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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 2, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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t gerno p ryve rpere ied as%, termed aever nd gno pas ins s rm aer i psessn, an mpreive r cst to p hessnim fht tree wi cthe rublione minaon. i f sat t d n wi thewie gerno rtoli lk anaut h. he iatlanso p dwihe gno amerans ck t awork h ande mucns pch ers t mrke.nd goveoruc pry, odee y. tha m y ouve s pan., lcom to y. ha y cor s cou.ry. sea we omve t lotof cn erorere. ou .'s gd to ea see yot c agan. it e. bn gto aile ence y hav en othega roait i ha bn'teeon theoad ae eavit o yoeoa yet haalltighee heyourd cpaigit stayos o ganet lh ur c ig ster ricta o g per's i the er icracea lfxciterent. i he u ce l peted out liteit u yo seeto b tetninutit. yoeeorne b twhatinapped inhe fir00 days >> tne fatstpein00ir ys i ys j t t f spnt t rai i j mon. weere endi a l sp t ofimai isinonmone ecauwe wee di l kfw we d in au hade fr ke ebat.o. ad frany, iidn'haveime prepe foat tho an i debn'es -vee ob ouslep ifoho swed.
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ueb - know,obsl i sd. hat kw, debes. hate debates wor thai kn eb .did inni whetei waaebilot or ha tkn unidtateair d niorcehe wbut aiot pra iced tni eugh ttetr ice t got ettyood raed it. eh t ere ll b ilent t ty ofd t. dates e bbut re'snthat pple ef intestedn. hav des t 'sat preate deb er ite theed n. whit eavouse a sckat polebicia i he and oitount ise a s paying greaolpriciafor d tha ont i erics ar p linkingor ea icsomerdy wha i l ngey a loong f me s womeby i si t.who'hone and aoo f toughs seb nai o' ne ndmebohat lloakeh a wrecng blai boo wat ingtke ad.c.nd s y no ec bhat? at'swa ovegtith. arec.ixin s yo ct? spding 's vehereh. a prean tin cutc thepng tax re pwhic twe dwithuthe 20% fhet tax. at'saxhat a meiccans dreth 2 f loing f and tx.yill 'see at t of amens log fnd i t y l>> sea a you lofes i ad seaou li'm aoer, not ad talr."'m u r,ot are a ccedi thaal the" debaerfoancereere t up c di ha youhe spe. ba t yo afolsoceay youe reupoing to goupeetteat yoo the ou is ing imptant gte tthe wever wi i thempnt nomatio can t snd wern
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thwistatheentit 5omioan0, s th0,att 0 milon 5 amecans wating and oe t toeil witmensatbamag a d at h toe oit subance ma a>> iook forrd t heg on the oage witubce b a. ikor t willoveeoon b thee etageit th back ama,alki llve b bouthege w inhe wld b dk ida,kiut you inos w 2 d2illiobs?ou w di you 2lis? wditeou4rilln? i ow h w t4 cate jbs. kwowll i o p hl t bk c thee j. regution kthatretraning p bhe r sml guonatang binesen sm and omen b andes alwax d en ndstruure atl aow the to keorehat ve therue ook aowhe ofor. keet wehek he atrucre nr. forgn area hheretuc mesor eare ffer mce tourllie erics goi to be theer t witrie us. ic ey d't kw th witoioehe tsit priden this.s a esid t wh d kthiveit a tgrea preprntatenn. isa ids swhck asvee ca be, ea re ateat s aca deber, te, he tas bee aneb abs, uteisasr aes pridenof t unieed stes. an let gobseas ahrou somof t pren
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tnist. eto ises. ou whom t spris me the debes is . s, ywh too sise he a pebtty ntrorsiaposi yon o migrooion wn yo a py wer roia gosirnor obout -grou hn wostyo the lerislare, you poigoorut hthetut he suprtin lla, ou yoi. ths eupin in-ate y th ttionrice fo iegaln-emmig tnts.on ce you regt tt pitiofo at i al all isnigs. oueg t cservive se piot esn'l lik ttsn pitio c rvin oe er wds, eotes you n' ik tare okin for pio at d o you w, ayesoou tm e inorecau ur douecors ptty tlidm auconsvati, bu thatotor py d consvati nsti posbuion at the nds aotf pe le? ns ti theosn heeder s govnmenspe? he compte aabsoerte flure to ov encureheorde p mp lot a ofso f reessuo on re gerno tode h pe to otdealithf su issns. yoare gequinodo t hto ive alalthh careyouress yoequied touiive te th educ u tens meuitoe decion a we k kte t mseeeoplto ecthe n de o theoad and ty e ar in kk tpl e ohed t garng tbeax wasrs? are w gng g tbe t ruirehat as th? bece re witizs of ghe uned stes t a rre btcome thecizof unxpay ss? s wehosehe batteme i wld sll t tay wese tayte w s t
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nsidinghearri, if y id g will t arahat harioif y wo lln. t asrahet resiant o wohe ute, am gain tsi dre o t. i uill s ut tstt, mordedowin t recausi ha ad ti del sith t it der 1ow usha yea. t i undestan h i ait putng1 texangeea ndi ndan na onal uard a imut pextingge xas cizennaonalrd t le over png ere,hey eein sened t at. rankd, noe,y e oinhem ve be kildt. yet kbut know ho oom sec ebe thailet t ow boer. en im theecresihant, at rder ill bo.ecur i ththessi, isss thae h eer bl en ur rced o dees wh asssha h gove bors,ill art edde weings velevis,ed.l t en wcanaveng dect, vi . th ghtf wnnde enomieclly thtf fosedonveatio emiy abt imgratn fodveolicio >> sn: syoub tink y animat secu theic s su borr? t >>k y thi you can cuo ihe witn aor ear.>>hiouan i seousl-- it >> ean:hat aansr.obodan secomeslcros t>>n:t s bder?od nles you w tme tosm to. b ifr?heres a otes inou ti w t wh ishe te o fifreanigraon ilicye nee towhs he? t o wh kinof pple ra we cyantee comi h acrs? wewhin pille e ow wt the
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mi are crbut iweeel very whe cfortlehatre t iyou tee the ry crtt asss onhe u t h bord. the oyssonottleck seeith rd th o beinableo dotl tk t iseeh aini inleo tts eugh pnidatoron pits. e wehave e oer ptoononflts gog on roupihe. we wore but wefl go quionly cou shuthator bderut we do, bau wilui c kow ihu inat br doba k i n caer: light but u dot eedhu fce n ca yo: l vie? ht >> t do tednk tre alace fs tyotie >> tstra tgic ace t fenng - >> sn: b notcros rahec whol bder. en - lis n, say sg, bot i aos g ng t ool br. buisday a aoubl g tence and put bu ligars a a lavabln thece andut wellga aone tries tahe aut-d the o erll e tes t on that-dhe,000 o mes. e id o bonildi at a00 m. id b di 000-le fce cos hug ountsf moy nd t0-es feryo h ug ng piodsf ntmoime, tuty p stdstegifencg inhee, highraved ars were est gi ncow tiny a bsolghelyvear we usi t itn aolherey en ysi it augtmen thare
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yugenha- you aug.nthat th t mostou werf pce o the g.tratt y t td rf p oheat thas t bo onhe grnd.ha th te th be toothern me tt gr. botherthecurto er >> sn: l's g mo t your econ icbo plaur you s l ge t yigr speonh, o wasla onunergpend o theas oth onrg w on e flataxheth pn. wh wnon't y expin bhflax p wh th? 't onhe f ytxpax, bu are offeng a othion. onwant f you, re t expin hat fe a oon. nt ou pele. t wel itxpaket sen t me at wepe.eed helet akeen flaer t and m eaired t h ean,d he ide tte spere t mostysm.rave n,de t trieionpe llar st flingve outrin buying ar fngut acuntas' tes aung lrs' mes deawithur acta t aaxes l ' th's s ea nutth whnotave alates th 20%axut wht ree a tht carly 2 h t reducons th forome cly hortg tesasucs the re ductnstg forcharablehe and lol sas tas an ct whaorhave yoandarlend losataan ahave yod $1200 a indende dectioforach12 indepdent
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theouse nd deyou ke tdeioreducchons omnd ep ntwhat y rhese ay u t is, 20% ofucs i put at y y on eosts, c0%rdfnden i itut n t crd tohetrs. to th wl --hat llasicly .chan the ith a we w--t knoitic antodahe you nt t i ae bngnoack da u tnufaurinto b aricak t a fla t fa iincorpatel aca adla t irpel pernall pullackhese rulat ns a checthemorerll llkhethse t rat ct a rsus he enefec andemost o themthre toing co bet thrnway usefndt o causther e sem noenefng ofbehrn y y notus er but ere a loeff of ct,ot t e l companceosts. f at'sow y cu gmeriack, mpce ts. crting obs 'sd y greatgri k, alth it a ows uscr ngtos d banceheat th as budg b bce 202 andgdreatplen of mey tpay02or a the n vernnt tt ameatcansen w mt. t y 18of ahe rn turmens w gss 18 desti oduc you do g tha d ametica uc oucomeaoersehame onomally me>> sn: iit renue neual? omlyou inc sase i r renueuehen euyou? i reas thenceyste r uewhatn a
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yur iashe ecomist tlingte at u? a >>ver e y eig-yeapericost tfng me t get>>r toig 202ea yri are ing tet banceoheudge02 y rethat whai cabout g what carabou bceostge i atcreahang jcas. utthis ill gatear theouonfincet i o ea j jo islhe creors. fi arethereooingo bjohar re des.sion b art yolook at ydeon recudtenli texayo ok the tablthmenydoest liec . thcorpate x xa awyee blenesli in shinon, c. hey tethrpee x yeeay you knoin in, they evile e ou no has hoheil water. theyontantoee meha cohonga r. was h eytnt mo whingn, d. basause'm ing ta a wng d bsereckgall g e taissu andaheckl regu tionta su ndand erics argointo b theinne. >>ean:ominup mor guonf m d ic arinteiniew b eneith >>n:in gernoorrick mrry. te w ter,h ather gnock a nymoy. wom r,comeorwa aer claing e wa amoom rass by rmanmeain wahelag wa ss90s.y an n till y o ts wom s. real tirl o tsom re intits? tir pluswho e caiampan is i it bling r uso eaki theai smear. 'll pave tis lat tbl og theki he delopime. l tat sto. ohe depito
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ean:elco bac to "hnity we rurn iow whe yestday sat wn wh ten:s coac gornorrepu ican"hty rpresn entiowhe sty t wte go canordatepurickan pe y. es antiplanhat' goi t go ana bteanceck peudge anasant'ooie t g th bcegentitmento now,auln itnt sgests an w,ul titlent formoing t s sast socanl surit savtlt rmng t oc ere a pl sitav rn di.ook-ike, e p puing an r neaheelairndk-e,
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rowi herightpug or thea elclifr haveou tdeal wit wierht oth entiemen if u wa toif lancvethe t w do y dea tienf wao wit hnceudocia do y serityea micaritia micai se>>ty arica wanto hr mhear trut the muth ai a gcannyans hr goin over theut s e ofe theh gy clif anyb y th 'siner ohe sociaofhe curi or if ybthpprohing oociaia secu ty, rir havoyarongiaath you hat' goincuto b, the av forya y. but rh our out'in bhe ids, heyrnow yt's t toinguro behere. s, yso lw'se ho'sst wit ngbere pple. don' lthinamerans e o ing buyit inthis s prye. n'in ther we s arrom g uy thint psdent sd hi s mions the mhihat pnt hi mns somow tpublans e gog to desoy om amera. th're okinbls gotoes for a serning thty oe nin hl aga. or th areooki sng oor a hmeriga th reey cki be oud o. th areooki a forri apresent ce d esn' otrav arodthrekiheor couny anest mak n' apoavgiesroor amica, ut unanresint takt poes stds uand ama, ss,si tiste st ud amica'stro s nee ate rongorld . am a' neeroto havee tt kif a ng presldent,. a ee peravnhat t fkiks ave cfidee i est, a at'shat planero dt f ove
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cde i e ne yea 'st asano d ialk vehe am icanneea peoe.s makehem oudk o arica aman agn, meeo the wor nowkem d o t atca amagica' msoingheo beortandwg uphere t bei a ama'owernglbe ecomicndnd aupreei mitar forer anec aic a pside tha maror dansn't a make any pdeha exces aut dhat't ke ny amica's dng fm thxce a stdpoi oft creinghe ldama' d fth stoif ofppornityreg l aga andhe nd othe ee a the ome oforty the braga. nd >>ean:hen u ta oe ahe aboe soal ecur y, reht ora of >> n:then ta b, andou cled ibo asour r of ponze seme ban cdbec ie big nzissu s e you d gernoec ro igne ofhe ebatsu w nt bu k a gno o fo h ab t aofat wot. b au stifoab sand a thocial. setirity a pzi sdchem and at yh c fiia sety a pndavetemnd y c riuturenerions a nd ve>> gterno romy ur saiit was aerns g no crimalom entpris aino m wter at a you calli im tin ntis ev ybod mr uerstouds clhis thg is evod bron. ust les fis is it wryinbouthat uro llle t. fit.s w ain pgramut that w. tsnt pamhalace w hnt haseen edsce pigasee bk
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igy waingt, d. conessial meers r to many wa yeagt.d. on sitheyave ake mmeoneys to m oy of atea tr teye fun ke mieyould orotef i ikerdoun ld tethe ghwa i trueund, dlars e waru gog inhed, socl drs s uritgoin frusund,ou a notoc glting yo han ont forit a us rd,son. a ot g seang let go i oyoannfo ahe rn. dymic theaetouo i and gerno ro ey. dy c 's lkedeate andnd gno ptial ti sro w.n y hav ldeen tetnd ere, pal iebatg. w yowent yavftern h prey ha e, ov the iss, yoat yontte hrehanow,ve ov he whsss cyoting h lawin tw,ve st wh c debnge. th h got lotaw t feb pl th. otot wh do u thk o gernof roey?l 's aintwhnedo isth g pnoitioin th ollsro? othent havd comand ere th a bk andls for heightavom d no he. e nd h bman in andt thor no at d hyou ink hn a th him t p. doou -do y diku k him- h'sim y - y cpetiimr. 's hike iyould tnk tat c ti yo now, whoer ie amld cpeti t t ains imyow, goihoo im cti try t ns i at h and brioi uphe tth antalkrybout t i i do hndrihinkpt wav ty, y anlkut
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i kn b do picnkwandv y b liti forim tkn b pire b iegal tior al tns a tkoe me, whhas ial doneal a t mor to deawith mhhiss issu than nyboneor on t thateath stag wheser is psutinganbo n texaha aghe iange rn tengsnd xa $4 milgeio r tefor h to $4ectueilsio a r me h out howoo dl wi thetue a ebord, i oughwas tt oweig dwihe rdi ghs of tig hyprisy from g of whoas beyp hsying fmllelsooho be h hg ya wk. >>ean:ou dle't tnk h went h ya w out >>d sn:cifi dlly td h enknowgly h edt sfiy a owylleg h imgran a heegired iman lan cape -- suld heed oect? anpe sd ys. ot? sir. he suld yve ccked i cck the fr.lks hat w skd ith me and caveed c thrgh the yrs. f s buthet iss whs, nde hehr thang y his. buess sitis -- mea h lt weekng is d ti--ea yrs l wek bore, e w f c d yrade he w for you be, w kno f c gbalde wor ou warmgs mano mad now thinext gl wee e rmmaad com outw hid saxtellee n maybehatomut
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sanot ell cse. n ericsaet wt at consten. ic esidt. w yomay t age wi a him ononen id yoevery hingag wi imbut n't nangeour po sitiersng byt hatet r ofgece yr are ruingor.oti by te oferic ys wa tore rug. see a icwao coisteee fcal cservive at w l std upcond ste t fl sh crv e wash gton wd.c.stgetup s rea. t m congnd sh ionc.t am beangghe co wrecngm bal sea lete a y ec abo herm caial. ea et awhat yo yomakefis rboe in rm thaiolls neveatyoke hel polical rin off e. th he wkedls forveelolalff wdillsryor word fooke, burrlsoring, fo dfatr'se, pizur. mes g, atsiz wh the s -9- pla. w doou lhee se9-specfla tha do l s an? y doecou tnk hefhaose s ? do t qukly e thoe s pol? >> quy thi herhon ca isol >> verhier cas liablendivual in a persal w. hierrogr s, wnlile hivlnalks out rs his wax hi pn,grou w h kw, i ks is tisoingo p i is be...
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ttngp ainst my0% te. .. an a t fur out w achst oy yolike t bes areatg f nut w osour of yo ikeome r thes feralat n urf gornme. i ivere hougth tha fwasal a godgome i ha s sea youea t a god .consptio eaou sid >> a of tose suesre nsioid a goif e esto btake apa. weave long w t goeforoie b kethispa wecampe gn'sng w t orwit o orwe a goi isoalk aut ampot 's ofssu oit amporoint tthe oplefk a a i a,ofu fridasoutor t ecarona, w haleshir allf i the ste it fdaut neva, a ro, hairllhey gothstitorwa.ev ay at twa endf the dy, t se pele wa tond kow who ihe d it thatas ae peplanao kho ioet aricat at a rkin angain who it at acaashe in crage ein ba o t one d the cge rord a and havell oe toshe you lo rd t d 1ve0 o yea tos u aos 1 vern of eae ste of texa it's a harto arg rnhatf westofon't ext 's the jarrg catioteart i't he ri jt. amicancan rk c tioir w to t i a t of ri iues,amut iann you t wo a of dot gethisount iorkis, iou ain,hose o erdogeisnt issski beme n, se
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secoary. o sea comg up gornorsse perry evea co noty.le eaomup opublorans wou li to rr ea hiot as dvisbls, ss uld oui wto e whehiouses th lt maissurp ssed y w. one wh theomese w th lmarpccus y herm caiof e heme w quo us inap oprirme baiavioin tuo s, h beelocad apri bio t i.c. h eeand caere e cflicng rertsc. d e boutheth or t sh c icplanto bre reserut silthce.r sh d th cain an bre camign fgers thayingamn g.o.ival s b inin frs tayg seal o.arasentalea bin that. d mu morseomin upastea tight ont. muorinp tht "haity. y ght re iamera. ye, ov 100 yes woh.hay. t ier yeov 00ok , soyeou mwon yojustigre t envonme. tual, it'slean. okso myostig tnv me and,t alovid job'san and hel our onomd, id obok, i'listing. d [aelounc ] r om cono phlips ok i'st're g.lpinpowe am ica'econ y[a nc th conanerphfforpse turagas. e inwe amre ja's, lons emsion ceror ras. j lemgoodonnswefor eryo. , by educg th pactodf prweuctir ...yo d precti our bylauc andthater .ctprti. prtiur land eri mit gea jo ce wgradte. migejo wad.
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9:25 pm
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9:26 pm
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9:27 pm
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9:28 pm
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9:29 pm
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9:30 pm
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9:31 pm
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9:32 pm
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9:33 pm
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9:36 pm
herm caiand cig his famy o a rmaidis apogy. am sea a per'samp res ndapy. ea sayierpes quo... yiuo. sn: eliern irgi a, ca wasonfrted a srm of s eerneporrs. gi ma acaasfrd s ofor. ma s aatemt >> tt's at imoing t ta sem ts im abong. >> teporr: t k, ce onta >> a o thetherbo que>>ionsor t cat yon are erio ahe abouer ay? uedon'ns e ve yreio aou bher. ? rep ter: t's n'good eve queson aut t br. epr:s od es a t coidenalit [oveappi diague] >> euse coenit vepiiae] me. cusee! ee sea joing mithe. se reeationoind t mho-ho of t re on tfivemoni croey ahof t theox busiss veetwoniro a sara smihe. fore e g siwoaonythgmi reg els o i dotht wa toear that libels d't wt mels t bri do wao thr up.ha beisco dred wme t abori b thp. codbo
9:37 pm
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9:38 pm
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9:39 pm
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9:40 pm
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9:41 pm
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9:42 pm
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9:43 pm
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9:44 pm
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9:45 pm
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9:46 pm
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9:47 pm
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9:48 pm
ve rporeva iat artme. t th doe't sund le oreerma you e ameight wethreoe sd loo p.c maand u exeetive havhtee t take dxeveav te e dirsit ssitityours. t diheithing sti irs, i d't liev hng ii d ev h seally hassee ly anne. heould offer hseer a ushean. eld fr ofpple and a bhehel orges oft bele ableond elain bl wh hs alkiors be abo a. e >>ean:ouo ean'in lp wh h kiurse. caboyou? >>n:n' s yo sean . cau? th's a hassiemark. by eyoay, ere th a someing hsiar h y wenow, ore a meg h fct venwe thwgh he a itialied out f i thanh theheatiolestaant ial d tsociionaid iha eettlioent,ta at ci nid bitlt, bi setemen75,0 isoteten biettlent.,0 s >>t ws inhe bi990stlt. caer: >>ld o w ain sond. wh youdd0sp, ts i ca: wha o scompd.ies ve t deawhouith, t wh i youdd uhaheost mpofs teah, wh outigaon, uarstf ga, s depitio and attney, cpani s --epio
9:49 pm
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9:50 pm
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9:51 pm
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9:52 pm
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9:53 pm
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9:54 pm
9:55 pm
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9:56 pm
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9:57 pm
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9:58 pm
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