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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 1, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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ilho do wt tyncs. eyayt ty'llde wo, who wep tir tromis, a tll figh or o t tm.mi a bui al b ieve gh equly that the arica pple buexpeal us bveet tngsqu at aca d pee pe s eyxpec t us to d see eccomm gro ud, ao acto oee mm. ro a bi: yore lctking o a21 da on e biyo cal ldar,nghe a stes a enoous.dan chliealr, st a hurnos.olumst cheor thwashgton tures, od moing you um >> gd moing thsh youon tbill, what wld imog ouean if gmog thacklsociou ll saturit w i >> ll, nu knof the th kl trcih ofhe mters the sit are a l, ofnohespec trof mrf th soal surit that oue l o codecackl tha ouldso sitat notco kl -- eyhald wld bot litilly - pnful b w b poll- tiyolitian n't pul blikeo do anying e ll leasitbitn t kedoainf. ny thg wou be litt as tinfubut wld menf igthoue tt chans do the fut w lin m and thinthatoth ando he mccoell d boeer arein d inat h seous out antico -l oere ey'roldchoo ses ttiort - o 'rdoo wheers at dlersnd i o ink ey wld lik toee a drs i ve t irk mpri on wiko hiory d ma a b tfferce ari of ourse
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u'reot gng t hiy ma b tkle er af se re g t thdebtrisi te witut som thbt rt osiit entomlemeefor and i t nk ty o probly arntmeerio aboor try gd t t toroy do rybillhey veo somhing- do etarli. wil they ave lly doom deangith docra o li il eythate ommiee on doeah dra tax? >>h, tha atmi os theax >>hatickgs he int,s t demratsreckg mandg th thet,will t nemts ceptnythg undess therehell n ar mor ptth tax on u thes e tab putaror oheaxnhe tab, anab re blicts ha bn bl ok d whe sie thaban begiing allhis,reicha bbl sakng ty absutel whsiillth ginog accllts, any new sa t tbsesel l anso somody goi toccnyew haveo giv t an there gomng ty arrioi o at se st o ve dea noiv matthe wha git tris, t y're s s o ing haveao t- som odytt ha isoingo tavereo ge o g av tomy is ng at, ed lee ito g o litians fige out so way, o, yleit kw, ce tis ig up wh aut soay yomprise k. c 's the ne hing w ahey are odpre at.. ll: e bahe isng atyre mpro se, u st.. >>: bas yea tbillthat thene thi ro , theyre g sd >>ea at. ll atey s thehe barhiigh ey ghere whher t.'s edic se,hearh re
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mecaidsts, he rwhordr ic defits, at gnd barmeinids, r dthatell apa ovethe fi, g mmerarithohn atloehn andpavee e predentthat erh mht n co bac hn>> ond rent absatutel m coac. an oi thkhatbsel anth that -- th wores aut wt so of chald- b thor a wso is he c big bivinforcfor a l ofs thesig ppleho wou le in rcr to lome fithhe es peouigge l toe hge mo piticly palable mo picalle overl baain at gs em o o avin anyerba morn g of ohese oinyor bgain billofpattse mury is a demoat fm waingt b onin islltt cmittur, shiswa a ked out cial ecur ymo fwagt n ster y anthey cttsh say d theyt e taalingurit. erthe anteys notay eyta outgf t. bae but 'sot pking i ad o sut w tll eeba what p ngwe i g. o s chare, t wnk y.ha rtha g .mart: les puthis ar t in y litt bitfersp t fha rtlepuisn you'sp f g 55 llio amicanwho rren y u' coect cialecury g5 io benets. amis yanr, to t woend ada cot alur projneted. y $ t bilwoon tadthe na on's udgeojdrobls. $il t eso the navera's socgel bl
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serityheckhat mes the heilsraoc setyckt s e curntly $81 uraly mon. fvery $ per n whoon co fectshoseryenefs, w er ts oho of ose ches, itcotsseef w o f kes eree pplehe curtntly rkinin oer t ps e for peurly atin o cck. ll: at d pyouor thi at me h? c. lo: on duohit h lo foews.m/"arica newsom",ur qstioof thday suc shod the fos."aca wsbt c",miss qn cioside thy ucho d cutshe tsoci secity? css pr cty edey, yo, r ts tcio, ec y? pr eaybe y how out st y or no? 'll ve ybe the esulw t yr throhouthehow.o? log line ightl yheul ow. ro utrthaallightw. wl g neht wah oufolkit lks . li it' goinhato bl aht w ugh way foouthelk.s l sto lit'in b a mark. h yofove ge theuropn to maets tuming, prost rk yo ginteheifyiop as 'remas umwaitg,g f now aro teyieys e vot it ou ftow o greote. outhatecisn cou sen ecomichockre wav aoss atis thouen glo. ec ic ckanwhave he at ame wsre lothing a low oloning bell s a whsulthef alt w log a th. ow o heng's h this en d -lla ltal ende yterd . th no a prtyhe p hturehin then - de yrketrd . no stprrt vney p ancrerth of
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et varn &st c vpanyy n thnc foxf buness rn nwork cnythox uartbasilly e ne outbufss gree,hey n wanrk to rtsi puy thisne t tre vottoyanohe puis t peopotas bn s ck t op the mkets >> t bs habeen auge s t ock mar ts a eroun mts e torldhaenheae gek pme mik sterar aunays 're ing ld ld a g patio lmiereferdum s e g anua, byhe way a io whicwe p theerm queion you ntua tbysay blout ic p he paage d aluethe n in nd u t all e b ausutrity pae ale meares, l s oro, strght usty a downote,eaou ws,t ortrt t, y or n a well thatwnhrowe,s w t who y n de, laeek' llatow dl,hen tho evybod was dela ehorik' thathrow d thandeal ievoods eri at diowrrayha and putal euren i lim fo ateastdi anoayer c pled utur of mons,im whi the fo gsteksno ce deci do ey wt thonhi he bailt or gsot cio wth us, st momts il agoor we ard the g, ekom govegomenttselis w i solud he c goshe ventel i sociistsre clingor lu c w ectio citsnd cheng gornme of eio niona gome f ity. n na if ey rejt the baout,f th y. f ailoejealhe co apse thabaist,eryth bad lo nel for eope' co esenomyhay
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adit'sad ns neoror e oure'anks emy d ou 's n enomyso tursks oumorng, i abo 25 emy t minus, y're ing see rn i bo 5the w nu ind ytriae g eerop e anotr 20 pnts,ndialus,p oiis dn, gd i dowot20 ps, s,stoc, do eveoithin d g i beuse owhis. rtha ocdoveow, inis i be ane s. credhale sry a it goe, i to t hea ofn the nnec d naedons s atoe thr gh t theae.u.fnd hhe p blemecicna s itecomhr th bu.ause h oe on pem itom bas if ind bdse gece oon baoes,if itausend s goe man pblem s, now wve git tose san wait pem untijanuy fo thisowso w gthato lves ot oai the tible nur qufoe sise at ls ime. o he yes thas pt of e qu she erale.probm he .es ha pu'veof gotwo mons i al ob heich u dot kn whiveot waonthe gres ar gng t h do kn higo. wa e meanreile,arhis ek g t .present ama fes i oane,s es t euroa, he fas eecti i to bereet wit thi ebt rohe etio beet it alhit erybo iuphoc, ebo i stea he' flyg in jhot ashe dt dl aearso eae'ly in be unrelin jat gasat c dt d a rsto o ecomyeren benrin g c amera. ma oha: coy, ise mes.
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ry msy. er ma: yes i martes: stu t, tnk y m.. 'll tch r yoon tes rttu t sine y nwork billl i doh t knyo how tou ne nrk lldokn ow t 27ountes tgreen 27 annthing that tess aths isee engh oanng m eat as bodythis sic en incloing e m adytheninanic cl g enist cckin hselfen into hostalanor smach st c inpain hlf ang o rtoosl sch ateri in ngasur hav o boid or in a theritree tay t uravoi o gree f ance ministeheeeast t tek rurni fro ee fce m mteathot meetgs wre rni eroopea leers ied m hamhor ou et wat n deb e deaea le s ey td ughtamhey oud a dea on nebhursy, tnea fday, th the thty faeearint com rs t in f focy, ovethe wkendthhe fd noyount havom wh's inoc ve evelong i wthend paramen no uin gavece,wh becse he plome iearen g e,minier wts thangn toec s poverent. 's gning t wfind tng oto whetr orot hhas pporfor thaer t. mart : g tnd o etor hs orrha andnrtanto hd ono th lifhey'dn tcome hto and onthify' meustety 's andough plo sllow bete sur a ghw abt th p hapningo in s sth cowolin the e ur fe ral > abthapngoverent the ited tate sis n cinhe ghtife to lop atherert he ed sttee's nughmmigtion
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tilawso hat ey aooker oor sts h ig onthemlves thiswsne it soutk o carina. soow y've t he emes is ijustute dertme sayg ara. th tha lso ye whi reqres stde ofmecersayo chk f thha lhieq s immiatio oftaturschs fe've en ia coue oer miio stattu, iou o uncoattituasonalw th comg fr t co justuceal thomfr tdepamentgain souus roli. key wr ht h thepantin ou deils. kell whadoes he flieral ke wr h gohernme wansout des. calinao llohaes falboutts negomeanut ca na immiatiolaw at ty ut satheynemplentedecau mi iow no tdy eye wld dit fsaeyleedau em?no e w rep dter:arth f let poinout e soh calina ?migrion w doep notr:thet g int soca na to eect unt grn doot jaary t, b theeder gove ementtantsnt jud tojay bheer veevenntthattsromud ero haenin in ct, u ma enrecaat them j eticer depament iledimilhainn , malawsts a inst acazonahe j ace pantedil alab a be use ws ast ana atermed tse stasere ab be e inteerinwithhe feral rm ttae vernnt'snfor ment fteinth fal migrion. re'sow aorne rn'sornt genal er holr de ribegrthen. wsui's ane agast sth carona, en a ertateolntdeebee uiga s sayst is ro, uerstdablte th comniti rain ysis frtrat wit uthstbl bro nthomti r nmigrion stem b afratitro tchwk oftate ls i gr n em no btheolutn, a
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wilhwofte l i ly cnoateeut a proems. wililcontue t mitor c theimpa theros. law ilightnt t mve oorour cthmunipaes aheawht ll eluat eac oraw t cni a deteine etheit e coatlictacwithhe fedal tee he co ctgovethmented nforvementnt respsibities mart: hoorisnt t s tespbies rtho gornme of uth t calina s nily hey h eengomef h prctivwith his w. cana hoare heyni h hnespoing? pr keeivthns hoey minsout roli is powingg?o fit ee th lawit. u alinady utow lis tngfit thaw. sth al y carona dghte ticky hale is e dahter sf ro dte imgran froky iia and les da er e sa tougher imanro i okesndn, ithe dsere sa t ghdointheijob, quo, we es ie woule't he to in aeiressb,uowe ilgal ul htommigtion assefor at t sta levilutl til eyigon do,e'reoingor t ta keeev fhtin il sout rolio, to re ablng t ee fin forcour iutaws. lio bl t nohe dartmt of rcrs. holandecury anetno dtmof polino h an swerohondur thatetsheay -- says li hn er atdhs entinso-nfor ss feral immrati law ins in uthor carina, napfeitanlmmti aw ing n ayhnara, ap stanementhatouth g carona'sawn divts st enat
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crthicalaw eorcent ro's reivurcefromhe mt rioucrthreals to eceubli safe andreceom mndernes e oureto lital ust beten locfender s e jusdicons d th l tet counits thoc ser whilfailg to juddreics th the coitther undeilyingilrobltos, t re ne fhe cprehsive dengbl t ne imgrat fnefor cehve at t fe ral limel.ator matha, uth tarola sfesl l. isoughaw ma req, resholll s laenfoemenoffi rs tgh eqquesson seonefter a arre forlarafffo stoenfi if t ey sespect sheneer are i hereorfftof untr iegal. s ct you kno i crics he tr ial poted t th thaout cldno le tori hacia pod rofithng.ha c rthaall ght leoellyia thanyou ryuch, klyfi. hawrigl t rlyorti . an biu : goa foh,news klert ig r tiw. webiave gow vifoo ofwsrt ssenrs gtingff a ple af r th werwestuce viof en gttinngon t a tarc fo plafther uc arlyeven hou in thetbl lyen flys,ourudgg th ugh e snthatebl only sadgrday nig. th h at psnne w feced tn la atsaayig. p w bra fey d t inrnatnal irpolat at'sear hratfor inatl po nneccut,ecau of tha 'sr h noorheasrn swsto ove the ect,au wfkendha noas s to jevelue feri fule wnd rends,polozingo jee riul pa enge. res, weloill ngeak th o of e pasnger spepaficagey wel k o f
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ntiod byheilot se as ther potperiedca forourso ioby ott he to hth pedorrsasseers. e dihebilio of is h paengewas a morses. dilif ge s te yterd, heays e m respse fm thairle s coerrin.e. yrdhes we l ge sp - fwe'rthgoinrlo ta to mri a twhetr or we nogethers -'r anin tao a chae tetor sin noer lan yterd. at'somin up. ha rthawhatin mesla ywhatrd 'sinp.ess. hall: atm tles youat ose es.ome the: t sties 're tchiou in e emeri'se heewsrm". arestlso s tchie hi tns. neriy reasedsr. -maire froo hi e jtice t nere dedartmt --ai ro sayi the usti jce dertme was ccern dtm-- outyihe weatins goi int demeas c rn xicoell forehe ft t & feaiousoint opetion we w der coat'sl p wire f fus th.peon w r 'srthawi mart: remberhis ung th dy? t nedeta s onhahis rt re ertuats n, agorei spy ng? rht h e onnetamerionns at aeipy r so h. on werie gog toell u wh we n thi we ow aut whathey re uso we to.go to l ll: whw ab t th nhie a h ? at >>y uo. : herabnth cn denng t hse >> er lega cons,nayinthey en e, q tteotalalse t whga does,it ainey qalean r thse cn whoe a camign? lete te yn thometng c eleforamn? i et gte y thrghet ere,elbout bei inorhe i
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top hrer oth e,utein cp dida os you n alseehatig cda ll'sye omy u aletack? 's ok? [ught ] [ht th's gd moing, veie gmog,ve s .mm [ le aounc ] r ha thealors -- [ anc haus heggieorutri--on. oulve d a . s ieri. yo bookl our ooma righ yookt yeur thams foremighing me. waitwhat yehafomig. i ve t hots.coitappat soe caget greadealven at t lasminu .i totcop ah, ll pyed r.socat eaaln tasnu, p d get e ap t apotco
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mynamis jl stnge, m fty-ne yes-ol lovgarding, and loveolleall.mym jste, f-nyeol ovrdg, d veve blen oeo bflex forever yea now bta o b exreal can seeysel rnoterakineait.ow ostebi-fx al a ganat peeducteltin .i an gbacknd dtegard-fing with gomfo p.ct i gck drd g[ ma annthncerfo ostebi-fx, e gcosane cndroin suleme manner te-f wi g 5-lsain cro ad ncedsume sho imp vemewi-l ad joedt coort thin day ompme [ ji str ge ]jo cosinct takiin ostay bi-ex ther s nojiing trat i ]an'to.nckisti- [ alnounr ] teo er-flenog i't the1 door a phaacis [ un] o le reco ende branedo ahais co[ made annanncer are u coiderg a w mecarelan? th you ay nmad henn finerng the righcoplaneror y r nes. a meren? thou nhein th ghcallanow t yfindneut hoa mecarelan ll t frnd uni dheahcarho me remedinre sutio
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frni maeahavearhe c erag di syou'io loo ng f. mam loveing cr heag pay g u'r myooresc fptio . log heay [ mamy annscncerio tha s a rt drescptiodruglan. mannerhaa d tesc us iooutug n. ur pscriions anwe c helyou lect e rit plte...s t prins an celu ct ri lipl a s.nd-ane pn, youan cbineart and dica supemen planli s-a p ou cnet d caupenan focompte cerag the a sgle an tt mbin medare rts & bfo mp cag he se t inede s b th micalnd dg corage male mnnoualer ] a mecaredvange pn le ou ] caolgivey.ou dtor,ospil merean p d prcrip on dg cocarageve dr,pi r noing re tn wh youpr ip dcoge alrey pa no g r me tcarewhart ou repa now theime takacti . meret you ly he unl de mberw th hee akti maksureou g the dicau cov hage u ne. undeer akre ghe caove ne ll utedhlthce toearnboutedice pls udhhc at m be ght r yo tornuticpl th se pls, y cannrol me t yo rit ov thehone spl yanol dot wa. ca now riovhene o0 dowacaow 0
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rthaa nestudwith ary stastic haneud aboth lo costus y sertaces.ic fou thabocompies loat ck ust pasnger offers. ouhahemps ureetrathas thaera ff rminre senimes et moth likhay toe iolve in seseadl accentsmoik to ere ve b inve num r ofdl deadcc bustsccidts e b volvumg loofcost crier adusid recely iludi the lvlo acstdentear w yo cer cy, wh h wa justce idihe ac horntficr yo c . wh wastst mch, oreoplcere kied w.n he rf o m, ttple s wki w r o litally sced t w off. proted it fedlyal sd vestatiointo afet f. rod ed regusttioniobilltoet hpene o ma timasn' t guonllt? hne >>all maim rign' nowerma >>l caattligg th bgestow tema of h camign taycatlth be astayin tef hameporndly t fr two aormein falory emoyeefromhe frwoatme f 19 ausatns ttain emeeom rmly 19enie a athere tsnhartf --artf ly wh caitoldie
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greta ltrt--t whght:ai ld a l of g l pple,n fac ve arobl wit thet: lf fac pe,n ac th i'moingo w l, a ablite m soac th'mng likle w a soik. sinctheyanno sotole. cessncyeyno m se prosalsmy ss m pls, ty'reoingo trols sho hol nessa pl treng m the t ho coldida so tt's e reon t mt e is icomip cda ow. t s ll:re t nhat imibouthe in cpaig. : nt n? thute gu are lik le cig dailnews n cthumnigureik anda ilws cnind tantas, b bl, cost ofnt, the b fiv onhe f ct ne chaeel. w yoivguysn foing >> gned,appyha. yoys tueay. ll:ng g rd, spyve gbbs ue. : ruing rin's sampan in gwa, s sse'll ruandg 'spain morerecit , slld ctain -- reci captns tha cin eve-befo beuse the stor hadoes thivefo impt bee caihesor camp gneshi doethisive himmpt aai oost mp >> ion'toenow isout if pitic -- ist thi i'ttoryw t . is if far wch pic-e's ihiry ismitt he sararasd ws
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bereolito do he a tt e sty ttellass mor ut ibe itn't doow hif ahis tllor cessily ives m a t s boos i'veorkeon cpaig ss y befos , i'a beethe ess os se etar whenvehesekeort cig foi' sceedalse ome s and his sear ense cat aignhoul hav ottescnlse nd ouisahea of isay icagnulav te advae. ou thea've f fere some nfliing atem ts, vat the re omwe s bed othe lig gemta, terv sw la nig b tha oe ther gs no "ere"hereo rvlaigha ok, e gr nd g e ierno io " ise"ritil rreht n an what, eedsgro g i hapn in iosti r n th g anatds eablimentndap in eop asth a g wle i eli thent es need w iohe dece whher nothisurts o edelpsec whr he annoistsain. o ipss he sethi-n. i it' shi someing men ed t grapet'ith,fe d meg thin t an shouap they suph,rtf him d >> b, dohi itelpr anouheup hu? >>imt ce ainl does bt hedotp t thideafayingt's hu >>cenleshe goin ttheainsttra prenct in t raptai in wa, yret uldn gethem fore this toryaind yn 're, y leing e dn poletm re isryt's ye leg obab unlolely is i gointo bs recitin abnly i t l. in ha bng sd th, iecinhink t
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liti owehaan sthixplationnk he. wh i m cam ignstiwe hadlaon he mowh m peoamensadbout peoes' se live andmoeeo nersedut becse weeo'ould t presevend n d it. thicase smeec anoereldpr mpai. be use .ere'one earhi se meint,nond tt ishat some dy iaigoin tbee e' ee rger t, tfromisowa tonseativto me iin t ece met rom y. om tha uestsen -iv t qstio is w's mom oingtho bsthat - t qio w coervave. nge be b thi youan t poiblyo iset cn o of t way cova. abe onehiou astpolyis c oint, ain topulay b a hne not orgizatn in t,wa an ul y b nee hhato torgatin alive yeeaucuto pnts. ve ll:air potscund a is mht b ps. :rpo tru he m hav abeenccus m bf ru sexu marasavent,ene mus vebeenfotuilt xuast, of mhat enlegaon othat crgelt fing bactetr 12 ga o yatrs ce d the gac nra mav12 me y a thra m m paent,ecau bas on whatain said lt nig pat, au asan enloye is atn mingai lig twee 40 eye os$50,0 a mg yearafteaxes ee o0,aake-me pa isartees aute-36,0 itpa a saidhe w giv aut th,0e mohs' ty, ich woidd ha wiveen a thmo' bout h $90wo.han
9:19 am
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9:20 am
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9:21 am
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9:22 am
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9:23 am
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9:26 am
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9:27 am
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9:29 am
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9:30 am
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9:31 am
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9:34 am
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9:36 am
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9:37 am
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9:39 am
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9:41 am
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9:42 am
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9:43 am
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9:44 am
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9:45 am
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9:46 am
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9:47 am
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9:51 am
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9:52 am
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9:53 am
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9:54 am
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9:56 am
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9:57 am
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10:00 am
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10:01 am
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10:02 am
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10:03 am
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10:04 am
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10:05 am
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10:10 am
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10:31 am
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10:32 am
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10:33 am
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10:34 am
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10:35 am
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10:36 am
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10:37 am
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10:38 am
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10:39 am
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10:40 am
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10:41 am
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10:45 am
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10:46 am
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10:47 am
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10:48 am
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10:53 am
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