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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 2, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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m have ange o hds. d rs eve mbodyhoulav ligen u ge h. vedyul >>igill:auti u, yoare out ent theo sp ze, t fact beg>>s rl:httiyoe nowt nthesp z t cteg r ow caionsy clos caponinserves cans osapinrv >> ill: i, i bil 'reiy. than foratchg u >>l:onig boeises r anorchinhes. at ithe bjecof tsig. bo s enins taing intshe m o. ie ec tw w inta leag thats the m morage w eaha agciesredd macheor andeanni mainusins wi the agesddfedeacl nd nivernnt p dmainwihe almt $1millden in bones t rn t pir to ecutislm $1llinon t i t 2 at's entiutra becse tho i 2 agcies urre'slywe traecho eric t payeag uesre all o t ic tye ull o us $14billn. le me 14 llnnieae lend feddieac oep ie fie o 141illi and dledut 13illi in 41lind d bduses las yr to t ir13lin besas y tuys. th is y th fedal govements ouof conol.s. th
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fas ie ath fddieedre nventou gornmeon a.ncieper fa se, ahey fie e pr nateompaes gome b the aiere,y recee suort om tpre fedpaal bhe gornme. taxpceer msueyt tnedubsies and gome ans. xp m whesind hse corspon nts.d wh nr ask j h caryboutor iton stery. sk jar >>uthereits a rort t ter fny d fddie>>rea rt t fartilarl frede ma f tieir topive ficeti gotrl sedema tonusop ie ce2010ot thes sare stitionshatus ob iouslgot 10 t paye rese itnsailots. the obsl orgtizatns te tye lo entiesre hendepdent rgand,at therere, ey a depeentenes decions ep ntthe ite used, isre, a petotecns nvol de e e sd no shod it be.ol nohoite. bil wro, wi all due re ect. ile whroe howie shllldue bs trag a talrengt. whointhossh is b agal congssnt ssulduspe fane e ng a freie sdac. weon'tpean the are ey a. oorlru't anciehe a rtinrl arica a ie get df tm. ifhe fed alinoverent aca t dants t toif siaed jusceertphunlingts erictos fo shous doiustunng undethe ngre icfousoi n f mfla
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dee re outfs r nyncomtent f la tent now,tfhere rreheccupwallyomnt stre pro sts nten i w, comreupllo faie m reros a i freieom m. y ar't tyarchg ifa m d.c are agai mt the peoe. ar t ch milon i ionus.c tywe aitheeo il i41 blionus ttheywe t peoe thoney. u wot se he bonccup rs d ey teo ththey no. wocaussetheyant e fsup d t th ve ppleo. husses.ey t fbott line on t thi pe hs. s ryttin nvernnt wtehi connues unchked. sraxpar dol rsrn weingones ushe way.chd. thre arpasorol manng smso th ar out--conolanitua sons o waingt rht nowt's t- on possle tkeepua ts ck o wagt rows th . ss t whep a t o dgrac at'sheth whemo. now r top sry dac 's tight o. ime ithiw t the s occy wa stet tovemhtt. l ove thehiount the csccwa ve tir hstdsem ful ov>>hent t pole c cfirmhey re t h inveigatg atul lst oneol c rmalleytionf aveaultat at a ma l tlsne leox 4on sheas alt a roed a tapednside o of 4he thents friy a ed>> yid cano oof th mtscyriig hos tal. y aney he a fulrape mosl. h aul kpe. whateally mes mead k i thi atis sllposetoe m ae gd ihi
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sganisetion e itsn't it a cck. g 14- ar-onion g l't it c ass.lted the oupy4--o dalsamp g sit ss thedsuspt ahe oyalpegisred xit offether.sp t inderand ugisd aicti. i d profeem. witerd ysel ati i t athe sroe te, it' it puttg al theeleopl i at s tt' dang . ttal thhe t splual i aaultoing ng. th're tyingo de wit sl tha ailt ng ha sn -- mose y dngnkdeit guyha ing had gro sng-- gls. os d>> a towutuy he has g drohang. g hav.been aow teated. h the werastellg usng.f weaven tri tto ttee ourther clleras intshee riplazand to t cam tareaur cey wasld tent our cerasnd azbread them tamea w tur cas bil the ituaeaon hemen neyorkity jusas bad. wiil usheua h nnerky us forr neyorkad cit wis deteive d fo nnewsornerkit tee coforibuwsr bo die. whato youear omhe nd cobu abbot thie. >> hatatyo lrnedsr w had n abth >> cotersaons ster ly aned w the isadot o p plecosas eran riks this landetti out ond the peorld ikiker isld is nd youtiut ghedownld to hisrea dow terresl ais ou theris a par g goiwn o n a asotaow o t c amina ele nts er a ar oicomi in er o a now u ha o the c homnaesslelemes mimingn nhere ow when wen downhahe tre witomsme geldo, ngn askreiv
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denfereenwn t it oplewhy e yo geo,sk her d re eryo had dif rentley deayo why eyereer t re.yoad ifth tntta sai w t's y hpenie wn t. tre it' tikai ws hni kin f t beenappet'ngin whe theare en pe le tdo athin theyave codefhehe conect dn th e, b tl, y ain are eye deot ton repo to de po ceth bf y re someing tstole t no to r ort poo tpoolicif u are meg gped.le nobein rt d ttatebyiche a egedar g led.ers. at'sinappeng dn th de iste aed les. 'spe d th ischaoshat i g fraiaod aut d itiltr iin gownaihere as itr anarists theyetnnre tse cros a theytir up aarts s rt eyn t rowiro a boles the eyr p a cop s trtossau theops wi andbos then weop tr aau goihesond hav tnurmo andwe at'shat ey a woit. at'savhat'goinmondo 'st w hpen. 'st'in >> bl: archis is proem in wl. spli etwe the b ahiisro pincefuvel w liprotterswendhe pple thaant pfu otrs vience pe hakersslantis a cyriso heren neork. vi thce leteople out rsan eve a c renek. r etpl >> butl: aot othesvepeop dn't ve awher to gnd r . n't ve aot o b a oes monop. thet aer w gp doo tt s a o paron inheower manttan w wdorell t thespeopar are
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caustheyinnower thean wanl w get fed,esop corct? re useywhe w rig. et bil the know hey d,n gor? ig dr.s, i gue .il he owlotsy f grugs >> y.dr i ue >> b l: t y catsjust asgs you>> sa, a yrty wn tre f b t s younow at tou unsalieva le ty ng i t f b.l, can ou w u co tit gnd lar ny aunev t the i b an la of tcot g ltlar a iand,he litt pk laf t lherere y don id, repott it the police herwe thre wilget ydon o you pot oft he thaic comund rw t in rlityt' u of anhaomd unlfulrea t. in th rety a thenas gnl to la a th rtaipoin ahe go here. >> ill:ai assineha nd has re undecove in ere u>>l:ssould as nme bausehereouldas be de vesomen sere usou knold sasence bsere ld ed stf gog meer o noyou ve g it ow t syceave stgo un orcov s. u >> g wout lik tnot ye comnt on tt. un ov bil you>>on'touave ik t commt onbut,ou k tw, ook, hereilouldou'te be tmmrorion he. t,ere kuld bek,reld vionc tgainri h prertynd e de peoe. u ha gotiooin prtyaveoeopl unharot tre. wessum thas hapning >> tpl pro em i theun d't t. ntweeoplumhasoapng ecom tro ihe d pl mplaants >> bl: romht. bodys gog toompln agnst e oer. lats >> o one b i r goi. to cdyplaigo to plabou iagt o . billthey>>aveon to r illyoio cai ou i fectely t in
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herelleynde t r ystophat'goin on. ct y >> binl: trey beg thcops >> t opt'in lice you en. hing cri s c bmitt tbethps ther t heres my ce dea. u ge h tgri u cercottrs in here er sh aremyerie oa. ge t cmes. u colet iat be bughtndre t nsh ey hiee a oarra toake t cs. t ole bace bht tn h oa.raoe t >>ill:lso vee e theunaws o gog do t re.>>l:o heaw , 15goearsdoldant te. pt somhinghat's hpeni. 15 i rsd a rt ortn p omngt' fis h nithei haii aets rt alllogg ry lgisairnd aeiaif tstll wegg did lg ar i aestitionfthes t are e ki of kwes,id oerwi th are igaintiones e kif evethin k theyre a oinstwivery ingthre in soety bout. th arevegainin. a eyt of a tstseryypeg o kidsoy nut ththe threin oulda of t becee oid vlent any th theyre jldt wecting for vheirnt ny t conf ion tey j wng oorur. ir bil whyon't he p icenf n tst s enoh an the mays o. y il enohyh?'t p eyou ve g to s gno outanfheayere. ve yno beehere ow foru go mor gut f thane.onth yeereor orviouy nsan ary,an rht? ra allthverhe ouyany, pce. r ? i rallrgree >> bl: t pt's .. yo timis de. whdon'theyleareehem ut? b t s the don'yo wanim dhe wh vion'nceey ar tomccur and?ur he pn'ican dertmeio in ew yo cy.ur nd >> bl: tse p ppleave deme inn midayod thypd? c i sd o b the tm pe doe the whin i wda dowthhered?
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s wdhhe do heheld. said he pice whe wow mreing w ,000 hethey.ave mili . id p the 're e m sge 99 a y00. ey noe neli had athe nswer s99 a to. e po yce a not thenoad anemiweo. poere. a ot e pohece a thenemi tomi the archis wa to e. sta po ahemio trou e ae ahiwa tumotuous aiota wn treherehere i ou a goi to bfireumandou a trere bates.oi >> bill:reightdow a staoff, gointo syhere andat.ave ll>>l:ht a thesta peof,e wirl g ainund snrende ere til seseoneeoetsrl ad murded rig? e l s younenowhat'sgointo ha enrd bigl? bilou somwne it'goininit g ha murded. tha bcoulhapp bil il omu i yinrsel ge d't wanrd. haul vippencen thil yity.el we a try dg tan conol itt'svice th ke a ary sguati t. on hoage ttuatsn isoet i atos , leit sti g uhoil ye havatis io go i the .le glettg th g u to yav letng hem ihe. ttth goet m . >>ill:opinthe athe chans an t t wilrive tm >>l:ine he bo tietltilve thank up te ont. bbodertlagen sto nk pris for oughgup upn bren s aexic is ordrugghp sggle new feris a a vyic disrbin ug stor sle w rilate a dens m vler onisin wding beorolla te aen mr kimn wardangian beles rlaivor. a mingightim bk. dan
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s or. nght b we kw a ace ere tossg anturng ve gen w to eepi. ka e essanrn gere weeplo s nipits eld resul sep. e plni d es s. d lusta n he you get ere, lu a heke iouhas r t e, manpeop befe. is anen toping efnest don dri orpera macnery tg stonri orraacry unl yofeelullywake waing,atin dring or eunaginyoin oeler alyivitkes wag,in riwhe asep, ethouin ore amberitg it he nt da whas, ou reerit nda ve bn rerted abnoal bavio maynclu agessinessagition, breedno bioaylu agsissitn, hallinatns oconfion. in dress patnts, wolleninatof d oressnfn, n. d ssatcluds,g riwo of inicid d ssma occu udcohorimayf idincr se tmase rcuks. alrgiceactns, ch tone orhohroayswelngcr t r.alicct, onorcur oarelyelnd m be tal. si effts m incde plear nt tlyte, madace l.siff mnc ea t, diacines anmorng drsine. diask esur d tor an lunrnta dris rneht f you k dr un r f thou get unes fo$0
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thetes fo aneco ere'a la of restl slp. cane'elp lau gofhere onsthe wslgs o lunea. anp goreon w one e emoyeef thmontis.. sparcardrom pitaone. emeethnt.. ark sh ges m e mo rewdsarrdm tae. any smalbusiss c dit rd.k g m moew t's nyrd f my alew tsikeep cp t with.% ca bac s fy tonepvery urchthe, ecary dac. onrych e d2% sh bk. thas seing e ba ettyigh. % bha thseks tg sparba owtyng mh.own sine thh t nevar bee moreowewar mng.n ne [ ma annncer intrucinspar h evhe seell breinesarcred. car from apit onemanner tret mine byarhoosg un mite sdoub b milesedar omor it casneback eve pur ase, mverybyay.os unteubil r asck veure,ry .hat'in yr waet? th guy amang.t' ywa? thuyma.
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>> bl: ftor llowp seng ma tonht, we ld y last b nig fr owse maon3-ye, -olde esus y st diazf th bdeig patl ha be senyencedldo twus yea in az th pris for boughg upatha a beenedtw ea sunectemexin isorrugghp s aggle an lyi abo sute it.xi thcaseg is vy sleroub ngan yibo beuse e.s.overt.entade th seas dea vithyub bee a.er5-yet-olde me caeahuspe.
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wi us w topdatye theld metory fox ws lalpe wis oat ahelystis whl ryand the px ne lromagle pass ast w tex d he peannmleia t ss wi ofexesus shisnnlso t ordewifatrous sh o survisygentdero msdiazsuwhyis didt yr nt huand stifin h o dense ms theazyid t yal? >> don hinkhud hif h o tesfied dee he t? >>onnk becae hesedas veota d givcag h ternffai hisersi of vtadiv eccou .rn aid thislayethatorsihef ry.ou. th ye at bil but cerinlyheould . ha aealeto the jy ilut ierlyld ha ale maneheay a jy sai iiste i'm dog myob ne a he. ai and i rtelly'm dn't hinkdo imy d anhing h rong d you ow r tyt dtnk psona d aroac anngng u me ts p snaethi. aac ininds ht, youmehinkst s wahi a in miske tt hds, doun'tnk ke twa snd? >> nis i d t't t hnk s d ti thk thevidce w t s? n d t shere th thif iidwoul w heeen plad o coreectl the vide e iul hn wldla o ha bee cotl allheedde t havee w sh n tohehaeeury. the ry nerll h trdav tt shto onefy. e n he agts t tesfiedn th rst ial neat h ld tohe ag granesedth jur t the l cond hury l nevtoeard anur
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e ndyevrd at. >>ill:o yobelie th thisrialas fr? ean,hy dn't . the>>l: juryo hlirth is althat fhereas n, d ttntedheur w hness theatreirst one t ed whdidn the hr wss tha he >>st n ne i do t beeve wh wasdnairhet h allha becse t >>udge n dobee bvioaslyr t u k w,lec t shege had hio gue k agenhe of wtadas h spose toue enhappf. w e fit trl i sseoould hon tlypp ll y was goi infi ttr r ihtld rectn. ony thagen wer yasoin t r tesfyinlike i id onect ofthen theerven aittees in kethate li to ei randne ohen ate atlio jndy. e otrgentaide was j trau tizeotby t intidend thothe was sasllnhock au zethre tyearafte itheen facthhe as so s the actllyckereom up rearteeac withheyou ow tctyep tru. bil whahapp ed th u nnif t, whdid e jue row e fit trual ut? ilha pp becse if onewhfd ju te w fi turor ? ok nend ec ttnef t weror h n t inructns. w ones suosedo ta h inct. ne nosus. edta >> bl: t secd onand en yo husnd i no c vict. b di ticeecond hel yous yo i wkedor cct i.di e and doeel yoou wd husnd. l ist ud to.d oe but hn'tus. beeired rom l u theo. bor rt patl, i ht uersteed,edm
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e or righat >> n he usst in gh i efin e n he spensn. heas bnn inriso for iinight nthsn s snsitar yhe binconfsoemenorht hs >>ill: sor har ownroteion, nfen rit? th's w he in >>l: h solwnary?te n, >> ri th w um-e h.n >> boll: hy? ice n ourpini and u ar stim- wkingor em, bve h tceyr beeni sup rtiv d arti w nghere do ty tr to, el t youyee gups?iv >> can spe for re ttrhat eyou ha or gven't one,>>an bpeor ct ll y har asn'e, bisife n cody has y acheout s msis wee. ny i ve basn dog ts het my mylf. wst t i beep do t t outde my. t tt i vep tut don t i le kryon l k steerson anotr boer prol ent that ppen t him i eeon otbo pl t 200ha en >>ill:imou a sti on e i job, corct >> y00 >>l: air.tin bil you re tb,ing getor ur y hband stenc. ilou t g commeted. thawhat hou wndt. s nc no i antmmim. haardoatd w beca e ao i cmutaon wld dt do nothg. hecatillaomes o c asta w conv ted th helles o fels. >>ill:nly esid t ob a nvd cagiveim t parn,el coect? >> l:y idob ve t >> barl: tt's at y are t? l rig. m . di b t wes yre ng .precte i veryig muc
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youave mythidie els l ecus k iwryfucnythg elsouee haphinsls l down here kn tex. althrighg nowls letap g to wnsre n wiexl fo nalghow g ok, mtillo ltle wifo b confpded othis , cme.ll lyou ee oulega b nalynf. ois watherenou edenc co u coouict gaisgent >>herely waerou was enc al of hesecot antsnt cam >>re rwaras all thealfse borr a psrolamgents ar camel andheestied aorinst plnt mendti a stmr. az. >>ill:ow my. >>lus u ha the . . colain g -->>ix ol: m >>s hahe sen. >>ill: hat didcoas win-- o ndcuedhi s. >>l: 15-t ar-oid. w >> rig. cu >>ill:o dot th guyas5--o >>ig >> l: dougglthguyot. >> 7 poungl.g . >>ill:e hacuff he g behi theack d li 7edun. up >>l: ha ffe arm gich ainf .hi he k lihat' spndarprocure aeot orm h nf ws.t' sar oc>> be l: t t's at hadid. o whathe ctim quo w unqu be vi tim as eges hhatd. he ha e imckedim ithe bacuo andthre qu vihim aeste dn. ed>> b il: nebruiacs ornd phycalre evid ce tm pve dhat. >> t b nui borises couhylave b n id t p thdefeet.rgue d c tld b havesou e be brom thfe caringue c 75 undsfav bemariana,mou d't he to arhavegruis t5 dsrove ri assa,lt. d h tou ar issi theveointis t the saulsswas. arot e bsihent h e uls b
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sue. ve cnts lyi and e. cs yi sleang. nd >>ill:id hlie? it oks ke hdid. d ifisea is rigea in. >>l: he? t s hd. ifeasign dia is rht he lie tonterlia r h ieaffas. >> bol: hied er he fa binve higats instiging d e siatio you lievhe d l. itveat linksigikeg he didsiio u ev d yes l. t bil wha ldoeshat ean he idlook likhe d. the vicesm ayin this iil ha eswhatt h appe d. okik al dthe hergent tookhe tic inis st id an at sd ts ispehat ale rntok t sthappaned. >> sill: ttherisgenttwere ewitsses >> a the at 2:0had e pp. >>l:ernt re rnin it esit's lit e bi athet:0d uncinar - 's it >>biill:estiny ohis llow agen sun him >>nc rig -. >>at'sl:hy hti os couown'teall y en taun theim sta .ig yo a 's hout m diall why ta hhe coun'tta ta theyo a snd you e m reaiay gohyg toake the hout ta sthed agnst l th sotheguys u at weaegoto terehe tha stagt nthhthe ys th's gng t look w t bacha escial if hadomet nng seth g tok onac his r es onalf isadet she.nis rn >> bl: oy. soouhe don thi the is any binju oice re athissoonoint hi he>> isnyon't >> bjul: oe oth a thiis reant iick. repted st n'tht o i b it othhiea legathat tk. epd n 15- oar-o t mecan g lerot gaat t5--o men u.ser va. >> i w a docentquivent .s
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a v v a. i w he g ihreeocimesto heivt uld ossve v thr imes to g i ee testesy ag hnst is guy d s hrbordeso patlould mea d steetagt hiatuy theexic b derrd andatl ld eabrinhimt a oss. hi t runhengicroun brnd e precut n to me inms a s. ba inunun exicprut to e bil outf he and ot ba conng bk. >>e wa nicrose ted r iluthend co b >>wa n secrimd at'shat don' uerstd. i n't undstanwhy ey g e im hi imm ity'secaut n' he u isst i tnd an y othe g scerio heyhi cld hmmeyau h sdone theyouldave arge theheceoy c h guy . ne ey ld bile congectedeim. putim i jlndrouguy hiback o iloned. ut i j >>ill:hiidn'ckneedim i ty dhese othes.orro rati>>l:n'ed i wi tesse >> a ays lps havsethethroti ctimwi se bil a skas s ons a pavnds.e thaoesn mak im ilkaon ps. senha.snak bil iten. dsn't liwieh evebody dickiltorrion d't liehve tdy ckepubc ri lascapin lht o tub the la herapn cain l otory. tr to ancendheheer inrdasanry d orcetro ce comi. as dce yo corcomp encymi is..ompency. yoormpcy ..pey. and u...nt fm naonal d .. fcausnaonlyalatio l ts y choe ancar in t ais...a go. uslyio
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yho anyou rn ev tak ta fuis-siz.a o. or ave u evakfuiz an astilpay e misizerice i'gettg anpgra . anily mizece [ ma annncer as yi' wistt busaness rao. mann aserou w h. yisus s goatiol. glike pro as w go iow th gugh kenuarroearn fre day th ery t renls. thh arrnre y e ten. fi outore fiute atlcom 'm pl mielso proolfe f yohaveainf ollejoin pmisorofe yove infe be in ur oneay i on ofhe wld..iben ithe n xt i sayofg... w.. i he the thi i ayca..ed priat artitis hthhi
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ca patrtis i hasomenten pai it rogrhasiveme gotenorseai rhmatogist tolde abt enel. itgrveotse i'surpd w quhklyto stmy somldhaveabeeennage. i' [ rple ad ouncqu ] y be suse ombrelveupprsesge ur iune stem [ anc itbeay le er yelr abpritys fig i infe tionem it l yab yserus ig nfometones fal ents iludi inftion tubeerulos et f es i ldiphomnf othon can rs beos andervoysteand ood sords ha occred. lomthan ndvoted d rdbefoha staccing d.brel youdoct shod te you for bercosis fota g el andiscs whr you'ou beectto ahoegioteou r rcis whe cerin fgal fectns ansc arwhcommr. u'ee aio dot stt erel youheaveer f l infcttion ike e flarmm dostel oue tell our nfctoron e fl youe pre tonfecons, hall cutr or sores ouve hpr heptoitisecs, haut s haveeetr ted h ep isr het faure, orf, wle oenbr yoexpe encevetrd hefae, peiste fev , brorsing w o brblee ng, palyoess.pece peteevbrng ee, al s.t bk tohe tngs th matr mo. bto tsthatmo ood b gis. sk yr rhumatogis ifnbreis r ht f youd gi yrhatis ifre r fou
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8:22 pm
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8:24 pm
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8:26 pm
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8:27 pm
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8:28 pm
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8:30 pm
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8:31 pm
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8:32 pm
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8:33 pm
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8:35 pm
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8:36 pm
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8:37 pm
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8:40 pm
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8:41 pm
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8:42 pm
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8:43 pm
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8:44 pm
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8:45 pm
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8:51 pm
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8:52 pm
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8:53 pm
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