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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 31, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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tightth that f iitusoou forspechol rert," tht at fa i balced,ndorecre," ufrai faald, uai sherd: is ithe x port nigh henoth: ene iye xompa rt at gillis of dghlars th neom t gpaernmt fil or gliof d barsrupt. t g nm plilerma bapt cn toeporma heexuay harsed c twess. tooreuaard wen i heever w sexlly her hassedexy anye. >>hepa: hiadvirs cl thaccuhationeda smeny >>pahivi c cuon mcinme himlfayshey e fl out mp.ies. mc >>heseimsy fluts. re>>sealse accatio. >>re h dseialsnoug to closccthio con>>over. h d lsnighug damoe ctrol f os onhermerain's gham col f rmn' camign.amn. hodid micel jkson reay die. ho dis m saytheic pop j ston dead e. may accent. e
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otheop sayhisas astase d of medilcct. m slauheter.ays ae fnigh pro cuto di vsuhe maur. ofesr. >> o yoghagrethatro theto are v stan s whese >>yorer. matrayhe re deatedrom thetandd of ancarewh >> y, i my deedmhendof re wou . yi sherd: ll d mury mseltesty inis oou he: dur elstin o fens plustrand inhe sto. >>e s on nse us tarancinorto our >> d a hal sn ours >>hat arsn'tve the wor ofr aal .rs to>>ght,t 'theorfilotet desrate >> iavetoustt, gotootesette ietot som >> spardshepnd a aiines t, irst f m srdepox a ts mondaiesxpti ght,sterma f t cndn n sayhat t,ma s c msage nheaytepubc esid tialandite d miesge rert tubtc he idal sdiuall ds arasred t woers ile r hning the sll natial rastaurt wos essoc rtionng the heportame t yesrday tiom t r weburite ioc nonspap e rte esay poli tco.eb indatede ihe nap natnal staulint. assiati ndedrade atl grp ausstipaid figede sums ogr ttleomplnts froidwoige wen um the leplsro990s w yestday,ermahe cai rused0s resndo th e
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st ry,ortmaai but red toy he esthirecy rtut and tohe fnklyec rcefly died didnd anhing frongly. whi atef dd id the anngng hitestaheant ta tassoatioi was aused of xual soiowa aedf hassm t,al fally cuse iight hsmdd. it wal cclud aft seht. w thorgh iestition cudhatftt had or itiont basd . >>hepa: caidatcain peat hisenia ove aas ov in a >> mulpatudeca oatin atisia ve atervws t ay.ov n ahe heverulde o sexlly hassed rv t. her ex anyne. he acsesatis arfals he says of an.ours in olitacs,tiarlse cusa ons n't ysve t e rs trn toit haven isaact.s t t thates p ltr frooowaav ihowst. thes p ro hean cn ina awstatiicalie hewith cinhe mas achusts gerno mitial thomne whas twous gno mons mi untitheausene wwo the.on s eoll ti befeesehe thi ctrovlsy oke.ef e qutionow ihethhi c heovan cnas don enoe.ho qu on ikeep itromth urtihe c hisonnoh eptm ment. ti it foxopistory a car nt camen isitnox itry aar ton
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htme is hetanai anowlging tod cou hav anon impt. he>> sethi aikewlhisng isodever ouavn mp go sorhi any policalesser candate, sh. go weaynyol nalernow at hap nednde, sh so yea go.we in i n figingw bapk.d rd tsoea get. this inderigontrg toy an b h hel tet nerouhier tr inrvie all destoned anne hel waornoth nou iniellesd to wath rssur supptsbout hisoutur he r knour ullpp wl ifutis heoesn put ur ehinhe himnoast,tl wif celdsn do t astiin policalimt,amag c lidoen. obvtiuslyolsomealeoplare gointo b tneag off li. b bv tlysmeple inclou bthatomeo tff wand to b put t er m eo but otanto ofut pple aret moing be amrnedn. t of. p ewe wl jure have t waing nde ed e wh o wjuav tai whappe. caasired rappeespoe ca edexpeap to dl witpoe cticis. so f hepeo g.o d.itandites c ci ve bnso tot fly m.obout thisdiast sing the b wt tooot m isut ist ghe wto upsge isire. >>hat psectuay knowhat ppen with tse te. >>t wen. e>> orua tnoholeat ht fenit t t inrvie w tod. o m t caihasle h
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expaed hescr tionndinieod ofred w maietais. he pa hcron m ntai theof wasd onlai one formomplnt. m aire ihewhatase sanlne tha rmpl it. i atmplasat acally incded.hat laaclyncd. >> s was iy oice one d and ade a sas i ges oreene dayin d oh,e ani wasestandgclos toin her h, d i de a aniasndosoer i aestu, yoar thsameeigh as myife. tu yod broutht mymeghs hyd, didte. touc her ouomy m h cn andid sai uc yor are t samheig mf cnndy wifeaiecau yyoeife tomespamig t my feau cen. es myife or tha thr c ye s. my the wasut inha the ahr sothinthatad ye erthasn he acomftablas parsoofinat the xualarasent arge mfblar he >>ain al spoast ge wh gtat >> n lepoth. were ricnewetai g in h inrvie tonleht. e icwain h eaier day in hadino iieaon th chettl entea hadr y eenad i path. inhat terv cw witlt gadtan in ss he doepa in remt berrvwi t g aff sathe sheoe wand aemr huge t ttlent b end f uphe getanng a ug wh cai sd aleunte btond autpet th e mwhthai s seran pacge ate
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abecae th crgesere h m s anbaseacss. a who cathost cesef ocsion se .day,ain ho volteer mort infoatiothatocon tse m be y,n fae aolegaterns aorinstim fot heioat heid t say m tet the fa e a thate ast am lely hee mee aay t hehe thuggeed tt th a lampay n israce f m a t mhendha tyge t thl arpa ade upisce and f t fmse. t arepnd f. shep sherd: rl cmeroin o neroom toght. tchephe int view he: c wroh o hnemaom to t.cain hntew w t highton tecor in withretaan stereheren fo tht tor new th ta srmanreain reso otfon usual requewt dung h anppean nce th ual nional ress qulubdu h tod. ea e that oaniz ion'presthen nna ssked etheb cnouldod le tat od oniz an'es d heigh c neldith l onong anheh nhg an d. ♪ amang gce dill ♪malways gle ♪ay m sonof mon pise. p e.for i was gra r thaasra broht mharo m libey
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♪ be sherd: gosp song the . he: sp on hean cn say i gave h anhe oprtuny tohare b of he csa hi fai.av hn opuntore bf hiai fox athe cter. x he cr. fo weaer ale. fo ea a illy hlelowe. the snoa stoly knoedut per hwe. to melion innoto nornoeast the orm i p bmed monnor 1or st de hs.e m ist fm faing bdrees traic 1 deashe.and fivfages wirra. ry w snond he vdy song ndsir srkin maj w pnoer probms i vy sgonne icuts sinaj p espe allyob i closto aillineutagut ther brepeingly os aliecord sagwo nths goerre dging hricaor s ire. thgoveor w ns ths cle d ugp h ca will not g ir thve w tle q uckly th . llot >>his g goi to a q ly lo -terth vent>>s oio th hasee loer antnnbelvabl stor thas ael cblsing or unbievae cmageng clrly terynb hvah e of ouge eectaon or wclt ty t storycoul hhaveh e o don itou eta w t or didulve on >>thepa: inassauset the vern calng o t idnatial grd to >>painsaet hhep. rn al o ancand ts th w ldti g t norll be h ianndth w jk-o-nter areor the
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be ly ligs i somamil jso-erreave.he >> i s aigomilugencone.nien. yo can' ia coo ere neonen heayon' u catooee anye ing.ea canyg. hainws] >>hepa: th ver ely seon sw hting inspec]lly >>rd bpaauseth maner e tr s ssell s h ng ha allecyheir l ves b ssellanntr s th a ouldhatll hdle irl l thes s ling sno th an ajustook wld f h thie she thi ng notual sanead.stk mpin fsnowromhi mylanhi t al sd. in owmainm and en t mughanuch itas read m ted,in o iciad are thh t nowarng thaadit md, osiare n norn oveha ateasthelean up ns nve overat st you ann sehow pr i n sprd. da d le miller s lu esew in wtpr da lemilflld, n jery lonig. dad le w wha arews dng lf n tryer t gig the owerdale onhas aws d icklas ty ry t ghe caner n >> wel sherd i kl t mht souan >> el ea, bu ithe i mayin mact, boue diicul toccomeaish,bu bt tay utilt,y co banieeed do di aul om h,ey bre ting t do ilcosied implyo a get re cre t og onhedo reetpl heren th stat of nt re j osey,n r exple,heyrering get re worthrsat n fm jy, exe,y grgia ngin t sta of or f masmchusts ey a bnginin gia
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t cretafrom farsasusway a s a bin misuri. anre let tme arhe ste ofy a is i.nnec cut,or eanmpleetwher t ere se stif hdred a ec t, ehundleds oer thoandsf e peoeti h wiedou a pow. is aerno tndre o werhodsfeo boutwi ow 30utily a creno on e ter seet. byowheyut s30il there expn t tt s t ebylmosty doue sheutxp t ill isoing onue teaysosou bere a theight are b kl sng on.s be a he hteparre b she rd: .or trk-orreats toght,avid ar e. fe badheor t: tror t, idtheyookorwa to this for fead t mohs. k oh, eyoy.k wao the arhia lotorf mo. isaph,inte. tharot fblinand gulsapte this ening ininanyd gs itanchi hlowe has e ng been anceedyr incostped hweas depeening ce theommuty. ke f exale ttp peg hemu. s ftexa t catalartfd shey aot ca l tfndinout ndy the y go arnor msion authitieare arniin it y khes e goggooro mrickonrreat heythieeni k ouldo soith tgoir parotsckr at anyifhey s owneldsoh p terar anline pysume t st itsne p liv anstay ne pme titway. new rseyiv govannorayhrise h thisy. dvicw eyovr >>is hould is heic byonighey >> wod ha falldn hy lesigy isoted wo
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ha anal lsodarke and an cdoneff butoukean'tnd cnt o cne tha t plea tak't fshlits wh c o you.ha eaak >> fli a wh anoer c caus by >>e per ano cic oage, man us y reet pghtsre n opeting o e, ny tanfficightre n etts npeng erat g. t ic hte boom le n herids and at pares, t s mibot be l gder s llowndn t rllye re tmibefraiof g the ow t ry darai eepar sherd: vid eille arwestilfo, ne jsey, warre he : ey gd aele foo and st haloffone jy, w sn . g aood inaledib. thdisaeras o thesn inib rway.thsa passgersalf ohe doz flits ry. st ndedssn thrsf arma foreven oz holis or mste.edth e aiinesmareoren fing hehoor m es vestatiocomi fro ftheg h ds plus rember s.he stioultrmiroe us em rredhd anhapm fro thetr ruian y ri in adhricaan thpm froshe he jtrun rin rease aanca th f unl h jtowecre r sseveilnce deo herun a sheid herre oak sdile o er aaggeheer k wk. dgeournistsf fo ns wil ha i f you w tight o tsrntsfo nsil ha halleen x feporou tht o
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t lln or t mnoses stl ruy. [ale nounr ] uth dauil esn'treathat allymsestru [ ma annncer[ e unalka] eltzh plu figh da l yourn'orsteaold atmpto ly manner katzlu gh p s it elieurs st d ur rtony ne. [ pep bitath]ieweso . r n [ ma annncer yesit i [ t bt's h]e coso tru! manneres its coru havi triets suca blsing not nanclly. we viitchris to t barucin dblergeng but i foncd myy.lf us g the tie s moch than tou'rarsupp ded tge bufomy usthtimo d thanclot'rs stppl t wen't cle as th te. thotst wet les tso w re bk toide. ey'rcute in can c thes w btoe. thks, ney.'r teah.
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c ces you thck a, foldy.g. . laug ] u ald [ male nnouer ]ugust oncap tidplusleac [ leou ]t on p id usac gh dz s cap thearga bra. vit fabookom/te to lghrn a ut s scialapffer hegara vifaok/t l a saler that my de. wh's yrs? aty . wh y? [ ntis] pele rer tjills "tt won wi thereatmile i re r to[ er ais"thawoma pe rwith the gllat g"ts." wowiheatlereto ahamath g g" as jl's ntis i ow tt hegumsre fountionf a althsmil js is i thems unll konws ta t, tth --il sheses est o-heth cnica gum otec on tthpa ke. t t- hes t he ccam ecit h tps epamina plae theum le,
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h elpinnaprevlat giivit . he l it eveclinallyroveto lp rerset inust week inevgiit itveinlyve d it rroteses thine ott rek ars deistsheckost. ittethot arcresdepro-tsalthck t.clinal g proctio eso- thbeca e heinthy gilesrore biolt heahy gs. cahey es b ea gfe o ns uwhenou d o uen d
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>>heeeke snostor trped 0 pelen o kenoor jetbe pl e intrd pe cnect out f mo tha seve tbplin hou. the cime ct was fver tre mo hawas veou.ater he e noas blur totat chip s nd ter lu baroomwereat oveiplowi it t s disstintheyell omre thplanveaswit fing fro fortisin ey llauddale othewarank buthe fgrort nay we her udle fordhearut air affi contllerna toweroriver thfligir t bra eyfiirponter ion erhartrd a the ithig s onrahepo i snow t mac rtll ahe i d lg svenn as t ow p totc padedo th d towe ltog ln evebodyff t t p ple. p >>edeth can see mweto lveetdy any t hel pl fr ur o>>eanee cpany iny apogizeelor fr thi o ishere any cny w youan gpo aze tuhi andisreny wou ga nd towar outere to gow uteowed awherto aoat o g sothin i doedt ca a. er ta us awher o i ve a soin par legi on bdordca at ntadsso co aer i a o. i ve aariabegic bn h e n thaco s go a o i a issbe. 's a hist ha tngs. gojust got aoetomess
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at hp. t s. shestrd: otuldn gett riet aw thoh. e tr hnas rapp he: etwednet o otriraw pnes theho trnppwe unwaot pevens allyhehey d g twa enlyy d te. g thospassgersad t tpend the ghtnots . osssrs thend e ts termal. he f rept" cef coespoent nath hunis he tonht. hearm com.aint fep c copot thun heon. fro eaomnt passgersll t timto. hearhisro pil w sethi ss rs telseim . he w aarry.s il he w w s athihe endf h se w a. roe. li wen tthi reaion nden i h was ggesd toimhat ro heyli t eamighn brin itate t opers on esto t thlaneo hyp cal ghowninte the tern th paneenge. h he italnhe is. >>riedpaogeome het onith s. >>edoenh
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not sprisg wh you thi th tho pasngers gototn siswh ou hiard at p nethorho t andaser ot half hour flit d p t 8:3nda.m. ey f allylf gou offli tha pne :39:00m. fly gffha.m. p >> spardsoun lik they00re gog toet refd. ven o srdunikey mor goto gefoo stsn o oretbl sens a stament in shichhe saiand iblenuote taherent inchre caimunid ted dectlte rewith cni od d ptlsengs thonflnce eveso a ologi as pllng asflerovi veull und a tgips as vi rend. "stio btodawe hl ned t ofhose re. st bda h psengs, whechai ofse ssenr inact jmy pngheairown o cora enint jwn co disicteiste -- contdict thastatent. >> ty mu- hav l t myntcthaatt. numb. >> e re hed tutmuav to ly jblue ce ain t mb tel them>>redo w jtue jimm abrow thad id autelem la o conct. w they ave mmowd usn atatent hatla ononread. and eye quo. sn wetetistrutedpolo letrsonad nd to a aecteuo ustowers ontredloet a aightte04 aheyto oeplad. welso chttinu ayolaonta weo c nu
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stoms vi theo infmati ey ptavidedo u phoomvihe onfti p de emai m uutesho o a jimrownold ai us he g meso cl, aimwnd no mail h g alssayse c g no letr o whil he lsys goeplad. et he idwhoweve g ala he mcnaldev vouer wh g whie ught mc somld chiouen whi selts appa ntlyhtnd hifeom hhiel pa lyispy he h cckenandwh mea py >> s cpardennot are e dwmcriisack. ea>>heyanted srdt nguse e b ger butri k. th b r utbusy therld mcd.ald' >>hepa: i' syure. mo bancd ad' ossi>>pai' o the e.fees nmoan a ditsi car pur oaseshe ter a esave d oaruresustor r backsh wleone. sun ousndto ckegen w bace. n anuncethey wiltoen crgeac o fe toanakceey pchas wh thilard. c e feesere feo 5 pcks as w thd.onth. bo ban esay te y wil ref5 ds stoms whalrethy t yw, ltilefeek dnk omeri omwhre d.annoced lttill pnsk oori arge deb nod ar ullrs p mohly e utge mingebtasie u fosome ustorsmoy to mg avoie osefometooharg.
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tta jaciton's ae lrsonfhysian.ic but i proacbl's not wt ton si .doct t ante toroot w hea t at'shead ctte fomicha eacksos deh. 'sad fmha sode
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sherd: mnintestony day theicha jacon's form docher: onrainsty y hehaac's rmocra mray. teimoncomefromhe defee's n wiess. teonmeom d jacon c e to fes wis. d acu, - ctof mhaelacks h me tyou d - ask youo ad melks h misterropol to h tou psk ou adm to sepach ightmier inpoto h p his mo s behoom,ouldhtn youo it?is >> absutelbem,ld not at would ba j that? i w ld bsneveel conder.ot w b jha i w veonr. sherd: was crosexaming at wness . whhee th: as densexperon os am g the w powssfu swhativthe dse profoler angett g thaeow dto to siv adm thate worod nelr gean attha
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tien dthato dg tdm hatpwone g a t en at patit d tleep hof crse,rosetorsay t drtimurr notnly dep c juse,sers at b als avedrrrotacksy the d us do thaled t h blsekshe dohad dea t. h th defse wnesslso stifng h couea not. tnk othef wss o aingl r sonifhy houot t dr. ourra dino agl rn cal911r.ra i edialy.di youal1 iia. c't ou jtify crad c muay's jailufy to cd mu c'slluo 9 in e peod o te c 9n oin pe o the waitg, o eentily 20 mutes toal 911 canit y? eti >> 2o, i mes 11ananno y >> i >> sparddr. rray defse no haclaid th jacon ge mselth ead srd. ayef inj tionhaaithac g e dr murrel tolpoli h had ad lefthenjon sinr's edro fdrrr ol lio minades a camft bk toins firo h f oin a unrampons be. ado houey wh t fiews l he outse th crthonrens in sadou w ts lgele adam it wts ath long choen ay f the defelee's ar am w witonss. >> yea fhe sheferd.s it w a vyit. tou >>ea d forhe hector. in f wt, h vwas the staou f dor a uplef hou, of corrse, n f h s e moheing tad ha fthe bak a d calef boukof ce, and moheg haerose btor d nocalet b u nd
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he hmereser d whi not lt, u he he hamm hedre dhir. w lte h rht. he mmhe j wge r. g tinghepset j . whe wodn'tnswe the gng queson enet finng whwo'twe hhe $1,0 to o test ehein procutokept h1, pu ing d attone tointotrohetopt stwitns to apuit tg re iat ant ancestr. cradtnto mray aay t i ha ld. take lis n.ce c d >> i myt yrha l tes mony keisha i y coad mray' faireesny to info the p r nedco my'aiickshato he foadhe ped admisteksdt pro folhes mply detl th hdm htedrol overoked is tlyt yoetth t htimo? >> thi it wered omet tngyo tt tmo >>hit w he orlooetd. >>as t i sti ather d ail o ooat h o rlood>>t iti aer uclwhen dl h th oemerooncyoooctor spclificenly aed himtherhatyad to tanlace sp isichat a your timtimo ttt atta ain wasce isetaitou t tmot t wa oveooke a as>> iwasai oious t oveooke wa didt tevekehem. i s>> not ousvekebvioly, id coutem. a o beot lie corct?io, ou acorr t? be thie's ather optn? if uoray? s i rr g ssth a yeaerpt f s i g ea that ttimo spard cod pottial fhaceonrad tmo s rd
7:24 pm
muay t co ttifyotal f e jurae h j t aedmu t tfyim i'old, hethju he wl h j te aify his own defse h i' sa hed,the has wt yet ade tey iswn deciefon. h e jusae sae he llas aetime ly o mor ci tim.andhat wjulsae abe torromorng inhe oorim d turtr wm. >> s pard this thingroasrn in aggeon f a tr hile srdisng am. ge f w ishe defse hdingn le he. >>heefen a is rhtef now hngn see tohe b >>en scrblin r the owry sms t beee b eoccied. cr inr gu in thee sourt tomee ha alleenn hereccd. ourguuysnhertvery sgle hall daynre rs our ry pr sucereee rs teseay tay the rst me tur ury prloterf rte e t th not takg ne es.t t manyf tmy t glad thver.ot ak for wee the nhave. ny t beelar. fo eneeged.he ve en iasn treheyee we engaged. i toda tthey wery w aoyedrust ge over t, daeyer she ard.edrt erhe. sherd: am hsleyt th he: hcoureyouseth drughorte mang i expeive d se urseases ugrtma i impoibleo gethe pe e sdicaonshey ses desrate polegee ne. ca syrocytingrice and seste vy lowne oc ngce sundliesor erythg fro vncerreatntsow to iectisues eth rodici. anernow ate whse t hou iaysti it'steppg n
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7:26 pm
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7:27 pm
7:28 pm
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7:29 pm
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7:30 pm
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7:31 pm
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7:32 pm
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7:33 pm
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7:34 pm
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7:35 pm
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7:36 pm
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7:37 pm
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7:38 pm
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7:39 pm
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7:40 pm
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7:41 pm
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7:42 pm
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7:43 pm
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7:44 pm
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7:45 pm
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7:46 pm
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7:51 pm
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7:52 pm
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7:53 pm
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7:54 pm
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7:56 pm
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7:57 pm
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7:58 pm
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7:59 pm
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