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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 1, 2011 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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ha it i a magical it iagal intra whenim and scere i suspded rad thi v eilennim s t wor isifd. sp d t >>ouhi stu vpid.l ior isif nd.tud. >> s ittuard.ks the edf t iinaltud. harvitt. arks >>tho ces?f t in>> iis aig ofag a rv >> c? aos. i d l i aigag oic afnd chaos. aos. dag aha >> y cld he, sred nfes>> a c they s srerices nf imalto t cebraten trice festival al >> do ke boncrerasndn f feal >>ano seri bngsnd fnimals uld t wi frien and andt is nd wi wherinen thend fa we.e fk like ndis becheamhe acve.we fkike >> n y areeiec a ac. jerk. n>> i y hopre you a't j makk.e it i ba hop houere. >et'telakcoeme baur he. gue s. elco am he wi g gueins. hwi mcginnis. is writ and micn. gi is and e is s it hndot hha m iicsn. ad i hha is trivet. anouerrit. her tesan boosaler
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r s b "donica bkal s dro be"dra wanicab fe-y roitingerdo p chas it. bera an anhe gs hy treat by g d tu pinast. tckan gh re heutsheean tu i hloen tck ihes myheea sidekick,il sclz. i d wi us,he ahor the sek . wi s, asuppr he side ofconocs and pp thidee aecftsco onocs t gwingnd ec omy,th aects o tgng ay secy, treat. an he the libal ghoayuls t at o eadan be y foohels lho our "new o yorkea bimooorrespondent. o " goodo se you rk >>ornnspdexpecteo odseou pnnchnce a aa revamof vhe morningam p. schele. ev sadlhe thereasorhengirea he. dlect tion reout wg uirpea wiinch pitchtn out tupid u wich itecivestu pi dok wt i ve de fothi dog d po s w l we i u d ifohi hl, b g po w. gu i w l se wyoune el ohy thaset coouuld bele a oh profyitab ad cpa tco bo ae. ofabd pabu goe. >>ka is heain t inis a world of t in aorurt?
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see, didn't?tse ain. the, are denying dn't allen.gaonstt inhe a 19s, d actngualece legastin xu allyaras19d t a womle ile heas t h d ofhelyas t naonom resuran asheciatn. t hof othe ise own na thera.esan asdiat'tnow tha did ou?hee n hera w thaid? spking mony, t forme rsp pizz pusy,her t cledhetoryor zz pusr d ary q witch htnd hi40ea a runnich busses and c orhiraonea unhe'sas never buexesll aynd harassednye. 's nery raednye. ill of over0ea of busess xperienc oe,ver eanninbusisses of b s rporxpioer, i ncve ner insies orioi n sexualy hasseny xu a>> h esectly whai sd. ect w s d.atbout the politico sry? isut t tru womol ficedory s exual t hamenthaes f agaedst yo s>> wuale althe rtaant nt ha asgasociion w ayocced o f w ahe cin wcc o sexuarsmen false
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acse i m igxuht add.enal ac m aias falsecced f seccedassment. and en t chaes we brght se teader ofas ten d t haga wnatioi r ecausebrt tear -- nio i r reaued melf and alledy - reneral co munfl a a m ayumy sour racoun a myffic turo d wit theuati. d t d w ithteti wonedft i th wgh iestiedtionhat ft had bis thtiont d b >> cn was unaref ttle>>mes ttnight w have na be paito tf wom. thle smeay t thtaven ft angberyai t d uthomfo sableit fngain's be vior uhatfo ilelude seally uggestbeivoret deconvsatis. anthe ouldly wriugtest sd thenvyti an e nfmeld t whe intities od t bothomenshe hav e ame nt itens thenhe dumavenetion of the alegatis. um en thitia se oous s tryhe tt coad ma thetieginng o hi see enusfor ctn aco bmaumhe inegin o th roa den trt wod ben brgten i fnriday? thoadt wo b ly c i n e bagn fnodaor re. cagor
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. i think ttold a of ou pemsod anne.hi t ol yo au werfe soug in phe greemsod nn om h pro yuer eoryo werein gre hro potiorco fubshg is ory. poti fshg y. ys. . ey heintdu the chges pinge w ll h forgnt abodu thehe clichonras ng w llen t hergrobohe ilihenew york imes t the ross gs ohene rkes e sre oe gpe erere. gpe th eeereawsusgainst. thac me.sus in >> ieresng tak b pred iicesble ming tromak b ouedice ngm an. >>avinwhat iyourak >> t isotan. jus c >>ativinati ur ack n. >>is ot th ract isoingnlliv er a rik ..
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anth theacisngtrge thing a ut e sts i s tany ghe awaytrgehi s is gwand leteou ou botom.nd et th suaar sm i bsm. anytng f nd suancomrtsmles ytndrtle d i wt40 million. >>re y i w totly rht mli beuse. he>>n it y goesoot talht bee ten in thesehe i ctesoes eoal with $10il n tse 1*t wa esettd fofiv eit $ il magethey s. 1k*wa ttat cfold b$10,0iv mageey. $ c20 b000, d provi it was auinc $ wasive mag e rroeevi.tas anc ase mag r. >>ollywood isti reamed wi the. >>ol nowone wodtssti rhemeir reput atn.wihe no w he eyilepay $40,000o yo il h40 a00o problem. ey don want t pbl rket t ey d coonin.ant theke coin. e uoldillion sinzan >>ol iyouon't wt to gilon s ch ard i wuh't s wextlo
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rassment, n't ehi ch w li rea sd.l ssidntha, tt makhi you liea coorta e? ha it adeak meou vy cota t e m v comfore. mfor >> everaedut rme >>veedut ihis othe sar that u an ours lheefty sarha buddi an our di lsmtyysf?uddi diys iav t gwo compints thiav story t iwo feel le hempts one thhig htoere that doeee'tlemehe ne rit i tou herusetha be d moe isme theriact thatuska h bee is caesac thathisapkane hde and cas he acknowledgeapsnehat nd happedut i washen' atnowedrest of hepp setemenutt. heasas the hwd of t ra seten hehe hd a t u so rigly dbe it. e was aware f so, t he wlaimas a hre dfsnno ve ofthny stle m . heim th str hes m as onof t of se thgs.. eier hthis ltrng o mbad as f t leeripro m on topth.. ei h l oad ifleouer are oware oop t. oer f, y bterifou b ae are o. t oer
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y b >>r t bnk are y aourero. on this >> tnkre y >> wist y t wha bill st ai y t isherenyelevance to w a llis cnty? isrenyelan to isy? >> hean't knowt pped that theho panoint.nowt you re a pped ye athe ho p>>nt thi. it s nsanc e ure a yeit. knethat>>he chirgest weresanc madendhe t he just neat ces saeride fine, e wi de t jus mak it gsaoinwi aw. m g aw. * * >> can we stop wi titch >>an w asit a nt wcan i fd tt ofnse. id thawas longmetgo. of ns >>onfintiaygr hantss ng arin t bube of t fi iacorpatn.s thguy areing tueub iofs gngi do t he w gettithngy ngue idsor 3 gng do miknio f w s gexti harasueenor 3 and men re s dingmiim expo gna har d n sngim -
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-na pnoaphi phot. pd henoavedaphem a. so he i s ot still. flirtin ghe wedh a ems hetiliing a semshesueim. ahesu e i imdo.n't nt toete. and at'sow h tks. t mos oetfe. our audd ienc'se h doestnow who me i of o >>udhenc perobl est who i >>heblhe absoluly w sdinghe him quesonab t luhing w s dibut e re of s lis al es t ref lis al q ndler muss mustae, ler ss ilty >> agr witevething usu e sang, ut y musty stop >>gr citee pg ni hman aisan, o yus sp ho llywd oc dgmaainoha ey.hoyw o d >> i jt wanto sayhaey. h ow i jt iquito s its. h to>> it aee wit y. i jt ain ou ir aeeit . exampl i >> wn i ink t the ahingin ou ri ha donandow man expl w i sexuk alhe hngas smen shatson idan could ha h ad, xuial hmasen a i gati wrullha their. h, im -- tiwrhe. zon r >>sn't r it remarkae h
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clean do't is, iemka nedfter h apea.dos, nob ny caeds abt herim. ap. obcaab h. were not talngbo so ranm g >>nne, d weuotal biebo stsoanda g, ifou a a >>e, pgssi, yocan a pg. >> hdaere if a p it i truyon . he t ru c g throu the lt. ted ken nedyillli tnton.ouhet. ted kenne dilenneliillion. >> a i tecteam k clenearurg thli li aon aecaiamrleg with thonlion lewinski ding hitishantson t le pawia kine sgay hinis ksts i i wa makin tpahaa unep. says i i wa thak w trote u pieceayin clton thropingrote pceay kathlee lycln pi sa oy, heathly gd her b say, hwhenehe said no, h td no h b r an answe enai n h t no annswe thwhol idea of t re of law somhinghe fem isol ideof te o w omnghe f reject sdou he one standa for reveon se. h o nebut ifoure a fdaemorist or veon libera y c ct lre youis or se liary raney ynd ch itl i ys
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catalse pisy eny tnditills clinto is mcaollting pheiselenptnd and dpp his panintsto m angel othe smo otdh crippe graisan ves d th say tha t'hesmoh fine g.ra >> ws e yothay beinghat's ne s.caic? wyo >>hicharei >>he cnt parcat?ic > youchhiroin g y>>r c pantarand t?yingis it>>snou roaing c yey nt ntd ovngis >> d't rembe cey seeg nt th in movi i t nk>>ou a rig r.em >> see did t sth nn o,vi and h e tnk a r di sid set no, a he ipeaed or j eeadwardsorar is ot j swimngt. e ar sbar iwa totlorho im s -- stewartayl wte an ties n a nio naew larawyl w te journa ne mone intnoau nio jonejos'na llegatens montalng into abt h utnegehe wegasat hisal llabeaguer refusinuttogehe w verhe pla j es cguaseer ef wh ittoas r jes c a whtas tal legitime sexualassmt lit cane sayomhing c zyxu wesm ce. suld bo lishanayomhiual haramentwe and s iuldonbosh cua wh prantndon - pitianoe swh onthe psol time. don't spen moe m - - on'the pso te. donythg, a ctn'uay.en m
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siat -ou-r desk like ne ofdothg, a ese apessieouuy ds wk kef g reaptoes jusuy w wt. he i nirechi j wt. about sexuhe tt harsmt i bo th cas lik e inxuhe c hrenc omasase,t comthasikroemn c cirel ghts law ase, c om is non rinacion ltsaw l vi ls rigs arthe nly nnaon l re onvieigar he y civilight la sreeceau of how h cil ig decrat t ated blacks.s au an oherefeow a 100 y ea t edter as. democ tanurren a 1 arouea andse sethi hatr s us toemefd blackur ound f shi t de cruso discrimlaats, ung f itgain blas d cr i wt toove u theng next it a. wtoe heext fran yto i'masd. >>fromn aegat ion tano'mnasd. >> om nebriion. aegaton o wa governonr rkern ri n. di ert sawae wleover r cepterg a g ofn the m ap ersaw va rietpta ofhe he misay bizar behior vaet duri an ent ineheway izmpshe pmpiong oea rin t rty leadeto tl tsh ng opoereateihink obama lde wod thew h ponk o ma he is n sdo swck h ric lkg abt old.he s >> i wit h sck r ab wrted.our c h wreous.
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go is gd. if y havany nhe os gd. ba yavrdy n ty ba pnt t yanym mon in whington, thntgoldwilled. ymon i w >> angnn, off b alancethldiscullion d. onalanng budts. a n>>ffal b icecun onan b >> --ou k evyby haa slon, rht? --ou k evybhaaht t,al and grow. alndro theize of t government and balceha budgehe ande o t ovgrnmhe dalhagend eno a its ettyimctually.ts tyctuay. tt - >>nd t govnor gti -l gesturey. >> tov r >>our stand lal taxesesre >> s lal puaxhat o herepu andha andt o e epenntrendnd ae p ient o ther a sbtrt at i at send erit i aand it awetrsomet.t a s thienoneday b titdit nweo,me.
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gohieoraye bn't ow wt yo n mea >>go thee nt ew wts t yo ea ttlelan t ha t i jus sre n sth y doesn 'tle flacen t ius t sre gr ye ste t dsn eandceour t tagr ftpstnt t eanou tpnt youno what i man. li 9ou% inon e want oni. >> in. l h imli n 9. inanon >>ok l t h not om t b n bo g aut t c. >> irew a g f am.ut t. i i telw l pple far on theoury hat vebodyellad f eei ot tvedy o t so.f yoare not gng gethat soyoe n >> i get ige nat. >> i wt to i iett.. >>nd a big inh. wtot. >> ig >> >> kizo -- ways havounit yr - me we re tys lanof t fre let'it l america eme came we tan tre t'ag a arind iteill caga be the landf th free g igod tess u anl thangayou b t l focomg a bng witndthee ton ht d s an anu >> w ait
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on cai>>ee wp.oi? i he mor ca >> y nee theapleoi? h myrorup >> yere ee theapnelebouthe maple syrup >>e ca>> thie neut- pl ien ne swup >>campshhie weall liqd - gold ine w buyou ll p i shnweoulr d paakes nd ld buu pnou wafes orpaes atever othouern food w youatex b thier iths er puood u b t is puap syrup from t ate of w hpshi. suprom ef hhi he i like an arae chd onhrtmas m ning i ik eto ye fir stchon prohrfessasor wh doe y thitellou autirst roe cssdida? whoehill a cdida uet herlely. >> d't utor hds in hly mout >hat youhiutorpene h ther ute? >> thi>> he t deou a mtape. thier if y a oi>> thioe a mta inng and ou a hi w i yng a lo juso eer and eferly atong l lousoee a guin a it anchoou heasee dinoi.hem w a rohos and hou h a d anthoswil w creep up o nro a h h
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you. a d anosl cepp u. >>ow did tha hpe itapne d w>>heowit w don pe ste. stit to we w n>> tt ishe w st f lingst ev. tio . >> iee t ha t hisap wpe fnga l ev ringhe secs whi i a t h l barass g. ng s ec havehiftenan ated to tk yoss aboutt, b i a m dveoienngand t o itere anywa yout wh i d ayo d toihi hpene it e donyou aee whav owhdo thi uneav rwndo a wdo t ory?uav >> ihink tha iss gd as anyb ty el'sy? theor y. inkhass g a heybaselheor tired and h h aew as pops. ted a hope h had a few pops. ps. >>ill, y a op alle owaded to fe p aiprite ere>>nd yonmn all t him fe his dnkag.iptee i wonmnl ot conhide fmn h for his dn ing. w oti wion sayhis, usuly for ve t benhiit ang. l wiay jus,subox en i ttaen titalking li tha and do tju sx g iista tki liha d t s st ges i am more yl etn he. he s l m a i a a mel bar,ut h eethe hercsh l a a meetr,s ut ge k d t l i ner acieve ets g ihink it is tau i don ne ac vedrink hi iisau ion in gle. hashat d i amust
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lo g. e gtureare tashet indm yocan oticiload c gre e alheady.nd >> iavyo tanoic tilad y i found ataly.reshin g. i t o evybodis tkingboutouow atey d't lerein evod tngut politicia . d l at ia p gituyia dnk and i ging gy d a a sh. hocan not linehat? a isaffle. ho >>n id yotined ihat? s flesidential >> y >>in wou ratr ha ank rry an aenalob >>baouatha thay t a isoing t gobomeba lehatrs - io aoirovaom le -va >> letrs of arol. the letters o lfet ofroutgeous apthovaletrs ofutous apal here isy theory, i thi h he iy spch ourreat t thaor h i h exct. sp oreatt ex heroay cameut om aligh he he pbablhad ay cmb aghhe p heblasd ly >>hat'mbyouruseor he everhing >> iis a>>ultit'yingure a ecevng 2 * a haptipeneng coue 2 apneimesou wh you te i o a flit. you thimk i going t bewhn t i o at 8 a0 anday h e was othni oi a tn
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9:00 8 and aadnoay d hrinkas. on there a00 phrasnde fno tt. dri evyo hasheheir o t aom pase cat. yoasir o t t. >>t wod be greatf he mi cked t omwobe catf h ed c ihink w led sothinjie. thi we d. hi >> i d w't kw wht it is. soine.hie . c omin>>g u dp, kwhit iid t >> c up, lafr rv uer m the lr lerrv uhe weal? disss t interguing new book. al? is t ntcoin n u .hy isim hy kaasan filin for kaivasce fwe ail not even doi t for sty.ce a notve n t st
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>>afte a huge pay dayhe is walking ay. >>te h ug pyes, kay calling tisaluingtsy. on mon das,y the ceangli sui file forivor
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roonm hub tli se le or orchri roumphmreys jusub72 dse after th r wridi. phre jus 2 buats leastnk od t thr digot ch. buatea ile th t wdiost a t . esimad 0 miion thweos tv and magaz eigmasd mi n inudina twwe-part tvnd me sci inin frtw the eetrkheoupl rakedfr in t18illi forhe pl publicizg t heirra sdtud,18illi f stider bliz s putt intoerective st erthat 18y. mli $ut1ointnsoerecve at8 $ furoied that ulde heful. asonor ted tt splitde ey couhen't l.greenhere on t huouhrt eeeynwant to heve i tos hoe. sta o minneso d kieymnt do id in' k now heho tta mne s. kim le ds disss tshen t the - le s is lnishe loooouunnd.oo oouu lid.ingound lig nd >> ae, is s gius or a su r gen>>ius? ae, is giuor a no wansu hren es?rade tha wchoney o aadha wedding. >> ion'tonee why o they coul't blikeedhe cngnton.s and ep ihe'tca wm g toing a ul blittke con d gng lge tt
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thas a very gd p wi thi lged t ha a v gd m p lehibr lies gettiuick maiageand dors mak br sa quk mtili ockro? mage d i d't kakw qu wmli orto? cosso d mu koney. if seoneamep totos m-- mu on wh do u th k h sotne $eto m mi--llion? wh o sthaidhouot can marry mi kimn? sdan mar kaimashiannd h a neymoo ankathenashen ane srts h going a to t batoom ith the doo anen n open snd wseaoing tat smathpanthes d d teing yenou wou can hav spokeatrntigs you leave .teg ou ouare u inanav >>es ker yam iouve e inor 9 >> bks. i how much dideorak off tha bks sc am? w ch id >>asn'it aakffot tal of $ sc ?llio >>he gn' aroemot of llio groblyem0% >> t wdingbl mli. t >> n wodi the weddi>>ngasot is 10 mlionndhe wdi thet i got $8 monnd llion. shod ner do math gn $8 th sho ion. honed mn thho >> i fgoiast hath rson>>. fgo >>o yoplant marry tatheh foer n plaonr. now tt>>ouyoan mry se how q ck it cfoan nla nt crbl se h >>bsolely i c
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as f as cams t a recrbl >>ol y a dfere fs msier. t a rg t sca drerie. shiechosto dhe an tnounce sntcaigef theri shos dhe anbloid'cedeaine esefhihech isitr wednesd aybl od'r tauee eayhi ensu ais cover. wedsd t ue and tnk the p usu in cer. a scialla us ind it5n days. s wh didalhey lanouusncn5 ys iwhidy ou 72 ds. is gay i b o thes, s. t e l l os c gay thamerean plic.s, t thel ameosn plic. er pc. d pele s tem a an p c. ren fro m pe spele renro >> ifathew mccony e>> if 5a0tewccy meautul peop in e wod ain i wi givmy meaeyutul bk. heopesern wo iatself. wiiv >> m lotf th bk. p gheer its f. maiageeopl say t>>sotsth ex gple ame cansia notgeplayss treati arexrie e serious. amecaot trtiarri sbut iome o.n. $18 llion. i wou ldt o mar r osie8 linell and ery.ou mar r ie htllou ld sayd y. i love y soh. ouay >>owov.e >>ou are mng >>
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ius want t>> lk a you ng whe yoileusnt >> iyouou whyole iu say thatndut on are sss t she mayhat.ut oare he > heyedhat.agge reen whoeft aot> e iny a agwomagen'suce t t henadho aeft seinx t aoy. mae nos whi camu to hig ter te p.sengoste dno ahiam o phigoto her ttt err p angccountte rephot qo er get yerr aakou ogirl. re q grak ogl. theyon't sho t pso was,hesa eyoncreener. t p an b it a disie wds,.sa >>hecrne os a bt a d diee.wd. >> t>> oddare a de. >> t >>ho ty be fired? the tsa ho s tuly d be f feded?. t tsa yo su kulno be that ab the do o ur hd, i s heyo k dot tthe o dno h i fouher-ye-ot o ey houe to conceve o auy e in ge toon two moree a mites. am com g,hainewoore mis. ourha obm. its rey toouo. im going t wash myan .o >thatit a greatto ideai f a gngas h owan. at gatdea baby b beow by
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heus makesm. is just giu heusesm. heecid just take h giuifts fo el. heecake if it is l erinals sit i geer ts is sri guyna s and is imy gwa y guy. t thuy iy d i gwayomuyr.. whatth? >> inow get iaot.omr. usatt me. i i w thetest.ot m i het. niceoiov ic >>ha youoieryovuch. ae,hat is your e o>>nou yuc thh. weind unusu al sryha? is ur o >> i agr witthhei ginndnu s weryhoulget d o the>> t ith srt o tt,tas a weul t ontashec i t. if wi hse o tas a aa to as ak s iur thefre a t unnize so t guy s canhet beir. un ze wilohave t touyo chroutghix be. mohs o heannd hileveil tlooough notmoor ongea bn wndhh p an event lltyillot b h fired. ve bl,avle yot taken worse fid. thinhrgh a irrt y t endoesorhese tsa inver lve a aote kehi iesn ur stuffsa? l ve h aow myeesi hav tohi i ll ytu? l ofhe d ms aes h to bo -s yffg d s so etof d a aycott f e.boffg d are so sur tetss a aytt guy f? e youurr frkn,iruy?
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ed tnyryewhe. lax. ibo ound >>oue s like a teterbataxing coac >>e ike a areteouatin ngot allowed ac maerten re cch.ou n aow > doou h a ommemaer o cthe .ow? e-mail us. > do h it as re eyeme f oox n ew se ? e- ilom. u to l ve aoiitmare on my f n ews dictine, . l a o my dicte,1262-5050. ill toomhe hafim1262 -5 0.repo fro v's antodyevy.he h f ie him poro tigv''san hf meev report i is himnsor by the sll hf me r redish bwn ns apeors bityhhe sll resh bwnoue,pesh agyair and lon aourme, yr and l
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elco back. lefindut w have > co tten athinrong oar ndut for at h w go en tinandy lngar r >> g hoowre you tdy l >> gd. >erown caou fes sexua l d. harassnt >>ca aegions sual ss theyimicheeg ciohargesgain clarce hoeys.ic c eswho inys arce mgrh? o don' tnkos vwersgrh? ow wha thadon' m teansnk. we >>rst whawodou sayhaha mns . ro x?>> tha ws beter.d say >> i sx?ou s mhaor b f.. >> c a pte d.>> s mor f. c pte >> tt's soany morill lalles>>. tt' the ylitiorlly rre phrilasle morsill lesels. e tiy rehr orsillels.
3:33 am
it h toe aur we are lki ortcc huracoye here. werwegoinre f accorurccacacy he. erin f ccur agreeith u tthe fition of sua gr eerassh menttas gotten o o fon f contl. th sai ifss thentas this g o owere alleg edntnd thaifhe settlemhien re were mell, iettemtill re m story is , n iott a sryti? it nottoto s th n all aet settled. t ot notone wts to bthotheoietng seted . cou. none >> b t b ishe ounyin b factsually ong th t pitny i oto ctlly g t pit o >> iorry what w t qution >> ion't em embe ior ha>> ttse gs geired quon i'tbe t ggeir theoseirank acuntsnd le tir t caers.iran k metis it sacts lt s. tiit y give ito y asy goitomond nhat ey g theow the ya doo n ha wh t macne ghehey -- w the ac mewereoing. tha -coul-be t case,thut meer ng it. cld n ot hae tul tas ce, oh s we d it cld
3:34 am
n tt' the tasroem h thwee d f vo tloust' che havem th ruinedhe wle tm. fvous nowomen w h a ru gedenally w tm. noom w xuly gasnd,ly no o belies tm. >> iant poi outashed,n no e tw womein ueliion t it oi ut heci tou oitwntme out tuetn y nobe t cas ouoiutt no t thas's a ias doing tre. th ias a yoiouton at the nation pre clu a yton a cnheas on reawlue of stlen paid to c e otr woen aw yo thoht iwas ird tlenaito otwoen yo cho is d ul't b are ohe settment a wyerho s cialulizes b o ttnt thea cerims sal sayess sot th c scommonay fors a accusot ec to smmy t oforhe veccstatio buttc defs toof ve thstiouttef creduli. th cdu. mondayight 0*on t reco" cain nday tht*reta t h rebelicoedneomanai gn a treta li ne omsettnt otw aor tee mont pay. suddenhe ttemre od hetw w tas ntay awe he s tlenent.e >>eme dire't khew t whe d stlen >>di k the it nearl0 yeago >>hi a er w heas didn't, n 0
3:35 am
ead tiggoe >>hi remembed eidt, rlie ttonit heembere at o r of eme wonot a ie ni httlementf twemrerhree of wo nths. i t nk ilehas nten itwthe neee. u mht h e checked.. t i s >> h iwas ee fi t oneo s m h heated it.adteein the hs fi o neo. >>hat you ea heattas theteeinhe firsone say ne >> it ou he >> hashehe first t o ayrs se ay t a h stlent heir to s t aent yig wan toook i up doe sn r emr of tigan toooof h iea up find ooe.of t to h he calhe l awye nd. c he >> lyenn hepefilly said he rembered. >> hfillaid he rbed. whadoouea >>en't s i checked w wi theawyeea and g m e>> t s i aga m e swilheyend llee >> t s is ect. wha tga mtelle tis ect what li atom >>ndy, w i fl he samliet way. it was dif>>findlty,or i ml samay. w dif >> mm lki here. >> iho we roug>>oum lki er o weou tetr >>hey said we wetldr see >> yotheople s faiordail w e >>ldaneet t liv e wheh hleimnd
3:36 am
tug >>an iwoiv be better himnd d wast. f co bse ttey arr rig. they wreast.dults. co tar >> i don eydus. k iwon w y we talkg a w whe w y married pcorn for lk a dinner very ht.he ar ri>> wt is phecoro femith nn er ry.? >> t is watteisng.em it h whaver. >> isit wteng f bte har. w f bte bl,ou sai cane stop wi the hrase,l, witchou h st santo hehras hh-itch lynchtins lchs an >>yihat'st s. >>hass. tsn't hh-ch >> ty ud use r op nd't ch whe y se tuor ud r pcessors. wheseord pce >>ssnds. m imiogr>>apd. it isronic that t cil m riiotsgraws were es iigro tchatil ri wer eseakigaws becse tyre ing the tottac the k bec ty consvaves. g he it amang tttt thehe e c onservcoatesvaho hes. t ma t prthleme p nghe re cd. conrv h prmhe r c it is aolutely ang. >>t happ s to e t ie.s aolelyng >> hppto t
3:37 am
>> becauseonrviv ritl comp in aut itheecsen rv is ivsed agasthem. ri >> ntlmp w ae i dton'the liken it hes d ga iheis f. n >>heyill play d t'the leen cai. f >>yl ay t theris aunch of er a unnschvaves t there who dot ha o a pfblemoing i va s i tm not w f of doha p racemisng en t re i n is a octf racis wheny is sppositio to en obama s c ippit -- ames. c wh they g ae -r- cla.rence omaswhhehenyy we tolaeep th o oasf intyec wse ty t e blk,ee th o of obamaec t i-- bl oh publbaics are ris i--nd o thenrihe blonicns aeisnd arge en the am thing thateocra in hege s a us e hi b tt oera in aus fohundd yers the ove xuallack m a then fotheyndye heve tued aund a hdred alrsck an ey tetu ad >>edors politicoouot hav e writte>>n tto p iicf oermaotave cain as wrte tto irma white ? in >>es jie. that is the most wte? lucrous ieingth hseve tos t hearin mlif annlus g h >>hye didn' t ar mfnn >> dn't alito scali
3:38 am
-- li>> y areayinghi sca uldn-- hav wtt thi ys are storhiy -- dn sayavg wtthisng ry or - femint ay wo hatehe blangck menemt beca e thwo c'tccuse us b of m cathuss acofor suprt pro fe dacisuprt p coinissen fal llin the -- incincehose accus o ff ting aggresss wcie bothhocc of g ares woth conservaves. may offe a covas. ayff teheory? >>he liberalormeer t,heiber he ud toritebot, poli cs t t condfuse tse.ribo li tone. >> youanma . y >> was predent sayin tt you.. >>as prentay ou u thinkeryasriin t i ink ie xas. >> y don't hrig inou i k ou ylcoh'tolicou the arthe hings y d ou wilc youohhandic aru kne whangit m y. dwiound
3:39 am
knha m >> thaasmpssive, by the wa tmpsse,yhe wa whadoou d haou d tmbsp. i smbnds creed guess. nd >> kimed gss.arshia g ti k vorcedar sh an, yodon'see wtihyhe rculdned be ke t clinton anyon' e wdhyeep thecamar agedne t lion gog? beuse eew sphe cano iarte agn angomakenother $ 8be e smiion. id laly othis agan getketh you mi n.frea k la gir ohisaet y ea emplok yee,ir o tngs,ou assume t e loeme,oyees a g t ou ssbillume i'mith y, i thi ee a is ia female ll'mh y e, iyehie i f al eow solidity th t pa enge id y and te otr thg,nn a u corct ge the empye d ot th hasn bee a fedet. c ct thehe esa ien t o irsneee theedet woer a ere h ohe isirhe gi venwo anceer t aea o whi is gikevesn mee t aeahi the pp e not phinn t too w pp
3:40 am
iis only anoeetk pnn o. too t s w oenl ay a pvaeetek o . enrpse aot we ani pizva seenice rpey a wld hote bee out ke tt.niiz you rese rige ht w h b ere aho t tppls ou reocsig tt haso be one rougls s t h as b e>>onnytiomne ugnt t o ti fireom mne ty it. t re myt. >> bacto you gg. >> tt isrue. no o has bveacr y -g. tise. o as ve i havever had a higr hupav gero, i h antd h to do this. g > ydaught d me ts.crchg my he. th yk yo andaut m hes alcrady chne.g he >>.oming uth myond cru for healy e. th cd ham>>r thags urruor brai th andso hm ts ur ai an-- yuys a low. what i-- "reuyye" doing a t aw. at "ye d hangoween- athem aet fon show haown-em fon ow
3:41 am
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3:43 am
>>i cateliennlef ke tt. d yonot when i>> wencatienn ef ke ts sh saw the wedng yot en ri and whe wt, i'm t oshwfheed
3:44 am
re. ri nd wathatt, coincce'm?f >> .owpset shewaasat. cce ll eec iall>> snceow ihpset onlyee s eec riaen youe werhe ly ab toet med in e ren oustat wof n yor ab don' mt unrsednd wn hat at n orobleshe ad there. n'>> sun hadrs t wha gto tolee d t. sad "nny" in few minutes sohead to nny" ave. in ew wai but m tutwoul meaad t thate ar not l ive. a aiut t 3:ul m gg. at>> tary art doin l apecial 3:3: a.m g t in tarinpeci it p3:n .m roof. >> tepn n for r tf.ha >>t ihe pt t hloenn for thing. >> i he he pes i evet year. hloen it i annual.thg. e i a iquicve yr. inl. what ds aic hloeneafor you? atr ki d it eaches biceafo ws o c itu?alism. ki t ch y dss u bice jer o yo cgetittum. from d utrrseer m myo itrom- itrrsig m i r aervert- i sexy erveurexy a fst f their on paroleur es.a f tir pt oleeane t hing a ndne. thin onl a nit fareane tng 11th a uainnlar th howl-een p stesenef.owl-ee p enef
3:45 am
is okay t pids in i ka ycostes les st tstheeseopltki and t wi theog wki ng.lestplki d wihe wking. >>has,re i amith re animal fe a magazi's p cos sewnit fe befit r thum gazi p cciet d th pla is mad hbeout th. et thlas ad h shld iay d h? sh i d i le to help amal sc androde a nimale telp weare. is ucndro a amaleured and padee. >> ysbsuty. red >>he i n am ed ucdeky s yy. iron>> i >> ihinkou wucld bkygrea with mut on
3:46 am
ink >> w baveea hea thhisutefe. >>ou loo l a m ut>>eea s ef. > y canoo lete, m g ahead yanete, g a >> actllyave tri to starn internet cpan tavoeri t arntnetn t kodao date me. but ow inoodw sheo astee. bu boyf irinod.he >> y, thyhowed up at yf ri ok signing. yth so dn'hod s atalkter igoughs wh.t youreayg? o n'lk it ghwhouayg? is not in i stalkg. ot >> lns wi the ter and mo wittathe andgut de lwi heeir t apartmend. >>mohe litese ndg tutode geis ses.r art. >> l toe is >>s. amot en gng pay for at. >> c l>>im aeomrge e but gngis p r . >>imeorgeutis orgio armi hve y condered opicalo i fo you nk h yonreopal fo yk? likady pik-paw. p-paw. > wer they gayat w >> they m taveeen. g >>his is acar ac
3:47 am
e they mote.n. isac whh of eseas t bigger ke pro em? hf e t bger ro? >> wano start them rht w. >> im he wit wtan lkso srthe m like rob oodnd t s iushetit l ksbe me m ario r >> idmnd tryinsg toe m per mio pan imryin to todayndyittl t stomanerell. day vertly exciting. omel eav e miercky jge er,itheg. onl avmihe o survingemr the ats. rvgemr t >>o y m if aou quic qstn?>> y m if icst these aaux. he a wt is thi stebx. word i t s wor teward's namterd at's mouthful. thas nhe bes ar o n i's mth hafu eve ha seen. b >> be iar .have ere e dree ds eer. >> walwa e drears mch wwa outfits.ear mch
3:48 am
th wtfs.ade m th fen ad hows he doi?en ows d? do u kw him? >> aolutyot. >> wo typ ke wime?ave o aut >> ie no w ia.yp wee i na. the cer pilla he he cer pile -- >> he is gng to be lat- > ur>>nge hack o t b mee lik th.> h k we, didetead th your , writiderhe >> sory i wr abl t it he partipatin t fason or sh. i w burtat h tas a g at tesh a now willety drk obun. h g t a read lly r o ad >>ou dn't tl m that y rainto ab y dogou glamo tur m y lraouto.ab d >> i gt wmo awkward for t both l of. us. i w i wouwkldwa havoreig bured ofs. iouould he higelpeurd y throh th. >> wh i wld hped roth hav>>e tak wen the te makeure h akcertaidog dn't aveehe t e daon te. rtaige he >> you rida t m w ad
3:49 am
ourinwa w nvertiad abohatnwa gog th t ertibo kargodag iath. t ieft itar. at t ief i tid y seehehiua? ydreseesed up ashi aua n?ive esdp asiv amic. >>hereere let five am doic. dressed as n>>ivreee etive amerdoicanre a n it iv soffende i er an have t g o a tt o a s teaose. ff>en time ha t t a t bea wh ietur tnim thee t will be someingwh flowietg.urnhe i'm ot silelehat is. megf. m st i
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>it is ma te. thaddrs ised e >tox is news tcom.e. sinci amo bthy dreis r eyet robo ws el ngnc outam be r anyeerinthe il. bo a sobodyrom elllinngsuteads thangs oin.e . stsoopdyy m guin htsds. th o c't sp l ghg.sty gu >> wl, c't try sp l greg. >> iee ttry durg our lret tickht ou siomeeehowt durg o nage totend o e -mckl s callg for hgep.o o e yolalso clallim tg o r from hp. illinoisyosohen eveonlae k twsro that place iliis aut rheealsve kws e mn lan ng atceut rls m pisent for your
3:54 am
deceptn wlisent torakewayou yode aptn wllot a tunakt ootiowa foyothis ws toticeunt fht.ot se y sooisn, w towicboy. ht>> ierti ngse y oo jim om iepdeowy.e, iow ierti g ites wm at ichepouder progr iam all theim b ut don k wch ou i 7lheeaimrs b a dnd i ha ofhat you a say c you lk oofhat for yaye. slow dn. u lk >>oo f gatoint ow j. >> are not g aatne.oi jmost.pleho watchhi sre ot ow a theime do n ot knostwe w wheith. ahe d n no wincling ewhthobs. in fact, we u t havclg reaobs. jo b eforine th ft,ob uni tav jo b foedth usoboork forhis nightlfo catasstropheon00k9. fhis gh cas nchee t00he9.t has bomet leassomeat beara bl nc t w ifs b ceould jt la asme b ra th bill schul wfhaldcttla thilch anyway was tt too fasfor u? anayas t t f >> fally jay eai u t fhereally cteay for whoaian u ink heos t w atern thre teshow f234*hoil water gla k os is clserth cse ow4 bei wng gty
3:55 am
cbefo theost seameviei t won rfof t amasvi hydr wed ounni for priz tha youor yr i uidr onior ja y.iz haou y i ja >> a andmer a w the a a merorhat bin w. e please ge mee to yourha nds. ea ge t your ks. wel not . l w a straigh tpt jl face. strgh tp herere your qstns j f ac aneredn thorde thathe re th aouearns anedthdeat thea onte. th is t war anfinay acute itent icatiothto ts waan na pot ofemory lse ut i io to pze n o mpoatteof whaor tyse me. than , ja pzenoteha t . anja >> w willohi out with pos g rap p w. whiut thos d toee cpps ofec shs,o to c to foxn ews.m/shdeye
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>>back to tv'an levy for e pos>>tck go w t uevor >> acosl,t whecan ppe e >>reac yl,ou he >>an neworkpite >> o yy.ou and>>t woewd bek blood >> tterdwo be >> ylood bod er yanodor. >> how lg do the r exte uil?or wha h ldohe r >> i dte't k unoil ha i d k surda you are opennt saturday rht ? ur>> yda, weoure operentriday a tu ay r htsatuay o nex t yeewek. o >>dal. a tu oex ee exllt. >> gavl., wh is oi on wi yexshi? avwhs oi o>>naryolan meewits y gfihi? d sin g whayare youolan ee taingbout gfi mondays? singhaeou tagbouton frid pkynage makes em. f d tt' pky a gatge sakrt. >>. ambsolutely tit' that shirtrt. >>mbsutti atrt >> ty are hing a book gning t a hin a b oring her booor h oo "demon." >>e shld gto tt. >>e shld. oroonlo


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