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tv   America Live  FOX News  October 31, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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ch actete ty is iri t allyy beles chtend s t lytotay fae, ner bhavees i mmit d antasorta nve of i sexl rassnt. itanrt f rthaexallight. ss. is festo rindi som hal ht lks the da of fto ndid re diom bi clton en h hads ohe deada of th cims at c eid bi frcln had oneea nnif flo crss c remberfrll ne th? that he aif theloreer thenthrkans atvern a werheove. th s the bienan sndal that rner ewedven thoth thaysbi swe aal knohaw clton,f cedrse,ho nt oysto win t anocln, nomatio c e,hermain,bvioly o hopin t th he ll b abomioto p rmn,io tisop ise, athe b slhtlyb dfere p sue, t bindim a is asl lyll. dre e, b chds st aewalt s f. ns ch st algital pliti eitornd ho f nof "por ta p py"ti eorho o foews.m. po go amp p go to e yo ooday fo>>s. rerter goodgomp afrnoo goo yo por.ay rthae: serodow b iafoo thfor po him,nd c he ha w sther b i it?h r >>ell,e'll m, kno ce wer e ta oft?heap >> isl,llnogointo beince e tasf conrmed ths inese legaons we bemadece ainsonimed soh 'sonfied e ga s ethe ntraclaidein thnsso fi olito" s ry t te heraaih alletionwereade d no laid it do s a tery strng
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leonree id heaidorytrbsotelya und.iable hed d nsolyndblsexuly hass abody n and has tan it atepxu ha a fudyher say d asta ttit a ifnythpg comefur out,ayt'soingo be a t if mathfacted sry, at i smet,s ng ing be be de ap. ma soctow t s que, ion ove is th g e ne 48 urs wl thoso tuen ve thisth pre to e tr becnese8 tst's w hoouthe winwhi fprtotr someching ts lit thiin maha:eah. f om ngyou int t nlihi powma: plh." u day t uelie thi i ow sowhatf a stl f y hisiehi soat a mpai fteam w doisou feehe dea wh aiam is? do ee wh didhe tm kw inea w vanc ? thfirswhthinidthat tvery kdyn doesho'soingo wo wncth atthrsersoin tateyry sitown d es'sng y,wo lok w ishere asothin tatit n alwe nd t k w, lisre ght? ain >> n t we k lo, hean cn t? oda>>ri agaiwe if erytonghe c brsuta as e sa ai it wf l, iytoin ba good obassa w i he beiin scul ode'sbeino clher,ei he'eing ul ad' can'say e sacl thi fore'ng sad t. mpai. n' thy knesafor weehior thathis was ming tat ts saiort thne r eeofha kisckinarou out s tngre t t thrt polical ace kndinouut t th
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"political hadome eo the and th seeto be "pic cadughte he ndsoluly fl -foodthee oncthebe al cgatiht wasade d oe t lufl oo ory me onc aneidn'have aaltiase o resp tse a didt y o nvesn' ve lllinn sp a sucidssfuy di backn th in d wiucfudi a mh ckth rse legaon tat d acallyi a tued o to m tr, he h a e ga t od wac to lyal w htu oo t.trhe h ahe h hisife by h wo wide,e d thabil y to h knoiseby dwn h thstore, anmoveon thilto northayeah d that's gre poior, anan tveat's e la que ion harahyou. 'sreoi an we'v tgot 's gout, lauen uick, weu. ve n see his 'vfet andot, i ck wedoesemin youf hat neemomes nd withilla i clion sting esxt tinbilloulint onhetme uch d do gththelali sng "60 tllntn h doe60 mites" tervw, wldhis agoodmis" chan forer torv wis od rfac woulanorto>>woulave en betacer ul soon, bu se's >>ing ul havve to vch feter hus nd. onbu s s g maavha: chr v f srewaus, th.ks so mmah.:hr fonewsontrutor and swath soshinon m eamin fowstror cndlumnt byroinyorks gog to eoinin us in the cmn netour w hrorkgotoewsnthers thosheremas asner wh mrscainrieser to emen hisos leamaatasthe tp ofmr in esthe epubtocanensea fidwhile tof ying o
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earry tstoryubniil th ng harycome tutshatry hs hah ohame t deal hith hawell d th foxews ale newalh ll de ils the> ethfortox towselple whalf doz des shetes ert reverto fomlp lf oz ses birre,rer f re r ord-eaki biowste,mthat haent r d-hallkieen to a stwholat dierenhat sttospre o this ll n y. aol e afrmatdihen is ikelstsp ois to ouast e snaf outatstherel eo ou clt nup'snuter alady undway lp' fr mai allhe w dow ly viiniand y th're eanifrpaill wow flen viia the trnis, per lin tha a dn fn stl lierintheroad trt pinha a this doin stas oli inghteowad twoilli is peopin havno p wer o tn esewoli sistat a itop coavd b pr eys, ssib we s weesiat at co hear bg, a thais no , whatibwewe peop wanto h r ar ahahen thenove at gono pow . opan h huredsf scolsen arehelose goout ere towday,. huds asscs mrech ase 30 t e tchesy,f weeavyas sow m and 30 at ishathapp ed, es feevy s onop ohosed t isleavt, anpp, e that wha brout thon tre osos downnigavan nbersn athaouthre comm mentwn in weern nrs maachutts ong e haest himmnt snonallwe tnals mahu s pping hat hi no lchesn th tls in laiieldmass
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esth vid e mller isai ldvessn new d jers m, anerher ea tist got ne rely hd hi b rsan thr tot bzarr re hhi b halleenh brrnowsrm. davi lee? lln repter:ws i.eed. vi e?st epr:illrd w reay sla iedd. on satday. th comllnity wea mtha, lat9 on at y.inch of th somw.ty m a, latee sh you s e --chfet s shoyou te sosh ofhe oumage s-- fro of housohef nici lge roildif. ke aook thi t eci il fronof t diuildg, ak hi leral te i slic in e tw on t d tald a lk at the lranales ic in n etw tee. ta lu meationetheheeaveonan the trn , anthat t wa. wt re lymeneeve heusedo mu of e pr lemtran atwa he. wre athis me othe ar t edmuf prm tr shehave ats o bete en 50 tand 80 trveet 0 ofheird0eave ill inct ofir d sily bausef tt theve ln snowdher to e le essi bandse tehebranes sn pedowikeero twie d un r th wght theannow,snd ke andhen wiat un resthted wt she ttw, many f thden brchesellesnd t ny th to of werbr lesesl n.he ste ofew jtoseyf arne, ere lren.e s me of jy a, e360,0 pele nw wiout wer.0,
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e gopernor nwitaid tha e ming rogooras fidwayha a c ge gia t hel ngut f neyrthess aresi ntsgea are tel stl any an neustrheed.sisre stan an sten >> his truld . on til the enof t we . en th i>> nots d an eptale inhehe en t 21ste th iot ctury atain i newst jeeyne c ry hourutsi of w yo ci. i ew itje lik bng i ur thsif yo ciondos of alaa.itik b i' isuret's beer uthp tre. do ofla i'resbe u t. >> repter:nd y cod he in e b kgrodtheepr: yo sire of fihen brotruce we d't kw wh t y're ref i cingo,utuc the ha bee d k wh wa tingsrerom offialsn ng otr stesh andhaee maywapplygsm hffrels welthatot ifst yndee aay dowlyd h por li, do elat ft go nea y a .ow pr ume at ppoer llie isdo l ve.goea the s tepr ofe p lis l. mssacsett he s thers stofl ha a mlion peop now m acthoutt ower erstha we m mtionon thaso my opschoows todou wer sher a t mon ha m comyter ervi shood hadersh t a canc, bu aomrrainvi seradce t ncdbu ainnoth losbecaere othe orm,arth a thmberf cosmitmcats h oe to m, th ncelall ek.a er ctm th h say ato the ell . wh -- thay llown. th hee w--
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owtoramag it w oo dangous. or rthaagthat not w bad id. it ight e thngbests. thi to haatot ad wa untid sarday l ithtthst hieto ds tck owatreantinsa aay lore thall oeen-eake eironnt. a e vid leethank y s uch. lln- e on .davilee llerut th ed iee an y ne jrseyor uh. tday. vie erth i d honeabou jey u thi ty. diyou toheroce > ho stoue tohi sck u fo di tu socet snotormto ser ufohe wkendan t d unorm tice 40 hig wnd fd driceare righ nowce0ig f gereadfor encee mor s ckergh showk wee beg toldgetad ther or s er ocer sore.shwebe odldhe pris wi be er sging sne. e mingriwie sng mons. chyl ng case i froon th foxch sine netrk, as couee, a i ro e jos methx noneet, ou a he jo meeryl >>epoer:oi, arthhe is yl re rt disporbin: it on e coumerth ice ndex re is foinallood. it n co noer it epareentealex bge fold. noch ftmart 20l and b 20, buthe jumprom f0nd'10 t 2ut mpm 1,0 t 201 3 to 401% fo theonsur 3 pre inx foall f 4d. fohe thsus a majpr m or jp,in andfol f
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the estith hera is,aj mwhy? jnd what e hangtiers,yearver-ar fmy? 11 t at 21?ng basilly,hearr- f usd tsayi i's 2 comm itysiy,rice enegysdpric yi iand ao, mmy mara,ce gnebaloodic d a dend orallasar jped glod subsntiay. det th o is lle bgges jd ireas 've ee bsinceia ths bes ias 19. e it goice to a b sck f9 . consers. it oire'so he tng b ough sou' f alrey se ng t shonss. rig 's t noghu' you obab saw t reen yse tho ig weretockgp, a y no u abaw y ntiod, rtha for reck a y t bi io stham her in e noheasand en f t012 asbi wellsthen no as dtheyay ware ill oing fto12sll se th e saey h where lng pces. amerans t ousetth asaout hr ha the ps. ti weers eaouhome atalf haehe ti. th pricjumptis wer bo areame abf t thei. se, sothheticrmp u bore li to ok orabth e s ousoet e ect, li mao ha, payor eighou pris. et, rtha boy,imema , ayet aghri bigg freer a che hay,e aut thos couggnsre ahe rht chel? thkou v y osuch.ou r cherhe ca ne othfood vh. pces toda er ca> anther oareodome bld ps ac sati s frda onef anheeree b pridens to pdvisacsti tfrtne publans uld pr hurenng ttois t
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mart: we, frhteng ene areso ver rt pweularfr enth e amicanourisos. the waer a ddle pfar t da aman shoong aria thwa le t buda mll n oo a c wbu m s lus, c meco? u casee spper ss ruing luom t oresnhe ar mer? ca e th sr liers andug t is t es dre atic cturof pol e ofcerthlian runng t fdricover ur ol ofr siautatic n nnne f han okerat the p stureut icat'san ba holng ohe t p reat 'sitt babys th unbaol o o. t thpolit e ntua yby arrthted twme in othis th casli euanerrd r tw kiningisasmexin mare eaier at dki.g y,hingxi arear veear oug d nglightlet' reveveoug liti herat he > w.lhtt' so remks or th wken dtier h fr davsoem oth wenaxled, t esidt'sop fravdvirle ten i idcomestohis cmpaivind h i comm ts r sed meas lo cai of h eyeb ws, mmying rd thlo of reblics mabe ting toeb, ng h deroy e ecomy pur se re toicma tdenygto e pdeesidy t anechery ur totermny tch is. pidan r >> i hinkrmhis h . smethg, 's meth g d ifereoingnks on rht n. sth en y hav theth dre lenger, e r n reblic lear of
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t yav senatele , y r nmber on reic eaal iof the ste mit of t s ner ecomy,on o i mberne gl iso mi dofeat t theecy, o present,nd ty're er ac gngis d liat it.he th don wanestot, co teratrec theyon't ant lit. hp. th onevenann meuresooat hp th ey 't t econy th h tyradional enmees hveth sup rted eforonliketh a tydial yroltax cuup ledeorke a inastrturerebuding rolx u ads d l ridinstrrebung d s durfa --d thes-- syou d ve tsk fa -queson, e th wi ing es su tar dn th ecomy i es, thrderwig to tr do th dth predent oco i e th goier to oop ate? tdothrent o mart: the yo thoiope? go. lodobb join mertthyo nw,o. ndic ed rio hlotbb anin hst n ofou dbs tightn ic rhe hxan h bunessetwo. ofyou' d chu tlinghte wy? busswo u'>> dhuid angerodho, u kn w heas t pearce aleas t d aod , kn bngome athe t rmal ar aisas but b he a wle knoal utllecvist he'she w got hnonthuasm, ec st ob ousl's forresint obota. h maha: rehum, >> b hatobsl or'ssib sing ma: sing bat s g lahabl scandg crowy siing tere la blwitht nd browkingsig tmilee th's fny thtuffrng ile me th folltiviff i
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hemellvi i wah wo unrthis admistraon, t whwawonyouis star miemorazing, wh clectelyu e en re ar reblic parong yove r cchedct levy enre ic abrditar tt yo redev hat evabit ttit oatar f thiv admistrion raing uer e buen o fhi verydmtrn loappral tinginfor ur thisbu p oesidt. rythinit'simelo fpr ople ngor is st pt geiding riouin th in'se f admi straleon rhero thastgeg ou th lly. mi ramart r: bur you kowhae ci sy. mi h rtcconbullou k w, yo iow ght aftemithatuote camon o wyo thinalmo ye agot heteatteam o sa thi inmoit wieeveroee saforghiten,ou kw, higoalier s to m erg sn,e th k wahial o m eone- srm pthside.wa earl man meers t go e- pde not wt t rlanee themes tresintgo elecd, s ot whe testi he comearesi the beg ec se ti obstmectioest iordehebe to insu thathe onomdoest st ioprov iand de wilnottobe ae suto gha ane heromes fur yovrs?d ilt a i tnk t re gblicnsr th f y? thepubcan ader tip t eic ceainlshouh qution ethubn er tiveof ts ce prenldentouquon goe ford,oes h veot w ttorent see goors h w rep blic e cdida
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elted esidt inepic 2 c2?da elatd didesinhat me 2s esidt bam dnteionayat ildime this ecomyo tt aidamtena publ an cdi behiecefeayd?o t i me, th is eind bl ce eachilsh lgic meths nd hat'at pl ilfrom lc theresint's chf t' polical aiserpl om hed th prsiiden'stchf crat esli hl aer ad a asthren himelfhyisat hhe in s amuchsimf poticatroue wi themerin p ple? sch rthayoueardheoca ouintse atwierehe mari p thee? me by a haurd t tsf docra crea stregishe a mby a wellwhatbout het pa dollraaxtr is at, irastctur are t llat ut the sopal ingse cet ist ur retogeer o thi thsok evyone ders ndsgs c at th geide oave thevne c mplerslys ffert waof sving hisdeve probm. cle publans nt t er cutwa sngaxesis and leas th obogsof bublnesss t ut toort es run a in a d asringgs uthe ssonomback tot un aughr] a ang e omand ck howbout he lghns o sine, theige of d owbusiutss. l o rthait w nethgef si. shhaespeea w feree,gues thhpedemoatsee gov nmenre shoue ab tes hane th probmom ansif w ovten mo ouab t an thimul mney oban w reo maha: ere s toul my be me stf inmahe: e mitole. e >> setim theiddl sn't
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stthe inst pce tmie w.n sim hedl cos to a't c ic e etwe p toing wn the ght t ing dco thto wrg cwe ng thg. whe we tve w tnessg nowth forr the ye s ith ddiwhonale wssow$3or thilliye inatio il debtdial on oay $4 liniobt triion. ave o tnes d4even morin. e endi. es hads mueno stilus as di y admu ecomy uldossitiys er t lasthre yecarsy dsie'v had d.reat budt tasre dicit ys th'v dat aime atud our htory dit ovth ae ur hry ov triionolla. at wtoint do the rin adnisttionlaay, u kn w nt mae th susct wotheorks adst on , maybit'skn tme to ocusmath tusly w ks onobs raer yb's thaspentongus t moreaxpar moy.onsa anthefactf th maeren i whrepas i thamo e aneatioctltha ilibe l meawh coinue itoha sy,io y cat th epub cansbeme mooue the semoctic lkin cathub ns pots?o th's a heocc insurdy. 's n lon rpo? th a a cplia rd foth sta n, thon i an cia fota th compce frth istaan wth is ainisatioand t mp fh ademoatic weadehip. ais io dd wn tno one moicdep. sming in whe ne libel mea tas lk sngn a dabedme ataleros cmentand l thin, yoknowis a hat allydad aro
1:19 pm
c nte wadthisresint in wyoletsowt ly waissi to- wts maha: is idefitelyhe way ey'r goiith is to ma : th dony hav'ra spoiific h candate runweno aithey.e rnninthon agavnstspic ndconge ss, uneenxcess of ll ey r in staget, tey'rrunng a inst ng, e es a gf athey sayyoust, now,'rnn ast thatheir g ain aley when tayy u gew, uin the atirmorng unl thn hego tbed t s juge u to nkehe su rnun thth priden desn' tdetjuo ureelted. ithpren won drn'to wh elegrd. ey'ron pjectghhaecaegr real it' the'r pob ct thi esidt toun o hisca reord. al t'd ifeb hi's uomfo wit idto o thais rd. then cou undifstan ufoitth hadefat thg wod beo ru enou nd anagait thpartpposg m, fathwo be ruainsth indidua oppoaingthrtos m. buthe uth he nseds benduapo nninon h reco .bue h e s e caussure in hcoy w ushere ameran ppl arpret clyr w abt wh he cannd er p cantr doetcl an thab'rewheanxpreing eirando anth e dgme ofhat eryay reg r thgall meft y tckinpoll thndll wi geto exess tir t finalll dgme nov ber owi nexet ar.xs t rtha fit's lo meayovr a oy.ex . i ha'so tink a xler's goto tk citeabouthat
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errthayou uld ink.ot l ightthanyou mh. teou at >> ha thu ks.d k. htanu m ma>>ha: u dbs ethrybo.. ma: d e bo lo dos tnigh weeight a lo p.mdo tgh we'vgot meeeht lat areakg .m delopmts fm a 'vt dasteinat ak th fa archeams dte si ing tthough h la motainof rubche atms asig tgh moinubat own- gra levn-or.ra plramic cturfev. > nasse drpl bstam urs.s. s.ssa.t.dr bteamgo aer ths.e mexin dr caelss.t.on aricaam a soth. xidr th vidtape faoms acahis so thidpe f inedibis, weent alonfo eide. in ib weyou't goi to e th comong up, at's a fe. u'oio thomews eclus e. , 's > an fstilhead hasily e us ev aft, at l stanilaboutenad eks ha tyms of wongevftat l tousn s tf g t last. doou rembethiseddi? jusaire few weekst do rbeisdiback usre w ek sht-lid mckital bli f kishliardaian mal andli f ks hum kida n freend the tests cong u kum nxt we'l be r htee e ack.stco u ♪ n♪
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'l rk. ♪
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1:25 pm
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1:26 pm
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1:27 pm
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1:28 pm
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1:29 pm
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1:30 pm
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1:31 pm
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1:33 pm
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1:34 pm
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1:35 pm
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1:36 pm
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1:37 pm
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1:38 pm
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1:39 pm
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1:40 pm
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1:41 pm
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1:42 pm
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1:43 pm
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1:44 pm
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1:45 pm
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1:46 pm
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1:47 pm
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1:48 pm
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1:49 pm
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1:50 pm
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1:51 pm
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1:52 pm
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1:55 pm
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1:56 pm
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1:57 pm
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1:58 pm
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1:59 pm
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2:00 pm
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2:01 pm
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2:02 pm
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2:03 pm
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2:04 pm
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2:05 pm
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2:06 pm
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2:07 pm
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2:08 pm
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2:09 pm
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2:10 pm
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2:11 pm
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2:12 pm
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2:13 pm
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2:14 pm
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2:15 pm
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2:16 pm
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2:17 pm
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2:18 pm
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2:19 pm
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2:20 pm
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2:21 pm
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2:22 pm
2:23 pm
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2:24 pm
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2:25 pm
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2:26 pm
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2:27 pm
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2:29 pm
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2:30 pm
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2:31 pm
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2:32 pm
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2:33 pm
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2:34 pm
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2:35 pm
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2:36 pm
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2:37 pm
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2:38 pm
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2:39 pm
2:40 pm
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2:41 pm
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2:42 pm
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2:43 pm
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2:44 pm
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2:45 pm
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2:46 pm
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2:47 pm
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2:48 pm
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2:49 pm
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2:50 pm
2:51 pm
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2:52 pm
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2:53 pm
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2:54 pm
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2:59 pm
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