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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 1, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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to go. "t fivsoo. "tiv nex ex ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ >>imbey: hel eryon >>be evyone el happhalleen. e00 ion neworkity. ev nethis s " eppive.lln. i'm mber g ilfoyewitk y. bob eckeis eri "ee. m er b glingoy b andrkeri tanrosndreg bng gueld drans.g lot oews togu cder thi. moay. ot fi ots up,o hma cainhi ft outmo. fi deesp, h accatio ofn fut aeged apprriatdeehavccr fiomf two fmer aed eloye. pr at'll ow yavhat f o fr he eye l y sait moref yr taxe dolrs dnai the re ol anher deen ergy c panyein obaanr n gy cnydmintrat nob ge
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stensinat of milonsf dlars g to g s benkrupf il se we o drs p gzi bup w ochem p bern madfreak herem silee on rnad60akerinut." nothleg wonld make susctut th w anytng. ak >>o yobelie he us we'ltellou wt w yt.hink >>"theyolihe fiv stas r ht'lll n. w wnk he ♪ivta r n ♪ ♪ ♪ kimrly:ight now t ou top sry. imrmany:htowain t ansring hsh ouop slega.ons. an rerts yn tns gng.p. h esidtialandi tegas.asres y t in gprop.ate th t unnidedaldi male empyees in thop ise bac t i thenn lemp90ses thsac ihe when hds ofhe niona en stau hnt assiati.f ca nna aresshe aussti suati ca a ss toda >> iever sexuatiy hassed anne. da i er yesua h iseas fansely. acced s whe i was a fly t niona restrantccssoction wh ii sayas a t "faely" necauna i stntoc on tuedi outayfa ay"erau i hetuut instigiono be a basess. ifinheignestaante aociaon
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d aass. siftlemt, i atat a nia i a sn'tware sem i af n i 'tret. ifopetasn' muc becae no ing ppeni. e that was an'uc s tlemcat, inog en wahand d byha sase af t ot sr ofemcers ihat waorkendd fby s me tnd otofrst theke f messochetionocon >> aenia b uamed a ploys. at i youiaake b uedn oy iouehis?s? ia he ihad anda: hiais shawe id nd hxing ere e nohaourc inront ofs nd nge'll pbabl e ever nrcn nt nd o who t ofsll pblomener oho t a.en if ts tur aut to b fse t i he a senuro b i f h aen wil polico h egg o its fe. il th hav li h agg ots f th resnsibav to me fwardndell usho eseseibo frd wenls e are w
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whatf ireaid at nath marn of piticou wend t th collare on . of i pic c't telen y t wthey ll on ar i c it'sel yriva w manyr. 's aar dtracon. 's at'svahatane hrd hen it a dac . was ll c'sntont e he p hdn paut jes o. s con p au00,0 to j o $0,00 ,0 theoet thi $ wro00 hehe haedhi h a -ro- kimrly:ha h - imy: boorang o hi >>ob: esidtialoong o hi campgns, hen >>: idanal mps, n ndals sff w get anymoustuf other al s w caetidat allanouheufer caatll te. thi you wlind the tname out eryhi pouss wutledhe mes aut y pverle a ca. >> area:rhey' not cong fwardthe . theyan't aa: y' ot bob 'mco f nrde sur w. thiey i't cai t yobill pic nur at h rom hhie i o outai t l i'llicoldhe pre h conrencme h o utd sa il ansr a thelld re qutiononnc saou'v ins a gothe he hqu ton gett bkff t'vot hac b or te wille istr
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ted.e. orok, ilaystrd.eft tl owa. , >>ric: iss hribl thet t a. y it >>c: i cam hblheut it ve dits,ive damit settment ith ds,ewo d wom. ttnth it comlde -- c t--ss not a huettl tent.s ot the int huain saytl ht. e t esn'know abonay ht. n'ow ed colns aong tebo word fo micle achmned and lolt a g tr gro.or i s dfoic whohmnnd l doou tnk t ro wod be? s ist oma? ho sai tyo don ce t abo wo it.e? isromn o?? aimayb tnot mneyon c bo i . poied o mn rick erryybt ey oup.i sai toit is o irasticctur ry th mig do p. somhing lik ai t s this istur theaniig lko aomipng tik is polico. nithe linteeds to b m te -- i r dou eliry.ay eve e tds o b rnin mbut-- all r you eeecomeve isit p lltheyitalinouachmnomnd pw ey caiin hmn syematallyoing hene-bai syat lyng onby-o. and-ba: onnony-ous nd subsntiad evence whats hean cnyn supsed toight bk absinstiaevce itathe the cupespodibily to
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ht b gi u astetai. it he bobit's tru ipoil youtoot gi itrom atherai. ob'sruampa inou. it m a er you g lk fronothpa mpai be reou hav ou g lroth sours ri e >>avimbey: y knoit happs al the ime. urri >> b : su>> itbeappe i've ppalhee. don i bsutpe theoint sve d polico gon i it dectl fro ent sou des oolo g fr the per d camtlign ro ou anot or cpaigfr he erif ty gam itn rom ather ot camp cgn, igey suld ve t gtm aer nfird mp, sd iir i >>reg:heyalle i inapoprie be vior >>g: y finileon o i ipproiates ap ri bbeador it ni o incomrosste bytom fe. st o us ohe pnets guil .f i opprosiate o p thavi. il f 's a irote gumoke or vi. sil coent. a depeing umo yo aree deangr ilth, u ner kw.cot. pewe dg 't kyow.reea wan t get, t no s kethi that dndre ka sd. an t beuse et's t shi alloaten, re s shou talaboubete cosmes. lo , eat ingbouteing oual ou prresse, i youoss. t cgtumeutng is proessi yprssan ioue a pi cme you e arosi y conrvate, pi ythi is ou mis aueed as seston behatiornd he
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hi msiaised s wi go aft y se rigehr awa m you are wi tedoft y kendyig owa oure ed bi cli top oenohn eard, o if y'reheall seet bili op o otesrs wn are e cd,erin yel up st es w re csexuin apault xu e mia altill kpheir hd off it. if you d m't weal k cosirme a h f t. progifssivou as dlackeaos a coogervaivves ewarck kimrly: speing ocovaar co umes didim anyy:e pk upeg o onhis?coes dny p>> b: i u d't kno howons? eric andl his bi dno wch.ow mus icdlis wgh w.5 pods. us arecie w the mon.po. gre a makci sur y tlheon ever ne yre --akur y >> ec: tl reay er y- e?ea gre myostu'm my re y tw btuwnergunn. >>imbey: gnery tw bernn >>beutfe g.r i'm area. fe eri leteo th m a a. coume rieteth.coe pu alag pu on. let'galkn. abo het' desk moin
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kimrly:est's cinaregrl. tt rman ain simhey:ttenon s of c eryon t aney dn n'tsxpecim ten eon re nate dnt theec pas t ng-sndinrun there te pohes. as seif hes cpped awa-s oinn he thponew se allatioennam cedwa o thw sours. llio whher isam ablo wther ur ewhr sbl wer srm. ne 48 hou a ctica s .we hav a polng o thane8ou a makethe hesav intol to oinhat. ket's e e.t. "dhen moiso s riste p"dl,oi caineads rney. who ruldteou ve p fn inds ry. the o d 12 v ccus? f in 2.he cmneys?22%. 2 paul 12% ey%. bachnn, . ul2% pey, 7%. nech, ginich a 7 b?pe >> b%.: neinh fir a t 7 "de b: moes risteoll"ir is the de mo accate ll i mo rteowa. l" asays hmocce een i anea. w as h n dended an. w done0aysutdeedand do o do fores theaucus. ha thed cauos o a enderenhe cu wa how uha ade ey w u ay.o.
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thothehalfou heo pu thhelf hut. pu thprobm cn h gote. s nothob c hotrganatio pol oter nout.anio oli d'ternow iferry dsr. d wromnfoes.ry d hohot he is, mnow wels.e hhote to dn ts, pl. el has toet h theo ce o d t p e asoaucuhes c .cu >> ec: ts waindvan ofhis. d timg f e twaanain. of int im fometng o. n.maybhes t u onethat iet ogointo me ybs tneist in m w. heasn' beettacd w hen'ee y. ac kimdrly:e ma t ypred.tion >> ob: e reimon iy:maade t e pre ctio you edon >>: re i se reioou eryby el bacup to s him e rson mybelacalki aoutim girich he is rn ne guy ki th augho theebat whogich s acd li anuydult hethasn'ho gothen iatho ightaclin lt orold peoe n tohe gn'ot iht i ord eoght. n o g attkedhe i mia. t. rettblicds li tt. justikeerman ca m was. inre icli tw ham
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hirest e maheca waso fn behd. am ire p dict w he' ce back fo eh n th thi .i pct no becse ie' w coac srt but i tthughthi evebodylse wou noec ba i u w sut io thtvedyeou ba himim anda: his pling i th sam plahat h kabe end h s png iolli. th am laromn wast hbe leanged fredli thom on wmnas behd h so oea edre cose h has a c nceomo w wineh h o it o o pele lcoding ht,as cai cein andomne sntitery lite pe l ng meainowa. d ne s 's nyeit rognion. a.gree nith y. rni. heres hat isontereeting abht th y. rests o er%ngf thaabth.ollaid the uld e swad.ha l% dotdhe havdwa adoavrefence. a 84ispfe fe.rabs th is 84 f bigbs ths nber.ig >> ec: iyouook at nr.hy roey c't get e i auvek6%.t e rublin pa y iro cet a .consvati rli ppaty. i st nstionseativost p. reblics dot se rney aseivt onseativreicdo se they rreytill loong f theseiv anne eyll butoo rom fy theo uan ut
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agaitom t aone. ai ae. >>ob:omeo wil emee the >>:onseativeoil me alrnate. yohere rht. >> kseberliv thas arap.alat nigh heryon ca r goe. o krlhaap. th rghordercaoeith th rd gta v h susten. tunen at 10:.m. ster g v up ext on stthe. fe," ne a 0: pridenobam. er up pystnlasse f" waiogain thepr ricenam what p agn? ss wewaavinhe ticape. at ag al nextwe dot foet t te.-mai us atalxt dofo t efivfoxns.coaist. ivxnco . let telyou out very imrtanphoncall mad t elu t ryen iimot man on llmediadre cd, real ed ieede i m an ap...di c dica supalemen i de in ranccard atoo... ca upmedienre i one in thencreatrd o.thin abo turng 6 di ie heat inbour 6 buit dsn'tover erytng.
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inact,t on payup t 80% youpartbu exp dses.'t er yt. int,onay t % ourtxps. if y're readon orligie fomedire ye ad or gifo cadi nowo fi out w anarp. ca ow fidicaut supemen an inp.ranc plan inred unidheahcar ca upinsuennce mpanin ncan ind ni eahelparcove some f su e e meancal pens... lp ve menot id b medimere pl t b.ns . thatan se yofromayin up t thout nds b doldirs.. p b. at syoomin t ou s t ofolour ..n po et. the arthe ly micar suppmentnsurce pns.. ofr po. thare mar pp exntusivury en prsed.. by ap. when ou cl noex youivl geen ed ais f e inrmatn ki.. en cnoouge wi all fou nind at ki to eoll. so y canoin e miions ofeoplwiwho llve a neady . el. y an n put mieir nsust aar of pl o dica a supdyemen insunce. t r t ar ca up en plsu youe.l gethisree ide tonderandi medare. plougeise e toerdiede. e pres e coetite. i cakeep pr own octo coit and don'need refral to s a scacialept. wnto d n'edefl s s alcall ow tget a fr infmati kit ll pl t youtl ge thisfrree nfideti it tonderandi medare. plougeise e toerdi ed e. and e adntag don'end ere. ch se fd m a adnge ag med are n'd sue.leme pla... ch fa e ed e at asu allmeompelative. pric. hava pl ar alllst eperyonve ic so y canind e thav fitpl ur
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nalds a e budont. yand thit n a wiud all edice suppmentlans therare rtuay wino cllim ficms t fill ut. ppntns erpluse ou cua kee cur o f doc tr thatccep medare. us cee oocansp atepede. and st oall, the pls ar.. e on medare pple nt d pl os enl,rsed y aa. thplar onede le plenedaa wh thetolde the pls we endsed aar.. whheldthpl wendd ar i d on onehingo sa.. gn mi up.on nengsa callhe nber youscre m now.. and nd o abo an ap mecare upplllent n rinsunce an.ou reow d obo amereplt sue . u'llet ts fr infoatiokit. anguidto uerst dingll t frdica foiot. to h p yochooan theidlan u st ngat'sight or yca. hyo oo he witnall dica 's htsupp yment lans u cakeepour n door anhosp al titt acl ptsca dicapp ntns caepr do ansp tacs ca t he payg fowhat dica doe't.. and ve uto tusan heof daylarsfo at caoe.. d u t ancall his ll-f de nurser n . lls -fnu n
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♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ >>ric:elco bac t "t fiv" iouldte a nor l w>>kc:co ac r t"tiv predenti iflde dn'tor w takehe tppornityreontf att dkt e sokeallerich lioren ttywhat t clatt warrr an chiesof salech li tat t thila rraniesa ti. >>ver hie pa thr cadehe midtie lass has>>r pahr
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de loid as why e wlthit loew hav gd. beco wy lthi. we ahiragencom for t topav 1% oco whi amecans h ageomor topisen o alst sen tesastemens tha h theen i ome oalf s the t aterageha mile c sse ie o filyhe age. mi cin ts coury we fy. d't t grud anyoue weth oe succs. d udnyncouwege o cct. amica etteou ofhen yonead t chaeama tetteofn ahea ne t ha nojust tho a the t t o the ea no incsteho ahe t s ole. e >>ric:e cnctradting msel s. >>nc: tame cadng s tenc el he sd e tryons wethe has snc gonep, e sryon eonweasncouges ne weal and eve eoneonets anceo dous alndvees bter. ce d boblet tl y,oney obt t bl y meg,ey thi i b bartin gro demoat a hi i rubli bns.ti ro lead t mo l at0 rearsli of. ea tinco l incases.rsf th eco top e wan ys. toisten t th theop%. nuaner yote ts.he thop 1 nus. g th70% ireas in g tir wlth.% i as
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the m dle tlass wh. 40% e m epoor peosse,0% or 1. eo if yon't tnkheic 1 bene yted om e'try tolicy theongrsasse and ned eesidt psed a favedic e gre rh, isse timnd f the id pchd aav t r iim fhe ge tac. g gre thi rort,. cds the ch w trehi up rt, 6. ds the xt g upe w0% thepext 6 oup %. e g theextheroupt 20% p re, e et hsehoupncom was0% diff ent. , t erybo hhoomasramacall weff up.t. ebo >> b:mallrama callwep. 25 bo 40 imall 25 tumat? 0 >>reg: ihenou ahat tat ch y get >>g:n ricr. a evertody se g yeticheic it ery g benitromhemheetti ch.en m iotimti . . the g ns s ptiple mov om t cla. e n its peov not c tla a ittatiot cla a ti waarerobl. lapeop movfrom mdle t upr.wae bl th's t ealoptoryovom me t up bob th tlry
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ob75%. kimrly:o%. hat? imy: >> area:ho ces? thist?dmintratn iso a a: fos onne c of?he s enisinatis delyfoonfins. s eed. theyon'tdeocus on t oths. on. d. it tim thaey't peousen g t offth theion uttsitimha eo an gdffork. ei sohat ts >> b:an isimek. tosot ay b i theifairehare >> koberl ion't-his is a ei piritivrerepo. is k srlws'tike gsg ss a piv thpoe.s mov sent ande g peoe ss e ju ing omthne cssoov tnd e ne.eo ist th wha jumerig is c abt. try t oneetteisth andha berihes ab rson hatryoes t betr f te theind b famy a the elveon ts et fncouge peoe t eioam outy a hethervean worhard ou eo th t is the amecanut dre. er orwhenrdou he meythshe it'men re siero mak oneyen. h m >> ec: iyout'avoney erak eyeasi e iu to meye mey. evsiyone poios m m.evnethe oi u. top%. arica the isn iex for is.u.op thhigh lev a tcahes l i lel. r . th ghginev t l ind. l. shows ince n divsityndmong asse ow ameca, nc com iivty at th isseur me, om i ind.t5. th ths hhests mbend. a 70. th
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lost i hst m sden a a0.3%. welo i aremack dab snn a t mide . it. ere nowe indatiore tha ckab y syem tidorks t.ette ore o nd woioe. ha it a syks matr ofter ecomic oppounitwoand hav aitot. at thefaycoc bzil poit bead av.s he at b 54lea lombs bea u att 5. 54 mb'vea giv u the mey.t 5 >> b : ho y sitiv hehe m. wi a strgh fac bho be y you canito. he th topwi 1trac beetsouan75%. th ope ne 1 gups i%. ne g0%. i. gre thiisversted anxaggatedso giv tremhi rsat.d thi tgged rivh's t fau? to o whih thangg rsau chnogyito w gngbalition we havn ducanoonal g. g lion pe le a notavn edutedocaal g de wit the mpeerni ationotf dud ou deithe job mnionous.ob
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>>ric:hisavors >>c:s or eryby. yb >>ob: you thi the peop onall strt a maki>> job: ou hi >>hendre evebodyants op tonltr a kiob be >>revedyts ee oupy wl strth. pr este wano b ric oy w th cntryprteanic ge o.sth c ry "liftyleof t rhnd g faus" th ifle t r a guyhatfaooks" liketuarvarn. a uy eri thitis tks estike. ar notrn ts sysm, rihi t wha ti ot tys syem? ha >> b: fa and balced ere eryo has sy? b afandald shoe yoas you areryin tell me hosomeidorn to a oureinealtle peon menno wal atreeamelt ot a crapemoth in al eerlem-e >> e c: b an tora-thn bobif y em belve e b thato ve t s ob bac y goelha haw tac go >>ric:his chaes t t. worlin a betray. >>c: st'sha m te on. rl a et you nt t. talbout thi s m n. amace. do eu hav t aal fulut seen?hi e ac dopproavl/dipprol ul
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ra sng on? obacare at troowesdiro ra o ta aook a whebare i s tes getak ahe i w. e genflar rabity.labi. 51 t 3. >> area:51he rson the t decratare 3w.tartg o aa: rn hey -- rublins ndeerate rt lik it.-- rnowliemoc nts s we d't ik li it ther . why? woc semiue d havlit erone y? u t iu lst sceavt we pasd. l al smplo wrs aroppasg corageal thlo l they a tolromhepp admicostrageon t kpth you lhe ol doctm if y mira wan t was- kou >> b: no actf sine pt yfanas is bl at wen bnoahrouin p an bame aw tha b affentedou sura ean preum b inceasesha th isff alldougi y therare ncsuraese coany. th>> asrea:llre ygiheiddi? ra>> bco: thy.e is not a aa: y ngleart di bthisheot a bil le >>t ndre this minirati, selius rselilsaidfou r seour >>rehi premms w ll gnieti youseushe elid rr uivant o em w gou va ooloncopy >> b: th shod. uponpyverydy's b butth-- tho suraeupompa hasry'seenut t
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ever ody'butt orra yrs. pa mighasaseln get up t irs.ery' tt >> yndre. befe weet ghet p dite jac tthes. rice>>re efwe >>ric:eforthis gs teac e d, rardls ofcehat is n>> c:or itisr not i g it, the rdl oft unsvoraen ratg iit--rot it, he and a: 5%.unra at i >>ric: the nly nd bil 5ess >>pulac: tha tts blheyils her.laha t b >> b: r.hi is b indtmen ofhedmintratn nos tellghis as welnden ofey l tineaatno p plellndss el u ou fnt nd m e lt t p neetive- ou f>> kberl m hyne wonvehey ta abo k itrl now on eri weoty to tabo gtow anher een ergyri cepanyo thatot fun gng fmhe an r aman gydmin ctratnyn bis th at du. un f we he tel y ll aauttinatbi th next duon " e fivwe" hel y a ♪♪ xt "♪♪iv ♪♪ ♪ blk blk
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ >> area: elco♪ bacto "t fe." it me alloen b i aa:coac "t f" melsikelo b i grodhogays repo com out a ut ase ro ogcondreennerg comny po oming utnkru a aft a getng nden gorgrnme loaom guante g ru thftpoweetorpotion tgotmeoa gute delopsnerg syst gthwepoon t $4millndepsrgst g grant from t en$4gy dllartmt la yea gnt ro t nothatoney isone. en dtmlaea s,noat thaeyssaxpar mone. i ne. firshapaon eri w iav . s yndrrs and en sri w per shendr fid er a s t lis goen pn fi an aon a t on. is thoe is anoer o. th admistrion an sayg an. th swe'ljustnoook o thnto dm trn ishat gayd enoh? 'l st >>kric:o.o agisn, o of tt gostdno >>distc:bingartsf t s,tag of t tppento bn the stngridats t ght d umen en b dp. he anddaa: d't y lov t den at? d eri t ownd d ytov o lat ? idayight ri thopi we wonigur o i outat and aynd oht. pie onlf aur bilon forut d oiske o il haor a blion f syndrke oand lf ha mil bon fon f sdr tes.
2:27 am
d thiss a win. il f weave oy loses is ain $43 illiwe e oon bcon.os saiit bore,ob43 blike but bn.e hadait be, b ut fix. ad stenhu theostix. st unalifd innthe cabtet crety ofll timun ifin is mhoulab tep dowetofim bobif m hul topow lisn thiob h foruchoongeis hi or i'll-h gog llo a eaty.hrim aga. wh weon'tgo don t shoo at imd wega wlo iwhexte wee'to t hobecae i' goi t b ngweim w i in.tee youenti the ocasi' thaoi b fa. . fothe uti 50,he osha 800 ttakfa fo, yoe nev0,alk abo. 8 t gre noby tal bout yoev thk, thbo d 'trexistobal ut >> b: ye thethth wil dtheyst d bxistyehe il en i bri hem in ey and i d stow tm. i ope illri om youn wlnd i regniz t it.i e sa o geeou wherere reiz onet. saeere--ne eri mosof t mpans ev ifhey' rios t puic the sanckevf prisy' a ashi aspuhe seri a hispeak e buness mel didtak
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wo. bu>> gssg: t ms isalle tid vanoneswo g tisle t hgove nerytesng tt w genas suosed t hve be gd. yt t wnow l ge're deangithsued t evey da is g a w lreeaewh evdaseadae. >> b: youdare walng ha bover ou>> kberl oneood int al out ishaer an krlned t ay t here s a pnn newre yor at a l psthe wehouewor w l re. wou >>ob: u got plty o-- w >> . >ndre: stogo applving o e lns. weeard aut >>retoppng the l. olynweard a henkru. thh hato byyn epte erru thhay0. >> ec:te $5 llio o tt e5 io day. t >>ndre bily.ons out t >>reilsut tdoor jinez soor obvus. finay,jiverwz lminobv. narw in evidce. ok, we o id. a nvesgatiokwe a >> b: doouave aes ltin on thi atch bdo e >> ec: ion't l and a: whaveonoethich e to i't
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2:30 am
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2:31 am
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2:32 am
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2:33 am
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2:38 am
eporr jneew ddy,or broer o julie >> his mingo set y, ro opped thiieff the mik h mg et ripp thioff s wedlhindhe ik reated tstab e i pp thehif w thro witaen. at tab i heay? thi howroitoua peoe o co in ? he? hi ow is ts h teoou tat t con h dia? t h t>> gg: teligful. n wa?e geallig tha read w wheh' forll greer good onteaha par d n'tad breheor are od a ar la but dt wreen't p ancips e rl kin laut e ki w t'tt o pendip mov rin sts in oupe ki t re i odov o now yakngboutstinpe the i prost. o ow>> wak livut inhe uted e rostat.. wher you wiv i u cd atrote. eru sood covete so tm.e ss aut iividls tn tt abo a stemi pro iemid wit t ayste o ofbo smiroit a conteol. o f >>reg: lt the toue aton. ho. >> g: l othe oveaidheoutctorho heved ormpla abo ayste outf contl. sotion y la12 mbolionte ut artmt. ichntso iony wha mon acaldw didtm ter sitih the ptest wi i pcesikeha adwidhat,
2:39 am
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2:40 am
ntuc notafe. gre thiis wtot in restme a ut tuc ote. prott, the rere anhi w elent ofineoplste e aerin t the rote ot he th arent grt.le thatuyofotheplng t einhete port is ethregr at ofhe tthem . rt s the ptests d't wanf t em rert ts stf. e it m pes tst d ptest lank ba t reey'r tst i m t pst lbaeirdind. 'r kimrly:f cose. i t th d'tant toayrd d. somee timedy: tcoo. sta a th d portt in oe that. is w n'me t t tta anly rtn th. ncid wt t at jn hdy hadyith the guid ther we ther j had ihidenhe thatgu pre deed t. er w ereer areeopl ien whoatrereed ere pl laessnd an'tho bavin apprriaty. laens at youook b atin t prat sum tal ou in akrega, atot of t um t indentdownhere in athergaareaopsf tre.innt wn rethou boboesn lik it,eres you veo t p.tecthe p licouobsnikt, u der. pct p grec allhe csre ere. if yr. got ugge d o re sllth c avue, ey we.ldn' b her yotge o to sav, i werfen'. ber >> g g: fst, aste ife dot c e g f, up owhete do east cep he stnoeastsdot com unosthedooastom don' d u youst weaer.
2:41 am
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2:42 am
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2:43 am
kimrly:oingown ere doollopn t atheimcondy:ionsngnd wnther e otheyeovinlo out t ofhendns wer eyinut tre.f t. >>ric:heyrobay wa -- bob c w >> sc:pyba tal ngwa- ab tob c sal thiab hi gre i d't le talkg abt sondra >> b : i ren' d lik l talng lkab soabourasolyra eit r. bi ik w maal teso w tal ouly abouitthe ma tidicous wal oue sry? ics >> gg: alongs i s? kee g angs i bob tssot im rtan g. alletion are tobmpornt. ts >> area:hey' notiman lega ons.leone or . >> b: 300 afa:y' youotest ga s. orm oopecops own b 3 theou t w di heym pe getpsn aheroop in. di gre thay iset a dradi. op n. bob no. re haat tts i ddi the bt ob oo.s. t ar't t iy thhe b bes one o >> gg: n ar t bobthesne sor. >>reg: g nerni
2:44 am
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2:49 am
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2:50 am
>> g:it tsguemt? do boudo thihe is telng bhi eruth em do>> ec: ahioluty no s sheel wa a b kkeerth in the e aut noole heme ewa prablyefor bit seerted i hebut okhe guy e ippeme oprlyor sed $ t 5 biion uype olaim inhich $ just bin hnew i not honsimn ch or his st wif h w i abotlute h nos w theorisholeif abmilyteouldoaveee w ihelet. ere lyren'lde outders i >>reg:ob udhis sry e n' utrs as sght gain >>g: uds s capilist i am telngas y stint's pi stdoff chem amas ael gov ynment sogra yououldave ffemeenoven raoulde n rit. t. bobit dendshat is it f. how d h ob gethe dds mont?s >> e c: t fk moy in w h >> bet: fr whoon ? eri ori nal e tmoin bfrhonvesrs ri ankeptri brilingn mor espeop in, pay g oanpt therig n firsor op invn,tors youay d ohe eat, iverse more monndnvrs ou go d bigr a b ger.t,eoron wou h en'tgo eveig b an br. disceredfhe mket ou h 't vedidn b fal sc apaed.f m t anda: h e isdn why al whher pae kn orot she nd h is hy sllwh ar knrart.he
2:51 am
>> ec: i s sial scuri. a t. sa tng. e i >> sndrel heris why ri i thksa t. t t he>> ireer ahy iorrie a tot i of aives tenori loo pe. th oth way theye nofinvoedes inen oo thay ey l t ir hus nd deynovon nanc .nc th pro eds l the busk dhe wnctingthey suldth goros o b e vic ms. wng ey she s wasdoeall a gd icpers.. no he as thll are goi t gder rs fute ughtth-in-rewoi t who enged tut on ofhtn-he ss wholaim hhong t esn'know on f>> gg: b he ss dsd.hoim eri no, no, n'ow no. g b e dthe oth son. ri o,>> go,g: o o. thoht i w -- e th on anda: ts i g o me monehomaki i -- w- gre i s uld avend ts i m reane ki- it re s de >> kberl bobedti sty. ea te meitbouthetory k rlob >> bti: th're tst sen ngtee ut y of isry mon t bthe ten peopof -- on >> area: to. >> b: dot th t hav a op- rit to g it? aa: b do it'thgoinavto t furerito g t? dahtern-la la derit' monin aga t. f e >>ric:ou wt t nodaerla lasomeriing onrega >> ec:egio w? t kimrly: hey men't g t theoney froher. eio shca legimly gy: iy t e>> eeyc: tros isr. a goosh eg g ilegaqueson fm arew e t is maff, illoo liv g, o sgaes f aw th istill lingmaver, tl iv o yes to s i thsll lg $16rilli t in
2:52 am
y oryeto lnsromerni16lin or mado lmni roup doup ouldt th iesto hav cesso tt mldey?th itoav l-goen g ns? ss t kimrly: mou t?nkhey ouldhen ugohink g? h imy: ty ldofitn oginankd fm. h thhoul it ona >> area: futh t th $ul aa: h .5 blion >>reg:he h to $ ge t hacut ck t bon >>ana.g: ho g t >>ob: t'salk authat t evea.obs tha w t h pene>>: sk a befo heied. e hiwifesha w rep hted ne wha i foe d. th hife sry?epd ha i anda: sve th js ster s? eulo zed m thnd s pas j sr weend. lo d th autil if y hav't rdt, fdwe d. th timeo tiead eu.. y avit's rod sad f a so thme d spirionaand 'sad pow aful. o grea irnad lsonsppliowble eawhatsoing on i thi lns untr li e workard. at dot bengn i embcedhi tr to rkd. dobembdail.o l. rk hd. you d fl,o wt. h aracr is heou d mt f imrtano w m shesni andimanhi sh cicisni--nd
2:53 am
pessism d cicis at t e he csis ss surm unde by cis his t ee fily and lasuroupldey nute he lsks pt the a fynd as saplh, wow te l phe a oh w! hesaasow seegometng be nd - oh w >> b: thhemplitionasee et he found fbeth a - the end bth youlioneliehat,reg? heun f a >> gheg: ind don ou tnkie yout,g? shou loo a g i theon las tou mont's f souebodooyou aon't heknowndas ilynmo's sxperodnce.u 't don tnk ow it'ur i pla.ere. on t i'd let' tolahinkomet ngd l o ppen. d lenko tnket he spe hen whol llifeearcng t fepe h mean golferc a d fling wh an moalit. a dng w maybsomeingapped. i dmo'titnow if.t's m p ceybmeg peto s dtwfs m did p >> simbey: setim he liev inid g>>be sime som imesevn h eqvocad. g >> b: i ke aom bes. h i d bieveeqca nex bi a hlowe. b "t d bve fe" ex sle! h we'll rig"tack. f♪ s! ♪l ♪igk. ♪ ♪♪
2:54 am
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2:55 am
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2:58 am
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2:59 am
haoweeor aeo p ni gre ahaee c. jok >>reob: at i ahis sff?ok >>imbe y: m>>eup.: i u ha see i bsore. s? >>be mp. ha fieelly, i a be.unalloen pl r yo fi y, youelie in gholos? p yo rausse oll ouienho sho 31% d rase lievlin gsts. 62 dohoot.1% d ev don what to 62 boieve. somee nes to tel on thew ha maoe th bvebama dmin tratmenneto elwillellhemhe thehoulmath mabelie inhostinat bo youllo.lmhe ul >>ob: do liineliest in boou ghts. it >>: hav sn gsts andieneard gh gh.ts a thi wit aft iav s gs ndoppeusinrddrug a gh ahi wft i dr king. pe inug a >>ndre you didt te bidrng >>reaherouidadvi. t >> bbi: no xer yvirsfteras c an bno and ivinx in aarm i y weser c din manland300-ar-om sto i es farm im telng y amaightnd0--oto rm coulhear hemalkii toel y a htemseesesn olenglh i theularmkio livg se rooesol gl ii wt do ehere- yo tnk iv it'sutsoo but i w amdoellire youyo t ther are'shost outshereut. i m i' goili tooue erestut proctedre he in'ti'oio >>reg:ouroed werhe p'tbabl sqttin at>>g:omeby's hou. er p >>blimbey: d'tet tsqin eb ghsts gou you.


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