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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 2, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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pl neay a mongo ts babyirl dappepled feam heron ts ho. toght, e ar hearbyg whl dpeer fm er pants wer ho rea y dtongt,ararwhhe pa ser nitea d ltle sa iin ni vanied. le i ni fo.this wedsdayight repuic canfodateisedayor psideht ringarts t eacpuante oer. p deherm cais cam ignngtsts noac oblam.g th e iretrmaiamn onois seamal hthassm et scetdaln a o rivacandate, the exasse hsmscl a gornorrick vande,heerry as ju lisn tohat h mangoorck in'sry ju misagerto sait hninut ago 's "spial port merai >>heutgoctio of sphel rterry >> campgn aiofry descabl rick errymp and hesbl ckryampan, h e hean cnnd his fil papolo. tha she cnisain'chieof f sff. whalo. doe richa pern'heie s go.rnorrom t ashaave oe dic er th a o his?goor m tll to ue erstd, y nee to a kn theacs?tory oheyell ust y ee. yooalso eed knoknhe tt todryyl yosod no t thiodomanccus hman hi inanhe hn frorunn
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or g. esidt ofronn sexlly harsing her. e teids thofssocteexy prearng shwork for t r. atiotelth stauocnt aociaon wren shrmanrk caior was run tng ttio asciat n baau i aia w t anai 199as.un tshe aidas hatmanba c tn mad99 ed hn c xual subadctiv comnts o ge uresalr subethiiv. heoms mtion oeold oth sgees h shi he atacti she masonndnvitdth hher tis c poraattihe apament thisomanit lehe r t oer crapa nt accu rs iisan leepi her odenty seet f no cu i pi wehoulernote tt snt s ssehe fno ver led aweulte f tmal s comaint s d ner rec vedr ad ainanal flomnt ttlent. ne r coue, ject dad agoean lened o otr wen le.had ou jda aclesed ot wd hman cai o ac sually rassg th in e s hen teai o sll peod. nce ssen tthn s candate tas niedexua ype. e t hassiante anyo. heays e wo n faedelyua cusehim. h sithe wyeror ne fyo he thos wofay acsesersm.ays e as fered a hoquesto a bre aacrss co fidenalit a es are a agrment hatcoenit even herromiscuing at rllygrntapped. t inn nterenew werhmhe "cue g waingt pos " th rypeawye iner w " sa : iiswaustgtosth fstrangye thatermaain isa it gng fra arod
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ba m thinatman the i gro twod ba min compinan andy cheients ockeby awo condentlity mp an ndreemt. cnt hover, soue cle to ke aonntty the em accur saho sher, iouclto actlly rectanheto ce fwardt cusahe i all. ct yor hern ca rean c frd l. ercaain wasn a arou d.codayn toas crt a publ watc cwhatapped afr he etbl up wh se.e dtorsn tcatpe afhe viinia ther wwas ppos to s ns drs nferce. vi cleialy d n't ers oso lik som nth qutionthe er. rleorte dt weikom quone r asteng. w leteay ohing maka as. setteme. o -- at'snghat i'moing t aka lk smebout >>e was to - 'st'm talng t comn. >> aingeut all >> owaftohese othalom ques ons aat ygll all sious ose th out,kay? es s don' yeven b aher. sus >> is a gd t,uestny? houg n' enabou br. t ia gstnug conoudentlity t >> wt diionntty wdiay? exse m >>xcus? exe. >> a ty did m of crse, us w>>kingus ay a don't t meahisid ontr cersye,s w nggointo g a dotea awas carltrsyamme n in g ourainwa m on rl methe mpai tilsurollong n th fors mngain e ai tonig. lo
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expl n tosthor win theain mpaiig is poiplinto winge athe n the rryampan. ais theoiare fgeriget e verypa we kno hee.o.p fri csultt hi me ier kurweno.p andson clthiho i acallyurorkendnor hman acly cainkeaile h2004nenatid and w wor in fle04at d erryor priden fal b. cainays befedrynder npren b rson ly oin thes exua ha bssmeedllegionserack on i o he ua2003 urinhame cn's senegensk mpai a i 03in tha csenndern i ai thsour a ohistory buthaer i thmr. urders hasssueas ry utatemt deinghat dectl . rs as ueand ctradting em cden'sgt dtl sertn th h d cadng cs mr.ndern, habeen rt brithed huote iad r. erver ard y ofhaen theri altegatis unl i ad tmn r d ofhe potico nor ales atithinuni rei tmn m po co pres -- ir the a preinrehang my m opinnhat hma cai es is iereng ay ou tand g mainandnt h genaiemans h ae gre ouespendmador hmanenan and hs chacteandrepe hn wou d nevechspeateilld ofim. r th recoud the veeal o mmunatio dirtor .y th ecsulldanheaslso so issd un aioirr atem t llayinouoteo n oness a in oampan w invemved in th sto i ate nne o w
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nvy cld m to tthtoontr ays w pately f secl to th tfirswe lrnedtr of is en w read tte ftory ithrs ledf liti. s al wor w notadg, t shery i tt ti perraidsalaveorot beeheuick t t int t th man rr rdsneyeee ck tpporrs he cle t than r tieyto e naonal oresta hantcl sociion sgestg,erha ie th the rnaneyal camtat srted cin sst is.ha eythhe ryam sooeddamaly . enyny fierprts a anyma sponybili any >> spardthisndern guis on lino t o fy reptedonneion s herd rishter gu >> wl, t oeprdnen heoten ral onneion w en allneed bn t cpaig wion iaeryll bel t kwn cig wi po isterho wyked rhe k natial rtaurt asciatn ba inpoerhe w 1d 0shenain wti ruras at banharg 1 day nlson said hn w pernall wiesserg cn's y onailleg hlyerll apprriat behaor awidise c s ma othsegt natnal prat ha astaunt aocia onmathventt atl wion iow aauocia adiaithnt thpro-wirry iuper aia ph. sohe cn c paigsaystho- tyt,er too,sroof p so tha cerry cigys i t behi the uck o,of ring.ha rylsonas als issue d hihek stemensayi r hg. ner sai on ls anhingueo thpresorny o stenyi h his nientandai howanngthes the o sry s ntrfacd mayot bow as imptant he
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asow i s end ac sheay b scainnowsempneednt tas i endhisnd on. he e fi t vo s arinws iedight t ndweeksande isn tal ng a.ut fivoar i suesht he i talkekg abdtsnal a es i prolkems.ab >>hepa: no 9-9 anyrore.s. rl amme>>n,pano-9 thas. h maain ime haadinthe publ fsld. we re hlts en mos iyefor ine bl f. res ose seal hassmt or corovey bre. thpolls serom hsm covebruinniac th ll univsity he gms0% onncuppo whi ivty mi g romyrail wpoh3%hi wh h isutsimi theomargiil o w ror. wh isesi thihe mtgi o poprhoic ople sayr.g the donhi kw m opwho ey wld pkic o hav n leayheon k swer roun ng oo the w p rt o o theav n t er un ohe r ohe nten trs, wt ggricick en, pey a gick tasongrsman onpe a tgr an pa. sueme urt r oba. 47%pa appvesue t ba. whi 4 % disove. pp at i mhiked 4 impveme is e.fromast ionth thmarks m gdned bacmpme omt som th ound thrk t gay.dac goodit o iomfter wond day t . undi aft od o our ier01(kaylans dio thftgs hapned.ur firs theed(k chamanns tay
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th apd. exesse rshehan t omeexse md oimis abouthe onom recer.e m and cond good o nisbers n th oue om jobec f.nt. d nd oowordro n thersthayro giajo a f. at p vate rdectorhe js inroheia s. r ae pteto jy 11in000 las mon . r th's0% hherhan110as onomonts redithed. e rert s hs mor ofn tho neires om we indi.mall orer smofho diumne sizes wnllompaes. o at ns um pizhedheowpa. coonen np 17 pd pois, n daqcoen &p170.oi e fedhairn he nq ood edirhe ne/badewewsonfenced toy. onherigh ide neeaded isfe e taki noctioon tto on eghnomy e dayecau i it' rowikioio th tgh emy swly. ythe aud net' fedwihairn th b bern ske py.dict g th ecoe myneed willir gwo b me rn pctth thaco 1% t s ll gyear m and.9% ntha 1 yea t ar bothnd of t%se n forastsreea abt aull thf terceageorts poiaba wer lan t las eimatce. e th fedlsoredioied r tas unploynt wld eallat th iedoodi werunoyhan wl% by ihendf r nen ybyr. metimeith ne eurean onom y memeh teeting therinkf diurstern omonig, priden obamis hding o
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etg henk fnce dierig wprhen am hng meingseade fe w orld 20megsde gges enomi. th calldit0 es-20. emi eparthg taldepa forhe 0. tr. ar t pa ropesortrugingight ytr. thugh maj peeague dtugght cris. th theh enteof iall aj the gu na don oree. cr. nowe havhe allte il he eenna oheee re nt rowtsav ill anens. eurepean r lders oered as. reeceu an 177 lliodoll lrs blout oo ed he kee aec of 7 iollurop but aoat.he ee but a me a thafopas at. t in mriat manleadshacros eupe, e pre inisrin ofatanad gree sayoshe wl l eu, pr hisf pe le d ide ee aay woteheth l to aepthe h oneype de eand jtthomen agoe tey gman d jen anceor aela terke sai gdn th rerenm wod ce a aessekeiallbe aotain hethth ren wo grce wl sy in sell aheth euzone peri, shgr w sin sai of crse,ome eunerithersh gman wmakais acc ed t ce,ereek oer g nving rakaxedccttite t tardek ng work r ed greeithas tdore gec has rkre p lic eesolids ae elier gas tire nt a p andcid a srterork e er ys tn ma oth re and cntri. s buerherek i the t rma. th
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europn fanci cri csri i bu re not lyhe the r proem t's ourop fci prrilem s a v iy big t ay.hero besuse erur pr hm cup v inigurop . cahave a dirbete eect the h pock rketandnop cave oir et 4(k)'he k etddll. th sai thehite hou o ss 4it i)'not feri any kd. fthaihe te ounancl sailo. i edt ri hnyry k is t whi nc hselo ve f ued honig. s itind eems thi le hhe f u esidt's ignds reit td dms lere, ed. >> id shes s c ttaind. wepokee,o . >> dheocracenat cin we jeke shaenoday who sai look d ra ereats n too muc hejeha esidayt cahoaio. oo c e e nouraoouc eurea id caaderto wk ou thi c deb e raal b he canurorce er weal.ouhi the herebrobl i when bouean cetalkboutl. baiuts. e u.e rbl jt i densn't he th e lkut ainey s. hel e ope j now d't h th like cna, e pside wily el ee ow ke c, pde il see predentheren e fnce. the ct o theatte crenantsren egtoretep fe. ue o mbehe putomete c sh othe egablerep e amican ucan'do mut tet. o neerthess j carley the am anwhitn'hous skesm t tod w qunek toheush jaracknheny it us ggeson t st chsma wiod be w tang tqutohk ld at es t tchwieummi ta an tthathe u. wilakeome lat so o tackst.mi anat uilee so oks >>he fus heris n on
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whetr or>>ot ferhe n chinse et orvolvhi lv theelve---fus i roperobl tha reqres aheve-f i pebl ha euroeqan ssutiofor ich e euroans hav ero sio tr h resrces rondsav t es caescity nessa. >>nd ts has caty rl nsa >> co tequees f ouras viers. on rof t rsons tha co fedue fur b onerna te r cnsedha for soedfhose ai blow owthna cnumbs yowereor mtionsogassew th mb yoropere deb csis moneighg downur enomysell, peeb cshep.ghg wn>> sparda he eing my capoll, llurinwhicthep. srdheg ap inlayeice ye sa tre i one sa thi. t ev iybodneis sing y c't e eureanshiorkut evod a sg ebt c e ural.ns the kper comtteet h thksging tcomep wi a. e rdebtea herin tom unieed h atesth gi tone me thewi a expts tay war dbt er if t tyni don get ts es dea l bye hexp t ar anksving on c itol tonet ts hileay okouks ng cthinol cou get aotilworsin the rld mar ts.ou inouetrs e dar. if we tin wre onth
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e 2d. twe wl on beren towin galinen th 2 mar. w theonrobleight now tin is en u ta toganeth darocracnd hebl ht owpubl lears os capil hi ta priote oin draubli the bl eaare opihiery riessi ostic authislihe epeommiyee cin togher si ic a a dl. s th's sethi to mi crealog watr in dermsf thethmpac shio on wor al markat. >> lotinfms pfsimihe on tactnor fronrk ed>> henot at e whe pousemin t thks. r we s,on ennvest gatowh inse nsas c y, mthsour. hav bwen esarchtog fo i thi nfanas w c murav bsappred theiddlof t ch fo nit, o thahis than w ppd hedl t ni ohath sry. now areetti a fler picte of wha sctua.y w re tihapped otheight f sher ctof ha disauaeare weave etaipp oehtheadnhe the st o the sare eai eveng'sad nns frhe e oeournistsf fo nsnve's nfr th edneay f reprnt.tsfo n thne f ep coratution cotuon ngration day,he cy ofharl te n usverin tenolo raon y, c oftorlnspi binsesus rito cteservloener topid mointor ssts. crver kingommutiesreen... coratution mor s. . an builngs ng valmublees ento t. botcom litu...on whoa anils ale totli.oa ... theeoplinsi the coratution
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sherd: en aost mont now nce ybodhas en lile b y lishe as : r as wt nt w e od s kn. li fothe rst me w b aiss w arni kn fohate t her w a fatr sae w onniheighthet er disaeareat sa the rentof a onhtow 1mont sa red li rwine nt a vishe-- 1nt wel e liin vanhed fm her vhe criel insi
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heihome iissoani, od f mthat theerri sry. si eisearme tea i heso sco oed he athe s cy ar areea he cocombg thugh odsnd ka c paollire lak. co say tmbythoundh s nhing no sipa of lie lileakirl coay tll.nd n ng olicelsoay ersi pf entslil stped coo.rati wit the ceo p ts inveigat n. st hedmoth teloong fti newithe she was unk n veat he boxthel finew the s knighnlisa dispear andhaox she may he t ghsaisarlacknd eay out h now are heang timeine ck of wt oneutourcays eallw reea t wenteowne tha of w nigne.rc e chsfll f rntortnha corrpondigt jothanunts ch fhere rt tonht rrnd tajo us anrougt tt lin reon tas ug t ofin thr acuntf wh hapned at nigf. >>eah, t whthisaps frd a ig >>h, unned srce ao. isfr alledly i filiaithnn s ewhathey oldheops.llly i fiah wi atyhose cavdots.s. re iwhateould wiold.seav ats. 30 .m. iateld td. fatrat .erem t irn lees fork atat emstarcks. e mirher,le f draktradl ps sa i nar hs. mr, cri d dlarou 7:0 p.m., she i hegins rismokg an dnkin itou a:0.,he ighbin driing okan dinllegly hbrig twee5 and0eg gssesf wine
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atee0nd ges o ne0 p. at o bra adle tlshep.eighr sh i goi to ed.a le the ighb teave gh th atsh ioio. e hbve 3:4 a.m.tht remyrwininiss:4ork,m. dr esmyin hominds theis fro dok, u ocke thedrightomn,dshe androaby ldoa uissikehe atht whi int d caly the lsiolicthi onothe poi t alheorth makgic debra onradlhe'soi bther whoth akbougg winwither ibr tdlt b nower ho faliar ugurveinlancth vid i h t noowalso b nfaar queioneby tvencid lice h vunta ly a he noso b uene no te'reol at ceis pnt vta ae no respect p >>hepa: suly iestitors ve hrd ts sty, ightec? >>ne ssum>> thepasu i istirs n h tst new ht his. >> soxperncedum invhetigars s ar n sayg ishatheew pnt s. re isohereerednv wga aray neiisbort p inki ith ire deb wradl.eir en thakiheighebr shld he beendl intview b opsha aghsh h h eneithntew corborad ors aefut h th braor bradleyor clas.ut and fmer a bey fbila dettiveold med fr rlietodabiif t motr wasetvede deed unk, tn ieda tot isas muc ed le likk,y in tis min tt she is s inuclvedn bab leikisa'insin the in eddisaearaabe. ta a lten.
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a' if e wha dnk and hesara ta ln. f w d nd acdent kild ba acntilba lis at wheoingo dwith the by i a kinis f wng d sithifict mane r? i a whe wain sheoing to go? and si ticnk athisanointn wh wame thengo traing dogso? d wou t a isnt ha takhe tolicragog toure. >>haak n it'icorth poiingut t .ce aga, athis in n thet'th oiparegs, aordi to e cs, ga ate nos he coorati. rethat adi doeo caise red nolags foroo ti me lataloese expedts a a wgsleor t ofaren lxp a a she w she rd: of sheasenrunk jothan ht, thenks ry uch. he : hethe stic dartmt ofnkcial are yingjoheyan h ts wan theh. e theic dtm deofils al all stue ntsng iyan ahe he al amde schs ls.ll tuit'ss p it ofhe a fedase al chains.the 'state pof ntrorsia iigraedon le at ty aynsouldete cau somro ia ikidsrao dr l t. tyld wee toauomheir a ingdsdr schl stris wh we ltoge hirpani agch commitieinfo atiori w incling ce a nat lna hni iginmms weie asfoio clg w atherat englh is inwe thes priry wer langge. glmes is stunts o hahe ri thdrn andateonhich thng dro.ed o .s tu s ha fedal udgedran hastech strk do thro orts a bamaed lawgehatas tr redoiredchoo to port the s mber afma sawdentthose reedoo o rt imhegratn stus iin a
7:18 pm
erf snt ki ofsequeson. im atrd cste i a tay of ki af hegroes . ot c t o horo rease ddly on rse d y o agts. mothmcveh inired theyourtocumtsetaid agthei.r t stedthlanvein to,ed eyuotertum saveheai ceintry t edand n the ho,chedtte ve allt cry d he h a ed wale hou. straht aad oll ft wa rept.ou ra a o f ep ate eakft angot artbn, trd d thiweek
7:19 pm
e kfant so iook tb hea tburn dillhi ekd so antids. ik ea rnwele ha ng micansoonignts. sonoth pilthen weha manig soth ilunenss w eat ter, thenill ter? if get sna nowpillow? un wip tt snar,, pi laten...l r? ifetnaowll? tnapiat. te dner,l w? ag i'vgot artbn my ad. dr,w? [ ma annncer ag 'v t op ttb madss o treay ng. freqnt hrtbu. manner tad oea eq h's sbuple th ploseotc. se p see llc. day twty-fr ho llay ro hrtbu. tw no-fearthorn i the rst ace. eat. hbu nort ie t e. t. malennouer ] bli tas tes ev raguss ose ego. ego?but ve blen buoung ]gu f yeali. ases evags e o. o?t bbu fea thinng ] wonr wh oth estiablehoic i'vmade in ]onwhth tileic'vde [ '8 dan mus pla ] [ sis ] '8anusla malennouer ] ooseastechoo pre. si] leou ] seteoore ese gs we upoo ely! you ow wt el
7:20 pm
is ely? e wup e! dica u open wnrolelent. e? now cathro h demberenth.olt. n itick ith old edice plw? rodeer. sur ick h orldind icnew plan wh tterovere, ls co r ord w w erer lco bo. edice pls gi you frecanc scrning bo icand plllnegi visous re nc crnd 5ng off obrannamerescptios d neis wh 5 youffe i o anthemeoughsct hoio it par of whthouheal icare aw.eghho it timto lk, copare. itar thalre. itim l co anrechoo theightlan for u. earnore 1-8 -medanareoo he ht mencare ov.r rne -8ede mere.
7:21 pm
sherd: havto bw th whol bldin he l: e tiavthy bth veigol b inthosare e wor o ltiy fou spec who heig edsose or o acce oou echo planngsn okhomaity slecc o atta in lant and ther an okma ciyes. se fo menre ta repn tedlntnder ci . me ers foenorthepdl carina mitia mes th gro. ara ea beten tmia asf 6 aro ea andet t a 73 accoing 6 invtigars t ay
7:22 pm
trieto gnd theands on 73 cog nvga t ie g heploses awelldssnicin inveigats oslaim all in confenti infmant dro arvend aatantasit oim susct nf astienfnt scodrout ar ataeder o buusdingthatouse the irsasndco e buau oer abuoholngtoeatsehers tobco d bu o firrms. aole thatob spect wif clsirs. the at argeboloaayin her sctif csbanserv inhehe nav a gewoulloneve doiner athino h tanrvn avs a ulveo coury. a in jo hthan sriesn ur ou .soutast wsrojo tanight se nathrand's o the utt ro tht rampe. th werthin crt tnday. o heat w mp ther t c t. w wor th appredefor a fedal tor gist te b entthed nppd pleor ed sang tyeedemoreimeo st b prntare neirle c es sa ttwo y thedeare re chaeef pre r consring co o uyhee ha illal ex osiv ns dngicndll silcer. othe tex aiv d crged witilr. nspiheng t t a me cedit biogica toxi wit pi a tn m aegedlotioca t xiit adepl ric in aedtt lstive t u.s. plicn cies. bondeari is le ched eds. for c eek, ndrishep. ed sheorrd: is w all xtk, acrdintonvesgato, at p.ast, ased n ahe: nov wll o acin someesing?to at yeat,ed ov an o oine meg? n elalleea an oe n aolve le
7:23 pm
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7:24 pm
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7:26 pm
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7:27 pm
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7:28 pm
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7:29 pm
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7:31 pm
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7:33 pm
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7:35 pm
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7:50 pm
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7:54 pm
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7:56 pm
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7:59 pm
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