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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  October 30, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>>24 hrs and no after ten ea>>old hrl g ae indthe n midd ofhe niftt. the archenor head a gnd i e ddfment ago ni breaking e chdevelop hnt a poce i ex sntino gre bod evop po ifou. ex s in dong kno if itods her. ou 'm h rionsno isfalkner,r.hiis htheox po. ne is ex mlions ofmericansnhe da and cold. mon omens n ter a rar dandeadlldy r ralleadl owst pmeal the st ortheastme ericity could ay o unt ll owthn,st e trelri nigtyht cmarep aown o nt he e cn,oa and se trig rerand a on powlanefor ho es. coa nd > s wat on ndn p tneheor ore macho fs.or > o urnd a half thos.or m >> a f ligs we o and nothnd areaaly tf o . t aonigig, fowe rorts ondn the tha to igfo r orhar ohinps that lier >> arpst also sving a
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faceo-faal e sncouier a w a ceeafat wte k,ut jus et w bely. >> hen w ck,e j held ub y.on opf t >> wn es a ce eld c o rn he t top a ataed yelng sh aroshheark, topshar ttaonigedht t r el of thar shk, sty abo t t sigrho f hokednt ohe st jyawbo of sr ho death.edhe j and cmeicath. looking ornd a tef lki mes a startling iscory, e s urtltngat be trcoayalf, st caugh o u pe. beg wit the be dayalst cgh . a egithe ni dgh aerthat nigh aerthat pre-wint orm dpe in hewi dpenheortheast d3ilonustomeorrsea usmeut uld utur thou poweand hea and is iuncoortae, ssenrs sppedn an amtr in ssacousettwed eafinandy on he m e an ico tasour s fo amt raenk sedan trn actt naon mayang th e urfomtra
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stono chagorain got th uck ionncho lmra theinotras uc we block in aoc k heid s we ep ortewe rckouteusndoc ak the orm as e ep hteting. teus nd at'sve now, t hee m aerth h oftiwo. f eetn s es areas, no t 'slikeheiddl e ooff tn s eainte becae itkes noarlyn tid dl of season forth t reesteeavy cait nowithly teave tha had n otasor th t faesen and is ngth wasvehaadhe not ight of tfat sndis cngauasnghe ht ohavf. t me he oers c av. tak ing no h os chc. >> haveo per andakg 'm ch gog.o rimhe tes nexertnd t he wes s t hegogo don'the t es n t co do wn w s >> tnd the dor't a ddlyco do one >>tondhemong tho lldl an 84-yneear- old mmong asep i his pns vani home-yher-n m as tepe fl on it s p knsning hme t fstaly on othevicts,g h -yr- mantaly el trhectut when e ste ednn a dned powerut linhene inas satechdetn ane per l nnecticu a pson kle in ias a orm r ecatedcuar kleacde int a rm w jeey flinghe bnt r ed of ac tde pter o ag je a fng b t of goveorer decla ong a s a of t emgenc evearlyor on ltec night o d emncul elyn btde nsg is
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l e me is iestemilford, n m jery. >>eshis wn reid umior to 19 jer >> ins he o r seiwnd kno tcko o 19 pow finor so pweoe kno inudinthe me bind ow f he. eoo ba es indoo a ndinin ke pi bngd hethe bundl band wndarm and a kpi are about heun w ar a0,bo0 he peop witht por cuentlin t statof n jery al0 hepe p ll athpong ucutl a t dn tat ner ea cot,p a un t morth ea p ll peoe whouter or ton ht . ll eo wd its aold ght. temon wheht im d pi ng iitntaol th20'sgh overnight emhem dpi i th's a overgh t ectrity t reorednd weeol ad n n er unttry re ed dnesy an i weol d n masserhusents, w nd hesvyan snw,ea f covered ssraheses are to b hmevy d snngea cer thees and tower bmeines causingng tssiesve pow onduteresnd cau masshu tts si hve pw gore nd than 6,0 ss ohuags and nddsre witut per nth 0 pnsylniaga, n a ndhadsshe,it p n w yo inpe,yl marniyl nandnd yo ermontin ar stes oemerncy relso dear i f ou rmo stntes i st o ery new rs dearcoec ftit,stes msachus ettsw andar tinew t,rk.
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in mnntiust,tsdecor w . bre erin mehn t,ec800,0 re poer ctomeh witut e80ctcity0 hatt inpog chetome w rord hatetyttin jusrtwmdntt o by hrine irene and us uldmaknte up t aby w one i a more bor e powderak ies upesred a w re b dorenesow o shte a roun d e dtaensnd gerr a skedshte aun volueefireep artm tse nd aser p aed i f or wmt hlundeere tm sho aleas fr f hospals ndlyin o ge rahoto aorle power f sps toin ot. an morgee oeam peress nnsyt.lvan whe manyanordse am reinesslose d bau syfan wy re ccidentslo aseow treesf anpow les f ci idts aowra tes serv e tanbeow suspendedes thro aughouthe rv tbe nth sstpeed gencro utfial u residentsts tovo t ve l nc alltoget ur. siwnt smembervo ttoverrl a og et the mon da orngmeommbte aich alsa mess nd he on ppngens omo bete llown. h ls d soes issng to be s pubeing itellow am oson millngio tns obef t ckr-pueag e anamwe'lbe o hnead i ll t o nigh weaitho ttr tan 'l ghtsd and i t tperares ghppinintohohe l 30'str tsnd t racers inly i gu ess,in ftoal l30 essi u per alys w igurs,hi fs
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alloen si up as haris.hi s hars: vy we-put lolieen banderasha y veryha. ar v wech. ut mome s ageindasenon yeoplery sck o n t. mtmeraag trainndon theneohe's sis o tmt a rat blue fgh oaendeheit'sh a paenlue on agh taroac f h more tn seven hou a tenn tan leacving loda orre t the sen h airp tt in rk ew jeaerseyda orwhen the srm fced airp in deur,ork it j landedt en s fd conctut's bdedlr,o i lde dintttion. pa engen sayg, t'sy ha b ndlo nton fpad, ngeoay ty r,a noo wkif n r, throomoro hos. o wom calng a l al thoxhos. omal ng afliateromhe afateplane. > notheye tollyild an nplobe.odyan innotheyto y yo havde to h it nt's an in dicul ous,yohisavairport, h tss rporis jteaving u s ics,s aiheor aot doing or jeang a uthsg ab it.ot d >>ngnd power igs in andab t. ou>>t. bhrooow are loc idnd and ou mee el boore loc called ath el ste ald pole. t bl steonrmin s ixl ps bl fing ewseyereon rm dirt tso braey fpog yanerdeould n s di exartct tlyoow b ng ty sa on d theld s xatarmac.
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t ssand fa oliar? het bl makin htaeadlacin s fa olin? bl m le hdle's y in o07now p a ices snrs s07apded plan a t a nceearl hroursndap de the com ny ianssue a anporlloou the nd a we latther c oom iedue po lo stom bil of rhehts intend weat oday pedve nt t he omin bf ht i enprdle a us intayo p tve t ne roo ain cple ofen usnto neooo wre lplea ornfgnoeren plan hd t o sam were l no ertarm at t he san airrt ford tam emor than sev hourrm a t iwair art aorerica rlin or nigev frour pariiswa t ari in roarjf verd raey internionaandt tre verartimed to g the patesengs ornna tdhetrple,ut rame gcustheoms wou n pang o t all tt st stooupp. at pp. fo ns americs ect fo eadqrts as er hsmacact lead g hedq rrt aublica pack imanca noth adregdehentia rlli poll p winning er eyth iredeialer po om a urvey f wim tinhe ies ermoes aveyrester t. hees % moaygharestaiern heir ma. gha it'slose mt rheir cam
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ma in se'scose m ot perce cntage t be nd cinn a witse near p ace5% be m cgin af wrror ar aat actually stistfal rr ti inhird actllacytiexasstal ti in rd co rsmac ron plitash12% of t hecosm r vlotndvebo12% else mu t vorvebolsehi. muor chehi b. hmn 8% and r e perrhmy8%nd a newt r pegingrich n7%. folwe d bgichhuntsm a7% sanrum. olwe b lot nto s about tha pollan.m. rept ter: ssobote t ll rrs. epr: hermn in as aed tay ab t trmol al showag m leadabg bylim mgi tnnolsh ad by ioline poi ahead oft ione pihe rom oy.ft >> ielie tha i dng so omll becae 'm i cienehaing i with tng so l pecale cne in og of th othth t mipespleceptns aut m of h mpaith is at wjust artemid apt f a m mth s ais wstago, ted gh after aou i ma ag i've uall aer bee cctg i wi peoe in 'vwa nuaeectg wieo in mps, soh waca nlina flora foover year even s besore icana madorefoheerisar tven
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be i run ad>>eeporr: d poist ou th theowa un poll s wi>> or poou ngrethsman t r paul in towa olnumb t seewi position nd rean h reau i s skmbedodit wthnd mitt h s romedy' alloded fp-ops it t wi causeim a sus om llp- opproem? wi >> cwellseim se willus te . ro >>ll timre'se ollioly tes when . mittas changed his tsi'son oiolyeshe tt asyou cnongw,ndis he'sisonad to ou noanw,er t h , bu had pre ttty smnthn awerind, h vere sy ads hesm ae'ris anged s pitio on a ve s lotds of thine'gs . >> dsd ha pio m aakim l ings d uslectha mle-- and no d'think uct -- at- nd no noin hinkth-- t t-ne fnothresdent th-- viso f heays romnesynthaing so poti os.hes rneyayig s po o orti shohe lkshe reeig is t ak tiho l behe re pride. >> i tue after iss b aer issuall er t prpldee, l iue ameer i tell you osul t thin g, a few me ell stous fro the o esen in wh a you neeewd n that stfis cero nvicenon a ywhoueeeed tdo tha ha e afi truams ic a you'v ee to t o habe a wruilling ts makeou
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toca ll >> at fill wilng mhee to bhmcan, t onell t afillhent b ter inethis tace,he i h not worntri a h i is e,urth i pla fish inheh nor wa pol h and s s h thla i caaign i dngxact w t pol a nee to h do rr ?ca i d>> ctevwt teenkoou very mu.? and his min headlines i tnnkouer . eid e dst tubinle coudlin i brewing e st tubiranou's bpreswienahmadnejad th parliirent the get ti esen set madnueadion him th oarrlien aheet financ iat fud hscdal.r a hi follo fihencetition signl. byawkers f or nglo hihem toetio anear bore gnythaw. ke f par amt teady findi bheore enomi mistegui y iart dy inthe 2.6 m lie dmilar scam,te uii the lgest i e an histlay. sm, t ayes l vestent, the latest dust t in ave groenwi tng po rte sugus btetwe a ahdnej androis political por sug b ral. and big ologahej tndoolic the r .itedtate frod g fgogn esenthe hidkaai. te ro is afger h fainled t o eres t hikaai c. ondo lences a t hoaihe t o er fa lihif c 1do ancmerica w he tied in yeday' tiban 1atta a onri n.a.t.o. ti invnoy. y' tan day ptaresinnt n.tar.i nv. exynd pinsi his sympathyoi
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eve one, a ecexdinis symthyoy e ve e, dely plosn indabul not jthey adehay aossin he ulha ndot evio ly dje. he a hae're aoweae two bri sh io d contacto aremong re t b dea nt atore trostro he vehle ea pa edait exploves ntohe n.ale.o bus y espaedayitlos o travelling hrou.a t.o c bapital ty ilng t avaseltng 17ou c appeoite. brea ng n s ishereet as7 stte eod mo nts o, a ea n isre ar f ltle girstlte whomos o, nish fr hre ll ti's ltlir l homen e middl o fshfrhe h re nigh. a bo hasn bn m foidd, b nohe idtity n tgh remains. boasn foand d,'ll bav no the idty tlastre s. ps, d listein the art nd. p a teadliny txpon at gin t. ev a sl rongon p aeote in ling three ilwa felrot p e the jo. li tee andw,elee ppl eth jo m. is ng nd sidehat p plsilo. m an ts ot just anyha si. demitn,ou 'rane sees inot ustny he. why m dmantlingou t'rseebuiing h y siifs d mucma forli ts peopleui a si eifirs eucor peleuny. tha eirnextn thfox port uny. haxtthx rt
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le youhoosany r theisle.and o. bee nna leouos y u ca even ake hefullleizend abo caene lle and boill y thmid-ze pce. i'm ttinan urade d l thd- p. malennouer ] youm ish,inusin us prde le ouas y ] wis ouh,in pr go niona go ke aro. yis n nonathroo h ja aary .rn aree y wi eve twoenta. norojay ae wivewota findut me atatiolcarom. nd m at ioar. [ ma annncer to t 5:0a.m.chol. thewo t ins d a mas nner ri r. t:0m.ol he ts a rithe 'll eep en is do" acemic e l p idoacic fo80 yrs
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>> fox gent. licen tes sa ty've und x nt t by a erou cetesa t hiy'anveemal d ur g de t sear for mis asierngou rl hian weemo n dnowhe int itary oorfissi rlthosremas a eo nnow wre alsito o os malear an-year-old wlsasone arn- -ogonzasne mavbeen nz sleealki wheshe visd iavben aap tmeeki lheaset nht ad i tmjasne a n parts aere from oklahoma cit ihe a as aar er f msiam la ama pitolice a lievshe wanred a puticef heev bede iann her fpa jamas,ed io iner uamiar igorodpama andas gh hi uamia r one, ddegrees,hi oic s thee, do t hi tdeheee glas he we indo soct ohirshoes, mor te l detaass as get weemoc sh oend n m to libya, ndtaas t g mbol o a n t dtabyrnd tma sh edol ecesrma ul oz eces deshg the cpod sh he
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muamd qaddi. s hom i cen rf am trqaoli sedo be a way h ior c r hifm t o s h contri f eo ay unt. hind e tar sli h cda tte fo ressted uc t eo rubble. da tt ci offials rorssdly w uc to tur tru a. i nto ciffls w plic to aparnow. li arnow. andt's be aarcurly violt weend in iaelnd d thbe'scuy jeopa iz golwend talks ind abou athea j-f betweg t ks raelnd mitan . ab th ses i aea-f d bdlwey elex manan of css b s i a ddl a acksan, roetsfnd b rikethis weeke kng aks ateastro11s people . keis ee o palestini anro atst pele o re pportesedlyniadcc ted rertly agroup rlie dacc btedhen agn, a ouightpflar ieuphe thas rehtear fin leylandup ttert with thas ftest.ey nd he r ke ertittahed flingte. in ou ernsrkelsed p fpllie re nsrs ppl we- the rse t artnt wmple thenf e e csu aumntr of car s and tlehe rketell right i n ta r o c rking ndlot. r etone elrsonho wrashtild t w do g whin heas spo
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to e on w be ddoin wg, wch i sdoakwhineo in iak over a thas wh the er aha wh hehrapnel cu hownhis hr nernicuesentshi asre t ing iti oents t the dage t car ti orehe ge ou c s tarhath c stlapchrael ha thdoes thiss rehotet sap that chra cuts th uges is re it tes thiet to ahat htsar dened c t you t c t imaone wtt wo hd doaroned a cerouson whenma i wt wodo its. d yoloonkhen se o f ts. yo weooons islicis jad ise of t using i idweeon tslheazisaad i trip t ing i lauh toctsaznto southn tr iael, ts aau truhckoc o thmonuntedocke sysm ty've i l, ts releedru veo of ttehatkeasystve le us v feoor thefirstime td as thenhe attack. us f t t isrlist ae orce pou inengatck ay tat iarts aor p insehe argatstripeheovnigh killing gatr atheseine peoend ni reghport kddliumrf at se plosio thelase ty h rert and indicat t se pl wioehes hinde w ea nsnd sndtoge tse eacilies. de d hais, wnda seving,
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e ro etsilontis.ed t fly anhad, tdahere w evlsinog,n i srroelisti tly anair ttrreike insidlse t gnaz i li stp. th crycletrfik v ileide iaz st ctinug, itht bleannf le dnesy nit wicnug, itown dn stesruggleni bwietweslic j st led awesl hicamas insehe g j stpndll h hashe i e poibitof stpndllpi hralingheut ofibpilintl. of >> rrisleand, thank yo al. msion > isaclean tnk rsian monar ac shi rsi suesully launcs a the hi teatnal space ahe >>nd atftpa-off. ion.>>ft-o. . >> hris:t's pect to do . there o hwes:ess dact o do eang ccernbohe tre da stio sea f currnbohe previously a iled lach fur tons p avi a a rus si ed spacecraft tlung a b rk to eart aftac aft luglngch the rsi tan eart cftraft n t only he rsi linko the cft sce stati o afr in n t rtaed the huaf ogra b nk inju. yore heout to see wha t ra kn ea. t whi shark cyoe dot. see hhaere t the 'llave ehehe sry of
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and offveialsreay g eva thhe'rne wt horpeed i c ould dff lscollse otop ay theg urge . th w amg thor i missldin a ll w op he ge vete raamn ath ss working as a s ve arain insctoror6or ngsyears. an h fnsilory6 syingye at arth an h syit sitawtingews d sae yi we ha urit awngprays ersa d the ces c siyiri w te heha ay effo n t recoversy siri tmissio ef psumi those rsiovng wossers ioe lily dead. pmi t aaloing s wos li ttkeded. a reo white shark ake behre southf wteha sanosend hi fen sth stf s fewnd fee t hien f aweeay utble do ythi expt tpadd forafet ye i awal u 911 ande ao hi extha tpoddt iorletke o r an ye heas a11oupl a of f away hapo i fr me aanndisrm ashe a plf f bleengwa pytty dlfr a nd >> c yourmasage? eeng p yittindl brd s eein g c ou the?. he's 7 y rstildnd b nowrd sing th 's y revengnnd howospitaler eding rehe hpihal aer smm eng to a s sremm he h bit mark o ne hit rk sulders w st ndne leavi ng s de 19rsnch b m ar onhe sid lvi
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ofhe 19rf bard. m he she surrs be okay ararng signs at txphete do ach ok and aru knngow sns shark don t't re si s. h wowd kn s hathe st oon gng to col gere is. n a a awll te h e h a ondng t cl we 're arn a ieuld g a mu weorarexpensive. g rig now,tate or sooexnse. igw,te tionwi chaing arly trip whastudts pd fo a fu cre tonoad aewwihag ly ip hadeudde ps foag furet aew a casey sll ive ag ith the st oray. cas seyiv >> ith thst ahthharrison the ey mbers prtyasdi. ahth ha thisgrouyou hentiod, t er prcolleoa idis. a nothroouu t io udtight groll ae a accordg to udthtro that en get ac rd his,toolgeuion rathaes ge t have ge s,130% in theastat 20 veeae and13 in tt's aboasut fou 20 ties higrnd tha t tt'bodjusted f ti hflaon rathaendhe nrsdjted rlly ll t sto he a ate n rsake alook ty hi t brandto n data e ooo t tharathowed t avtaere cos ot for thatwed s ttate avivsie i toshis orcountry, ste nsor t in ts 1700cotr dla a ye w t youac in17he00
7:24 pm
aoom d ar wd. y ac annthasor m ist an redenha sor thavere a f ioustr yr reen ivthater sc aol f, re likr iv$3800 a ol, reyear l. 38 a a loo thaar studts icalirnia saw the aooha bigst h ikesud i ilinia theat she g t huitieson sthe upathis y taltiet u y a t eimed cost smasd a e gimrong cteb beten uversies d smasd a g wms an my ste t uleadrss sas it's to t dian mvial u svers ies contadl thsar ot' c tosohi di mavi col ulersgess sa henty wthould o c ratr,hemayolldn'le havs tohe wld rae ttuition asn'avucho f ra e high ttiducati as funng ghti h f t en slaedue t oarngassive udt t la t hort lls. r >> tre'sasve lot tthate to rt yous. t'sknow l tlly pe r ton shopou i orr,ve ow pet y r knn op aornr,mbioveus al ofryin toknet aalf bimbioiodousarsut o t he ory admisttive a efic iencies do sandut tredec tse t omi ve eic ie acieicntpris d ed thsameime, touse towo eacatnte, wisle af g at dtheamele,
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7:26 pm
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7:27 pm
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7:28 pm
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7:29 pm
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7:30 pm
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7:31 pm
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7:32 pm
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7:33 pm
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7:34 pm
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7:35 pm
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7:36 pm
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7:37 pm
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7:38 pm
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7:39 pm
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7:42 pm
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7:43 pm
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7:44 pm
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7:45 pm
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7:46 pm
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7:47 pm
7:48 pm
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7:49 pm
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7:50 pm
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7:51 pm
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7:52 pm
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7:53 pm
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7:54 pm
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7:55 pm
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7:56 pm
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7:59 pm
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