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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 30, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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linseill r lega oi etheit ipassg aiv oterliel r ga iden fica on b lhe b ioressou a n vot theer's nnydy on enthatcatage bha be othe is nn at anygeough anrigh osn th immgraonny gh sueshan angh letmm tala abo the esn bate etal boyourtaffhenditedhisee th youare goteing sip ur soff it thd nss ernitht ioue you ohaveg igne s uso for tth n nxtni iou vene uor t nxtive bate becae nombernto earlve te decber b bcano youertood bill rl o'illy ril thi weeecr b tha you oughit wou atoil m takeo'olyilhiee parthaipatin a ou gh w the mke rtwhyat a i saihe debtes thi iy wa tooai mny ebatebshi i wao mat fraly i i t is a iredie aount ofra i i tiis and a idi ant pfparaon a wt ti ha ndu. i le to get out pra a wt ha loet andut talk t pele wre y have te to nd alay o t yr ids. we h e a peeat w yav tto deb er o s yoth potici ha teb sh poci ithehe hse rit ie rit nothat notorki out od f amerha. ifriou wnt t owri hownoat somotodykiut is goi f t oer perrm if ithe w t tureowakeom a lykt theoi er
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pa i.e as ree loverherhe ofhe s te opa aser of sxas oeoor tn ath inhe ste o sos. orpeop t sining arouth in s on th op i cogee toule tay t kchenth tabltheyreoingowre w co t t t gog toet t kenount b ckbleyng wo wing ag in.goto ti ha lai out tnt b pn a wo i'g the ag. haaiut t p aouge t geti'heputhat in ple. >>e are t goiet to dpurillat dwn tin ur ppln i a>>armome.oio i d wllt to d t fos on pe i debes me wh i he he d a wtoo e-mls in e ebt fr aot wh o hhe aonse-mative vo rs fr is a oheyaykaaseeiv 's n tvo i greesty deberka at we n t nd sreebodteb e n sodextl oti debe 00 meblion pele wchinthatill me e ca aga mnston arape winatl obam m they wrry ca bgasetnraouram perfeymanc wyou ye n tt b senr man? i anot rfnc woru ed a n tit t t i n?will e ab to aandt otheor astagwith b tac o mallabo d oe anda agth b ve brit lin a rl ctrndt beee an veriin indvi aualho r los ctr 2 beand halfn mli jobforndhislos untrsomee wh i d lf mli sigoblr ts
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o trmewhpponts i whee ar ig ting pul ut o o on ts paheicul wararone, ng ul o paul ar e,divial w has tak a ex rime witvih t wasmericak ecomy a ex ame turitned tticnto an ecy solu aur fradensttn o nperice. thin i w l b abllu ttand ra st on tt sta ri a.rea in w bbl a cndar on tta aa contst ntitharacobam >> y didhrawupacajoax refoam t's il down fo into th n.detas of s ow it you gntiveth ptaeofle thoic it yo ge 2 p pe tent at ticr tyst mo peo 2e ar pe gt ng t tigur tst mo eo itarut a dece g t gouro th planhat heyit pay aece t o ferth an tyay taxe t yo camign f ss d thy se xeus t yoamn ss thse pri te t acuntg frm itouldrieanct frm4.7rilln l sitld n renuer th7lll f st yes ruerom 14oth 2020. don't e fst ye perr plam low 20. dot errla a hoow ithe a
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ho iedefit? >>ou he t lokt the spdinguts dfi >> h dynics t of l e grththhat es spngs ynsf grt ohe. you n't tene te pce of ot ahe sere' the plan .u t t t p of a se'he an it'st. itis p'sple a goodpt.on to be ae to o titiraxes pe aoo on ato t pocardesakin tt 2 pcentn atpo trdin ttnd 2 d puctint mo gage t dectinhari dblestimoge and deduin deinocaries taxnd du 12,0 foca ea depeaxentubtrtingt and sding i2,foin ea dpet litelly tr ang d spongcar. itin iha tey poar it iimp tomp p i on thatostc roht ther p ien ppleavehen attc rer pee coden. pele he t cfincehe jobconcr torspe. h t th cfi pen isbout b geing crpeoprs bac t workth pttinghe pisut e gnfidce bk ndopac therk pin aeran idtrep bneurhono t areguertionare t gng tbe ep urere e tano trde. yoguone g t n wh wille ta he ts mdee yo th anyby?
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it thehll h tashitone thyb ithe lbyiss at he behi carnng o a lis h thebear oorpote t a loles th havhebeenpo tanipatg o ta. l esmaket thav ensimp. put iposat o gu ta outf sineke. i uarteempouhat it tu typeut of appacnehhat airinsree at i t look tg foe a ppt ari a okfo s apleax cod coorattaxate o se 2 perntd welbrin thocoatxe o corpote 2 er xroce b kelin fhom offoreor po ce b f a.25ffe p cent ande wl bancehat a5 bud pt inntnd w 20ba0.e t nody ss it'oingudo bein 200. easy utnoe sseet'ng abe presidt who s a sy comeetmen to t athoridt has o tarackeco o doingom thaeno tt d i s have. t ck >>coll g. o d ngcoup of qhackques ons. i ve you lk>> a utg up fsi qmplity. esbut s.e fac is u lo a of peleliy. t eacs wolod he toofalcutepeaxes the d ay. th hav towo cal hculato tcuires ta se ith t. thavalla t tah t aerntive minim t cculte tes with arn vetheew 20 niperc tt. c ul fafrom bei t itsiple. eu mi0t haveorc alcufateomeiour e. uiav tast wod becur hd f m cat t otawo fdguree out whh w h
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f ll b mthe t eape. re iuthonht tnk what' rig be atpe . al i thk amicant alt'nowig they tare goi to tak al thamanhelw 2hercen e floi taxondakectisnd 2 then are flotax gngi to ve tgoh o e g to aaccotant oo t owyer the a abecohosentho oa ter th easkccotan a selaers. th's t greahing aut thekcoan a chce las. th treng ahe ch he. is wl cange th s ws w ow ige t toay. let i disssowth yo camaig say. et sisti scorthg th n bersyo aamgay s tiassution as orth nrs a thear almt suons 5 trlioness evenhe ovelm their s yetrs.ons enyourve c paen ss y havood ecuromic gowth tt cpas wil ybe aav d trlionolla re. ec ic gre'sthhe p tblem wh atil a ever odytronla. a ees's tha pemf w you at erweyaxes y d asha ireasou es y d ias onom owt ev conrvatehink tas likeomhe t h itageve fouonatioat saynkas mostkeever do hagax cuayorouioay st erthemlveso so y sti end uup-- you ma get em iesased ytien nomirowt but ouumatill end pt wit ied low miwt
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t llnd venuit >> tre'sowothi wro wit wer re en .nu i tink 'shiericros ar ritdy f rreen washgton d.c.i k ico quar r fspenng moy. >>shuton c. havqu a d iciten mo >> prlem. av we ll pof our dit fici prr plm. e panceur it' udg inci pl 20 ande wleayt'f ttdg i de20.nd w >> none se o t tt sta i ying nde >>o o tta ngpl. mittomy nibes aound the ges. tt leavesomyhe ribates and wrehe t y ar s. mr. eesne' res pn w c tates arwo n . soe'ces p cesvenu i do nt wa mor sos even in wanuingt, d. 'sdo wahaors. en i nt mne revue in waegtd. a ivat sr bi mevcrtors n nds d am ica at s c izen o thcre.or i aran es ama cen o th i an tyill me the tmonel >> ware ming get tthehe endi cut thatne an port t p wrt oe g et. te i wan to a diut you one oreatn rt thi p o .outhe an aouax pnnehat'e taxhi t faness palmo evet'on wax loo at th planays hefass pple whomoveo the woo st i a tths pnn ans t permse ofho a he
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x cu a the i t pwealy.msf a cord g to cu a ohenalys ual re in e cree ardtoamil o ofly u n urareening ailf ng25,0 doars woul s tillp,0roos 91 ul s t thsandl1 o thnd 46.4. most a0 pecentt. thiss wh you sa the.4 her st apent y. >> oris twhseou at ae thet isr ndre of tho sand >>ayb t evet tis millns o ref dholand for tll o i d't ce aut dlaorthwht. at iare d c abo is a hem hing e ieboollas tm hnveg in tirla tven t coanie >> qstio en tic coie a qioyllhe t sticies of a iome ineqli st whs theich af gtting i ricer eq wh anhemiddch ala a ginictruging why n't anu cadd abo tla augg y t cabo t faness >> erybo getaax cut he. evybodgets taxfa ss >> but tich he get ev aodts maxh ggerax b tt.h >>hoseet w he mon erut more to >>se w h tironor sinees ty hi more topl th's wt weed to ne thi
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fo sed ho th do wu g weedo ientis o fod the b hoo gator in ts iti cntry e so tse ornillnhat ton' ve jbs c oryhere hav t the shll atnt' h ing j ore theavhe ig cshmitt hnitygfhe kingaref c thet famity.f th ngedehe o assmirfar th at'shat ware talng dehe o.s you ve t arpr iden t, s'set we peopal outhere thet u ant t pren talk sebout tax op wutfare tre tich t e gog to ve lkoreutax mey a wwharehave tyh am int esgod g o e ind midu as w ahaveoingym tnt be ble iest inndu thi w a ng untrand t hav be te itnhi condee antrdnvirmeav tan t cratedon theyre g ngo bebleirmea t cr edep me oey g wt tbeye wk for. t en t y do m tt ohey w wl t inve ikr.ompaes a t cdoeate tt y wl i at'shathispa a dete c oteht stayn . 'stsreatclase ot ay n waare. youreatasayin tha t wae. ouinha s,he wealy th job creors al athob you callhemheyillet bgerres ax cuound llhemyl pey pla br cundela n thiddl ass. >> i thdlant sees. peoe i
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vestg. i nott se forlasseoewaare. som odystants i ootuorsshe clwase. warre ssuom andyts dvide is clar csury indm f d bdengin opleogetr to cree c i fobs bin d gi alerietnstore btter chan to ke cefs gi arinsfalies. b er >>et's tuano cfaes o>> 'sundinspding you e gog toapndin at 18inercef thspng u goto ecomyin t 18cethp, grosomecoic pduct whh is lele hav n'toseenein pcths e l 19. hoon eavthtre yn goi to in that19 >> bhocutt eg th y oio ding at bttth amerans e stngkk antireof er was ingtst's binesas anusure. th are s k an t rewa ogt bes ueingundr sthfre san t o ngdr thousands o fedel eloyeeing put on hoan th otax rlls if hey dee havg pay eheyengutn thobxsf ofy avtimugs ayfmu dolls $4rilln woh of denderhis presllen$4sllof der s wa spraccallnoobseing wa acllsng eate ey a lking for seo w has e te couge t aay lngere'or s eoho w war s goi to xociaou t curi. ife' y aren wt if ioiiso ia
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riapprchin itifill yherreforf iu. gi ouroung peoe the tr hprin l d gir torm opt ns fgiurngeoheeinr le t have gi tptrate ak th nor tvehater is mybr fwees ath tcheng u theget ofr shich mw peop bcome eli blehe fo ur.he famerans che op bmeoingliore sfoer. id s oferows toe getgut o sthis ss tidtofoetaingt hasuts o is innd sp endi g c ts inof gtas th. do a yinithp edi c i maks. clrlytand pth and aydoull h ou ethema. clynd detndlsl nd iou youeave earmetks cingy whe iouille ver me i io rm cglaw. w >>l rut m iccor ing tthe or ngreionabudg offeo go dn te to renadgff8 peent gdp dn yo wod ha to mak cut pe t dedpndin on e year wo bhaweenoakut deinn er b en $7,00000,0,00000,0,000 year that rouly a qrte o$700 t,000,000 ar deraatou a qte odget t you tk a raou said hereou ve thaveheet couag uo do t a ita you ter t to veke houddocho u o h like what? o .wany proams tha kewh peo?e wny ro nos cou onhaoteoeas and pra noou o opleountnou a saygnd rapresent rr
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alent soy aou wiay havgto d est witht. >>eto wiav d marha wityoth one>> plac youan m goomhait kneeras acouo es k ece worcall bac i bl k. elieve e orllac it's9 trli w thbl ierections. i he fossill ttreli w aook a t rethatio. let hive yolne t aexamke. a you n ta the atepar ent t e y educion dou camut the u taheart elenta and ucn sonda che elta nd ogra tog sher dad c tho hal andraogr c sd hhof f th ckald s hth to h s te s ve 25 tro lionhightshere s ve>>5 trlion >>5 5 tronhtllire. >>hat illtr leaons y whi >>t lea y w75billn. indstan bouske mell r an an bamplke >> whaveoanye roanam i pl vern nt t wtvey aret creang js ll hey rne t doinisret reateag g jvernnt y jobsin amercansre sk othat. grn they antome ebs erns s oho wl stath up a sayeyteiste wareoing w tout t staze o a spayendi w st ar weoingoutng the sizto of t s o esepdi w arramsng o it inghe toeiznybof tha e stds up aaymshis s at g to boing ha be pnful stou u aisigh a
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want o g eo piderul tm to spec ygh be tternt belie it'er t mrd.o ec yeereliet' texas the . as t tashe legofas leslate we ceg spendg for le atthewe cirstime pencndor wld war ii.e opleaid stee orldil com ton w w d.. le d u hald to veom es enttoho s the crago sta uhao a saestht fut e of thhis cagta u a sa cutntryof demass whave lepending goinon a i wil cory ma wveeat. thenng purse o f ain a oil this i. he tout aur oca a bk ohi twork to i crea to a b trkobs.o no que ioean aut iou hes. e stueng rord a c iatinobs he 40 erce of l ofsthe n rd cbsin in easts fr yes re 40 ce f theof sta n f exan talk fye abt he thta in yrxa first k b tcommcial let'thtaken yrloo >> apresenti it w lmmal t'ke cree 2o a esd a ntlf i wlre2 a illio newbs. i kn somhingbout iioewth.. >> overknromngut hershat idon'th >> unerrsta abo tert in' 2 and half unta mboli t bs. 2 ana ha d millfon js is m li terrle.. atou dn'anbeha nrly engh il j isr rr. t ' nyn fir
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st f r yes of a t minirati. weouldirough f nyedof a niti weldgh n 6 lli jo ifn th fst ourearto ayve w6 hi jofopulthion f t rr grth. 2 nd aalf w mlionobsheuln unemoyme ratgrwoul. 2 af mons emmeatul incrse. mmy ctera cr. y 1million r milln jo in eirstyear >> wn 1lln ll we joven lsttar 2 a w a lfilli job ine ts a liobn t counyhe's athertate isreat un ami aionerobs r te pe le t s that'sat not enou. ami on s y jo pe t st ths pa'sicuotr poi ouin te touivtpa conunsoi o th t s. eric tivpeonle thveou a go od icexmp. aoexmp brginghe mey fm brng offsres m 2erct imylan th wil cre efss acrdinc ila thilreeo c thinameran cmberf coerce thatillring ther cercoce 60 atlnglln. we he to giv america the nfidce tlly argoin o be hto iv ab to epme mcae ofhe wha idhey t ar in rkbe f abo nd mof theha regatns yat a s fanglg he busesseg
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all a b sksglg wld dodgeus l fraco b m ma car w dgepenng tt isra ma gointo gare then congfide tnceis t b kr in gthtier. on >>dee 2 t and hal kr milon js doert ev kee p>>e wh 2ndheal polatiil gro jh. do ev ouee p uemp wymtate wld po tiincrrose uer ts ou umpymgoal.te i wdon' bievehat forcr u t minu. go th. is in'bsol belvet false or i th amsicanwilletolel fse i . amackanll to rk. e weoingoakeko sk.e cam wed sait'sngo goie t cate s ca sa'soi c e .5 mlionobs thou-- w woulbe hvingheam conv sati m thaonss nou w ul hng alisc. i ll tlou nvti onhae thg nou ve t s is plan a i tnthchceou put tla a amicanwhertheynowch the areutetti paiamanerey iwnme the one a pocardhey tieai goio ive t then kinofuthey e poing rd havy aoianced b getthinuty amg dmenavto thaed bnitetstat nstitionn fo ur yamearenthey thll g bkte tat rk. tion mafactoing ybsarey ill com g b tck tthis. mauntrctg e id thalom i a goin tto lis tr oplealk is p nidha do a f thin l se of jus lek h pino f th s o jus a inte hectu disssiois n rrec i kn whahapped.
9:19 pm
a in tas tetuis we iove s nn i ndec knha amerppans .eyi forin te s pr iidenhat ers ueryiandsor crea ago pren eironment whet job uerds ea crgotorsnow ey c r ekonnthe obtheiapilnd hav rern ocrrsw c invement theyeiill i cateave o bs a lot o venteythel m. >>ha c deyou thi f a otesid ot e >> duhi ama' pla id to pul alu.s. topsa'lao out oul ir alys. e en of te s o oyear r>> a tim as enf wore ahenifimm of r cocotrydes-c. a reilff n thnid stes a focoe.y i amilth st ao c amnderin-cief 20 plus tusad tesatiol cardreroops-cef0 lusoan tsao thte io fel ral ove mend opsa rular lan th bas. th ideafehatle aen o rar commder- -chiba wou sta th ea uptnd s anal to e mmr-hiouta upny s al te ctainf whico e ar gog toullur t ops ut cin h thk isar gotol resnsie. ts talkg toour this cmands in sthe sieldndou nlkeedto to r c wonding sthn e d ndo wog txper who dersnd wt's ing t. er we nhoeedo fis our m sionrs i ws g aq a weafgh nisedn.o f uur b mteron b iieve i wt o a gh kidsom as sooas br we bnve a o
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dsfe bomsoo t ge en ahat sgnal th we e boingo pu them g t t is sal reay b the pungblicpu pmicy and reis iortaeantly it' b puuing icriv in py d italyt'jeopdy >>pug iv i iboth iqndopfghast thpresen i sath iqhere he got behast lithmies toare h t eimioow lg spenduilng tho oer lg naons d th e arensoany l obleho herat omnas th>> haring eny converatio wit le yoer genels whom you hink hg aeut whacoerhisioit presyoent s de hne iredwhounk anha s geral est d hecau heidn' liked at ty sa gelbout e n'dn'tik lten o o er tsaenera ut ontherm. 'tissu. l enfrom oyerscrave he on haser lostsu hi omsc h stadinasfromheos andpnt ofhieing a cmandta-in-niefom and avindpg a ideofng whas goi cndn-f on. d 's mining ade mtashat arehaoi . m puging r kids mtatre pug ks tt aren t ere. ture isesre dling wh mile e st re. s ut reshi dngity w wi our mi suthity wiurliesuing allf at in jpardesecse ofug thill in unveri -- i jhoulrd s thi ohi waringr aless unri-pproh ioul s
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9:22 pm
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9:23 pm
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9:24 pm
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9:25 pm
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9:26 pm
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9:27 pm
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9:28 pm
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9:31 pm
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9:32 pm
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9:33 pm
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9:34 pm
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9:35 pm
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9:38 pm
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9:42 pm
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9:45 pm
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9:46 pm
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9:47 pm
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9:48 pm
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9:49 pm
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9:50 pm
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9:53 pm
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9:54 pm
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9:55 pm
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9:56 pm
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9:59 pm
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