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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 30, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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hwe trk-orreatndg ov the weend,veryedy. fank uor bng ith utrorat ovhe nighwed,ry. k ♪♪ bh u gh ♪ ♪♪ ♪ > ware re le at:00 m. ju we lat0 likee w las tigju.ikee w l t they weroi bodho off. my chest a eyere to beoi b ffctor. i can'te two plae s a btenc opctle.or i 'tt ev forwoou philip. anc let' g op t.o dyevyor aevor p. e me ep ort.t' tatominup oor tonig's ep?t. roc aatolinl o t a'toise oc polliool america. a't oi cupy oland gets u gllliosmeca liir ecu tea oasnd int gs frank ireant al nk i'orryhat suldave al said fnk i'or ogalatd pavla. id f nk you wl ner o glaue why t p. orable peoe a tuetare ner gue w su sea abd peoess a yout h su re sadr heardd testoou helseere. anderse y ho's hrdtono ie see. dsey ho 'sanunceshe is mkeng hnoie
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ce e ns pfukemeng. h and theayaider p fumee's. d sheokay sai youder know whicsh oni wtal sngokboou ha ky cnky c iconwalbo coa ha cornkkers da coa thi boritrs is gtidangld. w thathiit? >> t dayou g stig some st. of m sa yatou tnk i s tay s suomleetut iis rea y n ot. msa y >>hat' czy gg. su i rea n .cran o w>>ort'ke days i g an acal day. an >> i'm wure or is,usts im su youacicay i. f a>>'me s,t reass m. >>ou asu wroou gicg. i houg it sre funny d.>> aro >>eah, r ugt i'm fny >>h, i n't ow wt it is. 'm it jt serndused funny.i t w >>itioly it t>> tn i sndpoungi.. >> >>t iskay.ioly >> t is fun t i daypogi >>isy. >> appy>>is cunranky d co-works >>py cnky cwo rk dasy. hap co-workersay dato y. apo-rk s maybe y y c learn sothinfromt. ay c lrn >>et elsocoinmeom oue etelcoue sh is sut tat hel tty has a ictus o her ont el hebkpk. has e isichetu c oho h ofhe heb isho o ff "t fiv"ndfrains were
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ba by p"tder fouldrevefntrain w chafing allfba yr pr ould pveblem ch ars.g llf y iris pbl ar barro s-chairn ofheoaar ro d he irof fli inor hel bi schz i away fli in silmentr gende r rbisschig in meanifou cat ch myrisint gder and ig is arpe than anifatri d s pe sahamurai ordade fro the femurs of m ssai de sawro saw t mursf- s m saw memawbersaw. no pinch tod.- mawemrs whnoo c pch. i ho he dea c hoe ea tohe gg-ogue tog-og >> wcomeoheealm o wmeoheealm oad x x w. >> the pteorrugged and thandcued hor whrudoesedt th hpen t me? nd h in har h arorwhdes mth p hlen ani in dlains h aar a h m p le
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14ear- d ruaaninas s a withdus an two r-rua s erthe ddunganwo drugn o aer dng x-ye arugld. ere s a sault in ohio. yedenv i garroab.g a e a au laenceorehi btery nv i g ab sacrento p sibl rlaapcee.e bte kld, bea ngcrextolbl rap saul and dogtt k.kl inea ausn,ex a kfe t hrt. ulndog a in aus pchrt.asrbater se tl probly n bil p c anas trbon prob a nil fnt an foot sniffe a f just lik the tea arsntifes. and l astljuy ln baltieares. mphlet ir llatls syayingn not bti rept secris t thempetla sin cogotut insad g toep tserihe ocpyom tteeco ad g thto mea t eeha thea aah w theyear wilome tohe w s. eyear w deoeohexist athe protes d xi ndha ds redepres give a ha dsn reoudetomivene wh happenshenomn etoungom yoloveurnsut to wh hns aomet ab iveyo cveepns? t in wayhe mia like abive cep inay ia rhikianneandcc wal strt ishris brownnn.d shkeptal tnkhetas going is is be bttewnr, and a heshpt dheas gng
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was abuse he ere.nd an h dishe next doo rs se h erighb seeg evything d an doinhenoth ng.t d iteaveus w hbneeeevhg imrtt qu ti inth poseditve bs w the b in kime fqukst cnn ped th b yinou h kee fhe qtueion cbout ocpy h quenut oc >> yesi aveoday's qutionand is tereing w. av thodques'son iwoules quond s cu wltr eereg thes iules is a intlestingee qion. >> y, th's ectly i ing wha qtio ev er ne yth elyhat was onevderingbo.asondeng an.if youisageit me, you e a cist anifage, hom opu bea .st na, ikomven't seen ew aoupl, hou gl to e yoervet we en aplriou to n otglako eyo f oerf eovenwh i n wasaky. o but ow c't we sawh ias butow c wacsak a yhis isot nmal. ictll ay don rem ysber u trng n nma toak e f oll don so pie wallr see tr n t thak hase been going n forsowo pall mohs a now ou a mthy nasew gng be fnenor awo i think oumo aow we a m min n fun o thebe a hire i what sti ngrom wein potiltandint ihattingm me. po ti taesidndt obt am wan to tak
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e go m of ike the cidlassobam wan tak gof ik he wa carss piece. t th don wanto deal wa wiie anyf thcri p . thonanl they wer twiinnyg tthoiugst p. at t ey w t tea pugtyst t ptes t re arill laced ate e oup walltr a ptest led whh iso ine. o w i h t pote dre tha whis ie. ther e s souch toha- s o anerye soh ern loond som litng- aningy on at omnofoo thendom l evts. g anit w off asive.omof t none actua y. an p wntffveha.t out ntilno dct st n.ha tnt n .e violence areeeg at the prost is it oie t voe re ee angeathe vwf hesethca pmst i it psmonghe edge vwf se >>ca dm'thinko. psng yo wedeng hrou>>gh dtnko. liknetherand i yoe ng hrawarof se of tt s ff.lieernd > aotas mad ar s o t >> the faottas m sffin thing eds b t more publize sff hi >>nd that w, ts ayore ub the rst t im>> havhatad, t ay symphy fthe t t occupwaav stet. sy fcc . ofoue ted i not- th is ofng wreedhe iyroot- ths ng
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prec w allref theirie on the peoe. prwhenecllheyctfual gir ono heeo cu l reenet and yyou sal g othespeop, nd they a l re ajust yeallawf esopheytudents. stllwf th all he js a tude th ast lee j aus rig? fu tt' t le. jusig? tt' >>t would jus d do you tnk any fhe>> wld d prtersee v onceou a t any mes ton endr rs a ve smlmeortoity? nd >> thi theime tooke sm abort thy?e peopl>>hiasheeasd. took e tha s aabth point.eo d. >>erusly t s awe a getng ttheoi p.nt ere is itheerobus.y th aiset i t--he a ontf the things e i ethey.laim t heth tarty w aas o thi ey tar w dog,thesfolk w actual doing. doit itimeg,oreslk whe mayor and tu al dtheng g.nond o ime mor e conommanr-in ohiefo do somein i sa wee agoe houl ve ranled inef thedo tmeanksin a saeego e wulight w e r sd ulhe t ig we >>ohn devorore i a >> n ir st.evo >> i im snuggledet a ir buht. coneat e . i snuled a bu ce i have a feeng ttou haveome nd s pa htheteic a f tt
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feelveingse towdarhese p splpaet buven yo hav t o elitgsow se p thpl thas pre scabury stuyoav owhats goitg o thha th doe p'tre hpecan anywhtue at got th oe. wthhaoe i wpel aitwh i te thly tng inow f sur e isha lthat ait t i t ino furiss -- i gue i tat a rts an i gre ati to dem ean and ritize there oostiio tnoem and gevan s.d tihe andev an ich ishy right n the armillns o democra ts t ticis r ill htink thatheheea party ar ll o notemng brat l khaeeaar robt ot b bar r bt so dotno whathe trutarisesrixc epto do no at tre at a l ope ople ut inhe cntryrihat rexc unppy. t a l pe>>le w supinpo csedryot rd un y.methg el herabou s e w sd o updas. ca you throw elat uer theoure?e so what lse das. i cau w ap unihe? oc py w wise i rgothis. oc isi d i i otuas. fgot. poce i oiakla d a i fendin ftheigouset.feaas po i dla stunrede sin deiuregfas asses tuesdayith re huderedsf ptesters.g thsee ss rm tishesayegh w hudspsts. monstr ors rith s trm rheecs w a pla the weresi astrs ri t cree cplp sheer a th lat said " ee c were s ithat
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potion " wre w hoere deploy gaso sto the cwd on w wan hpeop fro poting pl gasto t wianop bourot el itsndngrocks. a skeswan f ccwiupou elts ye sirsay toche c ssws w fencc p be nd wyehatir iays t nessary c w mewhe in g rgbe polndet ar nstedesore saan0 oup ymen grg ol atlaa roarteeders e ter hey fuseto lve tir ampatyro te s dnigr .y se lth t saiampytehis ig moments mong t ard eslations you ow wtls emo mntingmo td towaeslasconalatn? u w esglos. wascat le ttkn aes momloen i wt oleal tk ak then aom wto atuhe gog on iak dohey se t much fce ?go on >>t isard t telnl sdoy t myou he onherod. >> is faides the was a gs o wau hit onth a pro aiheas jectwailt eh ro an hospitaze lo, thct are iehe p h pi th are illegallylothn reek. pa. th retheyere ildeg tolyeae pa .at ird heye heo aea using ire fcehan anyone.he a doesnyonsielse thinkt reha a stonnge? esonenkt >>ste? blame mhaellobe fo t s ho>>le thi bngmehaelbe fosle thi heou havetopped this afr twdaysnd sai
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avhearouto.pp t we gotaftwr pysointai priv atar pouk. weot pnt y'l a reivn'attang here. theyight not say 'a. a h er >> and op eeyht d nsnt'tay s oakndnd o ther are dsn it becse ty started aknd o erisinmoneand w its lit "theclord tofyhetaed in flinees."d it buili athlsord sayli."hai hi nk i ao ?o sev iincs hi itnod se sevn chesn denve i nothatd srmront getssehin wayesen and it gs at srmro colets theseay d pr gotts will dssipate c hettleit, ybeot ot w coilleltely butiolte t le , be yo hatot nex smerhe co lely wiut be ganid a they yo at nwillisrupt yrhe wle ifwie ni a >> i tnk s i s dlld orun, y w ri you ok le y>> nee t s to ss d o methg i orta. u >> l y ieete feu s thita yats - - it fuatese. y did -e oaand ptice u es ce ssiv d oroaced? ll ntheyidn't u u ex ssive fivceor ? is ia foe neyn'lotomrg u exshivou f havce use o ri igifoll loom i rgve tse ppleho av u me oing at i ainst the i tw. pe theyre seonehey e n g i a sustosedheo lee. whenhey e as d t ey s lnevey n ey d't lsuve aed thele. en shy ked asen t t pole come and rci d l rem aovhe tm. shd tol c d ciem
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w wer talki a w w t bloombg vorheres thehi oomb i jt wa t fitgr rrethhi jwaitgr >>ou c't he a dog inew yo a artl c haog i new >>n oak landyo t a prosters un>>leashea do o onnd a r teporte diyou e th foo ge?unas he doherens th a rhi.te >> a actl ddiu thoo ? anctua l dreogth talkin abou oak andct d o of nua dthe mt be ra llk cinitieouk h alwa been nde controlrayie hbel democts wa bndon doc tri cre, entitlentri syste muncre, nt mk,hey gotvethg.ys k,he >>yesot, t ifou he evthg. gone drinkint >> a, ifop h bev in ne dn fnkncishey tve a hatd ofop bpi i fhaist iy s aaw at of bliem. --haaw s li meieobehey re-- me overome p sayhing >> t oth thi thais
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thinovmer ps ayhiikhe t thhi yohaun wom w win is ik georgia,he o g tiyo ar wsted wnd im tnkg, ora, o so sti isrobly inar hed i tnk ss mirobl0s. i n e mae don't ve tob shwant yet mi . e ca maindodt m tbe sobomhi. shnt et i unrsta thait is t ouca m be fin sgoodmob.s right now . untaha is t inodob rhtow . goorn ed n thahe w arstn a n tccy wal stre, asn empye iarst uld wver alire h. reas >> s cou be ext i a d r e hmbieil sou e xtth wasff a w ebisite cal wled rae webtehe falis .m. rahe f >> olyno i total stook ior somet ng e olslynoot oo i set e tre ia grup of actists o we set i grcause th oe s aap itis w e theitmids andheyad t ousthe ing is tthetttionf eids alndof t peoye to g tettonf ecalause t theeoy weret deing th t crimal a. ec ansethehe otherro st wer eredeg t im a ane th ke o,er don't they a sayong le -- >> don calttti ey a s g thi lis wt -e- a g ng>> d onal too.ti thehi wteng to
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e g -- ue t group - spnteredff.ue yoareowutrong t spupntedff beyoreendivowualafetngyor e upateroo re areivowl vneorble to e er ra i our re midst. bl t oat'snsane. ra >> ts isurhent meresstti. thin'sns th is w th mov en t tisntes se -desinucts thu ses thisthnov neneworknd th e seikests a drum seirise nor gh now thik arume an tghow sam thi is gng . is at h ns wh t sam hie has lef gng i .don't eans o h s w haef i enn'r,n s en bur,t was ftialm. bu walm. ey dake abody t seriou here. d>> iike ate a tdyugh. >>riou f htieronalis will d o t ie t ev ftieralhingas tilbe dlon b ty erng t d you hav itee.nhe committees. >>y th way,ou h ioyhehen mmu dotehat.. s>>ptthhry,oughoyisheryn dollt.ege. hr>> ighust madthatuisry i kw ye. d it to ihatwadat k yreal wch t wan aee th i s alheto wca th istoca >>t i tohatoi, it is grouthi. >> t
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it ilikeohetatoiholi, c chsch ouhi. ikeheatlich guilt >> g -ui- religus ro>> thking lete -- goel backrond t is thng whthe et soriackll wksor wh theis a n f that.ksor th a hi f tllaht. not we iah not n su weibe to you l. if aus cotitizen is sueoou atcked by aus musli cmizit is th wil not ted bole. mlim ey w l ilot handl it inheirole. w h t ishar way ift hao dith ar ay ousal use iey wfilhal noto dh al wh it that wha is h pengl e w il n wit athapeng
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>> they reduc t max imum>>hey paymto 1. redaxum ym 1. but ihathtmericans want ut hdespe ll srieetnsro st nts sp s ttstasss l sa6% ofmerinsl sagi t llegeme drieb r mo on is plgi t let's go ege d ve amoshn to pnutleror l 's g ommen ve auterr en >>ectlly sakin abouthe >>ell sak oue btardizing,he wring out e btaizinasrd wrg t rd --ng of rign a ast -- ng o refto t cosof n aprin atingitterate. re tos inng nitlserat as aay ls as cisha aut three mites re si wi me fast aut tee wh e ismi ss in sg iwis m he i st blamin govwhernmte ininte ientis becese hdi gi theam guyinloanov anm
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en ttet metis iect c hld go up gi heuy beancause e ksave mon ey. tmei c it m ges s use. be a guee w kt,one p maul. m sse someue wmest,raon p esplll wh he lksbooreign me sra li ecy. ll but thi h eswh ae uasllyorgn ght. lie fa. is tha t t hi esy auaccys tot.hi gov erfanmensha ltns hasy s alwe colltoes tdrivovtheeren l h co of itio u alll tive neeco tf ioetheovnment t oft anlet eree ee t maet thee ovov.nmt >> y looofkant enve. i w tov sating my chi n. yoo en ve y know,i t hi ha isatin my hi ultitelyight. i thnok th thi thao note ti out lythis i. thheth lasas ne t is 2010hehe 5 l3% o he cle 5 frhm weraatin aer csix lears. frhm ink abratat tha x yx rss. abha ea y weave y problem tohe girlho 't get awee pbl jo and hiirl she shoul'td hetav ae ajoobecse sndhe didhe sul h zimbae decotsete seakidim tehe d't dot want pay f it. t he >> l tt maj r.nt p at aut ts de i >> foiv tenes m. tng a tde don'undetandt. whnot forgivall esbt then?ng >>ne o thehi n'de pndeopl wh t ivk isl w than?t er h pened o theohi pl rsal r isponsilit w e ri ha ha stentned loan --
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r snsolaritip tg o thrhaoughstty ln derrad, but my arentsar thrgh ymade pay for rywnra b myarts graduach oodel.ay f i ynt awn i gottudent gr ualoanoetooel. throu .i a g ani woiedtu edery on anohr abt anwo--d wan ed toay tha ing f. it hg o r mabike a-- canudto. t i g ho m aad cudhoug i would n' it ha to rrybout i iadhoug iou uld -- iou lik thao tynkbo iwoulhaveai d i d ff iouik an ay ulve i kw yoai dandff you uld ve pd i anffay kyo yoan pbabl --u d p i >>ff d itar. yo i dipay ba offblar--. >> dt . inoyo ddiidy .ffar. john, hat utnohisyo d -cald hher lrnin , ts alh ahend lin how wou it bexped? a w w be >>oo it is a bubble >> like i a eubeousiubblndhe bank lg bble.e esiub nkbe. itill burst. aollege dree is it wthil ur at ppl t hink tsolorge. de s he wil he to atpl tnkai ut t wheil to stentshe w weaidut ai thutbank t. >> 75% ofst ametsrins weidai get thnk to go t>>o5% c olefge a id >>he g i not hitooroe c le amicanhanankruptcy.
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i >>ave to totellouan aman nat ikrtc a ll-->>e thal wuldan t m o iut on th seetsll-- ha il o tholdolks t o th wou gth m sets crazy. o ho >>ol hethouou gld y mou czy oup >> omla reall nou y >>upccy t b>>arla rea wou oup key>>t.y t b oup >> know exactly w go. iaveome g oo>> p kceno ectly >o.oming u p,i cepaomni g tuesy inhe bkeyetate om g u reblan psidepaiani esin byete nd atere mitblromn p wdeeied on a eare hateallsit formn th re oal on a a law thaha al litsor th colle oive largahain li ghtsor plicmpyees.ol ar gawe w'to t sto ts pcmpyees. w't o fit, htoas hope andhange goneo cl a sfitrt,g he a ndat wnghaey e gui ne pcig ag oi wys, seoui i pust ue. oiys, s t ue.
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re ty beg but hes ov blowoles t be buam sakino peset w iovlo ol cusing sea swoind o pf hbong fi hielcu ing workiead ndboion ngat vlate thefihior enndn ent vat ptee a ban on slert p thsuitinge o th f bt o thathe o lying slf thitgeh f vo ntar satervi o ldengoes n specify umvoar s thevi only n victim ecy exainshe phess oungry gr oup,ct q te bexyns p aungr denigronp,hese orcasre b slav knappromhedehe rcmes,ept cfid, d endsl k pp erhim thahe isatal t s,t themd,nd f dcedn tdo prm hatrics fat tearl d' pemro ft.d prm at was m yicum fr.earl p rpo w seaworlirr. off stent polaimwog the ca w asf bels and in manlaim t caways w oen bsiveel.nd i m otr catures unawaf ys oen ve .peta's exist enot mcag teso u f std up forhe el ves.ta est mag to stupor hes.
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f fact, wn u a attaed a cra bou spe fakt,u a ssia n. ta radn'tbnow out ian. 'tw t na. isn'thiffsive t 't blacksheff ssive wart the hitage s ayacghe whal werlaars? he h>> oitcourag it e, bu sg ev ythi alerla cs?ane, ig ourt bu evhi c so one te i got tee t o kill wha a i seawootrld. reay? >> y. ll i waha cse s owo ofd. the crowd .ea i h yad to ut wa m-- i wasfhero excited,ut y hou h t too put m-- w ur h d cind, tut f y gut and p give it to hur hn f gi h to say i kgi it hf i n' h aeeoitet ia k that f i islavery. but e zoit thietaha i t dislary. kind f t otzohehi me aite d t. ndfot mae i c't e killeha. >> y c like ehe k almals as. ng ayou n ea them, ye da anama a >> y, oride em. au eahe m, >>etes you rdaidth a y ore th. you w e at>>hem.etes r th joou y loo ekatikem.ou are o e side of jo yook peou are y a bs slutidy. of
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ll n o he is f y a ut animal abu r ht n o h is >> es.anal a bu r>> rht. i d on r. lik sworl a i i don n' l spend mey the a. i ion't vit there thpe's a mar sutn. i 't v butitheresheot one in ewth a ar yo. ut re s>>neo iouha cot thayot' at youo. o ha c>>hat'harighjie. whas at wronwithou pple? the t'haleghse havhaing f. onth pe? e le av tg whale i having the st te ofis le. le i havghe dan t iof n lot feenghemhen th aren th oce an .n n f u kn wha'mhe sayg? threthcean kn ha >>'m a whiteou ress ahi seety isiv youresshu >> hisseas a lisonivimego y. >> thele is going>>s like, a lone y, s >> whekedo i b gh.ngik pe isik-- s s is likeo b je ern dpeavis is s iike goyou a dis likela maer . go u heris t tik -e >>o thy etma otherer. coernsti ttion rigs, bthe >>th etway? th thecann own g .tionig b e >>hat's o hay?t he nn wnberals.ead ut >>hasha belsd th ancvet. >> ree eech a thedo he fe they >>e ch say it
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he hfen tha stec weyrd ayal iet voi. t >>hahen hel usea. peoi i s m>>sn ngel g uoos poi. is you l abo thepeands ng g yocan pigur out a w to ou he theboin the wndild. >> pyoan asur no a woo pooi he hehe t. wd. p ait point ns to hbsd the le act ll p ints h theyre wrieddbouthe t le a cotituonalightof kier w leeys w wleedut mheeanwle theco ltualht a logikifor he wle mea ealor baarism that iamic radicalsave ains gays,baarmt i am woel iora minlsore nss. gs, ey g a fe pass, b twoheio orinca a g fas b talhe differentor sty. the ca me t palo dctfe.nt >> iis t p eoe pl m e i aveeen on. " e t hree i t eo tipls and achi tene he e tee lked aboti pa.dac h t >> ty kew ente i alo edbo pa. >>t k w newsen wk, a andheyroone ofhesetori. ws >>k,hat' a absurdroe equate of se rianimsit h>>t' hbsumanitd >>qut's ee boheom linime.h ha whane isot hum an b>>ngs bo om as inch a the whale has mwhisum mpat. s >> a trihe to wslale aas whale buit dn'mpwork outat >>ri tho ea fun any thangs, i hink itbu dn'rk o woulbe rethngun as, i nk setaworld ule it i t dngifferentreures se ldareanging o tithe t dfent re
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thur's wt s ks aebogi being o a hun beg. th wh you wre w skingks dow an bo bng yo cithutherbeis n like whou so w weiki cowreatur -yoiterut nike soseeior c thaatt'sutha -- >> that' w i goodbo ha beina han t >> gd but at ineahwond it is le, oh t is ut aeaquwoidd is ver en o ooh thoses befo. qu >>wel it i s i n mr y oho ne fo hborod.>> el ere e a it of i crenatures. >> i jt thinkt isorun.ou e a of reget ur be i tnk is fed b an at lieen. them it is le,ed who is an a is? m s >>he lye, wba iy tsnk b auis ey>> wl bey gen tood nd ey d't haue toore f or ey wbe it.d nd theyikehinkhe d a hretoor i fn it he. eye nk >>r m abe the are i he otesto d adi>> thembehe food ybe e whe is es nto betteardihe an oodupy se bter o swod. >> p i aun oe >>rket indiv pls. un ta i aeuall et i. tallonrvive. earnour ep, ales >> ty waheonrv kilivleha rnr , go eshe mke t la tcewa ofhe il thwild >> i hinkeo sheved mhiket f prob m.thld >> w it i pronkem?dhi ob
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wt i aroemmoing toeep talng. e-ma a ung to t atox n sma u .m. ats 21465050 stilto ce, t halim rert f m an lvy.4650 il al cad ty sial of h. re fan y. t onightal's hsialff report is snsor b tonhtf ct, tephet yo sg orn b ct, t yon mamma tare less t fam yrs oar thanks ssol f anol
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>>weomek. let' s >>ek.ot anythg le ong sf ny angdydid u seeresi ntg s ama gandy jd ueesi ena no. >> hhad n iesngene out e reblic debe. h d nlarry, d wengave tt t t reiceb >> rrav dyou eerav t t -ha y be wavatu ing t gop debe? y >> il waibeunti w ve tbody g is ved o dhe ian >>aiti dy v oan onceheyar it dow to ce e oher two iil il day atte nton. >>hat' ia prilty gd li. >>oes sou te atnt a>>t'pr g li fami to y>>ous ou a a lttle, gue. y? mi i do't k yw. rry, do lee,ueavehat t o d k "r eye f m l iky, ao meonthha t d a lf ago"r?ye m >> iikt wa a l meth survivo uta withgo? sma i pwa le. svi ipeak of thnoth s prepublic presintial ipe dete, fis te onth c puic horestsied bia the d udedeit, t ton bear d.ho b he who dhaet guy ar o ha g >>an yelveha >> that'sooo >> an
2:33 am
whado y meaha >>esent tama ipped oy ha id y.ea th's n cooest a pe oy id dude, ttthns noo pde oba w ates reudd etns you think obw i dre't sd anyther poible xplaoutionhire i gss t dhe sreny reaerlly i snpolela on y other si exp tlahenaonea i th . >> esidsit oba isxp "reeye" n. >> theost werl pers onidnob is rethe e"rld' most heavort itr sl horson e "red'dos eye >>bsol ely.or s >>e ha to t thre out. eye >>oly. >> ppl >>hao th know. pottono poceove occupy poklceand.e gr, atccomeup pointou s kld. meing grate pnt sriou allaheang me ing pele wou comto t.s. srilleang al pe? w ou opleomoing trounfearg that? al >>eoplon "?the fivlee"ngunar are. at r y?>>pl "thivre. i m nonsa peoe,ot mke pam n geller.ot >> w j pusamt ting oir. out tt tha is>> w justha trig allah ou t th i t hpeni i isn btohall cath y i hni inue with me on tt? y i don thi there wme lot ameca unningonhihe ar ound goit me sc hiunng arndoi aah.i
2:34 am
da, thanyou r aahoiing ou thagr as beedan minangu fuinof t occup yingouro t thegr een stt. sotime he lesfu t pre otendupngrohe thests some l libertareannd. th >>e haveib -->>ro hmav thee v giing.rohe v g. i w rig i id i meig s i outt. i ime tt. iec i a mti, i ai u kn wt, l'seeha it a ha ens. let' not knlk aut iha has. t't a i then ty ctied their en tstykine. thas trutie.edhe washere. ne >> iwas sre. is mm e wtiid lot of tli >> absolel l o itf dn'lit mean t he se aolng as itm entitor t dn' tthougeah.n t e ngh, i tastmhtt said tugh. in ng. h, i said . youaid he media i precnghe vyo ou thed m ia ioccu yessirs don'pryou ecink iseing ohe dren b y r epcuoresrsrsho g n'wu k s ngupeang adrut b t r 60sho but ey we toyng oreang at. t 60s is t the wirto cncorto b a
2:35 am
. pa of istory he>> tt's ue. cnc b a i n't ve a thintopaf tory sponto. ts . yo i agrt wit ame.ino >> eson.bsely. yogrite. >>esely. >> yaid it is te f our mayo>> aai goviterors a te fhe o coan de in-cyoef aooovs sothinghe de-coo soin youugest rollg the tanks. yu st t of all, illsg hehean co an or-inhiefuppolld to forhis?he he i s ncoanin- efyopo canto't ors?end ithes ay in- intanertial dec ree mtiaw i i isalhat whou a d okintifor. >>he t cwhmander-in- achief -- inr. >>e cma-i cn-chmaieerisn-ief - - tual pulng tros out of ma -i chaq i thk as ng hal to ul tro oythi o in fe uned stes is pbablyaq unl ho >> lshion un pro sbasy pbl unnlnseltuy.onal p unnstual >> y knowave nereen >> one to kenowav ner bogge dn. e to bog d >> exct wh you aut withourea party bud es>>xct whouut thr pty b. i have nngo say.
2:36 am
nd i donav'teouee nng h s. isetng a t? nd >>on iureo. isetng a >> ie >>ets a lot ofnied in ets lotfed t snte to get out o e steetsnd h te ll be out ther gwith butckoi c stts h e bd ge outt. erth it truoi c get. t ru u are ono me. >> j didn' u et t o soe. anytng j dn' t s yt regdless nyin th who thi inaknd eg s don'int anne tnk iis a thho hin baday aken andricaooks lido a mn'dlean eas tte i a bay acaks li meas mocry? >>hat'why eryby is rrieabou cr >>t'y ybisha ieou allah. >> y thoughtt wa wrdha gollt viahentn oak la it yithohtwa rd beg democ ti c cvioltleak itcitynd a. thbeonlygime was d i oak cndol s foa aityrs a pthyolyeas o me oofoked rsotikyoe what w ing ookeotik lwht w g ig >>'m sprised wtn't have rairs jige i t s ed w segmt attll. veai je >> rorr: wl, iwas r gm at .no -- >> el it as r f w iens o' ne--fi >> heelan ut itoromroo'
2:37 am
fi he u t>> it mt havbeen a longtimego i >> atctuallavyenaveha in ngme gorigal note. >> aua itllely you h i lon a tha ig n wae. itelouon a t wa >>ana, y said mor blmbg ould hav s eda, y ai thd aft a cple ys bl yingo thld proavteers,ou tharft in c ae privatear m ngthro e . uldnn the awner p ova t parkave ask him t. dnheer at srke iskt h - >> rht welea si guess >> rht tnkf t gue mayor h a re sht he wou h e ne t ay it s he w e what d you hinkit r guiliaouldave de? wh dou >>y ponkt r i if its aguialde de? >>po if s aprivat park,f joh a ria oivwn tatha pt jarohk, a which i 'm a assu ong t tyo,arouldn'hit i ayo bom bu rgsu n td tmoou n' tsay,e d w othese bombu t y,people h we, gtetsehemff. >> cou h avopeined h te,o g theff. iv e prerty ownous win ed ve aund erendhe w are vprty wn irri wtedy a thed deru wreires ri th coudld up witheh dt f coueay butth aouerldhat upit ht wou saynoug is e ugouh.ay b >> h wldnyee ouayug
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2:39 am
"t ins joke. m i son'tppven k twhat to ns sahere je. 'tnwt t sare chael,ouroug up the statf h 5f tu ntsl,ug p adte in x athf yea. yesien . you h arobl withea t.t? >> >> goodblauset too kth m tat? li>>le lo.ger anha gdseoo k greg, yo said stulident lr los ar bleouhat eg yoai ulget ytunt o theloarouhat ult o he street but bailoutor lae bas aorration s reetut b n't utot you ba aorraon fasshist t nd, yhe let b clearnashi nks., thoswereiven oethemle bny the s. osreeno by theovnmt. it wasn'ike-t. wn'ndy, --- oit w the gernmt nd th - bai-d th out. , i dohet thk anody snm thfiguaid thth outut andy, do bkethrsany wen 'tguthut oc cundpyg a rk g bngkeail u wsen t.ocpy a il ungoutai u you havstudes in ks uut u saavngsaide usut.ks if tyail them o, i asangai st therotesting. tai tm it as sewhe thor 1ro0stin nus. >>hes bkersheereorot 10 at nu parks sayin>>g b bkeme out a
2:40 am
theyere hig hr isrksaygayme o eye ig hr llns ogolrs o rent. whoave you be? o rs wh ohave rout. be? hoav y yrorightmarewhve igma stly on iseta tng, i amith u,an ly iet tng, place like seaamwoh dan dooi. pla iklde a sma shodd b lefin thoowild. >>ike e on i ldhima sho b l >> n o, butth tld a >>ooe don an im al n ut that differe. >>hoseere the one d hesanal sh r embe lastateekifhere >>se guethat oadllf t exo rtibecstkhe animal gu at >> y can bla the anifls txoti c fo scaninal y an>> tlahehe m aon had her in t had h ithais aifrent ory. >>o,hat wa titamhaent stor y. and wou>> noto,ave hatten amrpes if heast eforin d ou otthe wend. >> haseestru if t ef buint if are ou a m wkey h do>>seru u kw if oubu h iavee merkepes.y u do t k s what'soun h y er s.lip uess e yoa do s c wret'epsn y pers .pess yo cre rs. >>hi'm guesingsow he fnd o. >>hi'm guengsow f o. chl yoaskeif the anals ouldet oer co chtiyotionke rigs. t the swers yeans ld o apparcoenytion
2:41 am
ig ey w l be ae er tyeo vot and ppit tarns of wbe you t totalo v t oth valuetheisou tal aworld a iv t a vre e partf th1%nd their t axor a t ll g aup. rt th>> i am d ge.. >> tks>> >> are yme. welcome g g.>>ks >> sy. you iaite b >> yel g. im s g slaou he i bone. coim up,om c hruises coom ces y-ng me faveryay. it becsee is a class y- m fa act,ryeoplay. but t rst,ect iill ala t,pl t t,tl- wt will o-t ll o-snookie sll like?-sokik
2:42 am
2:43 am
úú(h cúcpbc(húcúg
2:44 am
>> w wiltahi thi w. ilhihi shemells like cartes a mi a eed bmell aikowe youte a
2:45 am
can t ed bow y can t ookihaser ownerme. kis she awmeking it nemr th. e awng it it isalle ver y. sok it le holi vday ftypeal. s okwai, t n mark mhoely pe al11 der. ai thperfe n mel d thrf cled snookie cfele the scent of sinokkieup ca he sex syntink ca wexy, n't know hothats diffent a know tuhoatioatssifro a eio sir ti. ee ct is $45 e asou noyt we iustiscuss $ this in r as n-eusis ss lght ig hingisn - htigng ooouuuun lighing und. un gh g d.>> dana poied o tt thatsoo long. doi o t weou ld hatesorone tim to scusour orie. oueor timo usr ie . ier short. na, yo alsoer sho. , yo a mochin toteag. >> ihoug ts was je.chin >> n w te j
2:46 am
okes iug al nyserus topic jes howany ll you bealer us purcopsing >>hat' howik--y y t bt'es rc liknge >>t' e-- ne salesacutike n't ink m inresd.e s>> nes aut snook t k in?es >> have n t admometng s.ok the ly t?me i h e e rveeen anetpartng ofjersey sho "e tme i h e en weked boutanhert ofnjeey s" fo e d >> autre yhe misnng o fo >>ou a. a y i'm s o it wll>> a s fa tic. i i h ie toayhrlis s d't yo ac.ire h a bili htyto tohr d 'texte herrand ifyo y can h a li ll io that. teerndif yan iha ts is capal a its best isal i be one of h scents icall ne hpi c cakce ill pi cak ion'tee aupmism in at 't eeyou ke m aeick to mupmi in stomh. michl, i sn't sheu m pkerfe tct m casef wh ameromca is ch i 't heawese? pfe she i sseotwh geroo a itsnyin es no ten eot g sh isinca looki. t but she i ica a loo.ilonre in
2:47 am
le thabureet y iea. >>he i tronyinre in le ha e i yov her>> i r in>> and toans p iav he ve andea - to didn' ksno pw chbout ts unt i ce - idon "d k e" last ye chndbo t nt ferr ced t her i n "he easegntnd rr terhent sok. th is what allfhe th is t ce allbrits -- pis hto d perfumend ceit--to pfu >> bght the lt eht ou es of qghfi t.t e >> ouf wante qfi. t a evy t a coe nds o eend hra.edso h. >> it ll bcall masculi ne>> it bll n.asli devo youromst ideo gy t ls yvo t houatr homst cces eo t >> yhe i t an hrtist,nd suppor tes express>> su or >> she ixpsss anmecan hero. s i anmecaner es -- >> is s itali? s t -re >>s sta? is
2:48 am
horacio. i s is gat.orio. s i g >> i think shesnmang man eing i t tink to heke areak.sma ng bu stay ght n hereng we he muti, muo h, a makh,. bua muy -t -reel n ll h bmuutmu mh, litt morto d mu -el n b ut ttor d do y havan regur hetbea caed aial ybrilavtion afigu heea thca' as nol causil byon a hefit va e prlem? t'nousy heare vau taprng m?warfin rede yo ri of roke caus by clot e ta rf edyo rif ke usyou y ouldotnow out adax an iorta stu shod u ldat pw daxat 50mgax itatuho p xaremgced rokeisk 35morehan rfar. red kek35ren ar d wi praxa the'no nd fothos relar ood sts. wirae' nfo ospr axa re pror ess.d s. prada cacausseri s, pra metiros fas.l, bedin adcausri tifa bdoi' takerada if u havebnorl blding d'kedaf veorblng anseekmmedte dicacare for expeed gns bleing aneked care r likepenusu bruing.s leg praxa y inease yourleedg ri kesurug. you'pr 75 a oldin seve kurney edobleri o'5 ld or k bley ing lendit n, ke smachlcer
2:49 am
oror ileyou g ke it piriprod stsch er iu aidsrior bodod tnner ll yr door aut medidsnes bu ta t er an yplandod me acal or ddital s ocedtaes andon't op t ing anadaxan mewilout ur d dtorsl pproedl, ann't tg ax wit drsro astoppg maincrse ur soke sk. asppma crothe sideffec s ince de .digeion,omacpain hedeecnc gen,acin upt, oburng. ifou he af notause by hea val pro emup orn if hafotse byeaalro ask ur dtor praxa c rece yr ri of stro. k dr ra c re yrif ro fomorenfortionr helpayinfor adax foreoron lpinr ax vit praxa.m. vipra.
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2:51 am
2:52 am
>heewerse partsho ve>he kewers g p nazi inspired ameshe s k tsourt n fod inem notedes glt s o childou abus but ty ave yfoet td o n glthi usutye y t nao tir childre na t ere childre ni aryan nationere e rhiovreiro amhery tioneov pahes'are. e moandad arg t ve nparightoeee.p the mo chddrenow that t udge ngh eehas rul t tid wercheen tenhat thoucaus sul myere ouus -- icel wld -ould- you y namgour cld wld adoldou amg hitleretshe am up for fure oblems? tl >> ion'tnow ere heu up lior, gr, bui supposeha tobms se a i'tw e li pgrrebucenc spo se my dghte w ps cald d gh puot cal franco a s vely. fnco i dot wa heraken fm . ly. we he a v ydo gwaeren m retionip. . h ay gre on . shes aodel student. hesod sde
2:53 am
>>an let s the>> dad is a racist s tad is obaouslac he atac iisot idio sle ac io >>oin withe. ts is goi t t ak aoinit h ap oe. ai t i goi t t >> hoesn oai starve h hersn. hesn hit her.ta e er sn her doe eav e a .? is t a fir dstmemeent a thin t >> y know hir peomemeentave a in yno h p officiav aame a maybe a dd name. fi yb the a mentbe b a their dd am ddleame? >> he mdle nametitle tir lee? >> meite >> iav fenhore abt to be p ts i andav theho re end mh me tabhinkt g b abouthets nndame. te d h inkhi s oue a nnie.hing ey g ove r ove ahiga.hi gveve a. >>tould notapn to>>e.tou ot itis a uqueame.n t e. >>ut the bitgeises ati is >>uthe es
2:54 am
ticas y l you ks y ar e a racist?ou yes you can.s y >> iyou arrojeact yacouisrac esou an .on tm. iu >>je donct thi y t >>onhi ou . its n aenlness. titn i aslepnehessible. it inot a enta i illsness.ephe leyo. a n i bteati ang teenidllss. you e feing he a kid. n btiid butan someb u yfe tg e awayecau you tan seby t yr h av eay bauigouoted feelings h i jt waed t bpntedut onfeonhtgshred jwa tut ton hr constituon esodef "d eyit i t cotu ede -" red eey." i will find the j -gend r brin."him here so h eil canlin t teacyou ndmethg. inm er s thoe hud wanil rulor lyac.u th thud w rly u are aometeoonetic.eteooti >> ce o at c a you o settinghese ds ufr? aho at a lifouetetime ose u a se.aho ifet w ol, it fng our l, opion on t ids.ou opn t s. >> is gng t me tir
2:55 am
lifeiserable so i n is gng t tsensir it a kd feer abusele i we hen'teeefore. ns t d>> but ibut w th y a hre't ef ortakefromour aren a ut you roa t i whe y f ater ke caom sr ysen a u >>a f yoare takteen ay f ca ys yo cze ea azi>>yoe parakentsen?y yo caiarts ? theyld b betr raised by wo es ey b et>>rsedazi wol s.woes the re saw lotfegctazi w th goeon a pple onhe'tre s l fse tegir kcts. i notthefenoeng t ahe pple t k i ot enthat t jusor the ror >> dul ed atusor t >>t mes me onder i do d tler>>maren had thi sde iame conversa on.erenad hi sweillevamere kw. nv saanyw.ill clo hiilever ouwith a- ioywlyheyil c di't know ou tthwas a ly johe erybo 'tnos a post ame wjop upitboh tv's dy wp p to sit clih of ren showsv' l slif renhows phonringg ) ay..uhh.
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2:57 am
e banews iton prongbly )tale ..h. baws itroy le the od ns is u dot ha to y ur ducbl e nis wi vanhingeducble fromdoatiohaide o sura e, dbl wiannguceom ioyou e t $1ra off foeveryear ofafe ivin u $1ff soow yr dectib ofe in
2:58 am
so ydeib iso. e otr go new? i he on ur c fee. otgoew wow. hen ce. ♪ natnwidis oyouride ♪ w. ♪atid oure laugng ) it actlly pret goo dawhen conder. th's gat. ug ) itcty etoo g . ck to andyy rhe postame ap u > ck o >> mhael whe can preohee toind o ste abo u melhean peo o you obo fortomin awemess
2:59 am
ou>> y canind twitt errtin atwe oy niha yn.and wi itthihas i t.oyha ilohi o ghaood itu. ok oit. bal y av notdng . tolug. o .>>othi to b pg. y av n >> wre a youoingtoo bg. fray>>ighihto pg. >> i ill w wit amyoungarbtn fr igan ghtdenewhos part il it susan gom h gorneo tshear promsaisn eg cemonat t h ornned tcentn washon om d.c. con t edntn wa c. >>ou he a ptner. >>e per. >> imaib. >> iopehey d'tol l i>>ma. the t ks t i theennedyhe't ol lnter. >> hop theye do. theenne . >>opey do. l pressen " ve"omro i l movreg tossew ork. " th's a ig t"hing fromi wovyotong t k. manhatt a tng om w it wl be qte mantt. jouey. >>e c ang wbeutte. >> j um, yeah. >> cgut >> uea joh wheare u fiing inor maga? >>ohou wheen'te hatfi badg. in ma? w'ttad.


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