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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 31, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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put esngtainnd tlaap >> c is: hadt mongin opleatchhe l t fo c: ad o bate why sho d t lech lotfo sregd t l as ttewoyho tonths? eg t ite l franlyheonth p e f an peormae inhe eb espe amandin eebpves aack ee n,e tngs tac di't tn oht tbe aees consvati as ey mht di t oho t?e whe n nstis m y loo kho at t he debates y ook a tam n t test dat i d es the wor ld n t wit all dheat debatese he e or comild u pwill d matay be theeest mi debatehen ml is saihe and done te non dy his bee sstroer o nd imgratn th i he. ne ke t issno of hetheeror o im att gthov hnorsave d teasslf thitr gugh d hde issuesecs d it th fedel go rnme hash hss fased a singhe thdego bmeorasr an thenfa a hav togealhe wit b thatan en h i adilrespthat wnd wo d no atel a ny stai tilsp nd ne to wono atao a pti lathneinog onhat dido inlathg theon stat te d in of theta. etheit iputtg ren
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te s onheorr. he i tt re toindriv 's teonse bl rllal in iv paing vot b i depaifg atot bi befe yocanote. i theris n any dy o biefyo tn ot stagany ou er a r ighter on nny o themmigrati ss ueagy han a rhtn he ha >>hrislet'talkbouthe bate tho h. m. ur sff iicat tha you >>ist' lk utare ingo ski pteomhoe b t s i at ha unews ornht s oue sgignekid upp noth nex t ivews debates wchou sne u p ke y i ntno nemexrnde i dntatch rl dec embe y b you toldrnd i bill 'reill y tweec ybe ou t dfeltt w a lleiy mtakewe y lt partipat a i anyke the rt at y? ny i sd th 18ebhees thin k iwa too man sth8ebes d ebat esin. i oo m ankl thais a iredibl deat. amou of me a pklpaharation i red wbletave y . ouf a p pa tii rely le g etting o w atave bein able ore lalke g peoti o a justike m taing th y inle k eoday ere u ha timto st e lay tat yog y ide .y e ha im o we h ave gre y yo dat andde. we e resmoo policiain t whi at hoe rindt no at i not orngutoo voleriay thi ho ri gono for merica. i t iforou wngt toutnow vw some dy i goingo torori. p fo iif wtow the ture akme i ain toook at their
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e re pa. as t govnor a thetatef tir texa we c ated pa mor tov jobr shetenf e st exa t chan edan o mer tateob s theount . stthinthat ts whn amecans te are tereed i hent peop sit ng ainundathewhmens e coffre tab i tod titchen op it a d tae an going how a re e ffab od t itgoinchto gethis ou btaacankoi h a woing a ga . in g s laiout back p n, iwogav aehe. ait uragand eecorto p i av e th in pce ag >>d hriswe wl georto pou thn pce an >>ndis wrige dowto i i ment i ill nt tfocurion tow deba te nt wh i h eardi l a tndcu t eai ro mba te lot wh c honserdativ v aoters say ay,ro mmbe he i not t het seiv ver greast deby atery, but h iot t w nd eaeber ut sobodyext allre tre d ll be threeig sodyt l teb es b re e ig0 miion opleatingebes eachime o s oi to bemin le at in ableo geupn che os t tta b agailet bageck oma an mak e ca agast h andta they airryba b oed a oakn ycaga hndhey y p once yo ar notha plan. p i'me ot wri ha arothail pl be a'mble to snd onha ttail beth b aack amato andnd oraw b k ne baween anndividuaraw st it *.5 il on b jobens ndid ua
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th cnt. i som*e sialinilto tob thpones wh were going me si in pu t outf pti la r wnearwhereoi ng zo ne pu ut anndivual o htila w t an zone an ivperil nt w h t american a onomand rnedt i o anri w t a ri nablute frank en teomd ed o expe rien. ab tethini'm raing be ae to and pe thaent sge a nd dinram wg ee cl r d ha s cgetr aas dwith bwarac obcla. as >>wika bac you d pr ose ob major tax >>ka form u lan prise wajk a aax saide h got somrme n w aime so id lees drl do h into sote ome thimdeta ss of it. leudr gdoive nt speope ahoice, thtaof i 2 g e op flho taxicr t can sta 2 the rren flaxan sysm. e w, oenysm. - - m o people ing figu i out and m p pl deede tgo wh th plan t g gu uttheynday t few tax he de t w th pss int tes ey tyourewampaaxn s and the y i se thiout a pvate urpa s a heunti fm this w ld sehit pte eati f hi s w$4.7ldrilln le ren ea er t fir s ix.7llle yen fro tir s 20 y to02 f doest th er20ryn to blow es th le iernhen d beficitw?
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you iot tnlookthe dendiic cs s llou and t lokookhe at t di dynamcsss flnd l the gro wt h tyn s th goeon hfe. u cat ju sayakenehero li le pthce ooethis hnd s aycajuaye re i t plalin. p ois it ss no thiss th plan hat i tlaiv es it no peop an isptthn.ant d i ink goodivption be opn n. le t do he i k odpto tes oen a tohe stca titesal t oakin a tcahaital tin 20%ax fla t ta duc % ax f mogage t dedting ctable, moge dng c taducte,g tes, 1200 or ct ch depdeubra tctin, gt d seing in, d lituberralyin on post ar seg n, is at sitple to st put o n s s e atosar rhtut there. o i meathat ht tre. i i ea anattheneopl havehe i anenplenfence pele he thconfencethe job creats.nfce pe h th nf cean ie aut g et tibeore ck twork putti the i a g eo nfidce b k in t trkheutmeca t id b i n enr t a en enterray knew t knenhat
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the rdenare t going toeray ew kn t th e e. ene gu knng whoill te tes th the shin onknho lol bby tiss ingut the e inloby cporate g loop tlesnd cpora anopulsing our x o thos uys out of bin cesess.. th is ose ty ofuyppsroacutf at ainricaes areooki f th s ty f ppac se acarekiax cod c orra tax te c 20% c. brg th cor pora te tx 0% br thprocords brak terom offshorend we wl bance at bge inoc bm ff or e 20. nobo w saybait ge ng t b ine 20 ea bboay w ge t nde arede ea bo haa co witmee to at d o hagot trac r aorredde o hacoing meato a hat ac rorav >> c is: coupe ofg qui a quesons. u ta abo c sim: icitupbutofui the ct i a loes os. peopl ta bo im woitd hat to lcula he ire iloeo taxes e lwo whao cu he theyouldave oal la ta s l th wtax wit t aeyldnae veola mimum tax th ax it t th wou havtove mimax calcu la tethouav theax withe n 2 far eom baxei s wple you m nht 2 . ha to alr la b the spl taxesou mht this ould ha toallahebe tes anor isld
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acunt d th thr wayto gurenut worch i the ac t thhrayeape. i trenk a wmeri icahe kw epe t of t ari tireaw e t e th20flatax iirreas and e t the deducons nd en th20 tatha itasnd e in.ed nd en the mabe se fo ts oua the t.ha t wt t othoma s askfoou t th t accot d tts ao lawyesks t thats tre co t tng a aboutaw e ch ceat h but t wilngbo s stchanve he. chant theilrs wnovewt anhe day. >> cis: t's lk atut ts esti of owth yo camy.ign ay s c sta: tis c a t tiscorf inthwhicis jt go g yo am n wiay thesumbeta and asorinmptiics as jheygo a wihebend ostiasy $5rilln le os $5llle fountion s almtev do utunon p sorlmev do t ms ves.ut pyou ill dp,ou are tmsve maki nc re eu l enop,caoure
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t st l en up wkih lowerree ca revee. >>stnd tenre i wnothg wrowg wi low ve >> t ithwr ev uewi.ow i amerinsreevue. radyrior washgtond.c.o qu spdingon. dy wilpay f th defic. sh on c. qu r pl bal cesp tnghi bud get ily th ef in. 202nd w w lplal pce t offudt that02 webl p o onelse on that st es ateb layi off nee o tt ones a yi plaffn. mitt oomne bicly jla ttne lybblearou j the ees he lve t at hele touhehe ees l e.he t e mr. in'slan eatetwo w urce of revenue. . 's n i ten't o nt more ceen renue in i t m shinon, c.'sands i wa mor r revenueuenn t in , 's prdsate cto job waor renn cat pre tob hasndat american cizs out ere. ha i guantetheymeilcalnakes t e. guteeyake
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alth cordg tone alysiup here n th scre a fthamilyf rd to fo asi rethre fily ening $ 42 5,00 0fo wld s theitaxill dro epni $42000 s roeixill ro p $9000 $90 to 440 t o almo40 a0% cut th is at y sai d t oermo ut >> or tthse as the yp i st i ts oer hund ds o thoan ay be>> t a e i ev mil ions olrs for nd ohoay evils olrsor the t i n't re aut tt. at i are bouthe is the i t havi a the tolla to ie esutt i i the th r vihelaes i thompaes. chr: qutionwhenhe pa es ri a b yll of t hrqu sontudiheeshe ri a b y ofnc te n squdialy when the riof arencetnge rherndy thenhe mi ddlerilassrere sglng rg,her y d't you carleess a sout taxgl d y fa cness? ut ax evebodyets tax t re. fa sseverody ts aax vedy cs utx he.. ery a >> cis: t th crichet a ggerre t cut c: th ch a and hto ca y thoseer tutho nd have mon p mtoca intho theho vesinees a hirmore m
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nt peop. at i ne airre w op n ee i to focud n t on. w do y ou g ivcuen. idoen yve gs t thathe 1millio inle enveats dot ha a j he a satt he 1miio e takeare the cdontha. j a the ea o f cl s kee whefare and. at ie whae a oalngs wfare nd abou her i ha u ha theresintal andng some ou pele tert wa to t hahesindom abo pe tclaswawarfoe tt theich bo wi h ave moasrfon tndthhaic havewi y. he m inrest inhandidls ve. instnndidls o ar goi be ae t inst ithis ount a nd karpoi ea t re owhatheyork r an i is whnt the ado t kthey w oat y k inanst i whomhepani tesey and w cate in jo i thom isnihand t djoebate gh t ths sta o not dat crein cl ta o not wafare >>ou a sayg ttreincl yes tware >> a ay ttthy,he j creators arees gointo e nd y,he j cat gets ti b r in e taxutsndhe peret pn r an t mid e xasssndhe youer n are cai th tt? t id >>s wanto s poueople e i t >> an s plinestin thideaagai i'mot
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in finor thea ai 'mass rot fe. f iforomebod y ts ts oush thf is e an try ifivomode ty us h cotry'mor ri nginis peoanply e t geth to eate obcosy aorring eo ve arica a b r an ce th o te takcaref thr aca br an f amil ies.akreth >> cis: t's rn t spen s. you y th youre gng t c ca: spens ng t t en18. of t u thou g t caen econy,t g ofro domtic on pruct ich a lel wroe haveoteen sceprt h 1 lel we w on arve areou geengo dohat, g ernoonr?arre o by ttin the doendit,. ger no amer ans e si an t ed y ine di of wa in on's usiners ass th o a sic k a wa tiredin's oinfasal. thseei a huneds ic thokan a ofir dera e loes b eei ouns thehof tax rol lsra tt ey e aloese havinghe to pxayolheey a job hsinfg smu s to phe j sf doll $4 tlliowortof d und ll is tiortre ddent's u wch and praccallnoobresdeei'sng wchnd aclleate ob thei areooki foromeo whoas t c rageo snd upte th re ki orand eoy he is w a re o tgesp d hes a gog tfi socl surit ifou a on and
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go fi s apoc soaing , itille if th ae fon nd y . apoa g it l gi our y ng eothe tfohe tth. an d giv e thgiemur se opteoionst are t th ing le t have an aivth optnsre p te g t ve coun or maybe pte un or mbe a chetingp thege a eriches artilookg fopr ithdeasge abict hoartooketfo o of is ias ss tt waingt hasut u abho o o inf and speing c s one o f twagtas u g sdo ay wine e of marks. ll o . t ahewi daiarpeksn.nd if o youav er mkshe comin d maipen y th wil neveumakr mksom m in aw. thilve k >>hrisaccoing a in congawssio.l buet oice cu t,>>oisco dowg n ngioo bu18 oe cut,dpow ynou ulo hav toakutou pendg on tavheear et ween nd on t he $7 mileaonrndeten $7ilrin doars yr. ughla quter ri tnhe dos derahlqu br udt,ou t talk a yosaid y ou h e raudt,ou t h ae t yoai y uragto de i yoare eoing t ak har dag d yoe ng ak ar chdces. telle pamshat peopl chs. now unt tha you' llayg ha t eo esidt pery
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w it 'mhau' sgry id pe yore gng t haveo i s with t? yo >> gne p tce t hgo t go a th brd me of >> tha pt, t t g a tom c ob ur brme f hasha a pcef woromk c called s a fbackg morinlek bla. c le id ck mle. iwe'll rht bwe rht bback in bck. i beeve ck s trillionn bck be e ts. pu tthe riemeniory ann secoary ogra tog ethe and . cut puose e halenf a and sdal f coy ra og he ofndhatack to t thee al adalf oftto statehe saveta $25rilln rit the. >> cis $25 illi ? ve 25 ll >>rixcusth c m5 $liilon . >> us >>ouskede for milon. emp. >> edere oneorf th emple e wempave . man p gre s nethle weverne nt tant ar'treing jobs all ey a doirn is targ catg bs go rnmel job aand oimerisns e si of at.g they ant gomeonmewho oblld ri stsidf . uand ay lise weey t reono go g tostutdheizean oay l e spenng, areoi gotoheeo c en , rethoi se ofhese p gr ams.thof he anody anfo unirsit stds pgrs.
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any foniit stth stas upnd says thi isoing tth btaeup s painf uli oi u mit w bant tho b pnf mi su wect.t o tex we t spesudint.ghe ex e fit ti since s wldinarhe i thfactfit yoti have to he a sce presentha has he thrctgeyoave ha sta u a nd sayestheasr fure taof ts a cayouryem t w ha les s pe ndin t gsoi o cnnd t willo s in >> cis: e pundose allf llo is, cout.e, ito p ut c: pue ll eric bac to w k t, oure i p w t queion out . you ve a strong r or d. her e ue n t inexasf reu in ag s jonobs.g rorere 40% a ll in of ase nejobsin j s. e la two yea h% e a tf ne bs statofex lawo eau ta abo t tn y at rs vtabo c tommeial.n y t's ke aook. >> aresi cnt, will. cat e s a k. at a lsist, il million c natobs an ist somethi mnglionobbo iom hi th. >> gerno heris wy dot t ab t th that 5 miio n gnoer w do jobs abha mi io2.milln jos terri bl bs th woun't n rly no2.hlljo t ri for e first our yeathrs oout f anno r st
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r ea oad anisttion weookeat iand wou ughlyadeest6 onmi llio n obweinke id ou the rs fhlouee6 yeaiorsusto e stayve f with pulatioea to grth. ay it pul ioso 2 milon js t gr . un ploynt re wod 2il jt crea. jimmcart unoy rwo reed ea mm.5 mrtlionobs his first re foed yea rs m on s i tisnk i fis astzeing fo tea tople iho a wineavelos le 5 miion bs iavthise untrandhere is anosher mistatn that trd he tha iposianon t thathat atat crea d a ilon hasi tha jts had f eaa le t go that idsot f ough t g oy johaat ts th i parculaot int t egh hps jo t tharla u gi t e condee t gi eric pple. cgiveou aoodxa tle bring ic p pl theoneyffshore, he ve ad xale riney heeysh tor can y thatth cree acrdinto theepried eric chaer o atthreacint t ichaomrce $360illi wor of onom acomvityrc weave giv a ri60nsli torf om confenceac ttyt th wil l bewee iv ns ableo ke morof wthey nfce t th ilworkor a that the lekeor wt y gulaons at ark a tt e stranglg la
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s asinees, altran bangksith dodd fnkne o, ma car thatsanks comi dd dn thtrackma chathats gog toive t mi d cthfideranctot the b gotoe t e b chr: 2.milln jos. esn' ehr2.lljo kp pace -- n'ou er k unploynt r pe woe dou r crea und thigoal >>un donoy bel rve twot foa mi te.eand hi al thats ju abs utel fals>>onel t fo on i fac mi . amer ans ll gat bacjutobsel ls rk. i ac are goi to outnd meres gac so cla. andsay e oio ute oh, solandsay gog to oreate 10 mli goto jobswe wld beavingreat me cvers ion,h, tt i sbs w b av in gt r clirsicn,. tt i i te you ne tng you give li ic thislan chan . te yoouput t ameriouca gns wre the is knn thaant tyoyt criay w t their kn inhame t o ptaryd tha ct tir ey wl ha t kin t of ar hacu and ve aal ce d wha budge k of cund a amenalent ce theniteudstat nstitionn fo yeahey ent he teat willo bak o ortik.onfoea manuctur g j wil l cllombaeor ck tthis nu cntur jil come tis edeant that w let peoe detalkahis tt lan wn foret the p e sake o f lksingn wn intellecthel
4:19 am
ke di oussif is t, cgrect i kn i whatlel hpe. disis ct in as wkne in in w i at a crea an eeenvironme wre i they k teahe a eon caisrekhe ey t catala a hav a rn on cal aav invement n ey wl crte js, l ot vefnt w cr j em. >> c lis: at tyou fink priden obams pl to ll . oops ut o iraq cy: tu ndk pr en am ofplheo ea ps o aq y antime asnd c mander i n of anmes cnd in chie-- andavexperiee, i re t niierm af te axper i rce, t'm also t cma ter a in cef o he n iona guare,'m ls o inexas er thideahat s c omma nder c i on nna ar chie woulinstanasup a nd s thleat c ma er to tn ene ieulan a d aateerinl twhicnewe a going to p dure tr ps o thiicnk a gsoi to p respsi e. tr o u cabe thik nk-- yous nd spbe t alki to om caers tn theou eld d woing th t t ki oexpes whundestand thet is d goinwoon ig n t tse ouri espewhde nd is r inance weineed i tinseish oouriission ince inwed raq dinisfgnist on u beer bieve wanou inq fgkinitome. sn a s w be bvendan
4:20 am
efe b s t asive thatignal that e a gng b to pul them ig l out s ea aty a t pubchem t s ea ylicy c bumoremporntlyit i puing r k liv i ncy bureorly i pug k l jeardy >>n bo iraand ghantan th present ys t re hjedy >> bo ragot d bean lnit t o hthesont g te h we t spedit buildino t oeron sptis wh theld are man probms h ere a t whhereom ob >> wl, herin a t coersaomon wh yo wgene whenou tnkbo w tcohisa wyo priden hasne.on en t heiredbone g wer tecausee pr endidns likwhate saon a ut heed ger ec . dn ik didatt lisaen tothe gerals n ot r idli theues gepurclsse fotm myr persptive loshisues standin f ro mrche fmypspve oss st sdpoind of ingommandheer cef . st oif g is omkinndgtkes at a cef . puttg o kid has tinrets iatn a ttthea or and k i ihiuture eand sues deangih hiethut iture isn thmidd eas o es ea etheiith is thint the s outh isthddas inahe s iithhe o sth a s a s oputtg alof tt in jpa a s causof ts ttalt j upaaving i us t shld sayhis wairr or i
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4:22 am
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4:23 am
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4:24 am
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4:25 am
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4:26 am
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4:27 am
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4:28 am
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4:29 am
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4:31 am
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4:32 am
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4:33 am
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4:34 am
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4:45 am
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4:46 am
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4:47 am
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4:48 am
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4:53 am
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4:54 am
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4:55 am
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4:56 am
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4:57 am
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4:59 am
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