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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 1, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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ut bot a uy noeallkn buta gl a aot nollut l. ifou d'tet l. f -- d >>o aad. ma myay. f - mand i>> a. may. ♪ ♪nd i ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ec: hloverye. 's :00 e in h n yor cyryew yo cit is i0 "thn nor c yoit ithnew rk cy.'m "thw alg wi anda tanros, be. aleckewi danndanerins, and eg gfeld. thekehow,an aegatnin ofnd rman gainld a emple o he thew, aat fdirt an tncks a e betleen o lthe win rt weite t psiticandetne l oin the cpaigwe rives. picd we'ltell oouha w knoe cigiv plusis predent 'lll onoma usrenttill o sming thronth aft ll cashg inign tsmg hrthft wedng shin t kim kdashnedalls it qts atm ip k wshh thals t "tive" q tart rig i n. wha "t e" ♪rtig n ♪
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♪♪ ♪ >> ec: o toptory enigh oopry we' wlde yr gh awayrom the 22 e'esid wtiallectn. y toy, t rublin na onalaymhe 22 mmite lached n ad idal ct ttintoobam thard rnli thenaal ec omy.itla edad ta aiste inam rd>> t queheion tsec y. el tionta iste ot t areuen y t tterelon soff an y wereour yeare y ago. er threal qf stio yser wrl thiea couno.y be thal b qterioff fr whi year unrombe br f n? ar in me the yrs scee nokffic n unethloym yt h s neicpneym h2%. >> w havet ma enoh progss ohe. enomy. >> f wr yevesmano og o lat emy fye y can'findat j. >>f i y n'nd j. don>>mpro thi i'llonroehi oneempl oposllion. >> ec: wt do youhink isnepl tosn. ime? e w doou nk>> gg: rember is heaid hee? kept 5% o gf r thebe pmiseed e doeshatount as nept of ohe em? p se hat t eesteteent thesf pe imis but e? s ll at has t aeeehe cellt, bterpehaisut s exceent asanceo a be ll br relect , beuse lfcet ocee thopul ionsrectbee o dende onthuln
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gornme. he dde creesn gernmtgome re th wanntitment gnm heelivs thanntitment ithe inthe ivntitmentitushent iwe ahentititmentnthe a ict a itdictnt anda: tt ishy h a twantto ge tm mor ct nd t is h gre tha nt is gthe t wleor pot. brrelianha sategs e ve w po ge, seg they eed him g >> b g: 5%eydimf t b govement >>ric:owerl ad,f t thgh. ve >>ntana: thi it' s>>c:erd, ha . fac was>>a: thihiingt' o thha wouit hur. i youac ereashi g tchi o it ck a thouur iou home hi t we a a whe we tal abo aom ye away wt ind afhe p wple al boe a we,we ountyewa w thetd day pe ill thee, ectio nnt the ayrists?l eon't eio k nw h - i cst't te you'tow my kays i h i i c gre e'reteouad m peose. i i >>ana:oughd. rere thin areeoot gng o g>>a:gh inre precbly gette g onomallyefor tha ecey'lyprobly he ate lite bi ofomly aorhaicku 'l obthis hillaomeit d nbio ts ku esti of at kisdlfe dn counoy arwe t goi t b tif k f homuchre y wilunngar tooi t b
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paor t?hoch y il >>ndreo heris wtipa don'undetandt hes >> redoinertwo w str egie n' dend duhe sategs. in on't ke sseo me.trie e hedu i seg dblin dow nn t t se. lici tha he h i p dsedinowhat t we sucssfu ci haso h i h c plingdort me weuc fuimul. hu kn i t secd cngne he m is ul t ingkn a tece clion tg aia pag li fromhelintiaag layb kom dog sml ba bilnt. w is notheyb tim or sdoll smba you l kt tisotlans he iim s doin a . pla ou lhat jn tnse i in ala t jdestthe forrchief o stf prosedeargo. sthe ie doi iortieow. o st prued wder,rhy. wld ieoi i.e u wmorer,ontre an say wive m mo tim les st tretraneway ande mo moim ffert st f.le st bobit may sndmmall ba er tst you b obay not sm toll peoe ba whos thous areou b undwate ot t>> area:t woeot ma osus refferce. ndte >>ob: ah, wil m aea:woma a er. >>: , il m dieren. a you ve t be cefuln poditicsen asu te cul you r thi apocs this ar t, t numours rhi aou hhieill t umunt publans. ey wl be betr. h lt arecily bet r b t bl s.
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tter w betheyetunhe ad a thi aci staet b ofhe ge. er thiseyimeext yr,dhey ailhi ta sath of g exptatis we is et yrrib.y no we'rsaxpti womin ib no'r bacin >>ric:ot nessaly beuse theumbe theac n th>>ad.c: nsa theyanbehee adhe becbesehe oma th . sa aft thr y rseyfd ec ingsren'bett o in t saft hronom yi'lle af gsn'ttn o t-ter omll aer oer bobone ne yish uer had bac >>obana:e i yh aftour ears ad ac ingsre betr -- >>a: i >>ftric:et'srlayrs the gs gaet.-- >> ob: >>t'sc:'syhe ga >>: s n. eri oma n rept car ceptriourhones o ptr ne 8%. r ng now 9.1 is ttn . "? >>ndre "f.w.1 t >>ric:iser i "exob >>ref. >>c: er7%. at i i . nempymenand i is end wh shod we givehem? i 13>> gw.g: "" whhowe >>ivric:m? d a, foo g "tamp >> d a: y>>'rec: bckin dg moomp view d >> yric:e8 miion en h b in m stardn 28. ew the nd>>c:min h f 2 8.ard 2 he 2 40illi now bo may you cnder an 40li
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owis. boayou c ck-8forasolere wn h . wasworin. -8rol w h $3 waor. oday >>ob: us oilay specatorould nderand >> : u th moril thahe rest ofs. >>ecreg:orlderd heth morthaes damng f ing t on here>> isg: the m unemamoyme isctua yg o worres he withhe emme ssmuluua tnor wha th oba had pre sctedluf t you ha dn'taveheobha smulureedou >> b't:e slu bightht >>reg:he omsd scarios no a b a>>--g: sdi'm sciono cfuse b now aob m >> b: buou'r cse conseow bbu l'r. on wh doou thi u lmploent ul bewh witouthetimus? hi >> gg: whouthe ulot b itimul?mu gwer, wut auall ul bobi uerstd tt. r, m all jt ob s uingst to y belve r a mute jhen you sutg y el trilon dlars n th a m e onomnyouou are i the iloing drsth to teast kompu fewre iobheng elimtoated st k woulewou imed ul g -- >>ana:ere u gog t give g- him
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s>>a:e go t ve ohat? im wis y wer my ot? lgeb is achein yery jior hig eb>> ec: y can g e himhe an " jrig in e yan gnempymenim anne nhingut "o up.n moremerins a mpvingen n ng unr thp. p ertyrerievel a now ng than vereforun inth hisry. pty >>elob: don'ow thi i has anr or n sineishing. tohe th >>: n'hi i obamas inngo emplmentoing u am nounde bush oeagan o pl ntng an uody se. yonokeepde tusking obouthega o ee mkeany sys.m. yo epe ma tet sngtemut t detmine mwhetr yohaveys job or not ma sm t >>ana:etf gonernme et poyociesveon'tobrot mat>>r,a:gome why po eswoul'twean tas tat seco stihylus ll? ul>> b: yodidn wan t t in co deptissios ? dan the b oyodnow?an n >> b: bause tepyiohink anhe ou pbabl?wille ae b bse t tnk cr te a pblllaint ane js. is tp tcr aent jt wld b i t $2rilln. w >>reg: bob suld ppy. ev$2y dellte i >>g: sd isap inted y. chstma evde yo ixpec a bicle a youapte chget magl yoecic a oueate >>t ana:ike min gre no. te dan i l ey >>a:ein swe er! re o. >> reg: y pannt le bei til eweepub!cans g >>g: pei hind l ubns gomeby the yelie
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nd cawin we'eb sck whheie ugl can swearse' s >>ric:eadles fm wh togly. ea 70 b lion>>ec: havdl ftoiveno b faonie a freavie. w wein out a groenf gh lel fa are. ewecutiut arosf lt frks a etieavi as the-- fr a ecutes at fddieviac are a leavheg and they wl getut a fie re bonu not avan saly,heonus w monet for e j nu toty've denal use laonear. r j>> area: theve d dodnfran ll plased r.he aadmia:straon d notng todan p d addrsredd and fan e.mira d ot t islectn, t s idr anddndan cumbt eltion ct tthissbout inncumnt. mb melteronhat uay is bobut you umlk a.ut theepub can. mrt it's gngobo b abou aarache ubn. ama. 's g wan tsk y bboerioac qua.tion itan lik tyepubcans yill io ta theenatqu on andoldnit tikubnsl taheheat dd t hou. zo iouhere any ph bind e sceos f omare ny prroges t b sayd peo e likces f bala oed gernmt? ogey d t't wayt rublieons -ik bobla gnm n d's p wt of rlihe - stregy. ob t th ne iaf avin pofhetry. publthans introwithfhe in whe hse and t whi blhouss androheth senecare wh the h lndit t hel ohi of t bas
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us den there d ocraec pay. l el o ion'tf c teasho i resihent. d raepather t ngoi k'tp cn mi ihat h and er tbody k has h b ore.mi the i oble t ho runnd gain dy as hngre b wite.a 9%. i ecatc tthisunin reit%. tcis 9% aroval ring 9% ava >> area: rt's gt ohe baot >> e c: trd o the aa:s o sena. ba eri we ve e t oe 9.1 na ri e unemoyme. thbrairoom.1 tlss t ob aemme thaiom t tundr sersob 61ince he anunced re-ectidr bidrs in1 ceapri e he hasan hadce 2e-tiidn funaisesinc ri hehisasad 2obsunsenc bsl. >> gsg: i lhtf bng u b kno g i luppo bive uno he cupypoe ptests h has $ py pst $1 hilli. as ere es iomerom? $1li e i eckenm? c'mo bobi he to infmou en gu tha get moaughp h eob h t nfm inework cit a l.guhaet gh threaly is h mintk eveit a l sitt g pridenth alnninis f m t-eleion ve b you on ttpren in av fage ey a d len bouhan ma.ave a >> d da: n a ts poi in t psidemay. has d don n a twi toi asany a
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t p prdeidenbushad t do. as onhe iwi hing t ay w ak ardepr toensh to. ra ie hg mon t h w wasdebleoora on rais has ine 28. bobispresent sh hn fficty rsing 2oney obes t dn't he? ic in rheng sonderm?ey >>ric: e h't %in sd m? unemoyme thrghou th>>c: h priden. not emmehrou 9.2 pr en anda: t oma's cribil.2y isar me nd impaed athis otage's l thcr tilngsise m prosedas pa a gois thege oer w. th t s >>ob: at'sotrodo. goabsohetely o w not so. >>: 's dan you thi solyush hadoto. trble rai ng mey? anou hi bobi thk thad iq wartreai m? hu him. ob>> dtha: i tuesst iendar the dayhuimtoesn matr d iss caus h won heay sn >>atreg:bama has hree us hgoodhingon gng forim. >> g:thermaas i'tee a codarng oba g or er iille mu amar cbale. umaleinuraden uen guadfi is ge.
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bobthe herhing ados g ep i mds l kobte rng who the epub icans mave. l t eri we' tal aboho that eub nsrecte. ahe on he fivri"e'albo th at lef cthen iv wsite thefolito orditingith wte rublinit mpai dingh rli. welebat tait nex. e-ma u aweat tex thefe@foews.m. wel be ightma bk effo s. ♪♪webeht b ♪♪♪♪ ♪ , i'in aimeo beuse parely ridi theog ke is a all rse i' aeo beise rownre upo inhis ditablhehmen ia l e iswnpo ins blen ckilthou, yanow, concl th badoy dernth mblant ilouyaw, nc thjuad so can t onrn-tra man anchec invtmenportlio, juo n onra rearchtock anset nditannal ecders nvenrto, rechck ant itl rs waitwhy e yotaki... oh, itsee.y yo ki. hey x, wld ikillou thr a g a wningark? , e.y w ill hr g wngk? [ dobark] you ow iantea bi. dork malennouer ] -trau . i tebi vestg un asheleou ]ra stunhe
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yonamet. ve ted i but thinhelp me at bacpain yo methen tri sal tpas. it inlpe acinenrials. it'sowerreli tha wor athe se ofain d las up t12 hrs. 'serlihaor atlonp s.ofn la t h. np
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>> b: th's t namof a nd? gre yea bobneve hearof i b th t amfore a big y. ? bi day re forea erma cai obvear i thats t tre g g biyheormaaib" atock tday. gm pud o tt. my bthers h en tk y. paudi oce. t u kw, i bakeser me h teel di. go . k i ank eeserodursl whi i go dot of n do k welce bac tdu "thehi fdoe"ofdo lcac t ththeebsi not t f lefst webse asy f endesiot cls tt. efit w lco. bsas f scdmingithne of c hern ngh in'siflenfis aereged miondu tory 'slen a ed he ymidury suscion h pele a pitic a reussingon t awerpehe a qution p ic one ing atappe ad tay re
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onngofhe t ar wom oqu oon thee g pe t o w enonuppodly volvom o o inhehe sryold w t ashipoton y st" lve wouin s likeodell her ttory but hin " oucan'becae of keo lconferentiityry agrutment th is n'ca nof par o the nfti y sty. grnt hean cnasths bee noingar o tohe placstafte plache c hohas heee maned tngoress ac>> aterea:ac don thi he hose an ma tged e prsss t t aa:onhie welma d pr shodav nev tent hisel pressecr ary t onho gerdoev t isd radhrouout th t escry n mea to witerut hinghe ra ou t cts raig t. e kometoit hg polico p.r a s ig p. k in csis g allolohe .r a cts t p.nmmed ctelys. g ll dot lee athinleft o s thisilledly pertuat atorydole a inthatftill oome bk isnd bitel ry th atles b wthiitasone nu. thth last 4 hrs. w heetteee s e thatht allas 4he h . cts hee out.te s ha>> b: mill pss se etar dos ou autee ith bmi p thatsear o >> da: t a oth thi is h you uldant to gat itut d t thhi onsou own u dto germst esidtush sde d n sclo he s d vingid undh s de iluen in n mai a it
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lo e d ngcamendut s day efor the ienn ai aecti.t th me sayor estheate milon ti .ange cal tersth stad hest e ilthatext tueay bausehey gel rs questaonedis hntegty a at twantue som bnese difyrentn es ede wte hegse. a >> ob: nt'sommazi howifnt t worie hs. sm o c>>e: oziow t ortlbefo we et to ie s c eltion o? ere a oluttly nofo debt o m md thi wel noton lked e aut no d he m niona reshiuran wot lassodatio wha ver ey callhemsves t g nennaromesan em, meboso inioherehar o llmss an gher mpaim. hav e m , bon susrecion of w anr thai av m cpaigusonf w couth be. cig me pce cnect to ou meco. e. avinthat p c asict.o ok, ere isme. big intinestat insiot , feseopln --ig tontet in eplltertive--o oerve pry. eri bacann,oo. ca it wha it i p. who ands o ribeneact frn,. a cat ha i ca iailu? o dsnefr wou be iyca opiluon chma . ou be is thene tt iowpi matt s mo to. ma. is >>heob: i t don townk bachttnn cmold fo.ur o >>: howon t to ea it. ch c f >> da: con. o donowin t thet. med i d c. tche storons frothe t acesedr ither souhees.orfrhe th's h es ireras alws ou.
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rked ion't seeth the hrobl.lw >> b: p iticedhe i'teeskedhebl th queion ecifally id b pic yoget thirom aed ampanthuen ifly doe, dked rounyothit.m a itt'spa go meado dheydotun it fm citpaigs rig? g ea grey whe we fir fm c igstarigd "t fiv" d erehease ir sendg thstor s t thear"tiv dseco flo abo myast. ndth or t di'the coloork.boyt. nicery. di dan i ted tk. sabage ceu. . >> gg: an t t tnkhatabe cn de a g miske inhe sen t t that cenre ais begningn ten unde tandate ubiitouessegng t of dend seal hassmbitous cfims caustheysere h hinsmt cs evywhean a usey h inhentlyeanievlesshe a de saf uardhefutuly ni ssputaon daging dings u mi tafotrdetu gui y.ta din gs cou hav mitxplaedui yingeah, i hapned. >>ric:uicktory. 12ngh, i yaprsd.go i as nvol>>dc:ck iry 12 nancl suot y hassmt ol su. i meon suede ncsu f hsmsu $40 000. oned comp ftelyrivous my lye40said0. fhthis mply thinvo i aed ow l mucidt f wldsos me in obab $50 a00 tcostuc i w
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we wto thether g andab 50 t st i seled for wheer gnd 12,0. dan yousedor led,0. an oouupy ll seet. l gre iough oy st. hda erihe pnts h udth re mberhe e ct ri pconvsati witthe her gu wit myreawyeer whe et nvhapptied.ite r eryt ng sroungungity iye he rman cai s mspp. t yt sorgeun i >> a rea:ane ha aai sen t dayge head aupa:romhaolito o t ory.ay qstio isadmorke onit o t ca aignbefo andy.ealt qio th skencandscagnfoyselndlt wh wou n't sucoop nd aninget tel befe wh oupolit co a put eoprythg out? int ef th the wou aven run ali aut eth sty. t? u do i nth yherou own teren.un stcond, i t nk do pitic has y wn erevery rig t prondcti t tir p icurceas ert if tyigre t tnesro tt t dug ceut fm aif t t joualissc t g rspeive,hy w fldn'ou ou isy we got it. it pease, our w excn'sive at i wha we sott. itishyurboutxcve it. i ha s>> da: rembewhenhehy stuty ca out . tt mic le d rbe enbachnnuffe fro stcaut migrnes t andic g ch fbidferoe n't grnt asomannd g f sdferi from mrain int aanhe ol s ri of ce nomt to t m nucinar o por of nto tucutto-- nucar wpopo
5:19 pm gre is ucat w wt it i realtt cald? re >>s ana: wo. t i >>ob: foree geut o alal here >> a: >> da: i as j>>t: regeayin o at hethre itas d i j staed by ain riv thtampan, it was ta cert nly read ayiv aivalpa i as mpai. we llrty adaleard fro ai >> bwe: by theay thi isrd aroood cversion bbyhe authi i a dthis cgladrsen goteoplho a undetand he isadotpl pss deidend of thishing p the end hmanef c n'sis micngk he tas ndre hlassn ttboo-- gre c he sicot a s ss t oo polician. bobrebut e re i the thin yolidon'an conadic y rselobt i he t sam n sin cyc wyochn'onic yel ishate id. tam n e otr tycng w'd say iiste. thisas aot tay i foufigu settment ndishis a guyougu ttas -nts fiuyigur - fi hur was-en gnd. h and w hea o the asasso-atiomy gss i g it'. biggd tha w teat. o he we ksow aio g lot it' o hgganha t rewetion dartm kts g aot o hhis reon th dg. tm g eri mormporntly s if yere hman th cai s rior maorger,ly y adveor h sn herai is
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at youmao.r, 'sdvasel s we stledouecau itwas eleapeto stlehan towe go sedaut sthroh a leg ppeceed sg.enoo that roaeg ped i at >>ob: you hav iot a li>>: ouav bod i on'tli mn itod 't pejotive m, buhavehet man ep u thi wee jo ve>> bbu: thvestoris n in utati tohieeotel room hat bthor wa turd do.intioel oo gret i oftwaurdonvit opleo motel reft rooit usuay to etle thi msownel omoohe hch an't eachua to you hivenhe per t say o. h so i'tch u on't k pw tf --ay the ory ight i b't m kor-- he >> a rea: yht besteay, b wa mhrowg aa: cdyte, orn dnwa myowress c bobyou ne gng do g my ss men trole obu g sing g merohat. sg teas tseease allt. rht. as tee. t se pr ucer l. r. te despet jusprereing my sp seent,he sw i't ng beliye itr n .set, s we s illave oot meo liit n co. cong sp,e d moue s ric co co rry'spee d sicn new
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y'ee hampire? u dot wto msew impe? do w ne o"the mive. ♪ i♪ne he ♪e. ♪ ♪ heartheyound ergyere. it'sood. weeed e jo. areynd gye. 'sd. we[cd tomejo] neeto ptect e enronmt. orke ] [cwe cmeld d bothee pct ennm ke c d this tt poible nnouer:] at cocopllip we'r thelppog poler erics ec omy ou:]th caner c opfordiple nuralas.'rlppo ic ecy moreobs. ess issi rd nal. a go ansrer fos.evers we, ift's cleagor annsaffofoableer. asong we ke the safweifs eaanfole th e yoasgo.g e keheaf th yo. thks.. nnouer:] cocophlips th.. ou:]cophps
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coratution cotuon ngralatis. rati conglatis. toda theity cha otte can e vezon chnogy ngti dahe y ha instere bessen veton onsenoe en gy
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nsand bnitosecost toseen maki comniti greer.. ngralatis. d tost ... d budingkias vomuablti reto..he b tom rane..ti wh ! . bung vbl to bm .. wh t peoe inde tm. ngralatis. .. teoin tbe use en y adderiz youcompy, rati bee y ddyoizdon' justouddmp you ltip. yo♪n' disstver methg neu .. ip♪ ♪ isverir n. thne ri ♪♪ ♪♪ >>ana:elco bacto "t fiv" i ve bn s♪in for♪♪ >>eeksa:co ac thatick"tiv pi ry b need t sorakeks atkolic p t e did it o his fticax andpe it widt valt o ishisehav fr to somasnd a w v litt eculsr.avtoom a>> tt lile pn i jus tt aredithulou doe't tli p fceus ed h thoerani sta to eand f yo tax foorint iounita t eow wdt i yoaxoo mntn. i >>nd s yingn the wld stemhat mut here >> s ngnato youhenow,henes emt thre ban t the i thetoouoldw, s stempay e awye, pathan t he i
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eheccoudantsall tha em y moneyepa seoutslha neone. hat. e. yoknow jt ptty east. yoow j th. py as subtct i sent in. . 's a some bt i areen t lann. f t ame ree. re tan t's tmeri be tmeri e. agn an aga s betheri lanerifagan ga thfreee an>> da: tt mit no hav th ee beenxact the ind f d tmino eechav was thiing wou enct he dke b t sposper n sd chas hi g isouassiate outhat he b t pois serakin soud ande's s si e vingtun at ae gd sech. s in whatndos ng y a a g sh. ato tnk y? >> gg: tt rinde t me? whenake a g t rdee ambn o ene planand hav acotc mbtheiffe once tweerigh and anftdheav l ataystc czy efe ste f whee theghre ser. d l sai tss c las nhtstwhhe i s. raai ver t dasnk per nhan ber i raer o dma.ern dan i d 'tr tnkou can y -- o. >> gang: d t n -- ot go lkt that- he iso unc lfortle wh he s aksat ihesubli hncrtroblwhe ss i datin li wenow is. h whato ybl d d
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5:28 pm
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5:29 pm
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5:30 pm
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5:31 pm
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5:32 pm
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5:34 pm
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5:35 pm
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5:36 pm
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5:37 pm
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5:39 pm
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5:40 pm
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5:41 pm
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5:42 pm
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5:48 pm
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5:49 pm
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5:50 pm
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5:51 pm
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5:52 pm
u 't >> b: cai a you a g far? wod yo b breca i m aou a hom fa woyo re >> iric:o! m om >> gg: aight >> >>c:ob: mylande d't g a ht alw th s t >>f: manhing d >> ob:althhis s may g--ng >>reg:his ay go >>own: asay g arage of a te. >>g:s o afrn a mtimi ion ddinagef a in 7 tafays, kimarda miamin in 7 fid fivor.s,im da >> b:hohe hlthcfies? f or >>reg: do. b th alltar nelill h hc? scus this >> g: o.offetipso hanthhellr ll depr sion usis tt heing is ns. pr onhe fiv t wl beightlo bac heg n ♪ ♪ iv w be ♪ht♪ac ♪♪ ♪ what betr th gol? freeold weall at hert goldatlus etwardth oleed yo earnweree l ys, ee wrtks lds d mord fas yorne , w moas th's alus. gradyouride. th as. at's plu readrds urth ne.blacut des youan reem ytim 'slu res nac d ou rm im anit'sasy reem yr pots oine.
5:53 pm
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5:57 pm
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5:58 pm
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