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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 2, 2011 9:00am-10:59am EDT

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toomis aembeof tpelvat supeommiee a om abeir, od t moing yourom e pemi a , ll. goo dornimog oum bl. bi: i. oo inikin bows b ght,bi: i will thinow comttee fa t, sne. >>il cerinlyopehiot.omee fane look>>it's letngerly lee, n. qutionbouthat,ime ok 's etgettg sht, l nut the cloquonutt,e tthasnshunutet and whelo e meing er d at sn let inndroup if w n hemeg d a leentiinupf n cmitt. d i tiink st of ctts allyant. t i k ccomishf someing re, i thi lyt t it'soo lome tohount thi meg , hi out. ll: ere 's the l rtonthi setor? t. toooon : ce nt thes r ou sewellr? loo the oo rubn is c the sames ou lloot'sheubs bee thr ghoumets coress therare eeme ous whr ou belie th - and coss er frae ly o w you istelid tothhe - nd testony stery, t meage raat ce oucrosteto ry cstarlyy froer tach me e ce witosssesis hat clyrosh the g eitleitnt pesgram t thatre dvinghis e entirle pam at d prnglem,nd scifills e heth ceir comprnentm, s fiwe he prramshat e he c colete uustaomablent. hpr mst mecarend micaid acote uta grleing meultirees othe mai a
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raf conocgrg rowt ati oe proamra canfno growwt a infini ly, sterrohan an e enomysro gwing th areinni, ernildl emyutst gppinng th anre susinabdl ph. anso sste ofin u are anusab p suestian, le ss fiofhe ure probm. ansulet'tis mlekfi the ogra worfor e eopl ob an t' m whneedhem, andhe ty raor r absopltelyave to ervewhed m, ndat pur tse. t l 's msoelyeo theve ur. suaina le, t. m ere'another pot of vi thasays loo jtsuna t is tax ae'otpo youof c 'tvihays oox yo wayut j of hisax aou c yo praylem. fshis has bee you prm. kno one s the casllens theeou we'v had nobill e he centhkay. >>'vt's n difadrent rom ll y coress re. >>s bi: letifntm me intject ts.coss r bi thsix etmocrs onhee ntct coitte arehey tl dend bth inx cron mshat youcotere y ise de bn mtou tax? e i don wano gax t on anecif abo wha dands g are t are notn tifboha dmmitdse, b i'must e re suotesti thather tis a it b'mt fundentadivi ovehowsuti haer mu weught toocus n ndtavivew fixi themueht sndingroblo us thatas creed the xihe sinbl at defitsreersuhe raing
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taxe dethattss ansuai are of som xe atan teion. re ll: fl rigom. the her six or a ten. : east ig x of the 2 e ararenixyr a ve bken f in tstir ofhe 2 n aenmall bn in g tup. tha ll g. ha helul? younow, wldn' lievelever?hinghat uouw, re wkay?n' ev erngt hinkuhere a re lotfy? mors oingrounthatnkre areot no eirel rsngunccurate. no ethinelthers aur morit ofhe2, a iner ba majity mit th12, at reay wa a t baj y acmpli somhing nd a th, woing eawa a tomplh ng acert nly,hereworeg aploing th torty,ree onffng side nver tionheretond tre at aon goi t hapnidnd at c b ver eronre t a oi coaptrucnve, tual, bu c i uldn puteroo mh stoccoinuc, al ibu billyoui dnut hav21 mays d i oc have i bout enlluecon.av wills iou g a dea orveutonot? i h e ll s g 's really rportt th beg t?hangth h s ursethat e ry recrtnizethe eg edng t fix wha s bsekenatec ze whicis o of con ol tixha b n spenng. ougic to oformfhe ton code i'veeneen .big ug advo ate rmr t refoing e in vidu taxde ve con so g will hdve me e fo g inowthdumoreax jobco moro eil h m
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tehes f gr ater an tse tt rkwoule try tuc dgrtroyr t t m uly t a doy m deroyhis a deampayn as isourn to thehitepa ause,nd tt foe srnohete lledhe v ce oe,the tfo peop. at'shy wre dng ased v oe wells we opren 's w ds thi ll we campgn tsarhi mp t you lere spose to appl d!u e s se o pl [apause >>arth the is tapse >> th applse. he su kn, on tthinyou n say out thihole pl . tuat n wiknoninu erma caiy t hi heasle nothied awa atwi fromt orma theai e camota. ed heas bwan ou tomreor inhe amforc overhe phet s beralou tn da. inrche berinni p he sid hal didn rember e spdaific of t cominaint b ni e ains hhim,hene sa he dnemr spic t ommembnted o wom saynsg m,n heteppsa tooeloseo he to me a reren mb o toom hay heppoose he ightcomping ma rten to - h to h ht wmpe'sg hght, sot t a - loof sff o t re t t h w s habeen hort t,o cculang lo s oound tut n t a l of haen t fas abt an chingla nd n lspecfic. ll: re'sne o the fa abportan tnghis ec. : 's oe mning rt tone theomenshat cusecainf mng e heent
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inpropate havise sayin she nts to gubli wh in opise vi stoay here s attoney gli w sang s's t ing getto er out tty thi sa con sdent tlg et reem t th wast ignehi12 arsgoonnt if otemthasore,net s iast o wene, g pouts om t n ionat l w resuran g p tsassoatio afte tcomp nintsna esoutan cn. was n ch ge osotheiotempts t ade oup c theime,. asch o ertha mart: deite e al gatie s thp hee, cnrain rolhang rtde oe altith geor cain binesan t inol oonce aga th orop bes t spo ceok athegath latt quponipi polthatame a e thisatorni. re iquhow piolate scks isp. niit suld enti ed ihaw s sthis pling w on s bd oreti is w le i ue sisrted to png w co into b te fefro w i sedo hereco nt he lds t t fro pac per nt areinst itt l t romnac, rit bend him er athstt3 peent. thmn's ori of bee bierim divis th we'een pe t. twee the twoth of bi vithe'n candatesnewtingr h iseehe wo 10 rcen he' the li le e ine ndat cesldwtgris 0 agaient the'cainheraint li e the poi c andick per aith wiin 8 pcentn thin pl. thso woinndker vots wer a edwi pnt th whic p c dida w wld doter a st icreang jobic c looda w at t dsumbe cai com iea out ry mobh onoo tbeaiopom
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t m o 31erce, roey in send pce othatne rierry i31ce trord i a sethes p o patls a i aidrierery i t done a esefor p ad thie ne relse we hen'teenorhi any solel poll humbe't sinn ts nysue me u so wolll ee llbein t how is imp tinge im ufo w th hapns. > sow llsyesrempngn wa stre thithap. morng sosolks wa e maet h t en arehior beatg ovks the ltoupl ma h of t aays,heow sufring itatovhe lpl bigstofs,ufng itwo-dropig in o mons. e coined-d losp onondain on anduesd , nocoed tri orosn da trea fol ansdnoown ri3r ea olints peop areeryn nerusly wahing ts t ir 401op)reylanserly prablywangot tpeni01hem upns ese ys wprn thly comenim p ho. the 's w wt teths toom hapn ho .th w teuarttoarneis jnings. ap wh do eecthis. rtne j ng rnin >> y cant rewhx foo a ets mentnot ese yanre fo scur piticnsan say ntt es. someing thether sid ur pof tic ear andt afftsay your rmeiremg t.heerid t ar ndday u caffexpe a ur ve rem mode y oundcapeveack a er -dend boun bacaftethek lses the aast o - day un acte the's h we ll on t lss
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het ay moing. t agn, tthngs hulde o tchan in ment. ght mowg. in ag ts d anannen mranct. t nere'annengrync nfroatio takie' pla betwn thfren gmansry and ereek t y'rero vioykila tw then any ab gt thns pos bld ek up tt forethe vrope anilouabdealth os we sti don knoup bacfoe pe ho her w oual sll dwe'tti on noowac e ctlyho whoer w lt ho s d ch elyho i lho t i m t glol bankptcynd wve g a m g rert comg ulo so ounkcy w g can'sitack, elaxre andomuo wa hn't youk, maxey gndw the daysyou' got iwaensehou m g vohetili andlthoh we mayys seeu'ot ise modtain vohelindhowe enin bellyhisee mningodtn i' goto te yout inangellins a mngomen if somi'otteout ge obure policiasays en so ithinon t othom sid of t ob aise. olia maysha: it' soin tthid t iredie. is wh do ma exp:t out'of grce iterm of ethe or n theare iing di go who xp ou forwd wigr ihisrmf he nhe e g fereoum, d fo fol at rwwis me, is iaecisn reey'r, goinfoto pol toathe , ioplenis gree 'rin p ooensiy toay dou wletreoo o si yalonwith he tms otothe d wo baout. theonatesthword ts th o e are ing ead th t bat. he esreferdndumthote tha e wg ld t takelaceomete in
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feumeha w jaary. w th're ing votke ce etwillinhey yeseccep jay. the tee s ofg heot b loutll oy epno, rget i w don'teof but o ow. t yo, re, et i s id wn' yeerda is lim for . yo , s codle oonth yedas aiti im orfor t co o gtheks t dtiide a r t th in gsut. t rtha de a stut -thn . stut, ha thk yoveryuch,s yotu said- youe go ttu atchthyoryh,yo foxidougo busess t nworkf you ch wa too whas goi x onus s d escial n vrkneyo & waoohaoin mpan esbillaland v tay y c do itith an ll fda t y c coesend it blach f ceoggis! >> --aclive gi >> m lionwere>>aid op- ecutes avefann mae and m on reeddid mac. w cas fotheresint toutance annaend dic. ca neafoyesi toce13 mlion in buses paiea o. m one besaioverent o. ertayshes rtga gias reive millns in ga mey.ia rve hn barllsso wan then mesid.t totep becaare heoaysheanhe onusidtop wardcahes faire moreusrom e whe hoe on rdai that mart : th 's areigm whhotoryon nniend at
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ee$200 f al eyou n dohe mh. itay me sen for 00 u doploy ms it m fingenor oy e falatgg heth ce inranc cos thatave ne up eat he cin fasncroso say atm noe oing uo oeras heal ins ance you y outnong an g oometng o youalrnsceu ut an g own. etll: oay, theouompa is tnkin autheir bottn. lin : , hepa tin aightir >> bause hey' ttin thiin ht ah bsey' empyed hn fd,hi it cosahngmpd me frand t oit ver oss iuran oe ind t n fogo r tt, p ian o waingt, yoay fo a $ t00 p ne, dwagtyo sav mten $ gnd oneopl like, you >>av mn rig g. on thple's keothethinouyou can , whhs yoigcan ths hein u si ly cn vertwh fultimeyon ploys in partime si c rt emplees,ulhen meu dot ha to ver hemoyin wharme althpls,n do i uran.hao r m w, t wreertaly wl be an th ian oortuty f the tta wbe empl ees o lo the o tualth fnsurhece t get pls mloehe th urcove tge. ey wetle m sduedyhe ve . fe ral wvernnt i s edmethg caed tse chans whfeh wil brirn i peop tog her that dca't t haan heawhh inwirancriwith co anieopthatogfferr d it, a ha ea inthe ncderath gov nmencoieillatert, asubsizet. th prob m ie sraovenhat will
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rand oecausit's sayseivub-gdber us's ntraion. e pies d't rlly-ger wk ran. membpi thi dbill rasy shedhrou w at e la mite wit the mbhill edout laare mber ofmiitoteshend i talde er to e inhe sate oesaid i was alo dogin se boakfad is s not leral isog n bfa is nsertiveit's ust t lal i smess n billsoo onwille erve'st ss ll happ >> tonre all peoe whwill t exaovere bu pp t aeowh itll ex er buwillome at ct,hat ans u anllde i. ll: erice c tagt gs s an gher. hn, : 'll tchhiscetudyag g and asurthempac on er , l erich comsniesdy t d ureacn 'll ach t to hemicomes t a sehow ey'r l h reatoingmo athis n. sew 'r johnund t ofeagashiton, ank isou. n rthathiss a hnizard ofhin, k sty. . thfbi yshahat isuraar nior cit enserest thi t plotngttac ornitsedere bu ding andotacerndivuals one thebungd suscts' wiv saivls alone !he so wust's s'ing iv ere?sa bil als ricon per ws g defeing at se?e are illsic llinatranerpeec feg sar h in ve tant gotheec pdits h buzzg abt wh wasoing tgoeere. p
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hetsays was a inzzabwhasng spee, ane. n hes as somne w was ere at nht i eean n llintheisidef thom w s e n i sty ineideth >> stth iuchth a coo il h sit. liveor yr guoo you t toov tha si rivet? ygu u tohari [ ma annncer welce toranseric ere geth 're ansf ming omormaw. nner lctonsic e th e sf itng theorecon care you waysante itday'hethe ony! re u ysd i'te bee lookg foard to ts foa lo tim y'e i'eeokfod tfoloim 's gna ba bichan. yoread g bbiwow!an st wyot i adped r! w! wi d justhat u annefor. th ks!st t ne r.[ ma annncer we' kingeoplthe morrs th! mannere' theylway dreangd ofpl e rr whatan w makeeyith ayu? eaof trsameca. tratsfor wtomokeow.h trme. trormo. [ le aou ] ice ink o wary? [ a ♪ ♪e k wa?
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9:24 am
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9:25 am
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9:27 am
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9:28 am
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9:32 am
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9:33 am
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9:34 am
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9:35 am
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9:36 am
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9:37 am
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9:38 am
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9:39 am
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9:43 am
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9:44 am
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9:45 am
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9:46 am
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9:47 am
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9:48 am
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9:55 am
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10:03 am
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10:15 am
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10:17 am
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10:18 am
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10:23 am
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10:24 am
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10:25 am
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10:26 am
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10:28 am
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10:29 am
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10:31 am
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10:32 am
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10:33 am
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10:34 am
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10:35 am
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10:36 am
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10:37 am
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10:38 am
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10:39 am
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10:40 am
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10:44 am
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10:45 am
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10:46 am
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10:47 am
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10:48 am
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10:49 am
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10:50 am
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10:55 am
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10:56 am
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10:57 am
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10:58 am
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10:59 am
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