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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 30, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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e stupidin era. when t comes t o> tudn dutia.on enomodution mayb >e're doing g job a ndma wht w re pdue'ng f dor them j a wh t . du>>ng f t k aren'teng ut soo sndreg throtugehng the oof.s s ndhy?g rough what tas f. wro ng ? at heroureaucracy it'the lob. >>t's keheurefmera t'e b. a re>>s eefme a upnions and the pa rupnis a phe t par l'sestroyhe t l'sestr ste l'sring o tte drugs.ri o >> teach uons dgs. disre ton eforrs cir jusefort arsut cerin tng cirit schusoo a er testng corear
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e chot westhoos rehaart fus w n.ho >> jn: how dus you k i they are earn ing jownyouthinhey erning > ge any break. > they >e also appree akisad > arter schl.lsoe is >> uons are m omteech cha rt>>sarom can cs f e.can >>hat isroithhat? f ae.eachan ts> is teachhat? ach an thayea tchers need thay tenur tchrs. nee > w i have t ture?. > h lst t now thee? isomgo news lstowhesgo ws ome soore teaers neomeiridsea trn >> iv use t wst schoolss ywhea inmeri nd>>e'ivll wst soo wh iutpenriorm tnde'therch in fiveears >> h gpeood arme t terch itestnco ve rs at h h gd areharterst schoo >there isn't a wdhart s f >er i't i >> john:utheysa the oid >> jn: he pheemids but tsa dl up p toid utw up tyo
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w he oyhe send o adhestid america.nd stidmeca. >> choo spendg hried ov the as>>40nd h yrsried muc ovhe40 >> jn: sool ysprsding h ripluc ovehe las 40 j seal p ng ht w ple cavet. l 40 t w eat. more aistant rencs. aista heris the lin s.for eroresisave en fhet. in r ese f
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>> jn: thechl nds to i ca the jhel nds t burea racahe bhis sool eollsoolnner ceitlsnnchls studnt c ait ris oairels b ud r ty lrre goi to bchoo t is lr oitico t tcho educational success. ict >>ohhis w eomcanon runs se seralcess >>hartr scols.his wn unlse getal o rtandinscgs. test et scoran in>> ygesto thiwiheor sam ymono with theub sc soo don w eavo it wcess. e >>ohavn: ho f iess mey d es hey get >>heoh kses sso meyntested. y et ty arintesteds in soeste
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m arteed andeadingnd itg. >>earng nddi isnd itg. >>arng w iks. > whe scol days a. longe heftscol stay uysntilon 5:00 p.. chataer u teailchs c 50 . aed whak meae tha the c uniou ve allow. th toluw m thee yhaheou don'tin aow thol he you willon bn u willn off. > tt not an oiofo f. us. t t>>n: n a tnhe u oio afoors. >n: t a tt tchg technies. sometimehey t tgte wniear.ea some pieces ringlassar a coached byie thei boses . ng ss >> cch byhre eihey telling b y>>ou. >h if reheon telng thinkf y.ea t> i questi tnkeat tiy prci can fd ithrgh ty a a p piecer. c >dhey nee dir t aonst supcepo.rt he coacheeingdo bat t top ofstup ei game. c >>chids tg bat topf this am s choo>>ls t cstantlisyave ey'rhan soo larou. th thetunt can etllaite 'rn
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at theouy th cheltuct iv heyisteningl iteadfct interruptingislani caiado th bathrm t ierpt stunt ake hoandth bat gmes ttures wha istu t symboakl efor ree? gres ha t sbol r e? >>ig tt scores m e>>themso tpopur sharets parenminehe u ho t getpu tirhaar k ho th linoes ate on th a l on o a fov. es a ound tlock. sfoo. my a aldantsutlo nckot. sy that a mlyts n spac. >> jhan: so whadoou have pa che you >> j hn: so t wnd oave peop and ew souts. h t th hol aopnd l stetsry. the w neth hre happy a sad lte . he are he my mnere hoser s n th he othreerndy mos amerca th oakndth cifornd anothemeca chaer haakndor ge athe imil haha topge ilop resuts >>ere wh g m he w su soo l>>e wh g w oaknd anyer i ameca ae'll
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takeak and ny i wmell ae' kend operfrm the her chools inive ope yeahe. j n:r ivea. n:enhav the modtenha v th tamecannd m chartert th meublinc soolsnd rht ithe haer het of a rough li s nooglsho rod i.e he of n aow rghhere har wgorkershood here the n k iren h ari wkend re he choo k veome i tnhe hhest t too orve ie tcaforn. hhe >>ou c tt on tt heor s irn . aunt t he>> c state ton geshe s every a the s sctaool? we est ery lhnothscl? sc ols e >> t kidhthn america nscls ind n tid arecori son acanar in abo veresothe erag forhetaboorubc sch l ag chiorheren hat treor isn't en w d fochhin ha >> j n tn usefo dferentt te.niqs. n there u arica dfe intndia te tiqhey p re some ariids to i t tutther t >>o we hirtunts tnder pay. t>>m. h ey a exced.nd theyre gayng tmake som t mey. axc . cha vieys g t ikes s m. pol it alha isol
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correc a mican? iecthin you l b e a r man? bird. i >> jn:ou be' as reen inubir >>forjmpin sict ru is.nub a of f-mpadmpinhis sderu ds.o ushuof inhadallwhiys b secaudese do e d idhunt fohowalirwecytions. bau you a ctuall dy have fo tryowarirdon where ou ou a aua hry hear ere a.e >>he otherchl weidn't ve a>>he muc oherl hweomeworn'kt b veeuch hew have hew but the av teachs ere h newer teas m ne r.e n er> b m nne studentasee n sxpedellaseen se the schoo l b pell noay t! >oo b lehe ksthat gno i trbl ec>ause ye che kakeat tr kidecautin likeak f ki adndinike you e thems an f e axample. u e em > john:t's uel. e mp aix grade tu>deoht's l.ha wi ix be gsedetudeit iwi t floor e
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an eig i gde for css. n >> tts tr. whe went tdt i o> ttr no ee >even gdymt isstrt. no>e la y>ev gss games e evelaam e.e. but ert' runng or rni .eound bhelo >> y r fn o p reonile at sc oolsnd at sdbe yire. f p y firels t each sersft oe. dyaire sas tch oncpe dnta. youcould asel in one d. pe >>nthe w nc peountou. n>> wear i tntug ias gog toetas fired aeaew i i go ittoan f hedpe aat t dp of as. dim it an>>ohn: tt isat t dp n true r im mon: t gisovernmru sools n tr pecially uernils ones. cily u oeses. chart tcher can se bha > jn: y touchananetand in jn: y meetntd i do it ot you. >>me i i not d ngdot jootb aou. waire n for ttjo ao b >> t ifo w bt. >if w dtorand i wit wn' goo dtor indou w't have
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w g iob. ou>> jn: y h cane't mnt . qlity j yess yanouanntire pople sayq thitys y fouerir ple shi. f > o y fired me tha t.en? threeir soo ienig tht yes, t? yes >>hr john: wle big t eachyeers m y getir oh good t bers t arech m et theyrean ivhodo textboo ks heanho teachiexngooetdss long as th ma surthe actuntsredss a l trninhg wt tyee dmaure lrn.nt >> irenar lminw tee 43 o l e.ighth iar m radeet pas singes i enhth ste at hde tests.etas in 0% osfeatr s tdsts p.s. so i f uc ofer phas.erwork w en the morof tm.haerwo w heor t ecusenis a suprters of euprtrs radition ofchls hte har. dion is lsrotest r o ccurredrost outsi our chte >> hoputit's t psona it ch maye. >>op's joh t hits p usoonoss doesn't ay wae. crter i noh tonosoe'tis scol .wa cer
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>> ove myead body.isscol ds he et o sto themad? by. en we dete ietonon stheem unns bo tha w aend oer i onrange t hiunngss uon bhaosse as sai an ke we t s uulon't b jseudges steache w byowellul s'tde jntge donac tts h doyoel snode i the dyo aren lea it athin >> h knooyo my kheidsrere lrn a in wh i loo k>>no in my kidhesrnwh looyek. >>he moretud america wn weyeetur >> md ari w weur i s thguy o waneve gng thavehe hrt aack. i houg i w invcibl i thy wave gi'm t anvespi hn re amen k.w i ug wnvbl becae i evewanto fe at hplesess m ainniren [ ma anncanceri be ere ntfe to alk h youesdocts n befe yobegi an pirimareginnn.ere tok ouct taf to your dgitor, rid tagi carof at y havto te ca of. tao dr, taar y av tcaf.
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setie thi youeed ttlextrfibein yr di. col. fibs makie me hid.oud tltrbe ydi c.bake oh cmon nd h cayou alk o m abt fer cn ile u ar heatia u candk bar?m abf ou eoy t t. e ar am.ti ndr? [ ma annncer fibe ebeyo t rec niti.m. ma nnber ere. beyoecti ♪r ♪ ♪[ ♪llphe ris ] cut! [ moca i h[ e a phl rirt ] a b mov.t! i thght mo'd ba on l hatioa l fo 3 da bovtht bit ls beion 3 eks.foda ised citsimp cityit becar3 to ps.k up fewhing id itmptyar pupewng d i n't ve tworr out lateee. i t trr t te. whh isood. no! ggerbigg!whisd. [ mica ..beuse don'thin ! 're ering ggywhe foa bee n'in malannocer we te yg r sthey fo wh wi theew ci simicitcard al nono r te es. wo pe yaltystate. wores.wihe ciimitrd get arte at c. isimpeicittycom.e. or. t te cimit m. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ whe the ings th you eed ♪ ♪ ce atust e rit spd, at's gist s. ♪ hee gsthoud catt risp 's st ♪ micinthatan't it gal iefsherey eit, ♪ minat't l fsreei ♪ th'logiics.♪ ♪h'gis. ♪ ♪reig forou, x fome x th kee youealt,
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♪ ♪igor, fo theeoult♪ ♪ th'logiics.♪ ♪ha 'gis.♪ ♪ sing me, ttinstre en y useps ♪ sg , inre yse ♪ tt's lostic ♪ 'loic♪
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>>thosgreanewhart scols shod yo in jus wish here ere >>re osea w thert mosc coms pehotitiyo ec seinusshree co etithen akmoomtivebody beitner. but ere e sove peoboe w n't ke mbe. t e soeow t mayint. >> sme o you!ay hament.ou! s >> oheou men! teachers' >>ni. t fche mis'ion mberstrg. th gro is d at me.
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fmi n er wetr are he d emanthdro as nat m e aapolyroem dand a ol0/ro'sohn stosl. i h donanot'sr shoh caed "upid in osme cath honotsh saca it "s iidossi ibl to firme ca th bateacrs. e unsant osissitaidbl toir sbaac. b au f unn os s id rogram s edutorsll ofr th couny fegr tha t he du rs o th en kked unhefe t teeth h.e >> hey re s kdpred w i ee ca outde to ar t hem. >>y s pr w e u ion sai i s ul ca bute to tm. u sule educed. >> t cro wd uciked. thea teach in fo tr arowdedhe wee k. ea ch seeohn aach. e jo tea.eek. i tnk i urpr ed teemn h. ain en i aid joayea i'll t i prteac th. but en tn y id ha'ledl their ac h. mind t ty ha edunio tpresirent randy w nd rtenon't alk meio anyest an re b to w en'tk e twonyther u on boossewothonos did. thhead f un n te hersdi unioandat thadd foun te wrst en
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ioprs dofpmmeri for et wi tescg? s! d at$pidmly wen s pmrioretisc !d idy >> thi i k whe u nion >>hi do kn't wik tesheng u on >> yr relts e aw l. do tey a amo theowesin e n at ion. yres aw a mo>> yhe makesan anumenthatt n at then. l es yinakhe a nenatioat he baseunhe tt sesins.he nio no i wld se she t t os genobett w butld heou s s t s c th our gett aut- he >> yr p de cess orths, t o ionsave bee-n singha yp dess tr yes. ns e ee >>n thi thenionhave yeetty strgisry o f >>hiheonve tyvotrtingor hh qisuary of blicducaon vo ng h>> b q notchieng ic icat.on our es bot sieresareohat i c hoos tour fesssren.o ha cose f cus oos teaingn. e kids t
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>>ou b how but ouow d ods y k w >> b ow if ty a lrninut anying d ifwou d't tes t t m t and lrn a g coare. if d>> i'tnow t kidesar tmeaing when ico le.ooin t ir iw idyein >> t penrotestsadelri ttyir t p te suort.elri ty acr ma dam. he wsut. acmaam aedro rea son t wv abouthe les at meeaso t ha fouire es m teach. ha >>n fircte there isneaob >> secuty. ct ty doreou tsnnk tre ithatob teaer cu >> o yodothi t tob i insatecurity ea mas me work h d. >>yoiobnsur mame wt.ork >> y takitba s tyle thking right yak s le mba s le . thng ig sine schl ide a.bale ne>> wchl, y. de charr soolsouers,ve n w y . ama' rac to t he tar are sls s, ve sed the ia' thaact t tre co etit n isd gheood. i ifids hae frt to tcoakiteished. if scs ol mfrey t achool, te co etitscn a mmong t sooch l, cling r pr it c in scoit ang willorcell o the hool g topr c get bte or glloceut o oe fol buness b te or g thobestchoo o wil eand. bu th unionsbuonss't l ikth tstooil ean markbu uonomstionon't l t
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>> tre ia pfit rkon motive t i pfi behi allf t era mive stin hi ll t >>e ne to t th corpatio outf th in scho s. >>ne o th >> t uni say scho orpioutth choi ho w tld eninricayhho oi corpatio w eicuth rpiouturer immorrispooreachs. ♪♪urer moisorch ♪ teaers id noeah?s no. >> y gotome h?ache makg o.over100,0 aea y ote he ak andhey en't ming er0,aea ndy 'tough >>att mon reesith at. himom a u on eagher . >> t n es h >> a.each w an thim ea u. ea er .y el wou you t e a [chan t blp ]al and eloueaou l te [ bl ] al urs.nd ea l teacrs me [ bep ] s. sary ll, acybe m matt b ] damn. sa ry butoda amer an, eae chatert man morper our a tbuhadanereach accomatantorr r than cont nurse chitts. n ur se >> ian grant youhis,t isotbo t it m.oney. i g ntous, kev is forisr c. t m ey potici. whe i waevchais an oor t poucatcin c miss n on hehewaai o
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t c. cncil gatavcesson the sch l cil g t sy sem 3 millon n dol. the ache got me m ey sy 3il n ol th. eve e heoteey edute 1,000 th ve fer ks a the tescosdute ,0 we n. fe k ahe es ey gw ceras offe. theyad mn.e deput ies to gceff as stan to tey depy to mhe duts asstan thas greanthe tepto b ea thre e andhe fmeris biceatracy. ch cellnd fou f tharthe ggericburuccy did n't ev chll ou ha e get hooluppl s t o terurcy id t kids t ol>> wplking tn t tochl ds seng tt the we no oks w ng in t libry.o ds d n't ve ssepl tsthndweo ks tib. dt ndpeils a then t flowi ek i v isitsd t ahear touse ofwi the ihooltrt v tar woure ohefre e ol we boxtr andoxes o b wooksrehe an weoxndox bksci or s a nd banlue glnd computs. whyciidn'orthey aet t bthegl scho ? mp ut >> e ct hy. n'ey t eat w theue io ho why idn' they eet tthe whe hool >> i was st ahyomn'ete eyand te ol utte sen is d aysfunce tind and thlackf autountenility. dfu nd >> t rea n th c althck t a ou tschoit bureacy t teath b c it ishoikurthis t it
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isbbabtheut thg at c bebbabtheudd. th the ob i cs t be teacher e ii t janitor'sni tch t i jit or hoolnioard bureauct d if u tr to me a angehe olrd bea i lob s ma gehe we d d tt h e. ob ss. we ecruein d tt he. werueqsion dowow is crazy. si on>> b dh unn leerssced s c rathat. beaucracy b un >>leou wst toscrivaed school. at b >>eahat'racorrect >> >> wind to madvame fchl th i ha d b>>tert'orrrecttty goo d >> id nad fth i ha br re y ooatdchoo o irls at oo i wl corone uon loeshen w r wn.con uon why an lothhe pneoplavehen. y th plchoi theyhe h? so why does tt a toird tey ? of a mhylioe dslatt trdire ajustne uonlaea? what s wrstg wionse ea ople? atwrwise le [ fale nounr ] yothinyourids e gtingnougvegebles fe un] yo in urah,s aybe ot.gng ugge v8esv-fuon jce ges tm a ull rvinof vetabs h,be. v8fu j g t a l in vab us aull rvinof
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fit. bu it ast tl tes inke f fit.. but t s . w ft's .ur nber? ws nr? e emoyeef thmont is... t newparkard fr capal o. park ilesemiveseee ththe ntst r ardsis.tewrkdfrap o rkofesny es all e sine r credst ca. thsparcard earndoub milof... l nereca tharrd we rnallyub ilhad . up r ga. ith ark, he be s lyrns d ublep ilesga h ok,ever brc se, ery s y.lees thas seing e ba ettyoigh.errc, y owng m own hasinese g habaneve beentyore h.wardg. ow mn ne haominvethroenh!e rd [ le aounc ] inoducg spk e sml bu nessrediincardro from apit one[ anc int mouc by spoosi unli ted smublebuilesssdird omor 2itcashneack eve pur ase,moveryy lid lees 2shk veur e,at'sryn yo. walt? 'syoal
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>>lookho st thr kids t prate hool na nanc>>ok p t pr e llarol clinton na nc p os gor ar th ce. nt >> t peoe whare king or the les reaave choic e. t eo wh e youngnow, e s tahe cic pitia a i uno us t toe apoliaic a e p olitusoicia hava choic olic >>et a the olitians ho pit ia av nt thoir ks to riva >> ahe it nsscho oppe ho ol o ho t k t va r rela ppl hopp e ho tha o youor tin my re plesti, pr iden obamha ou t i ntedo kn whehe or not ti pr en amyo u th k i ted mknlihea a o n sha ul gthet themliaame h s quaty grigoetus educa ton i aam.ce. q pu blicgo s eool?ca i if .cwant to nd are puic sl? f blicntchooo forre mia and sa a to ic iooore ciand obab mantover do i c >>utpparen tly he d n' taban r int t th>>presideppntenowy sdshemt to thre de sidw slds fheenmd. theoam sho theice dwl f en present'gran id
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e tttheend.ic est'an itio $32tt00 ad. year. anthe ion lade ? io32 a y r. >> y wento p va ane nde?chl. y en >>hat'corct iradued >>t'or i du aatchooli hi >>he hd ofewars teacr's u on .oo a>>ough hofaregia r. acs thischo boa meeng agh en t chaman id husedr. his spehihoinoag teeim he m ch tedhan hed isup tthepero t dimemanhed m mech sang m y teronion con dtrantde sa maatesevnien monorone mtues maes moreu th i g . th >>he riditof.tu pi d >> rit unn conact whyheidtupi suer. unur uon ionthe t oblehy >> ihinkou kw be er t nsu uthat i e le >>e opseset ng ink kbe t kid at >> op sescaetpeng h rules b sid ca al hwinghem ul attend crer hoolin estin sc olalngm aen d r ding ol e >>ver deabodyolhey e go g toome re. ng i' goin>>tr beaedy ty he a gotoe ph icali' tryinndto bpe t tm. ere cerin thing s t tphalry tn'tm.ix. e er oi tand ngtersout t cix. oid rou c ulsi. thiis nooom? si
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the lf e tyhi schools. no oo m? the is t ha e ptye echls hes ha schos.ty >>e sas crt fav r hho >>sa ds brtut newk f plihc schoos spen a blmosew$4,0er pli s clsroo and e cenrt get aos ,0 er less >>ot tclt muoo lesd crt g ss acco ing >>-- t mu es >> b thegetess. its hdl y th eco rg h rs-- b he t thpoor it h dl hapth forehem. >> tn lethem nto urthor schos. ap or m. >>on'tant em i our tleemo sc hools. why ould>>ou'tt ir be -- youscreots.ap for they mld b-- ou aporen?he m >> ds foand cnn arethey in e sa? bui ld g? dfod c a don'he thi i s sa >>ut fui and c n'hi can s bn >> faishndhe cpeti c n co etitn is oo sh copeetittin ishy we h f co itis and nn a coitis w h f msn bc. d whising u ha a cicef m snwhathann youre g ng t isg ha cef wah or t hoolatounnou g t atndom peti mak eswaort ol thin bete at ompe ti ak undstan thaabouhis in owecatieon >> y monder pand fohame tougos owtoe itit a kind o ma m e>>mo p fo t feel t t i aind h bette d tt i pret gdhi h that ho bet et gelse hi >>oundlikehaou a arg
3:26 pm
agait th u onizese >> pndubkec arg sc ol. aith u on >>ze'm n argng ainst pbc em. sc . >> ost the i>>ndep nenrgnt ast hool ar. sll c ho c >>t he i ep hooloing a gre atolob f cho le thahalf f th moneol youoingre end. le i whaldn'lfsaythneou t t.d. wn' y $,000ers $5,000.t. joh tel00themos5,0. h oh el anemher obinggamend g it ov w hh. anr ngme gt >> athoovc sc wols b ache b>>ho govscs berent n hoolreal can becse he bovert oltealhersanet tecene. why have te trsenur te. st p fe ions ony have t ur tere. p >> wn yonsgot onto o hgina e nid cri me a ndot teo. be wyot o ana ni dde priso a there w as a be a p he re ce amonyutotikeene. >> ind lceeny organeedri ene. yoare i n >>d l forev o urgess you yoe i di orre f k y theres tt p sp tive fdir re kl. it. you e gore teater ttresp ve sh ldn'be a roblem w u go ea t heris o probln'. aroem not.everteacr is gd. er o soro areeall. no gd. it impsosiblreell t fire l eseened t mpbl tch fers. why et w t?chs.
3:27 pm
>>hyecau the are milon st?s. the hav>>' he re iltheris oy on st>> iis n one sp. he av . it s al terhe oeon s ps . i nne >> let ee.ital t >>his e li s of pseps >>requeted tfire a.ea er >> is nlif s my t n.qu tir a eathiser ihyt princ ips n. n't en try . is tht loo patnche ls o of t t apthooals d j giv op. or t y pu heap worsts j tivchs to rans fer t topuhe wsts tonsr ather schl. stth aommoway avo thscho ss the isven na for t. st a mo day e ofvohe l mon. th ho itthouldise fun y e ep t i naor da leofaves lomen. s s ckititldhfu e i terrle tea ch er leese s ck thiitis czy. >> ts fo er prriceea vest ator ays takhi c. tfo pe ye sstoorirs eakven abusi teacyeso ir vets onpeop sai he hitsi ackids th kids> aid o.opai h it >>ots pple id h e it ds thth anddstherd t each>>ers s sae he th the wer prethsend inerhe tchs th heclersrrenoom. he tooke fo yea and m. $2 ,000okfoea nd a 27,0 in gal ee$200 pl wha a ,0n l iost teeo he aplha su ttitu filin a whie he isitti hom havin
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3:29 pm
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3:30 pm
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3:31 pm
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3:32 pm
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3:33 pm
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3:34 pm
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3:35 pm
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3:36 pm
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3:37 pm
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3:38 pm
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3:39 pm
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3:40 pm
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3:41 pm
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3:43 pm
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3:44 pm
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3:45 pm
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3:46 pm
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3:47 pm
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3:48 pm
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3:49 pm
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3:50 pm
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3:53 pm
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3:54 pm
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3:55 pm
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