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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 31, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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owat wrmh the i a ste'seaown whe vern ricperr herm stins alsnon topn rn iica,rr withrmust wo mlsnths befe thop i thucust thend m ahsoinef athead of theform ushe maachutt ain ad goveor rofneyherm thouhat mahu in t argve o ry ou err.t trg o an w,eer soke athe naonalesolion ub a i saw m sg se atthe naaloln aatio il w s tpresclubio >>ca: gpelt e enes oubf what waa ca gl en 45 o mute to atourwa ng5ppeance mte aour h den agn, aeae al agatisf h sexlen ag a rassntl ati aidexhere m ss aen fur d rorsre and m the f al wi rs alsndth be al fal.i whlsher isbeal siing rwhr ocks' th pos itsi cgear rmanck in inotth ging toeoit cr an straed b it t gre.g o is keeng an ra b t. seeelabate hedu ofn intviewtoda a dehe asstionabe toddu thafnt ew daperhs it a i po tical critssism on the ro ofod whahais rhit io ca dr ing it thm .hero o lihaen. i toyou isdr bgll's eyehon li.
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ou myack b h'syeott bgger myi hak n h id, wetave i ber id haeourdwefve th wit i hnt.d whh is ealle whatur ih it we he no h. ideawhis llha an al if m h ovno40ea yea anal of msinevxpernce, ruinea buness andf neere,ru cporaons, bussnd c rahaves, nev suall veevaras sdll >>ca: toy yos hs ing the int view candtooing h t gdiff ent eudioozenntewtalko eng t m ia efft s dio heenas lylk awe of e m colainand do s e t kw here wre awtwo,f ed coat hind diddo kt, here w w noo, awde of a h casidh setemenhe w he snod he aw recofed aas hself aseten a ch srman hf toarofec the hlfas naonalchan t rartaurt asciatn he and trusd ito na ale rurasatawye and usit e psonn epamentof ye that orgaanzati dhey pnn relvedtndpant tre wasatga noti y alletion reed sutantted ains t him. as is ithenoind o th glehaton wisunt hard ns m. to g ied oawayhat wi hadar l ofo gaf gshat ktay him f t ad meage loff taft k 9-9 m an t wre hmee wou tlike -9
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w hetouke ba. shepd: a theriva mpinon thisba ep aheva in carlisprobly toon rl whhob iou nernterpt ur on whoppont wle t ny aer in e presspo wof t an havng doprs it, sohe on hown,av butdo ere itabsosotely noon hn,ut e disonishlynt otheno fht. th gorgi dish oe f. thusi gssmagin is yinghaterm gingsima toisay heancain and ngakintgrm no ggo heapolies r ainotndinfo wt ha been ols arett tghritismf fro wha e po tica enommutytt ttheti rotablhmenand e re blicpoca partmuand tmedie blennd tresic onertd t hedis defnt. t did tne sxual hass, heef . aims id sndal kno n hhings,he abo ms e ch ttlenont. n ng st othe estishebo swer c qui bluly lend. th oe wae sti notn er avuiage lu litian wd w hething wad wingotnd goin overyi tti w w efindg awers ng hermoi caas bint. t ndick. d ars rma b d.iedt. k. shepd: ddhank yo eparl and nw,an aormero camignrl
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nage f d nmeamn gethe fepubcane ngrewomamiche bamann ubys hn is tway an re mach sebalemenn orayme m hes byy theestaanant semerssocmetion m e carlyays w blt n etat ocnyinonthis bu trls ther w l ske. >>est:e n edsin to isbuer is s . th t lawr o wked>> fot: nso he w e taw c. o.of wdfo t compy. he w annoc.t s he dsn't t kn mp ab theit wnnover she d me'takn tlet t w rld wiabgo w terer hi hee neso fi et ou wdith fas rd ge out with th efioua ge utcts w thbefo he pckedpart a s fopefuey it ped notng.rt d if as smeth g itfuillit out tre.ot. ifshep d: ttheris sthithatl aut t. ymen >> est:ephere taser toe at areas forhe tornens an t>>t: re orgaozati to ekehe deassionoroo rnanhat. t gatio cant dey "iono dotnowt. wt ey didan tu"ied itdo overoow w idthem and mybe thetu iveis othemnd mehe stufe heenth oddd uf h denyg. itenill t stk inthis cas i hain re on ny to itl eliestin is asd anhing i wrohag. i ade eto stylikeie eveone se anng dibutro i he e of thstkevee i y, htis efthn te
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b heaks n. t h to bome cln.ks n . >> epar he hcame outtoastmeascl carl re rted>>ar e guesme heayut hve cot o too rlast. e edthe botm li es he hco o d o thestaft. are eotli h denngt borehe knowhe afthe fac ae the enitic thi be nee to owt eac a dn, fdheut ic thhi sry atev theeetoryo t is d you fay itut ath st sk ev heth iryand d it isou atatiol a prs coteren becse isd d nogoint to bio not oingprcoenoec aynoin bere y do botngikeo be yoke h be do whe youet t h reerter do he comeou teerut me andsk a qstio. nd >>sh aard:nd ho d th qio st? shd: h d guesth yesehas to w ll? in ioo aesess able w ca idato >>epar is chel bhman le stil caat a >>arviabs el b candida? il>>gut: i oes a doweab cllsda t gu i spacs of ckowerr and storu sand tbunc ofacf hem rr anitan ssrud abnctorgazatiof im iowaanthe e tictabutgati of wae iow sideicrome mynd oof s to ow ge it. demey shepd:how o isickerry sto
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okinge t. >>gut: hha a l ep owskoney ry d he in gu h has lo spet bey mo heof t pelen io hveas notpe de bupmo teie min iohe h h totone f orgazati butin no h oaniz tion ne ere. f ga>>shtiard:e sut nono oiz n gani tione. and rman ain shasd: not mucof an nion orgd izatann?n guest notucng. an sheprgd: iat rne is esot. the ntriep, or ilose rtohes mile whes riorse t mi rig whand ndide? >>est:iche bac tann hadig nde bt ornizaonntil id >>t:ixhe acn orad eig wee bgoor azail i ha not be orig theee sin. a >>shard:hy dha te yeavehein >> est: 'mshand: old y mesve >>shard:>>t wat: mes >>est:dt wases a mshs. d:wa i dn'thinges >>t:wa i a wo md worki and't ng didtant topend six mohs awomy agerknd in idtttondix mo age iina. e udersod. e wa fin i weave h urs.ic wa inregution ip. e the hnd o the dowa gu aon. he oretaheolits, i d isa aut orgazati and et eopltae oit. i su hao wk a the ga tiurchnd pland e orgunts, ndhao f w itk he is wid ch op d endomngus, s th f itbest rganatioisinid eop sta. ifemn sth nsstanio tat andeeta wiif i
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new mpshe it s t tndwi i w shit t minaon. shepd: a i naam. surou hed wh ep a haeneditur hewh tblu 10 pasnger shacked flig strluded r measer s igtrd han m seveour noood, watnno ve throur and nd, ofcial divtedat to rondlora,ofalivd thor nwarkligh to cnectut andthhe nrkgh lotas c ct nondtplead wh t thenoeaait w >>ean't sm to gtheit a hel >> 'tfromur o smcompoy a gt a el ologe ishere nywa om o ymp a canet ogisrewa y a n t bar o hend geus wedo t aar oe gte? don' ge cre. d ke a g? us n' c. a wher i ves a aer pi aplec onoar i ve ple a oariabe ic, a li o thin t tobe g ali osomeelp. in to g >>epar themetatep.nt sd ani que, "e aiort >> arfrasuctu washete s anqu "ait ovehelm. astuas aid rt uderle buve tlmy were
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derte d andow onatern hntbu t is ere re wi dte us dwe h om theat hsfrusatede wi paenges a l but ht i othe usofteedwe hrrom tpage lutilot o i theatte te hm t >>jothanot o reeshi e wten't inhe y gojoanre onhi brd wt n he go plen fon lderd be at 8: a. to plff fo 9:0 lrdat.m. and: s dirteda.tooartfd a :0 laed. ndere sdied:30, atf a sev la e urs ter he a0, the aev pa enges srllhe a onheboard tt anend he desppaatelge s waed n toet oar t thee. e list to thispelxchaewa to ogai >>ho stohihai y>> nee an y peeameds? >> whavehe frean trund they p hede som m wicalve f ru ckgrnd b i a ey not hom mal sre who gr bl th a pyersot areut it oks s likehohey hat th prs covreed. t priityight sw is akeya g ovan. a riyht is a tow ar. if y give a show wll . make yiv ona mhself w jona an: ve mkeon wel mnglf shna, no: m war, f snaels algeth toits sh comnoetela f baed u a offna almitsthndoi thomel ba u auff rallyas tsat the ndth s ro. rly >>heepar youet to
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ro 30 ofome>>arou a eas ohe nthea in oober30o o ofse rdy as dget nea blu s oer t ot rheir di ountetirli andlu tys hav t fer peoeir odintli hannde ? tav >>nathfe: threoaide tey havean7 ? flits if>>th athd t ve divted satdali anix a ohos fligs weivd atan derteo oos hartigrd awe therobl w d te thatirpo cul notrtope ahe witbl l th panes w th w e atpo c otgetteg. it the we a therth p esth wromther rlin thett. thwe aer om jeerlue ido a stinemenhe we he mmunatedjeiree ly a wi oursten hecusters, unedre wiur imptedsts,by this tmpdpolizend pvide is a t fullolounde pderip refds i ll ind r resnsibityop pefovid safe i i and sereesibravy t pid afe coortande eeriee, aeav wel and is iot coheta fi et tiie a el jetb e had d i pblem iti th flitthat sat ntb aha tma for pem 1 1thlitatat ye as t atohn ken dyr 1 in 207 leto newe res whiatn en n adin 2leewo sme r ve bhi fine fothe aiinesif ey go s ve b bend teene e thi coues be go be t s.ooki thou ae
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aefty a aty >>epar pey.n fo laerda was cnic d >>ar afthefo la ovdaflow g s ic dft ovoweopl disaer. t rtaurt. co on,pl sa. rur jbluecon, jue. thanullyoryou, youereot withme. t anlyu,ou hpyre dth.. thk h d yo andne asseer oth the stndedyoligh use d se o whlchath ande caed tstedghe ole ordalwhhandca t "deadin" erd a redentfdeintate a isld. rent jimm what wtterong >>oughsl flht. mmha lo wng >>ghlighfl. lo anwawors wheegh goon thean rs heound dsagr wigohe t nd stemen that dgri jeluade tey reac td out ten e eryoat th est hede lo t y ac nuouer. eyo h >>epar the didn h cal lo yonu. >> est:o.>>arhednal yo shep d: wt ha>>enedt:hen u ge toartf d? ep w hohalongedeforne u knge wto was goitf n? ho ngke more kn w t roug s it oi >>est:e lan md at tug:25ito >>it: reaedout any fmilyat to
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25ll tm i di 't l d eat nerk a i fly letohem tidi l ow -to-tene a ietem iormaon. th o- jetueade i i maear. hath w weossiy et gog tode mke i rver aemptat wpossle t heaeacsi u ingotovq m air d gerptback ss tea uvq r ewar g ck but oious thaas nhe arcasebut ebu ousonthaues gi n us date set for whient ws egi ying t teorhi basallyet w fu geng the tow baraslyr afu leageethe thfueloaruq% srt autea tha we thel go feled q%ut s we nerha mov go fed fr w frov 10 an therisfr tee t. fr 1uraner wiowhe ga t u uates sayi 4wia mites, u 45 uesinut yi 4 unti youmi knos,5e srt doiut ythi d tiou he sd thno soi hi ate sheh ti aswe got clor to tt tis threothourloto tind tat he w goinre tour y to g and the w ino to g t barto tow tohe ternalnd w t arwereirst w o onne aerl w reston a weere xt. t a ofthis stue ws, ie n't ow i it. s af liistut w i
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ner ca tot i nd ter wasli ver tow b butnecaheo f ght t tendast r w but sawe ftad or nd a minus bered rad a vo e and uldnupt tbe get o a thevo aneor ayd on d tret oheo eatev bu unftunaly wonn e thr ur en ev cnfmena w hr t cme and w ct. >>epar cne ingnd wth >>ar a bunc asseers g gog to colbus,ut nnc sesorkeo o nto the flht?ol s, n woerho therke octin e>>gut: tfltell? yo twoh uth,everinne w ctua ygu n tllyo t to h,er wua n b. to bus, wen youkeep b t.ling bumeon 45 wouinut a noeping happs an t yng on te 4hem anher utye ano migtes how nyppan ye mes em yohearanr thaiefors w you fl ou so ts re w ayoar lothaor oyol diomfo. ou bu as w t w wen a inot fe, o:00 di atfo buight w ereennas, f le0 at inviduhtutbu t aetuff lis, l indubuaff th li and ds runng uth and wn tan ales scrming un uonlyo mu y d cod t as de wi.crng lyou yo e >>epar anaxwioreverne. ank u mmy>>ar bwnax the
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ightfromer. k ell. y e s be stm heat s andehtd him om d otrsl. knoed out sst ower f sdeim millns. ot eactno it hi ser fearl cld ve blln. mor et ihi srl c b dnaginor din
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>>epar theorthst uned stes sti digng ouaftethe fak >>arheth unsnow s stos ti ig mpedoutee f " of sw inomeowtorea ed om n jery tofoughew s n eglanand oiciaea sa fall ng trsnder tgh wned oweand oia lisas ancar rash lllledtrs2 ed pewele aoss elianrsh regedn. lockt ts pe as vioromeg ha fordck t coty, iconnticum hapowerd les cospar, ng a sokinnncu we lar a aftethe ow sinknocd wn branes, d ouit ill tee oc ofcialsayarou oanilli, ou ll pele aoss e ortofasal ayou stilli wi outpe as powert tod and thil warwiitt cou takaysor wemoreodeforower tharsouakacks reorer >>his cks be an unlievle orm >>s beannev cusin mnbelvablam. >> t cs isinelabl tothoc. a t theis destatn aund. it iotoc ahe cra. >> w hearthedetreeat a ind. he i
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ba yesrdayallira nd wlare ee anchn arod, baesayli chroalli. >>shard:he srm gliound fligs anelay oers ashd: s made gnd h e ig mesan o thay os cmute is aorn g. de h esand oth nw,n n cte rn jeey, ho dtsidof n yor nnje, citopart ofid nor ts, dad le, theit limrt ill ve l tves a the lhe treim so t tl mavery linges hereeavi. wh t canheya secifry thgowevi wh any ba s?ifth >>gut: wl, iweill n basugacoat t, gu i w cou bell n ga at haoweebut iillou takupe to ha eeweekt nlak theorse seo siatio forhe ek porto behe ck se nd t tsi iioorecau e po trsmisone ine he bee tau mage andtrisow, wne herseee inhis ge ate tdre are, sens 36000eopl ewho to notreave per. haseen360pl res red oornoe p. 30000 asnesd incling,y th w the00 goveor he. so of heclg,th po wr crohesre beinvebrou ht in soforom. ro d i inouinm. coecti t, tee i qutersf a lliopeop stildo nave por acoti t th qu rs a io top woilt n tageve inpo ahath tstatsohist y,ge din inat
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ssacsett hal a matlion peop do stt in haower eyac tt ale m brongingn op o e naonal a gud helper c ar se of thebrng adsnandal whe egu el taed c s abof ee dage she lghee tetabo damageindurial lark, 100e eesown d t gemagedualk, the 1uld ke mny s man t geearhe be re td re is a mulla be tshep id: 1000ll treenry ceral ep rk. 10 i gusherre i cel . iuer ionces abt trk otrears. >>gut: tre cell beab tr o ferea. ostsgund t goinse on t strt f ick tsreatg aoson nmber t oftr cmunies h e ak tualat a caeledalloen n ander some are c ni h sa ang talt arencaedlomustndmere sa t acmpanchilennden othsts th are acanil wrninthatsome ofth there tramissnines d pwer winat me fnesave not eerassne pr erly pr seotrly olat, an tha cildr shou be o gud f owneat an hapowe li csdr here ou e me oguhe f adve offedne bywe li swre rsey gvern chrdvffby rist .ey sten grn hr >> plseake fshlits st. wth en >>lke ext caruls w yowalk u. oyo n wanlk a losar.
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nan aofos li nighduri trkri ghrir eati. >>rerter the ti reerhe ks shld st offhe gss andric o k shtreaon t stff gidewndks a ic pave ont i the is aea t dowd wer neew the a wl ve iehe is owshepd: tnk r he wyou, vid i lee. annerg compepy g ttsmillns u, fr thed gvernnt a g s e. anrg mp gbell up.ll t tafringhe a gourn a the g fams se inlllvinp. tag sol adra,it hasheam in inppenagai comiola,as u, gei enilliaiell u mi whetr tpaye are u thge li ok. llus u cps et finr t yere endthn h. room cin in d h omn upslen hel roonps hoo mexi. kadvino d mae upo fo in day. xi.kvi ch se amave aup twofoillsn y.for day ee opain ch a awols r y oin wa to , coh. ♪ ♪ wao co soho
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oder theerea tht cahelpoweostel andho derso ohe yrmy cheeal?ea thca lpyuey. otewoma] wer olesrol.nd r y cl? yu ma [an 2r yumes.l. [ 2iumot at wng dn'i? [ me anunce ] wa gre tas andholein atsi w ' m anhat cen hewa re low chossternd?leins oneyut c eriot he whoer ey cio
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wna ow e diferee betwn a ader anan ete tder? it'this.w w the diraderero p tfortwa eran e tr? fa. butit' totay cuomizle. e de porfa bti.tacuiz. fin toperfog ocks- in ree icksinopfog ks qui ly se ns tks mart or n trang ias. ui s tar nra i. ican en mch oions stategs toour alsin m ond lnss yostseeeg tother otensal rk anrewa. lyoeheen rand,ant alwa com wit a dicad ele seice am.d,alomit a caelsee . goit?get . go. irodung ew eade o ele. got?t go idu ee el ♪♪ ♪♪
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shepd: a anoer ergy mpanthatot mlionof xpay dol rs lot ep th a fno ey anat m on bankptcy theayol tth f mssacsettbase eac nkcy wer erporionfiled f mprotactionttndersehapacr
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r or nle f yid, otonerfterapr getng $4yier llio etfromhe ergeparent ich$4 camerom t io sta om eoan pgramart h thatave me thamem tta nlf p am bi ion atve m thae no dunctolar coanbi caln d tno dctolyna. ar at mpan wanco bkrupal lt in. yn ngre is annowan bup instiging l e sol dra. ln res aw tn whiig g houshas olarder l a indende a thi usser a revind. de gei wiis iwith us vi frgewihe ith fobusissetwk. wh eus kwabour befoonsitw wh powe k>>gewi: anoube tereing we ge acompy, an nergreg srage mp viceperasnnsid theridrg sbutgehey cantak ce mney.rasidhe d is teyan my.ool s chnogy. ey g $ milio of our ney d they no. cant ake g a $i fprofur. th goty he goianke a once of thotoi letrce d th ar trangenni o theet dllar thar >>epar wharadoesni oit e m dnar for >>arhaes m r tpaye? ge it noreastt baas sondrahich tutye axpgeerst torst ba the ck o t li sorachnd selxpngs f th e opiec t buti not wth ts elmpanwe a the
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th fnt ofec ut e lnoe. w bu t the is aan aot he mey futof the th ehe ldera lbuhes m vernnt h but in tthth te ra nds rn hut t c tpani just lke s thisit loa c ponifoliusof l is $39.oailli andpoli $25billn ha been fi9.lia.m.ed ndd2ll haenfim. - finazed d ohe dr. - shep d: t nad dowos o d 200-us ep tow o pots >>ge i: p0-ple e rried abtearnpogs ahe g ss ge of pe ie the onombroaaby andrn.d. a anas ge fntin totwis we e om oad aanreatd. r upanlast eek,inoise somemes aat r trarsupake bstk thk,e mesra ke ofit bth >>epar it s be a over heitlac t >>olatarityt be s be a er nu. ac gear t trers aaty be mking mey,u whic isar atrs wor aor indidua mng mo liy, ic stdy aor ate,nd kiuaf li stk maet wre tyst can fe e, mocomftablie w tu seinanhefe i divialmomfbl vests puraing.ut thesere no ivi stpughe eve nnobuyi tualunds me dve ill g bactoyi a al rdhereds th appe d l gpeop canacetir merehpe day opsoonanir >>shayard:hank
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onou shd:nk ger om t foxusins neorker faestrowg ne ork toxninnek levion. youfaon'ttet itow dendekt. e ar vi. tnesou't fo tt densede erial esfo tee al mhael m jaelson'socto a wat he whatjad ton' yto about t wherugs foatd intoicha jason'roomut t andhy tgs exfortinaysha tt dr conr murjay mn'om ave d li to tx s th pe tledr nrur mvetryilio t savthpe theyi t avngerheife. at a btom of ere. a th bmfour headne pesenython "udior b ad pen "io day. y.
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wh's bter an gd ? fr gol! calthat hez gowh plu brewar s. g? frol u ea frealdaysatfreeheeeksgo luand ware f t. eareyseeksd f at's plu upgre yo rid 'slu that a ps. grwardyowithido bl koutates so y canedeeanyte. at p rdthblutes yaneeyt d it easto deemour intsnlin itas emr ts inalre y a ld mber justelecgoldlus ward inour ofil rea mr anststarecrewaldings rdyour lf nin. r il justano toar hewazgolglusrardsurom n
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3:31 pm
ep d ttorxp ivin yoneropo hl inf th hom dr ner, finanytng. ne po ind h saithdr. nrad muromy ne f violed tyt.tandds hai. adurof ol t cre.nd is our ttimo th dr. nrad c. muay's ailus ur tmo formhher. adu'slu pa medi rm minieredparopdiol w a tailhatasverlkeds inied op wat yr iltrlds i t ystimy? >>gut: ihinktas sothinthate tim gu ink oveookesoinatveke wast anher detl he ovlook whe t emeency asroomanoctor whetheook acen ovokhe t ttmecy you test ony omattoash k a tailethat was toverokedou st>>guy t: itas, a il oatiousasered gu is, ovlook >> n viouy, it culd be a ove,ok n ou i cdbe a crect cct corrt? ishat othe oion. guesif youay sorr ist he on. >>epar the es lawrsayou h did ao hould t>> savarmichhelaw jackn an t hey cldm anythg h megave tld tavcheth dcke ofan the t l ug wthhout thmeve t ctor th knowdge dofhe wutth supvisi. anor now utsiow teourtuse inosupsi anow t n,rte indam,hisng.
3:32 pm
m, lawr,he is precutn we afr tt defeeaw witss. was prutweaf bru tl. feeit . >> portas: lashursy a rufrid we >>rt:as sawrshe a fensstar id wiess thewe andakin gdaw intsor t nsarefen bwis thee din g ts ten b he judggave theprosutiothe ek t prare. e ey c tme outrwithe. th gns ep .azin canut tth procuto ust g in mmerg athe wtnes t ovroto d ov agastand the jue er at ttin waftees veitns fov ga not rectdheju anerinthe inte tn esti f. ant atctanine tim the procuti ti an ckedimimhe prroessitially adinto ehang edrsi likly in eng thi qutionyounew hik washi quonuew h hkedas to a.v. hd aache to a. pol ahe t answ: wch hol whls. queson: o mi ael swckso w i hwh. eswalk: gmil so iarou t ro hold lk hiouure n ba troonneed tld the hie ba condne tcather?he youassu t t? ndth ? swer posoublesu t erose snari ys.
3:33 pm
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3:34 pm
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3:35 pm
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3:36 pm
inatwein hg sep. ce hesos so o c o at h th s.orm heso ofyou o ve er hedf that? a mctor kew orfu e shhelddfave ? kn n tha hator krhe h waknthoingt w h wangross w unrsonae th isrimil.ssnr na th>>shard: he fens lawr sa isodaymi e dense sh witd:ss nse laawr o e,sa thetaray wtnesde e sa heit hadla oheneve seearn wnyoes sa he give opofd athome rveee anyo ve ofatme reon eveny >>ray: a w shldreelieve hi but th d es ra no a whanhie hehiutth d realnoy. drconr murny is chged al withdrnnrur ist th wchd liky o th ki mic elth w jkson notikeneryly eing akiicoron not jeneronly ter bei ang badon ctortaner actei a lkely toadcaus or ath.ct d llyous tirwn h. t exprt dr.xpshaf sa micel jckso cour. have giveaf h selfsa aic jsoou opofav. ve hlf ofarth:thats a th reanablat anda o a ctorea sblo g sslyda o orhavi it scrimal. gly
3:37 pm
whhey l upndthe prosviutiot willav onim. piewhy up eedenc e afosriolln atherfterpi e anher eyre encf aerer carly anr kild torns. >>shard: you cly rst,nil t rn summshion.d: ou e mite f thet,won of tyou so mmn. mi nic fheofuo >>ray: how wh? ic thprosutio has a ra ow oblition wh hithosioas ju a lion to prov at d condju mraytoov d an ac tha dwason lily mtoy cau mich lan ac jhaksons dth, notli geaurall bchng aad jon docr, d thh, havotot ge plloven b howhe propocol g intththavody, ty p en haveowot overe w en itop gnt was y, t adnisted a the havevenot e w led itt th micel jaasson uld hadvest do aheveitt d thican d hdo hielf. >>thuryou ard om fe ctorhithreffrom thfromng antworom t>>uru d f e hingomhey aanoom tfe gy a aee: opof shodot be miniered an th: hoe,and of hochaejackn shld ne b left niedth ane.ho d wdn heaecksh n b doc rftound a. him w consous shod hveoc ndlledim-1- thisnsass ho de hniteion om the ed1- isdeten e diati fro staard
3:38 pm
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3:39 pm
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3:40 pm
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3:41 pm
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3:43 pm
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3:44 pm
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3:45 pm
ruing r priden she clmshe ae viotedrug hepr en judg s orerl by aiod shang formion th hedg forderay prosutiobuthe aiha rm den es f ra . th caseos isio stpara fraithe crinal cdeargejohn edthrdsseis srafr e fas. ancrthe alosec ciongehnlaim heds ed fa ane ec cnpaigim dou any hys t coveup th aair cigouny a t veh t ar egnay wi a s ild. t annow, na widge nd.olito. anw, e wherre nit we >>jue nalita: tw er ses. civicaseheree she juasnatatw su andr yous. r vi thsererun he e x tesu drou thn e ma te invving heelf d jo ma edwds.nv ng tha ase,hef joshe gotn derdw. ha fr th jgee,eot r frthelli joun n to ge tape to d weaveun imin n cas g tndeo thnup.aid hn weedwas inas th viatedd eder lawwa usi caaign viundederawsi cagn tond dmissnd silee thystyo a e dss judg sai t leth youst a givs e dgai ta t. sooue h atateiv udge ayi ta dot giso thee ta ho ateyone and othegeayi gyive hedogihetapea o toeder ane
3:46 pm
d heyi gpe u wod be eeder jue, ich h pcu. id,wo abe sheer sayu heh h oke ur rled, a viheatedour ay orre a e iant r hipimiedinr or ntem. a th is atntsipeineld. e em ou omeths iin ved. oueve oious an missunte ryin t st okus an to ssim ate in tittst o bi a the tap do t kowt i ere ei cop s, eheap orinal o i k the e psessneparopent.ral i >>shard:hereheare pssart. shd: copres! >>edge polino: e was thorigal whi is i op e pos>>ssioe nli: f t fedwaalthighi s precut is whmay e t inosio t edthe procutiprut ofwh sy natoin edwas w hempuny,ro ati thof sto cann be wa su wforsingun i a ifh ey u it nne thesur prngecutn i ofenatf ut dwas.he shepd: wt doprut heyofato? >>wadge polino: epnot wnowdo ifhey gnd ju saw >> e it ili: oder totwiftab t g inmateju w re tion iip bween or thoab t fornrte natoandre misons benthhuntor. tod is shepd: tt wodbe a ntgoodiece ep of two evence >>ju e naodlitace: buthat inofsecr. ll tyhowvce i junata buat t aln ry icr a ede tl cowurt ro i i
3:47 pm
nort arona i t ord io esdeblisthe cameto i rtrelaroonsh i.rd >>sh ard: juseswantise e kn la shat ty shd:usnt akn d ng. t a dg. seelmos uvers tha johndwar wetheeewasos the urs hard t t hn a oaricia whe ud, scshe ba i t bel ove, ia thi tat was u c e wo th baasel, usehi then youas t tethe thwoth sseife wenou t heth hang, dcanc a dfed w o ha , ncernd hnc ais d dog, i er h ando i . >>dge polino: i not trior bei a sc >>e li: i bat ri he mbe onutei th ac is n ba m oncrimhis n >>epar tha is not a im cre? >>ar >>hadge ispoliotno: t you okat theevid >> >>e thurliwhen: yo j yookshet idat.they ll>>uren b j..ks ey ratc bng . y n'tant tt tc y tt ayed t i donhe edence theay eed judgdoes buton wld no enche aow ut it wnoisrrelant a wther it heit ney selt wer impperl pd. y randmprl p an nd prudican vsuspric v
3:48 pm
sprobivealu >>jue nolito: ob erelu wojud nitcra h tir hever thwora teercase hanth n shepd: pbati. t id pr.ativ ok . ep thk ptiyou, prentivman. dgeok th napitane wllu, wat r yontun. o efreemapan wa," w atat 8:yo oastneewat o theox b8:ines netwstk whh gis yothe wer ohe bes twwhgisyoeprosr. r >> th xasoverr ri prry os admi h i th nothe b tserri py deba r an pollmi sho ihe isot illosin bg gund o r alsbaan ll hod he is ibehi lin g hisd rs n heis stathi so wt do heis hve too rn t at wdoe camig ho t aramnd? ar?
3:49 pm
dad i'm uall chkingp ony ki. bulastear dauter was ecki up me. d m ll chngonki i wbun't sttingr ell.aurs kip e. she'a diitia anw sht suggngtedl. tryoost comete tritnal ink e'diia anhggedrystome it hell get ke nuitio i s miing. el not i drnuk itiovery ayi mig. and lovthe eat w tanoe.dritry [ emalannocer boo has6dove t ta sentl vimins d mirals[ alno r clud g caoium asd vimin to hp ke b strntgvins mils udcam vi n an 10 ams h prokein tr helmaiainuscl anand0 oosts as tro tas elthis prnerrecl d styour tavorase pa ent herprre dad i chse bng surongor paand t tiveer choe ned and chprov b boo ve ho ned ovoo
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youave greadebar. a ootholitian thehite use ght w. ou e thateasba na thitn heorkite t vee t go for amer n kishep d: rk pey ove oxgo or ne sunerywith ri ep r wpelace o neunth says wce heill ysheommitlive - comm to veor g.p.mi bateoss e s -s he mmso n ry gd g. it.tes s >> ie nmit'm n g thebest t. >> t n deheter thstas men detes coded ber gden ebates befe iscobeaid gand do. te >>shard:efut h s is dt jusddo stru ling n tshd: h debess nd us th sndin rung f tlleb apt afteth sin rock fed io fst plaapnd te th ck i flaover r hathosterha t advaage itis he ste t ere vae i htis e hari th st withermaain. ries hhave ath s pyer?
3:53 pm
th amaope?n. h >>veest:este aay w t firs pdayr? of ta reofe? >>t:teis w t rscampygnof t life heas w mpif ad sors fm the st cot, a hasadrsnew fhe a co and ae s h afullw a d mak ver,s $ ll milln inhe bkak andr,s $ llin goin to bin? ndobabot. but, eve r sin nevtoin? abliti.t. shep d: wt,tve i sheev ti ep w rate? >>est:oouestn. anthe swer isi te w uld>>t:ay,st foanowe theers wdy, reekfo herickerrys prably n a eek.ek ckshepryd:prlyut t ny e hang a oblek.. >>est:he ldep t hareek le. >>t: the acienek e gr aksenould s you nt txpos tgrldvigo s ou on ts oos nate. t inthergo wds be on o yrsel don'attell s whinerou e w notbe you eot yael n'llebath. uot can t u alk ryt wl, yo atn't ve gat coandanoft lkthe g wbalyo t iss gs. teco usd who yoeu gl ar thss's w t hete sshoyotor do th whe >>epar whais th aner?do gues i d yohave>> tarha tah an? es d yove t aouta --
3:54 pm
>>shard:ow doe at-- shd: hmakeoe h keat? a nbeinkeptal a but n asng yrinrofeionapt opinn. >>est:alk outheut fa yo havaseen y afe gnaerno in u>>t:k ta yo haav leaenrshi a e gperinoce, u ha ben a veran haeahi of e eri, ha b v miantary youf aremiryou ck ri consvati cming frore hmble ri nsti orins. c ng othro hrds,lehat y arenot ors. th s,at yaffl, yoreut ar n aflyo aselaryou nre nt a wim in oer wor if heleu n des iim o riort, rkif p hry d ri rk i the p ai ihe . rmney and tt's a t ly wa r seyle dthat t hes s c tnce of getng in thewa s ollathe c e>>shfard:ouet s nhe sll not shd: s a s ffleoteasor a sh les >>gut: t guree wld us tee wus altera alran.
3:55 pm
he harnsack t he publ, no tk teo. blno t bighttbulb but aguy o sto bhtortlb methg.bu ricyperr y can geto acrs, e ly thhanche ichas,rr toanryge cr et acrncs ats, "io snd for sothin" ifyou agcreith "i th salueor f soinif wuichg ith sand,th u wuel f sport m w.h that s hisd, on c wance srt >>epar he m is onat isnight c ce w a i will >>are fasisnati to htatch. a amll eited tasseeti h thi ch works ot. e ed>>gut: a hease h ahi new rk o starit sms t me. gu ae shep ad: hew hasar s t. ep hshat. >>est:ndhey heeept. >> t: poets.ey h >>eparp themost suessf pos. caaign >>anagarshe ist maj uaguesfasebl is canagegn noag i ajmore the ueebis geo carrenalshe to laruara halsretitod. wh aay t go ruha out ti as pwhr. tgoeso perct. utjust as pes peect. maer the. edstet.bird ma hechee to youst. uis, th
3:56 pm
ward eetoou. s,th s ctacarwa sac iot at wng dn'i? [ me anunce] wa gre tas andholein atsi w ' m anhat cen hewa re low chossternd?leins oneyut c eriot he whoer ey m csinuiosympms comeith coug hat ays en aer ireat. [ le amouncnu ] mp trmeh ish mostuginusormus dot t trs t a augh. iat [ anc trisst usrealmu? maledonnoutrer ]a lka-h.ltze plusinusiquigelsal leou ]a- ze figh sinus symusomsui ls us cgh. gh inymu'resood. c . malennouer ]hank tt's e co tru!red. leou ]nkts coru [ ma anner jue drk towate? mann er♪ ♪judrtote ♪ ♪ fe theower myoung rien mm fehe ermy [ngale ennoun r
3:57 pm
]mm r uurpaed f nd vgie tritn... [e un] u v8pa-fus fn. ve it.. cod'vead a8. v8us cove a
3:58 pm
3:59 pm
shepd: se da aft the cardals n, he mager ep is sdafthe tf rds her tony mers flarua.erny >> tyll cmeruogetr, t teing cou jusettimeis te ogr. >>usme o ongrulatns o the gr caater. o shepd: cpedff the he bigg t pcaize,. theorld ries ep cd chpionip ahe he did tgg pe,nheld a es chon aeid aproblewildard ite use e ac staer 6 arsob oldldd ee e ac aveshe gehirdta on 6he a s ld time es gerdonin l at. ifmeoure t rds lan ifu n't lo m.s >>thuryou esp t.t u mlo not ove hi>> youurhaveu to rsppect mim. ey ooty ma ite inion touvelast rct ga ofm.he ogulamat seainn tst gaof defe ingla aantaea eapfgged fe atgnta. ata


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