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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 2, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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he're lath g etetty motial ausut i. e tyti a i shh, shdon'say word u'reelco. n' y [ mard annncer e-tre. iesti unlshed reco manner tr itinled >>ne: grce ithe rd b noatch tun ot nethgr ie th b grce bauses ch geun sigs he this ath gr bse ge lkingig p,hehi a woies at geece i lngabouto ag a ofwos gceou ausf dn. welce, eryby,'m nl d lc yb cato. t extly ease n litninbut notoo ba aca. re rtexy seowinli in privte ploy sno aodedba ae in10,0 iv oy st ad moh, geing stos,0 mo ruing egtosid ueat rept om t ferurag serv as e uprestent epeein teis rv aps oval est nuers chin up,ot dramical butpnougalo mkenu s himeel goop, ashe pr aresamoalut ug he off mto fra cemeloo hursasres he frof ra
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w. he hss cing aewtormfr thou , th wheld ngs, arm grk outh w orm,ecau wod a lrdersk were supsed to b m,auo lelebrsting reupdto b a bi bteal a noebngit los ke nbi de fl anoreec wh lo the ime nist nde f fingec w-condenc vot e e st and fgreeg on prncare votot on pndan whh eyee wnt nopre ot parn p ih ca d w utooarmoke i ca d a rticar potesereanke woies att cou inka ic t pes ecreomy wos ouk t ec hye. h dn't betheris ahapp dingn th dt gletaler mkets.a pp wer is ngth hapningl so ft and mts hav ersapngnso fanall savar caand e all ovit ilree s tha bid sc mbleal andv now iheee beerth nuers bi arescle s ing dow he. be pliam t eembe s ng jo bro h on er. phyam tis grbek joingroalls apt weonave tr g problsms, d op thwee polical ri sob sti, oth posolalor rriti presentif he bches ios he. weest bin inhe beshe ahens
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whats th we b latnt? a ns>>gu t: atth wl, th hr youat gu wth hou wod noant wonont be pandre unde thebeare de ghe t garky t a chanllor rkelhy hrk a caed on a anublor el h rfereum itcaas on ppos tl be don dea rre tand w os saozyeas eon on hea d ce dheay smit s e suosedon h b a s singt boa fued his b relectn c smpaig saoa fis rect caia -- a theane yr for eope.-- a epapaereou y cesor theonfence ee. vo ofrid pa nought he snhenf ce athe, anvo isid n dtatabe whetr he hean i wil d surabve et t, he he des notil sviveur th wiluthe d evot soreve turil thto til syembecaeev ttre willeanur a int timsyoverent ca so s tt wilome llan an a th wilntert so s clmil tome an s ap th ilelecon b wlehat coeso on how s the eck ec i b w greets ingono w pahek ireills ?g eecepa islrea bkrupls b
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tce thnext bfs mneyea wil bupnot go b to reext u btil afr mhisyil putic gooefereedum. u l and,fecaur os tt,pu thehave a ts oer dem. that d, au o t dueheve fora o eymenaty midecemuerand ther areor queions howen theyre id eming day a erre theuens pewlehen thr g vernnt. a ney heunng ope for th grce rn. y andnn oor aost cerinrf it go tod a ref aendutand ther s io"no, to he ausefritydudhacka, al s o, ts a of, andusthetyigge ka feal of alf a o cosendis the ge fefl coagioo andhill read doiondll ad sitsreontaly aread undea lif bt and paygly a ad pret de l pfny to bndrow moy inay thmeanme s t iset p ao bw veroin erytng i hanbythan siser a yt i thrand. neilbesafe bdyhr ashl , foilowinthe fe veloentsn b aens. wehlfo aine rely lots panked abt a s. at i swe goi ane ere or hre an dwe heb a f nny iyoiofhowi e or h itt t h corerf a wll f any y oad.wi dit t nor wan d. whappe nd tohpe t
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stoc. oc gues andhe drirsor our mrket aren ffer tesnd pas ofheri ou metren ert paoflobe be(inaible anour mrk nale anrwere m lifd hir re les teif onondaley twesawo t dondaw t-. d (iudib) >>ne: i ologe you a (iib ne i brking uogyo a shhas en folwinghis all y an br comngnicang u emoshly s onolllngsofll ts. an weomca apogizeormo onhat. st tks we p aizearb onthe t. liefhat test ec womys arbon pieing efveryt ttroeclyyere. had pig s gead i payrprlg sobswhic uld be a yrlookf wtss d cicme. d webe a ok ws d do c. kn weohatkn bernkeas laely opmistat altugh h ere thgs t slo do is realaynd opst wilth th tloo lt,ea id h ntwi hid nothin tis i loing t h h tin t inge t
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disaerou goo ough to g stocas bst andsaouooy gh nxtto g guessays ocorg t bnd n umbe esys rg t sys as greceoesbeso go s rscono. ghtres w,reecain'o ooki no. so t goo the f mer uec.n'ki sooo th fr u paiame memb. yo worsamehat? mbgree yo ornnot ge teir act geth andt? a domeeo ot gefect trct gues thnd bicalomwhat we ct ve i es bal dtate i criis dhat acallyrit is roat urrcyaclyis isisith couriesrr ish ith oues erag disrityfh pcent so the ag wkeristy memrs pntain the soverehen wremin mem rse rertheem ges,rehurtg ae pingp hus,rt de and ti prepitaon hu mor debe wch t see srang reand tage usteorty webich wakesee s ng em l s ab d te wheso p lab or serce eir dt. o ther pore,hatrer it r d
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ere,t mns foing omit ressi int m fog rsi ntdeprsion and ericis invved,irst of a pron d icecau onv thed,rsloan of a faul, to sofau e o ternionaheananks b ultoeveno mo sond rnna ddenks th ben moo deritive enhethcred riveefau faul tha ensedethe loaau. if he ulha losns faule tha hioa ifjor bas ofloheecon ul iha theriis r ralof netoon the i eruro whic is rneow theecon crenco icnots wornd t t laeston c nc econ y, ft torat gonto t deprlasionthat wl hitonf t eric o and oereill b a prlighontoat w ite ollic w ichd e wil b drghe th l llar weryhihighhus,rth hting amer anaryghs, eorts h angrica is eall ernvold inhisitu eionts a of acaourssll fepeop seeol iins tu thn see ait asfrs d btfeopee i thees dprobm. itsreal a eoob ital aurrey e probm. >>il: a uple ofre ob >>: ingsle ofthe llarouldick up a gre al ogs st me ndarld onkaper u ttre soun o goo bustmtner t
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un meoosuhatt inrnatnal pyersanye atdomi nce,ncluinngat namln th prs scryn, henmie,luamhey thranat saleoveras tcryren getyng ss bngan for the leer b tck beuse e dla iset bor reher her bbee so i dis romerergs aerso i onicly tt helpthe er aeuro w ldn'ict t so lp eveybodisro cl, w rign'? >>soest: evellod t eo is cheig >>t: prlllem, to, e ts fling f it prelpsm, t turo f ng is huing it e wpsld. te eo isro ishug w. e distrucveorce >>ne: do uee t ducuro thgcefallg ne doart, th tis o wh is oingthll on, t,tht iswhs ng sintrati andheyren, yingo ma tsrule nttimorendy ng ma tlenitle b verre w pa mus r ni to b bener t cl a paus gr ks wi eust t fir t tocl agr wicked utst t viruntaoly or forcly athe ed foow v ritat?or rc a egues weo ye buri t troue is t eswe bt. e e prlems the t sp of ofou is t th is hug.he pr dmbthe propems, f dthspushg ugsex inrest dros, shdeprsion x the inal astswer iny
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pronpers al e aern iniois the eurhours b ab doneioande shheldgo urck ou tohe igin abnedh to crenc sin >>ne c: honcw likyshat? itai i nehoookiik sav andt? smait arona ikiavnd sm ana-- not jning thelub. w lilyisot th? j >>ngest: t es nb. l ely ali e montuth i th>>t: sprds n ly ge amore mo lik iythecapre h cangeoure hve 17counikie ich veca hcomp tely nffert h 7 econunies,ll hrapp u inmphely er saurre y. on its, isetpp unp sare it iet top filo itsetter et f r of tit soon aste r poiblef thoneountes hase dts thepole n ner r pay andthheynt a h no dhe fo ed ione ryndy ausrity ano ich, re ly, fo i hting andleadus toty h, vience onrethe, hngnd sadeets o que vicenenderanda sy.ts >>quil: ank youerda >>: k jhnou j
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brow. anthiss ptinghe prideninrick ow an stist pngs he prenck hesostfran . he pridenis inhe thdd sitian pr enofin bngth ti th tlest b dwat th piic. i tstean,nwa a pi. in, rld afconic mimum s, dfon mim mgets he ands tll mts egues whe thet gd ws tey hav dshis t gng o esnheh geecend tavs g poticay, i ll b vecediffult rim tooca iand b beuse,eremeerfft tr firstopresent sh id 19ee,me t sa, we it s rs aest i gbal ow9 do i tssawe ttsust t ae uned g al stes. at d notdo wor iut ttfor tun h st . el tion d ot soor obahas notreen h defsive elabouonthe cono syingba peoes ot e nenefvebett off hanoue tnoy s ngwereoureo ye ns a bueoplttff arn ty ookregur a himye aou splve the ar oblewhetr it iok a greeimr whoeverhey swanthe haleetit ire jo.wh er ye fntiday unemhaoyme numrs ll bveryoelli b fay th isemme um a sast borry t whi holie bhs pecily gng nto a st elecon t yehi.o >>il: at
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ifci g ttoey sp tec ye thothe ay >>d: ay w are tp pret g odbythhey dompason, n wt re to gece et faing gby aptr itpay n, n onhe erge o ge llinfag artp andext tit fraeonndge oerma in a lodingxt tra dpera wmaook ood. lo g have a dra w pyrol suroky ttd. av show polur t unpectpticof ow 100,un0-plcticobs a0,plott lebs ahingtt cparavely ar lelookgbettng. t aot cralybuar he il ok argtto. a doub beter.rg >>gut: ion' tubink thet sttegyillork. gu in' ttheykan hy tings arestgyl gtingk. beer a hey ey ll tgsreget gng ett be ainy the econ te tt,tt tal nghe on abt he aki oer aftal ab be hg swninnemoyme wasi oft 7.8erce andowbeswit iem ovmeas pe ent h8ece hasndo t i thov mbernder 9pet h pernt, as don thk ppl whoh n't ve aerer job ller b, on thomfo ped atho th t u. i a b terb off bhan grcefo thor u. ity, e brffnrete, et eteet >>il: t h doeet ttern the >>: hoe er apoval ratthglthoh i
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hasinchapalat gho i beer s thit ch s, a h beeats allth a prpecte replicantsll caidat onen-on atpr tctsepca caatne on poin t now,t is a snshothat i in w, is all, but aoun wotldat i tnk he ulde wl,rseutff. w >>est: tell,he d rentl w thee st .uplef >> mot:hsl,hefact r tlhe hhe bee leammengo publansct heemeusin blsin e bly pulp tompe a con bast, an lpttacng tmmpnd i a hason t, work and i ac h t iotteas ngre iona reprklicand on i thr h heete. th nee d arenaepcan ominth wee nthee ain wgo toto oe wh oma. ngretoionaare r wlowe theyeed o. noreneenae o go e towe toeeyndd eoumbee wll probly so yto t at e way ef t provbeunti wtheyave ob s tay ovtieye minaon. neiland n a thiorm na. emoyee aidilshed nonsired filihirm a orkemee pdaceecompsiintd ov whalishe csiderkd pe want behmpior t hern caiovha een heas cde ruinghe
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nt reehaurar er asciatn. ai ho magi h ishiug getrengraor s heatan ho gis ca? >>est:heet w ll arehe umblcag onerma >>t: w e mo a morblonmaomen tat co c.ut mo a corarly then thol stcoy ointo pla clyuth oerol the xtst dainor theextla se oral e daeeks d ihext tkesel to rman caiheks he wasere a t hesaidto anai itase r aains to idbe en w lo thittory ges rnston. he as blonhalki aor bo gt an sai hh wil tophe blkinngki a abt itout thean aai h shppinil opforw d anin tey wa abtoit tempaturhethei aide s in is w l erwan ta devtati t h mpureide wevti h mpai. neil tnk youery ai. il tou chy markand ntiod whis goinon wh e rope rk andd we iovewh in w ependeparewe ror wi the g-20ar min rtersreihe 20eetginrs th allidetth tol grce wl b ozen tilrhey w agen a b de resc penn, so lwhaty thegere ade sayi we e tsc gogo p gio at heu ney eeciay ifou are yie go rectini t u y tms e undiaifhich e
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weive rein t y t thndchoney wee so, is y goethey tentlly fr bato , oe woe. no onfintnceyfr ba ve lat fdaywo no fi esetshe rd on vducaon aat f y matr wh ets wl benon topca a atwh i w be the aropfast mong devepmen i thdarstouldmo uveavelen or gate is wldk weill uel be g e wve sweturd goillt 100 a.m.e surda srdoi10 m.a ve sda secia looktve fedom re sia weok fom go ain, soplea wan n, us.soeaan s. >>nd012, wat hapnsto e>> y onheeft2, w try ape gu o e the on rit. do yft ow y gu o h? reheblicri y virnia gerno h reicira gno he. he
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ere'a bireas to wer yo higcholtero.. dangous aque hat n bud e'bi in asterio overtimeyo. igolrongs uet bu n riveme hi choster is maj facr. hiho er t thise otajr heacth ftors can so ctribe pla e othe frsn cso iibyou ve hh chlaestebulp. anany the otr heth ftors. i u hchte any he 's eotn mohe imp ftantrs to g youcholtero ere ur dtor nts. emompnt gouolro talke o yo d docr r s. out esto lkwhenyoiet ocd ex ciselonet arto't e ugh. en t addiex creseor cne lowar ebah.cholteroby uto 5. dire cow baolro u 5 d crtor pron tolow plaq buiup iartees. crr rotowaqui ite. crtor notight for eryo likeeopl wi liv dis r othtr yo or omen who e nuing,regnt, kepl wiivis.. oray bome egnaor.en o nu g,signle bod t ts ll cck f liv proems. or be na si bll y tr do or aut cothe fmediivnes rou'res.akin.. ydo a hedis reorinf yohave mule pn oreakns. th couor be yosignve ofmuerio p sidoreffekns. th ouase yourgnoctoofabouio idhife choster ... asurtoou hihoer .aqueuild... and creor irighfor u. ueld. d re you ian'tghfforr ur m icatn, ou 'tastrorenec may m ablatto hp.
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trecy bl h >nei theallsid n co dowbut thearri s dieihels n coow t kingheownrisi ndrengn ofwe occu walstre rrices re th wer bofckin custcuers aldre ic co ingther binsts co jgs. myuestas ford tocut j 21myst works whor toet barcade wen1 ocpy at herk mwhlk seetardeenafe, quoce tht m ste, dequinatthn pot. eu weat hgr forpohe baiers meown b causwee aone hwhoor es babaiersrsn ne y k n b avusds ae o e stet a t arba.rsne y >>est:hat av exaly st a tar it,>>t: t vexa ek but a 1t,30 the utbarrades a 1meownhe a ihave been rressmilg sce. n a wntve to s en ankouil t s .everne w w
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wto s k t er w w inlved the mor, tned commesion, th mr, preste t temsees w wentmmon th see yesrdayprndte i sid tse w guysenyou e k lingeeesay ie, a i s thinthey h rdysu mee kand ng thi is culd t h ae iney h hapneded hi c und ss eryon hagre tings e gog teapd punacef e.onre t gs>>ne: an thego t 2orke u pdefo lay onef?an e gues i 2 wi d evythike i n tod bilday o es mybusiwiss v cahi absotelyto bri bdhe ba. y thsi are greacasolyrieopl d reak oba threeareao ypl akodby otohem thuardaynd y fray a hol meo by tm fe, hu ythe sine cofrs aole bk, we t f art oinge mornecateong d b we ens d peoe cong t tngor the foteall y be s eontco t theth fo backll y >>il:be thheprobm wckh >>:thobhat w atis ty ca o bkp. t>>gut: wnyouca bre cose t gu w n oundu ro evyones ov ce sensndive thessu oevne secuvty a we ha tnse heikesu o have sa oucu h ave w to tat the te csequces yourvea tion hand th ao t e pacef c thequs urliceill t pon upd tth a pefhe
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cel ba picad. up bu teverody s too th ght hingba ad is isbuery ametoca. th you ouldeble tot expssng ur i vibutme . t u ldexp pcefuy. >>nevi: yot a t rigear grou zro pfu of neyo th aig partest andou z f you uld notthscap p tstat bund ey a u otdotleavg, tyillap tbu astayav tl tere, ma s d thayugh ewint epaking te,hema shh poinhat nt youinhing es i in woyt you?u the barerdozeng n com ioownou ey n'e lea itarilze aect n omthe sine. ngues tha a geaodt a t ques on. e ne esha concn g i n es. one usiss shncld b ipact bupeop shouneavesi sh the b rgh ct tbuop ouve fehe r exessi. im foverratel f everody exsi i volvifornclungte ery ilv the lu oplerom t preste wouhe ile spooom trteouesteay fimpo the vefeedte fhe ediaed amwhoia held. >>oil: ey weel mpattic. >> : gues the werwe >>atil: c.tit doeesheet er be safe is e wh>> a: oe lotbe
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feiswh of ople ngrete ot do youorry en pele s o that igle o re a do grooury baierspe s e at oro nbat, trsy ar eno gng n t toar me bck g li bore? >>gut: aotherood b estii, i r by one? theoli gu an aon ter citdfficls tii do r thonrighhe thilig, nd ian titic hpe anddo thay tghat evehibodyill i h peefulnd tndt lhe t ve dybusissesllill t bato peul tt sirmales l t>>ne: webaalke t a l peop who a ne y al thernewe ake t l opho a ne yt oferestaantsnd oths wh d not kow oftatsif ith wwhl dot e ker be bk if cowds ire sll wl the. e th do bif thein c tads s ses butth th o theyay whehether aerow s antheyutar tappy t eyis nothe er r w usins.aney >> est:pygaiot w ha ro tin >>ery t:ea beme ai wa norl. weaveo getusin sy bkbe to norm and eeoplor webackeoetinto b to rk. rmnd pl>>ne: i shck yo we m.k, if nei yoe m atin thankou ry muc inhein metime an whau s iuc wi the predentndmemehasridg? i wie e baredropnt cnot bridg jbs
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backaybba topsguy' cst rian wl. j ck reybblic t conessmordan y' re wh a w ater irea, hiconsm dasays an who ss er i o h own ysan joh s stsel o notwn a cuohfolling? st l is ptureot ausllg?wort a pre thoandrt a ho drds s
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dietesesti? 's althe me. noing angedi esti'al e .en t thi frstyllite® ood noucosg gete str. thi fryl te re, t itd'osnot nna-te tr [bee wo , itp, 't't s a- e panted frstyl zieeik™ deswon. ' d itpaust-ed fryl [bzih] t™get ese bl d? yeahdrewitt rit-t in [b t t the blst s rts st. you ed jt a ahirdew rithe inood oneouch® e ss .u ja de d thatnes dicheren®
4:23 pm
soreesle le attedi strens ma tesng.. soes l sy? tetrma grea cal orlick we'? senyou stri and a mer, f.e. eaal or ckee i goodwe 'enu rifrndstyllitemeest frips iod ca or ick day. fryltet ps car k y.
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>>ne: anherbrid a ne anr brthinnew fe io theid a oubl brinw ibshe an. ne gest i bl w ippi is . onne pla gtot eate wobs.pi repuican onla coressn ante chamon othe res.blic puanstudycoss n nmpet t, conamessm oereicjord.ud eton sm coressn, tisrdpresent' pay is gng bcockss to t nstrtiones pt'ojec pais g bdges b buo you nt totrono a peciffent plaibu ou >>gut: wl, ttoy wanhefft e. ai gu wvern tntanhey yoverent proves js d cates rnjobs eyand eer ttink the rivaov j ect ces creabss bsd so w tk putheva totherct
4:25 pm
planha eauild oso wha wuthe retoblicer conrenchas enan ld fosed o ha the lastre icveraonncs mohs h enfodashi ton,hest rand mo h n actulyhin, do comnenseax formand cotuonsensoomse gulaon rorm d coon rm d sensco ensrgy rerm a tlat rm co ns kes eyre sen. a t let' gets gvernnt oenhe. back of pvateecto and ett't a grn o amew kckf p cteduci fortoobnd cr ation ewnd ccirowtor >>ne: yo d'tcron lii pl thewtay y neyo d tlini i i pl shere y h wo t liin iours a s that is hheoli rurs a gues weat smemb an u is i eswe iorta. mbrepuicanango bk i toanua i ta th e puan predent bo he ste o the uaion thalk orent owerg s o corp atee nlk orateer mgking the axrpe co fair,an teave tos mng he elemts iour lanco a weai ing wnhe cporae t ra d tem ir pansona ra a awe we g cra alw a ralose on the p penaonalra a de tego ala sen siler,peal t fltersir, stemand ifhe pside l rwoulead t sta of e emd unifn unn spch he ge p ifde ul januady, mbe tre is ttaf room forun un spmmonrounhe gf but nu m tsomor insad
4:26 pm
heonun was tout focn me govementnse spe ing,morewato goocrnme m ve pntanni mo peverng,ntre picng wigoersmeands th pers nidoou rn cic picwis ds sondrar whatth havs ed y he cic wasso torao tattav rou ye vsus t ou ofwaothe ttway andouet t v s priv e seouorofe wo.ynd t big ivse vernnto.penng ge ig ou w woulrnbe oen forge a ou wul long oime thatfos wh t govnmenha endoin ng >>neme: bu that sat thwh r to tov en t two sesin to find anebuat thcomm rtoroun th t le t sn ofoureeknd t ao fi mmun le tn omm urek tiroun onacki $1m tllio or 10 un ars onspenng. ki d th is$1 jt tio o10slowg the s owthf then.pend g. ths no jowhecutt gthth athin is i fndr tonoay f thnexttt ye a orin s thi i fo is fkindthf xt stus quo?yer shi >>est:isell,nd w hosto? not lo, we have>> 9t:erctl, w o unploynt, d weaveot lo we debtve norcqua tounoy, wee g.d., $bto trilonuaeb a.d $5rill n il econ ay, tt a b pleto 5 bell weon tope hop we bean eeuild o wh. theopwe reblictudy comtteeasld owhe do reut,icdy caom beelanc and
4:27 pm
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4:28 pm
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4:29 pm
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4:30 pm
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4:31 pm
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4:32 pm
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4:33 pm
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4:34 pm
ilis lo hi wou ctain be eaki ik intolo hiou cinbe hou. he gki a toetfou g gief. whdoes gernmt do is? i' g suf. a whes g inmtentns a d goodlike ? i'su a i ynt a odke menonut, y y? hodoesten gt, hoestut-o gcontl >>gut: t potici's-ont instct st got gu t eleoedci at is my st jo ot passorele la. no imyo sse ae no praes e thor we realinrah we ls. lino ban dreinny ligerha l ha entnotainganigfeat eshant in causa ki mht staat re. d itus couki m haen.ta t wh aout eeopl . wld it oumakehesehahin. a wh ma atthe pl lds wnd ke tsein aistiaeand s mket tthem theyre ati outof ad mtob. wonemr hy wey a haouhigh emplb.mentthey on ke wha psinggh 80,0 pplesntey of eyou png ,0 pf u -- n rule >>ne: weaveurwn-- n rul ab t b ingile neweve lhterul >>gut: iab bvegi see ler tha
4:35 pm
neilguthat i stateefha libty is ilatatib l hteris gues yeou pl herrm l er bu it dessn't workeecauwe p er ayedith itbuit d't soorauuch. >>ne: s th edhist t orectn wegoh. th trne t so th slowt t do actwehtr tinvaably ow doey a trto rn in,valyand li rtarns cer rn,n, ad you li knar, ye c byear, aou sil knhaveyeorey rularr, leslatns s vee rar weaveeat re req remesveor keing u theris s ppinkeg gues not sosa er f r, mae sin esoto fa w are bennin theew e but w e evson beidinhe nheural e ut prresss orev gn ernmt to n al bryond libepryss el g andnm o th is yohat hasbe apped. nd thneilsand thtas stuepp. liilrtydth lhter sue wonrwhat li y woulthinifwe l erd aon at je erso ulin ight. >>est:t isjesoht iuiti>>.t:t jeffson ghtay, we gues i iti cld see ffn owty, ke migh sees the couseee o fre
4:36 pm
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4:37 pm
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4:38 pm
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4:39 pm
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4:40 pm
eari hem. no e kns th i'meari ythanm.elatm ri m. ll..o knth'mri th .. o trthemree r 30ays. treme 30s. >>il: d a ngreman nts tax tras, b ngin >> : tax a re an ti s axwe edra cas if y b arein ighx a a ittiis alys gdoas ha yre y ish n a itthetime tryal gd it,a tough yis n eme >> est:ryt, we titgh wi not g into>>t: eect tiwe 2i3 anoti th gk ito isime e t ut t 2an arsthnotio iere.s e a t talng sabouio reee. po ts aalou e pohereit wlave re w fectne ct adin a bigmpa in on hh lume.ig >>nea: th don tding h cro at ime wha tis is neth i dende to tngro i stha? t ors mea trais ideoone st or ea
4:41 pm
t>>guist: welhere ane ve prinen guelre ae ecomis pren whocis sy yoho get syo t reiingn volilit i beeveig 1,0 rcen tenolit timebe ove10 yes,,0 d, i en en ll rse mon meve toye iest in i ther he ron reaecony oro i plt toin r uceer oueaeficon aor plo reou deic whi a shodelp the ma ets ade gohi fect on tho p hemark andhate d oma wis to cton t rerknue.nd t >>ne d: otrwi tounies i euro and ance heyaveree. neot aun s i vaatioof t s rond ancetheyeyree not f aing vallio taney t fg cinde. >>est: wl, y cdenoware >> t: w we yowe fing o we all cinde f?ng >>ne: out ill what cenvidenmen?we m ht haneblow i uphisha weend vi ween mcoul havha ow eece sdefatinghis week, andwe ulreav youce cefangs ang w andndou wa tu c andaiseranctio wa tax r wteveeaso inseanioax 213 w veaftethe ectihicsonis 2 mine do teu the kti nic is t
4:42 pm
timeo advate this nne th ns dic t medveis rl ecomy? >>icest: ablute. its cy? >>t: taboismte toit pu inthe tsm o rstpu volnil spelatie t troling ichhispeti is theyropo ltrg hs nis bes eypol pnts for rope blans aerma. p s >> il: trho pens a ings inma >>: coress gsin votili ? co yossgivere inrestinvoli yove fectg howalltree condints ist busess at y cthollee n't ooknd an i suss how you couctyour that stkan the sow cotur at farhereat wrr notf wa reets trangnar at a sh b w tethewa youetre inra ru toa b penheou >> iest: cam fro ruheo for th molyen re>>blict:s,am rospeang i f avororeic of ea i a bancedor dgetmenent th of nstitionhichoted a f ba edin etent th995 and wetionch balceded fhe budg inhe 19995sndith tweeald into tax idgreasn whihe 99repusicanthdidot t repl, to ax iashi en, e pu ranpubldanefos anep a cu inhe , rblfoan lecun l0's.
4:43 pm
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4:44 pm
ey dul'tvenow were toit wthtell peop to p thedvs, mon dhatow w ise stolethell ople opo p whohereonat lo valiste leho invtors --.loal neil wa wa nvitrsou-. talk to ilwaa filklityo andi.roty nd pre an >>guprt: ce onoman-. gu con me o in 193hey sid itould o desty93y sitldheecony whe st fdr doled eonheaxes ahe sdrck maet wt up bdocausd e threales a s ma wup busth alonoman thetockarket ed to rate. neom newheckke t re. --neew >>il:hatas methg cald wod wa i not>: aat ansathiontax.alwowa i >>gut: t w had sanhatx. hrou gu worlwar iintil wadt966 aou we rlr iild tilreast eonom th66 a rld esver se .d t >>ne: doea y eomthhonely inkd r e thupti we hain nedo t ymarknes wak a rsult th tieatax t ork wa rlt trsactn txde o a not methtrgct cal td wod wai? >>est:hat a amot s
4:45 pm
ingthg isalwowa buil>> 9t:t mgrea sstgs il onominea e wrl wihat t thr ghom 66 a wi ppleereat n thrradi stf a ahousd te pee ndi asst aeconus tthises a geat onom weaveson is gt omee toy, weed bs. weeed js andtowe w eddo inve. to eated jnd jo . neil ve cooress nteyou say uwanto. jo i guailnteeyoucossu ay is, riennt yjo i uacreaeeu the ost, fen y dng ea estusins o fanyne i dhisin o envyonme - i >>gut: t jobis crtorsre nv medoina g -at job,gu tob rht?crrs >>ne : th jin g b,eato are rt? dog areat ne jthb. j yorais tax ndto tret doaat j yoisaxill t >>est:inl --ill>>t: into raed tesnd w h-l 3 to ra t w h peent ploynt ande g outfpet ebt.oy >>ne: bund ie had g noth gt t. wit werinebu i thead thvest it xes an i entri bamhehat h st nothg to s an int doamat h wi thto th admistraon yooareellii
4:46 pm
, yoth are mirayotellge meli thoh, yore congssma youllgareme yooho smar yo angmaou yooe s art ar asyome aat raisg staxes is goin toas ises linad ttoconic tuatn th l is t betr.on >>gut: wl st et satuldth s y fo thereal ecoetmynd reco ry agu w stu sd wi f ndfohe malco co aviewi th k,youwi f wl find a in ewthu wlin the a majity. neilyou crea t cohe aj y.of ilingu ea t busess. o wes wwill wt clely, g us s.ngre man,lwaywegood woll wcly, ha reyou.n, ay odat ii to u wh haphans in 121 hu.s a iotto of whatwh happaps wi thiin gu21 h o onat pp wituesy? hi gornorgucdonll i hone. an es gooron i h n t. an n [ gg ] straerrbana! g ] [ le aounc ] f a ooth witrealruitrar na us vgie tritn[ anc f a th itw v8al-fusitn smthie ve it cod'vead a8. v8ussmie cove a thesdogsake tooarly yoknowhat
4:47 pm
se isarly esgse ooly medi re yoopow enrt lmen isly no di th ugh mbop 7thnren can sti wit o med are noan? thh mbth sune!ti it o fineda nee plan?ith bett covage,ess st su inneanh ttove,s or th. medare ans ve y fe caer seenis . edane wells ss v yits fca sandni0% o n brd-na preriptns anll vs nden y o're n brthna dourenut ptles 's pt of ye heethca law thout so 's te toook, mpa... pof hecaaw ttok, pad t rig pla foyou. lea morat 1 00-m icarch t igor ladica .govfou. eaor 1-mar caov
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
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4:50 pm
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4:51 pm
fisc hly wveespoible co ervascveegiatur tere poleorewe can coetva ne ingiur te viiniare >>ne:an ob ousl seahin viia ne:obslea cuing verne cugis er fusin on wt yre in if yr ate, fin he w y gat proifst yote agnst eside,t oba. ving sd ghat iroase agt idob ng s d cauredheat itteion ofrome my ancahased soten o ying you d mewhatou smy yoan wstso doo a ng yoplan do do atul s lo ayo w theo ne a runng ano lo ahe ma neunahere >>gut: welhereandites eorri how guheyel wll get ediominsionot wheori theow nnineymate w but nin nporttwh potheand in areteoing tss. at t he reblic rtgovepoors d soci ion,ree arng ttfocung reonicve s rnindown hecin,arrheticcu fosed lvin robinwnet fod inobrobms a keepg gornmeimid aob a ttli the budt. thatepsgo meatmi gvern as lidohe ud weave reats of that g irn shinon weoulde in ee b terof shapat inneilwhatweldn yo brthin o ap e last ilat legaons ag nst
4:52 pm
yormanin ca allla unpgaven,sndagt an ca u g thll ia anphirdn, wman want to cme g foardthand ia ard wlkn jusnto kn c thefollegdionsd a the port and we kn usitnheomeegns a e her nrt cand was wknme creeddin ercaas is eein it ir the isritisms? t>>gut: wn y runforhetis? gu w yunrhigh ofcegh yur r ordof is y rdseali wi scriny. the poplefli irgia awi ericcare aoutcry. tw e plefgi a icre atw this. whoetshe natnbackhi oto wor dtsatckowor t cut defitnd debt t ut chacte iefsues are leva an hey bt h echte iesre va toeyave h mer. haveoto foveowediterlose ve foenoued. >>il: is ver ely onse d ino y d ou n >>: serocus eon priidenal pls yt n us has t hupr herenn pcain nhe poll soas f hu butersin mre llo com f t maeut e mppose wl
4:53 pm
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4:54 pm
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