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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 31, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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oney tan alusip e pveplreoeor i cng to fus ofy regortinrnnt c t a ftherus rfter t kre oin m aer rte roldk csume beat. w, hwork for he f staon i csunew rk aea has hrkor f a ta iw a pulr s ame lledhap sham sme. he is a am sme whondeisrful clipf i am pki wdeul maraf tert.m >> i ampe to m cafronttert. h ibout to anot cont dgeusbo ot pduct. >> pusart. >> > i p arnol a>. ante to trn about.ou r te t aut chais. tee paieo their finrs peo s her tir inour cins. ser >> she cld w m ien o but cs. wve g >heheld me roof.ut >> w p gus dowhe a the ofy >> p andow s a m tyin t gonye. >> l oodk how einy a ponencil l ow snappe e iw pociheln heap cpehair i
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cwsehehe cir ct >> joh: okay ptea w co>>me j:kay arno dia w [ coplau ] noia [ au >> jn:ou took or > j oln:doo o r j. impvedoln it.j. j cmpomved onnt. j c 3000 people lo the fgers fromarus 300 0 opccidts a ccloidenhets happen.r f om y r i id accen h mpeara's fau > ts msn't anccenau itses flaw ts yosnu'titnownenn a lng e chtsaiaw andou scyotit upownn ahe lngch des nedscpa a chair ihen uc a ayes here isa pin c pirnt isn and a re bchfeoeav pentstndhe bh f inges.ave sohe shohed beesponsible f or ge th. so >>ohn: sod besesieaver t th hug >>n:o gernmenthat ie ptectg us t bu ty didt ca gnmenat it? pctus nbu t d tnhisast?e gov nment faid. >> jnn: y agrovnment vnmt flsd.too? j y a ovnmtoumer pfduo?afy o r omssnyai.
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>> john: wesshonht i wagoingai toolvehese jrobln:s? ho mhtbe w saetes it d btotvese bl it t mesbe man i d dth beforte e t m def cc eall e stepped in cll s andppe t in do volutary rallefnde th t for anying. juso lu drysn r hlappen. >th johorny is anotusherf h ype >oh h i ot contfatns on atrto tha toocoknt pat oe'n moneytrtod haook just walkee'dmey ayeangses a us wked wrecky.ea >> can ial abouathe harges ag wain you >> hananisaloue haes aginomoupany his fomny crges deceptive f tde ces dep praices invvingde a ozranv ng omeowner syi athey left his oz hoesn eoeryi ueynliblfteisondition hos nand oweslibl ton atilmost aad ndllnwesollars canou t alosett isad happingla no, ir. an t donl youave is a pp ng sponsilit o,. you ondidou navisehom and y onsit n' rebu uidld tm?om nd >>o cment > what doebuie no comnt>>. cme at a > the wy t supped toe do? n c
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u ahe thempp titut plao?ce t ve . u you hestromdut tlase pop. u ro you t hsee elings abot?. ue in a >>llight? g this sff yea ig g yself.his yea 'sse fu elhat case them dn anse liciet. idould argue ttliie eouugldrgt nsumer repters eughereill erep rs alyshe contracrstheil are alyson acontrtors ing lsye j aob. trs g ince called jleticse i nctheal g it wetldicmpseve it andt dheidn' yoit s way w hveav ie ttoave ndn' cen ng?yo s in thi t case it held. n? fi of ti a cllf y h ie licen go tre i afieofplan ca y t hoeic get t i hisry oneo seo ca you call up t the ancynd s hayon seo oualup ac aingy s onva cacg conruion on sohey ve aien number. c tsn't makso they mi gend, nbe butsn'them re the kicker. b e >> j tn: it k dkeoesn't sp? >>o. >> j it d
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snbuthese peopl a re>>nto.l t uthe se $ p,000pl ehnd the co$r00ctor tru e fdndhch t takeso o ton hacotorru theyut ud fho ke lenng f tha d s sey u fo adehenou areng f ried ff d bysn adehenre unlicsed riedff byn nl ctct. ifouet ct rct b aif uicen you are rb out. uen jn: do y ahe getut mp jenn:ted? do yea theet got $1000. mpend? in my c esea thehe putpot a$1 00hundred tsand o mr mese.heutp nddeand or was somet mhie.. t s asi wouldrghe w set linsg s dasiou rlly svehe a purse .lins in p dncip igree s wveh yo a ost urse t pipee wyo c ns ert -- joh cer itnut mt fhi s stuohsner w iork.n ve hem licensi lhiawstusn wrk. he d loesnen'taw it kepood ntraorsut i d snust rultstwe hav a kd isras i r w t y ht av tso t gwe aav ais cens e is r wndyss h.av o tu ha t ao provide yr d nsis s pporha t p cviertification for or fi cerprtnts.icor it raises t cos firps. cst ct riosesfo c everydy.
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c >>ioaybe, onheerand edyt >> be , edsut teranlyd byt n ht ds guy by ifou wt a constion sine, mauye y te t w timeoon throuhe nemay stes.e t joh meou bet tteour or you e s in t uboh but t bdds costsndoru e mae toe'tubroutctt udd cnd maybe ma b i'touroctay u orl d o f mbe uicseday ctracto l oic se i not cac wor wou wao i n do home w w improvemewant joh do sta by adienmpve ohe'llsk sou questions b. ar ld 'lndlou qstns i. ar buind our bi rortin og cee onidden camerin idtheenammera rt pte pple hera f scms. ppl e eed ptectio f becauesc. p te ctonsume areec oenpid. su me you a ie b aen cpionsumer ou rert reperter bor yars i've c dsuonetories wreret eper ys t cap dnetoes w cmeti tcsame o c oapf t se ct atiscse thexpive one
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ahe it'xpsomu o betr. it whe saichamstf. t'muet wat wheaichamstf. faten fl pple in raurant bav fpl i a rraake wat ewar offrake peopl atdif rentar sames or weot she said ifntas sanhe botidtdasatut it w tpottd water ttut c w tromat er thet bacnroose. th bn os it taes like ala erit. ta l[ laughter >.> j ohn:lacokere wasorriebout > jn:ok w orosinricuesters inboep caus in blistnd tses inepi us t so ce cutiith w.ew ce. they cid lotutsitf ey tesidotsf d i listfte t testeo i refeftedes nt ceo ofe c cokespent moneyor bigokeent newon roigductnd t ew rult nroct nd ce j died.ul p npl dn'li kec tehe jie
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ontne p rt o dn' tliirke b tra w ld ttne all t o v taste tirhe by pferredtnhe b ndll v tte t tt prred b. t pacge buton't ow n cokes c gon be utvet ow y con can ke conuson aveft t c nst ce tts c csu a t are fu i tsu even a fu p iple en expss str pgpl prereeson thxp bsslin sesgt ty fl ng aregarendga t. blin no e t hasfl a hgaad. me o as h f the cand memb thi caa . >> mbhiave numbe oflaes b >> to ravep neatll t glaesave b the to rat t veresave he seerein > and yet a tte afteret tte t>>te a ters like br. >sdesibeike d bfencr.. >> i s n ealestrong.fenc t' u ip n to teal oneon he. > t sme upshe besne he.[ lghte]
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tmeses lte joh fore dapin jrt, ohenore spranghe tru , d eecte s aangraheti tceaction rar el eec gotne.rati heeact is ar got. pica action when is th td t man a fourti w nglass eldth the t s mam a f wiasd t >>hat s would i si wod be haar wdld i beliee. boausebehey delo tteif rebnt.sey it'the d samtein [ laifhterre. t'e se laer > jn:hatasypal reaiol > t timhaas popleeval sai ea, ge t, imi pleevai guess, , iue i'm ptentious. iteverap ne'm p teereioon mor exa thitne e ot m e th sanneomers she was s anintduci aewomrshepeum w >>ou elntlci me whaewtou think kay? >> el itl wou n t y? it ral n flowery. ou'lliket.lory. er is
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'lket. lenr is inr tre. >> joh it inas just aua tre . ater joht yethi jan s aua m er him et hgry. s othe mr saidim i hy. sed like he sd on aeweo g an. i eweo g rig. [ ughr ] r [ h] y caid me. >> >>ohn: wre joid by ca t me. >> hnhost of joid c stf camer peteram fut. et if the consumer is fu fis toneris buyerewe. they shod bu beraryha the he encnter in tartplace.ary i took wer f roncerakne mganartpac and p it toi btlke wer fnd m gaentied it orct plyt ttl supear t. td i toitctly people ts pear isak eto pple
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mshiwate iut ws pt in mte ne bottle w nd n a ne tt 1 n a ppou t. 1 lauger ] a johpoou pple a um b enouugh ] t ooho b puplebottle wat fumorb a louh t monoey tha i nott w beer.or l what?on hais i toole of g ovbeer.ent to t? otectheseo e i fm the oir wn t ectuesditye f the le me atudi le te audience t udnce > jn:ha i s my kd > jfn:ha md fdien. >> say personalyn i en ge in>> on s an airline psoy wn ant a gegu fnrom a aovaiinmeent wan w asre e tham tha plane w isn good tonhadititon.ane in oer wds, thi vern nt hodonti. a o w, hi rn h re. >> joh y't tnk t rline wh rich h o jwn ps t a tnd inwhh h o pigs a aendants w ld t ry a ards a tennts gerenth wat t the lanerds tasaf er>> ien wthh tth were tr. ne bet in s iash itth we trs.
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b notas it inttiayut what ot if i theyayre cuutin w cner ey>> jn: theycu hennderer gov n jntn:roheteion,oo? nd theruestn w can't answe rovnro tewhin,?ay ould hest w work c't bte arwer or hild ork bter think hihen it comes - that is iwhatt meat. c es'm withatou john. at m 'm w you a t w wio jn. i w auess wauot som eaerue fromaueotomea mhi for yoo e ohhi irewro yunod lak oh miiga a i le t w iaterrew therun l now m ormiga lurt wer ertupi dow mconsers.ur tupid nss. gettg yo busess om pnt to pnt ban btric. metis wh youeed isxtraorki cap alttyouss p p b b icoreasi opttins.whoudisrakiap
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and oneorf thsitop-ptnked. sml bunessende reons n ma thjoury ea.d nethp-edsmbussde sere so s t's malk. thurea seo s . two diumappuinos t'show m wh a bakfa wi whograifibecan .o umpuos 'sw whone boffefawith oom,wi hoone airge becha n tte. meum mchia, lit t chneolatfeholdthhe wm,p,e e a e. me miali ch atald two wspreos makene aoubl e's ll a foced! aworeke a bl barta ] havtwo s ppuc anos,ocne c!fee th om, e lae moa lae, ar ]avo ucs, ca e dium acchto, , lighla moholachocate,old e wh a umd twchespr, sos,gh one hoth aocouble,shotd wh heh thas no thcofftw talprng.s,e ablot [ emalannocer starhyourhaay wnoh ke ogg'th ff alfros.d mi-whes ceal. [ alnor arur wke g' the layoss ofmiholeheraince .fibehelpeep u fu eayoflein be lp sop ou cfu avo thdistctio mimorng hu cvo thst thioks i'm od. mirnhu. thm .
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orni wo fsadls tu. orasdst tasst gringart tood b igrgt oo tsay bi t m ore eenve fsads and t m e eironntal een fiely a oducts are s eon aal con me odtsrere sid to buy this on meuff? s t yohis k f? spis yo a song world but at shepi samse tehey rldt athe sam eareeteti themselheseied a around yrehe ne.hemsseied a aeveyonendts n te. stay ahead of ve ne t tndttay ergheic of wt t y mn yourgon'ictse wt m r uble shoppn'in ag so a l rtlebl b spp of gui. so a >>oh wt is w bngith orgac?>> wt i sosit mre but p lega sc? it o tstes bter?ut >> ppl se i m s t br? t> t paspls ette s 's tlabo t effecst te i thouldlaboectasting b ieer a ul dthey p me f it.asti be whaiold l e teyoee. me ft. haio lman teo is t thg irg icn.e t t
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h ghatshegrowrgic i. >>oh it's rown ts whhegr i sy ihes wnerlize nisys natuerlil but'outhe ws nabu the w c mure. andtheoo setyss cs yo mveur nd higroo sety likihooyod ome h r prducts lting f contanati. prct s tt isng fotoaynyin gco itati. uafe.t is iat aolay tnyin sgff. iu done.'tant c reatie aat aanic. i on t se cate tic.ctl healt h t beefits a t neglilble teao bitsero n eg john: t sdi hav beenon er ovo and o rohga. s di in hacttwnearsgo v a the riti intootwdrs sgotandarhegenc ti whi is looikeur sndge fda hi tikur said th f no perceivd hai thbenefs. n tho is at t pce uda did ef th s it t saysa d usda oan icit tt is sys no ut a healtcprm. tt nothatt consieaed aarm.ketg prram. ha c aetgprm. >> jn: is not br. >> ihas goo jrketn:ing. i n
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thatr.s aut a ll ihes g tetg. at a itut a >>ohn:et'so on tage fitegg n:'s o did tveagn kno they fxistedgg t id k cckheenys wxiedk aud fr. c ck weenve a ros wr doe't h u frook. hpy .we a r doe ok nd hpi birds wld lay piir healldy e lgg >> i sehe r eral e is i s happyer bause hisapotbsegg layg.ot >>ohn:agg free ctsor > i ty costs >>n:ignifica fnte mo i $6ostsignicamonce saw. 6 t proem is thencctsa alth t ronefiemtssre zo. t ct e a eth a fissues when zo.t com e t a cethafreesss ent >> jn:rmal t brdsregg amm >> in: >> a they tins to m inease ihe sef ces a theyndin t worngit hinse se a cnimaesl welfnd oplre tfiguit out wha t amal righlf way . pl pt ofgu reautsoha weave anghals y small pofeae " anthels cetmater b ntlled " d ep hextetnater ed pathogen o
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ut .d ep thenaeason thepaogut h oens i hen eeaon t ousesuto hoxes don'teten tm se as theyo donoxeset't thaisar t oaf iheyon >>etn: dea'sove l ochaal o ioo. n: l's 'm hea lnghat . isin to ha the trtan betr fo us? is >>urto e rt et forbs?on credi all >ur tha rbonredi ill don go to dinrar we d ot tohi allt drar t w f ar r's tll trket t you thinkoure hping the et enronment ouhire h 2nghe pounds oenfen vetaes a punrove ve0 aro mes. >>ohn:t's0 srt tn 300 mes tho sand> miln:?t' >> i ta farmer ihosnd mil t ickinfaern i coup tleckuned pounds. y see howt w .upuned pnd u ow yeeow make w it feel g maout themselve itndeel ges g emsees to tkhevend aut ohn: and emse loals g y aut som hing n: talndabou l anoter g i y natal f omhangt ialou sup iootat fha isot a upio new saes
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ot a pitewsa. p thyavco. out wh nur th co rat outison [ lahterh raon laer >>oh il you rat rea yoh ou careat? ry re turafood isn betr? >>ore an 30% o t he urarooddusnet th >>e 3me0%wo tears agrodu thadeae rd nadatural in fn o iet. wo nur fornonmen ou a look theor a lking at t thi lngok o juitcehe d ulng don't t hav tehi are jrenc foone d t hey au dri'tavde therere sa. foe the a itri whe on sa the fnt it the pakagee say nheuralnd page other ee s says nur juind yheou moray s kelyo bu j it. m r >> john: helyo enr for consu r>>oh reed.r xt fweho c ourguest seds the re ho good, ouue bust t fir trade coffee gd, d but brauyg cfee amricanhi dvebo loves bis supidg
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♪ioe n s♪ ( ughi ) it'sctuay a ettyood day enouonsir. that gre. ( hi 'suaa tydy ousi atre
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>> jn: teeds ttan he put a ri jns tack the t wor heutns ac dehe ormeric
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>>ohn:hat s anede sawyemeic >> n:stats hoer of saw myormer emaoyeho oi'mf g morr n' t emrkye m there g. lahter >> jn:ut toi tntre teyer e laer shi is ha>>t it would t hpoi amerans t is i j wobldsp nl er is f ly eopl joboughhis mad in amica snds rig ht t o pllegh.hi m amecaonomis sndig t say ist'ssay nsee. i wouldreeobs? nsee. >> nt o nliou dldse did h ndtson o s t' nonsensend t rsod iso on seeshould rso bhi tha t aou chperhahale us chr buy me us this suythe americanset hi moreobthmeca or hyobsn i avey ama sn en y ot b mntgomy ot abamatg y joh you woutet v ama oh ougoodtu wff ftmontgery v abam odtue histomryon otgy manki nd iams ncreeasin htoisioofanabord.
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that div isio nre of laboriooesabor acss ativationan loroeoundies. ac johhatnareat wlthoundie and oh jobha in a wlth sil a i i sobair a tre coffee. staisuch moreoney tr c feheel i b uy tsuc ahmore ey oing g d.e b shoulsd e am thi it h ang gd. w sul d eeling t insid a > wha w y aoing i s li esntinsal payg a > hhaheroi ng iicse f s omesethitialay tthe isne f shit learigher q iuality. >>ohn: but someby i n a arhe qua ptyr >>counn:y utom gtiy i a paid me.r un by e wti pugde part t premm iy seen bugear th em en buaucra m tost hof ioe't goo the buucarr. mt betoete'tr to hgoel thoarr. et fa ers t i hso b whaou wld fa haseo b w bough wtld away ha, take tou away premiuyou pent, nke give t t emheiuu eonte.niv e > john: the is the b one. > ohsweshehops bne wesp. i'morree tde but 'm trade
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aninto getutheow pcera so you in guyingomng fom y tuyingng swesh.t thewe n inimpoant tds el. > sat shopsimpoanthel. > c shiatn sps ork. fre tde they c synaus this k. ind redeheyaus is sufferi. d >>ohn: yet y st sfe do n'>>t?n:ye t no,n fac tthe a better do o tak ing o, tse js. f t the b aterewcases wheoakgplese js. wking he those pseceshe arepl w skveg aha tse i s >>ha j wn:. slary is w ro>>?n: >> slave isron bu the w?ast >> la majoriro is bu p tpleashoting t jori over i aertive? >> s. er atertipee?ople dohe mista eric ns worheypeouleldo nver isworkn awesh icorynd ere rerk t aheeopl shoun't. nob e i thepl offeng ou tt.mre carob. ey a stu in tfesengm counies. rey a choing atu in theest ouns. aho ngbadptns. t wht yakeway d bestf
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whak waoptyns ty arwors boff.f >> john: tyave onept that tar rs uplef. times aer>> s jen: senarsy nehat america le teser s cenplaained meca. cplned id were laidff i banglad h er tidy fndff theids wer oen bglh nro ittfn?he proition w o starvin ron th perso srv t tries toetou fired is t yso t tesrid.ou >oh reis t hitnk abouthat ne t time whe an yutre onha ne t w swea yhore campan. eahoam thes conglomeratesheer esnike cakgleres shoes the pay aheer lite ke me.hoes t ay i aave anote itne hdu mse. t i er aagetenweshop h yss shop 3. p hourhi seems l3.ut mt ho eopl the s eenesshanut $2. >> mplst of teesha pn peo $ we in m ago of risuture.eo ta awut iwegoat, uorree ne tawe about bettere orairer ouet tde. o johrn:aire some f merdeshat oh rk in t s f aha idu
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ry amn t up wh a thi wh t aouent - blic serviceen icervic anunme.anun me>> 't knowhen. > he't knowh g -- where deethem. oaut w y doue onlety likem. foign rs? oaut nlli fon ? >> iea wch in>>ou. w ch pen that driveorgn ouar hav e creenhahat d driorvegn reig cars h[ lavhtere d igrs laer >> john: iat eve me >> ohpau ihe gooks like m e lauter au gooks l >> john: ihi t areau notr justvil ople jn: t threot reayelie t heyst evil ople serthngme rri.yel ie >>'m ny say gehey a el. i hiernkng tmeheri a re>> nayghe a e justnk the a tustnking mtaken. e pnt i c teroinmg a mfamikey thn. has pntwo for ieignears oth mmieth iasjapan pwobaorblgnrs he mai pba re b
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utma by jap ane coanie bs. we t to et theape bt d co wie n. to t we agettin a digheruaty from japan and att thatreuaty oomap ndincepha stpend on reher oings ncep snd o deroit iot ed gs cpe re de it joh i and droit gedot ter cpe caus of tret ohnd c drotiton.t anusd the mey thation. gsree u and gh t create j s aret home? >> that 'sreighte a andherere he? more >>eaatlth.'sht > jn: t hankndou dreidreore eaandeh.son. j next tnk con dmersido fl f a den. lotf fxtads but cn wharsto f s auld otamerfa do f aadbouts thautt?hat er'll debe authaha nt. ap pl auselehat apse yocoulsave bune wi geo's lti-licyiscot. youlveunwi ges i-cyco ico,avinpeop mon on morehan st c insance o,inoponnren cns ce ♪♪♪
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12:35 am
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12:36 am
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12:37 am
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12:38 am
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12:39 am
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12:40 am
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12:41 am
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12:45 am
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12:46 am
i wasn't et tieut there.. >i just wn't waseohe for >ust pelwaranic foodeo f tid peric f pticideid a pci hmo injct tot? >> imoyou w it to vo i ou estides rounup tidells ignificantou lesn pesices et pnieoplent sgeesste t ps pple temeh t evil. th hsavinventomhing o hl. redu themo t othfavesvecihi ng tt wese du he y it'the o same peopleseci that twese ayuet' ienamaveeoe tha organic and a tr ingn to se the earth. oan ait a mutnd you a retr cg tt sherth. in t th mut sor y atrge situation th ere sisagregeeg suaon wiethisreeg yourlwi. > ur d r. itn atelts rn at ovrnelmentts mandatese belts i cars. nt m wian n tecbeolltysndow i cs. afrwds wi n t dth wndithow hig afrw sedar dcciden w wtp as a h s rest. en >>ohn:thereps a a ede wha s cle des
12:47 am
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12:48 am
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12:49 am
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12:53 am
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12:54 am
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12:55 am
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12:56 am
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