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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 1, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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enga iheonveatiowhic i'm gature washe srtveioic t ngm e do ashe s sse tha you tnow o s anytng y say canhandou wilw be he aga st y yty yayan youile he y u arnevegointo cvincou empo os.nyth g barausevein the cnc ju don likour olitths. b se sohehy juonikr eage a? it >> soid i forhe plic e ande a d it>> ior for pcynd it suprter evenhougi hn'tor h 24 uruper enug t p hcesst hxact4 wt i wagointo t s p orssadn'ct wi ad wa 24inourso sr tryn'nd rolle me of24rs tryetai i w rtedleo out o fnt with tai i i wd even ut f it thgh, thend othe day ive d relledore th of, he oeheay detares --edill,e thif was2 ars ago did tait f--l,yhi supasrter and sey he reondegoin d f up erposivenday hrede becse iot out si fntndec w i dectutn addr fsinghis w d isst.n >>ill: kay. dr ng by satnswess >> cl:y. a umey we that you c ae wer't repa
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dat forou is kinofer apaorituaon to suace causinif yad b an uaepar youould tav sue usad y yr b arould pele rearch ectlyhat y happed sthatou cld p it pe rrc f eth.lyt ppu we sn'tatrepa cd por it ts? f. wetpa u we bnd sed t by. is n tallylind we b sidedy. ll. n camign s mad tlywarend that thed sto ight. amn reakad0 dsreha t wetoadeht conakious decisn t too. go weeonushasiis to aonymo soces dotsi owin twhat a tmo st o theso stos i gng to inat t ohe beto i g bil t if u we mad are 10ays o tha be thi ilf we couad b a 10s py,ha shodn'tou thenhi he ougonever bith you pho'the he ttorneysrhou rmuled a rpons you kw, ey cl itor ul a rns oupid res knse cit te, al des cameignsave the teal sohat en iam didnsete pubc he th you cmlyso wt tver i aid said the are tub thou cy w frts. a you em t be idaughhere s tewhat f gud anou jt f sai. u tgh y sha didnguan reclect j. ai ouldt yohavead a of y at i y r dn fe reecycto ld go?yo ve a >>fe dn't iave y allf fre thao? bill>>but d wetell did- w doaveha
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llte a idpid spon wo coneltan but u ar rht, at hapd nedon wonan ut en qstio ar got r, apd w ask, so q ofiohem didtotartipatend iskso ofm as tiding rember metite o thos t facg inhe mideme ofr a veryusy os dayac n so yid areof a rig. ryuld havytart earayer yre su thaiigould d havert bnar beer psuparehato bld me hrisp th t b resnse, yesbe p re stildidn bant m taitsp be tuse ese, wtedyes iluppodners t tonowthat sbee wotd aut topo s ck t swssuet >> ao tue >> bl: oy. doou tnk is hu you campgn, t yoback b o do t a i?huou mp i d, 't tyonkcko. billin t lt 24 a d t ll tours lur24 fundisinhas beenrshe hhest nd itinas bsn sce iee heeen hstn thit b s cam iign. h ne phe cls io ourthamn. phcampegn o ciceave iust lkeur he mphone oee stet l pcticly anneaveany s fmer pic empanyees whhavee caldynd frteppmpes rwar anday twhtveheyal wld ppbe glato ard ty do w ttimoallan my cract andoy tmo intrity c ct nd n i d't bieve tha nt
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itty hur myampan at n d bvell. ha st bas poit nury oyhepaat. asvolueersnd t pho n cal o bu the undrlusingrsas t jushoal real gonbuhe updrngus alonramacall u bil howany ars re y in t pritemall ilowectoy s arni y tri livi? homany yea?toni abo 4 vi honyeaears and w t froborshe epard ent w t theavy ro a matmatian toarthe c a cheay cpanys a sineatti ana stto c t c pila cny burr comny a aneusinsna t il analt a an rrom ain iormaon tech logy al a exe ative and enro the i ima bame ach gy ce pside witxeve d he t bur ir be ki corrati a and phende it pridenof tur g fath'skiortindn izzapr en present theatiol g threstrant assiati. anin aza est hefio tse stntssti an af expienc t ly athe resuran assoxpationcdid a tseesan t so ioonymds t cusaons me t uym >>ill: o thsae iss othi se o you u set. 42>>earsl:s athishiongime o theou s . rketace. 42rs aes.g e bilhe tho of whoave en ithe ete.arke lacenow. it a ilhof horeacerouslace hen i e you ekece sucssfuw theritis ndoubabouact.usce n peop u e areucfu jea us er a n --ubou
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what er.op so trere inothgea ee in a-he at. t 42 iear thperice ein thayou can 42 r ri ancipa youre gng thaveha u deawithown tan roa >>anpaou g tve eathbsolnely. t d asoaave >> sai bl,foly. as someing ese ces uaind it b ll, ey a goime tg c utmake i , a oi . the arnotherke insncesth ar biler as ng ayou e no coerneabouanytng, willee wnstes ils au noappe . co ne thaouyt, ll w you pe bil clahance omasdo y e aou parlels o tiltlae as y siatio >> iee some aarls parlels t t th e issiio o i bigomiffence. ari'mls rning this obiorresint o t fe e.unit m sta an bil isi o t it belve ttta anave peille i o boel t ses of thee pesle w rlly oobootant s o he to g thee w ry nomatio tot ecomto g hepresent.omio t wh beuse omam anest.nconntiol wh caidatbeande tnmerin peonle aio clnectg wh caatd tri m pe a cct w messe, a the areonneing th m me. ss>> b al: nhedoubre >> aneittlge dfere inhat e. brega n. ub >> b al: itls th dsamereind nt wenywa ga th e ar bome ithmed simaritwes. no you sayou awa thunniar feimit noouay ani
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esid ft unnvenonal mpai. weepord la week yot idun thene paalorke in iaia andweorlaee y ree new thpa hamkehiren i haveound und tt e ew a? beuse at cerinlyamre vend i t a bee er ly uncoential. wel i bil whe you port ree rker tcotti. numr w elilheou wrrtg. se wee er tton'tenum wut aress wr leasseeverdaye sayg ho't manyeoplwe hav onsstaff weasaveeryadayho abo 9nypl oav10neoplff wee borkin o fulplime for qte in seuleor time q bil andew hpshi. s >>e ha incasedhatumbe as a meesul of ilhatnd h hhi h>>peneha nc edin tt pasbeew aulfeeks t hso t repts tt we hne hav e tas vekimpks tepea tweavn ne hashirveandmpowa a soune calinahand firridad ia aou absotelyot cana tru fda i were ram ng psolyerru we qckly am bil ninemplees iow is n qly a enoilh.inpls ow nleannd mn youight get a b nowith i an m compoued tthe ohterset b it' ot th i a mp te ost'ot. >>ill, lae adhis. but hava. l, l lotfads. t av volteer ot decateandoler ddeotedted >>ill:hat'tradionay en doneedir ros,>>g hl:et'adna
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urining, orn en yrgeddorost ie. u dnros,au, bling,orenedst the mawors wi spiva. discs almedines you ke, en e dro. thmars wipi.scal diop tsing irivu and, ecallroour ctorightway tg ivd youbreallingr orsuddhtly wysens.. ...yr that ooutongea swegs, dd wns yoget ves, visi chaes oeye in,. .yth ongwe yot s, .or siobleha pas ong ue ne.,. othesideffec incde y moh anconspati. r leas u.hedeecnc moannsti noing n rerse pd. iriv helpno g merereate bet.r. ivlp meat et eaing th cd no all ing. eag c o l ask g.ur dtor abouspira. k drouir
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bil connuinherm cai in whingn th eveng. e do dilppedon73inrmai p wnts ngthve. e lado fewears d ed taing out ps soky allolaenewrs thtag. g t whdo y thi tha shappyedlo mrcain >> ihink t haenedth becwhse yhihapp thfinaial mrin inkarkehaedecre intethelatna andlithhat' gog oken gece and wha s te at ndgoinh ont' go o ge ind eureha itas inn ripp efft as iur t whast ppeng he. pp ffso t a stoarke t iha enhe natally t atoittlke i jitry.atly conda, i tlliev thatt dropitd. is ecaund si e oevtheha last op rectissau abo s wha oe tla g.d. is ing r be tibo thihas untris tt forhe t yr d. s g it'se hioingo be tr a tfor y 'sngbebout a 1.6%whicisnemiut ihinkt's ombi6%tionic of mi wh's gng o iiuropnks bi oncausthosmarkfs arewhnner g o op reted d us tosrkre anteripatn th thi econy ired sll sck t becae of faidntat piciethofhi on i th s s caofaidmintratn. p>> biel: y kno butth y, if u wein eleated b p ysideno, youtu ar yifot gng weole he any pdeyo pow ar ov g theinhes in h gecendnyow
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euovpeanhenionuckehe thisn u ge evenorsehan e uned euanonke hiates u has t goeng toseaven nyunower over es asthem so y wilgobeto ieeritg a er veworlthat in cha em yil i it aonomallyare u notrlatn >> y aha absutel rig .omly e re'sothe y abselig 's dl. if ts ecom isrowi. anit wle drowi whe tec i'ms wiesid t, wbecoan the wead wi doin the'm id wcohed doolde t >>ill:e'retill the lea donow. we ede t lea >> dogl:utrell notheea e ledo dogw.n e gro th. ea at'shat og areotissi . leog th is y iavero p'sposet dresi ths i ld eenomi groh a pseobs pl. yohave eard emi oro999 as pla ianto as pl ou autyo thaverd o i9ille hap tola talk a utt as buthat a'mha singlsap peooeal a ve aacke uttt, sghat'eo akeine. we he torowt'e. htohiswcono.s >> bl: aoluty. fl taxhat u arpropnoing wod. i'not b aut sur aboutheflaxt ar op gtion sal taxt twot l eli't but,urououe kno it's onalax ctain t l det,tabl now eno taxt'olic cter cndin ey stu tsdeindbl o w axic sff. c r theyre atu tsd o sonid.logi l. ey th saynderour planhe u.a. wldidgi thayerrla lu.e $3 bil
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won woh offeven inheirst l$3il woof ar. en nnot,ounow,st comredo at'soing on, thas n . a nt,w,omd 's ng n,ormo loshaof n revue b a rtaiy wi themo5os ev tril bon-dla aiwiebt,he is il-d subsntia wou you disree?t, i >>isag e, bsiaouill.ou anise? tha >>axolicag cterl. an porthasea wicng c rnow,ete rem d sortfour w view s thw, i we aemso mhemarcs ew thmajo win clege a i dersnd w mt yma can do jo to cge calcatio if u chi gers w yanoheo lciof ch sumpons. >>ill:ou a basally yingmp- ths.'s ectly >>hatl: a asi'ly ngth ely singt . >> sill:ghey y pry's wou se arill.n doars >> l:y renue. p 's ouey d't sm toave d in all do s e huere. >> ill, iree. you dr stoe dn wor hu ae. >>l, i ou diones-- iyou angeorhe a assutiontoasicly rydi andes iu ge discdit suon oicnd anasis, sct thas o diones that whanatheys,id. mosthanalys dn't readi alles ate wahaey t.oughhe r ort st whe ly dey atitteeahatll ty wa thanggh rt sohe o the atet tng aumptsons. o bilhe whaare ur
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sumpons, aow mpth. r enue ilha e wod thfedel gernmt lo mps, m rue wothde und 99? g nm w mu wou thelo los >> non beusend9? mu undou 999he wos had>>on oside bee analisnd99irm w eadluat and odecore al999m stacall eand at and stacre 9 evaltione prtaucedllhed se amou ofta alon rprenueedromive s ouf urce corpate rcomeueaxesme psona come ce taxrpe apitmees gns pna meax it xes. g pitagain tes deat taxs. ata thein bgestax t wh h isatheax bigst a taxhe bstor mo peoe proll whisig taxax ye we ll pduce the semoeo p llamou ofax r enue ye e then pe dcehe s ouf aynam r auelysi en der wessumam se a chasies i sine beh wioum shandonsur i bevior andneehalcuted tha we su wod gr behisorndcono atcudhaboute wo gr 5%.d.psno gwth. t cut e umploutent re i 5% .plf gh.o, y t w ulo hte r i y wvalu hed bil tho arerojeions at y donlunow. at's hat u ho hilpensho re jeall nsght. yon let'moven tow. wt is 'st ho hns thel t. t've to mo wismporhent forgn polymo oble thenitestator hasoor al whol leheteodayat as
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>> w lacay o lari. bil no, o specical. wh areof tri wor once sil o, you the ecal wh mret? tor >>cehe m dle uheeast m >> me obvusly st beuse ourestrienin tbvly bemidde easur ist iael. en theyre t here dd anonas ofsour wst il. ey enees ire anfr w ther whi isne iran. >> ill: hat ere yohigoinsto doo inn. if >> thel:t auseyoin t ubledo o inraq,hich i itfooksike he theyse t wille d coininueq,n thecht roatohekse cleaey weailn? do oucouethaveoa apeci cea thi eathat ou adooingo doeohem cithatresihint o ma i noat angdom ating?si o i lete te youhat woul't b dngn g? ietq.te and ouat it i wulldn' b d be i noun ng ad t ilingurnemy wn' the were gng t un a tull ngt omy the g t ir. >> bl: tl ira o govnmen did at. weidn' he conol oirr b tra thov. en >> d .now. e n' hat ieon o sayg th i>>whenw. bom i prideni haay to i evaenate t b tuatn atprhe tene inharaq,ovae t afanisn, a eve oneatfat tin thesq, cntri bause afis aveneill eslist to ceri comnderon t bsel st o oundom er tlet resndo yr queion. nd >> ill: e'ret unnies outf yr
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tiue hern. at w>>ldl:reniut ti you d thaer hast w be de? >> wt i uldou d d thahaasn'as be d en wi d dhan'one,elate to ran,wo thgs. e,mberatton, oneevel th. ande ar eer velong iand i'mneoingoel lk aut tnds warhinhe nex lo i d coup'mng o wks a t wnex anup o w eney indenden stregy thnne deseriens intrpendy t sategt so w c bece eneriyinnd s eg tinde nden so >> t wt's t gog coecne gde--en ener t inds endegoe isot gng tonfluce ira g oneay r ternddeis g her. bil wortolu witra mne t r. ere.ilor it bil m it'gointo hps but t wo wite. tilm.t' in h >>ork th m bl, thas ot t woit t >>k m true b ha s bil to ina. ina ll pkp a the ue sl k. >>ilill,o orka. wit mea p he. ahe st t fact hatsl w>>l, havkeitn h tac t engy i wepennce anav is ing impt the wor marten ien foe the irice g omp oilbouthe aorar foe thd. ce wh's t ot gog to doilut is in to p th pwhssur tegotoo on iras b ause p ey pepenurn unra bowse oil en pris u inrder t funthatil govement the condrihing hat wouin doer t isunat ould vent m imiz e thendngt ouseo is o
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ouldr mizhealliicissi def ose ou pabity. wouldoubli theumbesi ofef bi. ballulticubheissibe o defse pabity sfts llcsi tt aef bi ss rshi a t stregic aly pce themn th wld. hi a ir undstantricnly p t emth w. ingsir nd aneconic pyssur tnd o mitary gs monht. p ur ave o an miry opp mtuni.. e bil a warips the peran ppgulfniecau. the wilttac ilar ths . he ther wiltry do lfauheilac sethi if u puthemth hereth il y thaowoul b pfect s allhi f ght causpuiem bievere thawe ha ulve b pctll t usi bveha supio apabity. whyould kno tmuput y e inaby. shohyinld wawithno i tn. yo yreal wan inho tha wath w il, ion'tant hat,yoalan bill habut the fe w i't ftst, t, a go g tollefen t ursehees f and f , defe our a enegoestoen a these arend fe matur fne o ahere wship >> i't t tat pvoca fon if oou uld t wip i tarsh ps oca i the co t? d >> no. theyave readshnnou oed thahe th are oingoco >>o.ut t ir eye ad shipouoffurha coa ithreng t inrnatnalater ipthatf not aoa i inatler atotrovotion bil allightvoon illlhtr. cn.
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>>e artryi t prect ou celve >> ar bilyi i tnk y areprt scining y iant t tk ouve to ou ll t il tay yre ing it t thr gh. to ll t tt be oka >> tt wi bekay, . i lo t forberdka to twiey, i b >> ill:lohankfor oringtand t guy tight i >>l:nkr agrecinde i crouyey a t ht coes w lnaly tt aci iro a co wlly tt inteiew. hn stoel oth tew. smongaito o mo. su on halffusli stents st o phisuips'n olonlfealt liprioticap day helst deftsds ainstccas nal conspati o, dihirheas'onlt prtip y elef astaslnstidiea s anbloang. witthstras of gd baeria anoa. to hp bance ur citon.ra gbaia you had mba e at cprob.tic. feme anunce] illi' con heth.ou m atobc. emance licohe. ♪alk,ittlwalk♪ ♪ sma tal bighougs, nna ll tm al♪ ♪k,tllk♪ [ ♪le amaouncal ] igug th mosteadra m pe tdollal♪ o[ any
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ar inncmeri .thstdrpell f m $1990.oy inri thall-w nian vsa san. f$10. nnovion size thinnl-ationifor vl. s. ovn ze nnior ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪alk,itte wa ♪ ♪ sll tk, b thohts, gonntellhem l ♪♪k,ttwa♪ malennou ser ] t b hoe mos, legom pnn dolllrm ♪ ofleny cou in ]eric moeg pol f m $1990.of cn ic t allew nsan rsa dan. f$10. nnovion size tinnllatio nfon ll.a n. ovn ze nnio l.♪ ♪ ♪♪
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>> bl: back d ha pla segmt toght,et'sringn ouolit al d b bk monhaala cgmwleytot,'sng ou anitalan d cols. beonre wget thai cey sd heananol dobe wt haas s dn 57n wodo yea. two d ds.57 hean cn isea claoy g. d didt corhect m c aisela coul h ge. what id yid tnk. or m i ahoug he ulas h very at y t . pres ve tugighteermaer cai hes aimpl hares thtmaorki guy ai
11:22 pm
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11:23 pm
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11:24 pm
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11:25 pm
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11:26 pm
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11:27 pm
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11:28 pm
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11:29 pm
11:30 pm
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11:31 pm
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11:32 pm
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11:33 pm
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11:34 pm
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11:35 pm
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11:36 pm
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11:38 pm
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11:39 pm
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11:40 pm
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11:41 pm
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11:42 pm
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11:43 pm
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11:44 pm
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11:45 pm
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11:48 pm
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11:50 pm
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11:51 pm
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11:53 pm
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11:54 pm
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11:55 pm
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11:56 pm
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11:57 pm
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11:58 pm
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11:59 pm
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