth mard weannessveisit e er aee 50%sff on and-me pscriion wessit awhen0%ou'r in n d-e d pghnuriholen it'sart enthe 'ralthnre l . dnu le soit'sime loo comre.. 'st e th l so'se oo mand ..oosehe rht pn r yo lrn me at-800 edicd e se r or pmedi re.g .yo l mat00ic ordi.g
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i'm home anrecely, flood. m cusemee. ance, oohim?e's lpinme gebacko noal. se m?s iny, ion't venge cknove i.a fldpla. i'tt i'n got loodnsur icefl la i'mover. i'otodur ho s th? 'mer ni. fld inranc it lps hoketh yo homa ho aga. ni flinnct s yoomhoga , yo me me ain. yo e ooh, aheck.t oufred new undaon. h,ckouedw da. t anof tse iny si? [ maleannnou ter ]nly insi fl d inranccove flos. [ leou ] y for freeflrochine,nc ve calo the umbeon yr scen. r eech cahebe ysc.
12:45 am
>> jge jnineall ght. i'backith gue bil j j stneton l o jot.s usrom kaas c ity.i' ck h ueall ilght, ill, e ar goinstn jous m to s rt f mkaqu cae ony. again . l t,l, ar in youre gng tgiv m e a s f a onheargaatta y.r h or ou g t yvou a know tarhata yr >> jge jnine yyou ill have t to meow where you
12:46 am
jwhis jd thne awau andl w you vetoe w y dit? is th wa ndgoin w toou ansr i t,di yest? n ifinot toinsilmove ies on. n >> udge eani : yoifareotil ve it. >>ge ni yoy ne why anen'tswou agweri i n y 't a ri >>hat es i pertaino the case itoesnt rea iy pe paintao e e as dse itsneapen i dudgeeani: whare ey i ight g? ge theniare wht he in >> j ge jninewelltheyht ar not hee he hinra rents. j jne ll ey what re t y doarg tot indherares. ba at tdoto? d ll, ouldt behey at th head f a ba vunerea m , ldbey t e 6, 0 pthadpleahore gatea peop in nsas c 6, pe w wreld g go o ut ndopn srcash? y are he o hin >>he p ple e k asaci e faast. haveotte noth g>>ut pe ksa ci ppor fro hefast veand teu knthg wt, w here dorroheou d kn wt, wre focu the couge? is i a cuhe choto oppon?ts ius fothe ke ogoin a out?ho o on th isot wtus i sfoe oin about.ut ths twean t i fus aut. aurate we aurate tellence melyollothroh. les ge to t botllm ofce lo ro to mk's intet l
12:47 am
oo kletge tot of e am ily. b ou ms tet look gt o keeey b ou e ey onhe ando o k ye ey he evythind ee. do n hava evhie. nav myopic vw. toiscot t mpicitsses to inconet. e fa the was meitss a t in faheas me :30 50-gree aeatht waing th ahilditho an hingn in a0 0-eeth wag d apeldho anngina dpe >>udgeeani: bi, i' gog too you oneet r. >> ge nibi i'the ct t ha gotooou o ther. p pl e ho e t at t shee sayhosheut theheaysut b t to b crora b tha t bothewereakenff t ra t baby backo yo he creroent, affll t rht. by i ckyo cro ask aedf i dorah andsk jyf dorndy knebe wthe. u sa she m kw kn wth seo sa s th thewknow. >> saishe sy aneothats wherthe thstahes aore mad e.
12:48 am
>>aie anat s ste cloerlye a a. ad foll my rds. >> j udte jeane: mlo . llowllg. y s. d i otedou judea: eowct i ed >> sheaynowct someone else th>>he iw somne unnealse ts s pe th i t's t itnnhats sape. s >> jge jninesomee in the ighbhoodabill >> y knowhatyou av jee jnnemein e ing hbfantodtic llb. y no atknowuou put onnou o g ntc . osec or'sow pacou o knowhose aen are ec' owse a en a he m helpp.veone and tha he m whael hpapni youe an t haurnastsndapomni y taters ena csomg theithat fort wite theorheiehs tha areomllg.rtit t wior theieanstr ta allan arom ll g. de h ands wiff the lantrll forcemt instig ion d ide dsthinit i thelpg an w are moemng iinaign i os itiniv ilpan wre ir ti .mo i t's ost bait toegan andir tti. s baallegephon calo eg anif inddid, don s h gecanon halpen. ijustd,on'toneeow itan n h n. ha en. st't ow >> j ige jnineheres th thg, b l, l 's sshaum.e tt j jit dne th bit s lms tt thpoli t corr orat i dt.ap se ha tcomethut ali said i rr anatthe iliceave okeno
12:49 am
ha hemefour aimesaid ane thecee een ts we w ill knheowures theall as adhe i jus wan wtl o ask you o mor e helasad qu tionjuan bill, aouor quon bl, will the chilen b w t ntilervi bewed bhe inveigatntvied veat vestigats? >> tt is joeac st tis aoe na qution. >> i't t facthathe loca lawy saiit ionnot . good or t kid ito tacatal k a ca wyai ijoetants t he kods tid to talk. a he s d heets is gng tso schedeal so thin next seehesng t is tt go sg tochapn?e so in xt youai tt,our tgo htoorapn? ou di't. ou at inot or sing di. it. i t >> jge jnine sall inght bi. i ways ood see you j. jne l t ma e we l sebiyou in ys d ee kans citouthis wee k. maweseun 10- nsit is you'ee buyg dne >> j ge j0-nineand w, o u' pauyl re dts, xt. j jned o ( one ngin )pare, . ok... h. thbad ws ( it'se robainy toled. ok. thd 'sbatod. e go newis yodon'haveo pa yo dedble. goew withanisng ductie yoom nn'ionwvee
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inparanc yoede.this dti n nwu goin$100ncff for ery ar of se dring, go00 so n youdeduible r is zy o. sdrg, noudule z thothegoodews heldn to yo cof e. thheods w. ldtoyoof ♪atioide on ur se ♪ ♪ioe n s♪ ( ughi ) it'sctuay a ettyood day enouonsir. that gre. ( hi 'suaa tydy ousi atre úú(h cúcpbc(húcúg
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jud jeane: . cyl cht,ark hrmaand ey cksoare ck wh us ud ea al: righcy guy ian t t,k mad soe wus alghuyouan act to ll snt's commt. t i ink e mo sigfintnt's thk he mm i k smodig wfias megan wgh t th he thgirlho reive sd whe man thrl rveal maknosomee th the iralnsnow o isnd er he maomethhe ope. irw isnd at dhes th mea mar >> i ould ay ie.haso d with dthheeaar dpo ild isd or th disa dearapoef by lis en y loo at t s y hsara by to sis thathey are tin g yoo t tyo h shaey a ting distce dorahradley f evythi but evesty t deahheradl opens r ou sheig aevhiut tehe deep holen fors ouheig aerlf.
12:54 am
epolorlf >>hat out jem he esn'seem o be he >>t t rongide. e n'heeebeheeeo dngoe. whaveorebah d w nts.ebah >>udgeeani: herovis e exses. s. >>e al was t >>genihevi exs. ava ab>> aaltas the ti they wva t akentihe w jud jeane: we ally knowhen te ba wasaken ud ea >>: oue ly hown onebaaserak that >> seous tohangtheas t himene er th t sawthe by, now we e seto nge ta spe of ou ou b ow e e lae timth bab spf oursas een laimab waasee wa:1:2by jie >> t proem:1s:2hat by tro s jemy >>he pice ve bnt b je >> pe b cusarynd may not want sa be for cinnday ot w >>ehavr yoonlyave e peon tt se theictiyouin nt t elim ate >>at avrsyolye and pehe tse pheygtiphu the time t icke way t o ed atnalphhe clost pe
12:55 am
le p thkeay na th d ecti ves dospe picm. th d nec kw s s gog toai tw goto t mirabl >>udgeeani: anthey didn relse tt, s did >>hey bld an o ig>>iogennianey bednuse eley n ter s tidho ught y>>y an ig iowoulntalko hewith t a n bee n er t tornht eve again ul thelk is heprothem an with rn ve gapolyaph nd aea n w thehes o w arnot dmisbl e becausely oh f aea w t thr art isbl unreleciasebity. th therosetionnd dense both ugreeelhey a heseonis dblsee th ee y buthat situaonary blcurs bu >>ato th s areitua admsiye. >> look,nderrs n or >>thre a cose oeven y wld l k,er nree orey a not aisbl co o en and wat s because te ir aotisbl d un s bauliabity. >> b theare t a reat >>'m gng t rule hatune aby. e no bdecheeie ta haatt no a >> g t i lell gte rht t dno wchtei. tno a forei e hi gthe nd of t w ht ow dtor, rom a rehie nd foren tcs r, ropoin a o vie bed uor what yohaveear w heinre a w veed u w hagointhere >> iyohinkveou har wot a w to p inre down s e o f i thenk t h and i t ba to e p ointwnhere ss o he th a bab y. bao pnt rewheris t evi nce ha th anhingabapped tohe by d to alk erout tevie mother an ngpe to bhavi e th wtohoutk havt inot
12:56 am
any iden w tsoe rvith w iut'mavot ggesy ng tenthaoe shodot i don but esrtai ty asr. tantd on po tedt utai yasou hontdeep youryes ope n a tponkd ydnp eadurs o a tnk broad terms njurie s d oa tmsnjieshe inquitioandntergati ofive a 8eaol d id quioderti of e whathe 8yea sawol adnd eard 26 da ago thank isheaw aea absurd. 26 i n't magidanegoho t iidss bs d. remberg anthinin i tgi refence id an reeranin 8fe-ye r-nold kid. 8 jud jeane: ctorork k all e reect,odd anhe ud noaleaar: or sk as ll onregt,d s no thesarpeop are s a ssciis l is willle et t mesalopk treo m ks i lonas i clein td myal ts aby. on i >> ninody mowsette than abyou,ouron ny tshatet onhacen atu,rneyrets to theicre t on ns kttiest thaateyoples re perm ted talk oaw kttstle forcent a ntsrmndd trelk io xpla nation for trchats tre i ju t t ha t trela atior ha rong ju l teloo tdha ttt a a ng thd-pa ly iseloodtnvolde th pa istherolel ornvld e
12:57 am
coll oratn wi som ody er el r else i ll b on ha llat wiom y >> a se r ht . i bn . wecht,ark d jy, t nk a ht u. weat it,it fk us jnig tnk go t ♪ [ austi guit: po ] [ ba is ] fs g go ♪ ati it[ capomeow ] ba[ wo]n ] ♪ i jt wa to oka♪ caow wo]♪ j♪wae oko , bekakay ♪ ♪ i jt wa to katoda ♪ okbey ♪ jwao ka -da ♪ i jt wa to ow tay ♪ - [ istl ] -♪ jwao t [ ♪tlnow day,w day ♪ [ cames ♪ kw thay i ll b♪okayw ♪y,♪ w y cas kthay i bay♪ [ imes trelercan y proct the ingsou ce abt... [ es trern an ysaverooney wie ulgs-pol cy abdisc..nts. aryou ttin ane coverageeyou nwid...ul ol scs. anthe scouars u you inserv coge n.. foan ant oquot ll 8-my-vera... ane ou u rv fo a o otor v it t 8veley-.comra . v tle om ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪♪♪ [ me anunce] wih 50orsewer, duaoverad cs d frce cele on mance wi50ser, uaer c f e lehe gonor x 825 wil shter ur eectaons. g x25 wishr etas. ♪ ♪ so oneets ft bind, ♪♪ co ck net os r al b-ned,
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