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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  October 30, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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rn j ogan our wer ayerfhe w trie to hanel o nio r r er aderdo t rht thing aieo io righ now "fo news undaer" t rht tng ghw fowsda and hello again fro fox dew thiselimeeporng f aminrofoew ise or f aust, tes, inhe tex ate histy m eu st te i wehe hexe c to t e sttate capiwel ineus cn tal twith the rmerrorunn i the piinusn alth ra f e erheru rnnubcahen pres enti nom atiorawhoshe ub caw trnng trelnchis es tiom io ompai. tr t el weontie ouisserif 20 ai onon one wetintouviriit onxas vern o ric pry and gornor s rnic pry a goor wcoack t"fox newsunda" ac tha t.ox ws da you ha weome tex and hopyou have ou enj you r we se y.exndopu ve chr: weave e far. our you d pped hrwee ar. f roum e leader doed f l lde orf 6o your l o 6 n urapaign sffs aboutryiaig to reb oo t,oueryi t whic 2.0eb.
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>>orhe fst eht ic.0. w >>or we f ht were traveling aoss e w w euntr pele k w i res th tgoveveor a s thetate tes itr had pe ki th ve a but if hend stemart ws e. i h th lastwo wee ow tif s rt acallyot t put thaso whe mt t the ne, youacly w tiltl. wed o o e ob, sound wl e d o o plan 2 miion erics ba to an rk. openg up edmieraln ic lanbadso a . ters enupedal fan rs e exploration. f geing untrback tlyxpraon cure romge higg ttreck cntriesly we a reremige cri auying otr an oil fr.uyg an oen wlaidut t cutnd lanc and frow pn whe we talkbout wid theut0% la t ncd pwhweax nd lkut lk abo how t clauthe ax spdingndow g ro a tbosow t econ spngom i ink en aricas taka lookt th the will o yoon om kn i whak t, a nca oakma bk okthhe ll yo this g at p lakn thiha ft,elw k has t threco a sis t pla f vern of xas r te yea s thco doi it. rn oat iwho s teeaeein he oit. ite use t hat as io heeeinhe urag to e et ago standn tap a
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t the thi sngs inn pce. a chr : we adth 6eil tlihions p ce pe.le wch t las fox hrwe 6illi n dete, y houl thepe w t vaserxs diegar the l de t, ulhe ver msonth di ar he que f tank t moor qu k perfmancin t toor d ebat esrf anc t the d hat sac s eethhi hhat s didn tur oug to e s hi nserhativets th mig dn ur ughopeo >>he ervethig you oo kpe at the >> desou i nothe the bt debatern eor i ld.ot he bwithll teber dnat we ave ming. th t i m weheav b ng ter w in alis sed bnd ne. r w noboal haseen rongd on immiatiothan hav . ta the ssuebof whasthern ongrn mi noio ganerav he to ta dheuewh werit oh no toh aner har h tsso bause wh the dera gove menttoasanar b aufaile atec urg the e rave bntde and en wilet heecur d t whde at.d w e i reeily spec d t andh woul not t.l a taterehey yec t a needo ult tltehe dyo ar cu lar thedg on tt as we d d inarcur he ttaas we exas
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whher is ttinreco team on t bexdeas whr s in co veing iver lic amen t bil b de fo iegs. veg erpass lg aicoterenil fo iegs. i ntssicaioern billeforyou n votnt ic io n ere notnybo on lloru he v age y tgh and r hte notbon onhe iheraon i ss se t tghhand on i ion am. is t >> cis: t's lk aut t de tes, hougi a yo sta indatedhat u c: s a te go g t kidep ss,ug ut he yota nded t ws veig i y ougo s tne u sp uthe nor eex f e dveatig ihi ych ta you or oveber a fnd iohi eay ec taberouutouo tovdbe a o ll o ei yeahiys week yourut lt i as a oishis ke tekoou i rticasatenisny o tfohem. ic e n wh o >>f saithat8 i inwh is yoo m y >>aiat dat i d at .s y y frkly,hat n increble ountf ti andfr prey,pat tin nc an what hav eou nt tindre real like g ti an outha and hou ing le t al tikk toeopleutnd st le i' talkg wi you g t t t o toply whee yohaveime o l i'y oulkyourwiou de asto.whyove e we e areat ouurebaterndas aatootholitian thehite eb erhousrighnow. th is t w orking outth vitn hete us ghgoodw.or ari. ths wif yki wan oto kw ho mebo is ingod t aoer rm n yan kho
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e fu re tebos g ler armn tir fu t e past l theoverr inhe ste of xas cre ed st m e heerobins i s o th stat s tren ythe ste i inhe cntry th i atink at iwhatmeriynsth s e inrest in. in cry ople ittii arok d t iatri inffeestablen.oday the k itch le ti ro ttablandoi h a w ee leay he k ing g ts cnt ry bblacdk w work g a in .g t c intaid ryt ala irk have tin i d coaage d th rord la put h tthatn place. co e >> cthis: wil rget d yutr atla. pl a c d: ilrillt own ytrn a mo nt. pl i st al wa d to cus ll then tn a ba te. mo . what h h rdstwa ao s he-m ls f ro m . a t ofat hservive ver -m lsy ok fy,ay h is ot ta ofrve eate ebokerayutse ee d te somedy nt fl whee the ee wi bree b ig me nf whehe debat es . wi b 10milln pele watchin dat . ch te who is g ng t b10llpe wch le tget on twh i gheng stage ains tbarat oba o andake thcasegainhe hip sndgehey wonsyraasband oe thouserinip woas prae uou r areot that p >>ra'm nuored that i e t wtil be>> a ntotandor oed tt ihe sge w wi bark oba ata drahew sge a wi ar liob beten a indidual w dho
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a lo i 2* m illilietob ain i l w hotheoury lo 2 meon sign ming li thein openentouwhenrye areoing on gn g pullheut o a articula op wnten a zone. ll oan iivid al whar hascuaken a . i exidrimewh witash the arinaken ecomy d tued i nto exmeith he absote ra seciny tu int pe ence so i ink m gog toe sbline st d onhace sta ge ai dk gow atobl clea stontaonast wi b aack obamea on t >> okay.k u di prop e aamajax oy. re rm pdin thopa wee ands i id we hav e ot reomepthee tndims s i wlet'drildownavnte some of tthe tailof i yot'il gwne omopleof choic e il a 20% yo le cflatax oheyan sy a i0%n e cu ent at oheyy s iystenm. nocu onet of ste no mosnet o pfple are gog to guretutndos t deci a to re witthe pn tha tgot o re t ey p theeweraxes t ci o it e le in thaax. p heur cerpaiges say ts ahe le n ax .senthis t to prite cigay s accoting firhis wou ld nts tori maceancongir ou.7 tllioless inevenue m n ov the irst s tioss yea irsnevue f m ovhe st 2014ears to 20. m esn'the p er14 plan 20. bw a n' e ho p in t pla dic a
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>>hoou g to tok a the spdingcuts a s we >>l gndo l a t thespngynicuts a owefhero he ic thatoes o her yocan'justay te o litt pieat of s is aer syon'st t o he is the lattief a it inot. is i the an thetshe giv i t. ople n o iioe n. t ani thk a god optoto e le oio ab to o t heirantha oto taxes o a abo tir pocard laxiterally ting po trdat lerly g % tax ft taxtedting t tmortgeax ducngedting charitae, rtuc ha ri dectin tax, ,5 f de in ea dennt substraaxin i,5 f aneasendg itn,ennt sitstal i a st c d.anndit its th sime al a ut c id.t o itthim th ptcdight t iret. iean at is th ptcdig it. n and ien psplee tt. cod penfidce. t peop havthe nfidce, e b coreorid. opav e idpl, is abo g ng peopleor ba to rk utng tplsbong p pl e coiden bac i n bao t aringn coen ac ente arinre tere en pray ewo know
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tt e buens e no gng be p oow t th erbu s no yoknowho wl ha b this is er e wa ingtyoow wlohabyhits i s carvg o t wagt cortspora carv o ophos aor miphoulat ain o ta m cipesat. pu t oseta guysutfusines puthatt s thetype gf appach thus amecansre lkingor at th pe a ahimpl thmens l tngor ce, capoteimpl tx ra ofe,0%pote brintheor ra teaxra of ineocee bacfmaxffore a wilbalae th budt ineeacf a2020 bodyilays la goith toudt be 20 easy butdys woieoeed b a president sy whuthas commmento thee whhas t a ack rec porsintf wh s dommg thntth and iwhs a kec he.f chr : a upldoofthuicknd i estis. he. yo talk bouthrimpla ity ltck e fa is lottifeoe yolk ut plwouly haveo cacute t he fas tfe tas th o ldul wayve.cate t ey wld he to ccu late th o dthe ayaxes.ith the lt wer htitve ccu te minim ax. e es h hetheyouldave lterti ni. ccu la eyld e e taxes wh t new 20%. r fr t besng simplh tou migewht0% have t o c alcufrlatengheim tes ig is wld ve ccute boon for m y
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w accot anthe,hreeays b fioore o f whi m isyhe co ane,ees chpest >>fi thi o ahirisnsnow of f thchestop >>hihensir hnodlofef take thop the 20% at the incasesnd hdl ak e eedti and s end e % t tances . ti a s dthermay somfolkout ther t ant geroy omsklkt the er counanan the and gawr he at i the g reat unanhe thingndbor th choi i hhee. gat t ithiill ubthoitively angeithe il aseub ktily i t ge i a s etoy. k chr: les ta i abo thi qution f grth. yourtoampa n s ay shrtaletabohi qu onorgring .ich jusgoin ur pa swithhe nbersnd sug tionh as tusyinre th nrs a lmostsuon t re $5 tlliolessn renue er t fir ast slmtea. t iothe ssmpairene ss ye b tut f you s t e aio gye b enoc ouow and th wilend bei a g trilon dlarsore.ow a nd heres thprobm wi tha thil d evereiody a thailt d irs ye. rethob wi ha lowe t eryou a dohatncre we onom gouro dh.o bu eveconse ive hi om g tas li theer ag eveonseehi ta li heundaeronag saylmos never do tax cuts da pay fayos ner the mseltavex cs ayu st fl en up, youreheel
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king i reasestenco umi ycally bustil end witngow iascomi ll y venu bu>> ail thed is itthinwron withower nu ahes inon r even rica a ren edyca f a shinon, c. tquit spenng mey e we fill y ofthatef it. in , t it ouplan alan cesen t mseyud t wel ofat it020 a we iloulanan pays os at0 a ay none ee o tt age i s dt. ying ff no e oag i ngla tt rneyasally just ry as al niles nd tustdg. heeave the rat es wnires h ty heve t h mrcain placreas twnew sour s ofe. revue. mrin la eadon'twwantwore urof revue.even i n' nt or ewashgtond.c. han. i nt meevenue i i the sh on c. anivatsec r jo i mevue t creors atcjo nds c and in ari citizen outher s i ndarane th a wilril m ciz ou erbettec io bouti ow tanothil l spd th ttoneyut to spthon than shinon d.c >>hahriswe wl geto t sp dinginuts causthats imp.ctant art it a >>is w gement t i spnt tngask s u onusmoreat thin aboumpthe ntx plt andt that s tantfair ess. i t k on alrest eryon who linksou ae tplnd at ta yoir plas.saysheeo e
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wh al eon o do t a besin ts pnn yola ys rms eo a te whut a the tes t pn n wealy. s t accoing a one tnalyhes up he on e sc en a alam of co g neurlyup hen sc aamfarng 5, wouldee thr ta b dng5, wld frothmta d 1,00ro 00 46,0. al 4st a 50% c. is iwhatouai d he thal a0% c day. for hose it thattoptaids hu redsf tusan ds m be orse thp t en mlionsof dla f huds tanbe mon f tm. but don'carebouthat. what car abotsm t n' hareng tut to at iarnvbotsn eir ha tol tot r comni. >> cis: esti, wn t om .chnd all o f he c: tituwesn ll o ifomjen equtualesit w t ch a gettinicqual and the w t mi dd cla a aretretuging,nd t whyon't ou miarddela arebo tg, y't ou irneare? a o t >> erybo geta tacut he re ne evybod?gets tax eboetuttat evod ts ax >>hrisbut e riut get he. bigg are ax c .>>ist ri et >> a his ri lly tseggre c w a ha money p hutore iy to tseheir
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habusi mssesonnd he mo p i the pele. thats sies hmo whapet. we ee dato be w fosedeeo o how ou ivfoed o w nctiouiv teo th t4 llnlthat t n't ve aob have sthhot tollnl at ta car of tir c ountt ry a he s tht ideaf cl astaar tar c ant thatths weat we aref tclki a abt h e. at w you eve t a predent a se ab hoplehat nt t tal k u trent a s aeut le clt s wa tarehat te rh a ll av moclrewa moneeyt and weth ha you avmo oni'm terended i iiv ua ha y m re i who e gng to b bleo investn th coury ndo eep g b e moref wh the wor for d in st th ouen ty dohandt thpill re wh he or r vest n c tpadoesth a create st b. at ipa whaest a this cate ebe ought iha t to syn,ebe ght cat g as ss r fa. youre singhac y t hefa ou s gwealth tobreorare y t gog to nd th upre gortiarnge big ge go to nd ta cut under t p gtiry pla b than he m dle taclasut andnd y p p ar tocawithhat? an m e as i wndt toee p yeo arcatht? wto
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peovestg. e id, agn, i n st id ag iclaswar are. seb w ants tasor pth ee. sue d tr to dividebehists to th untr i'm f b ing pe pltreiv e toge er tcrea job str'm and in p pl egivemerins a ettechce ge t ea ob sto te ca a of eir veri ace am ie tcaf r >>hrislet'turno spdingam ie yosay at y areoing o >> isp spt'dingrn asp18ng% t heyoy yreng sp ng ecomy, g18dp g tss domestic ec y,oducwhic gis aev d haomti notc sn since ucic 1 a966. how ehath a youot goingn t s ce 1 tha ov w r? aou g ng >> bcutt g th spenhang. r? amicanare ck d t ired bttthen.f sh gton busamess an usue ted eyfre s nd tedon ousfs su seng hdred sof tusands o ted o f fedelmpye b se put o hedn t tan o ta r lsde that thre bav o t taay r tls tt obav oti lus ayob doars.s $4rilln woh ofebtnder do s. this $4llwo pofsintndat a is prticay no js bntng a prcacreanod. s ey ang loong f somne wh has he c oura to tand uea a oo f anomsay re ihow we re whas crao nd u any iwre ing to xialecurity.
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youre oit a g t prlurchinitit, wil be ouere or a you in, il eve o y oung p ple e heru y d g e em o s yomngeioe ahe bein ableo ha d a ge em seio ari va in leha acco atay coay cng u e a. amer cans e longing r dee erout s w tolo getg rutthis de messhat shin on h put s t to et ais sndin c ut is o sst in hut athem s in c doway oth ear m pull utem tdoy eet ml and if ll yo have eaar t cingynd i f way ey w l neyor maave e it cin to l y wne ma chr: acrdinto a coressnal dgetfficto tohr gaco din a coss tl 18et%ic o gdp d y would h18e to make cutsdp y depeuling h to yakut bwe pe g 00 mlion andwe m tonllio nd llara year. rougy a arteofhe aryr. fedeugla btege yhealknd u sdou h av de b toal hkavhe sd oucour he too it. hu argoi to me h urto i aroi h oice te me programs t ppl e ce no counon t t yo retee say pinams
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p plpresent rry noun'm tyoayorry es t ryu'reoingoave t d'mo ry wiout? re onenglaceo goavoeet wi t?oad nu o tnet,cego t obur n d o ha tt, piece o w tobural ha p ce baing wckiny black al bagin bla 'll beigack'll ba inla. i lievitba in is $9ll i. i evcuts s t thelemlltarynd sendarprog ms tetr a ts cu thosthin hemfrynd sen h sear og t et a tha back cu tos hfnd s haack stes. t sa ste $ triion ght ere. >>hris : $2tril on? sa $ ri n exct ee. >>ise,$2 $il25? bli xc you ask me f an $xale ou skthereis o f of e examps. havso my p rogrerams oinf emp goveavment mhat en't creatin pgrs jo. al theyre dveng intt 'trein creatin jo vernalnt jeys an dame icans are ck o cthatat th wan somerne wh jwillanmens e an oat up d s iste n wthanaremewhll ing cut t u siz odfis e w respdingwe a gng g utiz o to cut sp ng a e size tseo c ro am se se ybodstanrd uversy
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andsam odan urs dsat snds andays ths is gng to ses ndaysai ulth is ngyou ght tanethem t beaiul u t specanth b in tas wcut pe ndecg t t w t rst mein wpeorldd warg ii. e fa it t u h toave in wld ar pr iiden that h the c oufaaget h t oe to snd u p nd sprenha the hhege future s of uhind sountry demheandshat we f ur e ve l s pe ndofg going onou aryem w i wi d tha lpe nd g oi >> ohrisnthe rposof a of wi thishaof crse,s to ut >>ise os af amera b k to orkiso c cree,attoeut erjobs bto k reno qstioabouit. yohavetr ec dbs h q ioou . tex of creyoatvegtrobd h 40 ofll oexthe fw jo ireng ob the st ty rs h40ere inllhe oe jo ste of tex as . e t yyou lk aut hhae t i ou r stofex first t vu aommercia let'take loo rs >>vs predentomi wmeliaree t' ke oo at >> lreeant 2 w.5il newe js at and k lnow setngil ns about an s etng >>overr, he ishey n't get out . tt 2.5 ll n >>er his y t jo . t t t t 5 n5 miion bs is er bl at wldn' be n earl y eughmin s er bl fothe fir fou y rs wn'f nnrlyh
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foe f irou yrsfmininrati. lood att anwe wld rougy nnid timi lln job s inooatan w thfirst ugouyrmi yllrsnobin just th rs st even wouhopatn yrsus owth stve w h at so.5 mlionobs he th emplment ate uld so mon s incrse. jiy ca er plnte d cat cr. ji10.5cailli jobin hir ur yrs. .5 li ob>> i hhinkt isirmazeg tha ytrs ipeopnk whois wzeeg h t lt op ho2.5 wllioejobsn th couny an tres lother 5 stioe thbs un an >> tret pos tiono ther tt stth s. crted million tpoon t jobs antor cr d ilpeonopleo t js ts n enou .le any tb athis tis psticur poin in t imou helps . y at s pcu you ve in t hpsonfidence to he u ameraneoe. gion youde gooe emp bng er t mon off e, the giouoo bmoneng tonff thae,the c ne be t ratat. c that cate cord bg eoheatat . ameran cmber o f th ce rdohe er cer o cmee $3 bilon wth oeconic tivi. e hav to ge a meri$3cail t w oon confence tvit th will be av g a ri ableo ke morof wthey nfce t th ilworkor a that the lekeor wt y gulaons at ark a tt e stranglg la
2:18 pm
s asinees, altran bangksith dodd fnkne o, ma car thatsanks comi dd dn thtrackma chathats gog toive t mi d cthfideranctot the b gotoe t e b chr: 2.milln jos. esn' ehr2.lljo kp pace -- n'ou er k unploynt r pe woe dou r crea und thigoal >>un donoy bel rve twot foa mi te.eand hi al thats ju abs utel fals>>onel t fo on i fac mi . amer ans ll gat bacjutobsel ls rk. i ac are goi to outnd meres gac so cla. andsay e oio ute oh, solandsay gog to oreate 10 mli goto jobswe wld beavingreat me cvers ion,h, tt i sbs w b av in gt r clirsicn,. tt i i te you ne tng you give li ic thislan chan . te yoouput t ameriouca gns wre the is knn thaant tyoyt criay w t their kn inhame t o ptaryd tha ct tir ey wl ha t kin t of ar hacu and ve aal ce d wha budge k of cund a amenalent ce theniteudstat nstitionn fo yeahey ent he teat willo bak o ortik.onfoea manuctur g j wil l cllombaeor ck tthis nu cntur jil come tis edeant that w let peoe detalkahis tt lan wn foret the p e
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sake o f lksingn wn intellecthel ke di oussif is t, cgrect i kn i whatlel hpe. disis ct in as wkne in in w i at a crea an eeenvironme wre i they k teahe a eon caisrekhe ey t catala a hav a rn on cal aav invement n ey wl crte js, l ot vefnt w cr j em. >> c lis: at tyou fink priden obams pl to ll . oops ut o iraq cy: tu ndk pr en am ofplheo ea ps o aq y antime asnd c mander i n of anmes cnd in chie-- andavexperiee, i re t niierm af te axper i rce, t'm also t cma ter a in cef o he n iona guare,'m ls o inexas er thideahat s c omma nder c i on nna ar chie woulinstanasup a nd s thleat c ma er to tn ene ieulan a d aateerinl twhicnewe a going to p dure tr ps o thiicnk a gsoi to p respsi e. tr o u cabe thik nk-- yous nd spbe t alki to om caers tn theou eld d woing th t t ki oexpes whundestand thet is d goinwoon ig n t tse ouri espewhde nd is r inance weineed i tinseish oouriission ince inwed raq dinisfgnist on u beer bieve wanou inq fgkinitome. sn a s w be bvendan
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2:21 pm
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2:22 pm
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2:23 pm
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2:24 pm
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2:25 pm
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2:26 pm
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2:27 pm
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2:28 pm
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2:29 pm
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2:31 pm
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2:32 pm
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2:33 pm
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2:34 pm
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2:35 pm
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2:36 pm
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2:37 pm
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2:38 pm
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2:41 pm
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2:42 pm
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2:43 pm
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2:44 pm
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2:45 pm
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2:46 pm
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2:47 pm
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2:49 pm
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2:53 pm
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2:54 pm
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2:59 pm
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