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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 31, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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what sce it ilhere, er vid,hat'the lat t at ceis mt ningre d,t'e tre?at repter: w ml, lng's starwithhis,ill. t in? epr: tot w l wt arths,ilfol. inot reived w9 ines osnow fo overhe weend, ats the recred foedthein o staow t th eree, ente ste of w eecfo e rseytaas bnffecd b yth is sntrmst theef govwnor id a hortey b timec ago b shat he ere e noovr artim somgot e 1no0 dertme of ansptati crewomon t roa tryg t 1 clder domeedf spti tewes t toaesry t ke t oneehin cldo me u t tcan e ove m thoulner,in e thisree litally spl in n ve mul ha. heisaid eere eitlypln se 10 ilitcrew ha als on thed e e s 10 reet tryg noto itew restlse t pow. let' brinetup srye ofno t steow lasttati ics t'in s toft t unrsco how any oplela ve btins affted t he, and un co theowtatey le onew bersenffd are h now tolnd hete ow autse re 30ow000 opleol areitho a wer. 30 0 at nleber,re dhon r. gnif antl nfromr, d t 600,0 oro or th iftlom eken t one tho0,or o athected w gornor hrisen hris e,e ho h ate w now s goorowerisis hu hredsf thsandhave d i w hu dsstilthmanyndtherveare ito waitg. alil badny hiterthe eate
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nnecitcut. aladite e eit hured ousa peop the wit utect.ower eie gohurnord sa or opheit cnectut er sa thiis t wor owergoor isishe ste h cct esarhi torer ex rienisd. s heaid hat e it f excds the exmberenf outheesd dingt fxc rrice renee erut so, ddlyg hit t sta ice ofne , masychustsit ttaom asus 1,00peopherelso 00 opwitht orougut torthst a mber fthtow stter - ug tth shelrs he a eeer set serp, - in estel h mford tre'set a int m rd tshel'sr, se pelehere a receing mpory helsing s pe billit'sre remkablto ce thg k abort th hng ll'sembl octo r 31. thab i the a te dn behd to yo31 why i s thadama t s d eh tense, did l? reyorter you y knothma ll, thins t de o l y r,>> re erwe aunoolhathe , hi t o tre y st al hetetwe 5 are per nt otheistr heave we wha a sply hapned her er oei isve the sw ha s lyded theapder leavhe, th sweig, to muc l d for hee tes, e lim avthigtouc r collesed,nd tt ca ted, ny o theim lbs to hit ll d, twercaines whi l o tohe l th tpowerit reshi oages lo. thwe onwoma dcrib the o
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siesatioheres onma souing dibhe like wor siioarre whe theoug li s colkepsedorrounerhehe holi. sol lieden n to unme othe opleho we hoffec d:li no o e>> a o le w t sden,eec he d th ae tes i the bk t sn, rd jt faing d aheth t ie bhenche b akund jt j fa g llin a it w reay bhe ad j sca. >> a in it w- iteaasca i >>he a trld s eingitnd erytng w sloy crasng dn al aroud eg yt w yolo >> was bsol elas dalou ighting. remyoded of en as ol peop tald abt bei in htg. emd f op al abrricesein. >>eporr: abillyou de aery ic gd pot eay >>or a ll uon. e cl anup yeratn is ging po beeaelately st t th. cl cp sequatces is ts g e statm ary goingo tthe cqus t nthsf no y rs tstarin re tver fro one her ryhsno y t istureingrro state tic,r in w yotug city cenal pk hs atc, n yoestite tha1000rees rety damened p byhshis sto ti and hay00aveeso bamy rovedsto and at's ust d cenale paro r alede. dama extd ds f'sm matland en l tharewayp t oal maxt fermoma. nd bi : soththin eye. t davileeille tha you mo forbi eon surda vie hlee inhaheou r t s danortast,t wa cin hin fromvery d ecti
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rtt,wa c. tti n: o om yryh. bi: evy hr ofhe dtiay .d thrain weni o to sw y bi ev hd thofsnowentoleet th ind yoen lk ato the sw c endathowt d thetk ma it' n yo lathe supped tbe ts cda thmat' n way pattann:y onppas t t sayg is iay chr tmasttin:eedo do may chrtmas ihras lisdo t qu me ye bhrase's rey fois it. ll: mingqup onye bs it. l aw wrelfot. : ngon y?t. aw w >> pat y ann a liv look>> a pel disatssionnin waingt, d. ivat'sokhereerma ain psisio exwactedgtod.peakny 'srema n mite thisexafteed rortshatak the mi repuicanresintia iste rtst hendideexuay puanarassidia idua emplees o decasesgor s acsed pls thaec kellrigh iveacd n hawashgtonight ow. ll ghkell howsehe cn cashaignonespohting . thi llow c cagn po g storhi >> rorte pen -- pai an l'skeep n ey or r ontehaten-anel iscupaionan l epereermaainsey on t exelctedo se wcuh thne eman ae he mht sex sedethise any wth mentae he man c sn' shiny spospern, j. nt gdon,he c td fopoer j.ews' gn, geldo tfo rizeroheress' nothgeg too ts, iiro ire as
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sm r cathaigntothesre t i i a smca gn esthin souedllegions end the inuoteou. e won thccus cegnns d he te of ina roprwotethus b cavio whene seed aceo t ofnapr bio natienal rsetaur at o t asciatn, fro ti rur 996-99asat ro threpouotenonyus 6-soreclaing thpo thetewo wenny fe ngry reai andncomrtab heth w cn'sfery bndaviohichomab cs legey inudedexua byioch suesti con rsatgensinedua thwomen suti rorteyonat th me reivediv fige rteayou reountedaftesigng anige ouagreen witthe tntdetegnan as ciat n barein theite fromiscuing e t asatteatbahe patt omcug nn. te so k ly tt uerstd we . expe to ar fmo kerma u stinweater todpe, heo s f mascheled appr on erox. s heodaidhenythg s fhed ppon. hed th spersally >> > frepoer: hern in aeared on e of trsly >po: suayerornialk a shoren of t yestday a sunikfterho lving sty thstud as i d. he wer lng th ud i reated ask abo.e the w resayieds. skbo he's h heheespoed. yi-- he hepo. [
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indibl queion] [ >>t wainbluen] vy >>naudwale it was v vy inaudible b the sasd i'not gng to v na tale abo twoeopl b tha si' t you g won t eve tle who tabowo pl haey a. u one caaignvessuea t e hostatent ying sie a waingt est lishcantgnue critats hat n'tng hie mhwagt stsh lu in ithat att hking m m caislun eas fix bttngcono mais s ix b ancrea job tyre no trng tatta himn anea aob t try we tan.taim dly 've en t as pled out forea we.romint y e tpl co ervat ve, rerget bymi liralssimp cova, becetsey ey dagre wit lils pomptics mr. ecin a a d arericait servoecs bter. . a a ba to u pai aca annrv br.. pa i anbao kpalyi wght,nn ve i whingpan. an bi: yo krefeed t it, wt, i but w wilnghear rombiyofe h tmant, caatern t il tarmox new hn ca er anne h canere alk t ew out on ne "ppenange k now t that com a o 11: " wenhonow d je yarkat somtick rig1: w herehrouout e jerkornickig pattreann:out eeanwle, ck ni pey sa he isn tt wn:riednw, herm caiand pesaesn rititt w edmneyay be leang i the
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rmaid lls t wi a nit ptn o ey bs owtoea ref imeaxesnd s wi nt p o pendowg,ef govnores per sayse's nfidt he wndlovr eremer as e gop yss idhe esidtial wandite. he's t gov nor er s pearopg onox ns idaldi. he tovr ar on nsund: >> thi as e pele o wa or ndw >> hamhirehis r pe o soh calinar flida r am re y of the e lysocana staflsa lo at elans -ofandhe e ita thk th's w they'lot ns ju - nowd dng. thth w tviouy'y, ts re i 'tjuow a. ou tas t ry l ik a see wholes a it t tt's ling layut aee ho pl to g arica orki t s g whenayhey ok a plohat g acaki en my t a isoingndtibblgroun m thm, w n th looisatng bl whatunermaslan doe ofth wthoo at crtingmawo n sounes ooef tas, bh a vat a salcrng nou o ta and thelooktat b ouraat a alan tt rely wilta gndhe ok amurica rkin- >> tattirenn wl, ail g new ama in ll bthe >>s moesti w resterasew hman caiin b the leadmo withreer3 pe hent n the aite thad jusone intit peove t tt e rneyuse t e . ry billet'set tthe nati's enomy n. so al sllurit'sreac tng ae ti e my daerou n t pingointso sit ac a th proamhat oncdaou pd tngnt
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wee goless oney gpeng. le ba opto sial curitl becae fe rwe pgoplessey a g sl ri work g, fcaerfeeoplare pe a payi socl serity rk f taxepl e we'vgot re mey cin t yi oocsocisety sec ity,xe 'vt m ccauspeop are ret oingciec y, earlr, t bab busmersopreet g eetirg, a ou'v rlot tab brs thespayrl ta ir a'volids. onfor is yr i esnyrtaid ace,onne fr nex yyearas i been ppose e, fexar re lt?en quarr of triion pse do ars,akenre? o aroffrin do s,duceen orom cialecury in a ce t-yea perm d.alur at minnshat theointt teaer m whh wetotal runhe ont ot ney getng whwealuch,unuch o o clos, anit mns tha y eth,h th osan mha policalell for present ama,oth sell aolallor tens n to he pesrollt axa, is nelolit aallyore ns to pfficlltnd nconoitcalllyye diffult,oo. ll bicl tht is irecnoll re ecti of ffet, b ths beuse at yec're ying ishe xes nre wtihingf neco wha bee y ise ng histing ts wngn prram d ahaot o the ts h mongy ha tbeenaked io thprideam fa ohe t keeng smoialha ened se irity ea theupermmite ee salinlwith ll osety tols, d.o he youerit kno >> i on'tinelieth the o t dre. do n u thi theno
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i'tiere.he this. eensi o n thihe .yroltaxolid is is esi tar ofhe olxid presdent jobbill anis gng to beof votren ntob inllhe an s gate irlyoeot sn. in harr sreide ly lk s t rrid demo lats d the predent t th wananxten on, atmos he woulmeanrent thanen, noth $105illi in e ye ulan tan ouof sial curi. bith: ju to ote 05relin ye mebota wasouicke sl u ri taing bithinjuo e t bo somaske u tammitg ein -- sup tcommteeom yingtarel cam it - u inupmme ese ngtel cloamd u deleratnsn thewere eocusg onheloel at ephas inhe r m. here >> it'uson t thi hain rai r f>>t' thi onomai tchinsoci secu ropeeford wi tin bacirupt. wi we? bil wow cu se.yo peorwit 92 timbapt wie? oka ilow se strt, a92imka hlowe! on st, f. h we tti,hat'oncomi u f. next i,pattt'ann:mihosere aew ofhe sriese're llowg o "ame ca'sxt ttn:se a of sesre owwsro". co ong ume new'signshe oba adnisttionay b ro di ancico uewtselnsfrom tobadston b lynd sca al, is adici weelom t genew port secd ndca , aener comnyehat gotgew rt ans led rec ankr tcy.erom t'll ve aembeof tot
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othpte ithe ong ing to u on dente, hp ie g gitould ue ven abrntive. if t surce gs abded, it justhe viroent itldvebre. tur gabd,ituse ro tthatactea kes nese in atte d ths canesauseinhe o r. yourentu nee to eanegent on dailbasithanse o urtueeo nentn ilsi likeo remmenpolint it kls t bacria witht cakeing rey abensionli k tacathcag abon wh my tien foow minstctio why en fothei mdentstes fiol cln d frh. th loo forweid tontutti f clem i theimoutfrand ilin
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-st aittlmoreomhan o a2, mohs bore swaolds atlren he mo b e rst esidtial causds ththirof juary in t idalau ss hthir jry uncventna s h esidtialampan stnctegynteemso dohe tric id al>> fpa tho thastritigyzemsdo our stregy, onl ic a fhohati ou thtr to y,ok athenl a peormae weave the tho ae polls. pema wewee noe he rning ll aditwenalnoampan rng stragy itlpa ra. antheyon'tnow wt an oey'tw w ntration stregy o is. forhem mak rahoseontrys. itic ms, or be m . buakit dsn't cause us t ange uric, e sbuateg d'taus t ll atheomen nge, at th seg ame acaneen eerpre n at stite in ashiton,th c., ere ermamenain, epr ter itinhi ween,nd o , e man,eadles r ee o th pnts adlllegions of th psnapppria behior egs benslf goiack of tppiaehr be oi1990 k karlove on ck, t i t wanto dr i her and 90 eerle n , i nt ifdrai rerenserndhat: if y d't ren devopt: hf y d ev
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mu, to tfast wit too d ttle i t itrom mue petolestitoo osesto t pro em.le ani soit wm pe pogetr ou es t rorate. an b wed p onetou te imin bing ree tn ing e t ru - csts thathey re ting - cell.s at hhaped ey to irove tg operionsay tl. hay.d o i ve it me i er ensier t.or m the i pele wkingn er thehe staunt to pe wngonsiheent au t prove thsitrodu. and ovth hamre on ttdu. rate. d soeamn t simifie te .so ybeheimie s.plifation e incie is whahelp le sifio to ciis -halp 9.le so wo simified t - woperio dmatilly,hatim ie lped ts. ercond, wh dtiy,t ed wid nd inwhoduca neprodt beuse hadaggi insaleuc we neededod toiv bee adgi cuomerand w cuomer leae ed reaon to ce ba tocuerd cuer eao dfatr's. cey hba lefo u so wdeveped n ats. hef u prod t ca ed b wved n vue beca e inoddditcan to b bng v the alit lter tivecaninitto beegme w
9:19 am
newe it tha weerve need ame w vwuehae p posionne tottra v somofhe psi pele, t we didtotra womt to dage o pe, weid quaty w de o ima ordoua g erybo ma coerte rdver. ll: g hman eboain lkin abt buconessteecisns hr. : mades ce h ofnn inodfa er'sabbussis h de picea. f weere rioutofa's kno ethe had hepi a edwe aboe ou ddre thenollegions hede a ofbo inaropr te bavioreinheegns e 199s. of wantonapr bringio i19ox n s ntong coribur ka i re, n form depcoy chbuf ofka sff r toorksrnlg bke a foxrmep ch ofnews s ctribtoor.ks lg wan bto tk abt th apolloxumbe in i a,ws becae i cibhink. anhey tabth tel llben i a intecastinink sto. y wh do u mael of e a fi stortethatineveled to er twho maf eekee rounfioratel t heanke cai >> wl, hs noun dying het he ainai r pond g an w hno th's n d thengest helaceino rndan be. th n he the allatiot areotce tr, sathey a n't.rue, he lland iot itreehinou. tr sa ey ate, not d itin.ette et oterytng o sner ther an ler bteausen a situion ke tyts, i o s r erther s l s bethisea heretu n tthat iometng igointo er cos shi o.
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bi: wathe stamentre fatmet iin cosampan o biwaetantuffi fent? taket bad onour pa answ, yodon'thinitfit? s. keba >>ono, ir tnk gerdo ad swyon'in itightas >> n iht, u ter sily c't s itht tk to n , thnatial rtaurt si c ssociion and ttoefus othti r ur swerhe que ioci wernnd the anus monary er uesettmenterinvoed i th an eseony this,ou impl ttntvo i n't yo ta eo soonehi el, yoneedpl to sayes o t y ta no a iso ne ayelyoedooay o a n imdiaty, s absutel not d geon wh i but im youate sbselitti the t ge wh i t ouyingo ta toomebtiyhe elseit'sot gng thelp ng ta oyou.eb ll: o thgs o n se's g tlphis. 'll e ifhe t ic omesu. : th o upt tsventns. l if tes waingtup. it till srtainty co up the tervwaw ongt itl happaiingcop no latn e rvon foxpp g rl, and bnoat a momt inox , d auin bause wanto lk abo whas haomeninin out iowand the's a au b set toanalk aut bohahain t owdhat. he aat'sappeng in tok a ausn. pai an theresint's pt. adv ers'srepe iushi tus s dpaenseanhesiouti's thedv s ite use forthito g t ourcono bac dse oti tckhe e e d clrtming ghe r gopnoac o tcandateson'tave at cl itngakesop reblic s, b gingndoes'te ites ffer >> tre ecoicmy i binngo
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trble. d yoknowhat er tco i thisresint pnts o tre. yoowt thate d n auseissihe ps o ressio ande's at d n rigse. buhe me treiondsowntnig bu m rse. t d ma thentecovy lt long thait shod e. ma havheov l nghaho.av [ gg ] straerrbana! g ] [ le aounc ] f a ooth witrealruitrar na us vgie tritn[ anc f a th itw v8al-fusitn smthie ve it cod'vead a8. v8ussmie cove a
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chestel. woredtumermm [ n [ mlo 2 ]chummyte m ]i gmy th wro di't malannocer wantreat stend wle gin os gthrodit al tnot car helpnt at wer holeteerol w g o h ey n chetios.calp erleol h nhes.
9:24 am
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9:25 am
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9:26 am
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9:28 am
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9:29 am
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9:32 am
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9:33 am
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9:34 am
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9:36 am
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9:38 am
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9:39 am
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9:40 am
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9:41 am
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9:47 am
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9:48 am
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9:52 am
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9:53 am
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9:54 am
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9:55 am
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9:56 am
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10:20 am
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10:32 am
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10:33 am
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10:34 am
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10:35 am
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10:37 am
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10:44 am
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10:45 am
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10:46 am
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10:47 am
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10:48 am
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10:49 am
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10:50 am
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10:52 am
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10:53 am
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10:54 am
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10:55 am
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10:56 am
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10:58 am
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10:59 am
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