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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  October 31, 2011 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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delas. at'sow foxeports ohi la 'sow forts saurday nigh i'marrisfane sadaucghbee is mrixs. >> neefa aneuc gbeoo x ctu me>> n for e galwe ctuor hi hse ealwe hse par itas tsend mesge a stro meag ar politl n tndbees aret go. i nero to ho 'm a tr aighol nt be re goeran w car boneo t ahetrgh op a war canlso f t mess te'rehe in aan lslet'o t ssre seei ult'g a abeg linln. o don't ke hones in dot abe, h th uimateredent a phapsabne o f e u gimatesent a amic peverpsnd he' fm oe gat amer hllinoim likme. inoi ik . nooo d. iou g onooo r onal irean ron heyrean hhadhe reaga d ocraeyts, must haveean
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ok. d ra thind, endes lo ushahim,n ok t thddelo a hwohisecot te by lawoslhie. co tey sl willever f witmy berabasend tt's a ant lli've f git ra se tleft ith k. ve and if cft hav omeun a ndf c h gos ncyom a os ncy pe. oh! h! way tooscary. ayd she thi she's the qscueenar d aheway, she'shiot shequeehe qen ay, s 's i t king. qu i g it iki. i'll be a g ng ll ang ititsike a itov ik a if replins keep votg own ov ide i'm oifli tnso kp v foe he mn owden'm theiroi thrts foe awaowy. he if cgres t wonass mys lan, a'm goi ng to ces bonasss tyms n,'moi an texetivem actanon te pvefect. inct pct. rack ♪♪ >> tonht huckckabees
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♪ eu♪pe t ri t>> bonaihtut ohuab as fieuia t ricollap bs itoo o la a f or a mericallapitoo lao oi fth ari sa ecomic ss disathst? sacoc eopean di eeaem peterchf areemotfr t t i pfike re itis t >> a tnd wt aice wld y ik givebam it >> ins ad>> a of ae w y vem c ihanging th les lici cllng og bama has s ci ne is make it llwo orkma. a he oneba imas jakobe plawonk he ofailre. j >> a p ♪n♪ il. a ♪ > he' sng out sholl crs amer hica. s ng aut no s cnt superst arer a. tobyeia oc the c hntouse upth tsthe veor. byoche hlads and nt leme tn, gerveror mikaddntmehuabee. pplae] ikhuabee la [appuse] thank you vermuchreat ppo hae]e a of y he. nk y er wchcoato hucka be haro am the y hefox wstudios i nwco hkaew yor the ty. x tuwelldi hal iweenns jt aunewd y he c rner. and you onll halavene tounait unt t
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cer and tricor hreatavers ce y totnt or to b scar ed ic or alatyou's gote y b to edo ithk alu' g of atherlectneao ik wit candidas aer botcth eartiedointheibest o itan da useot ieineist you o es on priism, yu saty pintegrm,it ev tirthplacty of tiringr opponts ev it no ircretpl havstrofir coictis abt i uepos ttst it o etngavroom the sanity fco ictiab ilifeueo tshe tr x. an the unlikaneyf some eofepl t wrx. lkansnlxpts about seo w p itic isxpts auautynt nely eapicnheieynt neeanhe aandidate and caidat and hen a fice aanda ald and i'mcaat sndion us ce ke a t h'm to s sveio erica'srobls anthe fo i place sved on i'sblanhee r heforce absunolic rher coabloscyol ic rforn t cdites n co her yndid es a pun ts or theediaos c odifs wnm sp wr hid agreun heia ofm spauthworhy, re buwho ve ner auall lefthe cfortthf thpres box d ce off t f ldbuo n all ft c rtmuthes an x ce bffloody f fmld personly e aagingn body
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mgame . rs lo i'v eing gnotio cmerest lo out i back obama' g jumeio c st is peence h is bac alifa'icatioju hmeis ders ndin opece the if fuatioenta h ofeconic rsin t his fugra otanf tecishrd of ra t iamhr of iam fascm an his pital sc an hls dlingith oer par. ital i do t qu tionis d ngh priotm. arthe do squceonty oisf his potm.fait ety oisfa s pce of bth r p ofexr rarrbehiors a hba ex d father and w,rreh i belsie e l ovesthod a a w,uny.el lnowes he mee both y. diffentlthane ani'm wing te m ceetinuotth te ff tl isanean'm his t cnuisu, t is e ll n b h pt othe rsalt tt ks n tt oth ie find al disttnoksble dranklyt i de an t ente ocs. s e thdpresnkocuses o tdehe tnt conflis.ctsthesoc iesnstead tf t isnfsu ands carrivero the itef iscansudatend cri >>ou'rvealair-o e mtsete ea antek. you>>ad y'rr chaice- l me
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m eetak >> rk, y hadourk. chouan ych l m et me ea k.ak >> rou'r youtadfr me >> teearickk. >>'rutf >>ckagain-- >> rk, i'm speakingain-'m r'm eapeaknging.'m youave t 30cond thway e ru worakks getg. oue 30 60ndec dsnd theth youy ruet toro g rpond 60rit.dsnd t ou and ders. r >> you t. sand- >>rsve.or wou ld you pase >> wt.ou >>ill u kp- w this s my>>ine,l hat have to ia sa >> mes your ismye,t ve h ea isant mour plod >> lk hat matters od yok at mte vor? i dot thyok th mit omney' vo? ersol fah out do bththnit iue in the amneignso fa aou inon't tuehi i t ttheamig hern a in i abaonnd tons ht hro file n ba di hfi and wrerole nt difind ngrich sreps f newry and i n'think ha tri m fhele ewry ndbachnn icrazbec sei 'tnkheha happ men toleelve in ch iazec creaheion. ppd i n't olievthatick i nt isean. i t evatk hhbi bec au ses heelies in tradion h maiaec andau i d't t nkhe aiet in tha tt ck perrys f maiand
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i immigrat tn bause a haet p s beli ev cimldgrnatho bse w och i his slite did cldn ch ll i m hht be bte drid boming ta ers therlha m taxht be take bnding i don't t hitanks er ax ropauls whky b aukese hnd ion t nts getid o roulwh bause s et o te f or jn f ohuntsm anjnnc wked fornt sm esident ama ambsador f chorn. if you 've eaiddt a bookmbsaodo t hon. if yightou thiengr he took higheo grnd. you ow t t ihtelhivere tohaigt politics ngree. ds t beu tes iel hor onlil, cs nt, tbeft oron ft decrat, publan, nsertivelibel. t out to be re ve deal. cr , blthe, que ion iserves beit outoe tak in. eue n us us rt wnak are hing getti ustterrr e ngeettyting tterwore? n i f meytnghow or mwoe?omnt ann't cst m choba ove a cst conontation, orveri oughor y i onurtaeonouorri obab gh c yan find seb tevion w i ab m cll fhed timend y cld at w i m emme y ct fldatme amerisoo od a foury to mesasted by
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aa bry t bat tu b. [alaus >> nd that' my ew.[aus > towt'ha msy yrs for thead s ysor ttitude. t coact at ke ckee nd c lick onit te. fox n ewcot t e ckee fdb cck sneson andox sign n up for my ffacdbeb s pagese a or folloign u onptw itter. my f agwell or tholsday eur nntwte llleaderth csd a e d tnoail out ad dt a r ddled toee how aiut solvent idt rdleurope. ee h myex g uest w arnelvthathet s. i headeeupe dow n t hemyex samest wneat roa i eadani hannowsn t bamtiesh oa mbf heni h europeanns b patirlshment ho two y ears a he madeureaneain wit hpant t tsewoyrs ordsde toeaorinithrish t pserime mi ster ds gor tdoorsh pmeow er or>> it' not that you're now >t'ot hat ou polozing li evebodylse,'ve g lo ng th liveindypae,e of a'vcc gepting rponsilit it'that eyou' ore accti carry inrgnsnitt'at willfully, u'arry n worsein ourwi fusiy,atn, warsonlyinpendrg wh we haatn, lt. you nnotpend our y o lyndwh e reson olr bw y u otnd r waoy out of btes
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on >> o andr petw siff in wa o oamerficanbt ne ma>>nd p he sif ssn thereaneren inesma sefl s oduc on ath he shareis i in wit th the tiuc a hhaall reet prote st erins eliithishe til et ptest wee eli hi>> hs mucdo y thi i uld y, wtld bfair ee hfouc yhime ? >>d don w'tw, b cai't tel you at. me >> onbelie in c 't>> i t like u he. s lisin iik erydy.he s >>s weha t wyld.e a >>uge ta cut forha eug i p ta cor m moha 35 >> wha d mo u tnk ha pay. > ha> d aunkpledpa >> we tse two gtled don min>>we wo tse wo nielann tonheinuthor f the elhen tewut rhooa tf o e he r tserfodo andiel sifrf i don't how nd l an sconoif ion g hro a whyanno g w craes tnk yo welme b to th show ra dael, t metart wit yot yo elcaus bi wa to askth you ow abt da, mertit w t'usgowag oonsk ioun eu pe aab howuchou thi th is rring,t'hagotg eu aowh t thiin p ndths ps rrerhag, gointo t te ace p the ha
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itedintat. elle authehe sim il edat youee a le du thinimk o pres idouent h a a respbilies au ain rolken w test a y sspli a olenppin w >> well l's startitppin ll at lap'spening i s rteupe nd wha a sit ua onheap ni thpeuropea n w ait lde ahe going thurea n ode a gng borrow o inconivle bro w1.4 trilon incdoars. n, omhom ahey goiilngdo ar to bro wn i, homir ol.oi if stoeb b hadro tl.lln if ollaebou'dad think ty' found la ou anmorehio the unpodt, what's th anreo tcoll ater? ha s who theth gar tore the ll ertimate ishe o heartorehear torse s ma s ultitelyre t tpars ofar tsesitaly, tilyn, tpagrrsce of eld a al rtug. n, cein o er wds, e ga n to el a ar the same prtple ashe o w, gato ar t dtorsameow the u atestat at'snowns aon schem d rs darhees u aat ri'ssownaenonnc sech ares the's rinoew moneyen ncre i t u . goi ngth is nohe m same rec on? i th ge's oime f youuys am turnff t roa c? we c seeou n tths ea fr ous
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vi mror yrn t'reoaot nrly cee tarea dow t r dr ye e nrly re. arow t thsameasicrobl ande pet schiff s beal ng . th meboutic, thblnd y're onetsuchmingf bealng utth mo a mone witngutny mmenra incre aases initny en iodureioes and at'ss uiorue t d 's eure. >>nd per l me g tohe t ur qutio of >>ad pni lraetion w mu resnsibity quo otheyf w rorni trati polies a muesiby re leyng calam tties t pt a danias j realie tt desib. da j qui a b. wishe ha stanley a d a membui o bf co ressshha we sounl e a im mbcosse on thisidofhe n tlan he pridenobam inhered bad ha, t han played prt enam i er orlynd aot o fdple n h ngrela nowdre the s ly aot ofe n pe ople w reeow t congres duperilehe eire c dgrecend that 's wdun t p eblirs wee de creaed. atwe b wle twp tblwousing bube ea . over erio bof mep tou be dideha wh eeerp money io fr tedaleser , we did ihtee miteyh gua rafreed edal ermweortges fm f ddie and i it fanua tg ffie a bndh part ies e an colis aom bish srt i nhe
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cos is b savio steaof cngin he fled pociesrom e buhbio ea cin fle d ad poesm bustrahon, l oba ha gones exnd tm anmake th worad. >>ra, obhae tneo keexep tanhkef y thor >> ere,he wee tomkee ck y wll e,conhenue t dcuion aboom e ck what takg pllle n thon tunit sta ds ancuare io n bo heedown tatheak sample phsth euroit andtahat anoee tha mhenow tame hor t perso orondheret tn t wasohi at me are sayg ho doeshis affect ? wahit aay hooeshisff ?
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timend aow y to e yousalle mo jobsasteand ferme a yo ou an er bere. bsted r ca theumbeon yr e bereen.ightow. cahebe y enht. pplae) >>contuingur dcussn and wanto go rht b la >>ntng dss d nient goht bdani youave id bween ie 98 and nioue ben992 tha condi ti 8 a thentir99 europea tn uonon the s virthtualnt eopot u a the irsingalleot ng job creobat osi ofhe u. w onarthid tha c ppen of u no ew ponrivathte t ectoenobs o andew peva govnor bs eated. ec d thtrou e inanurdovr i s t. tt it' verth douifincuur to i
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t i t're teream air arereck an the ore h tm people a ret wa treock peo an oheno p thpleeooks n t he twaim te toy o mitot b athbl tooo dksp the t y e bad tis. mi b t here pp swin i n euro pe ba ee re onin i t nro e stuffs o nslugish, a highe level of tu ruur u ugh,mplo aent d hig th's w lt wehoul obef ckli insurad of the cralot idth wouwe cry on spend g lins omore t and c mo idseing chery onpeg rend stakesseing ak tt ado the clament int ado e camity weeed be amberat izing anstcturing. caty we ern weroped s ce laraing asan astcterg.nt of weorn ldpe cla os poie wos anthe extrrdin oy thingor ishat oi thwoeanove erentf atr tinhe ehiha itthe stas, aerret sflla t pursngolicies t titta a reoughushis i rsheolie fsst t lagh, re mhionsey tin fst inat, th mubbl aga and in th ubgivihe patientore tga a msn viadhee pimie sk tn fmstsace.n petkn ye sd t f samee. et th for getti js in ee t am uneed stes ffict to thcrea the fbeca ge onet you i n ea them y
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usunt sabous icto eaen'theblecaonou l hem y us. ou 't ae react lheowhaton. ti onal has aai rd ictn joat catonti foral su inour i jusinses here ator heu. s. inowrard is itoinses er crea u. jarob ins dowo hards eat to gn row js ob to that may be need j bscinded? t 've een sin g tmahatbeor d earsscinmad?e if e nould sin tt s t rs ma wiifthn elishacnt ld like st hewiayth it esoshnded co mingkerom dael, te' he ayite rit. at'scohereobs ngme m daomel, t m anriem pl er 'sres emplom a l o people i an emknow f sthand h pl l d oficueo e iit ito he p eonoe fstha and i e p e exnsivthov aerent makes t, ex kivweren mak aot of smal kw sine owns too anythin thy ca an t a oidsm hiring ne wneoplto aotth bause they d thca t a id hnt hinp. g ey d sn'tplantheot bausehe d abilies,he oigat ons, h les dd r'tegtations and il tas, oathas,t g ang w s r eg atringns aop. ta, ife shaplty cree up ngth lopab. or maifetsevpl tyre u play g lfid, aevow t bu neayssesg to cfireatd, ajoow wiou buhavine toesor t chatat they're gngo to getued ri
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vi onedor foriatgne itnd ey'r g we'rgoi get tueodetr dorgnitnd a ot'r moie et jobs >> l's tk abt a otregumatioe s w re bs st lru turinabtheegme nt agundio w re okstin arutine similarsegme a tweewhats alrey ok at ha senilgnsurop and i t'eesatarey ha coapgsen eurnomyndnd i what's mostn thvirgia o coapsend w hat'ensin he ersta,thrg o diel, hhaowen muc has era, gulati europdel, huclaasyed a ti panuroplad a the pan camies that heu're cing. >> he isiehat scary re ci sngti his o s ryyo ti wead in mid yo we i 197sith id36 anha97t wass wtern rope's sh e oantheorldha wcomy w ate todro'st's 26% and insh oeorld20my i a llods b26e an15%. 20 i a that' be wthapped. 15 becae wee bn aeg tatt' t anppded t. in and cawe bneniz at an theand sgline bigndst reason weiz've be oianthheat big rsonak we e powebe fro toiatthn staaks anweroconcentratin aing s coawnctr thein ingcoet ioaw he thmainonraio i s
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thin teatnal competition y i can ise ur tes u a nd at l th cen tpetion y n e ttart g ang th t aoa aon y cta gngen ous a a whour youatitouy leave and lwedou wor ykingut ta atit eacert n d pointedor the t t rtbs sta goi abrooi and t e ro an u ni sta givoies yoabu nd alrnative, uniivons ad o f alrnat e, ci competit y c o exrt you os ts to mp y cth. ex aou thatosas t foin in t . 50 wa t t competiti f t wasnl comg f tro cmpetithur tee cowatrienlnd tay c w fro is cingrom china to e ie tay w indi i cgt'sro cna citou and that the nd is pxiteauitse fornd tthatisheaste i eutepeau seor onom yttoday.iste eupe, t's lk aut a areaf he hea rulion ia tomeca, ns a a eaheeabuneesio oba to careca it'inesut o. rewhas i itoi toost amican. usinses a will has tos amanin s it aav wa it detmealfe. no knowetow ny. threalroblfe is . vernnt an the ro son towhat nylth thcareals soblxps ensirn in e
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ane r so trst tace the se rearesosoxpsi i at celegeui on s at se t s eea xpen cgeve. becaone thgove ament sets the an subsidize s en. . cathvent s bore ovthnman swasi zes invd, hlth re w far b ssnm een vend mor nv hh w acarssle m sspeople envend m if we sply bro ugacarket mop f cefbackine s tplyroealth ke car w wldave fceckn tea h ompetion i fare av pateealth insancerom pe on imploent,e ch i the coeqeancelt ohfns ource tmax lodet, ihe if ppl eco wer se oppinur oundand t, yde ow if ppl er s in usgea h i urndanced as y owpreaid usgdical, i wureces ld re dve mh ler healtcare codis, bl, ins wad oeak a m lfre h marlttre aro we'reco bns o juak goi toet t re tverome eve wmorerenvol d, wjureoioiong t tun lt h caremevere olcos even hwheroind t makunltca it os moven eheenvend f m eloyers to h iirpoom ot emo end u f elodorsin w d es hoyir jomo it e purocessdo and j we akhealth pss careore ndexpe wive ak mikhe i wdehat dreanieel and exterightay ik w d to ie pr d siernt oma thtget aye ecomy theightrack aio n. pr ifou wsit to onow tm got g ec y beheo htbecksk him w ne if wme btow ckgog bebeskimn bck wou yogo nt ifou h a
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verooud po r chyor? nif h the atuef lirty?
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ropoch thgrancany? e itue allliossiy?e th aovernd. thanny to hi itm tollkrussi inv tor aand erunde.of herou. toi tousnvr d dewhen he saouyou' freto sethe rld,e me it. ensau're case tode andd,et amereet. hoveund formion t caodnd ae ve d rmat in lude a vio d fu col broure. idevi fu oldennro t's farhe be cha i'veverwned nnel: s terrar "la yea 9 obe ha 'vof 1erpeoped got heir rrla ea ohove und r 1 opliotle oirno mey." jim unki : "ncostve d abso telylio co o to m." ." m ki"nst solyco bro king ews.whenou callodaywe'lincle brngs.en llay a 'lee hclerou llapble abbewith a h outhe rchaap ofe yobe powth cha. iteach, itrabsit's e llaphable fd ityo porowble.ha itchitbs's ape itore. it gs wheverou g geit fe whe suliesast. gwher g callhe nber yougescre f wh get our ee vsueo, esochut. ll nr oure etr v, hu anyourree verod llapble abbe anure ro ape be ll t numr onour reen tumonr en
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>>befo thereake we talkinabou the impac of >>fo heakwe obama care lkndinou tmpnielngland ams lg read soczed ni eldici andngla how much as l the s ze vernme nt sciety ndt oowuchas t oc li d merncineme sy o ntted t economic oc rdliipme tnehatou fac n d tcomi conly inhe u.rd, ip tat ft' ced ly i an ove r t t eurea n a o turean unio? wel oneah care is io not el sety onent. if weres t just tnetor f pele whoe cldn'ff jdt orhealcare tpey whon't cld ve itheroubled ist's alre ty motnopoly nd iehaubst'damad, 's mopo damed osur eno ad, r hh ca more dm mmediate. r andcaou orknow goveren ed te n't un tngs nd knoverwe and t wer'tood a sllg and
3:24 am
lepherond o a cars or perangg alineorot v phon gdar ats running a rangea ah nere v stem g anton rosnit a ofh here inte rnatemiol anco oarisheons, teat suiva rat a wti coar s, tis if you gottr esu vaat hear wt tisee, howon gtioeif youot it te toeee our ar see, hoe toctor, our e yoaliocr, aer oyoneli ye a erfive o years,tain vears, istata the bta anheer. whatdvicwouli ge eroba. a. firs of aat, thic is ult th g e nd o expenditure yba. rs aths th nee d nd xpo bedirearng on atheee be rrenartng oconmic jcture and u ha p er aennd t mi conoct, buurseco andlyou ha p goert a s rt livinnobu wcolyhi ou your go s mrtnsiv w e priden woul uraywe mns st an readto hprp grence aul e re oft. we an ad hou dgr't ael p a nref indd fri nd dy pushi me o an him. if iou wand t o h rind phi om. f getou onop h the dt is theetorop th ddendsuchoreis t t wor les the t oradmi l t t
3:25 am
world dsn owes lig theest g rl dsn osi orng he stlongouhina a india ng an nhi j a soe nnd tic oo n the endf so n ntit me. c havto p t ourndf p ayitn e me orld nd uavil t pt hours, por is gnge t s ft tld u tho unpse es. por anpeteng i t wans to ask u,np . ving b eenanownte w toheidesk of he ng bnnmotrationsidor oc pyofalhestreet mo yotrhadions omin reing alst exchges. yo dwhatind reaion d yinourein gets a rsonatd ean d ytryi to ela hgeowtsuespe on pism yiwo ts? e >>laell, hou know pi wo >>l, treknow lot ofosli there and people don 'tlo uoferand ow li tpirelism a wo pele thone isne persoerhed hat pi thsmght at iad a dthtyis t po so shhaare my tht i aweth, whathey t shesn'unde mtandsheay th, hayoutccumheat wlths by n'de nd shing , anayd i used t ou umat w h exspye o teshg an ijo u he t accu laextedpillion for mse, bujoin t h progcuredonor he sred s w ealtehbu wh e eogntirworld. sd s w ltow mhyeoeen it fro m ntr apewod. pructs? my ehowenanitpeop gro jms apepruc? appw. an op
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apitism d cotal syst bad ban ksitm wldave ilhe st padrofiantable and av ug by t he cpeheto and p fibl e the gu hod ougup bngy c pe thfedo and aoness nd thgu pickd the wroupng rg. thednd at wld iake nd the e ckhe w rgu.s.. wou way itie he to th visi of ur f you'outieo ot hisisf f extr rdarilu'oodorne th youave syss wre yotru card holil ydouneuler oth oue ysacun wt a y s tartedca uolng thatulysro a s ind stdun a y s irt lasar atys as the mid i as ar trme e tct mns and t lectg caidatnsor ae in ne it hctg pubcacat ipion and unitrsta yub can carryon a onnta orean tax cingnd yourehe eax airsf alimehe pat tri oanyrsfaslis iatn tour nyas i hildn.n >> butif, dael, 've got tl u, ldn. a bifda, e g ds ts l hold here a t me iseeds to oldackero th t m i fndee of to tho kreato ourynd o prth te atitu two grt, grtuys it w t aot o tthouuygh to pay aten won a. ot >> t nk u f ou j poini en .
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. t k [a fuse] j befe aone e.ver hrd e] of beon e usama hrd bin laden ofsa or len al-qaa. nexgues knewowr rucial afqaanis n wou ldexbeesone wowru alsecuit af isthounseraotionehin cu jiansra on robes chacterneh charl jia ro the ploy c of hae moerh hass.. he n spa car om citalne. spa mile givoy mef thmomost ewar.. npaar cal. pail anyiv esmalthbusistss cardit rd. e spk ca eas do le mes..nyalsi ct . spca so wearealdo uour me. witspar the wossal earnhadoub u milr . itarn evhey shaseeverrnday.ubil tt's ttinthe r pret higevseery. ningy owtbusis ss ine s ne r beet morigrewaing. ngowsi comneg thbeugh!orwag. malennouer ] troding ark the all sine creomt caths h! fr capal o .leou ] get odre bg chookng un mitee doubl milnereca fr orap% ca o bac on e ry p chast eve b dayoo unteubil orcaac e p aswhatve in ayur wlet? atn wt?
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ne when you the atne whe yxews.hem. xs.m. forrncr a soite. inhe 98or0'rsmerrica wasn ait in olarme wca w then a sovietsnd ey were fhting t t sie getut w ofeinommunistruleetut and of cvincommust ale nd cviongrsm med arlieilso tosm get d liil ap gons ethe s muhaen and crlie wionwar. haennd e wcie p tayed bonywa ul w t roedrts b >>harl.ul >>es 'am. >> why i t hero cs un>>ngrl a >> fakearm. igh is wta i t >> ty're dunngng eve athin kear
3:34 am
theyan. thetare dng i tredveinbay. >> eye. c ihes d i tbay. > jadeen. >> >>he ucka i the sovt h uc armoheladov hicter h res ismod ha 1ic2r pnt mleset 1 sllnt m and ift a r,ll t ndt wod i ahe cmu tnist wod i he c mu strea >> y maye the mos exy a woman y ayevhe. m >> yatronizi ngwo me. >>hat ev yo. atnizianmeme t >>t doo >>hiishat want youanmeodo d s a>>fghastanor t ant ouafgns iant y to s delhaeran t uch afg csin y t defea dt th s ovieom dnieat trumbls d in s doing eie theomniruold in waroi e>> 3 tyearlat she's d fitingor t peoe of ar af anis 3n anart a's bnd ewfing teoo bo c le dafisan bipndlomacy a bo dmond c led ininipme jmanning dnd hring. in j sohng. so dightful toe .
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[alaus >>how ear doe da won ht l whis eentily kwn [aus >>w aroewo wh e fti k runnin inhe sial c nnes he of housn,ot c oes a cofgressm a a cotrusy, but o wo rl c>> ieshinksmeaer ae but wo ndot onl inkheer lite ldcry. gi fro ho tootittees,ut gi prroably the cryit congess,an iut sh inprgtonly.he >>t wellharl wngas kno iwn as shinon goodime char>>lie.ll >> tre wha nobrlody w elseno to d odim e art.e. >> w t wobylse darlie? >>ecau he s all w ihad. (lahterarli > a w>>haau e sll laer > aha wened ? i we to l rublins w i ewer whal oen c rsend weo rgreli u w wit am ew w oker,ndbu e ty w sake r,joan t w can't tvenjo00 notanillion t fonfgni00an a i'm soto enilliance wh foan a i sose ian enceh hdl- i anlauger) >> we h canet ug m illi> onor cet naragua. mhow lie weoingo gou an ythin f l. tle le w wengo cotry oulf aorld away . an hi l tlyou'ee got fin dcoy alday deat . u'ot
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s i was ddeg catharlie a s theas y a a d c charlie of coth y w aa a c wy, he didn't have any i heret at dsoer afg nistve, wh he egan see a theigficaatnc osof fgstwhe the anct was,ou seeehehaigtfin of loing at a e ws,maoup, there wnas lofghagstan a tmahe whe w pak ta ha aannd they dn't h t any inak a he yy wod thn'sov h w ny them woth v buwhen wou looked at tem map buenked at the was a strapts he atr hmuz passd the ahe ute sshe stes w depenhede on it ss his isor mycountry.epen i'm o figin g f my uns m co >>y. im going oinn f mny >> fghast, arwe dngoi thgs tn r ht y?hastar d>>no. >>thike: that the right wy?? >>ctua y wh> w.e need t>>oe:ot he ht is w strengt n>> tuawh weeed aofghans t ois figh sten tnheir o bat ahaes a owe'at for gott t tthhisn. e' peoe,orgo dteahite the gat
3:37 am
war ohine in deahiorhe t gat sorvitneni in ithout o tameran death. thso did ini onhoe, butut they' er at th id iad yearson bfarhe andhey e yrsfarng the d'tavnd he yod war. e theardongn' tt, 90 % a wa e dollitere. they90on'tave ainicand al h e tityer ne. a ey't juse ticd al h ey nsile t ahings lustots, mole tto nests. ot a m wife amonets wer t es mak m youwi sk and t they es aak yk 30000 mnd arm tyhe and wiinto fit,30 but000 t my'rmy nd illi rate and they c't eafidt,ut aual o r a li rrate ndheyma b'tea m a o oranaonhich smade u bp n of oeoeahfad nfemyf anodygaz, bumy an od onprit. zbu nonpfit organizaons,hat pr . ar out the npt ndor hnihat b n arut t there for hhe last f ton ven yearths,ras f s tucocefuy ve ar in sthese bs. y one ll dwate one wlo oththe . th e gs, dbutethe ohavelo ve bee nth p ogherthnd, ha ve o,
3:38 am
puteehemogher togeer sohat p tym co theerob t ywhhe americaonros che home the he a acafghannss c wille me he strn enoh t aha d wendle thtrselvesnond thewillnd may ienell outh thaseteshell w ty y prenonel ladeouthhat i w worktinyg wi sai toe prenonmede i h s drk mwiai. rrg, hd m iyog, hadon thiwhe ths left we wadldothihe ths und a ft w ot fanil u a t yranancal iam rime. th's wt tyr you w ierame r e. ggesng a th w bouegng or a s es a wahaie wilnt e end ofhe s aovt wahaie wnar e e if t u.sof h s govone with aid w ou p tba.sbly noton b ther wwithilaryctio aidbabl not n ?erthil y io thi is n a long-te n hi n pce l. g- in t yea we ntrgt e p ha ns t toeae n fight thewnha to ttleand ey wl. e tng is noigro tts ovewnr le d er w n atre is otnorooingts me hey e aotng me afgns th y eare a
3:39 am
erecans traed t afghans toohe jobs a tan t topras t aha co hom and toat'so my job dre aam i'm coigomhtind g's freur chilen moaiging kg rring, andch oa'll rig bac [appuse]g rring,nd l igac ppe]
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3:43 am
sutad re ens thest cin ond alteverage. s forb magine cent altev nagamede. himrbage opnt earning coury i st ned m and tophe eni nng ry stcd a t ren's vern elco t o nen a o tob co t o kth! o >>ob k! >> wcome ba. wco ba. >> didou bri yrwn an>sidou b ith r >>an h i th nk. > i k. > i'veeen doing this s fo tee year've've noi t s ev d afon t a udiencyeea to 've meike at, i j wev you a aie to t knme.e , j >> we'reouuc ky ttoha theme and u.>>e' >> iucs grt toaveou t hahe me ba. >> hankndou, od tbe h igr to >>ve terri fic n lbumba you 'v>>enk, t go h ou >>erri n lbhancum'savouern sll a l go erfc song tt ncou's'vave n l tennd o ncfsotain,ou'vou ha pronvend or sriaing ha phopsbu i doing yr ng ri ngwritg th rouhe psarbu ng opr avitethou opave sometesak
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ur omricss poticaakstat ents d it bee intes ti ng causi tnk m cspocaattseo e itee nt whesono yav e epust up m we who ou'repe notpha polital a 'rrsot and p l's rsndlay pee fmhealiban g. want r eapeioen howhe thaal an . ca ant round. ow t h e wgo . ca ou. hwgo ♪♪ ♪ >>thatong w really not abt decratand >>publatans,gt's wout rllno meri. abde atand d me pple id ohblths,s t ri d poby,e a right wg y. did t b hey,ryo au.ig g>>y.t idong ishe ayolly > wrttenon ill wrn foroc peoplen ghast. th sonoris aut aoc guy w pplen
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lihasst i n ghthanisonta an, auy av in d ing se inflationghista and avg e ilaon lldd es saying, y kn tha wve le undeseray g, suppress n foknaonghaimeend er and pp kssfo thaon d k u.sanha alliehaveome makit a tt u pce a i'm getng llievee ak a theeck o of d pge a'moret th geter end t t'es w ot of geit'sor out. thet we pnd tt' istt a'stt. cp c alleed i at mphoix a cnd tlehedolers ho ixbie af al tl ofheir ts, ollikeer a ittle7- elieevally eir te its, kegot ff tl7-ele s tta i, e cal t ff afanis wtn e ca base and afis bought etvenethosn e. as e thendwere bohtgone.os >> on here but e pot i ink,to ne your>> mic i st notpoi k, meant t o be ur m iot m tbe poted policly o way or pote p ly ohe o wer or t a righting or a o lt wiang a r y'in intifd o yourse as pttty ch a ifwing l'gi if deyocrseat, sbueattllyy ot a lat igo potics >> ndecr, noty aott l. i po cs> a n myat w n at souther
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a mocrat my a grandfathe- sth afar i kncrow eforgrat ar kneryoowne wasefyw re yo>> w n am i'thi my pants n voted a f me hi re maly? >>pantot meou k w, re? greou kpw, like you d, in aansa gsndp pa rt olif yth tim akl iahoma a saandsad thr gre pa h oeroeim aklom a dn the d utre hvi dn drher andusotvi ecessari ly i th ord eran adndus g t haestri th icturd. a robert ge t theret omewtu . ob >>et'salk out sone g he writg. how you eel ewout >>'s wk nutong i hea ouitr song s,w touy'l t perk andbouteopli teahatou ng n s in mpe bouteo tmi. nd iown d t d t gift del th you.if ear e, del 6th thyora o r ar somehi, mythra orelementand me my ad s creivenertingnd lsondouad s cine,rng so, l it wa reiveinritingo, i ritillngso watausllso youe ats
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brint. creave t yeind and ri. weth ea t esindnd fti wet tories nd toes rebssom, i ot a guitar eb dom wi riing sgs atellui peleik e a wnggs aelinluary peik muzzndlu barnkg your eymu you don'tou how man nkg ur ti s yodo eyou d n'yotn' ou h mtice yoursf tingyo , buou dn't you it dred y oou f thounds fbu utima y ed whatouer as i hreoy talk a ndat e axp iie l andr eo nd mfhi in alkbout a a so laft t a so. m fndhiheinn aut a wsohen ft finod somhi w f thaomthires me ighthat >> tt's ea stuffnds me ht you'one tonds on sff wring andou he yo yowned wringnd hyo and oan adult berage i dhave some o o iantduer e abedra i s ve notop senom, bue aorm dow iner he sboom no anophow thebuldoridouow i n t int o anw heth?idou >> it's a nto m ic? t's es
3:48 am
memb s rember exi r. mb is bapst reerie lye r. >> t's s t tap gd lylo's >>s t d winendureoughsndlo nend es sneezes anhayfer. mik whais tt wo i ee erfoanr.yf . it' ikha twosyol a erfor. t'syol mexican natial dnk ahoing mic l eti dui a a horginitas befo theleui a to edrg ait fo he niht pou littleikeed meca nimoshite.tle >>s th wha tt ? laught) >>thha >> 'm goit ? let the ugauen)ce > avoie i lothe mebut ce av theittlworot inther gus he's gdnd he btlr inth now i 'the ? gu e's i tdnk wha tha pvesf ow yodrinthishe s ff t y wouhaonhasf hav wo s.yoinis (laught) yon v >> s. t i you ver laht)et to the > btom iour i det'think he e wm btomtts. 't >>hiike: oby wmnd ireoing to p y th>>title:y track fm ire oihi b nd pthtlrackmew cd callednd clancy tavernhenewd ll ancyavernn
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pplae) wo > i b wit toby keh. la h s gwo> b wra tew alhd gra cewncs tern d althe meders the c tn ale aie nce mewis llhe be gtingheirwn cy of a acy'sie te avwin y. gng ir >> ckayof. >>oby ll me bo ta n'sam tevn y. the tme o>>fyhis >>y msong. bo t n e i abo ut youhe gr tmeot oher,f isn'it?ng >> iahbo souhe grotr,as a n'? >> tern i sn i fo sth th arkansas. h name n a saan, bu t w dishe n gamhe na n. >>an, but di shehe'sna wow, but s my wowbut granher lleder can m gr r ednd s cwned b andhe ok or a usin tt was sed b sundess l, a oer ca ubin t as i cn't c sulss a it c tub be
3:53 am
usieil c gnert ser ter cl s wn'il m gnd s erani s aidet c alcllt s wn' clanndcy taern buant s brought et c thl reatpeopleith meany >>rnbut's b tugru e st y.theaeo e > eve bit>>f thi truise >> l t he> peo e he. n am veit t and ces, theeo and he nam just roanht s,thearacnd t feus t>> y'r goiroht t oet ac y'r goi me plet itwithou, ancy'svern. e itth, onancy twvernth re >>on th > ♪nyin the five o'clk nyinhe fe clk oud wi owd ll bcomi ♪ ♪ d ♪ fwingith er ♪ ♪nd the d bmi♪ c♪ig ar te f sngkeh ♪ ndhen c th skebeerisinandn30 er ind an geter♪ ♪ ♪ sheetnollheache♪♪ ♪ he aqcallyai theac a th's w aq ty'ca lal aaind tr th's ♪y' l a ♪ andhetry p♪ the tabnd ♪ a
3:54 am
th pays phe lht tabbindhe keep sthhe pay gsss lht fullhe o epbrews ♪♪ss f ♪ and ew ♪he wders and♪ tnd old neo wrsnd fers ondhe neegarnd hejoesf th wor ♪♪ ar♪ singing eres ior to yo ♪ ♪ingi clcy t aour neighb orhocl tave, po me aouneanhbhehoy ve pogirl ♪y rl♪ ♪ oh her n is lilihe showser up atev t i makureli the s erce s gowatspev ♪ th ss gat ♪nd ♪ ashe ♪he eo cks the kochks burge trsnd k chicenri ste ♪♪ bge ♪ ro ic nine o'oc sk tte an♪d ll srt pla ng nd tro ne si tc wanilill u the a sirla t ♪♪ w il ♪ ahe a tll♪ t♪ak a ♪ a brk,
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ll every t a5minu tes, and t evernus,nd t jubotakeoverro tre ♪♪ ♪ a the wjueldersbokeerhe ♪♪ t er a thehe old n wdee oiverhes ♪♪ t ♪ thend o t n reeg ariver joessf e ♪♪ rl d♪♪♪ r oe♪singinge ear♪♪ is to yo♪inng ear clcy is ando ouyor nghrhood nd rh oo tern. poumenoth myir t ♪n.♪ ou th♪y iry!♪♪ > ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ 1: the las cal is upon ♪1: t is t le t co settl i t uheon score i t♪ tet t ♪ andon y ouor c m a♪ tab a on y anbrin m c mytab, a ahiab yo re t a tan itinring myb,hi one yoe more♪♪ne ♪he or♪ cle t heast tab c and shid uphear t at's nd te and ery oniedsone ♪ ♪ a ♪ndon tn she'll c k♪ her t s'll ker
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piol andountll h mon and drive tt chrys lernd nt h baon hom d ♪ dve t ♪ cysnd ba womde a♪heve ♪ an the old ne deve fianrshe o and he regularoe others d rldeg ul♪♪oe o♪th sinng he t o rl yo♪u, ♪ s clanend y tou neiboyooodu, vern♪♪ annd y n ♪ pdr m rnot♪her,♪ my gl♪ m♪ otr, y ♪ yel good nit♪ set ♪ clan gy,d it yreteibooo ta veanrnreibo♪oo♪ ♪ we will see ta y tomrow,y gi ♪♪♪ wwi s yomw, gi♪♪ ppla la allrigh >> ari the>> aum is called he alumcy's i tarn c" leone.d gratelectis l's youtarn we.t grel ec opys ofancyou tavern. til yt week from new anyocy tarn thats m hulab ft m ekth f n foyo at nsstioabs, g foom d ght and d bls. s st caioione gby osedapti ing rvic, in d bl cane edtig icin
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