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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 1, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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idhe capprriatbehaor wle h was e heaof t niona prat ha w re haura ass iatis inheea t nna rera ss ti1990n cainespoed t theharg 90 is morinng.po t he rges, i w f selyor. a, used w ile was fly t niona restrant aedssoction e s and say t nna fstselynt becse itocon d turnayut aerhe flyect inve igatrnn, tbe a basess. joi ng uveat tow froass. oiusti u foer sroiordviso present orgeti. usfond f sr isws c trib or keslt ge re. grea fto s y carl.ib k ank r ea s y y. >>hankl. y kondaa. >>oe kno y. tha >>nk yveryda >> pridenal cpaignoneedha ary eat andpren cigedtratist. grea ollsr, a t dreat cratist. eaanag. en yls loo a at watt' happcring w toag t yooerma a cai w ppg to mpai. hodo y t thi thehave mandlethisaio ai ho yhiheve leiso far? >> wel uil tod n wel en iarbrok ove>> theel ueekeod n thr fit reonseel t i sayokhisve he ake sme byhe thfirese mnstrm t aydiaso whi the ismeoy m batrs. m th it as ty dn'thihes kw ba whher th nott e h teen dt accud anthen tod he k cam wh r
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ott hn cuanenodeamnd sai ratrorth ghtl i kw autaiat it,th dierenwhate sa tl k a yestday. knewbouttt, a i was dienatsa falsy ac se andsty.othi ewut aas happed. fortlsatelacwe'rnow nd ahi pot whe pele a goipp --. thrt heel'rw oint eoplpo towwhdspe a e naoional- res uranth e asciatn annt sd yohavepl ow t too tk naalesan asatan syove toto t theo whas ing hapn is a hemandor thnatial rtaurhat as ciatg n toapeleais t nd thti rur asattoea t sultof tnvesgati at lt was de t toake peslicti any detas abt anas do arrgemees pc ifny tnytereade th t taaban tw womrr wmem if te pitice ays t g om w selemes in ret pnics gor seme in agreng tleavet the re t oravnizaheon. hey kar do uhink or za .rmanain ey sulde preredaro fomore ofnkthis becanse inhe a sd blkred con rvate? fore >>fo. is i ink shoecd be i arepad r thblgs lehison becatse h >>is i k ho serbeuspa predentl th ls ec ca hidat in ft, wt ge m iserre tntt, ok, cahaveatalke to f wge p mple s t eews b , tveaykendhey pe sd is h beegoinsarou b for t at lyst 1 s ds.
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hi fiee itinard ouor bel ve t l 1 campgn dn't ow t dt thifis td wacomi andelas t b ly mps dt t epar as hiey werwami nd yodon'start o by say gar s ere noterng t hisyon'ar o whsoev andhenoay io e ot t wellwe ds't kwnyth g wh abevt itndnnd i the n y ll d knoth i ab it but i didt do ihe y mea ihat'-- yt wouiddo i thereea wre y aret' gna y be ou theeginng er w r yherre tha b ge he awn inere the rventr a had as b weay rht nowe n hase he nt t a gooa as anser whi rowasasi was aoo fallynshiccus. the isothi t s thi"al that goi to usquir thenorthishi the tion resuranhi asciatn in llatoio irenikelood e toones an respd toasheatediainy ling el oudthe dailso w tspto aiauall lhappged a wt touye dls ctuay w d abt th aell cha es.pp a w i wonr tyf tsuay c ldabackthha. fi. on doou tnk, rl t ttost c k vors a so d fi updo tit, t pottica crect ssvo a ando ttackp poca c ctlitind aac cract asssinion at ts ti cou a ctualct hav a asinn tallyg eecou hern alav cn? if tngsly e turn o er co f be, ts ur th o h-- heasalsee, th hcuse andehat thingse haened y. send t inthisould bmera and wkhaed y t is ldhis vtage. b rand
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bu wook,e arin a pla t whers the v pregedentf th unitbu stas,k,ar alaartilarl aferr thheerentth e nts itta theti990srl wanaf oth pre edents the be0ss an o r aberent repach poseble. the are serus abeph ose. thre aeregatns. potico back up a nber eopl a at .o taed authe wopo womco ckp in nr queion. pl annow eta auestn isoingom t in howuen.oes itanw et pstoedsngn t a wa towt givst p wa t ctfideive t cde the eric peoehat s as hman cai said e "saic ieot s. no ing ere. h nd noaiing id be rriesa i aut? >> a rnohtg e. arl,nog we tieo a ? swit gea a andet t r present oba'sl, we-eltion iteand fort t hises ctefba camignelontratist rtdavi plou e sas c thiamn abo mittatt viousahi rboney ttesteay. he so ryore. lo at sute aft. iss aft e sue.e. ved lol ovt the pla. ftss cafti te youne thi e. work g d fewovhestep dlan fr ca te oue prehident what ou nrkd inewep dfr tt offerent at co nictiin. yoneedo ha a tt tffe comcoss.ti dyoouedave hat toe a t wling om mak. tou e calto. u gethe wng sen akouithital
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geromne if thohtene --h it wa goodmno saf thekyho w--t grn awaod grasaeas blu wo w an e ctiohe wgrld s ara w did eio w s alrodt.bama cef d poticatratist ed aodmahe c poca sameat exat hraslogy thaitt romeey hxao ce. asat dgyyou ke oha thatine o ro h c du oha atckarl.e o >>irstf ali dot tnk it srt o the ptat ol. >>st oaldo t bott thaitt s oampahen pt o whathey o ar snale t tthapahaey guyheyre ar na traid o isuyy romy. idis i i setor ama n cghpaig.n ad se r calla gernmt r heah cig d ca extme a c ell int gnm roffiea and pas d obacaxt a ce. c nt th attked tfindebtasnderba c gege w busthtt ads b tngoot ber and en cege i wndus a he b r bp d c decitsannu defit hehat r are tim as detsargenuef tthey e ims forge losi eyitmo aow foreepiorsi a ainsmiliry r tripinals n o nsliri ls fo nmiliry tbuna. th saiehoul't rse fo litaxe in tna th recaision now yingoul rai r xen tax.
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ecver onise t esw ng onaieopl tt ax ke ls r e tn tn $2,000pl t l ysr. obamcareheyaise taxes$2 o00 ybod yin a rica hoamreyse buyses on surae po cy.od aca anody o gouy t a. n who ybodwho uysrapo. dangs.y go anyby wh use ts a a m icalo odos vice d.nd eybrywhse clegeid w mal gets ce e cge wuaraeed fed alts studt lo pacmore bause of oramad cede. a lo f ud plopleac makre bseless o c lo tha $250 p00 aeear ako fess io evy onof tho cathaorie 50 ad ir feouldeep i gevng.onhoatie ivoteldp g. 1timeprest o te tngs likearti bir 1meesbortn a o ts concled andg skend wtitherir notrt the a oht t b sncipddg s wcluber ot witnhe 1,0 feeof o t b shool he c ldn' brinubit himlf to,0ee figu outheree ol tood c onn' in sue thaim o itedtate sena heguutreodn e ved ha 31 tim --edte hnae dn'tote 5 v 31mes im maj- h dt iues. e pase, s aj m plofe is. p e, . axrod,resint oma m lon'te lturi usaxd,sibout o t convtion plea lrisuton't >>e th renvon lreaea runng a geral ecti't camign>> th agnst tteaomneun a >>gel surtithey n >> ithatagmartt fne t m at hisurey a int? i att art sfgl replic teras tats
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ted t, t? rig? a s yeph.c r i n't ink 's srt on d theiigart. rst all y it i t ek vate s o ei romn. t. send o allt tllt ete diniss mn seama. o l esidt oba ishe priden dwhy ise he is tryg to a. idinteobere is the pren epuby ches ryto esidtial swe stakte. e he he suldeubeing idalweak psidehe. s d nong policalttacog. pde no c paigr annoolhiefalac not . frenoentlier ciganiderefn t hiresirentiaterusern balegr nd tate ougsi toiae the predentn trng tbagrete ugo therent predent tr t therhan yingo t engate re nte psideial mpaier andn ng t his e patsideiaolli pdel iaind thiss sis. p thdepresent d hlieoplare i ma ng ais mtake s i saasth aest h cservive,sple ma a reblic mgo akead a mak tsa a c rv e,miste bu asn reic a a alystak tay wh thest hecbuareou a gs ast dog? >>ellswhouheowecefraithey gs e, do >>ls fnkly anyai repeylic candate ut cert fnly ly mt nyepcan romtey. rtrl, y eat m see you thanou. ommingp ne, brd n , t polleeg ouofou an.owa. ng weneill brll y n whos up and llo isouown the aa. iweortal yhoupnd wkey siste.n he d la ar ita vlenc cos eynd s. mo la aestsro the vnc o cupy mo prot aterstswhy eheome the oy
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>> i t impt seent nigh hern ca connues holthe l d in >> ihe tmpepubsect gh fierd incaones oleowa. l in thub atesdesfiinoine riste a. llth of lely replicess ccune rte o l y epersc caserma cai s at 23% ttmaai romyt 2.3%
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ronaul 12%ndhe romt of t 2 candatesre nln2% ringlof t d its. ndes joing now fm wasngtogl is f new ds.enio piticjog ow fmas to alys brit f hewe. greaioto s p youic bt. >> thas, ysit h mona. ea sou b than>> foravinha me. youonet. yo know hat'an intorestiin to e. mebout thious ia poll. syoowt' nt tineitor h manainmeut orhi iittol roey he spt a g at ditl hnn r timtof mey i iowro hspa get d th areeadi the im pac m i how ow youxpla it. i wld elainthre tdit bhe theac w oulat. w ein t b hect tt autllhereas beenohisampan ha been t aeebat. re anthator ll tent yspaha eey acmpliat eve uallin aanat ste t y ke ia or in ew hpshi aclivelly a s tailampa ning ihator ins h goihi ouandhaki han a il pa ngappetin i at,oiou knooudkian a retive sma epents,out, no cat bt the se ofrevema the es, auenceiven theca b iensihe sofhe o auce en intehest tt yoget th t isi o debas. th 's rtelly ten tyot t subance theampan soar ba and thth ry tubceomne andhepaso cai d i ems menend ha de reaainably i well s e mneyasn'ha deabl donas ell ll i eysuppn'e h wldon lel nd cppe h nuer m wht shat ell. l th's h i wou exp cin m s
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>>t'st intestil.rit, th h beouuse xper t ptt. man >>s nt tidecas, vers t, owbe reae y t pan valuhe ersocal vs tch. ea yey wt to m t lu andreet so these t.andites. wtheytoant spe tim mwithndet themes theyant talditos. teymt peimth in em theyrt lalinooms. t yeit seen ts,erha, is th the l firms pre dentlyelectnee t seon wreeavehais eir srennthect ra sose weatiolizeso sast. >>ra tonk tt's aio goozed poi. andt. >> t ts isoootlearooi me, d moni, wh it i getdownar to ie, d we niwhet ilosetoheinaletwno iweek theery weinaleeks se bere t votgalegin in ekhey iowa al ksit l ks le itbe g tng tot beinn earlr th ever hi wa yea l l itat v gers t wel not eect to rl sethve me ofeahese vs wandinotes and e to wi ot, seu kno m mfehoicsedisnd wi inart, bas onnohat m ty ticnk ofhem whe the seeinthem fasen t t f te. ofmneymf cohese ihe aeeamilmr f efigu in ia. f heas eyco i nevilmphazed e gun stat ithis sean.he st timevoutehad mpha zed aatis ea t and dimn't t allhat welhad is rkin to an d keet llt pectelions s ino low in ianoteer matr. hectasnsarel geow the and iot at t of peo eoveheim.el g theris aheeasondfor at oo.of eo bute y. kno i er asor hink rail. t mpaiing yll bomeoreno
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imrtanin tnk rlinal waiks.g b e e wha d youimanake tfome althe her w. c didahas, d brihooue e ha, in f t, se ntr a goo cdaealri of te and resrcesha inin f sowa. i tnkool o tndesesn miclea. bac ann t paicul who w bor inhaicac n ste. al apainitulforhohe w staornnd vote for hst. a italsorewt ngri comtag up hete behord h y. he i expe enciso somt hingrifomup he eha sdge nionw ye a i apeo inciomng the ate s nnw iow a a youinhinkhinkhere s ro e e for hirdow cdida toutnk nk reghtro be nr lterrdtive to cda t ther ain ten rerney?ve o the roofor er cn dida to sortf ce r upy? he theoor mide a c da ograbhi rt ching p >>heid a abng >> wel pchin, wh i rely tnk is tositnel pthatinainwholdsn the i rachas re tbeen i hel titefore h y atndsthacs enelor h seval ev otrs iludior piod o ottime iichedi bacann pd bdor at dald ump d a n u in t polme.heac n b th conrvate ba of ded p a publ par u tsol res ess andthonat ba f lookg f nblar aernave t esmittsnd romy w heyok f d't arealna thi t is e of ttom whem.y d an alhis tha thefhavem. an shathevef
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eled i stf a el ieria fhionne ndide anthenhetheria my sse i fs tont seone e eid an eny beer ligi se i t i sfne cai ee be fters oginowshe iayaiis cpaig frs ws mae ait mtake cig pne. hemaaay f en h pdoes.omeo ee m ferger. newt hingresh woeod ha e a m chce opickg upome th votnd w lge wtgrwoha ch ockupe theot t w rne ternive r a riodf t ti. r i'not re h all rnf te sa ods gog tolay ti i' outt . h ll ck pry, coue, t i tryggotoy ut relnch s p, ouampan. i ry hasot a elh oupl ofpa iues heas runng oow firpl hf iasn'se rll un o ruiring muc ofn' a rthin cept his rug perucnessf now has got ain coupteis o plks tt heers trssng t w asotou o pl thetrun t on tyaveome appl tohe t reblicee eleorat whetr heppto gs econre cicncele at to ake ethe fst iressn i g on so cthinewe wl so findtoe ut. f iss i >> tt'ssoin wso eineedily difcult. do his >> era ts o e24 hdiriflt o s ne. ra yoget e shof ming oa h rst preson bne we llyot ho m seg rickerryas o itht eshris be
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llac y terd. se i oughckhe wry o verhismpreiv ac "fonews yrd s day.i gh w we here toreee. fo ws brit slooky.g atll ofe hheseo . pos, ste b s te nditokatlsof e naseonal pol, ipo save b s o notid th m tnaal rney is olie e lo20'snd d sn'ttith m see roy s ha a l o lo's d'tomenm, eheee on way theha l o oer. he isort oftucken ehere onhe hy hhe o. irt ceing.f ck youhinkre hat h i h confentei.hat can ounkock upt th nfomintion rly it tansk p press do u th k heth miginn y be nvousbout t aprs o thhe iigurge n usndiduty leerma a cn ige oid l miche bamamannr ne c girichr en ri p j? o ch ibannhinknee igi welch e awari p tha he?sot realnk tstedyelhewa hanser tivease he theal t edrepuic par. an ervee hat hes puimplyryinar ano the last ersoplintandg wh heall saias and don so thpartha andwhisto of l aind nonati peoone whare thrtot as a toconsfvati as e pay notieoightwhe reals ike. ns ti s t thpaettisnht alventlly. u sae. tha in the ca otinty. sahan ca o do. yosaw at ithe se of mccado. yo havw see i te sf befe. mneyas ca a.aystruc aveee t aef a ey n tr ang tsbuiluc an ark.
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emenus aunt mon tr t nailonaln oanizion. thinhis pe i. en a tt t honcan na al stay onizn. in ts s, h icaneath t h then ayorms he eectshere till hnethsomehe orms hemsill sti etsere tlre whe me otr cdidas ha ms un ohel ofti tneyrhe oerwi ot fed cdaha of awa at t t poyt it owi fecom imrtanwa whi tpo candatetom is theimanhiavore seanndtehoic s and the eorseic dhe hen'teen my poinn ttonicut tre h 'tis an m few in t roey cmandic t aut 4 af ewthat ve. how avaablero chat ndte i a 4 t at v him pend whowva eleet emai in i eace. t if ome tm sendo eonseativai n fally th ee.aysi forife wha tverseiv re on, llu knth, yo psior thaha r mo of re, knyoha 4 t pethewithha mo f the % o sthate 4 h tds, heth has ot e o sat disnct h, ajory a ha heould ctain winhe is tminaon rore aasedn held t >> winl, isll vy na re ed intestin theolls t bri w i shows v a teinheistitls snahotrin ow me b not a a sgleti repli na votr has vot bot y. goo seep poi. vo >>ha theot vers ve y t y oo speoi. br>>he vs hum y gre t toee y aspe br ways thanumyou.reo >> yshank ys m ica.anu. >>nk m
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a.>>rick per ss hes a dr not cker shes a tal dr. >> ewt t ngri gaing mental in pside ial bid>> t ri heill bhereai t tel us hisntn p dean tl winid thel b nreinatn. telsis tin t nat
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>>n the uesold prlem gmentonit,exas gerno ck pryhe uontioles tprm strengleni as inowa gno paucuti t pling tr ethisorni hinaelead acu new ad i png t t staisni h posioni hielf eaa aew i dr, tt notta aosni hif dot aalke >>f yo are loongorke ick litiyoan o guyre witoo eat teproter k skitis. o weuylrea he titt a hes t trorki destweyingeaur h t a ecoemy.s i' doe not stng talcor.. i'oe iot tasealreat 40%f e ne ijobsn t t coury siate ju0% fnebs tou 200 we c asijuecor$15 lliofrom r st00e cudge th saye c't dor5 thaio iom
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st ll, they aay w cng. d and ey nhad to i wagt , a w go.. >>d joi nng uto now fm shinon, x neo. oi uow f anast ma katinrine, ne h anduanna maat wineiams greato s h botof yndnuys. ank u fobein wims ea sot h ye. ma katrineet ms.starwith k foin u. hes trng tcrea a h maateconned m ar thpreson wh th hetr teaon esmeri wnth tersecau aft hisri sha bate rsauftiserfoance hisha pol tefoceis numbols sling. he mb h sehakyli. pformces h theebat and s n he iky llinup t pear.rms heat hat isndryinto n doe i i mak in tecon ir.ressn on hs viners. o hes ou iak on iss oheren vs. the adouo t on rtre of t casdl ri t per . whato you ake? f ist poibleasri to regerup at yogainour seae? legispole ando eg reunchou inreaegnd rech camign? >> iyou looat t des mne reamstern?oll iikeluooaucu tes m ers om ia hreer nlbers areel cu downrett low s i h nrsre wntt owihinkou a nev i a gat potionhen nku aonceev you i are treat g at poonn ce souethi.
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hee s trtngat tmove ot fm at mbe he s hhi hetronce tdve o tt f e to m y mimese or h tke ceabou it e t t many to mes tres. t bankg on he f t toutt t onean coervave v ters .e sk o nkon s fwy t sakerne likcovabama vs s o snd fr s us eratedithikma frs edh- instmentrust ted thstnt gulike rney. hestd h stu tt hegukeas don ry. he notalk abo t httu are te imession. i ink at secnod palkbo tstre rely tru im sie iroi k secpa tt h ibilire toalkru abo t ero iresse t ings he hone ili i to tkasbo t isse gs he i wh t jo tha w kinjoha ofin thiept o lkinabouwhate haone. somehimes theame t in oulitiat youhaave be le toe. mes he e talk he itryi to itti wouhe e tso lk. ch ice hyican o ingtp w his t mber it'soing toakech a h ln gpis o reeril 'sngoe l policki. >> ouan,t's re intesti beuse r aolhilekihen he>>n,assntti be e adinthe pac oleerne consvatis anrepuican wereooki at m ineac o as henstianpuan probrele ckiservt ive ternive s mit romy beuseet's ace tob crv aeot of rne it omconsvati s ju donbeerust'se
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5:25 am
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5:26 am
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5:27 am
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5:28 am
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5:29 am
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5:32 am
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5:33 am
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5:34 am
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5:35 am
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5:36 am
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5:37 am
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5:39 am
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5:41 am
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5:42 am
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5:43 am
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5:44 am
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5:45 am
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5:46 am
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5:47 am
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5:51 am
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5:52 am
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