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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 3, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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butoverr errygoork y iivs a 8 deteined s ev andterry has in a his teedevndasnosseion, a s impssiv warhest t hselpn, a himightompiv rn thstepub tcan hnomitionim shtown th t thoverr toubn talkmiboutonow h s pla to utn terto am ican backlko wout a h mhla o much amanckwoore. a gornor m erry goodch to seeou >> tnke. ougooreanryod welceee tou cn canntry >> s n: wlchave a l ofor over c her c ryit's ood s s weveou lf ain. 'serereen 'sd whil ssinc i he beenn th a. r d. i ven'n bn on t roailnc h wh en thu r y . i aln' rigt. on t yooaampan s rtsutang y alig yo pa busts, rk ssan pry'sn t st r ra, aot of exc pemen's t yo raaf pered o a ltlexc benit u sm toe purnedg o le a bit s cortor. whn hapned the fst 100 da? >>orhe whirstapd 100he f00dayss da ust a>>st 00 rinto rseys mtey. werspenng aot nt o tim re rais mg mo.y bec se weren a onewim w had is tmo ecwe h w fourw w d debes. t h frkly, f didrt ha timto prare reb. tse fry, didatesha-im vioupry, ie t thowe
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you desno ou i iwe h euno dates i ha i d hates wse tt i ow des di spin ng whan is a des pil w tini he uted stas ai diin for w.i buiail p ctic udnougtahataior bu goipret gooat pic iug ttherwille pley goet ooo i ebat . erll buherele wheoplare o inrest i we heat a bureh greple daterinn tst wh e h houlickre p diticern. t anwhure couryousckayg a gr pt price fo an tt.ou amerans eayookig for grpr sofobodyho ts conerstens kitheyre lorkingor sodyomody onen wh s ho st aey lng tug asomy n lswh ho asomedy thawill t taugs wrkingall n me to hashinllona d. andayou knowwrngl wha thato oinrwit we ad. fixndg to noutha sendi . at o heit's a alanixo co t sdi t eshe a whanh weo wi c the0% tlat ta that t wha whricawe arewihe 0% tokin or atahe wil at seeha lot care in at. il >> seen: yr t atest a is>> s y "ies a doe n as tker.i youaoe n aonceng t tt tr. u dete perrmans a wernot ce tto y tr sed. de but u aerlsan say yer aret goi to yet s. betr at t als tm.ay yre istoi iorta toetathat thoev isns t ita ninatn cttandev on
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e st temen with0, nat c 60,ndn 80,sten it100 mlion arica0, wchin 0, ango toe 0o t mon wh aca w obainnd anbeatimoe tn w sstan? ba >> loo f ward oat bing thstag wh san obama.>>oo f rd i wi lo tog e on tthag sta w withbaraca.obam tal ng wioo abo tta how theorld thacidamalbo y w loshee 2ld 1/id milon job y how osd y 2 ilob w aste y $ triion? knowowteoreatobs inow howrin? toowullack tatbs relatis thw areow strglinolk t our all retithretrinusinsmen r l an-wom ainen alow a tax an om a stcturthat awlls tmax t ep mor whahave tstyur looat t t fo orhave we tooave a strture info a feign we are whe a ittrreakesn a fgn arhe t diffenceeso ou alls, amera's gng t b tffrece wouhll us er stheyon'tnow is w gh t b this w esidt. thus is pres ent eyo'tw gi ws a grst p sentidion. thhes es ist licksi he an bgr a p ntgrean. sckse daterbut b h ea has bn d aerolutt dister hs a as esidt ofhe u bted ates >> l's g autisrs thrgh se ofhe idof ud es
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l g sues hr satofurpred min t dates es was,ou tkpr m t drettes conts,versl potionn immi tatiohen utt w e nt rs povernon abo --mi youioad mosn of t wegistureas y p ntrnbo -ou thos out t sportgisre y pou. at is thut srt istat. uitis pris rlleg iat immrantti ri do y rrethatosit n a eg al i'tmmnt y rttonseativbaseit a doesalt lehat iositn. se inivtherseordsthe vot y es l artlookg whatino yerds sayeot to yhe arok f becse your at y recd'sayrettosoli ec coerva ve, t thur's notecstt ali coerva vecova p, itiothin t mindof aot lot of ople co va>> t pio t fed alnd aotf gernmt's le t coletend abedluteailu t g nmsecus the borrut co a lte oabte lupres tre o cuheoverrs torave l de wit o es i oues. u ar reqerred toe givdehealit ca, yo are is. reqarred eq givdival edatiocayo re xansad aeqd iv disio--re w ed goiog toic nshese peoe to d thiosidef t roaandhey w e gotoseeoto thde toandy oingo tax wters or aeoingngaxoequi tha w rsey b ome a citens theng itedtate anduihaeco beits he taxpeders?te cho a the latcor. iouldtilldo t hatxps? hoheodayat ildll tt ay
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conserin the barer, ou ns in wihehe aen thawe hvear to, rk wi i as a theha pre hdentfo thenited ates i aashe agastrehe dntam act. he wiltehut hates a borr dgan dbecae i ve t. hado dilal witut t orfor d0 cai yrs. ad u derstd. it im pting r tas ran yrs. and u st tion guai i am png tuttian ndtexa citiz s ononua ihe lmine oveti ther thear beg xa c fiziredon le a o vethan g od, nerneheef thehave eden kled a y . an bui knd, h now tohe sveure tt kd y bu kn hrder when am oe se pre tdentthat bord wilbe er sec e. enm theerentat iues tt we averdileen ec forc to thalith a is t ee gornoren wilstar rco beih a goalleoratedil ar thene ca havei a dent, leed oughenulca andavcono dcallt, gh ndcuse conrsatnnoll aout migrion seon polaty. >>ean:o yo athinou can gr n sere tol >>n:yo bder? in i tnk yan cse dot t whin br? yea t y co riouy -- w n sea tha meanea noby can coou acr--she eahaanordeob >> unls yan antcocrhem to. de the is pointnl i y tmetm at i theypeo.f hes ot i immigtion tpoli we nd to iheave?ef at kd ofeopligdo won li wane n to conge? aoss? kof wilpl wknowanho ty co a. a
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bus? flilveow tomfoable tha a bu yopu tosevefoleha aets the yo te boer. enly as he boteneci s wit bo. ey beg ab to dotecha i sit traing beabo d inoug airedar dre lots ug havthe otherdar conicts ing arnd thets wavlde b oer onts qg cklyanr shet th worde b wn, d guys w qllynowt s ith ade , urry. wow i lleral rig. buyou n't ne a y.ence in erur vw?ig ibuu tehinkherere plascen hat v? stnktegirelas ftcing- >>ean:ut n acrs st thegi wheorde f ng>> l ten, s>>ing,n: n icrmhe oingowhde lildn, sg, i doueng feno a p dallitorsnd lavou in tenres a p onri lavon t outo t therwe onri e. thut's t 2,0eriles the ea of uilng th a,0es e o il 2,00mileence a cstse amous of ney and00akeslece ver cs longerio of ousf timyndes buter ng ioratefc feing theim ut hi-traled easher we te feknowg heyhere abshiutelrad sere uowngy inbs theel. then uou n austmt tthe en atm t -- y
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aument thawithhe mos- y poweuliecef t aunt strhaegyth m osand wece ttr tyt's dheots o the ound ts ose ree geth oheakehat nd rdere sece e. th >>ean:et'soe totou ecomic er pecn. yo>>n:'s gave towo bigou secech,icne w p yo eneye tig s andh, t w oer neas o the ft-tand t olan. y o don eou elainoth of ftan. em? on thelat e taxinyouh af ofringn ptio? i wahet yaxu ao elain thaofng toio wa y ople >> wl, i ein masha sseooe that w le nee to wave i aa s ftter anae at w faieeraxe a ste f er i meaan the iahat w saind almo s a tra l aeahe it tllio s doll smoillira o tio b yi llli o counnts'imesnd byiawyers timeto dl wi our uns'es tax? rs at's me d nwis.ur y no hav flaax 's0% tax n noavate atlalear0%asaxhe dedetion fo homar morages hasedon t foom deduionsores fas chitab t a cal les xes dduns w ft ha u anchab a l s s wha an $,500 iepennt ductn fo ea $00 iende
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in t hou. ien yotakehe ctfo dedationfrom i de wh our tou payoke i 2 oedonomt, pwhr a it othe pos i 2a o and send i p oeosnd theen i irs heatill thawill basally rs chge t rss wl ha kllw itasly ch to ty. yowanto wring kit bac to yo ntmanucturg put ft ax nuurn cotooratyri t and fcoat psonay. pu bac the egul ionsdnd chk th for pna puac wheheerheulnsos vers the benchit ath mosorf thhe are goi to tow awa rsheen aos becae th e isthre n benoiit oo t wa any ncae. the bustheris a noten o o yost, n buer a colian cos o that howout,et ameca bac coanos eati jobatanowu creingme ac weal. itllowus titoobalan thereg al itowusto buet banyhe 20 abud b cree plty ofoneyo pa 2 forll t a dgovementhat arericapl ofant.eypa % ofor t ventt our acat.ross ofomescur prodt, y dss tt, aesrica od ybecos a d power house t aca econical . co >>aean:s iterevense ntral doonal you i>>reasn:itevenen wheis n yoal ncree tou ias sysm? en whhere yoourre t enomiselliys wh
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you? ovether eht-yr pe eodmi ofli timeu?o g vee t e 2-y0,peou af goin tome galan t the bud 2t. a th's wt i re abo . in wh i ce abtanhe mosud s th cr wtingi obs. bo th wil gwhive c tab condencos tcrngs. bthil ge t cator on nce the goi to e hd c orcisis? yo bet r bethevee it.oio hbut u lo a m si ryoordet inbeet. tet s. lo thesta aishmt don't ke rdn me. e coorat tate lawthrstahmdot washgton d.c. . thehate co mat awth way-- y k w, shonc. the devte ay y k tes ly tev wte th don wa to seee cs ming w te to w hthonaoeee cngashiton,.c. wecauh i'm gointo tke ahin,.au wre'ming balto in the x ises a t a theregal re latie s. is a anamerheans e gog toe th winrs. sea comg up m ereti of yan ers ingorvieto thin wit. eaomupover mr ri f perr in ie lateitnotherri nonyrrus wan te cos forrdth ciminshe sny w hara ed bhermco caiinor the cine ra1990 b rm aibuthe wilanyfhee wen 90 veal theily w aldenties? pl, whthe cn camign nt s? aminfor plwh leaeng t c sar we'lamhaven he lest inrea t sar 'lve lt
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♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪alk,ittlwalk♪ ♪mallalk,ig tught♪♪k,tllk♪ ♪ gon telthem st w♪t i llnt k,♪ tht♪ ♪onelem wi ♪ saidon'stop dot st ♪♪ ain'♪ dop't s p tadoing st me ♪ [ ma annncer the st lroom der d slartag e ofmany cnn in ereric e lom dr e alnew ssanersaedan of cn ic fral $10w 90.ansaan invati upsed. novaon f all fr10. intips. va fll♪ ♪
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ean:elco bac to "hnity we rurn iow whe yestday sat wn wh ten:s coac gornorrepu ican"hty rpresn entiowhe sty t wte go canordatepurickan pe y. es antiplanhat' goi t go ana bteanceck peudge anasant'ooie t g th bcegentitmento now,auln itnt sgests an w,ul titlent formoing t s sast socanl surit savtlt rmng t oc ere a pl sitav rn di.ook-ike, e p puing an r neaheelairndk-e,
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rowi herightpug or thea elclifr haveou tdeal wit wierht oth entiemen if u wa toif lancvethe t w do y dea tienf wao wit hnceudocia do y serityea micaritia micai se>>ty arica wanto hr mhear trut the muth ai a gcannyans hr goin over theut s e ofe theh gy clif anyb y th 'siner ohe sociaofhe curi or if ybthpprohing oociaia secu ty, rir havoyarongiaath you hat' goincuto b, the av forya y. but rh our out'in bhe ids, heyrnow yt's t toinguro behere. s, yso lw'se ho'sst wit ngbere pple. don' lthinamerans e o ing buyit inthis s prye. n'in ther we s arrom g uy thint psdent sd hi s mions the mhihat pnt hi mns somow tpublans e gog to desoy om amera. th're okinbls gotoes for a serning thty oe nin hl aga. or th areooki sng oor a hmeriga th reey cki be oud o. th areooki a forri apresent ce d esn' otrav arodthrekiheor couny anest mak n' apoavgiesroor amica, ut unanresint takt poes stds uand ama, ss,si tiste st ud amica'stro s nee ate rongorld . am a' neeroto havee tt kif a ng presldent,. a ee peravnhat t fkiks ave cfidee i est, a at'shat planero dt f ove cde i
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e ne yea 'st asano d ialk vehe am icanneea peoe.s makehem oudk o arica aman agn, meeo the wor nowkem d o t atca amagica' msoingheo beortandwg uphere t bei a ama'owernglbe ecomicndnd aupreei mitar forer anec aic a pside tha maror dansn't a make any pdeha exces aut dhat't ke ny amica's dng fm thxce a stdpoi oft creinghe ldama' d fth stoif ofppornityreg l aga andhe nd othe ee a the ome oforty the braga. nd >>ean:hen u ta oe ahe aboe soal ecur y, reht ora of >> n:then ta b, andou cled ibo asour r of ponze seme ban cdbec ie big nzissu s e you d gernoec ro igne ofhe ebatsu w nt bu k a gno o fo h ab t aofat wot. b au stifoab sand a thocial. setirity a pzi sdchem and at yh c fiia sety a pndavetemnd y c riuturenerions a nd ve>> gterno romy ur saiit was aerns g no crimalom entpris aino m wter at a you calli im tin ntis ev ybod mr uerstouds clhis thg is evod bron. ust les fis is it wryinbouthat uro llle t. fit.s w ain pgramut that w. tsnt pamhalace w hnt haseen edsce pigasee bk
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igy waingt, d. conessial meers r to many wa yeagt.d. on sitheyave ake mmeoneys to m oy of atea tr teye fun ke mieyould orotef i ikerdoun ld tethe ghwa i trueund, dlars e waru gog inhed, socl drs s uritgoin frusund,ou a notoc glting yo han ont forit a us rd,son. a ot g seang let go i oyoannfo ahe rn. dymic theaetouo i and gerno ro ey. dy c 's lkedeate andnd gno ptial ti sro w.n y hav ldeen tetnd ere, pal iebatg. w yowent yavftern h prey ha e, ov the iss, yoat yontte hrehanow,ve ov he whsss cyoting h lawin tw,ve st wh c debnge. th h got lotaw t feb pl th. otot wh do u thk o gernof roey?l 's aintwhnedo isth g pnoitioin th ollsro? othent havd comand ere th a bk andls for heightavom d no he. e nd h bman in andt thor no at d hyou ink hn a th him t p. doou -do y diku k him- h'sim y - y cpetiimr. 's hike iyould tnk tat c ti yo now, whoer ie amld cpeti t t ains imyow, goihoo im cti try t ns i at h and brioi uphe tth antalkrybout t i i do hndrihinkpt wav ty, y anlkut
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i kn b do picnkwandv y b liti forim tkn b pire b iegal tior al tns a tkoe me, whhas ial doneal a t mor to deawith mhhiss issu than nyboneor on t thateath stag wheser is psutinganbo n texaha aghe iange rn tengsnd xa $4 milgeio r tefor h to $4ectueilsio a r me h out howoo dl wi thetue a ebord, i oughwas tt oweig dwihe rdi ghs of tig hyprisy from g of whoas beyp hsying fmllelsooho be h hg ya wk. >>ean:ou dle't tnk h went h ya w out >>d sn:cifi dlly td h enknowgly h edt sfiy a owylleg h imgran a heegired iman lan cape -- suld heed oect? anpe sd ys. ot? sir. he suld yve ccked i cck the fr.lks hat w skd ith me and caveed c thrgh the yrs. f s buthet iss whs, nde hehr thang y his. buess sitis -- mea h lt weekng is d ti--ea yrs l wek bore, e w f c d yrade he w for you be, w kno f c gbalde wor ou warmgs mano mad now thinext gl wee e rmmaad com outw hid saxtellee n maybehatomut
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sanot ell cse. n ericsaet wt at consten. ic esidt. w yomay t age wi a him ononen id yoevery hingag wi imbut n't nangeour po sitiersng byt hatet r ofgece yr are ruingor.oti by te oferic ys wa tore rug. see a icwao coisteee fcal cservive at w l std upcond ste t fl sh crv e wash gton wd.c.stgetup s rea. t m congnd sh ionc.t am beangghe co wrecngm bal sea lete a y ec abo herm caial. ea et awhat yo yomakefis rboe in rm thaiolls neveatyoke hel polical rin off e. th he wkedls forveelolalff wdillsryor word fooke, burrlsoring, fo dfatr'se, pizur. mes g, atsiz wh the s -9- pla. w doou lhee se9-specfla tha do l s an? y doecou tnk hefhaose s ? do t qukly e thoe s pol? >> quy thi herhon ca isol >> verhier cas liablendivual in a persal w. hierrogr s, wnlile hivlnalks out rs his wax hi pn,grou w h kw, i ks is tisoingo p i is be...
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ttngp ainst my0% te. .. an a t fur out w achst oy yolike t bes areatg f nut w osour of yo ikeome r thes feralat n urf gornme. i ivere hougth tha fwasal a godgome i ha s sea youea t a god .consptio eaou sid >> a of tose suesre nsioid a goif e esto btake apa. weave long w t goeforoie b kethispa wecampe gn'sng w t orwit o orwe a goi isoalk aut ampot 's ofssu oit amporoint tthe oplefk a a i a,ofu fridasoutor t ecarona, w haleshir allf i the ste it fdaut neva, a ro, hairllhey gothstitorwa.ev ay at twa endf the dy, t se pele wa tond kow who ihe d it thatas ae peplanao kho ioet aricat at a rkin angain who it at acaashe in crage ein ba o t one d the cge rord a and havell oe toshe you lo rd t d 1ve0 o yea tos u aos 1 vern of eae ste of texa it's a harto arg rnhatf westofon't ext 's the jarrg catioteart i't he ri jt. amicancan rk c tioir w to t i a t of ri iues,amut iann you t wo a of dot gethisount iorkis, iou ain,hose o erdogeisnt issski beme n, se secoary. o
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sea comg up gornorsse perry evea co noty.le eaomup opublorans wou li to rr ea hiot as dvisbls, ss uld oui wto e whehiouses th lt maissurp ssed y w. one wh theomese w th lmarpccus y herm caiof e heme w quo us inap oprirme baiavioin tuo s, h beelocad apri bio t i.c. h eeand caere e cflicng rertsc. d e boutheth or t sh c icplanto bre reserut silthce.r sh d th cain an bre camign fgers thayingamn g.o.ival s b inin frs tayg seal o.arasentalea bin that. d mu morseomin upastea tightt. [ muan ]or i g thicitiinhankpou cd tht an staed ening lods opoin. [ ]ghitink c anta englo oinu g a wtherallo ith int g w eryesloi di h t [ an ]poin i culd se for st aut athinsdi [ ]in cd r a ain ♪ ♪ ep ♪ goi♪ in is drectn. ke iridgoverere. p oin dthctit i e [ dgn ] er i ue.d mi toet aholeew pspecve. i [ ] umi to ale p ec.♪ ♪ [ ma annncer wre yo sto th t citthakyou rem r c d,mann er wiwr no yoint tops d pots tt do t ex tre.ithaou mc wi geo stat ed at thanpoouca t.citdocom.ex. geta atancaitm.
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elco bac to hnlt we ntin wittexagoveor a repuicanresintiaco ac hcandt ate,ick rry.we initxave a puansi ia >> nde,resik nty. qadfi, e pres ent,hesi aabad, sing, test, a ab ab sing sg, los t lik it' s g comi a b ofinteorikt' a nit mi m brf thete mlim a ni m brorerho alieng wi the m mitarm theiinitl stemenrohenholi wi allhe m tars sta eiheitstenn was prerell r waith tta isrl. iikeasre tt wa mubak ihsr o ut.i e e wen tub iorse o. weituaon? ddafisse o, buua? af w obu he shir wa law h did e pridenmakehe rght ir decion? aw d he d pren pkepareor rhet ciinev?ablethe ssibheityhat pre thin mayet evlee iborsey t
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do y thi this argett g inay rse? thas nothese s psho yhi wehi ar ttoulde taing e? aout. hanoe sho e e ldtag snahote oug a tot.e taing out i nnatugo '0hen wetag t i d thppornityoddre0 nthe wigge th pblemn thorty mile-eret anthat e ige pem ithn. anmiwhil-eanat ieaive i we hinganil convsatis wi theveyria w hg and th t nvtiwihe iraans,iaeali with he d t rolutn th was goinrags,li th on, rutthas n hainount w oshou havbeensintve w ouavensi ve ol -bothndpo and - thinclingility if at w wh wnd ruire clg ouritf w wh w rplomreic enomiur cert, ert, civom -- wshou e havmi c t, en monolyi t, thoiv- wouav peoe overrow atonyihoegim eo thk erw bout hadeimeeaart thut ad ovehrowtg, wkingith the inian peoe --vehatow wngh e regi, al of ianeo t--set oer gialf donoeshat ealli t obab o wouot hav doest li ab flen.ou soav tt -- sea you fn.hink hatso wahe keyomen tha t-- w eaou mis?nk t >> iwa
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12:27 am
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12:28 am
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12:29 am
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12:30 am
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12:32 am
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12:33 am
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12:34 am
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12:35 am
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12:36 am
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12:37 am
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12:38 am
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12:39 am
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12:40 am
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12:41 am
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12:42 am
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12:43 am
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12:44 am
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12:46 am
sea he a natnall syndatedalk ow ht, me gallher.ea e es aatll nded repk lica h m s ategllt,r. thone sd aepca onl ang saeg th e mcglan, o los gre -- thanlsng gl, lo harsmen rehe w- par-- i haha aowed >> isaren warllow i. ha yocan y a tedt, iean. ow t comyooutn tfyo sary.. sea tomut par f obayo mia sy.e eaar obemoctic m ratest, eve rphy we a notoc makcgight of sexu te, e hy aotak hassmhtt. f butherar insnces xuow wherwe a hsm sbuoer pc.nsesow
12:47 am
er ando aut s of p conol -we d't knohe nd deils thi ase,but won - d no dot ha a ededencs thahi e,anytngt w hpene but doha y aay t e mnceha tt he'yt hattrnetive nd t yis t t m te'ooks trve grt, y areisaying unwtedks at ntiotogr y mree. >> einveryoss innwd aricaatowio m >> e rytakessneetis wi a theca doo oplin ke open,theytiwireheoo teifie ofopn bing on,alseey accud of teie sethi. i ink bericgs aunse into cu of that si thhik t si k ic aunn hps hman in in aat th t vyigway i thk h h amen cans a a gog v t rejeay thi th thwomeme cnse a fwardo one t jekeshier thme c frdne $40 000 sokdvance d sh gets her 15 mines and400 she ceys h shid gsereche 1usinnd th gs.e h thin arica are goihe to y,th. it' in a herca wrerdoigainois. t'er w vinnownerma.0 yea. v wn>> gatmauy call:venea h g sectaryuyf ll ars nd peoe who wk h ec ryoselwithim f s yeeos, who w is sout o c ractelth for auye haveeen i clo so o cct wh. a i n't e it. >> iveon'tn lo eher. r w oneoungi adyt o sayt. you i't e r. ve a pvatene invngatioyoayou toy
12:48 am
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12:49 am
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12:50 am
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12:51 am
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12:52 am
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12:53 am
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12:56 am
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12:57 am
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12:58 am
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12:59 am
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