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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 2, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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potheha iw ahubcauc iust. e hte ieksawayow, ey huce t euin s thnewayw, th caw t lawrfor the of erma caicais t tingaw torayhe the gccundw k tofmaoai pblic tgo o e this? gdw t >>ca: pic d o it is notislear ca: if e won tnted toot doarif tha wotherare meed sutoesti dhe cod beeluchant ere utu tti attoey hcobealketoucth t to h tionke staunt a ociaonon au in aiarece timinnd sid h wantto tk toce tim sandite h bere h nt tto tdiakes be hatheis assoate,eforhees mahedds cisi. wi thaso se,d, hormanaainas beds ting tbatt bac sin wiha th s me hagenin an nbe tngttac distcted theean b n is at on sted ent toyhe b es ntiayaton itered h e asrtiotothatthiss esia a smr er an h h asiosatis th vctim asm oanth vim poticablin sid o atack >>here pocainid ack ere fasnd tey e trng oestr ma tersally
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wel a thtrtr mrsly el ah cmpai. carlhe h bee ld by cai re rterrland hheee tri toby y he wod noanswues onreer abdt ri oich d ant the wonosw focesonab h t t ises b i has begoc to distct fm th andiiscy b a i hahe waneg totoget st i fthver.di a anshepd: ttot iivalr. wre yingow a ep t wchinalthis w trai ng a wrk. are ey sll winis air qe et s >>ca: noso mu q yeerda anto m caisno iswhat you uve th ouyeiderdaanto compedis hmselat to u sing he ou ers be ectemp fi helotime and soplegnow heathe be a outte an fi micheme ndchma whoas b n inlew freeall atan ch maho bin teeel poseal me o testeday a mao pot. l shwas osty a chucha in iopond sh s id "his isthe huar weino cnot "s sttleethis th eyearwe an't ha ctsurpses thur leisthar 'tcand ates ha now rps taedto her aes aboundes cow ent dtheyaer avegedt a ou coplict leeyveod m her ncain beicuse the rpri of t mer inalled miondu yes abee he but riey sfd t it culd
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lemidu appye aout sd ait c d runk spch,"pp rerencto ri pey's pernkrmanp," la werencr ripes "erip-fanps," whhla we woulequaybe "-fppli,"blewhoh mney ul uaso, s ty are kinglie ey , tre ngvantes of m cais sp, nt his oublf ts mai wk, s andn s blthe tchelbachnn ce tryg ke w itnd e elch cry the-foit >>shard:hanthfo yo and, nowo anl. alys profsort orged,ow wasngton univsity gra ateys ofrt geastoscho of iv ty litiralemanamentnd litilolumsthof fo "he ti na ntll,"nd wtikedl umever pofotica " ,"ampans wd a er wpoca a mea spesmapafor ahe publan niona w mespmare bl nna coittecote w roh is ros ts? wh shodn'tthe wen bebl t toell wheir hode'tof eestor w >>gut: tes is rtur forto l r rmanainnd the eor c paig gu t this uror condent lityannhe cig a eeme th was obabon brntchedtyby meon at ame na onals abestaantbred on na al assoatio ta ttherhaveeen cusaons
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ha don at bu soio cle ly erven sas somehaeon trebule pridin memethg t"pol tico"eporr whe dther inoryo atht t tholo" int ordon' knwh dfe i reyly a hfair to t n' sn titor itatre t e won ouldiro bebl sittto k pwo thei rldbe anymi. bu i do t knk it is ei fir at ami is pbunt fo e iryondo to tett ft this ut pfo e tonreo e hean cai camign houlis do th tand heaiam natnnalulestaant dosocihion oulde abdto putut t dumenatl thtat ci wen ldab t t led om 1 denh yeago eat gavehe d 1asi iormaeaon wiout ttin the men ve co outher orsi iavima tmwit hav toinhe n coo ut,ouerr parculaiyf t av sooone t as boocokeal t, 15arlaf mites soe t fooe, whl is15 imrtantheinfoatio from mi s f yeawh a keeimheanefoioameom f thea a womeeilenme det th thughom thisget uten o eway.thh >>sh ard: ne oisthet o rerterwasy. o tvon a thershd: o e neork d he sre errkinsg otv o aer thistoreneork he s in monsnd oe isre inon ampgn kn abou thi r eks. whatoesmp tatkn sayouhi aut r the s. st us oates the oraynizaon? a
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hegues clrly ey nest oo berza?troer wenou gescl toy hise lel yo h e tobeeefro w g ingsois up.le yo h iseof atracve hean gs tsid com in .nd s aoac hwell uridomearsngo hn cainll wa rso in wa gog thugh aport withis ggag goshepthd: bh tha artwasits ffert, h had agn ep bhas er or hnizaadon. nwait w t,oraitza h. ha an it ornizaon. is cpaigdoesot wvent h orhanizaon a fro wh ior za. ha her c itigesist alsts iorza aro theh mehaa arertl tatin i thi as he sothinthat itmear tinhi s so noinat the publan sttegi for many ears y knoyour e bltufstgior ny hisrs man yn allyurf nninor priden san llyitimely? in >>gut: i hink hpren had sho lim beiy?on the guick ink hadho eiroblyhek vicpresent twhetr h ob guiyr ices int centet h of theui y chges eay hhas ennntf endli it and hechs yhis hss been litndmish dled s ould ha an en imct to s iesh ied ld reyhao im arforto s pri te. ie >>oepar is it yrarr seeheri tisreal ru ing>>forars yesidt or t sese alrugr bo
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te gues i tnk yave t ke hbo at h wohes es t y rueing trresent d th h factate h hasoone s w ll. ru g i wles nt th a usect anneasofne s yingo se w. woxe n i d't a se nthinou ep in ngexe d in in presentiace a esti bce a dingenus. b th i rdilen. strch. >>shard:thhecony,now. r a mestrn g.ece d: a bon mss. w. antheraises ill ge a y. ch bcethe m. aner ecomy ul llapche ecy p - llap. bu e.s. ock mket - bound beuse ap of bu . tterkhan- mpectetrepos on une jobee mket.of and, ern-ctpoon jo m nt.w, d, gri om thfox sine net nrk. tobeis g th gxod monneet.or be bs. gon >> rri:.e got goo>>i: nws frot alleeroo gr an nr chstma a eadleuntir fian sing thehma mberfad antiunceiayos i s gdownhe erance draticly. yod anher iportro ewn ivatsect oplerotic i. an r govertment obs, at jobctere ule i 110,ve0 thnt pevios, nth. ob
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th ise ugood ns. 0, buththe pio dev is h. hethisod n buetaie. ev thsbig j bs rort cmes intai th g 9. j rt pernt uhang c sosne e not king9.iger hdway u ongothat very imrtan t numbng. hay oshepd: bat the ryman fedalmb serv ming ews.ep b he >>est:ed rv mngs. >>t:ernae'speakg d evyonelists. heoesnna as onak a on evecaune th havst pubhec prssn a cooneren whe a hnnsweaud thavubpr co quentionhe the ggeswetake awarom h anquunceonnt t ay bece se tesy kewa arnoom h doinytngto easanece tec t arneta picyoiythere eyreas taratc ptingyown eir re ex ctatn fo jobrowt r e n ttcng thrn r exyearatfoob wt fa ly amat n. thhr ishat areark w fa mingat d nths . t in rk wmidd day as ngthey diges thindd numyrs. sdeyworkesg thugh isth mperure, trngumto. g the rk tharmshrou erwhate,tr e feral g he servchaian s d.msou shepd: watt is fel rvaihapping s in epeece w is if ty to a votthppg ollsin ce g teece o aotuggt itll wll fa d t gatceugges at grceggit w llago t >>gei:gr and ifanheyt. g ge bankndpt, tie bifheey g r,
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ere re nk, ehuge brobms wth e baing,ge a soobreig w bt re prlembag,fo t resof aheoig gle. re rm bu lk, t theesac m o s k gl me eferdumbuhich l ihehat ey m s call itermcht ll fritrapaneou t primminieranu overther the t im niad git isot clevehat wierhe hpen. g whsleyouat k wi the hreen. poplewh do ey leu bng iheee the pledo le.u. the b iy ye butheyhe dn't wan u.he auerit myesureut ey >>epar dt aney cat auit mre >>arave cabotht >>gei: i dn't i th hee th thr a sge i arnd dhatt iea h shepthd: art it. edute the ep youan dhat dayatduhe 00 u at dt y steron f busess ntwort onhe er fuss n wilors on rortil pres rent tamaeads t a etinwithorl lears es t nighaand ds areold te esid t hain noth prlan toeaet ghd re d invoed iany y in idhao pto t voeuro ian fy anciin crisn exple wher t ameca s ro fci crlosi sexe er clmet. s
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ju w lliasi wilbreadown etra gy srl s,ju a th wiaileawn fera bu p a ath destiterr feu pl. onofth dtirr pl on susctsaid t firs oneo duss isd t tnes rs ne thogovement ds ts thventuildg. ld [ le aounc ] fm thsoupyou ow a lov co sou thayou' lov ge ing [ kno a nc f thupu aov w slco ketoue sthae sou's ov om cgepbelg s. no slet exstaordsoary ste nsat cnsel afteexfromrdremiy e atingrient teommi ow kgrtle.nt w fr camell' it'smazi wha soup kan de. framl' 'szihaup d
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wh's bter an gd ? fr gol! calthat hez gowh plu brewar s. g? frol u ea frealdaysatfreeheeeksgo luand ware f t. eareyseeksd f at's plu upgre yo rid 'slu that a ps. grwardyowithido bl koutates so y canedeeanyte. at p rdthblutes yaneeyt d it easto deemour intsnlin itas emr ts inalre y a ld mber justelecgoldlus ward inour ofil rea mr anststarecrewaldings rdyour lf nin. r il justano toar hewazgolglusrardsurom n st totooin.he olsrds rtz ld ps rerds. tojourn.y on z pres. ur♪ on♪ 'm ming mon do re. mg ono . i'monsodati my sets i'mot ping ddenees'm so ti y igh tsmmisons.'m pg ens h iss. 'm ming e mo of mon. nd sen-dlar ades areust e stt. mg mof on s-dr esi'm th srettrat .st i'm th sttra.m sra i'm th sttra. andm 'm l singra eve mine oft. m srand lg roder riney of atcottde givyou commsionree fs dry attt ivumm
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nonfee e as nd me. con seee hy m e instor m arsayi... coee minor ar yii'm.ith ottre.'m h tr >sherd: esidt oba is ing ttern th he: id poblsis g erth wit amica' pit vieama' imieovin on the hls efrtpush forhe im injobsnpoll e s hefshor bsll arova isp sce ava tics s pcentppro tob,ic coared to pnt ercero tlast b, moh. buthe collsedoshow mor ce pplest mo bue s owor dippro: 49 ple pernt. t whtackagai t tdiro49 repuerican.resintia whckai t coende, priden obam pu anwoulsicomeiauton codeprenam ulme to in mchup agastto
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his clost m up val gae predentis btslo romy l e rent b peent,utsi thom myrgin of eorpet,sith ahow mgin h e aow lea hng ubliigit ainsthe st.ea is dnesliy, sit aednstday' . s es wi s jn. dny' fo neolital anast uanwi j fo e willmsit isnaherean hellilli s. ll isjuanhow ere yourom ll li chico, anw sheouom >>shard: e tict, he lo ke shd: ind t cy. thpollo n bersndre c thllhat. at d nrst. we d aribu i to a bu>>ju: lo wha ppen in i lia. to mumar ddafis gonjulo ha theniden tat li t e amicanmur af opleon app vethde t of taman le pl oupp oftroorom irao tse pou oo arem ussebura heo ha t ally beere se eon a litila lyee oensi live ng a ti car meagethat o si yohave ve notng cmeongess at an hi syo slveanfor theot lst ng montan hiwel cr'twait e l he nt doi tngs r c veranit and
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oseeattlg foieclores d ts pele w are van bandlinghe hig he tl gst floofs stu ntpe wre lns. ba itng ligoks litu heas leens. t ve ls oacte ani wheenou kve ctanwh tersdoes thiresint hve eas r drsalines wihi thesi h unploynt r e,s the dinumbei onhessue shunoythey rayhebe "ye " on bu yuesh kowey whongssye espebually y therepu kicanwh ngreng, is strupeing ly a whenheyou askpuan reabouisongrs' ru g aappral rat ngenouusk kwthisou itgrs si le prat k digs,is it 9si rcen rsus0ig pernt aprov for 9 e en priden us0er >>epar aov orre plsren o herm cai whos>>ar a topi p ese o rm aiys. ho sopleike api eim . le toe19 to perct sahey tnk heis rc sa kablbut whhere syhe the owlee anexpeenceo be bl athr goresint 49erce tleanpe 29cebe arcen say gono." si he9ce t letima9 en caytend?." e juanhe islema gitite c ndcontder d iell you any, s thiss sethi tior yound mntr i ltooueep i mi is sorhi lheou m numb s weep iave.i soltimewe c't shat
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embwe was insome c flo sdatthe heray after thstrae.oll s iin waslone r iowaafnd ithraay tll iaseopl hern cain asn' wa b ien in tplern wa in whn' b do herinnain kow? askeuest nswh du ng adoernin de kte a?ut ghantankendstdu he a ys hdoesdet a kw ann h wilheet sm htes kople arndnd h pple il saywe li hatsm an er, lend herers at p the yike.i tey le it wanen, he aysre uffth, l the luysit i we ysshinon tfey arell , th eectes i po ticiins, wh toremuch ete potica eperice howispoci w th rkin out fch yu?poca e ri soowthey see histh inut pan fot ly y genue,eyeeutis tisans, ally imptantbecaenue'r ta tingbout ly replicampnntca 'r imar ta gtheyee hutas epca aenue ar ey h coervave. ey a lenu m. anthats acovadig. a mneynd l e so o the othanathosehaveg a ey so fleth floed. os tve th rlly li hi theyflhink heslo. guineth r andlyi agai ithi eynkeoesn gnend m keait seeto mesnnd t policalxper m eshinon, t we re w ng half theolime,aler me thahalf in th, we w lftimee, m >>shard:hae arnotlf rht ath muchs e weher an that sshd:arayit r a ch wer m anatyi lot
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>>ju: yohad ring th bdy,ot juhankyod ngh shepd: juagood by, t se unk as ep auaays. od to a tse spec trror a pt. th as. fedstoust f urec tormembs p th ofds groust tha fmb plned f ouhakill l"bucdt lt," of ll uc l pol"iciaf. d sread a adlyolpoisia acss seral.s. sad cits. lyand noiveis f mac salatla.a tsit d afornoo e what fre tla tinveigats saafng aoout hi at tupped ptveat he?sa a >>gut:pp pell, the he inveigat s al ge tgutl,he 73-yr-ol eder k thveasatal t want to modhis -yol erthlled nt plood afrs an onlnele nov thepl f stycallannlabsoove,"ritte byst allformlabaso"ilittt leerabou srmllab gups it ci zensleou s aacki u.s gps cins aki .sficis. thas tked abo a taet st o ci th t podticis,boovement aploys, a cor rate oeade oci anve mntbersfheedi oy aorte anlly dee grp dancuss mrs leasg di theny gr dss bologal as eoxi bogxi rsin pla
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om spding rarnla incding waingtpngncng atlawaa,gtewar new la jers, annearew oeans rsan >>epar isther any dicaon hcoul onsdo ehing he>>arstalkernybouanti ca hul to ng? he >>rerterlkthatsou thetiig qutotion mu oreer thiatnveshegati i qu onsed omu a ohi cnfidestialti d o formt wh c idvestalatorsay was le rmwho st infortraty this oup ds ma certnfathi reco ingsp auaorits, ao, sie t crt arre, ha bee cogs archg thauit asi t mes, he norrehaee geoia hchmeth ofhe fr m s, allorf teose hmen re i the f m 6sll t a n ihe 70' d t 6 srcheof the a mes me as a0'ig s tpristo shehe s aighbs. list. s is the f.i.eels li hb st. hethey f.lsi havenou eiden butey uld ver veuspeed veu eenut d r perom >>port: hisife sd her m. sbanwas 30 ye s>>nrthihe nyfe sdhe wouerever ans any30ing e harhe u nte staous. er bunyg autarriti say u tseta bu
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coveut rtiordiays pat t vry ve r didiffent actur v >>epar tank fft your >>ar tjonakan. d ne tho ternn: ldsay lonan i.s oinnegho jl. rn lay lo so i howinongill she je lo edsoow up?ng judge idlhatheo dendon ?w lidgsay ohantde liyan have. ve
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at bk ofmeri we'rlendg aninveing comniti brossofhe crintry 'rnd anveg omti fr helng t revisslize c ry a ighbhoodn brklyn frel tvize a hbodbryn toinanng iustrs th e crtingobs bosn toan itrth crngs os orroving fding fothe pansn of loc busess rvinor vi fdivenge se tle mmunfoy e ns ofocuss in vesee un and pporng traing pgram r tod rrowor wororce ai los pngelam. becatoe thowmoreore cacedo osin lelal n ghbooods cathreca and mmun lies, n bods thmoree cahelpake d uns, thre calp opertuny poible opunpole
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3:22 pm
>>shard: fedal jge i new rkhas nvicd a shussd:ned j i busi ssmaw fors trng t selic weons ss simar atr t trrorel gro fom wes combia he sntear t torro f dades co iae sr run t des un tt wasrom thories, sggli ar tndasom drugtoerro ors,rou aund s li rthe rld ing f et ug ofro uprive a carnd
3:23 pm
e d g f plas.f theorme s ietivffic war thenspatiola eme st icr w th m ie i espio 2005 "lo ofthwar, m i id t 05 belo rthr, $ biionnd t speks fur h la $uage i nhe cld g lifspin f ison se encilaow,ge i c gif t fo onbrua w, audge itodarded tfo ua agedade t trouedctre, lisay lan 30days ouail bcausre shliy l olat 30 protion ys butl busshhe atroudgeon id ift s can llower oders sge wiifonly s endan ow ors30 swily d ys.d ndsa lonus flow a d. sa stct soedulef fw cyt thapy seions andstommu styul svice avytdhy theseullns sndtencmu and sce e juevheaid llndsa snc londn ll juen mor ted sa loth or t "dd" ople >>groualle t"d goo eparlecent for>>ou hmelele t men,heyoo fuse toar tnte youor caustheyaid h yle we badn,y seamplfor toe t wenou whore usey d yyingo getetheiadive inplr who ngetei ve orr. sohemortge illiorrto epsortou liand m gog t nver all
3:24 pm
d go t yourommuty rvicto erll the rgue urmu icshepd: s mus b aoodhe ex ple uerdead ep seoplus b theudgod al toldexindse ad hanhat shplis eettidg aal newldds pr ationoffitrshecau tti a prewiousffic sai she pron'tio fi nt tdealau t witer aprmoreusicai he eier.'t d no t traalits liv in s are an les,ndei.e obabno dorat nt tdealivn th her an s,whenoes e goabdooff t tal jaer w? en s >>ace:gohef rport t novber a d is spose to >>e: rrtovr da t nis we sse haro becse of ovcrowang ne h theec jlsyst sh wasovnowhe erve 2 he jperclt whh ixst sh daasbut novew 2 ercheriwh s okesn cing da out sting e c uldno ben and ri stes cofng a ailtn sg a cdatte ofend urs. il no theudgete sfys sh ge lisay s. loh t no hey toge sshhe g jaliymeang oh the des to her 5 da ijathan rtga an h d 18er 5 days ga ofan hsych8 trapy e wi t go bacfoch tpyail. wit gfac sol. dsn't sten. if sher i d't en afer iiolaon mi a msfie wilotila me, mi n wantil m ieeextil ctirt e,appeance she nwillotifail me.
3:25 pm
t she c nifies m pece wllhellif he nie m pratio d w aprovare wrran prio aov for ur a wrestan you edtruure. is i r ast u ie fit te yviole you ll dtheuc.emaistep fi t yolyo deaiep -- maing 2 - in ds. 2 trac the jue ddela t star ache souhela cou tesho t aro playy la oou.ho t e g herteet ayedonlaand now o. they geretillondow res otey i youlon't nt t be cght es the i uff u wh't tbe ct ad tee h. ef w >>epar sas n been relile o>>n carmuni servi. n btrac befe th senncin lithe orose ctionniaidvithat out dacefth remberethatenindsin e selohaonwasdatespoibleut dor remreat ds own hacheslingtheypoleay, o th 20 chednedaysheng sey sety, up oth t 20 thedshelr in dntowslos set up anles,he canled 1thel ofin dows th, anshe anskips,d antd ely 1 f on tee others,aneipnd, o the e cy t trapy os, ssiod, s ohe soskip d cyt on tpy t majo ty oio t sse now,ipo r on sh h t don jo p oetty t we w, sh a hon the porgutywith o we
3:26 pm
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3:27 pm
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3:28 pm
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3:29 pm
3:30 pm
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3:31 pm
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3:32 pm
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3:33 pm
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3:34 pm
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3:35 pm
we kow yostolry nheometng. we adt. i kdn'to anyohingikeol at etme. on tt is owad i co'tanng e apprch thgson tscodon' thpr? thrand tha is en'th proem. i andhauges prlem. >>sh ard:hyro. germ. pblem? sh d: rand it is njuste t pem abtlosi a ndtis fee n ifsheste k pt her moutabt siute ee uld t bee kerut sp ulatg. shisrun d be tiline don't p atwork theshun taet wldi bnedo tt rk onea w b r he. >>shnard: he. ran shthatd: ianat i asnine ray,stop as snetists s wthera pants dopt a sstth se stistipa shos t sp aificly e mom dficuy, a unti st titheyhoan cear hspic the remo go dg tocu abe allti verey h cr no hhe tter hatgotollr hheno say ert so tt's whyoayee our t'swh mouthut. hav auright toeep utt. our avhtop ut st.ur >>epar butf yohave a mi sing ild is that >>arutyove u .mig d s at >>ray: mbe a hur' poi is
3:36 pm
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3:37 pm
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3:38 pm
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3:39 pm
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3:40 pm
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3:41 pm
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3:43 pm
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3:44 pm
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3:45 pm
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3:46 pm
ll 1thrs of wa ngptemr that pole frk en t thselv 1 actlly df a em farth ol f grter lentopng s me ofthlvcty a thear iolegre, r wod hope sf ele wo bee h >>shard: genalo tywo havehe leersh tousta shd: en yingorce t >>veest:eshelioeta they dong.ce if wlook>>tt:hatliheeydo wokt no aini mison i ahanian is out the is n aoalk nibouis i a ni with awin troo but t ret thll bis alkou lo -terthinoo rutatio thi b te thunit stes noo,er r ioand afgnist . te anthinittthat napacy, w ared fg sting anat aacery wrewere aside g em n traingnd t a leadshipry dveloreentasewe n yrag fo ts aas adrip the dlot traing fo mi aion aheghantan,eade devepmenanai min aann,de weveillen rsewel liracyndork o thr o r tr ners li cyi ca telk othr o y tr nowrs heca belic ainin yfghastanowmost of b at idone heni afgnshaanotstf ineoali on meersut bfg li e sghan b >>shard:henan an end is?sh d: youaveen a ens ndom
3:47 pm
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3:48 pm
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3:49 pm
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3:50 pm
3:51 pm
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3:52 pm
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3:53 pm
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3:54 pm
wthe wyerr a bome. r-it e erpoli-hatg a laers. be. arur liatidal a rdylas. ar zin. don'al anow, r mn. >>arur: zu c. go dn'w, m ar: cgo d llga, aneter sys ifou ga doant le yo sater yore sf raidof a uldo lyo syo bll noty idmeonand ll mo yo b ot assution f thonriskd fmoomeo is h byyo a ou suonthskalleo in hy aseba gamanlhey dd, ther abaam lawitgain t y basell pyer d era tawin tam? t th e isse pr n t t? this asumpon y he toeame. ke tt ten amp deg yes hwhen you do ae.ace t tck ttesisegenou as mpti the aill b ane t t plosnand astih carll billanash. osd ifar youlon't nth. toet invooued wit't sto bac >>ray: wt wll comvo wdown to he,ac di t rahow wdid w thomwn to ra h, thdi t pmoto dowd watth th racoultho ptect p theto wrowdhas somee mu ulo pcthewd smter tn memue, smarr th i, vrysmr tsmar plaid to me t t wharthoui, v arve anai airtomerace you tthanto
3:55 pm
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3:56 pm
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