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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  October 30, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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ok. d ra thind, endes lo ushahim,n ok t thddelo a hwohisecot te by lawoslhie. co tey sl willever f witmy berabasend tt's a ant lli've f git ra se tleft ith k. ve and if cft hav omeun a ndf c h gos ncyom a os ncy pe. oh! h! way tooscary. ayd she thi she's the qscueenar d aheway, she'shiot shequeehe qen ay, s 's i t king. qu i g it iki. i'll be a g ng ll ang ititsike a itov ik a if replins keep votg own ov ide i'm oifli tnso kp v foe he mn owden'm theiroi thrts foe awaowy. he if cgres t wonass mys lan, a'm goi ng to ces bonasss tyms n,'moi an texetivem actanon te pvefect. inct pct. rack ♪♪ >> tonht huckckabees
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♪ eu♪pe t ri t>> bonaihtut ohuab as fieuia t ricollap bs itoo o la a f or a mericallapitoo lao oi fth ari sa ecomic ss disathst? sacoc eopean di eeaem peterchf areemotfr t t i pfike re itis t >> a tnd wt aice wld y ik givebam it >> ins ad>> a of ae w y vem c ihanging th les lici cllng og bama has s ci ne is make it llwo orkma. a he oneba imas jakobe plawonk he ofailre. j >> a p ♪n♪ il. a ♪ > he' sng out sholl crs amer hica. s ng aut no s cnt superst arer a. tobyeia oc the c hntouse upth tsthe veor. byoche hlads and nt leme tn, gerveror mikaddntmehuabee. pplae] ikhuabee la [appuse] thank you vermuchreat ppo hae]e a of y he. nk y er wchcoato hucka be haro am the y hefox wstudios i nwco hkaew yor the ty. x tuwelldi hal iweenns jt aunewd y he c rner. and you onll halavene
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tounait unt t cer and tricor hreatavers ce y totnt or to b scar ed ic or alatyou's gote y b to edo ithk alu' g of atherlectneao ik wit candidas aer botcth eartiedointheibest o itan da useot ieineist you o es on priism, yu saty pintegrm,it ev tirthplacty of tiringr opponts ev it no ircretpl havstrofir coictis abt i uepos ttst it o etngavroom the sanity fco ictiab ilifeueo tshe tr x. an the unlikaneyf some eofepl t wrx. lkansnlxpts about seo w p itic isxpts auautynt nely eapicnheieynt neeanhe aandidate and caidat and hen a fice aanda ald and i'mcaat sndion us ce ke a t h'm to s sveio erica'srobls anthe fo i place sved on i'sblanhee r heforce absunolic rher coabloscyol ic rforn t cdites n co her yndid es a pun ts or theediaos c odifs wnm sp wr hid agreun heia ofm spauthworhy, re buwho ve ner auall lefthe cfortthf thpres box d ce off t f ldbuo n all ft c rtmuthes an x ce bffloody f fmld personly e aagingn body
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mgame . rs lo i'v eing gnotio cmerest lo out i back obama' g jumeio c st is peence h is bac alifa'icatioju hmeis ders ndin opece the if fuatioenta h ofeconic rsin t his fugra otanf tecishrd of ra t iamhr of iam fascm an his pital sc an hls dlingith oer par. ital i do t qu tionis d ngh priotm. arthe do squceonty oisf his potm.fait ety oisfa s pce of bth r p ofexr rarrbehiors a hba ex d father and w,rreh i belsie e l ovesthod a a w,uny.el lnowes he mee both y. diffentlthane ani'm wing te m ceetinuotth te ff tl isanean'm his t cnuisu, t is e ll n b h pt othe rsalt tt ks n tt oth ie find al disttnoksble dranklyt i de an t ente ocs. s e thdpresnkocuses o tdehe tnt conflis.ctsthesoc iesnstead tf t isnfsu ands carrivero the itef iscansudatend cri >>ou'rvealair-o e mtsete ea antek.
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you>>ad y'rr chaice- l me m eetak >> rk, y hadourk. chouan ych l m et me ea k.ak >> rou'r youtadfr me >> teearickk. >>'rutf >>ckagain-- >> rk, i'm speakingain-'m r'm eapeaknging.'m youave t 30cond thway e ru worakks getg. oue 30 60ndec dsnd theth youy ruet toro g rpond 60rit.dsnd t ou and ders. r >> you t. sand- >>rsve.or wou ld you pase >> wt.ou >>ill u kp- w this s my>>ine,l hat have to ia sa >> mes your ismye,t ve h ea isant mour plod >> lk hat matters od yok at mte vor? i dot thyok th mit omney' vo? ersol fah out do bththnit iue in the amneignso fa aou inon't tuehi i t ttheamig hern a in i abaonnd tons ht hro file n ba di hfi and wrerole nt difind ngrich sreps f newry and i n'think ha tri m fhele ewry ndbachnn icrazbec sei 'tnkheha happ men toleelve in ch iazec creaheion. ppd i n't olievthatick i nt isean. i t evatk hhbi bec au ses heelies in tradion h maiaec andau i d't t nkhe aiet in tha tt ck perrys f
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maiand i immigrat tn bause a haet p s beli ev cimldgrnatho bse w och i his slite did cldn ch ll i m hht be bte drid boming ta ers therlha m taxht be take bnding i don't t hitanks er ax ropauls whky b aukese hnd ion t nts getid o roulwh bause s et o te f or jn f ohuntsm anjnnc wked fornt sm esident ama ambsador f chorn. if you 've eaiddt a bookmbsaodo t hon. if yightou thiengr he took higheo grnd. you ow t t ihtelhivere tohaigt politics ngree. ds t beu tes iel hor onlil, cs nt, tbeft oron ft decrat, publan, nsertivelibel. t out to be re ve deal. cr , blthe, que ion iserves beit outoe tak in. eue n us us rt wnak are hing getti ustterrr e ngeettyting tterwore? n i f meytnghow or mwoe?omnt ann't cst m choba ove a cst conontation, orveri oughor y i onurtaeonouorri obab gh c yan find seb tevion w i ab m cll fhed timend y cld at w i m emme y ct fldatme amerisoo od a foury to mesasted by
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aa bry t bat tu b. [alaus >> nd that' my ew.[aus > towt'ha msy yrs for thead s ysor ttitude. t coact at ke ckee nd c lick onit te. fox n ewcot t e ckee fdb cck sneson andox sign n up for my ffacdbeb s pagese a or folloign u onptw itter. my f agwell or tholsday eur nntwte llleaderth csd a e d tnoail out ad dt a r ddled toee how aiut solvent idt rdleurope. ee h myex g uest w arnelvthathet s. i headeeupe dow n t hemyex samest wneat roa i eadani hannowsn t bamtiesh oa mbf heni h europeanns b patirlshment ho two y ears a he madeureaneain wit hpant t tsewoyrs ordsde toeaorinithrish t pserime mi ster ds gor tdoorsh pmeow er or>> it' not that you're now >t'ot hat ou polozing li evebodylse,'ve g lo ng th liveindypae,e of a'vcc gepting rponsilit it'that eyou' ore accti carry inrgnsnitt'at willfully, u'arry n worsein ourwi fusiy,atn, warsonlyinpendrg wh we haatn, lt. you nnotpend our y o lyndwh e reson olr bw y u otnd r waoy out of
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btes on >> o andr petw siff in wa o oamerficanbt ne ma>>nd p he sif ssn thereaneren inesma sefl s oduc on ath he shareis i in wit th the tiuc a hhaall reet prote st erins eliithishe til et ptest wee eli hi>> hs mucdo y thi i uld y, wtld bfair ee hfouc yhime ? >>d don w'tw, b cai't tel you at. me >> onbelie in c 't>> i t like u he. s lisin iik erydy.he s >>s weha t wyld.e a >>uge ta cut forha eug i p ta cor m moha 35 >> wha d mo u tnk ha pay. > ha> d aunkpledpa >> we tse two gtled don min>>we wo tse wo nielann tonheinuthor f the elhen tewut rhooa tf o e he r tserfodo andiel sifrf i don't how nd l an sconoif ion g hro a whyanno g w craes tnk yo welme b to th show ra dael, t metart wit yot yo elcaus bi wa to askth you ow abt da, mertit w t'usgowag oonsk ioun eu pe aab howuchou thi th is rring,t'hagotg eu aowh t thiin p ndths ps rrerhag, gointo
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t te ace p the ha itedintat. elle authehe sim il edat youee a le du thinimk o pres idouent h a a respbilies au ain rolken w test a y sspli a olenppin w >> well l's startitppin ll at lap'spening i s rteupe nd wha a sit ua onheap ni thpeuropea n w ait lde ahe going thurea n ode a gng borrow o inconivle bro w1.4 trilon incdoars. n, omhom ahey goiilngdo ar to bro wn i, homir ol.oi if stoeb b hadro tl.lln if ollaebou'dad think ty' found la ou anmorehio the unpodt, what's th anreo tcoll ater? ha s who theth gar tore the ll ertimate ishe o heartorehear torse s ma s ultitelyre t tpars ofar tsesitaly, tilyn, tpagrrsce of eld a al rtug. n, cein o er wds, e ga n to el a ar the same prtple ashe o w, gato ar t dtorsameow the u atestat at'snowns aon schem d rs darhees u aat ri'ssownaenonnc sech ares the's rinoew moneyen ncre i t u . goi ngth is nohe m same rec on? i th ge's oime f youuys am turnff t roa c?
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we c seeou n tths ea fr ous vi mror yrn t'reoaot nrly cee tarea dow t r dr ye e nrly re. arow t thsameasicrobl ande pet schiff s beal ng . th meboutic, thblnd y're onetsuchmingf bealng utth mo a mone witngutny mmenra incre aases initny en iodureioes and at'ss uiorue t d 's eure. >>nd per l me g tohe t ur qutio of >>ad pni lraetion w mu resnsibity quo otheyf w rorni trati polies a muesiby re leyng calam tties t pt a danias j realie tt desib. da j qui a b. wishe ha stanley a d a membui o bf co ressshha we sounl e a im mbcosse on thisidofhe n tlan he pridenobam inhered bad ha, t han played prt enam i er orlynd aot o fdple n h ngrela nowdre the s ly aot ofe n pe ople w reeow t congres duperilehe eire c dgrecend that 's wdun t p eblirs wee de creaed. atwe b wle twp tblwousing bube ea . over erio bof mep tou be dideha wh eeerp money io fr tedaleser , we did ihtee miteyh gua rafreed edal ermweortges fm f ddie and i it fanua tg ffie a bndh part ies e an colis aom bish srt i nhe
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cos is b savio steaof cngin he fled pociesrom e buhbio ea cin fle d ad poesm bustrahon, l oba ha gones exnd tm anmake th worad. >>ra, obhae tneo keexep tanhkef y thor >> ere,he wee tomkee ck y wll e,conhenue t dcuion aboom e ck what takg pllle n thon tunit sta ds ancuare io n bo heedown tatheak sample phsth euroit andtahat anoee tha mhenow tame hor t perso orondheret tn t wasohi at me are sayg ho doeshis affect ? wahit aay hooe s♪♪hi sff ? ♪♪ onetwo,hreefour♪ ♪ y say♪ neo,eeur♪ ♪lip oveand play♪ yay♪ ♪p e'llveake d erytayng o♪y ♪ ♪lle yt o♪ w♪k to therhe rht w ♪ wtoer r♪ w do,♪o, d do ♪ ♪o, d o we a buiing webse by oselv. [ won anunci ] ther s an aasieuiway.g bs olv crea ur o smawo-busaness cite.. eraniey. wi int t weeaites omauss .. chse atylecustize, puish d gefoun.. wintwees ch aleste,puh geun fr jus$7.9a moh. gea 30ay fe trl... frus.9mo ge30 ftr.. ntco
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i'm ur bnd st. [ ummi ]m b sd myob ieasy [ mi hie bithin. my isy youe gohi...biin [ crh ]ugo. lauing screing cr] aug re g tirescreh ] andf yonameyour own ice carnsurce rere]dyomeurn e arur yocoulbe ping for is yrsel youl pgr yel soet astat yououldave ney and betr prsoecte a atfr maym li me.ulde yd etprte fray li[ ] sh les getore, ke e ca to anllste ]shesete, e caoanstag
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hats vd y dtrife ficult tos t fi vea d aifndcu fir tmso a lu d t t hireae aeoir and adon't nt put peopl e tn h eoe a b in tt imehe peo nght note a bleeo dro inn time the d times. tot abl othe d's aup swgn eupe e d tis. th take he p nsw tnhe eweupe e sff is n t slgisherevel sff s structal u slisnempymenand heat'shat ev shoeluld be tackrung itead ufherampzyen d ea's yout hoarulbe sndin ck iad mof aheramore reatou the snd mo a momisteshe stes thale tth clenin tth lami. nee to bcllibeenllizing d reruurin mi ster euroee is bolbepsizing g as aur perincent agef werldros g gros asse pnte aods d ther nt exaordaryf tngld is tt os p e s govthnmen o exllrdhey e tng ist un ed sovtes,en still he e puuing the p ic t ha s s, brou st usll t i n pung theicir t plaouceusmoreoney i tryinghe to laflate reeon beybl tein ainnd at giblng tatnt moreha an and es tha gi made himatnt sicore ithe irst plac >> padereim s you'v said he sstac p ingorting job ysthe sd s itedtatediffult crte tm beoruse ce yti js
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creaete theou j t edabtet fft craren t ablbee y t o etea t them got ab en blndea t wh cdion ha saideanobwh creion fon hayou youaidn buses he in c f the s. u howou hdit tus he crte he as.ow jobd adit h hard i crit job get rdid o hfar adob that g r y neeto bobe rede hat i'vbeeay g hay for nee b yea, deybe i 'vee coughaoray i ea e anngli accent. ou i li t w n soliunddac nt mili fronibu he's sond dght. that whe jobmicomerofre' i'm t.ployer . atheobme i emoy aotf ppl and m kplwerirnd h owem a difficu pltpl its to hir eokplwnd hnd dficu how itto heo pense the govndnmtes it, i nsnothovtes t, lotf all busiss oers donying ey nootvof alir si opeos e,o nnyinec ty on 'ty n wantirelp. they oesneo wan the ty liabitie thebligion ntp. ruleeyandsnanulheio nd ab iexehesig ton go along wit h led hiriio pendle so, we im g c aanng f wep rith eabor ma, rketes, lel cheep pl inth abelor maetll siplss t oree jbs wthou t hang tss w try tohare th eoingj to s
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ow ouha tfine f t diaha ose a the ng we te gong to g ne fiae lwe gor to jo. >>et'salk out re latn, as e' jo >>'scturk g tht s ntrendats lo ingurthimaritie nt ndbetwn wh is l ad in ppeniminar i eope a t'twswhs l enlld econoopmy a at'has almo on e viiniaf eno my happin gere in ammoicn vi ia anie ow minh he regulaon in e eieow m pye gula rt i eeye t calamits t tyou'fa. >>ere a cams t ca u' sta.stics >>e forcau. s hadn m o adn 10' with m36% d t 1tasithesrn eupe 36 are f th wtas econondrn taype it' %nd ie th20cot willtt'%nd i %. ndllhas wha haen%. beuse 'veee regulhaing w ha taxg a bee e centralinegg d t s tingle agestea en 'v en d ng tat sglestea ting 'v por fm the nationattates anpod f tatennatg, and taktas an ayen tat acompet itn. t e ma concostraetints
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care is ro e ienveventn th th nfirshaplac iltsh heam rcasos nen n thatolle tuiti srsreacohe rso expsi atleve ui beuse se gornme getin ere dubdi xpit. ve bee gome et efore gov ere ent waubsdi. iolved,ealtcareas f ore ovle ewaxpsi aorei d,lt re fcessible toor e pele e. or i w im b ug htss marletpele oris ba w ihe b hugltart ce, we w ould he bai lt comtiti fc w wcan w lde separate h iuran fro omti empfymen whichs t pa tensequencf i oan troax mpcoench t eo e weqenchoppfg o tax arou , annot,oukn e w pp in health nsouanan at, p-pai eamecahan w aould p aihaveuch owereah ca sts,caut iteadfld ting a ve h fere mareakeca appach e' s, iad st gng t a gethe f mar gove arnnt en moe' invved, e're g g tngeto r hea h vere emo nv cd,ts e h igrer angakeh ret c ere h expenrsiveorakmpye tote po s wha we hend een ve p yeing, we d estotroypoobs in e ndthe rocein w des aoy i me althroce ca mor apensive. >> me: ialondethr what caanorl anpetpe migiv s m idehat tanl eantdentigbamao gethe onomon t rig tra agai tn. youant nt knomai'm geine om t to igra aing hai wn.he we oucomet anom o h we me wan knw thdifrenc tweea
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bere t bre we re tag abthe iact of be tree oba ca ta andab he iacda of end obhasa ong cahadndocialid medine and h m hsg adhe oc dgove ntdiafet anetf h m he sia zed vedici ntett contributetohe eno hashd s tcih youace not ntte eno on the u.k., bu tthhaout'acs n faced onllheveru., het' eop ced ver e unn? >> w l, health care it' un? no a w safety t. eah i icatreer i no setusyt that. f i ople weroun't afforus t t he th ca hele wouldn' n' havet th troffle is is aheca w n'noly and veth tharot'le is dasmage it's nolyndaagedha our econodamy amand ou's health re me aed our eno aimmialy. h ah you meow gernments mmia . don'run things aouow geren very well n'un t wngen'ts goot stallinerwe
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11:27 pm
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11:28 pm
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11:29 pm
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11:30 pm
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11:31 pm
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11:33 pm
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11:34 pm
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11:35 pm
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11:36 pm
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11:37 pm
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11:38 pm
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11:39 pm
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11:40 pm
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11:41 pm
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11:42 pm
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11:43 pm
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11:44 pm
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11:45 pm
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11:46 pm
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11:47 pm
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11:48 pm
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11:49 pm
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11:53 pm
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11:54 pm
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11:55 pm
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11:56 pm
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11:57 pm
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11:58 pm
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