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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 31, 2011 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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e ew ere 're jandiy. thais th s usinnor som100 p ple,e oe diha it lksike tho in sheersom 0 pe goe,g toave to l remne ho en f at leahes t nex gotoe o veraem day as e ftea tex authitie scrarale tget ay s the wer bk o th iebackrao yo tin tt e r s bdio. n: ia wd, it o ckyo was t so. i w t beliable. be daabd le mler, li tlenks. . dale jea: n mr, infmati tcrossng our intnatijeal n nf tisk, to e deh f osurntti , o qadeafi, lyahe nat ssio isqaver,i, but ligat ncerior,bouthehousutds of ddly weans iludi erthehemilut weanshatus dyea i dicoul fine tir wmiea intt the nds ulin terro wsts. ose nte th rorts e s let'talko catrinero s. he idgee boutth t rs.ts cat'erinlk do atnenow w hege maut t cmicacaino w w weans lyama ha thathe ccaibya he,ea l ancane cfirmha thahaeheyya ac hally exi ? an >>nhankou j cnnermhand gdy ac ly moing.xi had>>onfinkatio jsunde gfromhe intim mog. minte adfi io nde c mica om antsadeennt und in ibya cca and asessin teamwere nd tir w tyand sibya sece a amre dtroy t w t th. a ec a ddebroy sai lib th had no
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11:23 am
v surting ahe ofno t n gomn urhe f ontrner tt rney,n g a new demnes regter tr r rpolly,that nothe o y neem s po, inegr f t. llat heot to t th oreco poin raig f he 2o 2gopthco presenti candate rmanigain. 2 op herm, ni to ve y estiante ck oanthe n.ograwith u >> enna rm delnihtedo o be y oe ra thhere u jenn let stana withel theedbe re trnnh. etta thit's aays hee be pla to srt. at ithe tru aut tr ese thlega aonss obela s. seal ieru a haramentr e ga ssual ose ramiscntduct haveou e sr bel aused anyimef scct ve ebe aed e her?ny e yes have nev er? exuayes hassed nyonve letev sua that haedonet s sendly i'v n er at sexu lyselyarasd'v nnyon an xuas yes wason fallyanes accudas whi i w at theal natial rtaur t cudhi w t heassoatio and say falstiy, b rauseurt tne so io ndt, aayer t ls bse t instigion,o be a t baless. inign,be theeopl entiedba iss tha ticlwere he epl oneti w iha uld clre awa one w a d wa o misdngs,nd ty h ae
11:24 am
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11:25 am
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11:26 am
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11:27 am
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11:28 am
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11:29 am
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11:30 am
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11:31 am
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11:32 am
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11:34 am
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11:35 am
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11:36 am
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11:37 am
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11:38 am
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11:39 am
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11:41 am
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11:48 am
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11:49 am
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11:50 am
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11:54 am
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11:55 am
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11:56 am
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11:57 am
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12:00 pm
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12:01 pm
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12:02 pm
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12:03 pm
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12:04 pm
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12:05 pm
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12:06 pm
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12:07 pm
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12:08 pm
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12:10 pm
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12:11 pm
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12:12 pm
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12:13 pm
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12:14 pm
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12:15 pm
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12:16 pm
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12:17 pm
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12:18 pm
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12:20 pm
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12:23 pm
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12:25 pm
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12:26 pm
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12:32 pm
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12:35 pm
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12:36 pm
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12:37 pm
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12:39 pm
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12:43 pm
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12:44 pm
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12:45 pm
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12:50 pm
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12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
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12:55 pm
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12:56 pm
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