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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 2, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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le totherou canxts ke iook e w atr bth peo e intoer than ro who iarok t e whe w thi beoinot ath o di ereno twh ipreson. hi i'mlwaystuc on hingdien i her i thees. pas 'm ayuc inn004nghen i r ghevern deanas ge thin4enamou dea g strnam, eadon' know gf i s le onthheou aieaorst, n' ow whi ever lon i tughttai was the wh erirde any iing e sa i tht thasroomtwasnheeird i dot kn defnyg sa shetill membthsomsnrd say g doknt. f >> rember herll mb sinit vy ayll. >> s it>>ivesem r a s lile bi v of pa.e s bauseees wah tngs tvli ani pa the bsewa ts vnhecan am ally weird butin pson setim it'sn diff i lked ir e nuerut o p nhits sim an as of'sfft. la thi s ld nu afte ooon, ts ely tansahi ening tethern,wereore e t tn 60000 e ng ts f erree t60 an0 f 8-nutexcersnn yoube. fiv we8-teers pbablfine yo e. the was ivwe a 25inut versn, pblne ba callheas the ful 2 uteech nd t rersere ba9ll ts he oful tt. yoch see t oplee o saof t tyos whee it w tle vil on t sa tintewhet wion sa tthe cerpd vrsio whhte judgg frhatwe cansae rpell vio is h ch w se.
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dg fr>> ihougathean skingll is w. iug for rmanainent sng vil, a i oughthat gorve ann thetlike fri a i ghvertating. g ey wen'tuttihe it ke tvfr d weereutti i rt alg.over w'ttit v tv.we e tim cuous ihethaler th on goin vira. has cu thssameth eect?thon i don'in--raasthme et?ell,t ner n' lpsl, n t hve some spch o your t h hld u idicee ap o ur exceted a h uway th kesic a pe le p e fuceatd it. y u ar tryhgto m es on,alk pe p abfut th arrynd m son,k on aabthis he ansring qestis abtso aon a spee he de lt hensridng. qti itabust ts itheay af wh you e eeyinge o lo. id theitituat on ieof hwhman u ngin th's crectd.ent heua val hdntheydidn ven hthe ctct u t on vtheiown eydnebsien wheit h u we iral ei nmy sseabou thesihed w i wweal kind f s ieresng.ou he yosortf w cou wn't ke yr nd es i offest.nceou h yortou st n yit bu i'm ffotce h s subu how'm mu it compshed madeim lk li asuow sking u adtcate ad he hadmped o ta de a l li t of a queions abo s thang wn adte heas aheon oad ofta a ofuensboha w th talhek ofhow thiseeke. ere ual go.ow iske >> a w
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te has ce ou sce eo. a was cou s legaons gas twsexu harament comaintagait him. don'thinthe mplawts axu rant om nthelpail tot m. n'im, inie la a might a b lpto mone isomin in., i thigh aeopl b w nesikein rmann. cin, o seehior ofpl a w deepeown odne in ane can,, se ich thefay a hepn cneesn n,acro, th h hearheomplnt li t cis, ey m k wroth abt tharstatof taw ipl is li matt t to, now u m dot ha k t b pre thth youat t i actll dtttow u ythidoha tor prthou prositied ct anody, t's ough hi tmakeroti any,s gh mplat th t somkene sd methg toou tt ma y fe lathom s u omfothableto tma y or thayoufe und ufo offlesive that leasrhau a d wiffve reaatea anit's i bjecea topoteialbusean 'sre ec ho is ike aren tteomasl se back in987 s be en ment t as he's numbck onenthen7 lls, d b all fnt 'smbne ae sden is cos,s t ofllhef woworknd i tnk sn o itofadeork i pele t spicus iitmaye nobe othepe d ic iy p ano oe ybe lt eop t a dote. i d'tant te op flo but.
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d ntwoul t't fd seal hassmeflut ul algatis f asse aampaname alti furaiss. apa of urseot. 'm in fuis scast. f >>se.the st m tways has he be sst >>e tw s lkinasmuchheboute 99-9, th plan tha got himin schut m 9h9, fthvor? an hs tahaingotim s m abt wh fherr? note htag sexlly harsedb wh ranyby. ot thoesn he. ex >>ye wa heitharsd fr a ybng th tsne. he i>>wa hh n't ll fa t youow ii t ou i fe -- e -ewerere telng me was wate oarderg hi a thee weeleas riou terdhi ahease ou stng ase of sport t>> yousked thse queionsof th shad rt be sked nd hou waedth ue nscleay he to hswer d hem.beed h wa >>nd hs que ea hellino ander i emtoldim stight ui>> hav hqu to k alind i ldthe estists anhthe w uav fineno al tat. e tit's anlk w ne aut t. 12.s eake giricheemso be a sortfemis . of kegich tmse be keucky erby srtms t mi comi up he bfk row t a l tleke ky bybit. s t mip bow lle t.
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>> onof wch t eba>>son h wve t ne, ey hveba h rewded candatesho behe , n hew d comped ndnd desehnifi wy. inhe c semp of rman dfi ca, he d sothin w inubsttive cto taf anbouahe he ameso ainoss asstve liktale. uoved p in heee asasik.poli . iedin thk tharickli p ryi camout d di't hethhack puchamt odi hsay. he shnk iy. e s i pol. ne girichlwayastuff toay. ol hasnereatind,ichhe hayff to loty.ofidea he'asatd, h etty t ticute.ea e' mayote e reshtyt fce inhe cu. ra butay hs sh f onein asonlyraut h wl. miele chmanne shehader on mont b w she oul't miallye ma ck ihe d it seed to mo bhe mul lynd i th's wit seeto fad. m gingch ianotr th w s saory. ng ma iotr get sy.itt tcks hmae. >>etbritthan u. hott ts hou c e ba>> soo >>it thaans, ho gra. c >>baow too ha t csisgr >> that' t gr cpingsurati, no jobt' we grng sketino wi kevob
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mccahy s wirlieevtonit. >>ood t seeou,cair. thasor vingieni >>d t meee >>u,r. we ha nghe publane ills lateto js?e >>ell we blhavels our te wh je ameran j>>leveurhrea rs. er je inrestg pa of t tick ihes e aleahe. biins ofsthat passedf the t ck use est al a sitng biof int ed thehe e sete. arrenityhere 18 dn the he contue to gw. se we.pass enthrereore 8 iseek.he nte o tthem wil g wessrectuly be k. o a em ilmocriparsanilltu b a wla cr but arenl a w sen e t ju connues to si tere whh isene fjustraonng esto wh yousiook tt wetwhheis present i fra sa ngwh asou wel >>k wit's est almt li ipraccea tings el if t re'soovem'st i thlmkliac ng the till 'suld eitremiasse h or n ssedn th el d seitte b sethey ust n all? ed they jtse ball. eyt but l?ere jre 9 l. da , no event e ssina 9 bdgetithanoen in beth a hq"% th's tir sle. w doe't ehq th t sfloo. woend let itgepu o ved t do? oo >> donet uterstd v y. do
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ifou do>>t lion ustdt, uave th vote if l itbe boughtli up a, ot oe thte som ltf bhturup a stu o om bis th havpass, th pridenttu bialkthav aout itssth inpren ope at hantekto a dtt we e h baedte e 3% de wiholdg an the esidt saba he wou3% sig wi thld. an itas e idsaepart o hiouexplign th have t bughttht it u >> dtheepubrtcans oipltho ve bhthato ue de crat dewhenhey ubve ns th opptuni, tooldat this up deaten y i'mthsureppni thtoe'sdhinou up bme onverydy's 'm si. re i'hsounly myhird b onry's tm. si i ven'i' se ity myrddone onhis t i de.n' m netnensnto ngoinin frastto gnge i'fromin tod . fr pele a huing homst ge the i'omreod dem ratipe ahu bg llsom ttin hre ahethinfromheem ti nateitti bsere t t'sin h fini aed bininesom >> teti iavenre ts snin fr bes the >> stanoint iometenng sttin thathey sfrhewant the annatentasn'etpass sin uch. at ywe a bingi upnt sen e be ll ten' tossy onh. t aloorn bgi supensi.en b wetoon tor susihave dem rat bi frohe ve use isemt we. i ro likhe ings getroug e e . thgsike gshand sieteugepubcans
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haveaken ovth thaan siople ven'lookubns isve enev tranarenha. welere gng t n'ok cferee fo s the fir an timen in were g tear c refo we h eir anpenimn prosswherar ybodwe han cn ofr an aroendmt. er mu mor oodn thayou cvead of inan th pt. adm >>hat' muorhe oharoblu? the's uchinth a p log>>mt'blere. thds eenhhe aresent,e'sog itice. of con ess e d coesresst,ss itic of hiicfons wh see to coss ichef prlem?i u l wheeo ork thinbout6e ocksof eprh om?er. th 'slrobayrk inut kshe e o. parhthatba upse mehemostar at noally inseestivid gvernnt we e acnomplilyed gat tngs. en raldid g rernan w predentwe ac hadliip g t o's.ils a rd secker wrent anadrosso's ackowi ser as a anssow wehs and a a meahaianwend d thea refo theaxaiode. th d ne ne g gric was foheeader e.dobole nne anherneside gics a theyde lanc the enr bgetde and a ey nc heformwelfe. >>hat bthappnded? rm i hlfe fo d sie t>>t d we ppcame?i ha aictu on the h fo sill t dwe herme ofhathe tuesidnthe viti himerf oure idonfence en wweren ti ime urnfce
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wreminoty. justaven fouthe engeme. no wh. we rst tstenoulecd toe e enme whe t ecto marityspear bhnernd i wentnd h lch wmahtyea the ber nt h present. l wt's ht den ey eacheothe let'have deas est. s dend meyeac rwarhe we pt'duceveaas budt mhatalk ar abou ptaxceolicud bgetat rormlk d th pres entouxicaid at's bt go let do rm tog her thd est thnexthingd 's we goetknowoe ogr thxt ng vitepaulwe ranow do and te ul criciz. r i ink e poticsdond ofit i s gocreniz cai htk uppon hics minof i steaof fingoeinthecaup hi we e eainine l an. e f pitic lpeop talabou eh otr in th pic puic opal doumain eotinut wn y th sitpurivaly wh dinthe w yesidt, w t's e si coersaon le? va ar wyou lee toomeo idny s wts co saof a leeme onaru ingsndo anyme s so of a commenngrou ?gsny >> the touest sof pt, yom nerou get an aeeme ithhe himou t whicwe poul ylikee o gt n ame t h becaime yove g to abliculkeo mo g fward t and cayo go fblnd thawhen ymo frd std t hi f intthehaen y tks h nevt hi ntnish in ee oces t he wl ta hevbout
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shyeahn let'e lk aut t wyeahtawe netoutoah sot'thin abou a i t buteve c es ahne t aoin concousion i ut>> wve not c ve aexam te. >>'llive yo a ncon ex wple oten we t ked aam >> abol oureyo axe dget we ttitldent refm. bo ur saito t pridenlet' doet tlthist ef let'go ai trouheprent' couny totherisjust t'talkg abt whouhe oble i un whattoerst t amolktab whof d tle eric i h s? at wh e th tdiffmoen d opticns h anwhhe th sffidthat ver pt intestin wehoulanook at s itater the nute e prteucineulk satethi heitritized e ittepr you n oducanot srhi id. heti whd you ait go g inu tuc debotid whmit,ouwe s do aas agon teb coeren and sain t, sdo t ae whe use th tcoenndapresent. laidutto t twhresint, e t idest. id t lk, l'ssi, ju pick l l incies, d ifjueck are in bi ci, if pblemhat on're spe nmorehane abi wiing pemt n'pe c ren weill ok aatig t fmhat,e wi c crte wel a js pn th f'st, actu ly gng twi worr wil jlook p a wths we can tu g tor refo entleme il andok a wwe nan evengreeo th profossntwhermend o in eneethroer inprinple so get
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veryough >> w?in e >> ono ne pson cet rynswegh that w qution. n p>> inhe c wersittweg aterequwhaton uld e iayi aboerttgre yoat >> i ed e lteneto ayi lobo o whatoe sai iboutongrs lne alo so otime i do t thatk it ai quittrue.utgr t i a tin someherdosthit itue i eough ter e pghn danxto groun th pn cme downnd fnd t swer xt >> g whcan'un yoth jtall c e h wn ot fr a t ge in ter whn'ameyo joom?l e it bafingot a becsege theresme m?mmon gro d, rht?itafg eceah,here are lot on ro r? coon gr nd. h, re see a likweot shod at easto gr. ee idenikfy t comnhoat grond dst ve qcklyorwa on t aten t omght? ro >> yesd q ly>> swawhynoest that appet? >>ell,es ounhat s a hymberes ofatpe bisl, unt areovinoffa heer housbutiit ge stped thereinf sena. i inkusomettes pitics gestd he t inhe w. >>an't ou c lnahe i kresietnt pic an g sa in wlook your>>'t cguy, sidemo at iansaholdgokury, th mo ip, ld it monramm, yogree h agre caniton wemmyoget mee o oard anget vo re onan it. e iouldiket ord ant on tt. get ldeote an d wean. t et buecan youan mak d awe.
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allbu to ke t prendentuak do ahat?ll it histo t parre. nt >> woudo lovo ct?l th esidt. itis >>o ar >>ououov cae w c'tth idswer ?>> >> hca w awerethat erany and ven'call tha h ma at t wh iny snd hi we n'llha tk aboma wh i. s >>hen his thelastimeou tw hi >> wbon heame t giv>>n thsteu hi is bs whe me eech t iv>> wch w stemb? >>s yea ach m wth a. w smb alm>>t tw mohs aea. >> th a's aong mime. a eric pple lmtwo aare inki>> th aokayg tt's e.o ic pe mths oe ki nce u ha ay ts poke andou ms oely ha wo 16 ockskendpartyou ve o coon g und d yowo6 aks agr on ctainrt thiu s an itco gd yo aigh realgr mat r to he cinmerin hian pele igets donandgh i talatto doest so itri qtepe itsond i rpleng. it'esnot sost athon q cal remberwheneame le. o wit t' t his aon jo plaal ree sperker end the meader o weit s andola sp ar lyze e e weereid fmnd a whe aze grouwe whatre f thehing in ahiswh pn thatre soumila at t ourhe plang n wouls't t pt be at gd sla s trtinur lapoin ullet' tstarandork eom t gre. wha shappined tre? in t' ar we dverk qite t. gt an happansw t. ? >>t go int e brck he? qe >> gansw welli>>goneventreceed b h >> tterll ce
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om ttandint staed er ving i.ems, twe monddt tota . ng did iorks,ogetr wh it mo meto to tfreerade idket wh agemenit. weto teede asseagup aenhree f the,we waitg fiyear that w partsef ahis eean athart o our it i planar ha this week w lrtoves a n abet our an sma busisess k lls w tet ar n in t sco of athe tked ma usout.s s t arwe t movcof a td vetobs an tt's t. ttinoverovnets ts t sate. iner the's rt othe reonsility that hav se. an we a ths ooingehat ork.resi ty t you'av gotoarran it n angtk. u' toot rr nishitt ohoug >> iate to sak o belfo of thshamer oan pugple i bueto s i gss o thbe wldf raterthersee pe methbug wi som g th wate nali, whher th de ed owiom antebut i liwh srms de o steathin jus sortteft i lier a the s eemeao bein us rtirli arod a li aheircndem be th gsliro n't t died c grand or thpass are t to dd sot do . an >>or fit thssgre ioeard abt s doliti is e>>lyorniith i aar ab younkid'mjust ti e bilni undst on il pito ll, memb tt, n conj ctioto , mb t cnjunion, njio at's cunn, ur fctio all rig.
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a ll eso 's on ouse ftheio her luse igd thea o on e at i a brr kdowe of the syst. >>oes itrive er. you ibrow t nut >> ist >>stfrusveatin it'sne oou theeass wut i weusin 'sn ev o as heeasajor wy athe rease whwerote evthes led or ato ameica hat aswh weouldte not e partipatined t at. am hea opeedt theeldot roce .rtat t. erybey cpe off ahendmes. so tcere.s so coecti dyb cff some ame chasoe. te fstrasoon thaco iti se is yo getme witn thha fraha i pol sics is yo tit itththat ppleols it atnt pe to doniz th oth perno itead of are ab dtiz thther i iadof if ourarab idewinst thend i th d, les ifr tdens ithd ver. w doth dleeet to ir. dohe oint it noae debte it bno aebe monition whenid tt haen. b makpartularersol to is nit whone yo u en tha.wanto akrto.arsoto sok, am whireyo whe you s ntd tabout a udge, e relhe ou s kn taweut ha age kn dicit i'm red therick wa ma th it,he dit gam m d mhe ckat woa t,rwaram m t fse ls.
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le s puaritut tre aet t f pele me a l leecispun. th is pr tess. a wehave esppesibi mtyas ais thmajos ty pprty is. the weveousespbi ws a prod ed tjo pudge iinhe ls tha se fiveonths w ofeingn od tthege lmajoty.ha ve thrfng untepart hee no pr uce jo the. rne tert hno pre inhe15days say y do tha hpen? ou stem isnys c atedy nedoha hn? de ou s hamis to p coduced sethi and meboelse ifha t puc the stherhiidend dboesn' se prod e t baks thhesystere d n'wn. od noyou n ut bs blathon ast . hous but thasnootu real thela a ca. ifne se is rod ingusituthas al thhe's t wa ca if t s sysism isodg de gnedoth t wrk.wa en y are t yspposis to me totherdend gedoo t wthe .her yre si. ifoshato s toer greakge r dn, the sicu hs toiftbes the,hat'ak the rrecon dhe need o hhe to sete se. >>hhankt' y s .e ec >>hanke o for hang mse s >>nk andtra yht s. ead,>>nk diyouora m e wh hap nedndra tohe s ckd,diu rket odaywhap d noseto sive andhat etay abset torrove shou youde wotied or houl you bst tro bkle up nd gououwodreadr ul u r a ally beup gadild ria ?ly x bunessldorrpondtri nniseal d trrre'snd b dieren
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is l betwn whh .an te y t 'sght b dilikeennd tw onwh thacann y tin. ke so wchonhan an w bt priden cte b ama?pren go eecor an a a? shking o or anshng missn inhe gun scaal. at ssin wll a t ffigual jtca. adt to coress w anwhat a tfiill j ad toitcoeanss fr atrneynat nell n fatey malennouer ] anbey jue? we up ♪♪ leou ] beju wup ♪♪ that goomorng, vegg sty. atoorn ggty hm [ ma annncer fohalfhe
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corie--hm manner fo pllfs ve cie nieriti. cld' haa v8 plve nti cd' hav8ey, eryo's eing cos outde bl's fice , yo eg sut b[ cs cklece] yothi hat s so infmatn cwoule havyolikei o knt ?sonft i loue kn l tou is.itedric? i ougheric gave ou t i creeds.c? i ghicve tre pho buzs ] houz] oh [ ch ckloh ] ah. y. malennoucher ]l n't . lefbehi. geit fter th 4 leou ] t efhi ge fr 4 at. ♪ ♪ at ♪ ♪ [ deist as jl's ntis i ow h gumare fountion herealt smi. de t th j's ws i risomme i hum cre t prunhealon cli cal erltm prmiecti. th w r itmeelps limite pquecr prat tal gumliine,l prti itps mihelp pg preent ngiv e, 's en clical pron to helpever it jus4 wes. lpprt iv. eclalroto lper t est uso-heweth inic gumroteion. t he icumten. i phimickson,ro gfer. iyou ve pnful swlen ints ihickn, gr. iu pi'vulbeen n yosw shon .ts ne d i'mn p of t wor... 'venyoho d'me nep i'mayin t..or. havthisnehing'm
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incall psoaticrthris. avisngllsoichr. had me ienseain. it p gresd vely iot wsese.n. myheutolost ld mabouenbr. pesly w. i'm rprid homyquiceuy lo symoms mve boumabrged. m [ mari annhonceric becayme ens el s bpresmas d. yo imme syem manner it mca lowen you sabilesy toyoightmmnfecsyons. mowou il erio toht secetims. fat eves incdingnfecons, bercioosis simatve nclymngoma,ecthers,ance rc is nd nvo stem d bld dirderhaveccurd. yma,erce n sm bl di erforevetarturg enel our ctorhoultestou r turculis rert en and scuswhetr u'ver een or a rulionst tuul hereerta funl in ctio d usare etmmon ven rn don'starenb l if ou hree taun aninnfecioon l e th flu.e on n'arnbif h ll yanr doecor lth ifu.ou'rpronto iectis, have yuts do sor if ha'r hadonepat iis bti ve s or ve btreahad adat fo bhearfaile, or i whi on brel you peri ce bea foaril perstentever brui inghi n eleedi , or alenu s.ri rsnterui dioren gebacto t this thatattemost geac thi attest gd jogirl a yourheatolist if erel rig forgou.jorl aoueolt el igor.
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1:23 am
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1:24 am
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1:25 am
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1:26 am
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1:28 am
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1:30 am
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1:31 am
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1:32 am
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1:33 am
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1:34 am
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1:35 am
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1:36 am
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1:37 am
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1:38 am
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1:39 am
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1:40 am
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1:44 am
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1:45 am
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1:46 am
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1:47 am
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