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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 1, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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enga iheonveatiowhic i'm gature washe srtveioic t ngm e do ashe s sse tha you tnow o s anytng y say canhandou wilw be he aga st y yty yayan youile he y u arnevegointo cvincou empo os.nyth g barausevein the cnc ju don likour olitths. b se sohehy juonikr eage a? it >> soid i forhe plic e ande a d it>> ior for pcynd it suprter evenhougi hn'tor h 24 uruper enug t p hcesst hxact4 wt i wagointo t s p orssadn'ct wi ad wa 24inourso sr tryn'nd rolle me of24rs tryetai i w rtedleo out o fnt with tai i i wd even ut f it thgh, thend othe day ive d relledore th of, he oeheay detares --edill,e thif was2 ars ago did tait f--l,yhi supasrter and sey he reondegoin d f up erposivenday hrede becse iot out si fntndec w i dectutn addr fsinghis w d isst.n >>ill: kay. dr ng by satnswess >> cl:y. a umey we
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that you c ae wer't repa dat forou is kinofer apaorituaon to suace causinif yad b an uaepar youould tav sue usad y yr b arould pele rearch ectlyhat y happed sthatou cld p it pe rrc f eth.lyt ppu we sn'tatrepa cd por it ts? f. wetpa u we bnd sed t by. is n tallylind we b sidedy. ll. n camign s mad tlywarend that thed sto ight. amn reakad0 dsreha t wetoadeht conakious decisn t too. go weeonushasiis to aonymo soces dotsi owin twhat a tmo st o theso stos i gng to inat t ohe beto i g bil t if u we mad are 10ays o tha be thi ilf we couad b a 10s py,ha shodn'tou thenhi he ougonever bith you pho'the he ttorneysrhou rmuled a rpons you kw, ey cl itor ul a rns oupid res knse cit te, al des cameignsave the teal sohat en iam didnsete pubc he th you cmlyso wt tver i aid said the are tub thou cy w frts. a you em t be idaughhere s tewhat f gud anou jt f sai. u tgh y sha didnguan reclect j. ai ouldt yohavead a of y at i y r dn fe reecycto ld go?yo ve a >>fe dn't iave y allf fre thao?
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bill>>but d wetell did- w doaveha llte a idpid spon wo coneltan but u ar rht, at hapd nedon wonan ut en qstio ar got r, apd w ask, so q ofiohem didtotartipatend iskso ofm as tiding rember metite o thos t facg inhe mideme ofr a veryusy os dayac n so yid areof a rig. ryuld havytart earayer yre su thaiigould d havert bnar beer psuparehato bld me hrisp th t b resnse, yesbe p re stildidn bant m taitsp be tuse ese, wtedyes iluppodners t tonowthat sbee wotd aut topo s ck t swssuet >> ao tue >> bl: oy. doou tnk is hu you campgn, t yoback b o do t a i?huou mp i d, 't tyonkcko. billin t lt 24 a d t ll tours lur24 fundisinhas beenrshe hhest nd itinas bsn sce iee heeen hstn thit b s cam iign. h ne phe cls io ourthamn. phcampegn o ciceave iust lkeur he mphone oee stet l pcticly anneaveany s fmer pic empanyees whhavee caldynd frteppmpes rwar anday twhtveheyal wld ppbe glato ard ty do w ttimoallan my cract andoy tmo intrity
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c ct nd n i d't bieve tha nt itty hur myampan at n d bvell. ha st bas poit nury oyhepaat. asvolueersnd t pho n cal o bu the undrlusingrsas t jushoal real gonbuhe updrngus alonramacall u bil howany ars re y in t pritemall ilowectoy s arni y tri livi? homany yea?toni abo 4 vi honyeaears and w t froborshe epard ent w t theavy ro a matmatian toarthe c a cheay cpanys a sineatti ana stto c t c pila cny burr comny a aneusinsna t il analt a an rrom ain iormaon tech logy al a exe ative and enro the i ima bame ach gy ce pside witxeve d he t bur ir be ki corrati a and phende it pridenof tur g fath'skiortindn izzapr en present theatiol g threstrant assiati. anin aza est hefio tse stntssti an af expienc t ly athe resuran assoxpationcdid a tseesan t so ioonymds t cusaons me t uym >>ill: o thsae iss othi se o you u set. 42>>earsl:s athishiongime o theou s . rketace. 42rs aes.g e bilhe tho of whoave en ithe ete.arke lacenow. it a ilhof horeacerouslace hen i e you ekece sucssfuw theritis ndoubabouact.usce n peop u e areucfu jea us
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er a n --ubou what er.op so trere inothgea ee in a-he at. t 42 iear thperice ein thayou can 42 r ri ancipa youre gng thaveha u deawithown tan roa >>anpaou g tve eathbsolnely. t d asoaave >> sai bl,foly. as someing ese ces uaind it b ll, ey a goime tg c utmake i , a oi . the arnotherke insncesth ar biler as ng ayou e no coerneabouanytng, willee wnstes ils au noappe . co ne thaouyt, ll w you pe bil clahance omasdo y e aou parlels o tiltlae as y siatio >> iee some aarls parlels t t th e issiio o i bigomiffence. ari'mls rning this obiorresint o t fe e.unit m sta an bil isi o t it belve ttta anave peille i o boel t ses of thee pesle w rlly oobootant s o he to g thee w ry nomatio tot ecomto g hepresent.omio t wh beuse omam anest.nconntiol wh caidatbeande tnmerin peonle aio clnectg wh caatd tri m pe a cct w messe, a the areonneing th m me. ss>> b al: nhedoubre >> aneittlge dfere inhat e. brega n. ub >> b al: itls th dsamereind nt wenywa ga th e ar bome ithmed simaritwes. no you sayou awa thunniar feimit noouay
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ani esid ft unnvenonal mpai. weepord la week yot idun thene paalorke in iaia andweorlaee y ree new thpa hamkehiren i haveound und tt e ew a? beuse at cerinlyamre vend i t a bee er ly uncoential. wel i bil whe you port ree rker tcotti. numr w elilheou wrrtg. se wee er tton'tenum wut aress wr leasseeverdaye sayg ho't manyeoplwe hav onsstaff weasaveeryadayho abo 9nypl oav10neoplff wee borkin o fulplime for qte in seuleor time q bil andew hpshi. s >>e ha incasedhatumbe as a meesul of ilhatnd h hhi h>>peneha nc edin tt pasbeew aulfeeks t hso t repts tt we hne hav e tas vekimpks tepea tweavn ne hashirveandmpowa a soune calinahand firridad ia aou absotelyot cana tru fda i were ram ng psolyerru we qckly am bil ninemplees iow is n qly a enoilh.inpls ow nleannd mn youight get a b nowith i an m compoued tthe ohterset b it' ot th i a mp te ost'ot. >>ill, lae adhis. but hava. l, l lotfads. t av volteer ot decateandoler ddeotedted >>ill:hat'tradionay en doneedir ros,>>g hl:et'adna
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eople oaniz allf tt,s, h nooubtou le oizll are tncon ntiol. no yoare ing bt you wre. onio yoe g ou fra natr wnce sd dng ra tre s dy ayoldim or f the b blo. licyuestns adot goi o on in fhahe areblo cyst la ar onoin rowlinre cols,nd la onauthmer lwl wil alyzeol hean cn th ethningr il and a zeher rublihe cth e conngnder we'rcomindight bk. r rli oner 'rmiht b y elpsefen agast oasiol nstitiondiarea psenga oio tionar gaand oati. ith e rain goobactiagad ti helbala e yo colh .e in ooct ou hel mela yoat "olobioc." [emalannocer phlipscoloheal. he "io" [alnor phpsloal
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bil connuinherm cai in whingn th eveng. e do dilppedon73inrmai p wnts ngthve. e lado fewears d ed taing out ps soky allolaenewrs thtag. g t whdo y thi tha shappyedlo mrcain >> ihink t haenedth becwhse yhihapp thfinaial mrin inkarkehaedecre intethelatna andlithhat' gog oken gece and wha s te at ndgoinh ont' go o ge ind eureha itas inn ripp efft as iur t whast ppeng he. pp ffso t a stoarke t iha enhe natally t atoittlke i jitry.atly conda, i tlliev thatt dropitd. is ecaund si e oevtheha last op rectissau abo s wha oe tla g.d. is ing r be tibo thihas untris tt forhe t yr d. s g it'se hioingo be tr a tfor y 'sngbebout a 1.6%whicisnemiut ihinkt's ombi6%tionic of mi wh's gng o iiuropnks bi oncausthosmarkfs arewhnner g o op reted d us tosrkre anteripatn th thi econy ired sll sck t becae of faidntat piciethofhi on i th s s caofaidmintratn. p>> biel: y kno butth y, if u wein eleated b p ysideno, youtu ar yifot gng weole he any pdeyo pow ar
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ov g theinhes in h gecendnyow euovpeanhenionuckehe thisn u ge evenorsehan e uned euanonke hiates u has t goeng toseaven nyunower over es asthem so y wilgobeto ieeritg a er veworlthat in cha em yil i it aonomallyare u notrlatn >> y aha absutel rig .omly e re'sothe y abselig 's dl. if ts ecom isrowi. anit wle drowi whe tec i'ms wiesid t, wbecoan the wead wi doin the'm id wcohed doolde t >>ill:e'retill the lea donow. we ede t lea >> dogl:utrell notheea e ledo dogw.n e gro th. ea at'shat og areotissi . leog th is y iavero p'sposet dresi ths i ld eenomi groh a pseobs pl. yohave eard emi oro999 as pla ianto as pl ou autyo thaverd o i9ille hap tola talk a utt as buthat a'mha singlsap peooeal a ve aacke uttt, sghat'eo akeine. we he torowt'e. htohiswcono.s >> bl: aoluty. fl taxhat u arpropnoing wod. i'not b aut sur aboutheflaxt ar op gtion sal taxt twot l eli't but,urououe kno it's onalax ctain t l det,tabl now eno taxt'olic cter cndin ey stu tsdeindbl o w axic sff. c r theyre atu tsd o sonid.logi l. ey th saynderour planhe u.a. wldidgi thayerrla lu.e $3 bil
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won woh offeven inheirst l$3il woof ar. en nnot,ounow,st comredo at'soing on, thas n . a nt,w,omd 's ng n,ormo loshaof n revue b a rtaiy wi themo5os ev tril bon-dla aiwiebt,he is il-d subsntia wou you disree?t, i >>isag e, bsiaouill.ou anise? tha >>axolicag cterl. an porthasea wicng c rnow,ete rem d sortfour w view s thw, i we aemso mhemarcs ew thmajo win clege a i dersnd w mt yma can do jo to cge calcatio if u chi gers w yanoheo lciof ch sumpons. >>ill:ou a basally yingmp- ths.'s ectly >>hatl: a asi'ly ngth ely singt . >> sill:ghey y pry's wou se arill.n doars >> l:y renue. p 's ouey d't sm toave d in all do s e huere. >> ill, iree. you dr stoe dn wor hu ae. >>l, i ou diones-- iyou angeorhe a assutiontoasicly rydi andes iu ge discdit suon oicnd anasis, sct thas o diones that whanatheys,id. mosthanalys dn't readi alles ate wahaey t.oughhe r ort st whe ly dey atitteeahatll ty wa thanggh rt sohe o the atet tng aumptsons. o bilhe whaare ur
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sumpons, aow mpth. r enue ilha e wod thfedel gernmt lo mps, m rue wothde und 99? g nm w mu wou thelo los >> non beusend9? mu undou 999he wos had>>on oside bee analisnd99irm w eadluat and odecore al999m stacall eand at and stacre 9 evaltione prtaucedllhed se amou ofta alon rprenueedromive s ouf urce corpate rcomeueaxesme psona come ce taxrpe apitmees gns pna meax it xes. g pitagain tes deat taxs. ata thein bgestax t wh h isatheax bigst a taxhe bstor mo peoe proll whisig taxax ye we ll pduce the semoeo p llamou ofax r enue ye e then pe dcehe s ouf aynam r auelysi en der wessumam se a chasies i sine beh wioum shandonsur i bevior andneehalcuted tha we su wod gr behisorndcono atcudhaboute wo gr 5%.d.psno gwth. t cut e umploutent re i 5% .plf gh.o, y t w ulo hte r i y wvalu hed bil tho arerojeions at y donlunow. at's hat u ho hilpensho re jeall nsght. yon let'moven tow. wt is 'st ho hns thel t. t've to mo wismporhent forgn polymo oble thenitestator hasoor al whol
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leheteodayat as >> w lacay o lari. bil no, o specical. wh areof tri wor once sil o, you the ecal wh mret? tor >>cehe m dle uheeast m >> me obvusly st beuse ourestrienin tbvly bemidde easur ist iael. en theyre t here dd anonas ofsour wst il. ey enees ire anfr w ther whi isne iran. >> ill: hat ere yohigoinsto doo inn. if >> thel:t auseyoin t ubledo o inraq,hich i itfooksike he theyse t wille d coininueq,n thecht roatohekse cleaey weailn? do oucouethaveoa apeci cea thi eathat ou adooingo doeohem cithatresihint o ma i noat angdom ating?si o i lete te youhat woul't b dngn g? ietq.te and ouat it i wulldn' b d be i noun ng ad t ilingurnemy wn' the were gng t un a tull ngt omy the g t ir. >> bl: tl ira o govnmen did at. weidn' he conol oirr b tra thov. en >> d .now. e n' hat ieon o sayg th i>>whenw. bom i prideni haay to i evaenate t b tuatn atprhe tene inharaq,ovae t afanisn, a eve oneatfat tin thesq, cntri bause afis aveneill eslist to ceri comnderon t bsel st o oundom er tlet resndo yr queion.
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nd >> ill: e'ret unnies outf yr tiue hern. at w>>ldl:reniut ti you d thaer hast w be de? >> wt i uldou d d thahaasn'as be d en wi d dhan'one,elate to ran,wo thgs. e,mberatton, oneevel th. ande ar eer velong iand i'mneoingoel lk aut tnds warhinhe nex lo i d coup'mng o wks a t wnex anup o w eney indenden stregy thnne deseriens intrpendy t sategt so w c bece eneriyinnd s eg tinde nden so >> t wt's t gog coecne gde--en ener t inds endegoe isot gng tonfluce ira g oneay r ternddeis g her. bil wortolu witra mne t r. ere.ilor it bil m it'gointo hps but t wo wite. tilm.t' in h >>ork th m bl, thas ot t woit t >>k m true b ha s bil to ina. ina ll pkp a the ue sl k. >>ilill,o orka. wit mea p he. ahe st t fact hatsl w>>l, havkeitn h tac t engy i wepennce anav is ing impt the wor marten ien foe the irice g omp oilbouthe aorar foe thd. ce wh's t ot gog to doilut is in to p th pwhssur tegotoo on iras b ause p ey pepenurn unra bowse oil en pris u inrder t funthatil govement the condrihing hat wouin doer t isunat ould
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vent m imiz e thendngt ouseo is o ouldr mizhealliicissi def ose ou pabity. wouldoubli theumbesi ofef bi. ballulticubheissibe o defse pabity sfts llcsi tt aef bi ss rshi a t stregic aly pce themn th wld. hi a ir undstantricnly p t emth w. ingsir nd aneconic pyssur tnd o mitary gs monht. p ur ave o an miry opp mtuni.. e bil a warips the peran ppgulfniecau. the wilttac ilar ths . he ther wiltry do lfauheilac sethi if u puthemth hereth il y thaowoul b pfect s allhi f ght causpuiem bievere thawe ha ulve b pctll t usi bveha supio apabity. whyould kno tmuput y e inaby. shohyinld wawithno i tn. yo yreal wan inho tha wath w il, ion'tant hat,yoalan bill habut the fe w i't ftst, t, a go g tollefen t ursehees f and f , defe our a enegoestoen a these arend fe matur fne o ahere wship >> i't t tat pvoca fon if oou uld t wip i tarsh ps oca i the co t? d >> no. theyave readshnnou oed thahe th are oingoco >>o.ut t ir eye ad shipouoffurha coa ithreng t inrnatnalater ipthatf not aoa i inatler atotrovotion bil allightvoon
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illlhtr. cn. >>e artryi t prect ou celve >> ar bilyi i tnk y areprt scining y iant t tk ouve to ou ll t il tay yre ing it t thr gh. to ll t tt be oka >> tt wi bekay, . i lo t forberdka to twiey, i b >> ill:lohankfor oringtand t guy tight i >>l:nkr agrecinde i crouyey a t ht coes w lnaly tt aci iro a co wlly tt inteiew. hn stoel oth tew. smongaito o mo. su on halffusli stents thosrepos af r th esun lf li meages. stts ospoafth mees
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>>ill:aracand rd pce seent nigh let bri in r pol icaluo >>l:ac md ica p serowlt ghetrin old alal cmes. mforeae geto tt iwlaid the al cs. w rege ti wasdheown 3 in two yrs. as tways.n nwo rmanain y a. ctwssyuy. s. he dn't c rectanen nd he c y codave.. wh did douthink c ct>> i thoht he co was ve.y whid nk impr sive ihoonig h hernas vy cn.
8:22 pm
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8:23 pm
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8:24 pm
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8:25 pm
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8:26 pm
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8:27 pm
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8:28 pm
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8:29 pm
8:30 pm
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8:31 pm
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8:32 pm
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8:33 pm
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8:34 pm
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8:35 pm
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8:39 pm
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8:40 pm
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8:41 pm
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8:42 pm
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8:43 pm
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8:44 pm
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8:45 pm
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8:48 pm
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8:49 pm
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8:50 pm
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8:51 pm
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8:52 pm
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8:53 pm
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8:54 pm
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8:56 pm
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8:57 pm
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8:58 pm
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8:59 pm
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