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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  October 30, 2011 6:00am-10:00am EDT

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ick--tre aing er t eken eveavbody thanyou foreing wits k-re g t tonit. envedy anu ♪or♪ngit ni ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ gd moing er ne gmog it'sonda octerer ne 30 'sdact i'm ayn n30ro. i 'mit's aot. 's trick, ota orm h th tasck h tusan may beth millis kitan witayhobeows t ki rniit.ho >>ave:oy wt a i storm . >>e: w t ad pridenobamissu an timam toepub scansrm sayi h wepr canen'tamsun w ai tmaotoubns yi ss w tean j w bill. re ticans,hey j haven 'tbill reics,y hen gotten t meage. >davewhat the pr identts me tage, shouldmeage >ve at bheas c ongrs tprgenmehie, sho d one.b >>layt: plgr tern in ov g he.e's gta >> pytowpler then inai ov htraisn.ta pow he e gai.p. pefu now toppi
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ng g. fu nwo n pol in t kpiey stat es. nol i n fox frnds" seys rhtat. now. x fr s"♪♪s rht w. ♪ >> yes, t lkt th. > ye cepy, lk spoythor. ng h o cy,poy "x hiend" ooh, a "ndh,ie >> ayton:ombi >> asyn:hey' beeup a nigndn > hisshown:bi an:y' tees a ig is wtn thiyoosh ke s >> dav loo at the wriyoo davoothehethugh. >>layt: th's ftast. >>lisy thas skry. th claugon: h.m notoi t o >>ytth f stet ff>>ee.syhask. >> asyn: e hala a: nooi tpo shff t.hirn g, an:hapoeveryoe sh tg, he erlotsf ghls a tsgh a goblin aomes bl a wve omes readour uggeionsnd 'llettl on w vee. adr gens a we'll b e tl onco um e. ree nd a h f hars fm now >> cytonthat a e oduc aon, hys. h fm >> de: ithe stor oow con
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at ox f enuc, .ds." d cla ion: e at wor faasti i'mlown aw. .">> ave: la: whowe r,fa wtie'mwnta. wi tte:asthoe coast swsrmta d wiwier swstotast coawsrm wi s otoly enou on tobe29thow ly inou bn mebedth foreeow deatd fee cnectic penylvaata an masschusts, en c cticenva an 84earldan ss khilleusd, nhen snow 84 carerree lim k cledsh tough hisome ndownother re lim c rson reptey tghisnd elenoctercute d yon a ryow ple yli >> alin: iwas prazyere steay >> youli iszy wer oeside kck yut power t w 2o mdeilli k hcke fut p meraryland t 2 a tlie wa upe t foma mine. and oiciaarn ia couwa bpe tmae. oia ar nysorehe b ectcity is e estocirety >> cyton isligs tra deys ayou n imin to yterd in conigra de au in rdn conctutor than00 pseerontrandedor o an pjetseluertrorded everyon hrs t withorfo eodry war, a fo ofcily belied
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it lik a war cizone we'relied it iik- aar >> at'she tnem i w redropd, i too 'sar t zonedr. an all y h ooar were ne. siren an llan y cshgree limerbse alir day longre. l >> cytona gitra came y closhng down o m y con cargira me steray ow alinn: h mys itar your car. er ayclayn: slimash heds itourcaar a nday s hugsharreendranch f e fuge om theouserendenc ahnothere ee on tou tnd a hthou aou ee on stood t z, y h heardrs oo flingz, y >> hlisyea juslikeickr s predte f tngre were ti>>syus kek leav es opr t treereti av o tre a ahey to avy. hehugy trees f lcroos tsy y. seets. ug dav ricre as u sadl tcr leaves the s. avic ts e saanal t aat ts ck, hehey, wetalnow t, destioncroset theconoasw >> immat erdel pnreedcr y t guysco >wer iatl p lisni muyes er l steay >> cytonthatas bgest thin thenow thele
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av esteay >> conat bst inhew hele incredie am nt>> of ireamnt of sno and nowou tkingbo s l o hed eooue tkibo ithout o eower d a elderighte yet itut ty're ll itr uta perowerht etnight and hetre hitut p er noer, othenigh gh a ta a look h athe snow fano , hegh otal ta aook a t heshetly iow thought mbe al 15 inhessnllhoothtalsndbeid 1 notxpinec the ll27ot.8s foridhe no moh ofxp tocto r.27 f it'arhed moofmane toha coul d t've hpedndmane ulped plaifiel ms. and waitellf d,ndew tjersey ese alfd,ivew djeifeyre a at getng the. d briol cetnectthute. and ri hlsboutro , ne mpshe, 2 1/2. h tabo a lkne atmpsh thee, new j er2y 1/ ta lvidek. he aasusteworthwesty ofew de yo c a of mthhastan a gotew s wik th o. f d notan a see g it stick thi sshik n yor cidotee stickhi incsheh n swor reciinconc.
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nd y wysre stdaco. ych two o eavystetdanow on top of t tes aet wghs on op em o dfno t dramaca wyghnds throw then wo top ora iyt thw he an s majoroproemsoro ny p plend s some aorle isem extrely l pe ind se i the y, t hixt isind where t we wl be in t isin dfebary. he yowon'get well broemnhe sn t heyo sn'unt andhe yesrday, snck inheti40's t s fond peoplndelp it esay , in bi a'snd sw i sfo stieoll ppenitg ouer thiis tw istorm,ti a bout t oenou er en hi tor in bost a aut he ea en th ts upn aine a newbo e hampire nd i wi q tuiupckly ne a ve o ofew er mp vye win iwico qnditioly win of er th at a v0ilesin p coit ho wr. in analso rtheze a warni s noil b ehinthisll hohe. ay dn an so theourend wniuc h to binis the d he epouth and bucre ty o mperurest tnight. o,ouno aer b e meer cesold niet. to b er weill ' g yr hh me col emperuresor t day bd. wel crosr t h eres tay coostr remainco tr maing cd ss t ma rtrnr and phoen in c ss tgreeand ryer
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y rnwand. p l kingeetd y h alween wa . reca and t theid slng t houalen cand t ic-treating, ot th bad aos sheic-tatg,soh, thad ice a>> dose: l's rheemd ery one,cef you ave d gre l rd piuresend em to rye, ufs youere piesd to on ff eken o ke twier oickwi reiicth, w about pictures ei , a clauton: haveome the pictuspi furoruranc la: ve e p pos. >>thlisye andicet'set ts or urstnc of yppo >>syndad'sline ts, tee al ygedaveeeadne killen alaveeil n droneri. nd oneates. and t at tivy. nd t v weon't knoho tere in teweedfo k butilde the sinpe ufout on es. th e uhat'theon. t'eaendhe key meers f thendakisni k ta liand eep i min fhe the ni
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taban avetalrdyd cplaim ied m resibity f thi taan e ekenlrsdy cimuide b omre attacbiks fhi enuide b unt a 13ac arica from afghistaand the uted ntates3icke aup ori droane f gh taattads u td he eske a orerone recentl y ta anthe rea tsoor t addectly tiantyth iesea becau pis tta esn'seem to wan t o hel ipsau pis us n' temak t wut mbeelp tha tus t twor mbe hting tops inha af gh anistwn hti t hopar i afis har and t n'tanto ve too many nd enemie a alouo veooan y ki emanmiliry mntains thathe rouson yonanli mnt ns wa to h at rnyon hwaqa tni inor qani in waorristanthe os a readut a as f wais tsane a adeken a's ta asl so a en rert ss partof aou asel was throw und s o wreasrt a s p cart aou se a won 'twa k tnoowhendhe s was ar lita ntsa won k we kill ed w taes eitr thhousor thear we ll ed ndon knoew et itth theusyhe we butonhenowhey we butact th s nyact efls
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efsies we usewe tack a b fis >> a tha youor t upte. s we see're wingck bis ev aophainou t upup. te ns rengevopt leas t tteee pple are dead after at as mas vet gra pe erevaeadr er plod thitoapnt oasrahe va acily.odhi the astnto washe s o t'ils e ent w sromissout' aselt foumilromi ouaw. t ou rilht w,e c and. r rescue ews e unaceundndesr, mos undn is sty. mo heesul o5iseostply.e geinesglrrtein5 denveeorplend ge tiny wgeepperrrtein dprveayedr aert w rusepg tper movpred awa f amhers t sta mpita al. m ana csh from polic t ta thd npiht in row, a ndan chey pic t thn iw, aviolted t 1he0y.m. cuew ol severa wer bte.mdar thiseek andew what' saprapeerngdar dow in new rkisknd >> de: w we't'sappe lovngeidro mwn n rk here d alin: phapshey'ov e se us me. an chere out li pthpsisy'ow ses ool ianteo goutth tck-or-trooti at tgo wte t-otrhoe? t
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w te> yecool. >>lisy somluckkids kwothoe? yeol got t o >> tsyt omckstdsday ot spitthenowstorm tott blewsty . ite no tohere thet ewstmtop the firs tre lad thend psi we tvisid byha rminrst wadch psi w pa nsiobdns b andha minie aracts, t he ppadob ons a odray bctags t oed m od m bsnd sugges mokie nd anthey gglso gokote a oeaneor.lso g dav ye aahrie ales an avye pineape, an papayasne herries. apwouleat em. >> alin: mto o. rr >>layt: inhe mning ult . dav i'd o blik mto >>ytin msecngds. >>avlayt'd: coo on. k alin: apple ecodbu t>> ytcon. tr ielidfrppuit, deliou od>> dbue: de licis. >>layt: wee foowinfrt, thatdeig sry weir d dci >> ytwefo inreport edat h seesterday oir po oxesterien o," t deay s.ed en taleaioyn, 17 pple lled n thealio 17ttac edn othe he tta.t. conoy iludi a o th ze er s.t. on i qdistio wheer u.s stra gy ion tknders.
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qiohe.s ra'r ie t seeinge rise of 'reee eise nsur onc >> de: a terrism a ly urlidnchare joi u s dno a ersm a lygood morni to u, r.idreoi >> g d mo rng. odm >>niave:o hat we knowr. g andmo ho d>>oee:t tenongndtr d t and afanta >>n indicattrhat t s.nd ta ta ba>>n are iicullhaedd, ex ningtay wbatne rearel dog. ex e hang awte eucssful do. ilary ha rategyfucfular nsge ra agy ones and isetng sul a, bu theol ic es ndet traty, deor wit hdlwabulhe ican tn at begin d whorheit l paty, tn egandhe phty is to basically y, know t handtare go iing to b wiicdrawly ca lateow t do tthear gog stkes to ellwi tawheir pecalete t and t ed eralst tel gernm tt ir th thewille th an tedalinrs gnm thth is hea pllchthogal me binehrsf oth e talthibans po y aerehe amecan b f thdrthal ty wial beanheo a erforce t amen ake dr twieer. claon: oercs take er i not la :oes undli t get theot afgn ndli secuty gorshe so they're a nunte r ain g tcusety sat
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>> ye t te milrary tevses. are >>raing an helng til thosafghevor a t hat' sreinanel ngwha the t anos ghdetandt's tha i the yhaheit on thdeta oer h hae'hey sayge'n lein g ono hhat specie'c sdag. e' my leonhaeopeple in the ovdanment woulsay mere ae aining andeo de ng t all oen t t uly re ourlle arengoindng dng a ur thdw, i at'sng aicu c cle. d i >> asyn:nd bthe y,u ria isot ce.oonguc h an: be tter a t thise mootnt oo ngresintuch aad th ere, er i assthd mont si basicaadythe, idecration yesisterda singhatecraon if t ye da u. whaere to terre i t yri au. w w tit t heer urepiisin g ri w there wavenotheris in afantan o ur rehand aveth called i naf enquak o ifur t wet ll ninrfqued. if h would you wentet at. in rf edsotely thi s ihs wldouetat in dicasotevef t an isset who inca nowf h been senhe w b someowinghat'goi t o hee haen aew mont froheno megt'oi ha a mntro wre withdrawi fro ir. w w hdif twi hroapns t iranian t
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exte h tphrgh ira irantano syria te an i ixpins why t she strangth ohacter andin s wayhyghat tr ifny dy whatsctnd sogha ierneif agnyainsdyt wusts yre withneawinfromraq,ow agns t youoing y tre app lythin tom q, essu onou ngus >>ave:e'veet,pp t w veon e su n nohingus sy>>ria.e: vet, ere waveeeonn tehousands o f nong oplesyurdea.d inhe streets e eeand ty iusndsour pinion av eledein wetr nottsak d ct iio iounrni ava.e we botauseeon hakavect the tos a. as i aid b wsereeon hav wehdherang to from i diraq w trehe tkihd rang vements no rom tooir t ythi onheki rod s ovent fnoo d whahi bnn iheolvedn s libyoroo b ingolved snoll o fby these png oget as th p et coinngesre. >>layt: was gng to skco ngesre you >> wyt w t gned osk atnt n touo.ane.o. o i n t.a.o l.ya to pventya blood opnt sdr m bauodghr i benri. m d th slaug hter iaunghhei reets b thi.e. th la're ugeaerrd a saw
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et the photos e oea "x friends" aedaho o agsoppix upiehrndout ed liby. re i pip to, the by b lack i fls comg up ove byo, he bck hav the y asea cdyomupveby t en holavd he a ea ofsomereasr soethi tenol ee, ofmeasso hipropan? >>t' bothe s eehepr fgscuall y>> th si e end gscllseemr. si nd saw t earlierersisef aw t elisi ose fls. ey wte e wor qaddafioe ild. lookad we'five boeee with you ainsd. ddi, we have aoke' brigh tito be h e wnse haveddi, w ha ough down gh tbe eqaddafi, whaaood oughow nthi, but thsame tqaim i, oo beuse wer late hibuthsa t limibya be ane erowat they have lheya' got an itsow ow ty ve netrkhe i gidehatst nunt. >>lisy i it'idstile chlin nd nk yotu, w a ay>>ssy t'il apchiniate t o t w al-qae f ate t not w t we -q pe a n w wfoe > davepend w you he fo
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th v>uuvem of wwer? y he wh are we gng t odo auu o we e going whre to fil glng tit gintengstin tee t wil liels it ahea. tein whoelseieers m neainhe n eaofhe ur e asho nel m ne spaint a l o f n timofe in as ina i sp a anyve tasimton yet a hees o onop o fny aonet herent o d o moisop r ofte ar poith a v eoodoi te dicator abo w posit a haenintherin iow nd ca r boe ockn has bee n ihafineround don'go to i a andk mast b t i ou pe len' tndo sa and o you cch pe you willot doingouwell, but heyo leawidsll roeyoi >> alisyn:hiis twehe, ba he seaaw po. >> helionn: tt tba sou aipod. beat he tmn 23nd yu sdeat h ishe' onl bn indowanc ei he nampaigng ibelie,owainncce augu a paigf ihe's leading in the in e lagutest a i guess,f 'seang thoh,en est ies h, th iowa ll >>thinowedle >> identical.edle >> cytonthe s moes newls arrighther enca i okt t se cone mo everyle iowlnargher i clet i t tsehe dve mnesleio beuse loo at t
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se ye t get da m sneens of wbehae t'oos t ha yeninin ia ott a s a fly b w ni t ophaatinn. ia ot >>lisy f ni n., , >>atsy whether wt ictlly goingat toappen whher i in ctlloi toappewa and eswinsande d pesdicnsde pdis pcs hwi been south rona a possly new en sth hampshir a. >> ayto yesrday n tsslyew show hash >>toesay te had owgornorkabe e d mibe kabe andmi weere ka ndaskiim the we an-s tratkiegy, t anan-sat degs it rk? an overrucbee h das ait t ? . >> wer ir hee h in a t plas ie nn esse wand i asalas andsi e abann. sed thplac to besa a y owa. th ac ado oring crds, tfou're gog toin bet tead born , tou 'r ioe new gotoshete,ou n roli youlso aveo etio n onhe tcke,ou get he li ou o leeteson et r on tcko get t s t noinatn. >> asyn:kay,
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no oatdon. he? a n: y,s odo he? unnvti p sms to be pworkin >> ayto there he b b nork vot> tohet.e b n>> oisyn sawpoll. h sotir it. the lat> esyn mitawll hir i pol tat >> de: hs be i aba r8 olhours, every wh de hbeba 8ll hos, e ovry the stae. mneylmostiedimll ovhe ta vi ua eyy sposdingoied te uaspng there i ink e sttegys ffernti doe t thk he haeto brether i k >> cstytongylet'hearha h erdoth he s t ohaay bberout win ng c sonout'arha carin >> i tobut preindictng ttoue ll arin i soh proctnate ll i winl so pdihat we wirollna fi w fsthar wwi sond i nfi fst ira, fst secdnonew i hamhire notoiiout fn secnew li amreotere,utut'mn gng li sayhaute'rengoi t sain soh rlina.oi >> cytonin kngit sowhat grerna hka be w cason k it tain ouat winhe ge ykaou hav w to taick in the game an in ali gn: y y don h, d yok u?he ge an tre a li y lonongd historyyo ople winng t a ponsigde hy to playi
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le t w game. de dav lete a y layi tha ga. no o asav bet t ao yowa tore o thanas bwh to alin: rka thsant um >> ave: ickli s ranrumndsa >> e: kch se chmann andnd ty've be che nnnd ty'desh >> asyn:o vo yet januy 3rde sh>> .ayto uil ty ve an: voet enu cauc3r t toy s ty ndvealk th iividls there a t s unl thvot haalppken ts iis aivid treunoitht mhay aopn. >>ave:ho are all cn.cus >>e: goer pled inho t a a cess ines gi erer alin: wll iee w t es ha en s es jangiuaer 3r li cla won: ha w ha wenass j tanryinuag 3r s ayla: ov wnor tin huckabee playg tnohe game h aka we ar tayhaick p tryasotam e w ing b e t the dete siinot out few. t n w ve lrn thatut thew. ricknerve lrn camphat is gheng t beck tough c fivameporeebat throth nombernd iveorebat demb ro noam per dow n powmo a a wainond. iowa
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d.ovember, azonawa emr, azona decemrst aec the grernosaysou'v got plasomefhe gast. a>>he a gsyn:nond wys h'vrdha t lamehe he'dad a an: w lklhater rfornce d th cam'dpan a saidt let, bthway, ator re omnetham ipas idle c bmith wa da one at rf tnehos and c rmiomney seennes h tg o in thend debate rney enhi hs ro i pry dete yionou mes ut r i p at the debat . ou t me e ofhis i mig htathe eb good d eebfaterhiig (lghr) >> gdxplaedha dt erll don'gh you. d he elalained thatwell h n' admiyo i'm ot a g ein twe debat mi mayb'mey the end a of ghis i d wiat be ybayedt weth ande tndam pshiow wibe ed exwectandons t during is >> asyn: sote exta.s d davin latis a fn:mer secsohte. wriavratay the'sot eug sec h bates eve rihohay sev t iot eug he nex h.te e alin: evw. >> ve: net'sexur n oh. li teiow.n to th ati > : 's urn obity obm. youteelieio tha t17th o fti th unoby'y sob hi reounieha o te are cony'dere reobe? and ttet nreb cronasreripledobe?
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nc nd19.tb >>aslisyried no 19. tre s>>sy esnoy a chinsealts is auall bom morese and a hi n molt a all topicnomorhindus dy mo a bates. op lawyns sathathatsed tusody ju atoh. t oer p ersowynsaatt does tn'have job o rhe oh ootheerr p personns bad es pan'ntveob or henowr whaer parts aadolpang up i crt iit h towhat otherar aolng p ple, crtit t oer h e peyplatoo much t fo. >>layt: anshowhat h crt. oo m h al sort of nfo t ng>>sytreanowt howi u pc i. ncourt, utal ort n ofhe trengs ey' sayi ngwi iur lok, t oth par t iof t s ' yittinth cld ris forlo t oth p arhear it disse a nd atin the cldad ror fd. ar d s iabe as, hatrt deasehe and ta gfbo ut t be h dsend i reas bo utesity aar onset ire schildhoo diabe te sity is touonse eoof illloo. d be s>> asyn: iheresasneouas theyfitllpoland a oren:gorene as wre the thge actlloyndidre anwsferheustodial ahtid om o part to the o th an er afer tushedi fir parent ade oarto t th oeoint ty e ataf a the a fr p f ad foodre thraent ty e ea aas f nch a odre raer >> dase: a r em emhber a 29 er the chi ld d w a rm tenr9 from
6:20 am
isthhild w t en pant child frotectivis svices, so thipant it'shi notroct ir t t s sce sulo chie t's io- thinit's tard s to argue i agai nsin's disrg >> i t nkaihey ve . i'm the cld the briggs >> i ty . hseho and'm a tll ofour t bgg s awers hho tnditen areou fi ll wits t ttyitenreea .fillit alin:hat sound ttygood.ea . >>av ust li ct snd sticksodin >> tthe b cs shouscks >> cytonisn'it te if your fli you brrarsus with chat on stan'rt tsifit uru, li ythe kirs notoi theth t tait ste. >> a syn:ekighothe st i m n, at n: ems leva to and ou tt p mlay a rolen s vao nd t p lastod a bat res anden tet od t bffnd weetekend. ff weekd. cong uon t ow millionsf pple in th u.s. co arngout u tf llnsbs p. pl ith.s. resi ntarut obama sf publbsans en'the sint probm. ma ho ing ubl hs j'tspo obt. he hoalngly? j ur policalanel s t theheal? polalel btosoft ene. >> de: mosfof yout hav seene. >> dbra m hrt afhichou g.o h.p. s
6:21 am
ndat c l ira their a favohite mie? .o theist i ndat c ihe comg vo mup.? a lisyhe aisnd sy ned to om oug .hall owee n-sy >>ooky t thneat t.o ou ali n: o crear ary llee bis t hi>>sk that morn inli ore a ryall rnbiing. t his ou cera menrn showed lrng. as ou c er m angry sho rds. a clay n: a the g oigry crash ay a whee're goi ngasin r eal wurre costumesoiat in the eashurow. co umtchut f t zomes he awshe. . ♪ ch f zaw ♪
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[ le aounc ] tohe 50 a. schar. t two rainand [ bus a nc twoind s thr."i'lslee whent's ne" adem. th'lee ens " em r 80ears we'vbeennspid byou. 80rs 'venpi by .nd wve bn hored to wk wi you w b hoto hdp yo w wiget ouere u wa to hyo t e wao ♪ ♪ causyouromenis n. ♪♪ usuren n et nhingtandn yo way nngndyoay arn re n alldu [ fale nounr ] r fquenhearurn ffers, t's branneway. fe un] fen arn aeray wn wean e wha wes tanew. a wwe e a dri whawe wt, d slp sodly rougthe ght. ri ha p wvaci®4hr even thecid tha caussl fresoent yartbn uge t. pci®r enhed ausret tb a da al nigt. takehe pvaci ®hr ada challengig
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an see y 9 ket of p0 uscis ® satheyche sangsfie ane 9 ofus saeysaie try 28 unt evac®4hr ree. ry8 t ac®r e. s precid® s reor oder d2ailsco o dls somhings sily e cor ofold, om ng it sially orthore?co ofd, we d 't t thlyk soth e? che sahirerefeed i a rd oa dierencolo 'thso chsarefe i a odien loat' 's causyou wayset two mes e pots otrav 's usu ys o s po oav fromaxiso trns rfarto hels, omistr and l kis ofinin.. ar hs, fromast od tfineinin d kiofin d th'oms not all tu gene in the arexpe advors who swermmedtely t'nol ge tharpedvso eredenevly you all. and soluly n foign ansaion es. evoul.d lu n fon san . doesour rd dall at? es r ap dy tol y an?earn0,00 ulmateewar bon pois aptoanrn00 ultearonoi wh youpend3,00 inhe fst 3onth whou ndthat0' $625inowar fyour 3 thnext rip en y redm a'25arurxtp yed
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6:26 am
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6:27 am
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6:28 am
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6:29 am
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6:30 am
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6:31 am
is l elae: c't mlee uacphmer le c't md. u she d to pick o. m e to "avinicprkate ryan"" ane o her "inpre ry""avmo vies h assi stenavmopieselbe a si teof crse ra pielhet"he c mee gibsoncla t hat won he be picre a ndme tnkib hsonla t ha nonest dbeecic a f tornk that. >> a li n: bhest fecrc far at les d alih far ls -- > t cly--ong > fil orlyong f or-- >>nd let go headlines >>nd l andalo k about the adcraznestorse ha new vid a ndoutalfabt wothesr, azor e ssachase nttewto sidw yo utf thir,is on othe m y acsett sityoies hilast bon oeyitie an stunseon ale ntertorm nd f nuns undhe hav errm been tee fathsdhe aennd ts tee hs moin millions a aihouts moinilons i pout iludi newerse goveor cis cisti,'s
6:32 am
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6:33 am
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6:34 am
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6:35 am
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6:36 am
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6:37 am
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6:38 am
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6:39 am
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6:43 am
etdepe sent rtu, b w claitin r pa ul that he'snnasot on depengt bla ing at atis me. s soa if hng d, g ht only got so9%a o ithfe vote rht w. h oinl h h t wld pul vheot r ht9% nd l onotld p lely9% win l e nom oatn ot voterel uld e upinostould nd n ver vot gore t n uomineeos atthld int. o, otgor t nomee t.ea i don't tnk hs ingea mu ichon t >> asyn:hat w does in muhechip votes a n:oft f. d ro paul. esidt ob va oresrom tof roul epub idobcansor m>> lk, ihinkhe repuican nomin ou ube ns l mi ink romneynd put anulomd wld mieulngro rmne romyney who wld qstion. ngrom om i yink 's ahointestin esti, mo tqoio ta ti k atein timo t o th the raeplicanie s soth o tr r dsasfcan witieht itooksikeig so ono thatsf w it thhe ttrdar i eitveks ae ig esti tt th i e >>ight a tiht t.y're try in>>g ht someing ssib andet's ta about ty' ary other, a meg ib nd ca's sttabu acks.ut iotr, a t's itous mpy in t's counyntt'sbiitous starmpckinan tt'oushece ar
6:44 am
ck hultz dn't teent' s policallce vocal? z ye't hne s. lill hescae yet h cear that c's heshouldn' entbu etithe crar hat de b'seuprted andou hen' bu and e thet'rs a b ig b upif ednd nd hs d g tngt' to fee b lik p ot h d asosshe t f bod ani'm l p iolved withhe boan m oanizatiomericalect i ve wid ted put tog etoheizr aio ca lecentctrist tng nd iwould be pog a antideal p tsp f iorwo d ari'sele aea psp noti. a ri >>f yleugst at peopl i .ar >> yugck iwod aeo ndswoded . >> thi two mor starb uc s >>hiwoor ar tetarb , ihink it wod be inteedle d thothe i nkpers we'wobe not consideng inised more thhelo berse' who hotas csi do an ireble jobbe in thohi hs cy a thi tdohatau irebleob t c ahi tau he's had t opptuni to ll finceui le 's tppniaro ol in cechul. ui e itoulde inrestin ar>> asyn:e hasaido if ul weelve i a ndit hilldlain in a n: clhaton?id i shou w be weel t ial aki ailut that urclg n? ouba. b >> t don'tknwut thi s wld eat the rfec opptuniba for. >> dr'to jhi w inldig e noecpnior
6:45 am
ro j i nreceig olces r winnin erheemra by 56% s r nnd-- she's emray not runnin- no eahel li nliod sru's goi to do i tt. goi t>> tt wod mao tngs psid et wn. >> twoma isea wod. id wnd >> thaoueawod. o muor t comioungn for a smuri or halleen midebaten f thas, sri llnba aguys. all ght. e frk wyster srm l t. has fr le dage llve the strm as cos le ve 'll be w the i tos damage l b w t nt. an dage sci-fi n chanl's g hoan s-fi hunterchsereit ghho peek a he hlo weenpecihu. er s ery soky. eek henci sy. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ [ le aounc ] yove rchedhe a whe you' leaed ahingr tw [ anc yo red ahe u'ea ang tw is thege oknowg wt nes toe do. s he oow wnetodo w wou youet sethi likerecle dfuncon
6:46 am
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6:47 am
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6:48 am
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6:50 am
avescon th test's and sllo f a dthat sno w eall wesghedthown t es in andot oar sea t a l ooatnowll w ed thn per l nes, a i o arme t a l hat ow jt ilesth on opls, i ofhe pow les a tt oowk ites o don intthe mdle of t ow atree t aook this s n dont e mdl uni e, we' een a hi ninrsecons ke t s al over towninnd rht n pic ein ec s re t outal erakowinngurehat n sides st awa routm aksituinatiognsha destwa tuio le is ary d sis ary ssa. unbelievab we' bac sa a.theop of th beev whoe'urha b you o amue. o thho ur . >> ave: o youu belie . in >> e:ghoyos?lin ho s?ci-f channesho hunters re a-fay san insho psu of hte a ay pa irmalctit a pndsu o f ey're retningo paalctit eyheenetng huten hu alum rurng to alung theit
6:51 am
thisitear. is itightway lhttlebit.wa jon me are twof ltlt.ho jo mhunded ll asers goorng. i andrs skeic soond yrnoug.wore ia s ait ndskepti yca coecre >> ys. dav youaeoingskti ec y avouoing back to he penurst bchooand ate spit andell y you t ou'r e g pngback.enstoo d e>> a l itfnd dl youiin a nd 're g tebarrib. this hpe the a f dnd of uieinla acend teabanibned hir a hngimehe a of pelalece haveen elanngd a im stie a for dadt is le h int,elut wngn w eere thestre f wet ad sismany reat peri cet, wandwt'serhehe rfec fiwe sny fat usri.ced s>>ave: ghere ecexfiences. us>> e: i g reghtl ex >daveenokays. g nt. i'm t ppl egh wertl >abveeday the, n i ppleiserea d ere,andthid peopl d isa here e, oderseid why wou p ere reersehy whos? e >> ias rd the we authos? i rthwe a hdred peoutple edther dav thaweere a hedeoe oer avha conrm. noto uan lege. >>nd lonrn. soth g, t they wer sleay t reasnd l rn
6:52 am
tit th bit s omeyeboder that work there andas the w of thit s alodwiththis patient rkas hendhe ehe o min all th theirsatnt e m teinh.ll >>ave:kay. t ir thereatnt t re was te. >>e:y. he at reat tas dav the arereepy stors, you're a it latik me avhere ep eptal o forhes, youxisteen oitf l me host s. t al it'st un bau se i wstant tot'elie, evythin m b aunts wt to beev etondie iev'vhien h m stra nge xpienc wheo you nd ha ien a'v youe c't hhink st e xpync oheouer athaio aou way c't ohi ex ni ong wt haened io yay're nd of ke okay watha's edra e.y e of kebut me t es wayillo by a u kde. o srt doubtin gt t wl owhat youaw a aueio ning u o sagai so ou'mingly atou >> but yue'rioeng n aio flylyn >oardut t. n thas whi stl do . 've seen rd enoh ohawh pstd k ee. pe e ntenerted d waiting e fhhe p ke bp thi toerd wtiompletel ju b stop hi >> de: a may amyometas to pthat because y wer rai d aaymy haued atecusse if yoeru ai wil >> auyes. dav whaconnced you iyof th il avha on >> ied sou fth bync >> i s fby pparitn. >>ave:hat? >> fullodie arit >>e:t?
6:53 am
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6:54 am
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6:55 am
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6:56 am
6:57 am
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6:58 am
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6:59 am
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7:00 am
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7:01 am
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7:02 am
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7:03 am
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7:04 am
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7:05 am
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7:06 am
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7:07 am
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7:08 am
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7:09 am
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7:10 am
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7:11 am
oder spe tim in oio. s >> if he tinshe n aines o n>>ew i hehi as you hav to snd te er n f heere thio w a y y hou'd he s t ve tthrowuthe pheye w y 'dboo >> d e: a if thr hweins iyn new oo dham ahifitts rne loo nks ke a s amlidhi lkt th re. oo rst condke. a s id alikn: hsth t nd li h pricting-- >>ominup o pricng-- t s w>>e'rein o folwi t s wre devasti olwi ictu d l tue da fm hd itma lacsetts. alin: sme sa htherhav maac ttees.ome g.p . dliat ssaerv rea. anour xt g.puestat a ay anr ue ne mor >> me? >> >> de: wre bk in a momene oor this m >>cr py d w bngk a s meca tsesdition ofcrpy "fox & iend"ca >> cytontheydieon a olways foang & nd>> asyn:nd t cinmaoneysre alw nninthesylu mng tis an: t mamonings re thine weego. lu m ngry ng thetweo,. ang ryir et air
7:12 am
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7:13 am
7:14 am
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7:15 am
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7:16 am
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7:17 am
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7:18 am
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7:19 am
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7:20 am
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7:21 am
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7:24 am
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7:25 am
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
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7:28 am
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7:29 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
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8:01 am
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8:02 am
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8:03 am
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8:04 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
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8:13 am
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8:14 am
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8:15 am
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8:16 am
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8:17 am
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8:18 am
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8:19 am
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8:20 am
s os ely aouementshatea migoht d l i do. ts sohads le he innd s uligd i be greo. terview. so lhe n chs, t shankulsdo mu. bere 'll loongteieorrd to ch tnk >> tnk y guy l oo>> cing heron trd sh to new t.tu t y tuyha e c sg ulerd tsh ew arttu giving t ve s ulccine, ar gaas gilin tg v ot jcce, girls, gatas ao youngys j somay tt'sgi as, rky t amo. ou om ts a r hat deba is next she's the t bas next s sis'steof t pncesis ppa, peseaines for a nppbo? >> wlieain heror >> wliky abo? wer wky
8:21 am
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8:22 am
8:23 am
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8:24 am
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8:25 am
of thewotocerausing type oof t the cc of he at'ce caucengrnnd the opeer the once tha e ve t' isce tharnt the you ve to have tceee tosve ohaert tbe u o veos erefctiv an an rb ruiresnd werb kn witar rsiuil poosrnd w colian s inkn gting thearsil oor ti ng t'cosanin gti tcear >> a syn:tihat unds t'imposant. it snds ce tarughoysay a n: t ink dsthere ropotet.ctedn ss ugotheword if sey hen't goenk sheomrofheed he brdstf h't go s sts or if therug e ics o ith wearoff d migot as se as theyou adar thef y m t gotn the s asvaheiny migadhey no t p ctic g atnafe sex. in hat' myou rpo t ono pic athsex.? >> t'wellou tou rlize thiths is so all cooouinedff r olifze hiis e a rica a acade of oo peatffcsnd t ohef amerin aca ade academ y ofpeat fcsil tymen phicns ad theofener notn isilhat itime tnso d heiser otist nd the hitavim t bn ots o tstudheienotd-s- w heudthie preventns
8:26 am
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8:27 am
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8:28 am
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8:29 am
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8:30 am
♪inmettsten ups♪ ♪hat's gists. ♪ ♪t's st ♪ ♪ [ ghs [ rd crps [ s [ rd sawks [ cs ♪[ ♪ sks ♪[ ♪rd seechg ] ♪ ♪[ sch] ♪♪ [ evat belding] [ ighs [ atelng how ad i[ she?hs e kked outow ie? b tk thbesttuff kd ut il gethe enchb tthstff ♪♪igee ch malannocer
8:31 am
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8:32 am
>> he baby, hat's w hap nsbyat th bole lco bk ap "x th fends onur halloen co specl angoo "x ie lfdsn ur h time ier of ecthaneo showut l to thmeer aief j s jhow veout o f toth a ohalleen. you veeong o lfov o ese, ke a okou >> dav l ies lov eth keok >>♪avove ♪ ♪♪ >> we'veot ♪♪arialeft sh> she w otwih.iaft claon is a shsampirendwih.hat wo rka a so wepi.
8:33 am
a the wo sapng ahedracul apng i n'tac tell. theye i 'tllar- he >>t'scrazy. aarhe-re r chutshcr roing frerank r sign .roin f>>nk heok-gn (la er)- la) > nice. eyreyo >> i>hink'm a mummy.ce h, ah ink a muouy.'re ahoumm'ry. e souike flavomm av ou i diketee myself ala m my d tee thisys >> alyn: 's hisperfect. ou w sulha ve aal: cloperft. tgo w sulha ove- c a l t a t me. ve a l andtme mil. gothe lame d mes aot i aay l do on mhaesown. bri o an densto w oil hau easeeadn. the nt toryri w alin:ha il u se d heo wldtaveryhoug hafot. li facial hr c ld m wakldeave difrence. fa al claon: odr cld mqueseon it cal ifde. la: qu ital moer.
8:34 am
>> mus aser >> >>layt: an l mti >>ytan growor ary. >dave and joining uowive fromary.setl g d >mornvendg toi you,ivro. >> g d mofrrning, tnk for g d rn ghavi me on u,. >> ave: ghe smosh sins in nkor eaes tvi one tuda >> e:ll u s abo s wha i you wt es oplen o o u andbohehare yllt leond he this mey c ? >>well o gl i s ttho get ?much n'lls healt gh i a twaorenesset out aucsn'ossieabl ah wt t awa ne prlem esou itos taksies thet t mbersprndm e incoutrashem takohe gw a nd erom and eocoungsheo stas i you gll a a wtom a oc ngey'rgoing too i s tas iu ll emselv io a 'ralgokig oo i tboarandse as a selv i a mpalgki ffoint ard advsti a collegct mffoieyt andlldvheti a proc ceedsleoo m men's alth ndll hewhh an prdsohewon' fouthdat ns anare thewoat e lheesong fodaon as wl ashe pstat cancer lesonfo fouatonn. >> wlisyas las pyearatou ccer rais 7 u1/2 mil>>lionsy daslaarou r the foundaon iis 1/ thi ailndon we' s
8:35 am
eein gth foda ctur of g whohi a joi wdn sin g lt year 'sur pi ofes w ho jjoin in de n. lar's nesou w gs rock heinn sh for mb? tha ou g toc kuest ish fo? t re's ha lot of stki t hat goes int otar's o lot tki t peharfectt esntmuosthe wtre your peeccrts, ky?mu tret's quirete it ourf ba ang t t ea tmre o ui wt, an wha t sty wnge t t m ally ant t had do sn' rea wll thi i ly ango tingo ber. d doeahile > yegos,bee--le ion't hink 'mye probably gog to get up t oi a'tnk'm ptba y go toreynol glo u, pbu i to at ant ynol thlo and, ri i toown almostan th neende point, rowll ay tosnt wn he it ne inhould tben a lwn of n. davehowe hd e muach role modes a undof h et x, t ve h mu thehreolatees in t de ad he usins, joh here intossel and inoh gerao. toel nd a tht' meon-- ightra. i'm maakh mon a ht sid r'm m at theseid sto relrhe athe to rralhe. >>layt: yolookike c eply- >> n>>ytyooke 'm t that cy- n'm t64ha,5t0
8:36 am
u.. mo-b64rohis ar do uxpec-bmore this . yesye eal i o uecrehis .he p gresam e theye haover aillion paicantshe psgrar a in eyha ertheilast yilearon ane the ypatssar a in eiisst aboutr ne t milliyon dolls. >> a syn: ll rht. ut yeshearlie l king to ll. rase ore andn: g r.or e esar lawarkiesng goionghis raarsee panor i mearanes goi j ctinuaroan pus i me the program ctio pth i an th pam seem ts eentially ian gett theor dse outsnd eenal adisin ttmen'sheeaorhdut nd a rene b ecaut'insn' s someing at'soften ane n blectaued >> ere a lmek atg he'sen te. nct edthiis t t m>>ighte lnoatw.he >>hey lte lik. w, uthi t m ht'rnogoin toon itor a l of l yow,urut prss ver thein tonit m thyour wesse gog trhahe wkly chthck-inso see owgo t tha wkly sts ar go -ins ee heseuys a can sven st argo g. n and the l ookse vy a can andse. th k yon thand you t l>> aky we'll dsee what s tythleyohaou st h ay r over t whellexee w mont sh aho oestsh i rbeve. t >> kyle mo tnkouo chho oe gooduck be .u, >>lell ouo ch mong y r odstk h, ok?
8:37 am
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8:38 am
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8:39 am
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8:40 am
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8:41 am
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8:42 am
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8:43 am
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8:44 am
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8:45 am
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8:46 am
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8:47 am
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8:48 am
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8:49 am
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8:50 am
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8:53 am
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8:54 am
i' spayul p m taxes,eaxot m.only i'ay m aigxeherate, otbuin ly solu ter, a t me i aighe ra, bu tas, i ay mluerea me tax t all thpeop itathear m com tned. the ct ty're oingl toayop ie ar at t wealt aomren'td. payin e treng thr faay sha. fac t whateahere wn'ealthyay d thfaha achahe w lt that me imrtanthan payi tax is ey cat the p ductat the m pe rovideimanan yiaxs at t pcthe prode ervis,hey crte t jo. was yingo p oivi os, to cr t jo the ople n ths crong i'm p crting to ot e leth ro ijo bs tcrng ot ople aroun me weren't jo tingan tythi . le>> de: tunt's e of whe er 't ipesou tked onganyt an occup y d ts of es t dwalster aut when you oup nt dn the. al he is anoth aer wnipou >> o yo u dink t ha soce.iasm he is athon >>yo k ihaoc wriaong, absolel y ro.on >> wrg,why a el implo 150 peroople i>> ploy 1 peoplhynd c re iedlo0pe i thos e oyjo 1. pl how cny js didou os cjoat. e w nd-- j d howuch ney ve iiv cat ou. -->> y hav 't g en mow h y anytin i'v cre ated. yav50 g m joyt i 'v reed writingecksveryweek. >> i hen gen i you itg ks arythinek i whaare u-- genou >> ebo ithisar haasin
8:55 am
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8:56 am
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8:57 am
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8:58 am
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8:59 am
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9:00 am
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9:01 am
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9:02 am
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9:03 am
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9:04 am
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9:05 am
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9:06 am
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9:07 am
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9:08 am
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9:09 am
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9:10 am
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9:11 am
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9:12 am
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9:15 am
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9:16 am
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9:17 am
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9:18 am
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9:19 am
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9:20 am
we uden and radu ae stents spotn oandtve sompoin y havennddu youstts hi e rnind yeaomndin yavou h hi ein yea h atcked- riardntein atattaeds thridsta tax inand, paresre tathnveingtan thaxrd, chilen a huren pitaandi veust gem mthe tn g ernmilt au and at ts isdivi on, tad t the mvernnt t ming gecisnmnst d by tickiisvi, you poc kete rn or mgisre ki invidus maoungheoct decions,ith indumaolunry tual cis,h beniciaun tranctio. >> lisyal intesti.enia anio >> sy anntnti. clter tnksoromin an c iner. >> thanksou. in dav comg upe t u >>nk. pravidinommediupl ca inju td lyan.ghte but iprindi ca th eve ju lgal?n ounextteuest sayut no andthve il? ouxtst aycoulput nno bignd trou ie, toul t >>lisy plu..ig ou to >>sylu claon: ahe. >>lisy halween sund ola: he >> sy kial cosenme padend ps at w wndl beress o as r haowee ki os ♪ p♪e♪ ps w wbesss haee ♪♪
9:21 am
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9:25 am
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9:26 am
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9:27 am
fo thisnot e u. p attapaye gati sh an b yifran y, tfore aist u. oth tawaysyefoing ts an whoutan t ainvoing dirthtly d, ys ng t frskly,oing whingutilgall vo g andirhery iso fr ry,sonng notngil toll ddr it lallyere d th pridenhaseto rnotnoge d co ress lnd aly fore thoney prens rerdin coss aorey athin regredingin liby >>ave:he t youentied itealland ain greegeng by >>e: touti n it ll indlvedre n inedunis austri e...hankisfor ing th uuri tha u. .. nk r davg com ug upisel reins al ert, ha rht avomupw,is ter cketreweres alt,ired rnto r etreed o thcouny by iamic thun by litas, aiv reptomin upnd iic couryusiegd ta ao lesepoin sw hisousi d patr ltismstilahead swis ty keh peorms ive,trsmilightad he t on fox kefriepes" ams he'e, inght he x ie ae' g to ll uabouall th, cong u ♪♪♪o uoul thco u ♪♪
9:28 am
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9:29 am
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9:31 am
alin: 3minus pahe ho, weant geto yr li 3nu pa adli s, caus tt howe frt eaket y wier srm has c seli o muus t rk dama, ma awi mes s otheas east c mucoas ts morning, amamaes t oee e as athsave en rorte soas t rn fag, and in a t hse rtecooectit, fa nd maachuntts d nnsyania miionsore coopletire now ma huwiths t podr, a syia oicia mi saynse le owit cld b dthaypo be arehe oiaay c b elec dicitayis erested. flhts d trns he bn ecit destyed,. al fl os ntr hb the horin, de thd,e arlotsfal odela hetoda ri thats tharxpectsd torea ala daminoffec for atavelrsec to ea rosshe couny. nolet'ec getor rhto rkel re hmutssfor hat un can ex pectt'et r for e rk rt ofhe day, reutrt rick,anx ct
9:32 am
w its r look rofng? y,>> rk: wic and a it old yndok? r cdightorwi pplend aut od por d, cht whe peou plow t sn thipois wt it looksheike pw and oks tke snhire wtto.9s inese in n yor cityd s bakin tn all-me rord t l nkor at tye b in piures t comg l-out. rd l t is cture, piesom mstyutnt. e, my my cebo pagromy boagmscovle, ps pesylviaov, er chien op pelv bu the cckenhisre aopkay. and at isbuhe c tenlaz aa ayhote d in s ntra tparknd treaz s ahote majotreeown n and, rark t jgers a a ill tjoeetherwnd, jogging jrsd, a e re rterl ent at iero m og ng an mov rwar a sto i reert i m itinanpartovofewar engtolandn i inrt main thenly ace arengnd dealg wi andle the inhey e snowrell tals unallievwilend lehe ow ls .8 ihes unplevnsfid, maachutts,he hhest i s tota i h eplfi mahus, hsteen d ta h unlievle, r th kinof a stor thi te ofear dhen unev , thorm,inovin aforwd othe orhi tradaofr exinghe etern
9:33 am
m,inrw oseabe rd, ll b gon e fdamxing e rn ine thinhe nt 2-3 abho, s, b ond th fnd howe r,e wilin n 2 horema, fothe ay thnd todwe inil fa , stmal sefowindes aounddn30 fast semilendper aur.nd d,nywhe you shat lemiddr sha. of bl wh 3yo silest hou by ddnighha thafs gone 3nd esmorw, very dy ou y ok gd angh thas airrtsill ne unrogry gan tirsnd ilwille a ugh uny ofravewith t backps weave en iguyslla bach to ofyou,veth tck insi . we e >>lisy i'ltakeyst. aco anksu,moreewnow, siecau >>sy 'l ke raels onigh ks arert at w,hiau ho , afelr sonverahrocksere a fid bt isl ic hoaf srackmilints,e llinfiat beastne slvili raelslis, wa stininnostime i li hi ing ck aelaine ifox' lhilag ax' lla vittt ishereith mo. wh is e ttisreh mo whatess >>eporr: t pasfiver 10 nuteminus youeardhees >> or tund asve10 tenu iyosraird -16 d o iveraead d bre a16 cea-fir in ode to ove hd braeair i ode a . to h [no dio]. a o o] >> rorte theocke sta ed r
9:34 am
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9:35 am
ck aw at th tarsrgei inse the f gaz stri p ed awernitt, klingar agenshe let 9 opleaznd riniitnees knng thgrou r portle9 le a numr one plosns a thethlaceou rrt the a num o hit, whi wou indosate a theosece he we t,hioundeheindeed weaps stoage we faliti. aninyou edn se w rigap tow,ehey ar pulng wayfaometi of anu heseseig y arulye caf, rese wh aae cre, to g t m oca and it w appes g t o nd thotugh apehissnial rou of hoh violce srtedns intrnall ou ruggf beten has a ol s ed lami jntadal in the ggaza etrip h a andowe are mi jaitin t shea pwhetr th d iaelireirstke i ti the snd oit o etth ctin iueli the insthe i he o oaza rip cnueith th in re rketsomin our waa p bah t you rystsinnur new wark. ali n: ibaredie sce tu ou e shing nowbe ceweful . than you mucli idisce d o per n isshg owad cul aft an u auc helho ing > o erisan orag ft aska h poli sayg fme w keanag i the kaspec liay fme w -yeaold i vior e ecodriez fleaesdadieen fedrom eri fl mienni alaa hel an f weekm o a peneminilaire hn th efema maner s turd and a he ne was resteaterth nea ma han srdnd
9:36 am
e home s d,steraneloea h nsids meanlo id mk do to a mconsdoero s dona's tbe amall compy, sing 00 sll busissesillnsefer aives na t aoll mp s g esid st ama' siealtescarel er ve llnd m onal s waidble toa' lt reag o of tho waivs, malwaeand,o wi out waiv o comfpani wilho haiv t prodet lstd, wit ivom niil ha tro l $7,000n cvera ntye ar.$700 the aryourheliras, n a wyer. ha speal g ststhar iurthe heli audio lt'set w or thape gsda i. e >>ave:our gge speciol ls o rgues, my trienda not t>>se:r e.geec shod yo esmyen earer het t top coumes or h ansho ayo wha r abt yo furopfr nds?coes h sthat as whi'mha tlking abyoaurboutfrs? atwh m chstinis t tinautetatyady fr bar buchlein t upcomeay goofrar morng toou, ud tnksor beupg heme andigouroo rnto, t scoste as wbelhend a firr a the stnoasnos whe i c weso a r a dresng a ta ngth kid onoshe i c es ataid o trk-orreatg? do. >>ur fry ks, tualtr, noor at cand keedo it >> f k alno ndeetaw, ke the lantns ay and ppkinaway anthe wpperandawhekehe nt aan pin ay icke ane werd eveytng ia hzard
9:37 am
r th kepets >> dvee: dyt't g ie ard thts d d grooshat uld wicd androt w he a d icnd w h a dofashn sh. >>e ha mik a a doshsh >> haik carpilr. a come an outnd her cail me utsistereva. dav catpill andst idera. >> a broav, aby anatllnd owse a eruirl, aroaban puminnd a seark. dav the irstwo arum dorman k. >> nd tavy arhest ababi, 6 nths doan ol>> t ar >>ave:ndebi6 hsave thre fren bullogs,ow olne >>ore e: timetelle usre en wllt es,actle e mell have theostus onhe w etl bullgs. ve a sirrehetuveronere ahe squi el ill. act lly ook sre are a th abb is the ui icty kmpk and th bb se's en rhellypk w e e. oyot s r y da aserax we.likeot a a sarde buthat is reayr keshar a rdbuatsea ae havar t aav tt owedp, o i a t psone ed o i a pne thatoes wel whall reet atsel w
9:38 am
l anet a gden trve and ldiean gn snd buieerfl >>ave:nd fally. >>his i gldiend y canobufl is w>>he: d fsly tt d 't>>s likeie yan stum , yo wcan det t d wgsik gea umndanyonometnghat w is geative aanet iyouton't take methg saty oveientike a iu'tak th sainky o lintght,eeashor collar kylit,sh ke se y havolometrhi saly speop can see the wh s w ykingavndethialways sa s opalanays,eehe wh w ng alys uate ur i. ys dav alwss,pde you.d. ke the oal ue i le shavlwon'tou ge. kem cahey. o ch k outhelesh'tst ges pe le! ca thanchyou,ouerista, stshe,inpe! the etan safu,y ly, checkst heout,e, heafy lhk het, babuckup.c. th is fanstic wel toback.c thsanominicup h weto wi couryegainup huperaroby wiou akeitperfmingroer hisbybum, itrfng ancy tavisn, y don wan to ms to.m, ♪♪ cyav yonan mto ♪♪ bla laúyúy
9:39 am
iopng f inrancreike shopng fiars you ght ink l th e coi opout fe sa ...inncreeop fiau t k th corote abot thesaam... but at iyou ve accteent?bohe.. allate cide forvene stts t dayou st n up iu cct?lle deorne st tay sthesupguysightake u wa a uplef yes. weesan'tysaitht e a cowale y rs.a leyewe'ttco y. [abbl ] nyou nnot [bl anks nu ot
9:40 am
d't mtiont. [ ksnnis sholess gemore ma one all d manonllste agt.[ is[ fehole assounc ] gere ca allate w manel and yostll aago ge a fr lif ime fember aipnc calle yo goo ahandge roadfrde aifistae oond ad ata
9:41 am
9:42 am
>> de: wcomeack,ur nt est s beakincouny sic darly w20mek, nyear p ttin g t be ouinalbuun c lynd wning arard p in numr o itoubund wngrd um oow ty keh haaew alb t keha a bun lb ofew h son. >>ave:nd joing u aunw, of huntronmusi >>e:surstaoi uoby ith d thfulland, ice o trsi e sutayoy h wethome.ll d, eat c wexpec hope o newyo we ale.m, h is cteecpe difrentew and the her g hi youave t al hs out er t ifarsnt >> indisy e thr hineou ae hey t e al t sdieren i in't knowth a whevery wro las ye al wdien t recoed bow we'lrey wh herroasye w numb oneong ocothe be're h b mbneg anfort oatelecall "de i amica"nd i hav a anrtelllsong ing ama" iav u ang big gnow, cle u"redigw, c sole ed
9:43 am
so c". dav red selo p,e a c av clede frndel a clfr of e re coaso cu f re >>hat thenlong i didnoa wri andrien wsote cu a bro>>ht tt it mheand i g i y, wdntrinden do wu th k and aro t md i id i is tup w but'llo th ndreco it i he iup morutng.l >> de: a tcot iot you r. an dcomi a epideouf lee.n mi did piu ev thi thawoul haen. thee.usic d evhihaul is ha. the heics buthe hesongs cahingirend erytng a the titleut o thengcange ytbum ahe iie o caedhe clcy'stave m so abo i mycagranothescl 'snighlub tad iveroug the soboyanhe ghb i ug hearacrs bk toife,nd bum ac b istoe,ne m o m sfavotes. >> cytonyou ve n dona o mlotf te con u n whon mada you t wanaticgslate whadouano getack to dng tt. i g a tusanideato ite outhe couetryk nd d onl t did g o tanea ee rytounl d o e9 yes an
9:44 am
everee4 yearne ia isyean goer enoh anwe we inar ti i whethe esnomy i bad agonoan w inis aong abo tihe yer emy f iher dad a s fa aer ag a dfeont yr f r neradon a eryth g wfan't a d fe obaled a goi to era aank e th d me w tt sam guy al e ary oio timekan me you tamuyo e io th mean pharoucist- phmacynd the i th phmaci wilbe sebodyou arknewst aphcyhet wa phciil sodu ew awaorf a peonal toho evethinyo a dind coulget th ughpealowo ve tiins, b tterdi ulthh ti berw, iis s glob i s izob glaliz. >>layt: anyou uld en a izore d me mogly,iz n j>>usyttanu d a br k ev like peop m in amera toy >> i nis a jiffiusltime, brevndikopn ericertosn i afie, icn upde down placw. up dav notnougthin made inmeriheseda .ac e. albav isotuginoingado be a hriugeseda hit, t islb outsowng abeou a wl he sickor us het,isitleut ac a w cksleac clan's tavn? an v
9:45 am
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9:46 am
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9:47 am
♪t's1: ♪ ♪ lascas's un u♪ ♪ is ti1: t ♪asca u u♪ iti t sttlehe sce ♪ ♪on'tou cale a clend sc ing♪ ♪'tal ce a t g♪ ♪ a wheou'rtt a ♪ t ♪ring ah'r mt o♪ mor e♪ng ♪ ♪he'slean t mast oableor ♪ ♪ ♪ and hine♪'s uan t tt barle♪ ♪ i s♪atnd ane u tar♪ i a everne's ne ♪ ♪ theshe'er'scock h ♪istohee'♪ ♪ a cnt lerck h mey ♪ ♪ andto♪ d ve t at ol cchryer ck he ♪ m♪ ♪nd d tolry h♪ ♪ a the welrs a the adrivs anheel a theheld ne to fiivrsan ♪ ♪ thend rular he nto fijos ofhe ♪ heworl r♪ar ♪ sging he's yojoof clcy rl♪♪ ♪ and sng hs yo clour eigh♪rhoond tavrnr ♪gh
9:48 am
oo ♪ pouavmeanher, my gir♪ ♪ ♪yeahou gd night,weetanr,yir clan♪ ♪ ♪ndah gt,et an♪ ♪ your nghboootave ♪ ♪e'llou n sbove♪ou ♪ll torro my rl s♪ troy ♪ >> cytontobyeith eryo, clancy vern check c onoubyth yo dcyheckrn outhe veohk f redou lo me. yo wilcklut v fed . yoil n bsappnted. claon: u m nht sppaveed at ivide comi up ter lae br: k... m s we'l de ihede b mip r halbrween.. coume reve'l thiughto be balen cobarre singvehiht >> de: sck abeund r at, by. rr ngomer d s ad , . er
9:49 am
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9:52 am
claon: lcombacko "x & iend andere thibig veal we la: omaveck " sho you& nndnde hig scho vid gam gallleorng hoou n ng, gry hobiridamur b cost, eyr revl. seif y caniecehis b geth. stev se yances th >> asyn:hat e we. claon: at ithe rld e ? u vote an:t any. f la y: ie d tesuggted. >>nylisy i aualldon' y kno wh we ggd. are,>>sy alln' athe nomont. >> laytwh: theusics a ad e, veaw. ae mo. >>ytthica aw >> cyton yyo ognd con ny y ow. alin: i noture how 're ppos to t. to ther li i heot wee go.ow e a osod po ce. to daver likromp roohee >> asyn:gouch! a p. avikmpoo an:h! the we e. thee we'rtris ric ali h no 'ris ic i hea. o claon: have an itch >> de: w. re n the la o: yve one n ch d cos wme nhe o tnes moing
9:53 am
osell, tmog havekids.. l, >>lisy the is r sta veki.. >>syhes rta oducndheres uc myrey chilen. dav my n wiiam d dahtermers, caain eric il. a avy wim onde daerrscawoman >>iclisy hars afaulner'dema >> dasyhterarwalk . >>layt: ulr'adana, daerlk anth>>y,yt: ad a, surmannd mgan and mx d th ck a thes su man mnndson, m mix s a he as s mn,i as yoda comi don.yoda midon. alin: j is bng a li spo antheyre cing j int ts b a studpos, tre iy an supey cgnt gi trl cap taud ame tca, ia, ks, ce up onn! gi p a! tame, k c on , gu, wh do u thg of our stum? youike ? guwho thof r um oue men . >>layt: i ke t jed tfit>>.yti t >>lisy comoned it >>syom capin eric >>layt: lo at ll! ap
9:54 am
ic >>ytlot ! orab. >>lisy comonbea. come on abn, >> men een .izabh. alin: h ist in n howab li hsin is e cohoume? how ch cdy dyouhink you willet s coe?nigh w c >> d lou nk alin: iet you ll >> logrea hili i yapta ameca, e yo feelg bre? ea hitame, yo elbr >> de: cdy a sprd it out d cer t a nepr six monst orutat it a teixonr an on nig. >>lisyon do u sar yo candig >ave:syre yo cresaed oyo by day ye nd >>e: yre oy daye >>layt: myon w >>ytmy not w terrly.. >> asyn:ellootmile lo at m. rr.. an:lole lot >> cyton days suc i cona tris sox. uc thiss no ial aund hou. is. isno ad ounigh lkt milreatears gh llat
9:55 am
rogni em. >> cytonhe dsn'teed a rni coste, hhas .dadd's gnt con d'td a rs. ali n: hst man hpeops are ddexci gd fohalleen? yea! . li hanopre cifolln? a! >> asyn:re y goi ick--treing an: yoionig or k-reg morr? dav tomrow igr h lowerr, i nt tavthanompartw cityor okinup aot otheids hwithweheost esi tannclurtngty in a ca oain eericsand wonroman tht and veralutherf the can icdon perhanos, d raerth disay here ricrh and, man f the iswondful mema cosremes. icnd m fhe ndl maoss. >> asyn:egan monal wrked on o an:an mal wed tets ocosmes,ur hts e of etteray, fs thes, h >> cytonthanyou muc of rathe fdshe are conanu ucuing the ove mo e regheve fox mofries," jus two nute wel beightacksx ie" us o te webehtks i dot kn i we' bab... >>lisy exced a boudokne' b. >>syourxc ou cand r ♪ ♪ iant ndy ♪ ♪ i wndt cay...♪ ♪ it y ♪ wca..♪
9:56 am
oki goo y lossomeeigh u noced! the clkihes ooe to big,y osso ime donghing em. nod! hoth'd ycl do s ? toeatg,g rit, w ile gonin.g . ho y o femaat annrincer w peo ge . whchoo morwholgrai nd tweigless maan tnnse wer doneo. whooorolai multrain heer ts...igss t won fivwholgrai 1 caries ltiner.. ivolai 1aes fo! fo matr wh sma bunessou a in, nagiat expwhses maems tobu. gessin t a wayn, gixps stoge tay t anore. k, t sma busess rd om cse irodus jo ane. tmauss c i duanjon-th go eensepp me clusely r incusters. anth ese m usy insts. stomategize
9:57 am
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9:58 am
fe. acoprid2 f seerevad®24hcom ee fva off® det4hls.m fffet.
9:59 am
alin:ur "spk-talar" li ntins, tnks r joing us sp ourta halr"ween sho a tha s in to tlls jogshe ks wh cam urinalenhoou aha gu ato loo k fwhtastam and in u'llave gu aooreatight f sttomondow nht! lle atht mo n! >>layt: dot knk hi er. >>ytdoknhi angrbird.. alin: rht bind . oh . grrd li r bd oh >> de: ary bds, 's ared d a b, ed >> cytonthan, chs. c onyou aninedchy sos haowee u edsohaee dav usehe fce, da! usthe rce! avse f, ! use e! >> de: i


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