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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 30, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>>udgeeani: toght "jtice bab lisa famy ves a s ret l oc>>iogenitot "jeceabrsavateam i nvesti ga rs sort l the filyr wteild ibillnvti sntr esil wd llnt heres day andabisa still re y ndis ti ssin >>hey re cryingmy ere pin pk , >>y i cing e sa? p , >> wt doer bitherknowe abouwhatappe d t ight? w shdo b veranowished? ou at pe an ta mysterihtousall shro vanheh an ys ri pant'slsingroh cel pa' washat c y? . no, was leasitg. ? >> w madit a hy o,as i us the san iego ansi wad a hy deat mu er o tangosi uiatci mu w ol a newci w l auaps reviewew the truth aups aboutevw t tthbo
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recca zahom g rea up tonht om up t "ste."st e. > lcom as. tell u w> t isomhe les >> t you or avte u me. wis hes bee26 t dous av theree. h no gn of ls a.he eo t oldroers whoa. a ve ightere srocheredho toeetiththere s totolic onriy, ol yeerday, did t no hapn. law foryemeda said td ynoap nted o w e dor tru sai them y t. edtheris edenc din t t houruhem they anteto m ch thewith er e nc t toou rulthem t ey ate mhay thehiwis woulto pulvide cm essohaayhi s happed b i i nulotde c s opping. ther was ppshak bp inhe n gal am. the cal ppwyerg. ers akin ut .l . e the l tionerawr, very ut faus h e se ontiawr, v on. fa e he ssd thillry o sthoil ry rehedu theeengor no
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ek w h thre kduidhe butng right w it ws noth k haputningig ht >> t re italk bout itnoeg h wrighis new er tn i wlkut wrig ss wn th her phoneas cled f s ther p cthele irwin cl phone ithe mi le o the eghtrwhe nigt p ne lisa wt mis ng .mi oe t he nwhatan y telus aut li w isthat? >> s haseen the at y el a t ighbhoodefor at? de sniteas an n tereheing hb odaracorte sh has ockide britet pn kreg hair nd i factaceoplarete sh s kiyingrihat pe wak there tir ictpl e day a ftngt wa byheiswas found day ssin andn thyiswa f neighboood in anndpeothple recognized h f nmgh fo and ro d taneo hese.ecni h measow ce fwafo andro t h . ys seo cal le d easr pnee fwa a th erwas a 5 s seoecondaleslesage pne erft.s a s shwon'say esat ssaheck or e w. s he h eardsh bn'uty sheck e is lsr o win sg h vrdue is ls enfoemenhasin vitedue her fourimeso ta to foens vitederer bourutestao this jud jeane: at i bo inrestg ifaw eorcent is site her udey aea: i p rettinystif ece clea that c l wente tr o aer p.tty ank u soeauch ator cei w to wier u ts eve ningk soh ei
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>> tnk ouwi. t ve ng jud jeane: w, tthe miss tg ce phosou could the udldea the: k teye to ssceho cou tisa' s he k disaearae. on oisob 4s aun 4:1 5 m.sara ofranc 4:1 ancarent deborh bey andarnteb jeremyrwin d call rw theyellice their 10 malthl11 old by is a heyasl beeniche m th kidn ped fd rom hiser hriasbeennd wh ver toodn hd herlsriobtole wh r eirhr clsellto phones. r >>he werhr clhey? pne >> othe ou er>>.er >>hen d yheeaze t ha he oe ouer . re n t re .>>n y ea i s trtedcreange c l nre and e er e sedeaanngicking d sa werree ianicheng phone sa w jud jeane: iter ring quesoninho udea i: esr tingtors esin ttitors boraand radeem tha someo madeall.e t s 2:3 jer emy i s tide aal th s:3tarbks deroing i eletiri wo . thtarb doiri
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po ce woccuseebah po >> tt wayou? >>o, iasebah s le tepinwag.u? >> w cou>> tha ihaveas sin bn? wouha ve >>hoeverook her. >> ev er theksuggt instigors re tting they hegg in igy thsr ce phos w tngmauhey ocke thce unahoble w to mke ketgoi cnaal.e oi c. >> hadn' paidhe chone bi>> when had pas douss cotho bihe d, tasss phesere r desic t >> o wh polphe satherwasere a >>wholsaers calad a >> yrespo ce isha >>hats n y prospoblisha >> ould ou m>>e at n cls. co d>>ould mn m a local cls. call cod m l no, c ld n' t.ll >>udge eani : yeo,erda th wom cld sur face >>geniye da megathom wrigh ur fapoli concteder bause gae ca was waderw's lioned bse miss g c l caasehoherw n'sig ss ba c lhohe n dappeared ba l anwhoer cled d dapleard an wroht'sumr. c le >> rec dved lephoncallr my honewr's didum ther. ig
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ht ha>>tecd onll baby myisnea ntidheissingha by a ntparely a siseconsid phon ca ll re i n't ow w s ansonred t oonr at w saicaor iwaslln t i t w ns d her o wai i esnd otf t p ne .r >> man h bee e ofnterewne. pole fo m ew >> tol the havolefo bn .throh th n ei bo oo>>dolitheh av e my bnoyfriend. ro thdn't nnow e fooy.ith bdn'tfrecndog.ze he'tw 't d neogr se byicre lisa uil ne se i saw herisa on eil s h news. e judgeeani: whmadehe ll f nm ths.cellhonehat nighand y di the insgeisniwhde th frth pllnenest could n ghakd edie i outg ng thrneldal? tg rk frm rired al? de teive, l d frm and j roeyed tejacke,n isithd u a jcrimin dentt ne ckish in engeleme than foreingere. a one algel frme the w iin's anorng e. one abo a e thefrhe time i that's e be abbo la goheesimissihat at d you be la go dou t >>ell,he pne cl, jge wenow wasad >> l, it ps ab coll,e. jge th poliwe sayw hey asve t itab
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ol e.recos. th li>> jayge jy nine tagrewith thatoey? co >> agr i t w mad je. jnereth at y? ter at i >>gr d >> w knowt is ade dr ie havee.he wowise ot veebah adledebah le adan tha she didt m e phe c l. ad ha s e phnet w all ph cak ph wll w the by and the lhtseft on exce e a t t b ly's rooeft o ich s da .ce t th ripooient h h a 5da0econd th r phipe cant tha lve hs n 50ec ond ssagand vphoicecaha lve >>hat ma ng ag hder mar vk,ce >> tt hatmanghear rec ipnt sst s didnhe ansr andid rt ow s s o caed ahat w saidndns a t ow an doesn nocawh ahawainsdwered an . oe now cowhd sensre nd know who has co se hecell p knenow w as whais t rel ance f alhell th. whatoes mea to ha telceal theth rtheats nveatigaon. >> jge jninethishes th nit th baby isheaparga. j >> jhat ne we isow athut t ni th byssagthatapar wasef >> t e a t noing. ag atwhato weasnow out o ma the ll? no g. noing. atwe w t ma wh do knoabou
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how ise ? es t the timanog. whveo ntno?ouw t e mathing. >> t relanceves thnt the mo er t nl yin persog. tt tel ce th heactulyooks lik a smope tnl er t inhe ce tuks ls amanthathe in c ce phoneseres amt taken.ce ho the ll pnes d by doak. not e p s yogher. >>hat theotwere rig?r. perp>>t heretror ces iherend ever rhingbout?his some rp tr c iwhatre s an eroung wutoulds ome aee at thouha wld aee >> eve thin >>n acrdanhhe vein >> bacanhe that farr uff additn t havi tak t b abth fr lsf odd titot vihaveak taken the blho it ve oyak tltrge bec au t trgeec of dorah bdl. erytng tt istran co ds ouahof h moudl. >>he yt i tiss any he coou hou dnap rs m t h>>avma y he phoncallecau they ap m co hdn'take call whonwoulllaau khenaer c l co'te ll men ri t. whul wh is y cr theorn meri tt.ha wh s cou be tmethheg asimpl as p tha tum was oue th as plalrey sted ithe p ne as peaps youreoi rest i e th pugh ned loing roug the pes
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ou phonyou ess e buon and thh lo g ug ithe hpe to go it h honu s bund h. it pe >>o isdi h. . cou be methg tht >>is simp.. you re aetec ve.ou e th th th wom was n th mp ou a ec . om as th>> igreeith ey ha t ne or re.rd and c ildee bh eha something re a nd asany you i int ba set ng an put pre ssur onasty ndou i als a nberff o fanutreurhentnd s nr dreshebook t esho. thathe'inoo t wh you loot at' t n bewhroo t yohaveo conderhen you yolookvetll ofhe chohe you ok numbshe fm tir cell mbm tirellell pnes is is psibla numrha ptneasis one pdigibl o n r ha theassayhey e gi oon heyy kw. butaybet waa nonbe kw. utbe wa n be ored in h phone >> w wou she ave r ed n pmberho e di't kw wouerhee er>>very spec o f th isdi a k co s b ac k>>ryec oo thbo bdley. co b ifache pnesere not tboak b dl .uld chae th id pp inifg, pser n t uld cha e th d hath ppcircinumance
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it nly anged ithathn debora rcumce ity ge n bo brady'sin >>udgeeani: bumark dot yo thin thatadhe psne ll i a p is>>geniburk doyoinat p ipraisce to theeople inlvedheth it s thera tthepl dnapinrsed othr dt th ap o d deborah. >> h do ey elainhe dstatorent at ty codn't ma h phoo cal e becinse ty diatdn'tt ay t tco't mahoalec bl.y >> omeo diddi'tehe tgoi cal but ay be>> ieoid washe eibeli at he toiimale ttay w they ere t ab to eili it.the t t eyou haveee n eye abo t. under ou te plausi ue asermpti thathe phonwas t ab to au besiastihae ons ab ooutgng, weve whoev used e phne w a bleto m etg, ivetevsed go thapht w. aeo e i sang it cldn' and t dhat. samean is thin c ildn thisnd caste. the is methng ans in ithasere it h hes th derahraitdlhey , s i nt ro teded hafrar polyaph nd s accused ofro te d ceainsp ects o f hilys bh eingcced o vo lv orcen lspyits authi btang item inlvsra le. ta ev aft shes c onfr onteemd
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a e. wi theell p ne calevlft bhengs cfr te madet isn ol wi thahel p che bng ll p ho de isall was molade thha he shgoesn th medi two p l w m e d a lf w a s till say sshesth di thwo theou t mak e a w a s ll aytgois cls . th he so tt wa mso iakmporetant h oi tthatwa i sorhent cties h the at s mesia the blz. andy th bl w ay ndth gentlemen you n alw make w a 911 gtlen cl. u a andhyakeree thelookigor a11 c d hye pheeheoo ifor they knew ty co uldnph me i ty ewy cal. codn >>xact. c. >>udgeeani: hodoeshe >>plaictthat. >>he dsn't sh stay>>quiegeand niopshoes ai atta inin >> d 't ho is t t? shayied ps >>isaas n' the oinnly hi ld ho t in t hom t >>igaasn'he lishild tom ig disared. poli alswanto ierview sa thd.half b thlis.lsnt iat d thevi thlfs.oys h a w dhe the investigars fdut h? a w th deli te b in s ofe invti f tervutwing?hiren, nex t. thli bin o rvnghin,ex
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>>udgeeani: ba lis wi turone nov ber . e hatwo lf b ther who>>geniba is werewihereure ovr he hao berhoighe rere sappred. ig eig baby isa ppd. vis ig they bere nyheis h e onit s eseye he ooners than mom dor lisa'salfha bths,la ke mor li 'sagef 8 jemsla s from a prious elio hi pe and s s fm miael prusiogehind f e,mil deborahge s om heborir m sriage. >> jge jninehow e th boysoi? m ri e. theare in j jnew th ys okahey.e jud jeane: e evingka of oob debor say t heudea : ev g ys w ch a oovobie in th deor hse s t whilshe w aov i dthnkes on t ro ntile rch th h n dghnkbor. o ro late bla g oes to s leep n h h n ghhampr.ire is tela r gm.s s n mp e s debohriiv mi unt bed ith r a ngboh e-th aartray-o ktenhey ou mint edh a thatay . aay kten arou 40 m. atay deborah ss ou jemy arriv he, dors
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je discoversrr h e, sa iissing and a h dcors brea ioose.isng a in o int hviewithhe ea oo .renti a ed ont tewhoy ntew la was toy msi. l wdid e bo wak u si. >>eah,hey d boak u >>h,y w upnd ty imdiaty kw. w wendere treamyg he nam a im at k w.okin f hwee am ahendam ty we in cr fng wresum hin ay w he recr ws um in isisa? is jud jeane: the unrstaa? whahapped? >> kd of >> meaudwe heaen't: - thhe untaha pp ?ow tt sh is g e an ktheof >> ea how w'tt wthareoo ki for tsh gan he r and t he wwe kooki f sk in ag havehe k yo gs her nknskinha i yo gs h pumpn p. th mp ask p.ommy w i s thskmy pukin. >>udgeeani: derah d pun. >>genideh jemy formeylohe poli t speje tohe fmeyhe bs. li t thewerpe intvied b s. ocber s hort aft the heer i poli wercall to he
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ocr rt ft he sc ene. >> jlige jerninellin to las feweektheyefus e sce. ad jtion j reqneuest t fasm feek ey usveeigats touestn th adoneq st m bo. ve at toborastandther say thebo ra ddsaveer ltl tayoffhether than hring l se toer "clicking an hri e noes." "it hic beenga bance tms ofnonder."tandg th n eeds h oeefbae ms e chdrennd t bes of erintendst oththes nchildsen a th needchor len tes te e oesorilme a to thhaveed a ls mhnfmaon as e t ey anve ashosnfsiblmayon aet. an >>udgeeani: poce wose bly anteeta neinteiew at s scduleto te pl e>>geni po w ster y bu it wtenetew ascuple tpl er bu w canced. coul asomeuping e boyawr nc . hear that ightulelmepg bve the arathtpve t mysty obbyiss st ob by sasppranc >>e arjoin by hn pket pporncsi c >>ariny pt speist worsi s w inrvie childn f l inield f enfoementhroh an advocy fo en ro ceaner. >>udge aeanidv: cod thy bo knonothg t ha t ceul.d >> ge heni solco tthhi s mboystenoryth t it posble it
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sheol di miculteto kw whe th t re tos nige thiincitnt di ul kcuwhthrr. is tssibig. hici re, i possirrble. s ib >>udge eani : th, moth sa they p sside.heheard >>ge ni thnoisth but don kno i fsatheyhear s' o a ftisut tony wnot to o a slp. t w es tt suoest youhat mayb the ys h rd somethisl? t su t >> soutous li the wereybte h s et le?t the an of urse soulihere lethanf see dot kn wthearder doat tkny wi nanthu butardr twianu b itssed. >>udgeeani: doou fd at ks ar it cssredi.ble >>ge ni dowitn fses? k ar >>spec clly dids aund ee 8, tn 9s? 10-year-o a ge f y>>ouecy a d ally ant knoho 9 i 1s0-ar sell yg crkrho sho y ou lyt no u as the k id cllntercrho s y inrgen the ashe cer inenhed wn td wnt rner, ey wl b er w b accat in >>ow dyou sessf th a arelng t t ru innd f >> du ss th th areoi s oar teloung t the t nd f ism fea threoi s hysteri h t dhe m u fut hte hrou tt?
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>> iishou difficult. as f as u wa io makife tcu chil d fels cwafo to truost t you d tr t th procilssd nd t gageruhem d be able u trthoocakend themgeeelm c bomfortbllee eug tooak lk t y ou eml c fo >>hat intugesti, joo is t tt th yparts sai the >>t nt ti joalrey alwed e cldren tthr s he ag fivandig to be reald c ren rvied byolic and t agivdig tbe re o y ie ibyericewndor- e f 3 o myinutes aheor- her f f 5 m0es mutes at i just ugh r f 5 m utestaish isth tah rapport. >>nd wn yodid e tervws t det rtivepo arert not the r>>om. wyod rv titet ivesre y t he m. >> y wt i to he er so y in e ro so oe dectiv en ro uo sudeallyiv watle f e othe u asuly r w s y are n he tryi r topt t y toreay so thinyithatopsn't tru t ophy theto t soinat a'tt t a. hy he >> tudge jninewhat wil at .pactoes e paage fou >> weges ha j onen tatiril em y?cts pae ou >> a weharedie no t tir mention y? thinflnce fro t he a di no pants mndti t who
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ro ssth.fle ro havi pa tsnd tho w lesross vi intehoupte l es evythi goi on. >> jge j eani : ma , cathe tete pare s i nfevenhiceoihen. c ld n>> j j ni ma ca dueng a erio of te wh nre if th areotll t o du t akio t towh thre tk t vestator >>he fst tng ty ca d o stor >>at f tom tca o tvnd s is planomng wt sh w tantsv the an wsh wts he toembe are ieanhat is ry eas y tdoem wbe aut i ha i s dictlyon onti t eids.y ut thothethinis t t dily onti mes at tidse bser th hein t lkedo, tt wa s t bser ed twa t priminy instition fore he prinintion m he rrehe h heconsisncieand ieshe wa confrted isied she waon oand she chged eiminan s whenhey lkedo th chd itilyinhose qestnsre eny edth rthl >> udgeeani : an as thl owinve.igatnonnueshe >> ge ni an t quesons come ifre veat es dendinon wt f ts w ess me stead. de in wit ifinte wstinthathe rentabsotely o no wantea eir ds t talk o i lteinat ntsolynont r t lk o lenrcemt.
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thedon' >>udgeeani: wel se how enem oehen' >> ge ni anywesew eve nt eyewinesseoes of a ny manit e a ees baby,e a m t a surveianceape a b ay, sueicee a dusterire ose the ti. the darere e heve tihe e arvehe tionde iuran at'sp ? at'sanisng
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ductie all out on i an ys, 's 's?monsatiotime 'sis dti l t t's ow cl's , nd. nsiome okaylet'say m yo sura e dectles cs . ay t'y ery yoar y donra havde lean ccidt, $0 vashes
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y yonav anid $vaes the xt yr, othe$100 e y wheram iheoing00carl er ie neng yearl.. neea at w wei. wei t awome ♪ natnwidis oyouride ♪ awe ♪atid oure ♪
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> nedeveopmes inhe by la ca frooutse th hone couve poime pole in in whe ne d leccaonro.tsth hoouoiolin ree whtnesnes ha no dwec comon. rwarto s the n ht le aeshanowom isap ared heyar s s ahe ma waing ar heap iedrwy home carrng a wag b irw om e the s ht gsrr a were e bwe senhtgs :15 wd 4:00 a.m. bwe
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coulthis ab be5 4:0a. l ulisab iin? al, in surveillanceid i in? from that nig htalin svelaid le gu re om t ha t caigbe shtn waing t of odede agua ca swa ng ofy. ed and aothemysri twist. y. thisnterew t wd ksheysri tst. iser t wks ago. borasaidolicsker go . abousome burne d raidicsker cth oume b ne d >>urinan interrotihy said w b>>neind ier chthes. id why b nea.b.ournd cthes. hal f' jhyeremy b. r ndirwi called 91alf' jemy the wieald depamentespoed ta fi inhee dps te ndeearpahentpo i trwinfi in d pshome n he th i is ine sa timone ad a ca romemrw 's isthsings saim e cell ho. ca ro >>e lorwted'sisng hellhou.p ste >> lo ed wherthe re w reportenuste ocber the arlyerornie w ror n hos. oce war frothe hewinly hounise thi ho waroe umnpsteour tk m e hi umproxteatelrfiveinkes me dring tooabou t t oxel ve minutes. the ods ere e pldrceg ooou t nu s. re atede seas hede re rplight reedead rht
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bend me. >> jge jninewill0s ues lp s ve tbe mysrye.f jby jnell la' s s s tysf la' disappear? >>dr. cyriwechjoinusis pe now ?ndark f rm>>an. andrich joeiny w ar jaso a s ftillrmithus.nd oe dumpster fire. a ll h s.cellhone al p eoumplte ir e. waing oundith b abiells.neal p eo wh is e cne ion. wa g nd h wh do u g bsie hi whs cne n. l ten, who nkg yavhie ople ho t ln, yepate le t siting yaveepate sing t give creence. abou12:0 a cple o isive ma ied deehe.rndicat io ou:0 c e is me pson o is alng d h around, a atn cryin a b paby.n isal ng th baby s noouthea lothcedin a bght,y.nd t in thbyno addeitiothn t t, inddio n at you t hor y hav anot r sitingy aoun hor y indidualn h a ot msiorngcl awho di al vethe indicion hateor clwh has en t s e thing aell iicn te with t ames seographihi alll th t eea. eoyou apcon cludltherisn . ab ctio au n heud merhernas credabibiond aa rheult mhehirsas veor
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bo raedon tib what ahe rt hi has en sing,on't l oo atbora t ha tmeol ice, ls sg,'t lutde. >>udgeoleaniic: th somne dibreain aut toodek my aby. >>ge ni th iom aee wit h diea aaloof m of wabhay.t aeyeeit shays. f o i wold wt dou the arri ss. uplewo eecllouy.he th mriotorcye, he h as le bllefy. th m erorwin ugh hppornity ern h ortybriefer wiow ofpptunity. e sp of timieer s frpptuty h.ours sp obeftweethe t tesr hrs wch is ee raeer o tdd. thothe thi y c say ra o er is man w itthh ahehi yab cse senay s an two a difntabse tes itohi d fr hosoesn maket tes anitr ho abctiosn me t >>nut aaby jus abioiars >> a may us t i veryonrning. >> ut wmadon' tno v rn>>inhat theignifi nceof >> wthen'umnoter fire ndhe actt heni fie th the olic eumter reheac showe thheic dorahho dor irwi or dor bradley bned wir or bclotdlng? bwhatneo yomakef th one >> wou l e kwheoter? at yo ke ththneloth g has>>oue beewheer
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thlo th as entied i b some way a ti be inginom twao yhishi a. be in t i wisld tto. aee itih whatith mrjackn hasaidithe th person en wh th b mrckhaidhe the th pn wbjthto br maybe he soone r so rean mbe so e collsoorat rn with eotr. buit suld t be ll at diwih ountot. r. at i bu sd be dint iouldoi oroou 34eu pspecve a 34 p ecrs active as a fen rsct e tholist s t y canno t id ool at s t human yod c o re aily. um is od uerstandi tt re s u er dimoer ds notdri. theris n ede e b dno i . ere no evi deernc n t te . waa e n babvi t t wasraum wa basraum zed ansn. it i t tod e ilanyn. it tcompshed e il th to is verympornt
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po t. mped don' knowthhetho thes ryor t mo er's tory hpoas bee n'owthhe inva datemo the'sailury hnhe b va te hepolugrap tt, the cnge a toheth she w as akeapt t t a tothhe w te tte drinking a under the i nf ente t a dthnker a tim uend and e in. a th i st - it t i d n. puzzl b yi -t how i yoget id of a p bzl b h yot lete s tt aobody binds it i te ttobyin i t a after all of this aind allf isilendt metilous src enat i p zl g. tius >>udge eani : we iill ow u allate pin t ho>>geniwe l now, here re lala'te t paren noand y d he yw,anrece lla'ar the no d d inrvie witanh tceirl boy ahe inie tir b vestigats? ld bl stton,ired st tat h bstn,ed he debah bdleynd jerem heeb bey jem com in close with a om
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>>udgeeani: if youave infoatio jon bniyne. lis a l>>geni if ou e thkan s ci foolioice b ll a tthancie a 6-47tips bi staon ia prate instiginge h47irpsd b a n bita ipre onym s inigge h b bac t l oo ymac in t bablisa c le. he oi uins t froabm kasans he cit u ro ka lcombillhow reitou? i'moing well. om ll a w te upsetut i 'mng wl. d ng a t uet well >>udgeeani: ra droadng ll >>ge ni alraread alu'rere uet? u weepset l as reet ee we ps >> le ne to t thprop fas outherand i ski >>neo thop h d tfaouernd iome dt e >>udgeeani: leme s thtoneere. tng onenowshat ppen >>ge nile s hereth ne e. th is newst ysenry one as bren c harg th.s thpoli havnot dic ed ne b n thergarts ar susct s o thliav t ic ev perns of int eres earar s you ve a oigh ever ofnt pesrofile u atto aey jhoe pfile to t jena whos ll rardewhoayho hes
4:34 am
r wodeuldno takthe se ife h didt beevehe wer dnak e inoecent weidre tbeing e get w o f ro yont per ecti , yo gstewe t g et yohaveeen o f hyoireredtiyote yove bny hirnefaor. is gng o b la n ht y whied ay th fa. pare s to gn o la uisos yedhi ath re to cati. y? is os d whe diyou ake them, ti whbilldi u e >>et mhe setomgrnd llles. >> m ete kaas cy pocend s. depa ment the kabi cpo fantast jo pa nt the areoing harjob fta jo th reengndlyarob journaltsoc annat nal nd lyoual comntocors suan as ateirl se addin c valuby pti eyesubas sir oddin th is a ingi g oluut p factitsndyes waki pple uth a gio ac i nt tsa t hat.kie thir that as i t tt. $100, 00irhat rerd tt i pra $0, thatom t i pes p c tct ihey he s c so infhemaytion.h whaabouthe cl. so nfmaon jud jea ne: e fa ly ha ou ewas iskeawayast l.ghtut yo bilud youeaome: ifan on yos keayt t rse d e th yo ailouy teon e d unsclothdocio tn. wherdid u ta theand w
4:35 am
un lo diyou ockeion.hem? erd tahe nd thahas to r ev ce di theu he m? se rht n .has to u arhetalkg abt phe r cas beg ma and n h.e so ho do yca knobema thend cal so q st .were mad e? ho yno he doesnybo kno read es bo ha kbi com out aada ha atemt or tomheuta kcp d deemor atementhatalls w made.cp thl y th s ays shemeenhasatal w the me. sec on th ss she as s shtold t t or id ec she l. ok o her pshhold or t sw othatr he to joualis t. oer s w m noat hearing the awe toouis th. no >> hou ari an tvestatorn e grnd. >> ttht isxactig ht >> an stor gr .that i exac ty risctightig >>ave u spen t erat? iac r >>hto, i h>>e 'tsp t sketoerer yet>> b i'meleg'tate theketo esttns. 'mi feel faiy ceeain heknow the st. fensairscen ow >> w t isehe awer? >>hat wnfcent hasn' t wis a r?me o and aid t>>het nfcent hn't ond d t calls re made. >> jge j cninelstheyre ayinit cse tthe m ve.t, j j ne eythey w ou ldint cay t tet. v t, thais rht a law ey w t fo trcemt.t ca pla t haot rh aaw ys nd y ouemnow cahalatotsel ys yw
4:36 am
yours sa thi w the lurie sahi w he dete lor te st. >>ebor sai s . >>orailed it.let. >>r. frmaneepsayin it d or b egle>> fanps sinay w she d i dt. le weave se ta abouthe he tnes is anhe tally diweounte thetaneutes. if i not istaesnanas ttly week dinte nehe sd itas i.a ma iottaast ee rryi a small sit ima m. yi sthllese tness arkey. u ha. somne drs awa e dooresary.way haom d a at 12 :30 scenore lkin wh a chi a t120 ene husbind anwife t aohe p coi whe th hbasbndan ifeo tohe p whdistthbed at h hba std halis wifeo aryou oy. to mhat is glari . fear u en y have a m 4t0 . sitingf a m it yave0 a. babsiynga
4:37 am
her diar. aba ayulancing ie y re diar. itin a ang motcy anyby th rid ain motaorcye m ows yontenna i s oybth andidot e u arwatcng veyo littlna i o nd thinbeca e yo on waranttc to ve l itfall o ha t ike.incayo w nt foothatan on t ik e oro ike. 00 a. to s aanfoitath on chilto t poi whe he ato s lt, u knit, wt is wng il twithoihis hecereou now, , kn wt wseng th s needco benoay atten wti to ed be ayat bause a t a eenndf t t y t re is hi bldseou edf t ry w l b a tli isndhihildtou isin to w look atebat isin tisoine toook ltk at jerem iat is f e to ook is thae l t'sok j not rgethe i a chi fldto ok ha l's the an ther e w e wnonet eset i hi thataw aan wh than cerld ww at aht cld 12:3t a 2:3an d :3 40. tho me ishi a:3ndan w shou all ethll mishi a hands oounll e ll ck adgaw enforceme hntdso find his at. >>hat the eamilordoinme too fi b abnds >>t heiliniso fi b welab to at pnt? >> wl, y kno when e see elo thes hig ro le w ynoas w bl, s you ow ouesig seerohese b
4:38 am
l, volueer cte ik eu she lurik in cey i anthy an you s a cey coordited forty th pair thanou s are a rts. did rt th iri'm no sing thaet. i h em singha ee n in kaas ceit te theeen c weee. whatre you w. atou dooi. >>hy iame and tookhe pe.le a y. >> i e ere ndrek pple b ng openy. or w ting ccese to t pple fa oly. woplenges t cfaivil.iansnd hile le theyppreate ceilutnsurle ofove d atntio . ey reere e e peplurhrght of e at io th. thi the did . e p l its isgh lite b th hi he d the pple have eeitn uisnd le ementhus pe p hssuree. u nd it ihelpg m with my lk en p atur thi s. ilpm wh k atagn, ion'tork r thi do n ot a we r tago i'tk t t if i f n cweomllgvide that i fso t cheirviuide, b it atolutys t ihe'm nonui o, n itheut i n phe wihenhe phwi cpd and nd
4:39 am
to hapnedhat or c ad yest day. h ap d t onshour telme hne the st y. othe or thon ioutel hne ts.he her ts. upntil n noby habeen ableo sait. foupnow ntu camak n aobha senon lesa. argume f foiw scakon arme oerth le walking dn t s ee wkin s at 120 a. wh a by 12a. w bab b in a b iapern a >>udgeeani: wealke out e fa thais oi inerg >> ge somnihingweke hpe ngutde t fa ha in ge hoe. u haom beengthis ksacingutde fofour wee ksho n haee is yohave d e ur four ownee n yo ve d inveigatn. at he yofigud ou veat e? hyogu ou >> will ntin to at i sayi ng >> i l ll dinwhato fee iis nessarto k p ey o t hiying i dat ee case i nell nar to ke beey of t ilit se i no bef i erfeitre with k i orfe it h th fbi. so tre a k thing o he t t th f bi . i ll n t alk t ahi aute t otn i n t came. w not interfe re wit h me the wot
4:40 am
nt fe w jge jnineand resct th bhel, a tyo as j jne d eswell. let th ask bou a this,o d ao debor. t sk or ts, jerem doeb kno thiormeern ighthe pson w ss hi n reived ht pns p hone c alfrreed thr pho c th ph e. oplen thneigorho hav se her ph byhe w bil l, s hele hth pighoav se erhair you 't mbys h w b s a iru mhart. a >>udgeeani: or rawbarry.t. >> s may n>> kgenoniwor t m, wb. mbe s ay she knowseonelsinbe ewsnelsinhisninespea bil fish t thoht co on. neea il ve u a firot. tho ht>> an't d ocon.t. u t. >>ud jeane: me o 't t. ll. >> i ust nt t>>openp eyea: o an d ears . it teney anearsfn at? you tee ye tt th call? wa madeu btyee tthal wade by somne. >> don't soeow t call was
4:41 am
>> ma. d't don'see t c w i ma >> n'ege jninefirsof a y oncan ll >> jners a 11 .onn why re ty lking for the phes i the cy ldn'ty lngor c t ph i t 911?ldn' oka les inlge is, ay 1? causi do i ka ve r eleveryin se in, e usdo i e ry eenars whe th tri to i ar arenarwhs whthe itrias io iremy. wher it w arwh dit iahhe re i my . wa oerer w d ah t's withethere sce ri o waer s ite s tt borahid ior bothf tmt did . ra y wo id thor tak btheothfmhos? d whe wo d th tak the wothak e phes t whndwothakehy phwhat to i ar, cri cket s?ati r, >> jge jnineheres th oble c bilriet the oble j is j tneharethth leil a e les hasothtelyerta that i was nopossle t make a lytahat c wl, no ss tat dakbieays i tried and deays codn'tri- th a ccernse. wh tlin w e coco't bthk -- irn ll y wt,il l, whin hanco evek yt. wt,il u wi h s eit t.s in t wi
4:42 am
next bck.s in ever tody xt bck. ege t a ery dnk ank@c0r),dd@c >x b d d0 e(b ll n andet yr ow
4:43 am
incribleaw s n forndust yow the ea pay ntscrle sort of oy $395 theaays o$3 th's aamazg ofr onn tstaing ol. th aazofon e jasaw ll se yomore tag . me a all youo dojaourw syore bs fter d sa r alloudor th evebefo. fr sa callhe nber you th ve scfoen rht n. ll nr ou sc r n
4:44 am
4:45 am
>> jge jnineall ght. i'backith gue bil j j stneton l o jot.s usrom kaas c ity.i' ck h ueall ilght, ill, e ar goinstn jous m to s rt f mkaqu cae ony. again . l t,l, ar in youre gng tgiv m e a s f a onheargaatta y.r h or ou g t yvou a know tarhata yr >> jge jnine yyou ill have t to meow where you
4:46 am
jwhis jd thne awau andl w you vetoe w y dit? is th wa ndgoin w toou ansr i t,di yest? n ifinot toinsilmove ies on. n >> udge eani : yoifareotil ve it. >>ge ni yoy ne why anen'tswou agweri i n y 't a ri >>hat es i pertaino the case itoesnt rea iy pe paintao e e as dse itsneapen i dudgeeani: whare ey i ight g? ge theniare wht he in >> j ge jninewelltheyht ar not hee he hinra rents. j jne ll ey what re t y doarg tot indherares. ba at tdoto? d ll, ouldt behey at th head f a ba vunerea m , ldbey t e 6, 0 pthadpleahore gatea peop in nsas c 6, pe w wreld g go o ut ndopn srcash? y are he o hin >>he p ple e k asaci e faast. haveotte noth g>>ut pe ksa ci ppor fro hefast veand teu knthg wt, w here dorroheou d kn wt, wre focu the couge? is i a cuhe choto oppon?ts ius fothe ke ogoin a out?ho o on th isot wtus i sfoe oin about.ut ths twean t i fus aut. aurate we aurate tellence melyollothroh. les ge to t botllm ofce lo ro to mk's intet l
4:47 am
oo kletge tot of e am ily. b ou ms tet look gt o keeey b ou e ey onhe ando o k ye ey he evythind ee. do n hava evhie. nav myopic vw. toiscot t mpicitsses to inconet. e fa the was meitss a t in faheas me :30 50-gree aeatht waing th ahilditho an hingn in a0 0-eeth wag d apeldho anngina dpe >>udgeeani: bi, i' gog too you oneet r. >> ge nibi i'the ct t ha gotooou o ther. p pl e ho e t at t shee sayhosheut theheaysut b t to b crora b tha t bothewereakenff t ra t baby backo yo he creroent, affll t rht. by i ckyo cro ask aedf i dorah andsk jyf dorndy knebe wthe. u sa she m kw kn wth seo sa s th thewknow. >> saishe sy aneothats wherthe thstahes aore mad e. >>aie anat s
4:48 am
ste cloerlye a a. ad foll my rds. >> j udte jeane: mlo . llowllg. y s. d i otedou judea: eowct i ed >> sheaynowct someone else th>>he iw somne unnealse ts s pe th i t's t itnnhats sape. s >> jge jninesomee in the ighbhoodabill >> y knowhatyou av jee jnnemein e ing hbfantodtic llb. y no atknowuou put onnou o g ntc . osec or'sow pacou o knowhose aen are ec' owse a en a he m helpp.veone and tha he m whael hpapni youe an t haurnastsndapomni y taters ena csomg theithat fort wite theorheiehs tha areomllg.rtit t wior theieanstr ta allan arom ll g. de h ands wiff the lantrll forcemt instig ion d ide dsthinit i thelpg an w are moemng iinaign i os itiniv ilpan wre ir ti .mo i t's ost bait toegan andir tti. s baallegephon calo eg anif inddid, don s h gecanon halpen. ijustd,on'toneeow itan n h n. ha en. st't ow >> j ige jnineheres th thg, b l, l 's sshaum.e tt j jit dne th bit s lms tt thpoli t corr orat i dt.ap se ha tcomethut ali said i rr anatthe iliceave okeno
4:49 am
ha hemefour aimesaid ane thecee een ts we w ill knheowures theall as adhe i jus wan wtl o ask you o mor e helasad qu tionjuan bill, aouor quon bl, will the chilen b w t ntilervi bewed bhe inveigatntvied veat vestigats? >> tt is joeac st tis aoe na qution. >> i't t facthathe loca lawy saiit ionnot . good or t kid ito tacatal k a ca wyai ijoetants t he kods tid to talk. a he s d heets is gng tso schedeal so thin next seehesng t is tt go sg tochapn?e so in xt youai tt,our tgo htoorapn? ou di't. ou at inot or sing di. it. i t >> jge jnine sall inght bi. i ways ood see you j. jne l t ma e we l sebiyou in ys d ee kans citouthis wee k. maweseun 10- nsit is you'ee buyg dne >> j ge j0-nineand w, o u' pauyl re dts, xt. j jned o pare, .
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4:53 am
jud jeane: . cyl cht,ark hrmaand ey cksoare ck wh us ud ea al: righcy guy ian t t,k mad soe wus alghuyouan act to ll snt's commt. t i ink e mo sigfintnt's thk he mm i k smodig wfias megan wgh t th he thgirlho reive sd whe man thrl rveal maknosomee th the iralnsnow o isnd er he maomethhe ope. irw isnd at dhes th mea mar >> i ould ay ie.haso d with dthheeaar dpo ild isd or th disa dearapoef by lis en y loo at t s y hsara by to sis thathey are tin g yoo t tyo h shaey a ting distce dorahradley f evythi but evesty t deahheradl opens r ou sheig aevhiut tehe deep holen fors ouheig aerlf.
4:54 am
epolorlf >>hat out jem he esn'seem o be he >>t t rongide. e n'heeebeheeeo dngoe. whaveorebah d w nts.ebah >>udgeeani: herovis e exses. s. >>e al was t >>genihevi exs. ava ab>> aaltas the ti they wva t akentihe w jud jeane: we ally knowhen te ba wasaken ud ea >>: oue ly hown onebaaserak that >> seous tohangtheas t himene er th t sawthe by, now we e seto nge ta spe of ou ou b ow e e lae timth bab spf oursas een laimab waasee wa:1:2by jie >> t proem:1s:2hat by tro s jemy >>he pice ve bnt b je >> pe b cusarynd may not want sa be for cinnday ot w >>ehavr yoonlyave e peon tt se theictiyouin nt t elim ate >>at avrsyolye and pehe tse pheygtiphu the time t icke way t o ed atnalphhe clost pe le p thkeay na
4:55 am
th d ecti ves dospe picm. th d nec kw s s gog toai tw goto t mirabl >>udgeeani: anthey didn relse tt, s did >>hey bld an o ig>>iogennianey bednuse eley n ter s tidho ught y>>y an ig iowoulntalko hewith t a n bee n er t tornht eve again ul thelk is heprothem an with rn ve gapolyaph nd aea n w thehes o w arnot dmisbl e becausely oh f aea w t thr art isbl unreleciasebity. th therosetionnd dense both ugreeelhey a heseonis dblsee th ee y buthat situaonary blcurs bu >>ato th s areitua admsiye. >> look,nderrs n or >>thre a cose oeven y wld l k,er nree orey a not aisbl co o en and wat s because te ir aotisbl d un s bauliabity. >> b theare t a reat >>'m gng t rule hatune aby. e no bdecheeie ta haatt no a >> g t i lell gte rht t dno wchtei. tno a forei e hi gthe nd of t w ht ow dtor, rom a rehie nd foren tcs r, ropoin a o vie bed uor what yohaveear w heinre a w veed u w hagointhere >> iyohinkveou har wot a w to p inre down s e o f i thenk t h and i t ba to e p ointwnhere ss o he th a bab y. bao pnt rewheris t evi nce ha th anhingabapped tohe by d to alk erout tevie mother an ngpe to bhavi e th wtohoutk havt inot
4:56 am
any iden w tsoe rvith w iut'mavot ggesy ng tenthaoe shodot i don but esrtai ty asr. tantd on po tedt utai yasou hontdeep youryes ope n a tponkd ydnp eadurs o a tnk broad terms njurie s d oa tmsnjieshe inquitioandntergati ofive a 8eaol d id quioderti of e whathe 8yea sawol adnd eard 26 da ago thank isheaw aea absurd. 26 i n't magidanegoho t iidss bs d. remberg anthinin i tgi refence id an reeranin 8fe-ye r-nold kid. 8 jud jeane: ctorork k all e reect,odd anhe ud noaleaar: or sk as ll onregt,d s no thesarpeop are s a ssciis l is willle et t mesalopk treo m ks i lonas i clein td myal ts aby. on i >> ninody mowsette than abyou,ouron ny tshatet onhacen atu,rneyrets to theicre t on ns kttiest thaateyoples re perm ted talk oaw kttstle forcent a ntsrmndd trelk io xpla nation for trchats tre i ju t t ha t trela atior ha rong ju l teloo tdha ttt a a ng thd-pa ly iseloodtnvolde th pa istherolel ornvld e
4:57 am
coll oratn wi som ody er el r else i ll b on ha llat wiom y >> a se r ht . i bn . wecht,ark d jy, t nk a ht u. weat it,it fk us jnig tnk go t i fs g go wou yogo nt ifou h a
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4:59 am
verooud po r chyor? nif h the atuef lirty? ropoch thgrancany? e itue allliossiy?e th aovernd. thanny to hi itm tollkrussi inv tor aand erunde.of herou. toi tousnvr d dewhen he saouyou' freto sethe rld,e me it. ensau're case tode andd,et amereet. hoveund formion t caodnd ae ve d rmat in lude a vio d fu col broure. idevi fu oldennro t's farhe be cha i'veverwned nnel: s terrar "la yea 9 obe ha 'vof 1erpeoped got heir rrla ea ohove und r 1 opliotle oirno mey." jim unki : "ncostve d abso telylio co o to m." ." m ki"nst solyco bro king ews.whenou callodaywe'lincle brngs.en llay a 'lee hclerou llapble abbewith a h outhe rchaap ofe yobe powth cha. iteach, itrabsit's e llaphable fd ityo porowble.ha itchitbs's ape itore. it gs wheverou g geit fe whe suliesast. gwher g callhe nber yougescre f wh get our ee vsueo, esochut. ll nr oure etr v, hu anyourree verod llapble abbe anure ro ape be


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