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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 2, 2011 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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itteliby t fmelead ov aalab a te t mil fia autad smalgrou of ctizeab iltackg.s. a offials alouf c zejon? ck jon:s.offls n? tops sayn:his a ingeroup t at ee s wayisnow abo gethesup gys? e repter: ey s w it wasowbo aes ginge?roup ep r:the s eraoritnaryashing abat t igeupthat e eorry allng foab iat dendan are inithll theifomid ate de60sanrenthr eid eir terly0s0s. cordgto c rtr y dumen. somevenorke for rd the c fedel g dernment durimen ke par caers.he de gnm 65ear-d rariy adpas uads. woas lab 65r-ra teniciad u wor th dabteci agrultul resethch sviceccorng to crt dumengrtu andl ao se sceor samu c d cenmpndorke afor mu contctorhat did c seker intence rk f the nt ceorerstoridisea s ctrol an te pe vent fn hhee in ces ea atnta. col pnt h frericinhom's watea.says at husbd hadfricerve omhe u w.ys avy hsb foad30ve yes an u tha i wody nerfo yeanhao n ngikamagainhe itedtategima
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howerroseintorsnd edderate iestitorswill we int sershose con dent lra i ti rersrdin tha thell st se show oherwone.ntl reinhahe s jo? jon:ow orw jnath sere in jo atn:nta. jth er th's a rangone in anks >>the ata. mkets th a ng loe beer ks an t ye di mestetsay jolo goe thi. t jenndi maetste rejoundi upgohi 200 intsn th nndow.mas eantidi thepajorallo 0 ts th om tw. coapse tihe orlomf tobalaco nsee you m ghtot ow allwaybut n nyome you m t ould kno nw. ay t th secitie f nmoufili ld nor ba nrupt thi wek and thec ie no fe fralli invtiga rs bapthi wnd arlookg inotoel wthernvga ientarfundokar i mssin wer form nejers ntvernnd jon m cinzine heaedp thi rm fie asrs it rn n spaled cne doweaardp hiand w tre fi isst qution p edout ethe tsowdomp y'sd tis faile coud haon a r plet he t efct tmpoughshe ecomy. ilcoha that whe re wetart efwith t gh arli gacoarin.of e fox athe chlilie,sgainhis notoxr ne hmantwroths? >>epor r:che,nos it'otsot an th thk go >> orthiss cht'smalr fi th go mu is smaer alan setalfi mu dimanot vehean s inteonneedne wdih tht finaialommuty hattenene
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dn: t es t edor iaveat anreason. act b sed on t me otheve r entanas ecomicct bd nuer at a oeut? rtcic repter:ell t y'renu a xed but?some hepver:l tre en d utmewh posive. u hame rerts his morn g th pnned wh layosfse. haaree falsng en thgh rn theth ped aycent hit a e talo-ye th hghhe dare s llntit hier tanye th wera h yar ae sy ti wa ther y autotic a day t prossin wa id taythat cmpan tocda yrolro rinse b tat 110 c00an in octo r, ol maly i rhe b serve instry10n to sta i quter e ecorvmyin ry ew a ur / at is not a muc t%. me ich oot auc de t t m unem oyme o rat somere ecoureed t t t t emmeat me eur t ecomys t noteade into ubleip ressio ec y soot mided ne the.nt yo have heleessneio eope so mier hugeheebts inyovegreess d otr eeatio wit the ugts uninrtaiy catedee ot byioit he grce'secisn to unaiave ced y naonalefendum gr on'sisto e painl chces th gnaeksal hafe beeumnemonrati agai ch thse ishuge g scertnty ha eeout at.onti ai thfed thayis wetto rt kyep dryt . what lile owdeth id has w ft k jn.ry jon:atimianglde i ank asu. >> ou b. j n:gl
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nna: losek sry i >>he b neroomn fac traga:y stseke s a inew rk ty fily. neom aacmoth soppi agstor aw f y.llown cay fth spi unrprilege chiren ow ca arlyille f d no she i unfighring fgehin helife holy thileappe d noshe i a regh f shheker fed weave hehohipe tailforou atrahte ahd. jo sh ur elieweble.e for e fiiltrtimera wre ah jo ugettieg soe.ew l ksr fit atme w cia ecrettso lat ainclreing olf tler's stcleng stat nary ndf erowresi'snt taganasold the atryold w si s ov. je a: t s isan anhing butld he highpeedld c wse. ova m tryjeng toisanngutescahe ghed c co.and mryca wit tll youcoeed wh h's dring. w tou ♪ ♪. wh hri . ♪♪ [ malennouer ] om aearae... thelu. [ leou ] ara .. an aiden.. he. tasth. a en neweartat.. t thto aeartondion. ewrt.. wheyou e yo do tor, artdi. ou d't fe y micalssuelone heu yodor, d f maluene y do togher.
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so sdrong it d hds fthe tackat s lf o e s cg i upin hheek air. o c witnupses y ty w pele r ningr.rom thetns t cras sit pe r bynghe tiom liceherriv oneas wasit inde theby thig.i eyce bieveivt waneasin ston.hehi jenn b jonvewa steing cato unfounat y yonnon culdte gmaybcallitca aommo focrimatyo c dck h a sty oybll a someing se ttmois otim so mmon ht o ri, ha y meg een t ding y reck sson dring riha y cent? n >> depoger: nock me tdrg a gu innt >>tahpoas.: nothisomesefter he sol guin not ehs. b twoisesere ca. s theyt othan o bas.wo d satake lk eyath t os .guy d. got skeimse ont l t co trucy on se d the ot ird ser thnt h sle wascouc s e acally d th h sas frt-loer. daclyeedolifrlo. o high eedlir o gusgh i aybd mae th au iyb l-spe math ase a sie thehing lpe don goe muchsithbovngon 10 too chov 15iles 10 r ho. hetolowe tough aoup ofates and5es off oho hehewe tracegh upmaybnot e of raessndut alff the fu cam ce cashi ybot aa ald ase smaeedfuntoam c
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ryafis re sutraroount ohi aen geraph al a rantdeagica ffer beten e stgeph a a weeaca >>eretepor er: a and wae earl so stkingboutorthisndwa afghista bri ing rlny of st ngose utintsis sll ri uegh ta toriyg of jo joe its gus o sf thei to joency ndurjog sgucret os he finay ou nw? cy urrepoer: sat'setight theris nanewou n addi on t po th: 'sht er wa muumdi t th mu lettichd lms whott becmech siao dictorec heookhe stiony dior d hek son om hle 's fice h i wre i to hi so ce the m o wr io thhisoard on e m coroll eure.h hes ddnddn hes co memllryur he d spis hiscouny ines ins.em e leer waprested isis toun i s. le ciawaes mdeum oto da aft n lan's ath.a mum o da thft bri hiory tog herlas h. ough sh t ki o rihi ydestctioogone rnan be ghh t i spon oble r, j. jon:sthat ioe wi.e cathine honrride j n:t itereing uff. the hid
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thanyou. >> port : yorereg f. wcome. jenn foudays a eranu. ny >> rtareyostil wme nnoutruysling aro a frk o oberetorin til rthet,ru nglks fther westfrt is oeryouror t urn ttinhe s f er arlst isasturf wtern in weher. jarlce d n t hertoell w er at i goi .wer. jandsa d ohaer cou bll iadedoiack il. saat s didhatouo b thot ed k he back.n crt. this ssid jonh favite ory he ck ofhe cy.. heisill rept alheonav e detays toou. of ming u hee'lll tepkalto a tato. ngerifthat uaysllf t wen wa ttay fe. ifatys dih th w mace wa t aycarr a. conc ledith at d you ahinkbou rr th? is tt a ncoodan.dea? dounkou th loon t a aodeav aa?es n locommt. aav foxn s.commhappingn. 'll seyou xnco theppgnl nute leu thl tet wor nee ore ergy wre'st gog toome om? toree e gy w's go♪to e ♪? t t's ♪y rit he aurali chron buiing t s onriof the big st nuralauas liojecn e wod. chn uinouggpowefor city he sone tig si naporalfor 0 yes.ecn wo ugwer ty s iororye .hat'it ingo do to plet? natul gais t cle est t'convt tionng fuedotheris. pl?tuga tletnv onue've ert to.e smt out is. it'a smt wato g e tosm t .
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11:34 am
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11:35 am
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11:49 am
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11:50 am
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11:51 am
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11:53 am
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11:55 am
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11:57 am
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11:58 am
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12:00 pm
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12:01 pm
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12:02 pm
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12:03 pm
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12:04 pm
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12:05 pm
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12:06 pm
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12:08 pm
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12:09 pm
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12:10 pm
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12:11 pm
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12:13 pm
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12:14 pm
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12:15 pm
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12:18 pm
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12:19 pm
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12:20 pm
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12:25 pm
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12:27 pm
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12:28 pm
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12:29 pm
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12:30 pm
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12:31 pm
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12:32 pm
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12:38 pm
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12:39 pm
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12:40 pm
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12:41 pm
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12:45 pm
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12:49 pm
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